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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 19, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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basement and it quickly spread up through the attic. if you take a look behind me here, you can see the garage is open here because they are getting ready to board it up. we are waiting to hear what is in that garage. the woman living inside the house here called 911 a little after midnight. she smelled smoke and woke up to call. then she turned on the lights to her living room, saw the smoke and called 911 again. about 18 firefighters responded and had the fire under control in 20 minutes. >> initial report was for light smoke in the building. single occupant. she noticed smoke. smoke conditions started to get worse. she called back a second time. dispatchers told her to get out of the building. >> the woman made it out safely but the fire damage has forced her out of her house. she is staying with friends in the meantime. investigators don't know what sparked this fire. coming up hear from the woman who escaped. live from berkeley i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news.
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guests at a motel six went running for safety. the grass fire began after 7:00 p.m. yesterday. fire crews ran from room to room evacuating guests were forced to leave everythin behind. one person fell in the parking lot and taken to the hospital with minor injuries and motel guests had to make other arrangements to stay. a man accused of running a brothel with his wife out of a south san francisco apartment is due in court today. agents raided the apartment on mclellan drive yesterday. 49-year-old zhi liu are accused of trafficking women from boston and new york.
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>> tomorrow afternoon there will be a hearing to exam the source of funds. so person cannot use ill gotten gapes to post their own bail. >> the wife is still on the run. authorities say the couple operated a brothel from a san bruno apartment. we're also learning more about the death of a six-year- old boy who was killed in a dog attack in union city. the family's own pit bull attacked and killed six-year- old nee. the deadly attack came when the boy and or children were playing with the dog in the backyard of the families home. they said they never thought the dog would poise any danger. >> he played with kids. very obedient. was never in the house. >> so this is a big surprise. >> huge shock. >> the owner of the dog is a
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police officer in san mateo. the dog is being held in an animal shell never fremont and will most likely be put down. san francisco police say they made ten arrests during a concession workers sit in. those arrests came during a largely peaceful rally before last night's giants rally. this was the latest development in a labor dispute between union workers age management. they have been working without a contract for the past three years. >> right now we are just trying to get the company to bay attention to these core issues the workers need. which is the decent wages and city that is getting more and more unaffordable. >> the workers held a one-day strike last month and could walk off the job again. management says it's offering a fair pay increase along with a
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very generous compensation package. city leaders say their patience finery ran out. the city has lost $100 million in potential revenue. coming up in ten minutes the response from baseball and the city of oakland. proposed ban on spoking in several parts of walnut creek is becoming more stripped. >> we are recommending they consider banning smoking within existing multifamily units. >> the smoking ban is being expanded. patios, balconies and common areas are included in that. it would also prohibit smoking oen sidewalks outside restaurants and all city parks and events. tesla is recalling some of its model s sedans. they discovered an incorrectly
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mounted bracket on a rear seat latch. car owners will be contacted by tesla. they will pick up the car, fix the problem, and return the car in a few hours. chrysler recalling 1.5 million older jeeps after giving into government pressure but chrysler is not recalling and repairing all the jeeps the government wanted recall. the company says it will send notices to over a million owners saying their jeeps can be inspected by dealers. time now 4:35. a now report released today that bridges are structural deficient. almost 3,000 state bridges are deficient. across the country more than 1-
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9 bridges are destructionally deficient. you might remember that busy bridge in washington state that collapsed last month. it will reopen today. the bridge's failure sent several cars tumbling into the river below and cut off washington state's main roadway to canada. some 70,000 cars travel on interstate 5 over that bridge every day. time now 4:35. let's go to sal. >> good morning, brian and pam. right now southbound 101 we do have a crash in san mateo. southbound 101 sat hillsdale that will be causing some slow traffic. let's take a look at what we have now. this is the east shore freeway and the traffic does look pretty good as you drive through. bay bridge toll plaza is not a bad commute. and in san jose northbound 280 looks good. now let's go to steve. thank you.
