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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 27, 2013 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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california. we have live in san francisco where bart workers are asking for support as the strike looms, we will have more today. on highway what led up to this freeway rescue just hours ago, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, i am pam cook. i know pam wants warmer weather, the lows are running cooler, but there is fog on the coast and coast and bay more 60s and 70s and 80s, here is sal. if you look passed mission boulevard, it is a nice looking
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drive here, no major problems and traffic is moving along relatively well as you drive through. earlier this morning, our cameras caught chp and a car was engulfed in flames and they saw a woman inside the car and when the fire was out it was reported the car was empty. police believe the woman walked away from the car and was picked up by somebody else. at 5:01 let's go back to the desk. the historic information on gay marriages, in san francisco, they are working to clean up following last night's huge party and the party is finally wrapping up more than 20 hours following the supreme court ruling. thousands came to have a
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historic ruling followed by the nation's court. the entire neighborhood was closed off in the castro district and the june land celebration am came after same- sex marriage was ruled okay and they could begin doing marriages even sooner. >> hopefully every single group in this country will feel this feeling. >> the supreme court also struck down part of the defensive marriage act calling it discrimination. last night's party in the castro is one of several in the bay area, following the high court ruling. there were celebrations all across the bay area, this was the scene in concert.
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there were similar celebrations as well. and the president said the rulings are a victory for american democracy and same section unions to continue. and randy part of the that and he is saying save tyranny. >> the new york has ignored an attack upon the contusion of california and against the constitution of america. >> and same same, they are -- same-sex marriage, they say their fight is far from over.
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we will let you know officially if same-sex marriage comes through in california. look for the proposition 8 tab near the top of the page. bart will solicit the support of passengers. embarcadero station we have a looming bart strike, tara? >> we will be out here along the embarcadero, they are hoping to educate them about rider safety staffing levels and wagers this comes after a unanimous strike vote this week from two unions representing 2300 workers and there are 400,000 riders every day. we have been talking about it since they surfaced but she said the strike was done to let bart know they are serious about bargaining they hope it does not get to the point where
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workers walk off the job. riders are worried. >> the only way they can have access to go wherever they have to go, for example i have to go to san francisco every single day. >> the last bart work out, a 6 day stoppage was a nightmare for the region and the economy. now workers will be handing out of flyers and more workers will be out in oakland doing the same thing at 4:30 tonight. coming up, we will break down exactly what these two sides are arguing about. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the union representing ac transit workers could warn they are arguing about a dangerous situation. there was a riot during the last bart strike in 1997 and there is still not nearly enough to handle all the riders who take bart.
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also the union contractels expire on sunday, the very same day contract the between bart and its unions, however an "a" c transit -- an ac transit strike seems likely. >> just coming for the bart alert system, scroll down to the hot topic section. state investigaters are trying to determine how a tree trimmer in san jose was elect cuted. the unidentified man was attached to alive wire in the stone neighborhood. they believe possibly a rope hit a wire. a prostitute has been cleared, charges were dropped against raven dixon but she pled guilty to lesser charges
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including prostitution. prosecutors say it solved the dna mystery and tied another suspect to that murder after they found out they were both treated on that same night. they are trying to save the budget and the $6.3 billion budget for the coming year is a spending plan that ends years of deficits. the governor's funding formula is a way to help close the achievement gap and more money will go with high levels of income students and those with english proficiency. let's take a look at who we have on the bridge and we are
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looking at all of the commutes getting out of san francisco. it is okay on 880 westbound and the bay bridge has been sort of slow these last few days and it has been sort of , i thought we would have a better commute on the bridge, to be honest it is what it is. you can see traffic looks good getting into san francisco. we also looked at the 208 commute north -- 280 commute northbound, at 5:08 let's go to steve. it is a little different twist here, low clouds at sonoma county airport. we have a base around 500, it is coming down, high pressure coming in and there are low clouds over oakland. high pressure is building in. now it already started yesterday, that was the transition day, it was warm to hot inland and by the coast, 60s and 70s around the bay, see
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surface temperatures which have allowed that fog to form. that was not the case yesterday, still on the mild side but we had all of that cloud cover and i tell you people are cranky with all of that humidity and 60s from ukiah, fresno down to that area and that's long gone from california. sun will be near the coast, not sold out, they get a little warmer, 60s and 70s and 80s and inland temperatures bumping up into those 90s and there in lie is the rub. it does not look like it is going to warm up. the bay will stay very nicely and inland temperatures will continue to rocket up and we will have more sunday monday tuesday. california couple got quite
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a shock. coming up in 10 minutes, the mistake that led to 1,000 dollar water bill. >> millions of undocumented -- liberty for millions of undocumented immigrants could start today. we will tell you more straight ahead, stay tun look at 'em.
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. 5:12 is the time, as kyla campbell reports this comes after both parties agreed to additional border security. dianne finestein voted to a men an -- a men an -- amend an orangenal plan of 8. if it passes it would double the size of the u.s. border to 40,000 agents. it would require 700,000 miles of fences and they would use illegal drones to track illegals. house speaker john boehner says he and others in the gop would take their time crafting a bill of what their constituents want, so if the tepasses
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it, do not expecting the house -- expect the house to move quickly. when house speaker john boehner believes it when i see you next ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are expecting to grow during a hearing on capitol hill. it will be the third time danny has testified before congress appointed him to lead the troubled agency next month. he stopped a practice that calls for political groups and the occupied movement to receive greater scrutiny. he also is expected to face questions about a report that he issued that found no intentional wrongdoing at the agency. time now 5:14, new this morning, they are still looking for 6 americans on a missing yacht. it left the bay of islands in northern new zealand three weeks ago. it was due to arrive this week and family members have not heard from anyone.
