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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 3, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. westbound 24 as you drive up to the caldecott between walnut creek and oakland. it's already busy. i think the adjustment is being made as day number three of the bart strike continues. more people on the road early. it does look okay heading out to the high-rise. no major problems by the way on the bay bridge. it's 5:00. let's go back to the desk. right now bart and striking unions are taking a break before they return to the bargaining table this afternoon. they met for nearly nine hours overnight and tara moriarty is live for us in oakland where the talks wrapped up a little more than two hours ago. >> reporter: we have signs of progress but still no details because neither side is really allowed to say exactly what happened in there. we're here at cal tran headquarters. we have been here around the clock waiting for word. this is neural ground.
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this happened around nine hours. they were obviously tired. we saw no sign of bart officials. [ inaudible ] the first represents of sciu made their way in around 6:00 last night. and half hour later the bart team showed up. here's what a union rep had to say after negotiations wrapped. >> here's our only comment 37 we made some progress tonight. the mediator has asked us not to speak to the press other than to say we have made progress. we worked very hard and we will continue to work starting at 1:00 tomorrow. >> reporter: before negotiations we spoke to bart officials about their expectations. >> nothing that i'm aware of has changed. we will go back to the table and try to work. >> reporter: a letter from
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gavin newsom and state insurance commissioner was sent to both sides yesterday. bart did reach a tentative agreement with a small union, but not the big unions operating the train operators and station agents. meanwhile the strike for today will go an as planned. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. time now 5:01. happening now bart will have free charter buses. helping commuters get to and from san francisco. we're looking at live pictures. there are the buses they are lined up and people are already on the bus. we can see them right there. this is the fremont bart station. one of five stations where charter buss will be picking up passengers. again they are free but the seats and space on there they are limited. as charter bus service gets under way in fremont, more charter buss are being sent to contra costa county. alex savidge is live in walnut creek. and you're saying you should get there as early as possible.
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right? >> reporter: yes. they saw huge crowds here. people trying to get on these charter buses. that is why people did arrive very early this morning. some people told me they got here at 3:30 this morning. and now you can see they earned themselves a spot on one of the buses. here at the walnut creek bart station things were so packed they saided seven more. that means a total of -- no trains are in service. bart is returning a total of 80 of these buses picking up from number of stations all across the east bay. all of these buses can only handle a small fraction of the normal number of passengers that bart can handle. that is 4,000 or so commuters. still though people we talked to say the system is running as well as can be expected.
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>> i like this bus system here. they have been very good. the drivers are good. it's been a good experience. it's been a lot better than what i heard about ac transit. how people standing and getting frustrated. this system is working very well. >> reporter: the first charter bus pulled off a couple minutes ago here from the walnut creek bus station. in addition they are picking up this morning from other east bay locations. fremont, dublin, and west oakland. if you want to grab one of these charter buses, the word from bart representatives, show up early. at least before 7:30 this morning things will really pick up by then. live in walnut creek alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. we are getting deeper into that morning commute on the third day at the bart strike. once again you should expect longer than usual travel times no matter what you are using. check out the video of this gridlock. this was the bay bridge toll
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plaza yesterday morning. and at 9:00 a.m. that wait was still 45 minutes to an hour long. ac transit says the number of people they carried was more than double the usual amount. and it was the same case during the afternoon commute. there were also long lines at the alameda and san francisco bay ferry terminal. usually those ferries have 2500 passengers on a daily basis. time is 5:05. once commuters get into san francisco, it's costing you more money to park. parking garages are raising money across the city. price hikes are between $10- $15. now the city doesn't regulate private parking garages but even the city raised the amount you will pay for expired parking meters. now that fine is $74. the highest in the country.
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now two questions ktvu viewers have been asking us, how much do bart union workers make? what are their qualifications? in 16 minutes from now we will get a break down of employee salaries at bart. how they compare to the train operators in other major cities. now get constant updates on the commute and the bart strike including what you need to know about alternate ever use. click on the bart strike pad. new this morning a bonsoir has been rushed o the hospital after being shot in a bar in santa rosa. it happened around 7:15. the bouncer was shot at least once in the abdomen. police are searching shooter and asking with information to contact police. glance we are learning more -- late monday night.
