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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 9, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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i couldn't breathe for a couple of seconds. >> this as some of the young victims are reunited with their families. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we have new details on asiana flight 214. >> the landing gear was the first part of the plane to actually hit the sea wall before the tail of the plane as reported by many witnesses. >> and while the pilots in charge were experienced, saturday's situation was a first for several of them. >> we have live team coverage tonight on today's developments. >> the ceo of asiana airline arrived at sfo today. also the ntsb is under criticism by a pilot's union. we begin with ken pritchett and
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the very latest on the investigation. ken-- >> well in today's ntsb briefing we learned more information, more surprising information about the pilots and about those two flight attendants who survived what would seem to be the impossible. >> reporter: some surviving passengers said they had to fend for themselves find their way out of the crash. now we may have an answer as to why. today ntsb chairwoman said two flight attendants were ejected during impact and thrown clear of the plane before it came to a stop. >> they were found down the runway and off to the side of the runway. those flight attendants survived but they obviously had gone through a serious event and have injuries. >> reporter: the ntsb interviewed the four pilot
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crew. and not only was the pilot was making his first 777 landing but it was also a first for his instructor. >> he reported this was his first trip as an instructor pilot. the instructor pilot stated that he was the pilot in command. >> reporter: herzman said the pilot of the plane and instructor plane had never flown together. many of the questions asked of the crew related to the speed of the aircraft and runway indicators that showed he was too low and flying to slow. the throttle was armed but the device made to maintain speed -- >> that means they need to monitor. >> reporter: we also learned today that the pilots in that
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cockpit were not tested for drugs or alcohol after the crash. that would be standard for a u.s. crew involved in an accident. but not necessarily for a flight crew from another country. at south san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. some critics are saying the ntsb is giving out too much information before this investigation is even complete. tom vacar with that story. >> reporter: without question the ntsb is clearly running the show. the ntsb is even directing the plane's departing on the parallel runway, use another taxi way so they don't cross the end of the crash site. >> even -- under federal law they take over the scene, the wreckage, the witness statements, the logbooks everything. >> reporter: and the ntsb keeps
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releasing what it knows everyone from the pilots. >> he assumed the auto throttles were maintaining speed. >> reporter: many are criticizing the press conferences and interviews saying the ntsb release of information has fueled rampant of the cause of the accident. until it's time they won't succeed. >> one of the hallmarks of the ntsb is our transparency. >> reporter: mike mccarren former spokesman once attended an ntsb former school. >> what they thought us is give as much information that you can when you can. and that's exactly what they do when the facts come out. they present them. >> they give little press conferences and put a little bit of this, and a little bit of that out. >> reporter: many who may have
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been uncomfortable include the airline, airport, traffic controllers everyone the aviation administration. >> they get lobbied by the faa. >> that is why the ntsb will control everything until their work out here on the field investigation is fully completed no matter how bad that may look to others. i'm tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the ceo of asiana airline arrived today. he was greeted by a throng of reporters before being whisked away by security. >> reporter: we've never seen anything quite like it. a crush of local, national and international journalists. it speaks to how much interest there is in getting answers. it was a frenzy more than 50
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journalists swarming around asiana's ceo as he emerged from customs trying to get answers about saturday's deadly crash landing. >> i need you guys to make room. get back. get back. >> reporter: police yelled for everyone to get back. >> get back. >> reporter: yun said only a few words including that he was sorry for the accident, according to korean journalists who trancelated for us. he was in the lobby for only 60 second before police ushered him back into customs apparently worried for his safety. passenger anthony lovedo an american who worked as a teacher in south korea was on the same flight as yun. >> your presence seemed to be reassuring but you could see from the look of their faces they were deeply concerned. i think that's a part of the korean way as i mentioned earlier. of personal accountability and it really meant a lot to me personally that they were there and you could see their concern on their faces. >> reporter: cameras captured an animated conversation he had with the father of one of the
