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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  July 3, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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i'm not going back to b.a.r.t. >> at all? >> at -- at all? >> no. >> reporter: progress, but still know deal. we're live in oakland where we've been at b.a.r.t. negotiations around the clock. we'll tell you what both sides are saying right now. good morning. i have my eye on all of the bay area freeways. it will help you get around another day of rush hour traffic jams. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning.
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it's wednesday, it's july 3rd. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. once again, commuters are scrambling to get to work. we're seeing delays up to an hour. b.a.r.t. and its striking unions negotiated well into the night but after nine hours, there is still no deal. they resumed talks at 1:00 this afternoon. we continue our team coverage now with reporters spanning the bay area, monitoring the labor negotiations but first let's go right to ktvu's sal castanedo to help you get to where you need to go. we thought it would be lighter today. >> it could be people are getting into the office earlier, tori, at least that's what we hope. we hope it won't be as bad as it was yesterday. it's not starting out light. that's for sure. the east shore freeway will be south bay. southbound 680 will be slow as you head down south because of an earlier crash at durham road. it's clearing up.
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it's backed up all the way into pleasanton. i want to mention that, of course, we're trying to look at the east shore. you can see it's backed up from going fields back to the macarthur maze. 24 is slow coming back to the bottom of the hill to the macarthur maze. bay bridge, that's at least a one-hour delay before you make it on. it's very slow. a lot of people are taking the car into the city. 7:01. let's go back to the desk. right now -- b.a.r.t. and its striking unions taking a break from the negotiations before they go back to the bargaining table later today. they met overnight for nine hours. tara moriarty is live at caltrans headquarters in oakland. they will be talking again this afternoon, tara. >> reporter: that's right. you know, we know how angst us people are to hear if a deal has been struck. ktvu has been out here all night in front of this building where negotiations are taking place. just before 3:00 a.m., we did
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see some movement. union leaders walked out. they were extremely tired after nine hours of trying to hammer out a deal. b.a.r.t. officials left through a different door. we didn't see their reaction. we know the two sides met around 6:30 at the caltrans headquarters. before talks, union want to see more movement on safety and pay issues. here's what a union rep had to say after talks. >> we made some progress this evening. as you can see, it's rather late now, we decided we'll make more progress if we get some sleep. we worked very hard together, both parties along with the very fine meditators. >> reporter: now, b.a.r.t. officials vary they are ready to toic a -- to strike a deal. >> we were at 8%. they were at 21%. it's gonna take a while. that's the point. that's why we needed to be here doing this. >> reporter: now, a letter from
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lieutenant-governor newsom and a state commissioner -- and the state commissioner was sent out to urge them to resume talks. meanwhile, commuters are, once again, preparing for long lines at ferries and buses as day three of this strike wears on. we also want to tell you how long it would take in these two sides did strike a deal, how long it would be before b.a.r.t. service would get into effect. we'll let you know that coming up next. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. b.a.r.t. added even more free charter bus service this morning for east bay commuters. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live from the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station and tells us there's still time to catch a ride. this time they've run out of buses. so what's happening there right now? >> reporter: well, b.a.r.t. added the extras buses and that move seems to have done the trick. check this out. no passengers at all. no line. in fact, you can see we have
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more ety charter buses -- empty charter buses here than we do passengers waiting to -- to get on them. it was different earlier. this line did stretch down the look. the first passengers told my they got here at 3:30 this morning. really trying to beat the rush and snag a seat on board of the one of the buses. the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station had huge crowds waiting to get on board these buses into san francisco yesterday and that's why b.a.r.t. brought in seven extra buses to come by this station today. most passengers, this morning, have told me the process has been smooth today. but they are still ready for the strike to end and glad to hear that both sides are talking again. >> had to come all the way from brentwood to come to walnut creek to catch the bus. we had to pass that up to come
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over here. >> reporter: now, just up the block from here. striking b.a.r.t. workers are walking the picket line, anxious to get the trains running again. but until that happens, b.a.r.t. will continue buses picking up people from several east bay stations. but of course, those charter buses can only carry so many passengers. about 4,000 or so will be able to get on the buses in san francisco today. if you want to snag a seat on board, ut want to show up early -- you do want to show up early. i was told things could get busier within the next hour. the buses run until 8:00 this morning from the walnut creek station. live in walnut creek, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. a couple of folks getting on the buses behind you. here's a quick look at fremont at the b.a.r.t. station. this is another location where commuters can catch a free charter bus ride into the city. so far, we've not seen long
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lines. coming up at 7:30, we'll go live to fremont where janine de la vega is talking to passengers. some commuters have been turning to casual carpooling to ease the ride to work. we showed you some drivers waiting for passengers during "mornings on 2" on monday. in oakland, drivers have more of an incentive to pick up passengers to head into san francisco in the morning so they can use the carpool lane and pay a lower toll at the bridge. but there's less motivation for drivers to pick up passengers when they leave the city in the afternoon. so the evening commute has been left smooth for casual carpoolers. the last two days, the line for carpool rides snaked around the block on beale and folsom in san francisco. once commuters finally make it into san francisco, they say it costs more money to park. private rates are up at the parking garages all over the city. one lot on howard street raised prices by $5 just between monday and tuesday. price hikes at other garages
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are ranging from $10 to $50. now, the city doesn't regulate private parking garages but they did increase the amount you will pay for expired parking meters. the fine is now $74. the highest in the country. now to get updates on the commute and the b.a.r.t. strike including what you need to know about alternate routes and services, go to our ktvu home page, click on the b.a.r.t. strike tab. 7:08. want to check in with sal, see how things are moving on 24. there's been a lot more company at 5:00 a.m. for me this morning. >> yeah, westbound 24 is slow from the caldecott tunnel down to oakland. in la fayette right now, it's just moderate. as a matter of fact, if we have a look at it here, you can see the traffic lieu the la fayette -- past the la fayette b.a.r.t. station is not all that bad. but it slows after you get to orinda and it slows on the other side of the caldecott tunnel. it's very slow getting to the bottom of the hill toward the
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toll plaza. all of the roads leading to the toll plaza are backed up. we're looking at the toll plaza itself. we have slow traffic here. at least an our delay getting into san francisco. so we're not having a light day. we thought that maybe today we would have a little better commute because of the -- tomorrow being the 4th. but there's a stalled vehicle on the bridge making it slow. livermore traffic coming up through livermore, you aren't going to see some -- you will see slow traffic and southbound 680 is still slow because of earlier problems. let's go to steve. all right. i'm in the fog. that's not something we've had this whole week. the overnight lows last week were cooler for some inland. a little breeze picked up jade. we'll see if that continues. there's really not much of a breeze. look at this. there's actually some tropical clouds wrapping back around between bodega bay and point arena. i will give you a closer look at that. there were some big boy thunderstorms up in the sierra nevada yesterday. it will still be hot for those well away from the coast.
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the coast never got in on the warmup. if anything, i think they will cool down. san francisco's official terp, 70s. a lot of fog today, so i dropped it to the 60s. i think they will be more uniform today, the temperatures. look at that. it's this close, this close some of those tropical clouds. 60s on some of the temperatures or 50s. there's areas really socked in and cold. there's clouds that made it to the caldecott which didn't happen for a week's time. a record low in fresno -- record high low in fresno, 78. waco, texas, 58. coldest july temperature ever. we are baking and they are cool. thunderstorms starting to pop up the sonoma-mendocino coast. some may filter inland toward
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mendocino county. there are some thunderstorms inching up closer again. southern central sierra that bear watching. if you are heading to the mountains, keep updateom the forecast. reno was 105 and tahoe was 90 for record highs. it's a cooker up in lake county, mendocino county. i did crop some -- drop some temperatures. still hot out towards eastern solano. other areas are settling back in the 70s. san jose down 4 from yesterday. east san jose will be warmer. 50s, 60s, 70s. >> for much of south san francisco, the coast low to mid- 80s on the peninsula. inland areas will cool down on the weekend. thank you, steve. san jose's alum rock park is still closed because of extreme fire danger. yesterday, temperatures at the park hit 100 degrees. neighbors who worry about visitors starting fires say they support the emergency closure. the park has en sie sunday.