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two suspects entered. they were ordering good when they suddenly went to check on them. according to the chronicle police believe the suspects may have been running from someone and shut the employee in there by accident. there are a couple meetings to talk about. the first will happen this morning. it's being held at the lake shore avenue -- another meet willing be held at 7:00 tonight. that will be for business owners from the grand lake neighborhood. san jose allen rock park still closed because of extreme fire danger. yesterday temperatures at the park hit 100 degrees. neighbors who were worried about visitors may be starting fires say they support that emergency closure. the park has been off limits since sunday. the combination of the extreme heat and the holiday getaway may make driving
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dangerous today. the chp says make sure you have plenty of water with you and stop often if you will be driving on long trips. and dehydrated or tired drivers you have slower reaction times. starting tonight chp officers will be everywhere. looking for speeders and impaired drivers. the holiday. >> the toll plaza is busy. it looks like another early morning for the ever busy net we might see a will -- right now on 80 westbound it does look pretty good. it looks more like it would at 6:00 instead of 5:00.
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up to the bay best of my knowledge toll plaza i go. already there is a big backup. the -- these beeterring lights should be. we have a pretty good star. from a lot of high clouds continue top stream up from the south, southeast. those tropical clouds they really fired up thunderstorms over the sierra yesterday. and could do the same today. we do have a cooler forecast for some today. coast and bay. there is a lot more fog. instead of 70s i we will go 67 in san francisco. 60s on the temps or 50s.
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57 santa rosa, nevada, half- moon bay 55. and 60s you start to work your way inland. 52 up in tay low. 80 in fresno. 93 in lastage gas. aing the ever just really massive thunderstorms around reno. so again anywhere up in the sierra 50s to 100s. i will hold on those 100s for at least one more day. temperatures around the bay and for some inland areas will comecon today. we will continue that theme. it will start to cool down. ridge of high pressure gets weaker and weaker. time now 5:10. almost 100 complaints against the bay area teacher who is now in jail. what he's accused of doing to
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some former students. and a deadline to step down just hours away for egypt's embattled president. traffic is moving along pretty well on 680 southbound as you drive down we'll tell you more coming up.
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good morning.
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it's day three of the bart strike. still no deal yet. we are look at a live picture of some of the people here that are boarding buses on the way to the city. i know some people may be taking today off before the holiday tomorrow. you still should expect delays throughout the morning. we'll have complete traffic updates and a look at all the ways to get in and out of the city. that is coming up. union workers and managers with ac transit will go back to the bargaining table today since the bart strike started ac mechanics and drivers have been work on an extended contract. agency spokesman says there has been slight progress and talks over the past two days. the union says it will give a 24 hour notice if a strike is called. people who got parking tickets during oakland's one- day strike will not have to pay for them. they were among the 3,000 city workers who walked off the job on monday. at least one parking
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enforcement officer did show up for work and wrote several tickets. they say they plan to honor at prose so all citations are going to be dismissed. time now 5:14. we are following developing news from egypt. protests continue in cairo egypt thousands perjury. perjury-- cairo, egypt. at least 16 people have been killed. and clashes over night at cairo university between opponents and supporters of morsi. the military gave him until 8:00 our time to bow to the demands of millions of protestors that he resigned. president morsi went on national tv in egypt last night and refused to step down. a big earthquake in indonesia killed at least 26 people and injured more than 200. it was a 6.1 magnitude quake. it damaged more than 15 hurricane houses and buildings
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-- 1500 houses and buildings. during 2004 a 9.1 quake triggered a tsunami. one that killed 240,000 people. a key component of president barack obama's sweeping health care law is being delayed by a year. as kyla campbell reports the mandate would have forced some companies to provide welcome coverage to its employees by next year. >> reporter: but now those who employ 50 or more full-time workers don't have to provide coverage until 2015. that is after last year's congressional election. under the affordable care act businesses with 50 or more full- time employees would be punished, penalized if they did not provide coverage. but businesses said the rules
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were too strict. instead of providing hushes for those who work 30 hours or more, they want that changed to 40. and now the federal government says it will go back to the drawing board. one criticism is that the individual mandate is still on. meaning most people have to prove they are insured by january 1st of next year. why republicans are having a field day with all of this when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell. an elementary schoolteacher from the mount diablo school district will be charged with 91 counts of molestation. he's worked for the mt. diablo district since 1991. martin remains in jail on $10 million bail. a woman accused of embezzling from a parents club is scheduled to appear in court
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this morning. laura is scheduled to face a judge for probation violation hearing. she's also expected to present a plan to pay $500 a month to rod kelly elementary school as restitution. the former club treasure is accused of stealing more than $54,000 by forging checks for libraries and playground equipment. a prose pod settlement over land that could be used for an oakland a's ballpark can be fined again. it's just north of jack london square. the oakland port commission was supposed to approve a lawsuit settlement with one of companies last month. but that has been pushed back. and it's now been rescheduled since july 11th. 5:18. and sal, i know the toll plaza was busy for the cash payers. one viewer posted on my facebook and said how much is that ticket? $25? isn't it worth it to head on
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through. >> the car pool lane? >> the fast track lane. >> oh yeah. the fast track tickets i think they say it's $25 but then they add so many assessments and fees. just get fast track. by the time it's said and done when they say it's a $25 ticket it never is. let's take a look at commute. claudine mentioned it. you can see the fast track users getting through. now by the way if you do go through without fast track, they will get your license plate but they also give you the option of dismissing the citation by signing up permanently for fast track. you may want to consider that. just go through they will send you a citation and give you an option of becoming a permanent fast tracker and that citation will be dismissed. >> this is a look at 880 southbound. another a's game tonight at the coliseum. just to let you know it's fire works night. the a's uncub -- and cubs.