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teen girls killed in saturday's crash. yun so far has defended the pilot saying they were very competent but that he does plan to threatening simulator training for his pilot. this after an accident killed two chinese teens and injured many more. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. at a hotel in berligame, victims and families were reunited. this afternoon we saw asiana passengers being taken by bus to an unknown destination. several as you see there were wearing neck braces. it's believed that the ceo of asiana is planning to meet with some of the passengers who were on that flight that crashed but if that did happen today it was kept very quiet. a hit-and-run unit of the san francisco police department is now investigating whether one of the girls who died was
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run over by a rescue vehicle. a spokesperson said they are looking into whether the 16- year-old was hit on the runway as rescue crews rushed to the plane. it will be a while before we know how the girl died. the san mateo county coroner has said it will be two to three weeks before the causes of death are known. three siblings who survived the crash said they were just looking forward to the long flight coming to an end but obviously not the way it did. >> we were all bouncing all over the place. i just remember there being dust everywhere and i was freaking out. and it just stopped. >> i couldn't breathe for like, because i got the wind knocked out of me. so i couldn't breathe for a couple of seconds. >> the family from colorado had traveled to south korea for a vacation. they were sitting in the back of the plane when the tail hit the sea wall. >> since the chair fell on us it was hard to get out. >> my brother and sister both went out an exit on the right and then, i realized that i was
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limping, so a flight attendant brought me to another exit which had a -- which was on the opposite side of the plane. tonight 12 people remain at sf general hospital, five of them are in critical condition including one child. 50 of the 62 people brought to the trauma center have now been released. surgeon andre campbell was among the doctors who treated the victims as they were rushed in on saturday. he said many suffered severe pwhreupbt force trauma and that two people are now paralyzed -- severe blunt force trauma and that two people are now paralyzed. >> you can have severe internal injury when there's stress.
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>> the doctor says it's incredible home people survived considering how bad that wreck was. mayor ed lee visited the victims at the hospital. >> i want to thank the doctors and nurses because they cave in droves to save lives. house democratic leader nancy pelosi said today her prayers are with the families of the two teenage girls who died. and she prays the flight crew that helped evacuate the plane. >> the crew was so magnificent and a reminder to us that the first responsibility of the crew is safety. that they are trained for and they performed magnificently. and the lead flight attendant was the last person leave
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the plane. >> pelosi also commended ntsb chair debra hersman for a thorough and professional review of the crash site. and you can always go to where we have the entire ntsb news conference. we are working on a one hour prime time special focusing on the deadly crash at sfo. you can see ktvu in-depth flight 214 this thursday night at 9:00 p.m. right here on ktvu. coming up, a story you will see only on 2. a bay area bus driver suspected of dui. what we've learned about the man entrusted with so many lives. >> and after the break, b.a.r.t. may be running again but negotiations are still unsettle. what unfolded today to move toward common ground. >> temperatures are dropping but not everyone will feel the cool down. i'll pinpoint the most dramatic changes and what to expect in
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some visitors to san francisco got quite an eye full recently when they took in the sights aboard a tour bus. paul chambers is live in san francisco to tell us what happened that brought their tour to a halt. >> reporter: every 10 or 15 minutes buses leave this depot here behind us taking people all around san francisco. but what one group didn't expect to see on their tour was their driver being arrested. some say the best way for visitors to see san francisco is to hop on hop off tour buses take people to many of the major sights and sounds of the city. but we learned that friday afternoon a driver of a san francisco deluxe sightseeing tour bus was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence. >> i think people who are
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professional drivers who are caught driving intoxicated shouldn't be driving. >> reporter: 60-year-old leon manered. that's when officers spotted two bottles. >> i'm not doing it, i have nothing to share. >> is there any way to contact your boss or the owner. >> reporter: when we called the number we were told the owner is in europe for a month. the driver was taken into custody and police took empty liquor bottles from the bus. today we asked one rider of san francisco deluxe how he felt about the actions of the driver. >> it just won't -- wouldn't worry about it too much. i expect it to be a one time thing and i expect the company to sort it out.
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it doesn't really worry me that much. >> reporter: we looked into menard's history, and it said he had a drunk driving charge but it was not said if he was driving a bus. an unconscious man was found in the street suffering from at least one gunshot wound. police have not yet released the victim's identity. b.a.r.t. and two of its labor unions met with state mediators for the first time since last week. the two sides talked separately with mediators. b.a.r.t. says formal talks with resume on saturday. a b.a.r.t. spokesperson says the mediators will decide whether the two sides will meet face to face or in separate rooms. union workers went back to the job after a strike shut down trains for 4-1/2 days.
