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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 2, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman and it is time for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." a driver is stunned by a strange site. >> right in the street. >> coming towards the car. >> why this is one tough mo tth who can walk it off. terror in a cab when a driver pulls a semiautomatic. >> i promise you that i won't. >> hear about the bounty on one thug's head. if you are grilling this 4th of july and you want something different, try the lasagna
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burger. >> see the step by step for a full-on delicious. and when some folks hear growls from the garbage bin -- >> honeybadger. >> and they have a prankster that pulse it out. >> and some honeybadger don't -- and maybe we can invent a time machine and stop this from happening. we are inside of the car on a beautiful day. you notice the cars in the wrong lane of traffic coming straight towards the car we are riding in. >> they are passing each other on the other lane. >> they are passing something, nicol nicolas. >> oh, no! >> so what we have got are some cattle on one side of the road, and then on the other just in time for the driver with the dash cam, we have a driver and a bull. >> i think that the cow is trying to get away from the bull, and not only hit from one end by a bull, she is hit by the
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car. but watch. she gets right back up and keeps on going like nothing hit her, and the bull is like, well, i want some more of that tail. he goes right after her. >> and the bull is like, this driver is a real -- >> and the cow did break the driver's windshield and maybe some blood on the windshield, but the poster of the video says that the cow is okay. >> we see the driver of the car getting out to inspect everything. but it stops traffic, and he is putting the hands on the hips and looking at them like he is mad at them. >> pda is dangerous. here we go again with another video of a cab driver getting robbed. this time in indianapolis, and he pulls out a gun which is a semiautomatic handgun and this is coming to us from wert. you can see the gun right up to the guy's neck, and the driver
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says, look, take everything. >> you can take everything i own. >> don't move. >> i won't. >> and you are seeing it from the dashcam, and of course, people are asked to call crime stoppers, and also the cab company offering a reward for the capture of these two guys. >> good for them. the cab driver is making a enhonest favor from point a to point b and the people have no respect for his life or job. >> part of being a cab driver is being robbed like this, and you think that sometimes you need a ride home at 2:00 in the morn, and you hope that there is a driver there, but if this is going to to keep happening, they won't keep working at night. >> don't move. >> i promise you, i won't. take a look at this.
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this video looks like it is from the inside of a nightclub, but overhead, that is a helicopter. wow. it looks like a bunch of laser lights from a rock show. >> and you think that pink floyd should be on in the background. >> right. but what that is hundreds of protesters pointing laser pointers at the helicopter. they were in the street for the one-year anniversary of eio mohamed morsi. people go out in support of the president, and some opposed to the president, and the helicopter was sent out to make sure that the situation stayed under control, but then people were pointing individual lasers at the helicopters. >> it seems they were planning for this. >> yes, probably some social media to come prepare and this is their form of protest that
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evening. >> goodness knows what it looks like in that helicopter. >> it can be right in the face of the pilot and co-pilot, and imagine driving down the road at night, and having someone send off the flash. no damage to the helicopters or reports that t reports that there were any ill effects, but with that many lights flashing to you, it can be difficult. we have two animal rescues to show you. this one over the weekend in india, a leopard stuck in a dry well. it used to be used for mushroom processing, but it has been abandoned and you can see a beautiful leopard at the bottom. the forest service had to do it,
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and the interesting thing is they that did not tranquilize it, because they believed that it had not eaten in 14 hours, and they didn't want to hurt it. so they waited for it, and waited for it and walked in. >> this thing looks mad. >> it was rescued by the wildlife and nature conservation trust, and all in all, even though it was hungry, it was okay once it was checked out by a veterinarian. the other animal rescue is under the sea in the philippine s. you can see there in the rock formation there is a turtle, and it is stuck under a fishing line. >> poor little fellow. >> of course, some humans are down there scuba diving, and they come to the rescue. good thing they spotted him, because he blended in to the bottom of the sea there. >> yes, before when the camera was zoomed out, and you could not tell what was over there, and it could have been a shark or anything.