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its will be a well attended game. let's go to steve. i didn't know that, sal. no ticket or get fast track. >> right. the only one time. you get that one time grace period. >> a lot of fog on the coast. it's not making too much of a search yet. we'll keep an eye on things. and tropical clouds continue. if you will well inland i. will still be very, very fog. it's a lot higher today than yesterday. it made it to parts of the oakland perkily hills there is a lot more fog today up and down the ma rip. 50s to 70s. if you r well in -- and watch those higher clouds. i'll tell you they are close.
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it couldn't take fog mostly sunny. very for wool. the. 50s to 100s. i do think inland areas start to cool down. south bay a little bit. inland temps will take another day or two. by the weekend it looks like everybody gets on this cooler pattern. thank you. time now 5:21. amazing rescue caught on tape. how a firefighter in fresno saved the life of a kitten found in a burning home. good morning. westbound highway 4 this traffic is moving along pretty well getting up to the grate. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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salaries remain a major sticking point in the bart labor dispute. i want to give you a break down of just how much the transit workers make. the average union employee earns about $71,000 in wages plus overtime, benefits and retirement. while frustrated bart riders say they find it hard to sympathize with the bart workers drawing that salary, the union says the workers have valuable skills that are difficult to replace. >> they are not wealthy. they do not have extraordinary
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benefits. they are ordinary people that get up and make the trains run on time. >> the minimum education requirement for train operators is a high school diploma, ged or equivalent. bart workers request considerable skills. bart says its train operators make a base hourly wage of $20 .30. a spokesman says they have been without a contract there since january. in chicago l-train operators earn an average of $31 an hour. we'd like to know how the bart strike is impacting you. go to our ktvu facebook page and share your story. time now 5:25. now we are getting to look at video of a firefighter in fresno rescuing a kitten from a house fire.
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>> looked down and i could see the cat in my spotlight. i looked back and that is when i saw the cat and grabbed him. >> he poured water on that little kitten. gave it oxygen and slowly massaged it back to life. >> it's a pretty cool thing we were able to help the kitten out. i really hope that cat is being loved. >> it looks like it already. by the way the kitten has been returned to its owner. time now 5:26. let's go back out to sal. because he's keeping an eye on all the roads for us. everything busy. right, sal? >> it is pretty busy out there. we're looking at some of the pictures andth traffic is getting a lot busier in some. not as busy on other commutes. let's take a look at 280 northbound. silicon valley has been pretty good with no major problems on
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101, 280, or 85. also looking at the sunol grade and this commute still looks good for now. 5:26 let's go to steve. thank you, steve. there is a bigger fog bank today. for some it will be a cooler pattern. a few high clouds also moving through. boy, they really fired up thunderstorms over the sierra. between bigger fog bank. cooler, warm to hot. it does look cooler starting tomorrow for inlapped areas. especially up toward lake county. time now 5:27. it's day three of the bart strike this morning. what happened during the fight after both sides met for almost nine hours. we're live in fremont where bart riders are trying to make their way into san francisco by using charter buses. we'll tell you happen the traffic looks like out here and how long it's taking to get to the city. and we'll have more details about the double shooting in
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good morning. . welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. your time is 5:30. let's head over to steve paulson for a look at the weather. you know it's hot when you say 88 is the cool down; right? >> that is correct. this has been going on for a long time.