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longshoremen protested today blocking ports. this thursday port commissioners were set to vote on an agreement to open one of the terminals possibly for a new stadium for the oakland a's. that item has now been taken off the agenda. supporters of city college of san francisco are protesting last week's decision to revoke the school's accreditation. >> music played as the group gathered at the downtown campus. then they marched to the department of education office in the financial district. >> community college has helped me out 100% and changed my life and my direction in life of my path of what i was doing. and i want everybody else to have the same that i did. >> ccsf is expected to file an appeal to the accrediting commission by the end of the month. state assemblyman joined the march. he released a statement saying in part this decision is
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nothing less than an attack on the people of san francisco. all of us benefit from having this great 78-year-old institution whether we take courses or not. a camp counselor killed last week by a falling tree was remembered today. a memorial service was held for that 21-year-old counselor at the alumni center in uc berkeley. she had just begun her second summer working at camp tawunga in yosemite. it was hot inland today. we knew today would be the warmest day of the week and in fact, it will be 100 degrees in livermore. antioch was at 97: check out san francisco you're what 66 degrees. 73 in san mateo. temperatures trend down. they trend down because -- because fog comes on shore.
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the fog is starting to fill in. in pacifica you have fog. fog at shark park. by linda park you have fog. fog is going to push up over the hill, over the san bruno gap and started shooting through the gap and into oakland and hayward. the forecast for fog tomorrow morning there it is. you see the clouds in the south. that's one reason we cool down. the clouds from the fog and the clouds from the shore. hot if you get into the inland bay valleys but cooler for the most part in and around the bay area the nine bay area counties. this low pressure center is the culprit. this starting the cooling. that combination filtered sunshine helps. instead of upper 90s, mid-90s tomorrow in the hot spots. low nine -- 90s and around the bay lots of 70s and 80s and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. wednesday night 5:00 there's
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the southern moisture. high clouds there's the fog. and then wednesday, thursday morning now kind of pushes away and then there's our fog. thursday is cool too. as we get into friday. things start to change around. there's thursday night and friday there's the fog. you get the picture. so the clouds kind of just went from the coast, one from high over head filter the sunshine. temperatures trend down the next couple of days. by the weekend, temperatures start to ratchet up. 62 in pacifica tomorrow, 64 in half-moon bay. tomorrow is the major change in the temperatures are going to drop off substantially in the northern. mid-90s in the hot spots. places like livermore they'll be in the mid-90s. 88 is the high on thursday and the hot spot 89 on friday. five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. heats up for saturday and sunday. a nice looking forecast.
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that last model didn't show any rain. tonight at 10:00 i'll have the latest update and hopefully we'll stick with that and no thunderstorms. >> thanks bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00. the ntsb issues new findings about the crash of asiana 214. something to scream about for all you yelp users. the new upgrade that will fill many of your cravings. and it will remain the shark tank. >> the official new name for the arena that is home to the san jose sharks.
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so today the shark tank officially got its new name and new look. >> two, one, cut the ribbon. >> reporter: that's major chuck reed joined executives to cut the ribbon on the new sap center in san jose. sap's cofounder is the majority owner of the shark. yellow is the company's color so get ready to see a lot of yellow to go with the sharks black and teal. >> get used to it asap.
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>> the a's let's talk about the a's. they're continuing to do well. >> let's talk about the a's. the oakland a's have a winning look to them. that look was slowed down a little bit by rain after delay. it's 1-0 zero one -- 1-0 pittsburgh in the third. and brandon crawford could not handle this ball, it allows the mets to score an unearned run. san francisco left 18 runners on base. same two teams again tonight. the giants hoping they might get something from a signing they made today. jeff francoeur was recently cut lose. he has played in parts in nine major league seasons.
6:26 pm
he was hitting .208 with two home runs. the padres get it done with eric reed. the rookie out of lsu get a two year deal. they will now have all 11 of their draft picks under contract. they expect to battle with craig doll. it must be signing day in the area because the warriors also signed their draft pick. amania netovich is already in the gold. he will start playing for the warriors summer league team in las vegas. that's it. a lot more for you tonight at 10:00 including the a's. >> joe, thank you. continuing coverage on the crash of 214. the new information we learned happened to two of the flight
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attendants that were ejected from the planes and the other two flight attendants that assisted passengers. thank you for joining us, good night. i'm totally in love with the avocado on this sub.
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