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the combination of the extreme heat and the holiday getaway may make driving today dangerous. the chp says make sure that you have plenty of water with you and stop often if you are driving on long trips. they warn that dehydrated or tired drivers have slower reaction time. starting tonight, chp officers will be everywhere looking for speeders and impaired drivers. the holiday enforcement period continues through midnight on sunday. >> that's good advice. well continue our coverage of this third day of the b.a.r.t. strike including the ferries. a lot of commuters have opted to sail across the bay. we saw a lot of huge lines yesterday. we'll check on the situation for you this morning. was it a case of mistaken identity? we'll have the update on a double murder at a restaurant in oakland and why the oakland pd is holding community meetings about it. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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good morning. it's day three of the b.a.r.t. strike underway. commuters get up early to beat the rush. although some people may take today off before the holiday tomorrow, you should still expect delays throughout the morning. we're looking at a picture of the bay bridge, lower deck heading eastbound from san francisco to oakland. right now that commute looks pretty good. let's go back to the desk. all right. thank you, sal. union workers and managers with ac transit will return to the bargaining table today. since the b.a.r.t. strike started, bus drivers and mechanics have been working on an extended contract trying to negotiate a new deal with management but the two sides are at odds over pay and safety. an agency spokesman says there has been slight progress in talks over the past fewer days. the union says it will give a 24-hour notice if an ac transit bus strike is called. people who got parking
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tickets during oakland's one- day strike of city workers will not have to pay those parking tickets. parking control officers were among the 3,000 city workers who walked off the job on monday just for one day. but at least one parking enforcement officer did show up for work and wrote quite a few tickets. city officials said there would be no parking enforcement on the date of the strike. they say they plan to honor the promise. so all citations will be dismid -- dismissed. a bouncer in santa rosa, rushed to the hospital after being shot at a bar. it happened this morning at the epic social bar on mendocino avenue. police say the bouncer was shot at least once in the abdomen area. now, the police search for the shooter still going on this morning. if you have any information, call santa rosa police. just about an hour from right now, a community meeting is scheduled in oakland. it's about the double homicide at the wing-stop restaurant on monday. ktvu's brian flores in our newsroom right now with more on
7:17 am
what these meetings are meant to accomplish. >> reporter: meetings, one is scheduled to take place this morning two men ordered the restaurant on monday night. they were ordering food. we're learning this morning that when two employees went to check on them, a suspect opened fire, killing the workers kenneth bradie and jose san tan maria, both of richmond. police are releasing little details and they are saying this does not appear to be a robbery. >> there were patrons in the restaurant, a witness, stayed around, met with the officers who arrived and provided
7:18 am
information as well as the business having good surveillance. >> reporter: those were the tools that helped police apprehend one suspect in such a short period of time. meantime, this morning, oakland police is holding a community meeting to address the shooting. it's being held at the baptist church. tv is for lake owner, lake park and grant avenue business owners. police are looking for a second suspect but have not released any information about him. it's also reported that the alameda county prosecutors have until the end of the week to decide if charges will be filed. we're following developing news out of egypt where now we're less than an hour away set for mohamed morsi. this is tahrir square. you can see it flooded with people waving flags. the military has given the
7:19 am
president until 8:00 this morning our time to meet the demands of the millions of protesters and either work with opposition leaders or step down. president morsi went on national tv last night refusing to step down. this is having an impact on the global economy. oil climbed above $1 a 2 a barrel for first time in a year due to the increased risk of supply productions. we'll keep you posted. this is new video of the damage left behind by the 6.1 magnitude earthquake in indonesia. more than 1500 houses and buildingings were -- buildings were damaged. the white house
7:20 am
unexpectedly announced a delay in president obama's healthcare law. as kyla campbell reports, business owners are getting a break, for now. kyla? >> reporter: dave, the treasury department is delaying the mandate for some businesses to provide health insurance from this coming january to january of 2015. businesses that employ 50 or more full-time workers said the rules for reporting to the government were too complex. this gives us more time to understand the regulations and request changes. for example, this is for health insurance for people who work at least 30 hours a week. many business openers want that changed to 40 hours a week -- owners want that changed to 40 hours a date. take a look at this gallup poll. it asked inunsured people if they knew what they were required to do under obamacare. 56 said they understood but 43%
7:21 am
were unware. republicans say this won't work and they want it repealed. i will explain more when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. i'm not engine --ern joying the -- enjoying the hot weather. up next, steve paulson will tell us what's different about today's weather. and the new roller coaster at great america, closed. but not for safety reasons. what workers are trying to do to reopen the ride in time for the 4th of july. and this morning, it's foggy on the golden gate bridge. find out if that fog affecting the morning commute in marin.
7:22 am
7:23 am
great america's newest ride is closed but park operators hope to have it back open in time for tomorrow's holiday crowds. now, the gold striker opened
7:24 am
last month. it was shut down not for safety reasons but for making too much noise. the company that backs up to great america complained that all of the screams put it over the agreed-upon noise limit. so great america closed the ride, disappointing a lot of people who wanted to try out that new wooden roller coaster. >> we're all excited. it's really a killer to not be able to ride it. >> we're only here for today. we can't come back. >> now, great america crews are working to decrease the mechanical noise the roller coaster makes. they say that should put the roller coaster under the limit. they will be out today to measure noise levels. all right. let's check in with sal. i imagine pretty slow. >> it is pretty slow, tori. we have slow traffic. we're gonna go right to highway 24 as we look in contra costa county at the traffic moving along pretty well here coming up out of la fayette into orinda. so the traffic on 24 is mostly
7:25 am
near the tunnel and after that getting into oakland. we're gonna follow this driver and make sure that we take a look at that as well. when you get to the toll plaza, we had an earlier stall on the brick. we had a lot more people coming through. it's backed up for at least an hour before you make it on the span. if you are driving in the east bay, you can see all of the slow traffic on mostly 80, 580, 24. the road sensor is slowing a lot of slow traffic again, especially on 80 as you try to get in the city. let's go to steve. well, there's a couple of good signs here. there's little bit stronger delta breeze. not all of the locations have much of a breeze. there is a bigger fog bank and tropical clouds wrapping back towards northern sonoma county and mendocino county. near the coast there's showers and i would not be surprised if some of those developed in the north bay. you can see how they are moving back in anywhere from 50s, foggy and cold to 100s and if you are up in the sierra, be careful. there's big time thunderstorms yesterday. that may continue today.
