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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 14, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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new this morning, fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked an overnight fire at a home in east oakland. kate tee utis is live in oakland with suspicious activity at the the home. >> the house was tagged with threatening graffiti yesterday, what makes this fire odd is the fact it was started on the back porch and nobody was home at the time. the fire investigator was called because of that. now we're not showing all of the graffiti but i can tell you someone sprayed a home phobic slur a swear word and the words stop snitching on this home. it's located near 73rd avenue and international. the fire appears to have started outside the home and it damaged the back porch. a fire investigator is looking into the fire because nobody was home at the time to have started the fire accidentally making it suspicious. police detectives responded to the 2nd scene this morning and found a spray paint can in the
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bushing possibly used to tag the house. they boarded up the home because the door couldn't secure. police haven't said whether the graffiti and fire are connected. we have calls in to investigates to see if that's the case. live in oakland katie utehs s. willie mcdonald has been the san jose fire chief for the past several years and yesterday he announced he's leaving the south bay to take a new job as fire chief of las vegas. mcdonald admits it's been a rough few year with budget cuts, pay cuts and other problems, but the fire chief denies that those problems were behind his decision to leave. >> really my time here in san jose has been excellent, and i really will miss it. it's really more about an opportunity there than anything to do with here. >> mcdonald will take a pay cut when he begins his new job. right now he makes $200,000 a year.
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he's going to make just $150,000 a year in las vegas. mcdonald's becomes the second public safety leader to step down this year. in january chris moore retired. city leaders are in the early stages looking for his replacement. an east bay family is offering a $5000 reward to catch their son's killer. a fender bender escalated into a deadly shooting, the victim did what he was supposed to do by getting out of his car and exchanging information with the other driver. there was an argument and one of the two men in the other car shot and killed nicano. a woman then drove up to the scene. >> why did you do that? >> because i was -- i would want somebody to do that for me or my family. >> yesterday was also his 23rd birthday. as he laid on the ground dying he received a call from his mother. the two suspects were seen speeding away in a fur door silver sedan. a beach boat has sparked
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outrage among residents who want it removed but police say it's not going anywhere for a while. police say the boat, which is owned by a registered sex offender has been ship wrecked for weeks on the shore near a children's playground. police say there's nothing they can do for now. the law says they have to wait until june 24 to destroy it. this morning we are watching a piece of open space in san fransisco targeted by occupiers. they are vowing to take back the land at 6 tonight. police cleared that site yesterday morning and last night protesters came back and confronted police. protesters tried blocking the street around the field. one man who says he was one of the tree sitters arrested yesterday morning accused police of giving him a black eye. >> they beat me up when my hands were behind my back, punched me, hit me over the head with things. >> police said they did nothing wrong. officers guarded that area
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overnight. developers are planning to build a housing development on that land. protesters want to keep it an urban farm. new information about the ns a-list the blower. the british government has issued an alert urging them not to allow former u.s. intelligence contractor edward snowden to board flights to the united kingdom. he's likely to be refused entry to the uk. he revealed top secret documents to the british newspaper the guardian. he's believed to be in hong kong. a newspaper in china is urging chai needs leaders to get more information on allegations that the u.s. has been hacking chinese computers for yore. a warning is being sent out to the health care industry after concerns of computer hacking at hospitals. we'll tell you what they're targeting and why the fda wants hospitals to come up with a security plan. today marked six months since 20 children and six adults were killed in a shooting rampage at a connecticut elementary school. residents are holding a day of
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remembrance in newtown to honor those who lost their lives. family members of the victims are expected to attend. police say the gunman 20-year- old adam lanza went to the school after killing his mother at their home. he killed himself as lice arrived at that school. vice president joe biden will be in the bay area later today to attend a democratic fundraiser. he and his wife jill are scheduled to appear at a fundraiser at the san fransisco home of doug hick key at 6:00 tonight. tickets range from 500 to $12,000. they're planning to protest near the event. the visit comes one week after president obama's fund-raising swing through the bay area. the two largest unions of civilian workers in oakland are a step closer to going on strike. members of the unions representing workers who trim trees, drive city trucks and engineers and mid level managers voted to authorize the strike. there was talk of a two-day strike around the 4th of july
