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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 7, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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new video today of the plane crash. new questions tonight about the pilot's experience. and did an emergency vehicle responding run over one of the victims. >> large amounts of abdomen
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injuries, a huge amount of spinal fractures. some of which includes paralysis. plus stories of survivals. as victims recall the impact. >> we just knew we were going to have a crash and i thought, that's my back. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we of course want to show you the first shots seen of the plane crash. the rear of the plane strike it is sea wall. that's when the tail separates. the rest of the plane skids into the runway. kicking up a cloud of debris. >> oh my god. how did this happen? >> reporter: this is video of the crash that just came into
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our newsroom showing the emergency chuting opening. you can see the people coming down those chutes and running away from the plane. as the passengers flee, there are fire trucks and other emergency personnel arriving at the side of the fuselage. as for the investigation here is the latest. the pilot was in training and had very little experience on 777. and the ntsb says the crew tried to aboard the landing just a second or two before impact. >> the two victims are identified tonight as 16-year- old schoolgirls from china. they were headed to a summer camp in southern california and there is word tonight that a first response vehicle may have run over one of the girls. her injuries are said to be consistent with being hit by a vehicle. and we talked to the san francisco fire department this evening and we were told that it is possible that it could have happened in all of the
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chaos and that it will be part of the investigation. and more now on the asiana pilot at the control of the plane. he had never landed a 777 at sfo before. he had almost 9,800 hours of experience but only 43 hours of boeing 777. another pilot was assisting him yesterday. we have team coverage for you tonight beginning with gasia mikaelian. >> she's live where the ntsb says the first signs of trouble from the cockpit were seven seconds before impact. gasia-- >> reporter: ken and heather already theories are swirling about what caused that plane to come down here at sfo yesterday. much of those theory social security -- theories is what
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the ntsb said here today. it may take as much as 18 months until it determines a cause for the crash but already it is clear that investigators are focusing on the final seconds of the crash. >> oh my god. oh it's an accident. >> reporter: this video new today shows asian airlines flight crash landing at sfo what the pilot said and did up to the minute of impact is preserved in these black boxes. the pilot issued no distress calls. >> a call from one of the crew members to increase speed was made approximately seven seconds prior to impact. >> reporter: the planes engines are set at idle and the plane is going too slow. the ntsb say it is plane was going slower tthe target speed of 137 knots. three seconds later the shaker stick tells pilots the plane is about to stall. >> the throttles are advanced a few seconds prior to impact and
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the engines appear to respond normally. >> but it's not enough. the pilots try to abort the landing. >> a call to issue a go around occurred 1.5 seconds before impact. >> reporter: then -- >> oh my god. oh my god. >> reporter: and now questions about pilot error, the head of the national transportation safety board says the investigation isn't there yet. >> everything is on the table right now. it is too early to rule anything out. >> reporter: and as is becoming the norm in major investigations like this one, the nstb officials appeal to the public asking for any still pictures or video that might be out there that records the last part of this flight. whether it comes from official sources such as surveillance or someone's home video which is
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what we've been showing you all day now. they say they want to see it all. when it comes to the investigation, many people have brought up the possibility of pilot error. my colleague, ktvu's deborah villalon is back at the sacramento airport, you spoke to one pilot who said the landing is unexcusable. >> reporter: that's right. and that ntsb hearing confirmed what sources at sfo tower told us early on that that 777 was slow, stalling, too low and too late to make a go around. a north bay pilot we talked to calls it a slam dunk. >> pilot error. that's my opinion. and that's every pilot's opinion you will talk to. >> reporter: this retired airline pilot flew overseas in and out of sfo for years. always adding 10 knots to the recommended approach speed and he calls asiana's crash landing inexcusable. >> classic, the airplane
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stalled it just mushed down into the runway and case closed. >> there were two pilots, one of them had to know they were low. >> reporter: another career captain watching the crash wonders why the crews weren't paying attention their indicators e it go too far. >> reporter: the pilots ran out 'l>>be able to basically recreate the last 15 minutes or so of that flight down to impact. >> reporter: ntsb former spokesman says that many accidents usually divert back to pilot error. >> instead of saying wait a minute who's doing this, who's flying the plane. >> reporter: they slow the plane down and the yolk starts to shake. >> reporter: so many questions why pros in the cockpit weren't
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aware or communicating. >> in the asian community they respect the elders, they represent that chain of command and it's just possible that the guy in the right seat didn't want to say captain you're screwing up. >> reporter: many people will remember a near disaster 15 years ago. a fully loaded 787 came 7 feet from crashing into san bruno mountain after taking off on sfo: that turned out to be a distracted pilot who just did not fly the plane and that caused reforms at united. reforms that may come also to asiana. reporting live in sonoma county, sfo ktvu. the ntsb says it will take as long as needed to cover the corners of the field. they plan to interview the pilots soon. maybe as soon as tomorrow.