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it is a routine jump, but this time -- >> oh, you have to be [ bleep ] kidding me! >> something went wrong, and wait until you see how this thing finishes. >> why he is headed for a rough landing. and a herd of sheep get the chomp on, but see why it is the shepherd who is feeling sheepis
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this video has a nerve wrackiwrack i ing factor of 1 million. this is a group of paratroopers in a training session, and ppcli stands for princess patricia's canadian light infantry, and thumb's up, and like clockwork, these dudes hit the door. they all go out of the door. everything looks cool so far. right now they are obviously headed towards the big open field which seems like a lush place to land, right? looks like they overshot it a little bit. >> oh, you have to be [ bleep ] kidding me. >> i think that he is right, nick, because he is not going where going. he is going towards all of these trees, and pointy trees and something went wrong and wait until you see how this thing finish
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finishes. >> the dude has to be [ bleep ] kidding me. >> oh! >> he is laughing. >> how hilarious is that? he goes down in the big area of trees, and somehow just manages not to hit any going down, but lands in a tiny area where there are tall pointy trees surrounding him. >> like a small patch of me. >> are you kidding me? i stood it up. close en koucounter with an. >> whatever he does, let him do it. >> yep. >> slow down. slow down. it i 4th of a you are probably looking for a cool recipe, so a lot of people are heating up the grill and putting on hot dogs and steaks
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and burgers to cook, but if you want something different, why don't you try the lasagna burger. >> yes, please. >> i know. it looks good, and i'm positive that it tastes good according to the people at verdette when they decided to make a lasagna bur r burger. it is a slice of lasagna in between two pieces of bread. >> and it is breaded. >> yes, and the guy asked how in the world did you come up with this idea? >> well, it is not farfetched, because you have meat in the lasagna many times, and i'm not sure what is making what better. is the lasagna making the burger better or the burger making the lasagna better? >> well, he and a fellow blogger sit down -- >> how do you eat that? >> no way to pick that up and eat it. >> dare me. >> dare you.
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>> i always love a i cannot wai right now. >> and that is delicious. >> interesting concoction for good, but i don't know if for the july 4th cookout this might work. >> this is the coolest looking restaurant, too, and the crazy poste posters, and the stuff on the wall, and this is so good. >> food porn. we have the best viewers on the planet, but bang, the viewers keep us on point. >> you remember this video from the real boor fake bombers? well, four of us thought that they were freaking out at the reaction to the video game. >> i'm going real. >> and gail said that it was not real. do you believe four guys sit on
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the bed in jammys and underwear are that excited? our viewers like to keep us straight. several of the viewers brandon, summer, chico -- they all let us know that in fact, this is a fake video. gail was right the whole darn time. >> what! >> hold on a second. the reaction is real. >> the reaction of the guys is real, but it is not to a video game. this individual dwroe isvideo i old, but they were excited that miss philippines had made it into the miss universe pageant. >> well, ooeither way, it is go job of the fans to keep us on our toes. we do make mistakes. >> i just want to say, i told you so. the closer the better, right? except -- >> in racing, it can be dangerous. >> how a photographer gets a 3d
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snapshot. and this is no ordinary park bench. >> would you like a glass of champagne? >> their ordinary day crystal geyser is always
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bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. welcome back to the show, everybody. don't forget to check out right this, and great
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videos all day long. enjoy. ladies, a lot of times in sports, the best seats are the closest, because you want to be right next to the action. but when it comes to racing, it is not that way. this is in poland and this is a race where they are meant to drift, and the drifting is happening and then -- if you watch, that car takes out one of the safety barrels and then the barrels ricochets into the photographer, and we have it from a second angle where you can see what happened. to me, it looks like the barrel is split in half by the car and the photographer was totally fine. there was an ambulance there to check him out, and he got up right afterwards and the dude is okay. >> it is probably an injury to the pride mo tan ytng,ftrace, and right on his behind. >> do we have a picture of the barrel coming right at his face?
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these are really good in baseball games. and this is coming up. >> from the cat department. you are walking down the streets of new york and you need to take a load off, so you see a nice inviting red bench and sit down and take a break. but it is not the ordinary park bench. >> hello. >> would you like a glass of champagne, and here is a menu for you. >> they are served drinks and dinner in style. i think that is couscous. and they have their own movie
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selection and not only do they pick the movies, but they come the life right in front of them. >> charlotte, charlotte! >> william, william. >> i love when things like this happen. >> they got the play game, and space invaders, but it is real life space invaders. >> that is awesome and talk about great service. >> the ordinary day turned extraordinary, because it is a promotional and marketing campaign for virgin atlantic who claims that we fly in the face of ordinary. pretty effective. >> so effective. this makes you want to hop on a v virgin atlantic flight because you know you will get a good flight, and in-flight entertai and zzy socks to keep your feet warm. if there was ever a bad day for beautiful garden flowers, this was definitely it.
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>> they are coming to see us. >> this is in tuscany, italy, and larry who is holding the camera recording this was out there vacation iing, and then suddenly encountered by a herd of sheet. >> they are so cute, so i want to go ever to record this, but the sheep decide to go after the beautiful flowers on this lawn. >> oh, no. >> and they hit it with a passion. >> hey, guys. go a wway. go away. >> this is moving, walking, lawnmower, and they are going the destroy the guaarden. >> and the flowers, and they have been waiting all year to bloom. >> don't eat jena's flowers and trees. >> the sheep go in and do their deed and then go up the road to find another lawn. check out the shepherd. >> go get your sheep. >> that is him. >> the dog. >> he is like, what do i do now? >> the dog is like, come on. guys, this way. you can't take this group anywhe anywhere. >> and apparently, there are a
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couple of dogs that herd the sheep, and apparently the sheep e ended up escaping the pasture through a hole. >> go get the sheep. >> and i can safely say that the dog is really scared. >> look at him, the tail is between the legs and he is thinking, this is going on my record for sure. >> i can get fired for this. >> this is not good. holy mackerel. a step by step video on how to turn a carrot into an instrument. >> today, i'm going the show you how to make a recorder out of a kor rot. >> whoa, hike you played in the sixth grade. >> see what you
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a really disturbing tour bus crash caught on surveillance camera in turkey, and watch as the bus makes a left turn. it tilts on its side and slides and comes to a stop as it hits the post. sadly, two people on the bus were killed. the bus was carrying 27 scandinavians who had come to turkey for the trip.