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holiday. the workers say they have not had raises and are being asked to pay more for health and pension benefits. 2300 b.a.r.t. workers say they're willing to go on strike after the b.a.r.t. board approved a new light budget last night. it makes replacing b.a.r.t. trains the top priority. b.a.r.t. is currently in contract talks with the workers. b.a.r.t.'s general manager says costs need to be contained. their medical and pension benefits have gone up significantly, the equivalent of 1% a year raise. >> our members gave up $100 million in cuts last year. >> one of the two unions has contract talks scheduled for later today. the other union will meet with b.a.r.t. negotiators on monday. 4:36 and you're headed out the door, there's some construction sal's been talking about. how are the roads looking otherwise? >> fortunately claudine and brian that road work is being picked up or has been picked up. if you drive like at 2 or 3 in the morning it was the kind of -- you're dodges closures here
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and there. this is a look at 80 where lots of times there are closures here but this morning those closures have been picked up. we've been looking at the commute here on the westbound bay bridge. that is light with no major problems. if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 traffic looks good. up to highway 17, i want to bring in one of my maps because there's a construction closure going on on 237 and 680 and it's causing a little bit of slow traffic in this area. at 4:37, let's go to steve. hey rosemarie. i was told about that, too it's an automatic thing. good morning. >> that's okay. tgif to you this morning. we have high clouds overhead. this has offset the cooling in the overnight hours. this morning temperatures are up in many areas. i'm talking 6 to 8 degrees in parts of north bay and our inland areas. never really cooling off, taking a look around, 56 in concord, 53 in napa, 53 for
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oakland, 57 san jose, i'm going to slide to the inner east bay, brentwood 73 degrees with high clouds overhead. we'll be in the 60s throughout the entire morning. 57 right now mount diablo. temperatures cool as we get closer to sunrise, but with those high clouds in place, we'll be watching those numbers this morning. today is going to be the warmest day. ridge of high pressure building in, but it's only going to be a brief warmup as we get into your weekend. temperatures will be cool once again as the trough settles in along the west coast. by saturday temperatures will be cooler. afternoon highs for today, 90 degrees for antioch, 88 in concord. upper 80s for the north bay. around the bay area upper 70s to low 80s. 83 san jose, 68 degrees expected a pacifica. tonight the onshore breeze will begin to strengthen. we wake up tomorrow morning with patchy clouds along the coast. father's day going to wake up with morning clouds as well. afternoon sunshine in the
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afternoon, notice father's day is the coolest of the weekend days. as we get into monday, tuesday. cooling trend will continue. the most destructive wildfire in colorado state history has turned deadly. that fire started tuesday afternoon near colorado springs and has burned almost 16,000 acres,troyed 370 homes and two people have died. high winds and smoke from the fire closed two runways and diverted flights. today firefighters are expecting more problems with high temperatures and wind. right now the fire is only 5% contained. the sheriff says since the two deaths have happened, this is now a criminal investigation. coming up, it started out as a night of watching basketball. >> it was within seconds that the whole deck had collapsed into the water. >> a celebration that ended with dozens of people being injured. >> and the western span of the bay bridge could have a new name, the well-known local politician it could be named
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after. >> good morning if you're driving in san fransisco northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the split. we'll tell you more coming up. look at 'em.
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another nice day in store for your friday, this afternoon temperatures will climb above yesterday's by a few degrees in most areas. dozens of people were hurt when the deck of a florida sports bar collapsed sending them into the water. 100 people were on the deck of shuckers war bar and grill in miami when it gave away. they were watching the miami heat take on the san antonio spurs and witnesses say they heard a loud cracking noise before everything just disappeared into the water. >> just a roar of noise, and by the time i turned around in a split second where there was once people, i mean 50, 100 people at least, there was nothing. >> a dive team responded to
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help pull people out of the water. police say all the patrons of the sports bar have been accounted for. investigates are now trying to figure out what caused that collapse. we are learning a ma major contractor is in line for a big bonus as the new bay bridge opens on time. the contractor building e ure s get an extra $20 million if the bridge opens to traffic as planned this labor day weekend. three government agencies overseeing the project agreed to the incentives three years ago as the plan to get the bridge back on track. a group of california lawmakers has introduced a bill that would name the western span of the bay bridge after a former san fransisco mayor and house speaker. the official name would be the willie brown junior bridge. it is not part of the current construction project. a man in attarton is thanking a dog walker for helping save his home. his house caught fire yesterday