7:26 am
some of that moisture is coming up from the central sierra. it does -- the fog made it to the caldecott tunnel today. that's usually a pretty positive sign. i think we'll carry that into thursday. it does look cooler, tori, for everybody. i mean. even lake county by the weekend. >> push the fog over -- >> i'm working on it. >> thank you. 7:25. well, as we enter the holiday weekend, more commuters may be getting off the roads but that does not mean the problems will end if the b.a.r.t. strike continues. coming up in ten minutes, the holiday event that could be impacted if trains don't start rolling. >> reporter: want a free ride to the city to get to work? you still have time. we're live in fremont. we'll tell you how much space is available on buses that b.a.r.t. is providing because of the strike. >> reporter: i'm live at the alameda ferry terminal where the line, once again, wraps around the parking lot. coming up shortly, we ask the ferry system how long they can handle this passenger load --
7:27 am
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on the left is a look at walnut creek, where riders are catching free buses chartered by b.a.r.t. at the b.a.r.t. station. on the right is a live commute
7:30 am
camera open highway 24 in oakland. even on this independence day eve when traffic is usually well below normal, there's still a lot of traffic on the road this morning. we've been tracking the commute since we first went on the air at 4:00 this morning and sal says there are delays right now up to an hour at the bay bridge toll plaza. people have been heading on the road earlier this morning to try to beat the worst of the commute. there's a picture on the right of the bridge. it's at a standstill except for the cars on the right side of the screen. meanwhile, overnight, a marathon session started last night at 6:30 a.m., it ended about 2:35 this morning. there's still no deal. ktvu was there when both sides started to come out of the building this morning. some progress was made about workers' salary and -- but
7:31 am
workers' salary and benefits are the sticking point. >> we made some progress. we were told not to say anything other than we have made progress. >> b.a.r.t. did reach a deal with a smaller union. the 200 members which work in supervisory roles will return to work today. we do want to let you know that once an agreement is worked out, it would still take 12 to 24 hours to get the trains rolling again. meanwhile, commuters are still turning to the ferries to get them into san francisco. ktvu channel 2 reporter katie utehs is at the alameda ferry terminal where extra ferries have been added. still looks like a long line behind you. >> reporter: it is. this is the longest we've seen the line. this is the fourth ferry loading passengers. walk with me this way. you can see that they are wrapping all the way around the
7:32 am
parking lot but most commuters we've spoke with are happy with the ferry service. they say that everyone is doing a good job. they are kind of frustrated with the b.a.r.t. strike at this point but they are thinking positive. >> want to thank the crews and captains for doing this great job. how long can we keep that up? it's difficult to say. basically, we'll be here as long as we can. and we're maintaining the boats on a daily basis. as long as the public needs us, we'll do what we can. >> reporter: earnest says he hopes --ernest says he hopes a deal is reached soon. the coast guard is monitoring the ports. the ferries accommodating 18,000 people a day, more than double the numbers prestrike. longest delay happened yesterday during the evening
7:33 am
commute, when there was a 45 to 50-minute wait out of the san francisco ferry building. people who have always chosen the ferry system say the additional passengers and lines are not a problem. >> it's more people. it takes a little time and the schedule is different than what we're used to. i think everyone has handled it gracefully. the riders, we're just welcoming our gifts and being helpful with them. i think we've converted a few people, too. it's all good. >> reporter: the additional riders mean the parking lots will likely fill up again today. coming up in our next live report, i will tell you about the free bike valet option that's being offered. katie utehs, ktvu channel 2 news. well, a lot of commuters are choosing to ride those special buses. janine de la vega, live in fremont to tell us more about the free charter bus service offered by b.a.r.t. and how long people say it's
7:34 am
taking to get to work. >> reporter: yes, dave. i want to show you what it looks like right out here now. look, no lines. this gentleman is coming up on one of the free charter buses. really the only wait here is the people waiting for the bus to fill up. they are telling me it's taking about 20 to 30 minutes for the bus to fill up all morning. we haven't seen any lines. so far they've filled seven buses and taken 319 passengers here from the fremont station. this is a free service that b.a.r.t. is providing because of the strike. buses are being made available from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the fremont b.a.r.t. station. there are nonunion and b.a.r.t. workers helping guide commuters and answering questions. these buses are taking people from fremont to the west oakland station. from there, riders are boarding another bus to san francisco. those commuters tell me it's taken them between one and a half to two hours to actually get into the city from fremont. many say they would rather be
7:35 am
using b.a.r.t. >> they took us -- it would be better if they come back and -- like ac transit, i think they had issues with the contract negotiations. they did not go on strike. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. has placed the buses at the following locations based on demand here in fremont. they have ten buses available. 20 in walnut creek, ten at the dublin-pleasanton station, and 30 in west oakland and seven at el cerrito and del norte. buses are completely empty here waiting to come in. you can see some people are still boarding in. this last bus will take off at 8:00 a.m. that's because it goes from west oakland. from there onto san francisco and the last buses in west oakland leave at 9:00 a.m.
7:36 am
so there's still some time to get here because, again, two buses just left here empty, waiting for passengers to board. reporting live from fremont, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. we've also been concerned about the impact the b.a.r.t. strike is having on the bottom line of bay area companies. mom and pop shops near san francisco b.a.r.t. stations say business has been slow. glen park's downtown area relies on the foot traffic from b.a.r.t. commuters. >> the bar is usually full and most tables are full. a lot of excitement. the last few days, like silence. >> the bay area council estimates lost worker productivity is costing bay area businesses $70 million a day. another problem, the b.a.r.t. strike could mean an increase in air pollution. officials say the strike could result in an additional 16 million pounds of caution emissions from -- carbon emissions stuck in traffic.
7:37 am
environmental groups are encouraging groups to carpool, telecommute or take a ferry if possible. for constant updates on the commute and the b.a.r.t. strike, including what you need to know about alternate routes and services, go to and click on the "b.a.r.t. strike" tab. uc berkeley warning stents to be on the lay heart for a man posing as a -- on the aarrest for a man posing -- on the alert for a man posing as a uc campus escort. a girl said a man propositioned her. he left when she turned him down. he's described as weighing 200 pounds with long blond braids and he had a goatee. an elementary schoolteacher will be arraigned today on
7:38 am
charges of assaulting 12 students. he's been charged with 90 counts of molestation. he's worked for the mt. diablo school district since 1991. most recently, he taught at woodside elementary in concord where police say most of the alleged abuse occurred. martin remains in jail on $10 million bail. a woman accused of embezzling from a gilroy elementary school parents' club is due to appear in court. lori mcbicker is due to face a judge for a probation violation hearing. she's expected to pay a plan for $500 to rod school for restitution. she's accused of stealing more than $54,000 by forging checks for library books and playground equipment. a proposed settlement overland that could be used for the oakland as has been delayed yet again. some fans who hope to keep the as in oakland want to build a
7:39 am
waterfront ballpark at howard terminal. the oakland port commission was expected to review and approve a lawsuit settlement with one of the terminal companies last month but it was pushed back to yesterday and has been rescheduled for july 11th. no explanation was given for the postponement. it may be a moot point because the as' owner wants to move to san jose with you that's still being use -- but that's still being used. hey, sal, where do you start? >> i start by telling you, i'm kind of tired of this b.a.r.t. strike. i'm sure a lot of people are. i want to show you the maps here first. i want to pull back. if i push back in, where is all of the slow traffic? it's in the east bay. you get the idea where b.a.r.t. does take up a lot of the
7:40 am
freeway traffic when b.a.r.t. is running. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a big delay there. it's backed up for at least an hour trying to get on the bridge. and people may have -- we know this morning we saw the reports from alex and janine where the buses were not as full as they were yesterday. yesterday, they ran out of buses. people said the heck with it. i'm driving tomorrow and here they are on the road. that's what it seems like. it's unscientific information that we put together -- on my brain. let's take a look at the sunol grade. southbound 680 at the durham exit. that crash is gone. but traffic is still slow coming out of pleasanton into fremont. it's 7:40. let's go to steve. well, a much, much bigger fog bank. there's not a rip roaring sea breeze. things have picked up in parts of the delta. port chicago had gusts about an hour ago. some of that fog made it to the caldecott. and tropical clouds are
7:41 am
visiting mendocino county wrapping back in. from point arena, maybe even bodega bay north, mendocino county, possibly lake county, you could see some of that? the -- in lake sierra. it looks like this will break up friday for everybody. the coast and bay never got in on this. maybe last saturday. the hot conditions have been confined to the most inlandcations -- inland locations. lows are running cooler. that's for sure than they were 24 hours ago. cold and foggy pattern for some closer to the coast. there's a lot more fog today than we've seen in about a week's time. blazing hot on the desert. sierra nevada, record highs yesterday in tahoe and reno at 105. some of this thunderstorm activity, highway 1, highway 128 north of cloverdale and starting to move north. it looks like it's more into mendocino county than anywhere else. moisture is beginning to stream up towards the central as well.
7:42 am
so maybe a repeat performance as this starts to move towards truckee and mammoth. coast, cool, inland still hot. last night was first time in a week where the lows were a little bit cooler. anywhere from 59 to about 108. if you are far enough east or north, it will be hot. inland locations will dip a little bit. around the bay, 60s and 70s. i think some temperatures it begin to drop today. if the wind cranked up, i would say it's a no doubt about it. there's still not much of a breeze yet. 50s, 60s for those on the coast. even inland areas will cool down by the weekend. 7:42. we'll continue our full coverage on the b.a.r.t. strike including when talks will resume and all of the events that will be impacted if the trains don't start running soon. july 4th fireworks and heat, a dangerous combination but firefighters have even fewer resources than usual right now.