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especially for -- inland. not much for the coast. 50s to 100s but the theme is to get a little cooler for some. san mateo bridge traffic does look pretty good. if you are dry driving on 101 the commute looks good. the fog is an issue in some commutes especially on the golden gate bridge. we are beginning with letting you know this is day three of the bart strike. after a marathon negotiating session that lasted almost fine hours there is still -- nine hours there is still no deal. ktvu was there. both sides came out at 2:45 this morning. they went this there about 6:00 last night. now they're telling us some progress was made. which was good. but worker salary and security still are the sticking issues. >> we made some progress tonight. the mediator has asked us not
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to -- >> bart did reach a deal with some of the smaller unions. the 200 members that work in supervisory roles they are going back to their jobs today. but again still no deal yet with the two big unions representing employees including train operators and the bart booth workers. happening right now bart is overing free charter bus service at five of its bart stations to help commuters get to san francisco. janine de la vega joining us live. she is in free hospital right now. are the lines long right now? >> no, not a pull. there is no there is about three buses waiting. they are waiting for passengers to show up. next to the buses you can see bart employees are here on strike. they just arrived here to have all the passengers see them as they strike. now one bus has taken off already. again three are waiting.
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they will be taking people from west oakland from here to west oakland and from west oak lands then the buses go on to the city. here's a there will be ever very that is a total of 19 charter buses -- 79 charter buses that bart is providing. that will be extended until 9:00 a.m. at the west oakland station. there are nonunion bart employees helping commuters get on the buses. asking them how it's been going on. we spoke to one commuter about how her trip was yesterday. this is what she said this morning. >> it was my first time yesterday. it's pretty smooth leaving from fremont until we -- i waited
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ever i had to figure out my way to work after i got off the shuttle. >> reporter: the first bus took off here from the fremont station in the last 15 minutes. the others are waiting for more passengers. as soon as those drivers are dropping off people until west oakland they are coming to drop off more passengers. here. they said for the past two days it has been taking them two hours to get from fremont all the way into the city. as far as the trip back, it's taking about the same amount of time between the hour scene ha half to two hours. so for the trip back, those buses are leaving from san francisco starting at 3:00 p.m. all the way until 7:00 p.m.. we will continue to monitorth station situation. but again as you can see there are visit whichly no lines here.
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mom and pop shops near san francisco bart stations says business has been slow. glen parks relies on foot traffic from bart commuters. business owners say they have been suffering since the strike began. >> the bar is usually full. most of the types are slow. the last two day justs like silent. >> they say it's costing bay area businesses $70 million a day. if the bart strike continues it's expected to pick up the fourth of july session that might not be the case this year if the trains still are not running. other transit agencies will be running sunday or holiday schedules. the bart strike could mean an increase in air pollution. the strike could result in additional 16 million pounds
5:36 am
because of drivers struck in traffic. drivers are supposed to use 800,000 more of their ever now for constant updates on the commute and the bart strike including what you need to know about alter not deadly shootings of two people. brian flores. >> reporter: meetings are scheduled. one to take place tonight. you can recall that two men waring orange construction vest entered the restaurant late monday night. according to the chronicle they were ordering food when they ran to the freeze either the back of the restaurant. possibly because they felt threatened by a third party. we are learning more when two employees went to check on them, one of the suspects
5:37 am
opened fire. killing both workers who are identified as 22-year-old kenneth bradley. and 26-year-old jose. both of richmond. police are releasing little. oakland police holding a community meeting to address the shootings. it happened around 8:30 to 9:30 this morning. another meeting is being held at 7:00 tonight. that is for business owners from the grand lake neighborhood. police are also looking for a second suspect but have not released any information about that person. meantime the meetings will be talking about the investigation andth prevention efforts being done by the oakland hden.
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aless sea it was? a couple going by heard the baby screaming. they called for help. rescue crews were able to break the window when the father arrived. that baby was sweating badly but not seriously hurt. power is back on to thousands of people in the south bay whole lost their electricity in all that heat. about 95 hurricane customers were effected -- 9500 customers were effected by the power outage. pg&e is working to get the power back on for 88 customers in san jose. pg&e is asking everybody to save energy, set your thermostat to 78 degrees. if you have any appliances you're not using, unplug them. san jose used opening cooling shelters.