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afternoon. when fire crews arrived a carport was engolfed in flames and a dog walker started screaming alerting neighbors who called 9-1-1. >> saw a fire truck coming this way, thought oh my, those poor people. it was me. >> firefighters were able to contain the fire to the carport, a patio and shed. a neighbor's home had damage to its roof. the cause is under investigation. we have more details about last week's killing rampage in santa monica. the 23-year-old gunman left a good-bye note and in it he expressed remorse for killing his father and brother and said he hoped someone would take care of his mother. officers recovered weapons in his bedroom. he tried to buy a firearm in 2011 but the state ruled him ineligible. he killed five people before police killed him. time now is 4:45. president obama is giving the go ahead for the u.s. to sendups to syrian rebels. the president made the decision
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after receiving conclusive evidence that the syrian government has used chemical weapons against opposition forces. president obama has said the use of chemical weapons would be crossing a red line. according to the united nations more than 90,000 syrians have been killed since the conflict began two years ago. although polls in iran are scheduled to close about 45 mites from now they'll be extended due to large turnouts. voters are choosing a new president. western observers say the election is rigged in favor of tehran's ruling system. analysts don't expect the winner to make dramatic changes. no candidate receives an outright majority there will be a runoff between the top two next friday. the fda has issued a warning to the health care industry to watch out for hackers who are targeting medical devices. officials say anything from pacemakers to x-ray machines are at risk because of out of date software and poorly protected internet connections. the fda wants medical device manufacturers to come up with
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security plans to make sure the devices are safe. and a memorial luncheon will be held to celebrate the long life of one of the 1906 earthquake survivors. win knee hook died in her home. she was 107 years old. hook attended the commemoration of the great quake last year. there are now two survivors of the 1906 quake still living. 107-year-old william dell monte and 112 ruth newman. there are new rules for nfl football fans attending games starting this year. the fans face new restrictions on what size and types of bags they can bring into stadiums. the new limits are supposed to speed up entry and enhance security at games. fans will only be allowed to bring in clear plastic, vinyl or pvc bags and can be no larger than 12 by 6 by 12. the oakland as took on the new york yankees. the game started at 12:35 p.m.
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but wouldn't end until almost 7:00. that's the longest afternoon game in coliseum history. the game was tied up 2-2 in the 3rd, no one would score until this play in the bottom of the 1 1st. final score was 3-2. the a's would sweep the yankees and that was an amazing and very long game. >> yes, all right. 4:47. we're hoping for not a long commute this morning. we have put in the orders out for friday light. we need you to deliver. no pressure. >> no pressure. i work better under pressure baby. you know we do this. >> all right. >> oh, boy. >> watch out sal. >> just joking i'm sure someone's upset. i apologize. let's go out and take a look at the commute on this friday. i hope you're feeling good. claudine ordered the light traffic. we'll see about that. there's been a lot of road work out there, and sometimes the road work i'm sure they try but
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they don't pick it up -- they don't pick it up on time. eastbound 580 near the maze, you might see slow traffic. also the morning commute westbound bay bridge, the traffic is moving along relatively well. there are no major problems there. this morning on 280 northbound it looks good. i checked in with b.a.r.t. and b.a.r.t. is starting off on time. if you are starting out this morning, it's a good time to go. 4:48. filling in for steve it's rosemary. good morning to you. first a look from up above, the trough that brought us the cooldown is shifting to the east, and we will have a brief warmup for today. look what is also in sight. this is the next system that will settle in by the weekend and cool us back down. if you look closely we have high clouds moving into the area. that has offset our cooling for this morning. if you are just joining us, we're a few degrees warmer outside your door right now than we were 24 hours ago. widespread low 50s right at the coastline as we get into the 6:00 hour. upper 50s for most of our
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inland areas but some areas that are really starting out warm, brentwood, antioch starting in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. by 10:00 low 60s at the coast, i was around the bay, low 70s inland. we're looking at a rapid warmup and by lunchtime going to feel pretty warm for our inland communities, low 80s expected in the forecast, upper 60s along the coast. take a look at what you can expect for afternoon highs, 84 in petaluma, head to the east bay, 76 in oakland, 86 for danville, upper 80s in limp more. south bay, low 80s 81 degrees santa cruz, the kids are out of school and it's going to be a great weekend to spend in santa cruz. 71 for san fransisco, 60s at the coast with mostly clear skies. your extended forecast here change is coming as early as tomorrow. the cooling trend will begin, low 80s in the forecast for inland communities, even cooler on father's day sunday, and i do expect we'll wake up with
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the morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. the cooling trend will last at least through tuesday. thank you very much. time now is 4:50. he's accused of a bizarre incident at a b.a.r.t. station that was caught on video. why the naked acrobat is being closely watched by the federal government. >> and a black bear decides to get a little snack in one family's coy pond. how a sonoma county teenager reacted.