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a very good morning. a little breezy for some. sfo west at 23. system up in the organize coast. as it ejects out it will give us patchy low clouds and a little breezy at times but temperatures will bump up slightly. 50s. i did see a couple low 40s. everybody is close here. you can get a good look at it. as it moves in it will allow weak high pressure. a cool system. a slight warming trend. more so today. we'll take it into friday and we start the top out then. and then a cooling trend kicks in. sunny and breezy and westerly wind for most. 60s and 70s and very, very low 80s. temperatures rebounding. yesterday was the coolest day of the week so far. i think today will be near
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average to slightly below scene above. 4:37. a father's day fishing trip ended with a trip to the emergency room after a 13-year- old boy was stabbed in the neck by a cat fish. starbucks is counting calories. when you can find out how much your morning pick me up will effect your waistline. northbound 101 san francisco looks okay as you come up to the 80 split. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. mostly clear. patchy low clouds. it will be sunny and breezy. not as windy as yesterday and a little warmer. two new developments are threatening to under mine peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban. this morning afghan president hamid karzai announced he is breaking off important security negotiations with the white house. he is angry the taliban and u.s. will begin peace talks
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without first bringing in his also says the name of a new taliban office in the middle east disrespects the taliban. >> afghan is talking to afghans is an important part of our transition. it's not the end. >> the taliban is claiming responsibility for firing rockets into an american air base yesterday. killing four u.s. troops. president obama is in germany this morning where he will renew his call to reduce the nuclear stockpiles during a speech a little over an hour from now. this is new video of angela merkel welcoming president obama this morning. he will speak near the former site of the berlin mall. the president said the site has a special significance. >> one of the thingsly address today is that the -- things i will address today is the fact given the extraordinary
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blessings we have an obligation to make sure walls around the world are torn down. >> meantime the first lady and obama's two daughters traveled to berlin with the president. the first lady has her own agenda. some of the locals who were invited tweeted out photos. bobber is a long-time supporter of president obama. >> that is a perk. [ laughter ] 4:33 is the time. starbucks customers may get a wakeup call when they see what is new on the menu. the coffee company will list calories for its drinks. extras like milk, whipped cream, or flavored syrup won't be included. major league baseball says san jose's lawsuit to bring the a's to the south bay is without merit. the san jose city leaders filed a federal antitrust suit
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against the league. they formed a committee in march of 2009 but the city says there has been no movement in more than four years. >> i guess four years is my limit on how long to be patient. as i said before you have to be patient and persistent. but eventually it really reaches a limit. >> the city informed a's owner lou wolf about the suit but did not ask for his permission. the current coliseum area or jack london square. major league baseball calls the suit regrettable the city has resorted to litigation that has no basis in law or fact. we may now know what caused the nasty sewage problem at the coliseum last sunday. sewage problems backed up forcing players out of their clubhouses. the coliseum general manager tells the chronicle someone stuffed an object down a
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restroom pipe and clogged the line. it will cost oakland and alameda county tens of thousands of dollars. the naked acrobat at a bart station is pleading not guilty. he was in court yesterday. last month he was arrested at the 16th street station on felony and misdemeanor charges. he was jumping on people and attacking him. perez used to work with a circus troop in berkeley but friends say he was fired because of angry outbursts. a robbery victim is talking to channel 2 about the attack in oakland that sent him to the emergency room. suffered a broken nose and ruptured blood vessel. his t-shirt was also covered in blood. two young men and cornered her. she gave them the $15 in her pocket but they also demanded her backpack. >> no.
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i had no one. [speaking in foreign language] >> punched you. >> yeah. >> a good samaritan driving by scared off the attackers and took mendez to the police station. her wallet, phone, and keys were gone. a fishing trip turned into a near death experience for a 13-year-old boy who was stabbed in the neck by a fish. aiden and his family went fishing for father's day outside little rock arkansas. his mom was holding a cat fish that they caught when he suddenly jumped and smacked aiden and one of the barbs went into his neck. >> it didn't hurt until i realized it was in my neck. >> the family called 911 and had to wait 30 minutes for the fish to stop moving so paramedics could cut it off his neck. aiden was air lifted to a hospital where doctors then
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carefully pulled out the barb. it was a couple centimeters away from a main artery. a small kitten is up for adoption after surviving a trip from oregon to california in the engine of a car. the kitten was found monday tucked inside the engine compartment of a honda fit. they raised the car and tranquilized the kitten who was too scared to move. he's now at santa barbara animal shelter waiting for a new home. my goodness. they climb up underneath the hood to get warm a lot of times. oh my goodness. sal, what a sorry. i'm glad the kitten is okay. good morning, everyone. my voice is kind of shot but i feel okay. let's take a look at commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems as you drive through. the traffic continues to move along very nicely. also the morning commute at the
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toll plaza is not backing up at all. as a matter of fact, it looks pretty good getting over to the toll plaza. southbound 101 it looks good. so does northbound 101 and northbound 280 in san jose. now to steve. sal. >> yes, sir? >> you realize it's just about ready to get light. >> know. long days. >> we do have mainly clear skies. it will be a sunny day. not nearly as windy. in the city you can see the white caps just ripping. i talked to a couple people this is as windy as i've seen in a long time. a couple upper 40s. the low responsible for that breeze is moving in. you can see it right there. it says i'm here and now i'm gone. it will be a little warmer today. still breezy. a little bit of a warming trend. friday will be the warmest day. it does look a little cooler. sunny and breezy.
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patchy low clouds. yesterday was the coolest day. on shore breeze or westerly breeze. so 60s, 70s, and some very low, low 80s. but temperatures starting to rebound from yesterday's very cool readings. in fact, some areas never got above 75 which is really unusual for this time of year. thursday warm. time now is 4:48. coming up concord police cracking down on car thefts. the specific models being targeted and now what the city is handing out to drivers. it is opening day for the alameda county fair. and fair goers are being welcomed with very low prices.
