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tv   Journal  FOX  July 1, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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but he says they dated for three nights and he's not the baby's father. were you in a relationship or not? >> yes! >> maury: she's backed up today by her two sisters. was she in a relationship with him? >> yes, a relationship. they were together. >> maury: but will this teen need to back off after the results come out? y'all think he's the father >> yes! >> maury: are you going to be in the stanford, connecticut area? for
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>> maury: an hour of paternity tests that will reveal the indisputable truth continues. everyone, this is tacora. welcome tacora to the show. [ applause ]
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now, she gave birth to her son nicholas three weeks ago. look how cute he is. but what should be a happy time has turned into a nightmare. you see, she's embroiled in what can only be described as a he said, she said war with the father of her baby, dwayne. now, tacora says they were in love for four years. dwayne claims he slept with her three times. who's telling the truth? you be the judge. >> dwayne and i were in love. he promised me the world. >> promised her the world, what? she was just a booty call, plain and simple. >> we had four incredible years together and this is how she repays me?
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>> this chick is delirious. >> he told me i was the one and only girl for him. >> the only reason my life is in turmoil right now is her. >> i was blinded by love. >> and i was minded by your big ole booty. she did not have a baby by me. i need her to stay out of my life after these results were revealed. >> maury: so were you in a relationship or not? >> plamaury, we were in a relationship for four years. my sisters had to pick up the slack. >> maury: stephanie, stephanie, she came to live with you? >> i took care of her, maury. >> maury: and you and kia, you changed the baby's diapers? >> sure did. we bought food, we bought him clothes.
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my sister was in the labor room with him. he wasn't there. >> maury: was she in a relationship with limb? >> yes, they were together! say something, say something. you know, you know. >> maury: meanwhile, this is not the first time he's been a father, right? did he father another child while he was with you? >> yes, he did, maury. yes, he did. >> maury: time for dwayne to come out here. of course, he's got a different story. come on out. [ crowd boos ] >> you're the father. yeah, you are. you got the same head, same eyes. >> look at that hair.
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look at that lip. [ all talking at once ] >> maury: dwayne, dwayne. ladies, wait a second. four-year relationship. >> three nights. three nights. >> three nights, are you serious? are you serious? >> maury: you say you don't look like that child, but if you're the father, you would take care of this child in >> no doubt. [ applause ] >> maury: when it comes to 3-week-old nicholas, dwayne, you are not the father.
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>> it's okay. >> no, no, no, no. >> maury: think about somebody else. we'll be glad -- you are her strength. you are her help. that's your little nephew. >> thank you, maury. >> maury: kelly need tos to kno the answer to one question. which of these two cousins is the father of her baby. billy, jacob. plus, britney shared one night of passion with an old acquaintance from high school. >> one night stand. one night stand. >> maury: did that one night result in this baby or not? the truth is coming
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do you feel like a traumatic experience has aged your looks beyond your years. if you feel like you're too young too look so old, call the "maury" show at 1-888-45-maury. that's 1-888-45-maury. >> maury: an hour of paternity tests that will reveal the truth continues. everyone, this is kelly. welcome kelly. [ applause ] kelly wants to be very up front. she wants to be very truthful. she doesn't know who the father of her 11-month-old son tristan
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is. it's either her ex-boyfriend jacob, or jacob's own cousin, billy. now, the problem, this love triangle began three years ago when she met billy at a thanksgiving dinner when she was going out with jacob. and since then, kelly has been with jacob and with billy. and with jacob and with billy. but she's praying that jacob is the father. this is kelly's story. >> i feel so terrible because i don't know who the father of my son tristan is. it's either my ex-boyfriend jacob or his cousin billy. i've been with both of them, that's why i'm not sure. tristan looks just like jacob's brother. i'm scared i'm pregnant right now, and i'm not sure if jacob or billy is the father. i'm hoping that the dna test
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proves that he is the father. i don't think billy cares anymore. if jacob is proven the father, i hope he still wants to be with me. >> maury: so the child you're carrying, you don't know who the father is either? >> no. >> maury: could have been either one? >> yes. >> maury: who do you think the child looks like? >> jacob's mom. >> maury: who is here and took you in when you were 14 years old. [ applause ] you took her in when she was 14 years old? >> yes, i did. >> maury: so you know her well? >> i love her with all my heart. >> maury: you see how confused she is? >> yes. >> maury: you want your son to be the father? >> yes, i do. i kind of feel a little betrayed because i do love her. i love billy, he's my nephew. but i hope tristan is my son's.