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they will tear down the plane's engine in connecticut. in many cases it can take months or years for the ntsb to determine the probably cause of a major crash. we'll have a live interview with the ntsb expert. injured passengers went to several bay area hospitals for treatment with san francisco general receiving 53 patients. 17 of those patients are still hospitalized tonight with six in critical condition. >> reporter: 34-year-old wynn yang from china has bruises but otherwise is okay. >> it's horrible. because i left the plane as early as possible because i
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take my baby to the hospital in the first ambulance. >> reporter: wynn say it is crash, the turmoil lasted 10 seconds. she and her child escaped by walking through a hole in the plane on to the tarmac. >> a big hole near the bathroom, yes. most of the bathroom was gone. >> reporter: this woman also discharged today didn't want her name used. she also escaped with her child. she says she looked back at the plane as they walked away. >> i saw the plane is broken. and not far after 10 minutes there was fire. >> reporter: she says some passengers had time to pack bags. none of the victims suffered severe burns. >> large amounts of abdomen injuries. a huge amount of spine fractures some of which include paralysis. >> reporter: the abdomen and spinal injuries appear consistent with passengers secured with seat belts. two of the patients surprisingly suffered severe road rash suggesting they were dragged. >> we're not sure if those patients were outside of the plane and this is what happened
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to them but both of those patients are alive. >> reporter: of the six patients in critical condition at sf general, one is a child. >> he always said, i don't want to stay at the hospital. i want to go to the america hotel. >> reporter: san francisco general received more patients than any bay area hospital. san francisco fire says in all 182 patients were taken to a dozen different bay area hospitals with 49 people suffering injuries described as serious. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu news. doctors at sanford hospital treated a total of 15 patients. two of those patients are listed in critical condition. nine are in either fair or good condition. another seven patients were taken to lucielle packered children hospital and they are all listed in good condition. more details now, bay area hospitals say they need blood for the crash victims surgeries
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and replace the blood used yesterday during the initial emergency. and to donate we put the numbers up on your screen. you can call 1-800-red-cross or 888-339-give. or go to the sfo plane crash link that you will find on our website. three of the four run ways at sfo are back in operation allowing more planes to take off and land. >> but the airport is far from back to normal. >> reporter: the situation out here at sfo departing flights, it's changed pretty dramatically in the nine or so hours we've been here. earlier this afternoon it was very frustrating for a lot of people but i just ran inside and i found lines were actually pretty short and things were actually moving fairly quickly. i spoke to one tickets agent and she told me it's actually slower than she expects for this time of night for a
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typical sunday. again if we can rewind back to two -- 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, alex sadvige spoke to some people who said that getting around still wasn't easy. >> reporter: exhausted travelers took naps in the terminal. many people have been waiting since yesterday for a flight out of sfo. tiana bush was waiting in a long line at the united ticket counter trying to get back to australia after her original flight was cancelled last night. >> they will fly me out eventually but i have no idea when that will be. >> reporter: some people waited over an hour just to check in. more than 350 flights have been cancelled since yesterday at sfo. but most passengers are keeping their cool and keeps the victims in mind. >> all in all, we're okay.