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welcome back. take a look at this video from southern california, a corporate jet ended up inside a hangar at the chino airport. the jet was unoing a routine engine test but rolled over the rubber stops that were holding it in place and slammed into the hangar. the offices closed shortly before the accident. there was no one inside. investigators north of sacramento were trying to figure out how three bodies ended up in a burning car. officer says two of the bodies were discovered in the trunk and a third found in the backseat. the burning car was found on skyway road in regalia west of chico early thursday morning. the car was reported stolen two days before. detectives arened haing out fliers in hopes of finding out new clues in the death of an east bay woman, 31-year-old trisha hopfy was last seen
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alive on june 1st in hayward. she did not have a cell phone making it impossible for rescuers to trace her movements. immigration officials are considering deporting the naked man accused of harassing passengers at a b.a.r.t. station. video of the incident shows 24- year-old yeiner perez pushing people around and doing flips and hand stands at the station in san fransisco. b.a.r.t. says before that he was jumping on cars outside the station. perez is not a u.s. citizen. immigration officials are currently monitoring him with a gps bracelet. a sonoma county family was surprised by an unwelcome visitor yesterday. check out the picture, this young black bear was in the backyard near the coy pond. they think of those fish as pets not just decorations, and so their 16-year-old named sequoia says she acted the way she would have if any family member was in danger. >> i was just like get out of here, like stop like go and i
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kind of was like,. >> good bear impression. none of the fish were hurt. officials say they recognize the bear in the photo. they say a number of black bears in california are increasing and they want people not to face off with a bear if they can help it. >> stay inside, do it from the safety of your home. >> you know who has a good bear impression. >> sal. >> go sal. >> i wouldn't mess with a bear. that's all i have to say about that. good morning everybody. it's friday. i hope you're in a good mood. we can give you some good traffic, which might help. let's take a look at 880 near the coliseum, i was going to say 237 but i mean 238 near san leandro, from 238 to downtown it looks good. that road work has been picked up. this morning we're looking at the bay bridge westbound coming up to the pay gates. it's good coming into the city, eastbound 580 up to the maze, there may be lingering
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construction work and also westbound 580 coming up to the double interchange, there is still some lingering road work there. you can tell by the road sensors things aren't quite right. give yourself a little extra time if you're driving through that interchange. here's rosemary. a drier warmer day in store. it's a quiet start. the the winds are generally light coming in from the northeast and this dry northerly wind is going to be drying us out for today. it's going to keep our temperatures above average, nothing too crazy. it's going to be nice out there in most cases. calm mountain view, we have some gray out there. these are high clouds drifting overhead. because of those high clouds temperatures relatively mild. upper 50s in fairfield, 53 in oakland. mid-50s in santa rosa. 45 degrees with mostly cloudy skies clear skies. don't see much of any fog, and i don't expect we'll see much
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today. 51 menlo park, 51 foster city. this is tracking the low clouds, the high clouds not being detected on this model. tomorrow morning the fog comes back. this is a sign here that a cooling trend will be in store for your weekend. today it will be all about the warmup. 85 for nevada, 86 in oakland, low 70s san fransisco, mid-70s for san mateo. upper 80s morgan hill. your extended forecast with your father's day in assume temperatures today going to be one of the warmest days, and as we getted into weekend temperatures will cool, low 80s in the forecast for the inland communities. low to mid-60s at the coast. sunday will be the cooler day and then the cooling trend continues with temperatures back into the mid to upper 70s for tuesday and wednesday. back to you. all right. thank you very much. coming up in our 5:00 hour, turning to tech startups for help after the big one. crowd sharing sites could be what the city needs after a
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major earthquake. >> and a strange case in the east bay, why that boat is sparking outrage.
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good morning, we're going to find out why a boat has sparked outrage in one east bay
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city. >> the warmest day of the week is in store for your afternoon today. i'll have a look at what you can expect and the weekend coming up. >> we're live in last gateaus where a debate over a store that sells guns is heating up. what the town is proposing and why that has store owners concerned. >> also violent eruptions of the sun, what it means for us here on earth. that's all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning welcome to friday june 14th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. let's start you off with a look at your weather and traffic. steve delivering a very nice forecast. >> no reason to gripe. temperatures are going to warm a few degrees today and cool down as we getted into we


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