7:43 am
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7:45 am
stocks edging slightly worry. we mentioned the crisis in egypt and now the threat of the european debt crisis emerging as portugal's government theaters on the edge of collapse. stocks here at 10:00 a.m. our time and are closed tomorrow because of the 4th of july holiday. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 1. the nasdaq is up just a fraction and s&p down 4. this morning, there are two jobs reports out that are helping some investors feel a little better about the economy. the private sector created
7:46 am
188,000 new jobs in june. this is according to payroll processor adp. the government report for june comes out on friday. and the labor department says new unemployment claims fell and that means that 334,000 americans filed for first-time benefits. that report was released a day earlier because of the holiday tomorrow. 7:46. it's been another long morning for commute trying to get to work watt bout. a lot of people are -- without b.a.r.t. a lot of people will get a break tomorrow because of the holiday. but if the strike goes on, it could create problems for people trying to go to holiday events and games. claudine wong has more. >> the long holiday weekend gets people off the roads. this is a busy travel weekend. typically, a very busy holiday for b.a.r.t. their spokesperson said they made 182,000 trips just on the
7:47 am
4th. on a four-day stretch, 1.2 million trips. a lot on tap this weekend. the as are playing the cubs. b.a.r.t. is usually a very popular way to get to the game. it's a soldout crowd and this is a popular series, and that means of the 35,000 fans. 5,000 to 6,000 usually ride b.a.r.t. the team is encouraging fans to carpool and it is opening all of the lots. if everyone has to drive, it will take longer to get in and out of the park. then you have the fireworks show in san francisco. it's along the embarcadero. here are some pictures. everyone just packs on into the waterfront. last year, there were hundreds of thousands of people there. more than 128,000 people rode b.a.r.t. to get into the city to get there. officials are not expecting to drop attendance. without b.a.r.t. getting in to see the show and getting home after it, would take a lot longer if everyone has to drive the bus. and then the america's cup.
7:48 am
the long-anticipated ceremonies get underway for tomorrow. racing starting on sunday. b.a.r.t. considered a great way to get there unless it's not running. add to that the folks trying to get to barbecues, parades and other festivities. dave? chp officers will be on maximum enforcement road for the holiday. nine people died last year in dui crashes over the holiday period. if you plan to celebrate this 4th of july, you are advised to plan ahead and have a designated driver. they also warn you, buckle up and watch your speed. 7:48. happening today, a team of investigators is looking into the country's biggest loss of firefighters since 911. >> anthony rose. [ applause ] >> last night, people gathered to honor 19 members of annulet
7:49 am
firefighting crew. they -- of an elite firefighting crew. only one member of the crew survived. he was on lookout duty so he was not with the rest of the team when they were suddenly overtaken by flames. >> he was a lookout crew, being a heads up on kind of a hillside to give a situational awareness to the crou as they are -- to the crew as they are working inside. >> they will issue a preliminary report in the next few days. one of the things they will determine is whether a water or retardant dropping aircraft would have helped. that wildfire, by the way, which is 8,000 acres is still burning. and firefighters will have fewer resources this fire season all because of this year's budget's sequester. the u.s. budget service lost about 5% of its service with the government cut. that means 500 fewer firefighters and 50 fewer fire engines than last year. receipt ductions come as
7:50 am
firefighters brace for a worse fire season than last year when more than 9 million acres of land burned. more diplomat drama surrounding edward snowden. a flight out of russia carrying. president of bolivia was rerouted because of suspicions. snowden was hiding on board. here's the president in vienna, autria. that's where his plane was diverted after it took off from russia. the president said he was blocked from traveling to france, portugal, spain and italy. >> translator: we were informed there were some unfounded suspicions that mr. snowden osen the aircraft. we don't know who invented that ridiculous lie. >> in austria, the plane was searched and it was determined that snowden was not on board. france and spain deny allow you
7:51 am
him to enter their airspace. day three of the b.a.r.t. strike. we'll update you. and new developments in the george zimmerman trial. what a judge just decided that could affect the outcome of the trial. crystal geyser is always
7:52 am
bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
7:53 am
welcome back. >> i've been out here since monday. you just get used to the routine. >> well, it is day three of the b.a.r.t. strike. commuters have to find a different way to get to work.
7:54 am
a lot of this returning to special b.a.r.t. buses and b.a.r.t. stations throughout the east bay. while the san francisco bay ferry reports ridership is about three times higher than normal. you can see the pictures that verify all of that. we want to hear how the b.a.r.t. strike is affecting you this morning. go to ktvu's facebook page, share your story with us. we want to know how you are getting to work this morning. 7:53. the santa clara district attorney's office is considering whether to file charges against 49er linebacker ahmad brooks. he's accused of punching his teammate, nose tackle, divens and hitting him in the head with a beer bottle. the incident happened last month. it involved a dispute over car keys outside of brooks' home. at first he wanted to press charges but changed his mind. the d.a. is considering whether to file felony or misdemeanor assault charges or drop the case entirely. massachusetts authorities will try to prevent aaron
7:55 am
hernandez from getting married behind bars. hernandez faces a first-degree murder charge in connection to the execution-style killing of odin lloyd last month. the sheriff says he does not believe hernandez should be able to tie the knot as an inmate and he says he believes hard might be getting married -- hernandez might be getting married to get sympathy from perspective charges. let's go to sal. >> i think people are more used to this now than day one. it's still very, very slow at the toll plaza. as i look at it, there's more movement. there was an earlier vehicle stalled on the span for a brief delay. and they got it out of the way quickly, trust me. it's backed up for at least an hour delay because you have to deal with the traffic getting to the bridge. 580 backed up from the grand lake area. 880 slows from the new cypress
7:56 am
portion. freeway. this is the coliseum. 880. it's the as and the cubs. tonight's fireworks night at the coliseum. it should be a well-attended game. the as are doing so well. i think this is generating a lot of excitement. that means more people are going to the game. give yourself plenty of extra time, b.a.r.t. is not available. this is walnut creek, the road sensor, not looking that bad. as i push in a little bit and move to the left, you can see the road sensors on 80 and richmond, very slow heading down to the macarthur maze. let's go to steve. a lot of fog here compared to about a week agoor so. it's -- ago or so. there's a lot more fog this morning. it's made a push over the bay. even some tropical clouds and even some isolated showers along the northern sonoma coast. most that is heading into mendocino county. there will be cooling today. a little bit of a breeze more so and a lot more fog. some inland temperatures, it
7:57 am
will take another day or two. too big of a ridge of high pressure. the trend is to take temperatures down especially as we head towards the weekend. 7:56. another day of dealing with no b.a.r.t. for commuters. >> during rush hour, i can't see the end of it down there. >> what's ahead for commuters today as the b.a.r.t. strike enters its third day. we'll have an update on the negotiations, when they will be getting back to the bargaining table. >> reporter: and commuters here in walnut creek still boarding some of these charter buses to take them in san francisco. we just got and you update from b.a.r.t. officials why this morning's commute was much smoother than yesterday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. commuters are scrambling to get into work on day three of the b.a.r.t. strike. this is walnut creek. delays up to an hour at the bay bridge toll plaza. now, last night -- these are some of the negotiations at the b.a.r.t. gauchepations. b.a.r.t. and its striking unions negotiated for nine hours until 3:00 this morning, just about. but they still don't have a
8:00 am
deal yet. we're corning our live team coverage -- we're continuing our live team coverage for you. we have reporters all over the bay area watching what's happening and telling you what's happening next. we have sal castanedo in the traffic center to help you get to where you need to go. >> i think you need patience this morning. obviously, the commute, if i look at -- i have been relying on the road sensors. a lot of slow traffic. highway 14, highway 24, most of it is now trying to get to the maze. i want to mention if you are going to the bay bridge and coming to the maze, there's the slow traffic. it seems to be improving a little bit, which is the only bright spot. we had an earlier commute. people were on the road earlier. but i think more people took cars. that could be because they didn't want to rely on some of the buses and the ferries which have been crowded as well. more people will be on the road leaving the city this evening. more cars in means more cars
8:01 am
out. at 8:00 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. right now b.a.r.t. and its striking unions are taking a break from negotiations before heading back to the bargaining table later today. tara moriarty was at the cal tran headquarters in oakland this morning. it's a neutral site for the meeting. you are at the lake merritt station where striking workers are getting their message out and it sounds like they are doing it loudly. >> reporter: they are and a lot of cars have been honking. b.a.r.t. work remembers not et willing up. they were out here yesterday yesterday and the day before that. we're told if they struck a deal, it would be 12 hours before they could get the trains up and running. we know how anxious people are to -- people are to hear if a deal is struck. so our crews camped out last night. just before 3:00 this morning, union leaders walked out. they were very tired. the two sides met around 6:30