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we're fortunate. >> reporter: about 1:00 this afternoon, sfo reopened runway 28r. which means three of the four runways are now back open. the airport director say it is delays are improving. overnight this was the scene as many people slept in the terminals. stuck at sfo. joanne sherventon was among them, she was glad she had a fill -- pillow and was able to get some rest. >> there's nothing you can do about it. there's no ranting at anybody. >> reporter: after a flight home that was cancelled late yesterday. she tells me she's ready for her san francisco vacation to end. >> hopefully tonight. >> reporter: now the question is when sfo will be able to reopen all of its runways that depends on the ntsb investigation. the wreckage of that flight is still sitting on the fourth runway and federal investigators say they need it to stay there for about the
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next week or so. meaning minor flight delays could continue. at sfo, alex savidge. one thing that has always changed with the lines getting shorter, at least two me is the demeanor of people inside the airport. of course you don't see a lot of those frantic weary passengers lined up for hours inside sfo anymore. things are a lot quieter and a lot calmer and just about everyone i made eye contact with offered up a half smile showing that they're weary but glad that things are very slowly getting back to normal. gasia mikaelian, ktvu channel 2 news. the chinese council general brings comfort to the grieving and more details about the two young girls who died. >> once we got sideways then we started fetal position and getting scared. >> and hearing stories of survival from martial art
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students. how they're dealing with the shock of a near death experience. details of the dramatic rescues coming up.
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the ill fated asiana flight originated in shanghai. roughly half of the passengers are chinese and about half of
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those are students headed to a camp in the u.s. the chinese consulate is working to help them with things such as passports, jade. >> reporter: heather the chinese consul general met with chinese students aboard that 777 right here at this crowne plaza hotel a few hours ago. one person told us he had dinner with the group and then meet with each individual to discuss concerns. shortly after the crash, officials identified the two young victims. those same outlets posted photos of anxious parents waiting to hear from their students. even a letter to the airline where the girls lived. the consulate general held a news conference most of it in mandarin. >> yesterday was saturday, we
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received the very productive assistance from the u.s. >> reporter: the consulate described the chinese student groups bound for u.s. travel when the plane crashed. >> there are three, three groups. one of them the summer camp group, obviously three groups. there are 60 chinese students and 10 teachers all together. >> reporter: the consulate described the girls who died in the crash as students of yan sin middle school who is a high school. originally we were told we could attend the meeting with the consulate general and the students here at crowne hotel. then weren't allowed inside. an ntsb representative was at the meeting, one source says. those chinese nationals traveling here were on a tour. they were to learn u.s. culture and english. and the consulate is now assisting with passports. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news.
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the president of asiana airlines and other airline executives apologized during a news conference in seoul. du said i'm vowing my head and expressing my deep apologies over the crash. young yu extended apologied. and a man describes seeing the plane hit. >> it was a big boom then pitched forward and bounced off its nose. then did a cart wheel. was you know a tragedy. and our initial reaction was that you know everybody on the plane was in bad shape. >> fred hayes of dixon says he and his wife felt awful after seeing the crash. he says he hopes the video will prevent future crashes and he extends his sympathy to all those affected by the tragedy. shaky, that is how the
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samsung executive on board the plane described his move today following the deadly crash. feeling a little shaky from yesterday's experience but strengthened by outpouring of support from all over. reminded of how connected we all are. a group of tae kwon do students are among those involved in the crash. >> reporter: jamie shimel thought tae kwon do at a children's party, his way of maintaining a sense of normalcy after yesterday's crash. >> master ching took a group of eight of us to compete. there's a testing, training. >> reporter: the 19-year-old
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said he won a gold medal in the competition and the trip was trouble free until they approached sfo yesterday. >> first bump wasn't as scary. it was rough but felt kind of like a, you know like a roller coaster there. so it was kind of fun at first. then once we got sways then we started, fetal position and getting scared. >> reporter: he described the chaos that surrounded their group. seated together in the middle of the plane. >> there was people hurt, there was luggage, everything fell too. everything fell apart. there was people kind of trapped climbing over stuff to get out. >> reporter: as the story of survival started to spread, friends started dropping in to show support. >> i think it's a miracle that they walked away from that. >> reporter: some of the parents we met here at the elite martial arts academy says they just found out about the connection. >> i walk into the party and find out that these people were
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involved in the crash. >> reporter: most of whom did not want to talk about their experience on the plane. but david shimmel believe that is the fact that so many people survived the crash is cause for some celebration. the wife of secretary of state john kerry hospitalized in critical condition. we'll tell you about her health care. but first a six alarm fire injures more than a dozen people in redwood city. the reason why it took firefighters hours to contain the blaze. hey, hey. hey. and home video that capture it is chaos after this deadly train derailment. amidst concern tonight that the death toll may rise. >> i'm tracking another batch of low clouds and fog in the satellite tonight. coming up where the fog will be for the monday morning commute and the two warmest days of the week. [ male announcer ] at montrose pet hospital,
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one person remains unaccounted for after a fire injured 21 people. more than 100 firefighters from six different agencies responded to the fire. crews say when they arrived there were people on every top floor balcony who needed to be rescued. three fire fighters are among those treated for minor to moderate injuries. they say it was a tough fire to put out. >> very stubborn fire and with the aerial trucks trying to get into other areas too to open up walls, seals and roofs to stop the spread. the fire was under control by late morning but crews are still there and will likely remain there overnight. dozens of displaced residents are staying at a red cross shelter. an investigation will likely get under way tomorrow.