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but as you can see, the bus accident completely changed their vacation. >> do they know what csed is? failing on the bus, because it seems that they were taking the curve too quickly. >> we don't know what was the cause of the accident, whether it was excessive speed or failed brakes. we don't know what happened before the bus turned on the side. >> you can see the people flipping around on their seats. >> and you can see that you had young children inside of this motor coach. >> flipping upside down, and you can see the people flying all over the place inside of the bus. i bet that you never thought na you could do this with a carrot. >> i mostly eat them. >> or you could make a recorder if you were so musically inclined. >> today, i want to show you how to make a recorder out of a carrot. >> like you played in the sixth grade. >> yeah. >> our buddy dave hacks put up a
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video. >> you can do this all by hand or if you have an electric drill, you can do that. >> you need a big enough carrot. >> take a sharp knife and make it cut a half a centimeter deep from the top. >> and then you create what is going to be the mouthpiece. >> and you cut away the back of the carrot to force a comfortable mouthpiece. and cut a couple of holes in the carrot. >> you have to be a chef. >> and be careful not to hurt yourself. >> at this point, it already works. it is not a refined instrument, but it works. >> aren't carrots supposed to be good for your eyes and now your ears. >> dave has said that he has eaten the carrot with the rice. it is short lived. >> if you buy a real recorder, it will last forever, but this is going to rot in a couple of days. the internet has taught us
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that nothing escapes honeybadger. we know that this is tom nabe from nabe in america. and he has this telling people it is honeybadger. >> what is that? >> animal that is extremely dangerous. back up g, guys. >> people are crowding around. >> you can hear the sounds from the garbage can. >> i will e cacall for backup. >> and shouldn't they run away. >> and then a worker crew coming by saying, what is the commotion? is. >> i have a honeybadger in there. >> and this guy goes in to have a closer look and he hears something and he thinks he sees somethi something. he is like, stay back. guys, get back. and then the guy on the radio starts to get real radio.
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>> it is ahoneybadger, and honeybadger does not give a [ bleep ]. >> and that is the classic line, honeybadger does not give a [ bleep ]. and these people are backing up. >> he is holding a lot of water. i don't know how much he can hold. >> he is doing it. these guys take off, and the basketball goes up in the air, and at what point do you go, good question. >> i got him. i got himment menhim. i got him in the sand box. >> and this guy is embarrassed. you got me. >> honeybadger does not give a [ bleep ]. >> that is it for our show, and that is it for this edition of "right this minute." >> now at 5:00 back at the
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bargaining table, talks between bart and its workers will resume but how close are they to a deal, getting around is getting worse. two restaurant workers killed right in front of customers, why police say this wasn't a robbery. how the city is sell -- celebrating the return of same- sex marriages complete coverage starts now. good evening -- it is day two of the bart strike and the headline tonight is that bart talks are set to resume in one hour from now. but that won't save the evening commute. all day people told us the effects are just as bad if not worse than yesterday. if you look at these pictures that seems to be true. these are pictures of interstate 80 where traffic is barely moving. >> we have live team coverage for you live in the traffic
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center. >> this afternoon the traffic is just as bad if not worse than yesterday. i want to look down first street getting up to the bay bridge. yesterday this was by far the worse commute getting up the hill. you can see news chopper 2 showing us city streets getting up to the bay bridge -- it will be pretty bad. yesterday the commute getting out of town was mostly done by 7:00 if you have the luxury of sticking around your office that might help. 101 is slow from 280 getting up to the lower deck of the bay bridge. also there is an a's game tonight. a lot of people take bart to the game, they won't be able to do that tonight.
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at the coliseum people will be driving to the game. we will have another update in a few moments but now back to you in the studio. we do finally have hopeful news about the bart strike. contract talks will resume in less than an hour from now. ken is in oakland tonight with what they are saying and the surprise guest who showed up this afternoon. >> let me first set the stage. we are at the caltrans building here -- in oakland -- it is a state building. in less than an hour bart will be here at the table to talk for the first time since this strike began. for the unions they said they will be returning to the table and they have a surprise guest on the picket line. >> joining the mix of union


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