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>> maury: this is what jacob and billy have to say. >> i'm jacob and i'm praying i'm the father. >> i'm billy, and there's a possibility that i could also be tristan's father. >> kelly has been going back and forth between us for three years. i think tristan looks more like me. my mom and brenda love tristan so much. >> i was there with kelly when tristan was born. i signed his birth certificate and i was there with him for the first months of his life. >> what's messed up is tristan calls us both daddy. this isn't all billy's fault, but i don't care for him. >> i wasn't with kelly while they were together. regardless of the dna results, i still want to be part of tristan's life. >> she's pregnant now and she doesn't know if it's me or billy again. i'm ready to get the results and move on with my life. >> maury: everybody, here's jacob. [ applause ]
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why don't want you to greet him nicely? >> because i feel bad. >> maury: guess what? you don't make babies by yourself, you know? jacob, you want to be the father of this child this >> i do. >> maury: you think that child looks like you? >> yes, i do. >> maury: do you think the child she's carrying now is yours? >> i don't know. >> maury: you don't get along with billy, do you? >> we don't speak too much anymore. >> maury: here he is. billy, come on out. [ applause ] >> maury: when tristan was born, you were there? >> yes. >> maury: in fact, the last part of the pregnancy, you were with her?
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>> yes. >> maury: and you were at the hospital? >> yes. >> maury: you signed the birth certificate. >> yes. >> maury: do you think that child is yours? >> i don't know. >> maury: do you think this child she's carrying is yours? >> i don't know. >> maury: do you like the fact that tristan calls you daddy? >> well, yeah. i just -- >> maury: we're going to find out today which one he should be calling daddy. >> i accepted him before the dna test. >> maury: we might as well find out. [ applause ] in the case of 11-month-old tristan, jacob, you are not the father. and in the case of 11-month-old tristan, billy, you are the father. [ applause ]
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britney shared one night of passion with an old acquaintance from high school. but cartel will not accept that britney got pregnant that night with this baby. and his long-time girlfriend won't accept it, either. >> one night stand. >> maury: did that one night result in this baby or not? the shocking truth is next. cartel -- >> maury: all right, everyone at home, it's time to pick up the phone and pick a side. here's the question of the day. >> we don't have a problem if it's his. but after dealing with this for 18 years, i don't think so. >> maury: pick up the phone and
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>> maury: an hour of paternity tests that will reveal the indisputable truth continues. >> i need for cartel and his girlfriend keisha to understand he will take care of our daughter. when i contacted cartel and told him about our daughter, he came over and spent time with us. everything was find until keisha stepped in. the test will prove that cartel is the father and keisha better fall back because she has another baby to take care of. [ all talking at once ] >> i made a huge mistake when i had a one night stand. >> she's a home wrecker. she's just looking for a meal ticket. >> i work my butt off, i go to
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school. >> maury: cartel look like that child? >> i get told i look like a lot of people, but that don't mean nothing. >> maury: let's find out. we're going to find out right now. [ applause ] when it comes to 2-year-old jatavia, cartel, you are not the father. >> what? what? >> maury: britney, britney, it's going to be all right, okay? we'll be glad to test somebody else. >> i'm good, i'm good. >> maury: juan, you are the father! will cindy ever forgive juan?
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>> i'm sorry, cindy. i hope we can get married. >> maury: the surprising answer lies backstage, and it's next. for more information on dna paternity testing, call dna diagnostics center at 1-877-dna-center. >> maury: are you a mom who likes to dress sexy and your children hate it? if so, call the "maury" show at 1-888-45-maury. that's 1-888-45-maury. next "maury,"
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cheating is bad, but is bob cheating with his wife's sister? >> he always goes straight to her. >> maury: debbie needs to know if her suspicions are correct. reggie is addicted to cheating. >> i know it's wrong, but every time i'm with another woman, i get an adrenaline rush. >> maury: the truth comes out on the next "maury."
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>> maury: an hour of paternity tests that will reveal the indisputable truth continues. earlier, we all met cindy, who didn't even understand why juan wanted a paternity test for their son j.c. >> he was there the whole time. he cut the chord. he picked the baby's name. >> maury: juan said he saw a male friend come out of cindy's bathroom. >> you don't know what this has been like. >> maury: but the results of a dna test said juan is the father. juan, you are the father! >> i'm sorry. >> maury: after the show, juan became very emotional. >> i'm sorry, cindy. i hope that we can get married. >> you got to do a lot of changing. did i prove you stupid? did i prove you wrong?
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>> i'm sorry. i will never throw that in your face again. >> maury: do you love her? >> yes, sir. >> he's been cheated on, just because his ex-girlfriend cheated on him, i have to pay the price. it's not right. >> maury: tell her how much you love her. we wish these the best of luck in coming together as a true family with this little boy. >> whoever has a doubt, go to maury. >> maury: until next time, america. -- captions by vitac --
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. with us breaking news for you, bart is on strike today, and there have been no talks between the union and bart management today. people had to find another way to get around. it took some extra time getting into the city, but the morning commute was rather smooth likely because it's a holiday week. you see here the university over pass


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