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concerns that the death toll may rise after a run away train explodeed in a small quebec town killing eight people. dramatic home video capturing the fiery scene. the 73 car train derailed yesterday morning. about 10 miles west from the border with maine. several buildings were destroyed. the fire chief described the scene as looking like a war zone. australia, a surfer was knocked unconscious by the tale of a whale. this is cell phone video of that incident. you can see the spray of water as the whale flipped its tail completely knocked two surfers right off their board. the injured surfer is recovering at the hospital. and says that it's very hard to believe that what happened to him is actually real.
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teresa heinz kerry seen here on video was taken to the hospital for an emergency condition. she was flown to boston medical where she replains tonight. the ntsb says an air taxi crashed on the kenine peninsula killing all 10 people on board. the aircraft erupted into flames on impact. more coverage of that deadly plane crash at sfo. coming up we will talk live with the bay area aviation expert about the asiana pilot's experience flying a 777. and a mystery in vallejo after someone finds a shallow grave. how police are now dealing with it. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance,
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the ntsb has said everything is on the table while it investigating what led to the crash yesterday at sfo. but tonight we learned the pilot at the controls asna flight 218 was making his first flight to sfo in a boeing triple seven. >> lee cook has 18,000 hours of flying experience but only three hours in a 777. is it normal to train a pilot with an aircraft full of passengers. >> as a matter of fact it is. all the training is done in the simulator these days now because of the cost. and sometimes a pilot never actually sees the airplane he's going to be flying as a captain in until he goes on his first flight with a bunch of passengers. >> well bruce in addition to
10:32 pm
that question about the pilot's experience. there's also been an awful lot of talk about the glide been out of service. doesn't that mean that the pilot has to hand fly the plane instead of relying on navigation. >> of course. they have a pappy system a precision approach system that allows the pilot to visually see lights that will tell them if the pilot if he's too low or too high or he's on the glide soap. normally the glide soap is three degrees coming in. that's a standard approach and i guess the ils or the instrument landing system was not working which means he didn't get any idea of what the slope was coming toward the runway. he should have been able to see that and he landed so much short of the run way that it was pretty incredible.