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officials are worried the yacht may have been caught in a storm and it winds of 60 miles per hour and waves 26 feet high. back in this country, it could be an abortion bill and they are now calling for a special session to begin monday. it comes after a big vote was delayed by an 11 hour filibuster and loud protests. now analysts say the bill will most likely pass during that special session and they will not be able to delay a vote for 30 days. the bill bands abortionings after 20 weeks of pregnancy. they are now getting a look to employees of the center. that report focuses on four employees after they learned a co-worker was suspected of abusing a child. it was completed two weeks ago and cost taxpayers $100,000 .
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now the public is demanding to see the report and some council members say it is a bad idea. some sheriff's deputies are searching for two more suspects in a home invasion robbery. one man was shot in the high valley area yesterday morning. he was shot in the knee and is recovering. the suspect stole a car from the house and fled from the clear lake area and two of the four suspects have been arrested they approved a new contract to extend two run ways at the county airport. the work is expected to begin in august and finish in october of next year. the runway extensions will not only approve safety but also attract commercial air flights and the project is expected to cost $22 million. they are free hiv testing and testing will be free on
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wall green stores on mission street. free testing will also be offered tomorrow and saturday. >> all right, pam, 5:16 come on back. it is not all that bad, pam and dave, and right now traffic looks good getting into san francisco and if you are driving into the city it will be a nice drive and some of the roadwork has been picked up so it looks good. and they are playing again at home and they are playing tonight, they did sweep the reds out of town this last series and it was a day game and it is beautiful weather out there. northbound 208, -- 280, northbound 101 as you get into the valley. the as look good the reds did not. the fog is there and this
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is a tricky forecast. by the coast, i think you will see a pretty good fog bank and that will keep things held in check. warmer weather is on the way and it is going to expand to the west and as it does it allows inland temperatures to come up so there is going to be hot conditions. there could be a huge difference by the time we get to the weekend even 30 and 40 degrees for some. some of the lows are cooler and sonoma county airport said fog and a quarter mile of visibility and there is still an on shore push. a big whopper of a low and as the high builds north it sends everything northward up to seattle. so fog is there, it will be warmer, fog near the coast and
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the low is cooler but highs 60s and 70s 80s and 90s and that category will stay over the next few days. inland 90s and 100 as we head to the weekend. most of the major european markets are up and they posted gains as well. south korea was up nearly 3% taiwan finished the day about a quarter percent. new signs of improvement and strained money markets. they also eased some worry about the program and they do indicate a higher opening and dow jones industrial average is up almost 150 points and s&p 500 is back above 1600 this
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morning. they are rolling out their first led television. and samsung has phones paying off with their same screens television and it also have ultrahigh deaf television sets and it is only the largest manufacturer. something very rare at a texas zoo and why you may do a double take. and the lead attorney who was investigating the san bruno pipeline explosion is now off the case. find out why. and just tune in at 11:00, again a new time for our rebroadcast, 11 on tv 36 starting monday night.
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. new details about a legal shake up, and san francisco chronicle report is the lead attorney recused himself yesterday after a memo surfaced. that memo did not ask to be taken off the case and it is
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over whether pg&e should be fine. if you are around san carlos, you may smell natural gas and pg&e will be vending natural -- venting natural gas and crews will be installing a new valve with the pipeline. pg&e doesn't want anybody who smells that gas to know there is a leak. they used enough water in one billing cycle to fill 80 tanker trucks. >> i picked it back up, it can't be. usage, 440,000 gallons. glenn took the water bill, he complained the city admitted the mistake blamed it on a meter reader and the bill was canceled and issued a new bill and it is definitely more
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reasonable, $71. it is coming to the bay area u.s. association awarded the 16th championship to the golf club in san martinez. it was also held at the golf club and it will be the first time the u.s. women's open has been held in california. condolezza rice will be the honorary chair of the tournament. the san antonio texas zoo is welcoming a very rare arrival, it is a two headed turtle named they will am what -- thelma and lewis. >> the first day i held her, she seemed like a split personality, one side was looking around curiously and the other side was trying to
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bite me. they will am what and -- thelma and lewis go on display at the san antonio zoo. we are looking good around the bay areas we look at the commute from the south bay cameras, northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17 and also 680 traffic is off to a good start through fremont, let's go to steve. >> it is moving over the bay as well, it is getting closer and closer to the ground some say a quarter mile of visibility and they are hugging the coast, inland temperatures continuing their push up now back into the 90s, dave? >> a's fans are trying to play in their own waterfront ballpark just like the giants. >> as soon as they lift that
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stay marriages are on. >> the attorney general lays it out for when she thinks same sex marriages can begin again in california. some are just headed to bed in the castro, i will have the latest on the cleanup effort, coming up when morning news continues. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range.
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. it definitely feels like maui, it is muggy. >> i am working on it, lows are a little cooler this morning, inland temperatures will be warming up in the 90s but 60s and 70s there, here is sal. >> traffic is doing well on 808, also -- 880, highway 4 is doing better up to the willow pass grade. let's go back to the desk. topping our news, the historic decision on gay marriages and san francisco city is still cleaning up the castro district and in fact it is the biggest street party in years. katie hugh is in the district now with thousands of people


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