8:02 am
last night and before talks, un yin leaders say they wanted to see more movement from management on pay and safety issues. here's what a union rep had to say after negotiations wrapped up early this morning. >> here's our only comment. we made some progress. we've been asked not to speak to the media other than that. we've made some progress. we will start at 1:00 tomorrow. >> reporter: the union says that b.a.r.t. has a $121 million surplus but b.a.r.t. says that's not true. >> the numbers i've seen, that money needs to go to capital improvements. the director, of course, has his elected position to -- to do and carry on as he sees fit. >> reporter: a letter from lieutenant-governor gavin newsom and the state insurance commissioner was sent to both sides yesterday urging them to resume contract talks. once again, at 1:00 this afternoon, the two sides will
8:03 am
come together here. meanwhile, commuters brave for more chaos as delay three of this strike kick -- as day three of the strike kicks in. back to you. >> thank you. b.a.r.t. has been using charter buses to take commuters from the east bay to san francisco. ktvu's alex savidge joining us live. he's in walnut creek. it's been better today than yesterday, right? >> reporter: much smoother today, dave. a b.a.r.t. spokesperson said they saw far fewer people taking these charter buses today, at least compared with yesterday. with tomorrow being the 4th of july holiday, it appears we may have seen a friday light situation this morning. these are the last charter buses here at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station taking people into san francisco. they about to leave -- they are about to leave shortly. b.a.r.t. brought in extra buses to pick people up from the walnut creek station. that move may have done the trick. there was a time when a couple
8:04 am
of empty buses were parked out here. earlier in the morning, there was a line that stretched down the block. a couple of hundred people waiting to board the bus but they were able to do just that. the first passenger showed up around 3:30 this morning. it was an early-morning for people people. walnut creek's b.a.r.t. station had huge crowds but today commuters who showed up were pleasantly surprised by how easy things were. it's day number three. we'll see how it goes on friday. at this point, it's been at least a good positive experience when we get there. it's justen to the way back -- it's just on the way back it's hard to get in the city. >> reporter: if the strike continues tomorrow, the b.a.r.t. spokesperson i just spoke with said during the holiday, b.a.r.t. will continue to run the buses. but she said they will run far less frequently and pick people up from the various b.a.r.t. stations in the east bay about once every hour. that would be fremont, dublin,
8:05 am
pleasanton, el cerrito del norte, and the station here in walnut creek. the charter buses will continue to run during the holiday tomorrow. live in walnut creek, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> here's a quick look at the station. coming up for you at 8:30 we'll take you live to fremont to ktvu's janine de la vega talking to some of the passengers who are dealing with day three of the b.a.r.t. strike. some commuters also turning the casual car -- turning to casual carpooling. we showed you several riders like this waiting for passengers on "mornings on 2" on monday. drivers have an incentive to pick up passengers. they can use the carpool lane and pay a lower toll but there's less motivation for drivers to pick up passengers when they leave the city. so the evening commute has been less smooth. the last two days the line snaked around the block at
8:06 am
beale and folsom streets in san francisco. >> and once commuters make it into san francisco they say they are paying a lot more to park. rates are going up all over the city. one lot on howard street increased prices by $5 between monday and tuesday. other garages are ranging from $10 to $50. the city does not regulate private parking garages but did increase the amount you will pay for expired parking meters. that fine is now $74 and that's the highest in the country. for updates on the commute and the b.a.r.t. strike including what you need to know about alternate routes and services, go to our home page and pick on the b.a.r.t. strike tab. we've been doing -- you know, covering this as much as we can during the morning but also in the evening commute at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. because people are trying to get out, sal castanedo has been covering that as well. you have been doing a great
8:07 am
job. are you anticipating another tough evening commute? >> i am just because people don't have options and the day before the 4th in years past, we've seen people trying to get out of town for the long weekend. you are gonna mix that in with people trying to get home. i have a feeling it won't be a nice commute at all. people don't have the option of getting on a b.a.r.t. train. this is the toll plaza. all told, if you count the backup getting into the bridge and sitting here at the toll plaza, it's about an hour delay. that's because the backup stretches beyond the macarthur maze. you can see the carpool lanes are a little bit busy. but i would still do that if i could, get into a carpool rather than wait in line. a lot of single car -- single occupant drivers during this strike and that kind of surprises me but i -- then again it's very hard to get a carpool together if you are not a casual carpooler. let's take a look at 880 northbound and southbound, near the coliseum. tonightant as game at the
8:08 am
coliseum. fireworks night. you won't be able to use b.a.r.t. get their early, bring your patience and enjoy some baseball tonight. this is the san jose area. south bay, been largely free of major congestion spots. 8:07. let's go to steve. the as and the cubs. >> that's right. the first time the cubs have played at the coliseum. >> i will see you at the cubbie bear. >> okay. >> that's a cubbie joke from joke. mother nature's air conditioning, there she is. it's beginning to move through. up in mendocino county, they are saying what the heck is going on up here? some of that tropical moisture blowing things up in the sierra yesterday with thunderstorms, has -- i tell ya, it's missing us. there's a few high clouds. but they are really close. northern sonoma county into northern mendocino county.
8:09 am
solarias, especially lake county. 108 in clearlake r inland temperatures have been just blazing. they will be blazing for another day or two. i think it was 109 in middletown if i'm not mistaken. near the coast 50s, 60s. there's a lot more fog. san francisco has been in the 70s. i went 67 today. the fog has lifted a little bit. it's not just confined to the san mateo or santa cruz coast. lows are cooler. some areas near the coast will not break out of the 50s. big-time thunderstorms again possible up in the sierra. i will show you those in a second. really hot in the desert. some of these heading out of snow na county, mendocino county. traveling along highway 128. this looks like it will stay north of us. another day of thunderstorms for the sierra nevada. it's starting to locate around the central sierra. if you are already up there, you know what i'm talking about, tahoe, truckee, even into reno which was 105 for a
8:10 am
record high. tahoe was 90. that was a record high. thunderstorms recall could again develop. fog mostly sunny. there are high clouds drifting in. if you are by the coast or may it doesn't matter if you are inland, that can throw a little bit of humidity in the mix. 60s to 100. i mean, another blazing day up towards clearlake. but i did bring some temperatures down in marin county, sparts of sonoma county and napa county. there is a decent delta breeze from port chicago out to pittsburg. i still penciled in 100 for pittsburg. 78 for berkeley. alameda, 7 -- 70. i think concord, livermore will come down. san jose was 92 yesterday. that's downtown. about 97. but 50s, 60s on the coast. santa cruz will be warmer but not much. 70 south san francisco to burlingame, but 80s for palo alto. they were 86 yesterday. went 82 today. here comes much cooler weather for friday, everybody, including the sacramento
8:11 am
valley, cools down. >> okay. thank you. breaking news in egypt where a military enforced deadline for current president mohamed morsi to step down has apparently passed. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores has been monitoring the situation in cairo where thousands have gathered. this scene looks pretty familiar. >> yes, no question about that. the video we're seeing from chiro's tahrir square looks like it was a couple of years ago when hosni mubarak was forced out of office. mohamed morsi says he has no intention of stepping down. he ironed a statement saying his presidency is the only safeguard against violence and instability. this is video of tahrir square where anti-morsi protesters are gathering for a victory celebration. we'll see see if that changes. that -- we'll see if that
8:12 am
changes. eunderstand egypt's leaders met with religious and political leaders to address the crisis. we understand that military officers are present inside the tv station monitoring content being put out. now, on monday, the military gave morsi, who was democratic- elected, keep that in mind, two days to be more willing to work with his opponents. otherwise, the military would step in and morsi would be pushed aside. there are both sides to this. the must loom brotherhood supports morsi. they have been on the streets as well. but for the opponents, they say his government has veered toward more of an you a there tearian government -- authoritarian government. we'll monitor this very fluid and ongoing situation in the morning. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:12. the b.a.r.t. strike, day three. money still a big issue in the b.a.r.t. strike negotiations. how much are union employees
8:13 am
paid. we pair that to transit workers in the nation's three biggest cities. a reprieve for business owners. the change in the new healthcare reform law announced by the white house.