10:33 pm
he landed actually shorter of the runway that you're not supposed to land on any way. >> i don't know if you saw the beginning of our newscast but we had another airline pilot who put pilot blame as the cause of this crash. do you blame the pilot for this crash? >> well, first of all it's a crew. and the crew should be operating together. and obviously one of the crew members is an experienced pilot. one of them has to say look, you have to have to change your air speed or you're going to have to stop the sink rate or whatever it happens to be. and you normally approach at 750 feet. if you're less than that or more than that the other pilot should call that out. especially in air speed as well. >> bruce, thank you so much for
10:34 pm
sharing your expertise. i think on the surface of this report that this was this pilot's first landing of a 777 here at sfo. i think many people have many questions about how this can happen. but we thank you for putting it into perspective. >> actually what they call it is ile and it's initial landing experience and that's pretty standard. the san francisco airport does not have the reputation for having many major accidents. >> we will show you pictures of 2008 when an electrical fire sparked just behind the cargo before that you have to go back to 1972 when a cargo plane crashed at the bay just after take off. the crew members in that plane survived. in 1971 a pan american passenger jet hit some navigation equipment at the end of a runway and everyone on that plane also survived. back in 1968 japan airlines
10:35 pm
flight number two landed way short of the runway settling into the waters of san francisco bay but again in that incident everyone made it to safety. >> and it has been a rather difficult travel day for some people. the sfo crash still affecting people across the country. in fact, a man is on the highway driving back to the area. they were told it would be days before a flight would be available. >> when we finally reached someone they indicated that there were no flights. the flight had been cancelled. there were no flights into any san francisco bay area airport until wednesday. >> so as you heard him there. he wasn't going to be able to get out of portland until wednesday. it was packed with people as you can see here. a majority of whom had flights to the bay area which were
10:36 pm
cancelled. while dealing with the airline and facing the really long line at the rental company were both extremely frustrating. sungrove tells me he feels lucky after the tragedy that took place at sfo. and the discovery of a buried body is being treated as a homicide case. someone called friday evening to report a body in a shallow grave near lemon street. investigators canvassed the area. so far authorities have not released the sex of the body. and find out the closure of the bay bridge span. and find out when the
10:37 pm
warmest day of your week will be.
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well last week at this time we were in the middle of that stretch of the triple digit heat. not this case today with a little bit of a bump in the numbers. keeping it cool. low clouds and fog showing up on live tracker 2. sfo reporting some patchy clouds at last check. here's a closer inspection, you will see the clouds out toward golden gate park and a few patches approaching oakland, san leandro and hayward. temperatures raging from the upper 60s to 50s inland. seeing a bit of a breeze out there.
10:40 pm
temperatures up a few degrees in most spots and then the extended sun cloud mix and minor cooling showing up in the five day forecast. overnight lows will be basically in the low to mid-50s to start out your monday morning. a bit of a chill out there and we will have overcast. especially coast side and right around the bay. this area of high pressure is building in and this will be the key factor for monday and into tuesday. so with that, we're going to have temperatures inland approaching the lower 90s over the next couple of days. monday and tuesday the warmest days of the week. we still have the fog and on shore freeze to contend with coast side. so the beaches only back up into the low to mid-60s. the bay, the clouds in the morning clearing back to near the shoreline. our forecast model shows you just that tomorrow morning at 8:00 with the clouds coast side and into the bay. even partly cloudy skies well inland. the clouds go back to near the shoreline for the afternoon hours and push back into the bay for the evening hours once again. if you're headed to the coast, bring the sweater, bring the jacket. temperatures not warming up too
10:41 pm
much. the warmer numbers as you will expect focused into the inland spots back up into the lower 80s, to 90s. oakland maxes out in the mid- 70s and lower 90s out toward antioch. the clouds in the morning becoming partly cloudy for the afternoon hours. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast you will notice temperatures warm for monday and tuesday. a few high clouds pay us a visit into late wednesday and thursday. with your weekend always in view, they will warm things up probably by day seven on sunday. steve will have an update on the numbers at 4:30 on monday morning. we want to give you a look at the bay bridge. we should know in the next few days whether the opening will take place as planned on labor day. caltrans says it has been installing those new bolts and will still need to overgo
10:42 pm
testing. they will brief the council tomorrow and expect whether to make a decision on whether to open wednesday. and the giants continue to struggle out there as they close out their series against the dodgers. sports wrap with joe fonzi is coming up next.
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good evening everyone welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. one bay area team just seems to be doing the right thing to win games. the oakland a's use the home run ball before josh redick went deep.
10:45 pm
and this drive in the second inning against mendosa. both runners come home with 2- 0. mendoza did not survive the inning giving up five hits and five runs. redick's next appearance was in the second. redick had two hits, two runs scores, four rbis on the day. 7-1a's and they were feeling good. they further flexed their muscles. two hit, a pair of rbis and a presence in the waterfall. this is a 2-run shot. sogart had a couple of hits and two rbis. a rare game when they can coast to a win. 10-4 the final. rangers who were also winners today now resume interleague flay with the first of three in


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