5:39 am
cooling enters will be open. an excessive heat warning is in effect. a cooling center will also be mope seniors are also jell gibel for free cooling station. time is 5:38. sal, you have everything under control at the toll plaza? >> we are trying to get it under control. you know what this looks mean. i just got something new. let's go to the toll plaza first. westbound traffic at the toll plaza is going to be busy. the metering lights are on. it's just as busy as it was yesterday. it's another bad day of traffic here. the only thing we hope for it doesn't get any worse. yesterday at one point we had delays that were about an hour. let's move along and take a a look at the commute here. a new crash reported in
5:40 am
burlingame. northbound 101 at the broadway, burlingame exit. several cars and an injury crash. if you want to use an alternate 280 northbound. northbound 101 at the broadway burlingame exit. at least a couple lanes are tied up with a new injury crash. -- da da a bigger if -- we'll keep an eye on things. a lot of high clouds continue to flirt with us. they goal offshore or -- they go offshore or up in the sierra nevada. one will take a little bit to come through. possibility of thunderstorms. i don't think it will happen here. up in the sierra nevada if you are heading up here yesterday is amazing. thunderstorms. still hot inland. up in lake county mendocino
5:41 am
county, vacaville. not the usual areas there is much, much bigger fog bank by the coast. 80 already in fresno. 93 in las vegas. 66 ukiah. i know sacramento is 68. the theme is this probably will be the last day for the ridge of high pressure. and then it should start to weaken again. quincy if you are up that way. fog, sun, cool to hot. hot inland temperatures continue. anywhere from 50s to 60s to 100s. vacaville 105. clearlake 108. really hot temperatures away from the coast. it's on its way. it will start tomorrow and carry into the weekend.
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it looks likecaps -- greatest. investigators examing the area where these 19 elite firefighters were killed. they want to know if anything could have prevented that tragedy. good morning. if you are driving on westbound 24, the traffic looks good here. but when you get to the oakland side, there is a big line to get on to a 0. get on to 580. so... [ gasps ]
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and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. try new fiber one peanut butter protein bars. it's day three of the bart strike. and commuters are getting up early to beat the rush. these are live pictures at the walnut creek bart station where shuttle buss have been loading up for the last 45 minutes. although some people may take today off before the holiday tomorrow, you still should expect delays throughout the
5:45 am
morning. all right, sal. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories. you heard sal say this is day three of the bart strike. bart and its two striking unions will resume their contract starts at 1:00 this afternoon. they talked all night a marathon session that lasted nine hours and lasted about 2:45 this morning. they're not giving us any specifics but they do say progress was made. a bouncer was rushed to the hospital after being shot in santa rosa at a bar. it happened at 1:15 this morning at epic social bar lounge. excessive heat warning in effect until 7:00 p.m. tonight. bay area cities are using cooling centers to help people beat the heat. the cooling centers will be open today in several san jose locations.
5:46 am
a team of investigators is now looking into the country's biggest loss of firefighters since 9/11. >> anthony rose. >> last night people gathered to honor 19 members of an elite fire fighting crew only one member of the crew survived. he wasn't with the rest of the team when they were suddenly overtaken by flames. >> he was a lookout for the crew. he was assigned to kind of be a heads up on top of a hillside to give a situational awareness to the crew as they work throughout the day. >> the investigators will make their way into the area and issue a preliminary report in the next few days. one of the things they are trying to determine if whether a water or retar dent dropping aircraft would have helped. more diplomatic drama surrounding edward snowden. a flight out of russia was
5:47 am
rerouted after suspicions that snowden was on board. i want to show you more video of bolivian president. will that is where business >> we were informed there was unfounded suspicion that mr. snowden was on the aircraft. we don't know who invented that ridiculous lie. >> in austria the plane was serged and it was determined that edward snowden was on board. time now 5:47. more than a group of people tried to they were victims of -- they say they were hurt by flash bang grenades. the other says they were hurt
5:48 am
by bing bag well,ing the -- the board of supervisors recently banned fair goers from wearing gang colors and insignia. the purpose is to avoid gang turf wars. the aclu says this could lead to racial profiling. the fair runs for five days at the civic center fairgrounds in san rafael. we are also getting new information about the mounting debt for the organizers of napa bottle rock music festival. bottle rock owes more than $2 million to vendors. those bills reportedly include more than $106,000 owed to the city of napa. the five-day music festival brought thousands of music fans to napa back in may. it was the biggest event in the city's history. great america's newest ride is closed but park operators hope to have it back open in time for the fourth of july.