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. traffic is moving along okay on the roads. we have a lot of people who decided not to take the car. you see people lining up for the alameda ferry on this b.a.r.t. strike into its third day. people getting on the boats and the boats are leaving for san
8:16 am
francisco. you see a gentleman there with the scooter get off the ferry and ride your scooter to work. that's a good plan. we'll tell you more about what people are doing and how heavy it is through all of the modes of transportation. >> all right, sal. thank you. union workers and mercks with ac transit will go back to the bargain table today. mechanics have been worked on an extended contract. they are trying to negotiate a new deal now. but the two sides are still at odds over pay and safety. an ac transit spokesman said there have been slight progress in their talks over the past few days. the union says they will give a 24-hour notice if a strike is called. east bay regional parks will stay open for the 4th of july holiday. park workers have been threatening to walk off their jobs tomorrow and friday. but they reached a tentative agreement with their magers. union members are due to vote
8:17 am
today. it includes pay raises and an increase in their pension contributions. a father is facing child endangerment charges for leaving a baby in a hot car. it was 91 degrees outside, police say, when a man left a 10-month-old baby alone in a car friday at the pacific common strip mall in fremont. a couple heard that baby screaming. they called for help. rescue crews were about to break the window when the father arrived. the baby was sweating, as you can imagine, but was not seriously hurt. republicans and business owners are claiming a victory in the fight against the president's healthcare law. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, the white house unexpectedly announced a delay for one of the key mandates of obama care. >> reporter: businesses that employ 50 or more full-time workers will get an extra year
8:18 am
before facing penalties for not offering that. they are getting more time to better understand their responsibilities. republicans say this move shows how unstable obamacare is and they want it repealed but that won't help with democrats repealing the senate and president obama in the white house. some are frustrated the individual mandate still takes effect this up canning january, meaning most people will have to prove they are covered. congress is on recess but many lawmakers took to tweeter. mitch mcconnell said obamacare needs to be replaced with common sense reforms that actually lower health care costs. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. a second health insheerer filed papers with state regulators say it will stop selling individual policies by the end of this year in california. united health care says it has
8:19 am
less than 8,000 individual customers in california. the company says administrating those plans is no longer cost- effective. two weeks ago, etna made a similar announcement. happening in florida, george zimmerman's trial in the death of trayvon martin is underway in sanford, florida. i believe that's zimmerman's attorney right there. they are listening to some recordings. earlier the judge in the case ruled that prosecutors can introduce evidence that they say proves george zimmerman knew about florida's stand your ground law. prosecutors say zimmerman took a criminal justice class that covered that self-defense law. just last year, george zimmerman gave an interview to fox news where he said he did not know about the law. yesterday, that interview was played for the jury. the route to reno is back
8:20 am
open from the bay area. there was a rockslide. we got some cell phone video. we were able to obtain it. look at this. this shows drivers trying to pick up -- and ladies, too, remove the debris off the road. that slide was about the size of a football field. caltrans says clearing it proved to be a lot harder than they thought because of all of the heavy mud. all lanes reopened around 10:30 last night. it's day three of the water strike. it's been another busy morning for commuters. coming up in ten minute, a look at how things -- ten minutes, a look at how things are going at the ferry terminal. >> it looks pretty outside. i've seen a lot of sunshine. but something's different this morning. meteorologist steve paulson is coming back. he will tell you about the possible change in our weather. we have some slow traffic on 237 as you drive through. we'll tell you more about the
8:21 am
morning commute -- straight ahead.
8:22 am
8:23 am
we have breaking news from cupertino. a gas leak and some businesses are being evacuated right now. about 15 minutes ago, construction crews hit a gas line at homestead and de anza. santa clara county fire and sheriffs are evacuating the surrounding businesses including fed-ex, rite aid,
8:24 am
michael's goodyear and manley's doughnut shop. they are being evacuated right now. you see newschopper2, it's on its way right now. we also have a crew on the ground heading there. we'll be there and havive -- and have a live report coming up in the next half-hour. salaries remain the major sticking point in the b.a.r.t. labor dispute. here's a breakdown -- the average union employee earns about $71,000 in wages plus overtime benefits and retirements. while some frustrated b.a.r.t. riders find it hard to sympathize with b.a.r.t. riders drawing this type of salary, the union says they have difficult skills that are valuable to replace. >> they are not wealthy. they do not have extraordinary benefits. they have ordinary working people who make the trains run on time. >> the minimal age requirement for train operators is a high
8:25 am
school diploma, g.e.d. or equivalent. b.a.r.t. says the train operators make a was hourry wage of $33.20. new york's subway operators earn $31.87 an hour. a union spokesman there said they've been without a contract since january but they are not allowed to strike. in chicago, el train operators learn $31 -- earn $31. we would like to see how this is impacting you. go to our facebook page and share your story. let us know how you are getting to work this morning. sal can answer that question. you are watching everything including the macarthur maze. >> that's right. the traffic is all accumulating here trying to get into the
8:26 am
city. that's the big point. westbound at 880, you will see traffic improving. things are better than they were a few moments ago. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up for a big delay, about a 30 to 45-minute delay. we have seen im-- improved delay times at the toll plaza. it's been slow in the east bay. we had some earlier problems on 680 southbound. traffic is still kind of slow coming out of pleasanton heading down to fremont. and if you are driving -- if you are driving, let's say, to contra costa county, the slowest traffic is highway 4. i also got a call from one of our viewers here saying the dumbarton bridge traffic and 880 traffic nearby is very light. let's go to steve. >> some areas are clear. some will be very hot again. there's also some thunderstorm -- shower activity up towards
8:27 am
mendocino county. there could be more thunderstorms in the sierra today. but for some there's also a bigger fog bank. 58 to 73. that 58 is in san francisco. most of the low temperature -- most of those low temperatures are 1 to 6 degrees. san francisco is warmer by 2 because there's more fog. that's how it works. you can see some of the shower activity wrapping back around towards mendocino county. if you are up there, not only there but in the sierra nevada and in the mother lode, things could really pop up. for us, it goes in between. 50s to 100s. there's a little bit of a cooler breeze. i want to take some of these inland temperatures down. you almost have to see the whites of its eyes before you can do it. it looks dramatically cooler. >> yes. >> even up into lake county and vacaville by the time we get to the weekend. >> i don't think you have any complaints, steve. no electricity, no air conditioning. where thousands of people lost power as temperatures soared and what caused the outages. >> reporter: and why the crowds
8:28 am
were lighter today to get into san francisco and what you can expect for tomorrow's fly holiday. >> reporter: the alameda ferry terminal is a popular option for people trying to get into the city during this b.a.r.t. strike, so popular the parking lot is full and people are parking in the dirt. i'll have the latest on your morning commute. so... [ gasps ]
8:29 am
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8:31 am
area. even on this independence day eve when traffic is normal, we have gridlock and sal has been keeping you posted on that. we've been tracking the commute since we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. sal says drivers are facing delays in some areas up to an hour at the -- at the bay bridge toll plaza, you know what to expect. another bargaining session in the b.a.r.t. strike set for 1:00 this afternoon between b.a.r.t. and its striking workers. last night, they did meet. they met for almost nine hours. they wrapped up -- they wrapped up at 2:45 this morning. they can't get specific but they say some progress has been made. well, some east bay commuters got free rides to the city of san francisco on buses provided by b.a.r.t. but what about the 4th of july holiday? ktvu's alex savidge joining us live. he's in walnut creek. you've been out there all morning. the last charter bus left.