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on castro valley boulevard. williams ended up in struggle over the gun with one of the workers. the gun went off prompting the deputy to shoot williams. los gatos has a form of gun control. they voted monday night to require public hearings before a gun dealer can open a store. anyone who owns or works at a
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gun at a shop that sell guns must now under go a background check and all gun dealers must get a special permit from police. so far the rules apply to one store. templar sports. police will hand out a total of 900 steering wheel locks to owners of cars that are frequent targets to car thieves. two-thirds of all cars stolen are toyotas, nissans, and hondas. owners of those cars can get a free lock if they bring their car to the police department and show proof of registration. they must also prove they live and work in concord. fremont's new popular skate park is holding its grand opening tonight. the publicly funded $2.2 million park opened on may 13th -- may 31st.
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it is free to skate there. today is opening day for one of the biggest fairs in northern california. the alameda county fair starts at 11:00 this morning. admission and rides are just $1 today. the theme for this event is summer fun starts here. it will feature free concerts, fire works on fridays, and a kissing contest. >> a kissing contest? >> yes. >> do you like the rides? >> yes, i do. still laughing about the kissing contest. 4:53 is the time. sal? >> i want a corn dog is what i want. >> thinking about food all the time. >> good morning, everybody. pardon me. let's go out and see what we have now with the commute in san francisco. northbound 101 that traffic looks pretty good approaching the 80 split. and no trouble on southbound 101 leaving the city heading down to the airport. northbound 101 looks pretty good getting up to highway 17.
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if you are driving on the commute here on westbound bay bridge the traffic is moving along relatively well. it looks good once you make it on to the bridge. southbound 101 they are clearing an accident on the shoulder. it's all on the shoulder. it's not causing a big delay. now let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a very good morning. clear skies expect for a little bit of patchy fog. our system went by yesterday. that is why i show the satellite. the water vapor shows you the satellite. still breezy today. just not as windy as yesterday. very cool system for this time of year. we get the cool here. june has been cool. that makes sense. we had just no rain january, february, march, april. you know downstream something had to change. we had a relatively cool month here today. 49 walnut creek. 50s for others. you can see some of those
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temps. so a little cool for this time of year. now nothing outrageous but oakland west at 16. santa rosa west. napa northwest. fairfield southwest. the strongest so far here is sfo at 23 but really that is not much for them. san jose says calm. 45 lake tahoe. 54 monterey. temperatures on the cool side here especially in northern california. 49 up in reno. expect for that patchy fog we are good to go here. sunshine days are getting longer here. a west wind in place but again about half of what we saw yesterday. some temperatures rebounding into still slightly below average category. 60s mainly on the coast or 70s soft 70s around the bay. a little warmer thursday into friday. friday looks to be the warmest day. still nice on the weekend. a little cooler sunday and monday. yosemite is open this morning but crews continue to battle that fire near the main road into the park. so far more than 2,000
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firefighters have been called into the area. 1800-acres have burned and hundreds of people have been evacuated. we're now learning that fire was started by an abandoned campfire. right now it's about 40% contained. a husband and wife killed in colorado's black forest fire have been identified. mark and robin were apparently trying to evacuate when flames overtook their car last week. the two were long-time civilian employees with the air force base command. containment of that fire has grown. it's 85% contained. at least 500 homes have been destroyed and hundreds of people are still evacuated. >> nerve wracking staying in a camper. dogs, chickens, everything is crazy. just don't know what we will do. >> the fire is believed to be human caused. authorities say investigators are closing in on its point of origin. coming up on our 5:00 hour.
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we are learning the details of what caused the damage there. six months after major flooding in east palo alto some of the repairs are finally complete but the work still remains.
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we are live in berkeley where a woman survives a house fire but not because of a smoke alarm. we will tell you what saved her life. we are live in east palo alto where residents in one neighborhood are finally getting relief. we'll tell you why work done near a creek is critical. political crisis overseas. it involves the president of afghanistan and president obama. the major crack down on the peninsula today. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for waking up with us it's wednesday, june 19th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather, traffic, steve is back. good to see you. >> thank you. you too. we have a little bit of a
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breezy pattern. not nearly as windy as yesterday. that was fresh. it will be mostly clear here today. 60s and 70s or upper 70s. very low 80s. here is sal. steve, good morning. this is a look at highway 4 westbound. they are clearing an accident on highway 4 at hill crest it's on the shoulder. also the traffic is moving along pretty well on westbound 24 as you make your way to the caldecott tunnel. it's 5:00. let's go back to the desk. new this morning the investigation in berkeley goes on into an early morning house fire. ktvu tara moriarty joining us live from outside that house and you've been talking to one of the fire victims. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. it wasn't a smoke detector but an airline ticket that possibly saved ada clark's life. she was going to get up at midnight to go online. when she got up she smelled smoke and called 911. they believe this fire started in the basement and quickly spread into


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