5:49 am
the gold striker opened last month. it wasn't shut down for safety reasons but for making too much noise. a company that backs up to great american bylined the screams of riders put an over agreed upon noise limits. so great america closed the rides. >> we're all excited. and it's really a killer to not be able to ride it. >> we're only here for today. we can't come back. >> great america crews are working to decrease the mechanical noise the gold striker makes. they say it should put the roller coaster out of the limits. time now 5:49. sal, what just happened on the peninsula? >> it's dave and claudine northbound 101 at broadway burlingame. several vehicles involved in a crash. and several lanes are blocked again. northbound 101 at broadway. the best thick for you to do even though the backup is not that big yet is to use 280 instead. and then you can use interstate
5:50 am
380 to transfer back to 101. let's go back to the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights came on a few minutes ago. it's about the same. it's busy and slow. 24 is slow coming down the bottom of the hill. so it's a big backup trying to get to the toll plaza. it looks like some people got out there. if you are driving on interstate 880, that traffic looks good. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a much bigger fog bank and higher clouds continue to get oh so close. they really brought thunderstorms to this area yesterday. still though a heat warning for inland areas. parts of mendocino county and lake county really, really hot. and areas that have been really hot. there is. not that one. but it hasn't been consistenten. there is a lot of low clouds
5:51 am
and fog. sea breeze hadn't shown up too much. big thunderstorms up in the sierra. bigger fog bank. still hot inland but not as hot. cooler coast and also bay. coast stays pretty nice to cool. 50s to 100s. i'll hold on to the 100s. especially lake county and mendocino county. it looks like cooler when you see this much fog. that is the sign cooler weather is on the way. there are two job reports out this morning 188,000 private sector jobs were created in june. economists expected only 160,000. a few minutes ago the labor department released the report on jobless claims. those fell to 343,000 last week. which is down 5,000 from the week before. the monthly unemployment for june that comes out on friday. one of the 49ers accused of
5:52 am
beating up a teammate what happened in san jose and what charges may be filed. and an unusual landslide on a busy northern california highway. how drivers jumped into action and why clearing the road was especially difficult. highway 4 getting a lot busier now. driving from pittsburgh to concord. we will tell you more about the morning commute.
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sunrise. but there is a lot more fog. even a few high clouds. by the coast, bay a little cooler inland. there is a lots more fog today than we've seen in awhile. the bay area's main route to reno along interstate 80 is back open this morning. a flash flood sent rocks and mud flowing. just west of the california nevada state line. we got this cell phone video showing drivers trying to remove debris from the road. the slide was about the size of a football field. cal tran says clearing it proved to be much more difficult than they thought because of the heavy mud. all lanes did reopen by 10:30 last night. the santa clara district attorney's office is considering whether to prosecute 49er line backer brooks. he accused of punching a teammate and hitting him in the head with a beer bottle.
5:56 am
he did need a couple of stitches and at first he wanted to press charges but he has since changed his mind. time now 5:55. back to our continuing coverage of the bart strike. the oakland a's don't think it will hurt fan attendance at their games. especially big games like last night against the chicago cubs. the division leading a's beat the cubs 8-7. they will play them again today and tomorrow. the a's are telling fans get there early and consider car pooling. the team says ac transit buss are running and there are 12,000 parking spaces if you do want to drive to the game. the a's expect today will be one of the biggest attendance of the season. by the way it's fire works night there. we wants to know how the bart strike is effecting you this morning. go to ktvu's facebook page and share us your story. let us know how you are getting to work or whenever you need to
5:57 am
go. a lot of people trying to get to work. sal is watching the roads. giving us a better look at how to get there. and out of some options. >> yeah. exactly. getting there obviously on the minds of most commuters. out to the south bay we have been looking at the santa clara valley. if you are driving on the sunol grade, slow traffic here. slow traffic is effected by a crash. southbound on 680 as you drive to durham road. things are getting out to the -- they are trying to move these things to the right shoulder. but the traffic is going to be slow. and this morning northbound 101 at broadway burlingame also a crash being moved to the shoulder. the traffic is slow on northbound 101. progress made in the bart strike. but still no deal yet. when both sides will go back to
5:58 am
the bargaining table today. a lot more fog today. does that mean cooler inland? we'll have the forecasted highs coming up.
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good morning.
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the bart strike moving into day three. frustration hunting. the late night development that is giving some hope this morning. good morning. the morning commute is getting worse. the places you want to watch out for straight ahead. and commuters got up early here in walnut creek. i will tell you why so far the process is going pretty smoothly. good morning, to you. welcome to the ktvu morning news wednesday, july 3rd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. we begin with our top story. continuing coverage of the bart strike. we want to give you a live look at the commute. kicking into high gear. on the left side of your screen there are pictures of the ferry terminal in alameda as one of the boats gets on its way. the on the right side of the screen there is the bart station in fremont and you can se


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