8:32 am
what do you think? how are things going? what to expect, alec? >> reporter: form if the -- tomorrow if the b.a.r.t. strike is still running, the charter buses will run but less frequently. they will pick people up. the west oakland station and here in walnut creek and dublin. i had a chance to speak with a b.a.r.t. spokesperson and she told me there were far fewer people using the charter buses to get into the city. she believes it's in part because the day before the 4th of july, it could have been a fry-light situation. b.a.r.t. brought in extra buses to pick people up and that move may have been the trick. the line we saw was very early. it did stretch down the block with a couple of hundred people waiting to board buses here. yesterday was a different
8:33 am
scene. yesterday walnut creek saw huge clouds. b.a.r.t. ridership does generally drop during the 4th of july week, they say. >> we're starting to feel the effects of the 4th of july weekend. last year, the day before the 4th of july, we served about 377,000 passengers. 4th of july, it's about of what of what we see. we served with -- about 188,000. we've been serving about 400,000 people a day. >> reporter: if the strike continues tomorrow, b.a.r.t. will continue to run the buses into the east bay in san francisco. the spokesperson said they will ease back on that service which is costing b.a.r.t. about $100,000 a day. again the buses will be picking up once every hour or so. here at the walnut creek station, the buses they've all left. any people showing up now, they are having to find other ways to get -- to get into san francisco. live in walnut creek this morning, alex savidge, ktvu
8:34 am
channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:33. the ferries have been a very popular choice for people trying to get into san francisco. katie utehs is at the alameda ferry terminal where lines have been long all week. are they still long this morning, katie? >> reporter: we have been showing you those long lines. right now we're seen ferries. the line has -- everybody has been getting on the ferry. there's no line currently but you can see the parking lot is absolutely full. at this point, people are parking in the dirt. >> it's no big deal. it's a shorter walk than it is when i used to park at the park and ride lot. >> reporter: you think maybe you will convert to ferry riding after the strike? >> it's possible. it's possible. you get a seat. you never get that from b.a.r.t., not from the orinda station. >> reporter: we're hearing from suspects that their experience has been so positive, they may continue to ride even after the
8:35 am
strike is over. san francisco bay ferry has added three vessels to the rotation, that means they have 11 boats on the water. the ferries are transferring 18,000 passengers during the day during the strike compared to the usual 6,000 riders. people arrived here nearly an hour before the first ferry has set to depart at 6:00. they were trying to beat the morning rush. you can tell these long and early commutes are wearing on their patience. >> this is my second day doing this. and yesterday, i found it so unpleasant, i'm not going back to b.a.r.t. they can keep it. i don't care if they are on strike forever. i won't go back to b.a.r.t. >> reporter: it's hard to tell who is simply irritated and who will change their commute patterns. people have been getting on every ferry that they arrive for. the ferries are arriving frequently, every 45 minutes. i'm told the worst of the commute tends to come in the afternoon. yesterday the longest delay was
8:36 am
a to 50 -- was 45 to 50 minutes out of the terminal. so commuters will want to keep that in mind. katie utehs, ktvu channel 2 news. >> for updates on the commute and the b.a.r.t. strike including what you need to know about alternate routes and services, especially if the strike continues during the july 4th holiday weekend, go to our home page and click on the b.a.r.t. strike tab. 8:36. we have an update on the breaking news coming in from cupertino, some businesses have been evacuated around homestead and de anza because of a gas leak. newschopper2 -- these are live pictures -- you overhead. crews hit a gas line at homestead and de anza. the santa clara county fire and sheriffs are evacuating surrounding businesses. those businesses include fed- ex, rite aid, michael's goodyear and manley's doughnut shop. you see the construction crews right there. still working in that area. we do have calls in to pg&e.
8:37 am
we want to get as much information as possible but newschopper2 is overhead. a crew is on the way. we'll get you new information as soon as we get it. also new this morning -- we're finding out that a bouncer shot this morning by a customer at a santa rosa bar was rushed into surgery but he is expected to survive. this happened early this morning at epic social bar lounge on mendocino avenue. police say a customer who had been asked to leave the bar opened fire on the bouncer hitting him in the torso. the police are sill searching for that shooter -- are still searching for that mat shooter. if you have any information -- for that shooter. if you have any information, call police. a community meeting began between police and oakland business owners. this comes after more details emerge after a shooting in a wing-stop restaurant. two men entered the business near lake merritt late monday night. according to the chronicle, they were ordering food when
8:38 am
they suddenly ran to the freezer at the back of the restaurant, possibly because they felt threatened by a third party. when two employees went to check on them. one of the suspects opened fire, killing both workers. so far, police have not released a motive. >> i can't go into too much specifics but we're confident saying this was not a robbery. >> so far, one suspect has been arrested. this morning's meeting will address the shootings and the recent crime in the area. it's being held at the baptist church at 9:30. another meeting is being held at 7:00 tonight and that's for business owners from the grand lake neighborhood. let's get you to where you need to go. what's the latest update at the toll plaza and everything else? >> it's still busy there. if you are trying to get into san francisco, if you have the luxury of waiting around, a lot of times i know you don't, but still a backup here. and the backup is about 30 to
8:39 am
40 minutes. it's improved a little bit. it was up to an hour this morning. also look at the commute, if you are looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge, a little bit of slow traffic. if you can use the dumbarton bridge, it would be much better. 880 is not too bad nearby. we've had a couple of minor things. for the most part traffic is moving well. 8:38. let's go to steve. a lot more fog today. that's for sure. it's been very, very shall slow, kind of confined to the san mateo coast. that's not the case today. much bigger today. even some tropical clouds which just missed us. look at this. right off the sonoma coast. and there were some huge thunderstorms up in the sierra yesterday. this started this being this warmup for the inland areas. for inland areas. about a week ago, this start and it will last for one more day. by the weekend, there's strong lows going to move into the
8:40 am
coast. one more day, day and a half. there are signs when you get the bigger fog bank. but we still don't have the howling sea breeze. that's the key you need to see. temperatures are running 1 to 6 degrees below firefighter average -- below average. there was a little bit of coolness and a breeze. very, very hot in the desert. you can expect thunderstorms up in the sierra today but not before reno, 105 yesterday and tahoe 90. that's hot anywhere. that's really hot in tahoe. point arena, mendocino coast, 128 there's been a line of rain. i doubt much of that is doing anything there. some of that is working its way in. some of the fog is working its way up you the -- up the coast as well. a lot of tropical clouds down the central sierra. anybody up in the mother lode or sierra nevada, it looks good now. fog, sun, cool, mostly sunny. there's some high clouds
8:41 am
around. for some, it's a cool day. for others, it's a nice day. for some, it's hot, hot, hot. we'll go 107 up in -- up in clearlake. a lot of 60s and 70s. some of the inland temperatures will still be in the 90s. i think down 3 to 5. usually that's a sign mother nature's air conditioning is about to kick in. it's there. it will be cooler on sunday. even more so on friday. everybody gets in on the cooler pattern. it looks like a big drop on the temperatures by the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. a lot of air conditioners have been cranked up and power has been restored to thousands of people in the south bay who lost alternate in the heat. about 9500 -- electricity in the heat. about 9500 people were affected about 5:15 last night, mostly in san jose and campbell. pg&e says the outages are heat- related. the utility is asking customers to conserve energy by setting thermostats at 78 degrees,
8:42 am
unplugging appliances that are not in use and not using major appliances between noon and 7:00 p.m. >> good advice. we're still following breaking news in the south bay. we'll have an update on a gas leak in cupertino, it's prompting evacuations. >> reporter: we're live in oakland, where b.a.r.t. and the union inch closer to a deal. if it were to happen, we'll let you know how long it would take before trains could be up and running when "mornings on 2" continues. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance,
8:43 am
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8:45 am
stocks turned around as news of a major shake upin pore chi ghoul's government -- pore chi goal's -- portugal's government shakeup. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 41. nasdaq up 6. s&p down 1. 8:45. back to our continuing coverage of the b.a.r.t. strike. union workers, they are back on the picket lines. there was hope that nine hours of marathon talks overnight might lead to a deal. but both sides have to go back to the bargain table this afternoon. ktvu's tara moriarty joining us live. she's up by the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station with much moyer.
8:46 am
tara? >> reporter: -- with much more tara? >> reporter: here, you can see the workers are still protesting. we know how angst us people are here about these negotiations. our crews camped automatic all night. they started to talk at 6:30 last night and just before 3:00 this morning, un yin leaders -- union leaders walked out, tired after hammering out a deal. union leaders say they are not allowed to discuss the details but say progress is being made. once a deal is struck, everyone votes on it and then ultimately they could end the strike. >> and then in 12 hours those trains will be up and running again? >> we hope so. we don't want to be out here. it's hard on a lot of us. many of us are not getting sleep. we want to get people getting
8:47 am
to work. >> reporter: now, last night, we spoke to b.a.r.t. officials before they headed into talks. >> we had a lot of work to do. we were at 8%. we were at 21%. so it's gonna take a while. that's the point. that's why we needed to do this. >> reporter: a letter from lieutenant-governor gavin newsom and the state energy commissioner was sent to both sides urging them to resume contract talks. again at 1:00 this afternoon, the two sides will be coming together. meantime those lines at the ferries and the buses continue to grow. we're live in oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. it's been another long morning for commuters trying to get to work before b.a.r.t. a lot of people will get a break for the 4th of july holiday tomorrow. but if the strike continues it could create more problems for people trying to get to holiday celebrations and games. claudine wong joins us live in the studio with the impact. good morning.
8:48 am
>> good morning. i just checked with a local website that lists all of the 4th of july parades, fireworks shows and celebrations. there are over 40 on that site. the question is how are all of those people gonna get to all of those places if b.a.r.t. is not running. last year from july 3rd to the 6th. the agency made more than 1.2 million trips. this is a busy weekend. there's baseball. as are playing the cubs and you know b.a.r.t. is a very popular way to get to the game. typically, 15% to 18% of fans ride the system. it's a soldout crowd. this is a popular series. that means of the 35,000 fans, 5,000 to 6,000 will get on b.a.r.t. the team is encouraging fans to carpool. it is opening all lots. but certainly if everyone has to drive it will take longer to get in and out of the park. remember the fireworks show is tonight. then the big fireworks show in san francisco is tomorrow night. these are pictures from last year, a lot of people like to go. there were hundreds of
8:49 am
thousands of people who packed the waterfront. more than 128,000 of those people rode b.a.r.t. to get in the city. officials say they are not expecting to drop in attendance. so this could take a lot longer if people are driving, taking the ferries or riding buses. they there's the america's cup. those ceremonies get underway and you have the boat parade and the time trial for friday and then racing on sunday. again, b.a.r.t. considered a great way to get there, unless it's not running. and lastly, all folks getting out to the barbecues and festivities we talked about, expect travel times to be a lot longer because of all of the different times. if the b.a.r.t. strike continues, things might be a lot less predictable. dave? let's bring you up to date son omof the other top stories -- on some of the other top stories we're foing for you -- we're following for you --
8:50 am
breaking news from cupertino. a gas leak at a construction site has been capped. it's been capped. however, the situation forced the evacuation of several businesses around homestead and de anza. again, we're looking at live pictures from newschopper2. you see the workers in the ditch. construction crews hit the gas line about 8:00 this morning. fed-ex, rite aid, michael's goodyear manley doughnut shop, those places were evacuated in the area. but again we're just getting word, the gas leak has been p chad. we'll -- has been capped. we'll have more details. in egypt there are a lot of conflicting reports coming out of egypt right now as we look at these live pictures after a deadline passed at the top of the hour for egyptian president morsi to either agree to work with the opposition or step down. look at all of the people out there in tahrir square. the egyptian military gave him that ultimatum and president
8:51 am
obama morsi initially re-- and president morsi initially refused to step down. as we look at the huge crowd, it's a fluid situation. some are saying president morsi has been placed under house arrest. but these are just reports. we can't confirm them. others say that president morsi posted a state on his facebook page offering a national coalition government to lead egypt until there are parliamentary elections. this is a breaking news story we'll follow for you as well. a couple in canada has been arrested for plotting a terrorist attack like the boston marathon. investigators say the suspects, john and amanda, planned to leave and detonate three pressure cooker bombs at a government building in victoria, british columbia on monday, which was canada day. their version of independence day. police say they learned about the alleged plot after receiving a plot from the canadian security intelligence service. i don't know if this will
8:52 am
make you feel better. great white sharks will not be added to the list of endangered species. they say the great white are not in danger of becoming extinct. noaa estimates there are 3,000 great whites in the pacific ocean. some of this information came from the monterey bay aquarium. they added that the great whites be added to the list. after 219 were found off the coast in central california. this is touching video of a firefighter in rescue -- fresno rescuing a cat. >> i looked up and i could see him when i flashed my flashlight. i looked back and i grabbed him. >> this fireman poured water on the kitten, gave it someicks
8:53 am
gin and then started to ma hajj it back to light -- massage it back to light. >> it's a pretty cool thing. >> really hope the cat is being loved. >> boy, it looks a lot better now. >> this firefighter is known for the fact for the fact that he loved animals. the kitten has been returned to the owner. it's coming up on 8:53. it's opening day at the marin county fair and fairgoers are being welcomed with a new rule not setting well with a civil liberties group. upper deck of the bay bridge looks good getting into san francisco. but there's a big delay at the tacoma. we'll talk about that coming up. !!
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
it's opening day for the marin county fair. people are being asked to follow a controversial new rule. the board of supervisors recently banned fairgoers from wearing gain colors and insignia. they say the purpose is to avoid gang turf wars. the aclu says this could lead to racial profiling. the fair runs for five days in san rafael. we're learning more about the mounting date for organizers of napa's bottlerock mikic festival. bottlerock owes more than $2 million to vendors. those bills include more than $106,000 owed to the city of napa. organizers also owe $630,000 in wages to workers.
8:57 am
the five-day festival brought tens of thousands of music fans to napa in may and was the largest event in the city's history. all right, tori. let's get right over to sal. you're checking the toll plaza and everything else. >> that's right. we're looking at the toll plaza. it's still very slow. if you are thinking of going into the city, i think you should wait. we're also looking at the upper deck of the bay bridge. as you can see west of treasure island, it's a steady throw into san francisco with no major problems. we've been looking at the south bay and some of the freeways surrounding that. that looks good. 880 southbound also not bad from hayward to fremont. let's go to steve. >> all right. thank you. a little bit bigger fog bank. still will be hot but it looks cooler for many locations today. 50s to almost 100s. but temperatures continue to cool. they will really cool down as we get to the weekend. >> it's been a long time that we've had this kind of hot weather. >> inland, yes, yes. for about six days.
8:58 am
>> you can see it. there's some areas that are 108. >> wow. >> it kind of puts it in perspective. las vegas and death valley. >> 105 in reno -- really. 90 in tahoe, that's really hot. we're getting there. >> yeah. and we thank you for being here with us. >> we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to watch the news at noon for continuing coverage of the b.a.r.t. strike. we're always here for you at thanks for joining us. i'm totally in love with the avocado on this sub.
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