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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 9, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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freaking out. and it just stopped. >> reporter: the jung family parents and three children left san francisco general all had minor injuries. around the corner two patients remain paralyzed among five in critical condition here. >> we're very fortunate about the quick response i think that saved lives. >> reporter: san francisco general is the region's level one trauma center. this the biggest mass casualty accident in its history proved a new incredible survival its worth. john fowler, ktvu news. story on flight 214. santa clara county vector today we learned that when the control is planning to spray an tail of the plane broke off, two flight attendants sitting insecticide following the in the back of the plane flew discovery of west nile virus. the area that will be sprayed out. good evening i'm julie haener. is bordered by santa teresa and >> and i'm frank somerville. along with learning that the ground avenue. weather permitted is scheduled to start at 11:00 in the two flight attendants were evening and last for several ejected, we learned that the
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hours. a petaluma man, john joe flight instructor was making werth was injured in a his first flight as an instructor. and they geared in on the motorcycle accident. they say he gets confused throttle to see why the plane easily and left his home on a was going so slow when it was motor bike. authorities say he has gone coming in. we're going to look more missing before and was found previously wandering in the closely into the flight attendants and the flight fairfield and napa areas. high temperatures today instructor. we go live to ken wayne. >> reporter: you can look over they were high inland. my shoulder and you can see the you had 97 in antioch. these were the numbers the runway and out there behind national weather service some large metal containers you recorded. can make the white -- make out cooler around the bay. san francisco 69 degrees. today warmest day of the week. temperatures tomorrow they trend down. we're going the lose a few the white silhouette of the degrees tomorrow as we see more fog and low clouds pushing into the area: and high clouds start to move in as well. so here's the fog forecast. it's a lot of it. wreckage. there's more information about the cause of the crash and what it's in pacifica, san led up to it. it almost didn't even make it francisco, sausalito and parts
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of san rafael. temperatures they start to warm but not as hot as tomorrow. numbers tomorrow will be a good to solid ground. four or five degrees cooler. >> first the mainlanding gear instead of 98 degrees in some of the inland bay valleys we hit the sea wall then the gear. will see 94, 95. the cooling trend continues as we go through the week. >> reporter: knocking two flight attendants right out of high clouds moving in from the the rear of the aircraft. >> they were found down the south. those could spawn thunderstorms. runway and off to the side of we will talk about those when we come back at 10:45. a san francisco police officer was honored by the city today for saving an elderly the runway. incredibly the flight woman from a fire. >> and we had to remove a screen door then kick in a back attendants survived but their exact condition has not been door to get in. released. three crew members were in the >> reporter: officer matt labrea was first on the scene cockpit, a fourth was in the at japan town. cabin. we learned that the pilot had officer lobre ran through smoke to save the woman. 44 hours of experience and it up next, coverage of the was his first trip to sfo. flight 214.
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we were there as the ceo of asiana airline was mobbed at and the pilot instructor -- >> he stated that it was his sfo. and what residents returned to today after a deadly first flight as a pilot apartment fire. look at 'em. instructor. >> reporter: the ntsb says the pilots engaged in auto throttle device to maintain air speed. but for some reason the air speed slowed causing the plane to nearly stall. the ntsb wants to know why the three pilots in the cockpit didn't react sooner to the drop in air speed. >> one of the very critical things that needs to be monitored on an approach to landing is speed. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. and so we need to understand what was going on in the you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, cockpit. you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. >> reporter: the ntsb says none of the pilots was tested for i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. drugs or alcohol after the yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, crash. us pilots are required to submit to such testing after an we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? accident. so far it appears pilots of [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. foreign airlines are not. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes.
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[ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. live in millbrae, ken wayne. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month when disaster strikes the with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. primary role of flight attendants becomes gear. they are not just waiters and waitresses but critical situation officers. we go to david stevenson for this story. >> reporter: tonight we have new photos showing the lenghts flight attendants went to safe flight their passengers. carrying some on their backs. >> fortunately these accidents don't happen very often. >> reporter: the cabin's primary responsibility is protecting those on board not just providing drinks for passengers. flight attendants have to be certified for each type of aircraft they service same as the pilot. >> there's similarities in the
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evacuation procedures but each aircraft is specific and yes you have to be trained on each aircraft that you work on. >> reporter: valis says flight attendants drill right down to the block exits and malfunctioning exit slides on asiana214. >> if we have a blocked exit we the ceo of asiana airlines is now here in the bay area. redirect to others. that's exactly what they did. he's here to meet with crash they redirected passengers to other usable exits. survivors and investigators. cara liu was at sfo today where >> reporter: two of the flight attendants were ejected from the executive was mobbed by journalists looking for a comment. >> reporter: moments after the plane. asiana's ceo walked out of customs without stopping to talk to reporters the swarm of more than 50 journalists surrounded him trying to ask >> i heard the sign for questions about saturday's crash landing. >> i need you guys to make evacuate. so i put the evacuation room. protocall in place. get back, get back. >> reporter: our flight attendant may have offered >> reporter: officers were yelling, trying to maintain order. >> i need you guys to make
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room. get back, get back. insight into why evacuation >> reporter: he said only a few words including that he was sorry for the accident ramps opened. if the doors were ajarred open according to korean journalists who translated for us. he was in the lobby for only while the plane crashed there about 60 seconds before may have been nowhere else to officers ushered him back into customs apparently worried for his safety. >> it was chaos. deploy but the cabin. >> reporter: korean reporters christien kafton, ktvu channel tell us they had expected yun 2 news. as the asiana flight came to address the media when he in low and slow, the crew of a arrived at sfo. >> i think it's his duty to do cockpit on united plane had a interview and say sorry to i front row seat. don't know victims of family. they watched the ordeal unfold. after the crash the united >> reporter: this video shows pilots radioed the tower about yin before he traveled to the u.s. having an interview with one of the fathers of the girls survivors. >> we see people, they're alive and they're walking around. >> people are just walking outside the airplane right now? >> yes, some people looks like who died. yun so far has defended his are stumbling. >> reporter: a posting on a pilot saying they are very competent. >> reporter: but he has said he pilot's forum as someone identified himself as a pilot on that united flight says he plans to strengthen simulator training for visual landings
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saw two survivors stumbling on the runway. as for his own passengers he wrote a few individuals were for his pilots. emotional as nearly every passenger on the left side of cara liu, channel 2 news. the south korean financial the aircraft saw the fuselage services commission say it is boing 777 is insured for $130 and debris field going over 100 million. asiana also has more than $2 knots past our aircraft only 300 feet away. federal investigators have billion in passenger been quick to release reparations and insurance. but what about the financial information about asiana214. and that's not going well with fall out. pilots who says it points a the accident will cost the finger of blame and maybe too company $132 million for the soon. >> what they thought us is give as much information as you can when you can. and that's exactly what they do. as the facts come out they present them. plane and 43 billion for >> reporter: part of the reason the ntsb has been so forthcoming is because of how fast the flight data box was passenger reparations. recovered. investigators have easy access. many fewer people living here will be able to go to a total of 21 people remain hospitalized tonight of the injured in the crash. college or get the certificates 12 patients are still in san
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francisco general hospital. or the vocational training that five are in critical condition including a child. allow them to get jobs. sanford hospital is still >> city college of san treating four people. francisco has until the end of one of them is listed as the month to request a review critical. the remaining five passengers of the decision. are recovering after three if the accrediting commission other san francisco hospitals with less serious injuries. upholds its decision, ccsf can some of the injured received a then appeal. today was day two of the a special visit in the hospital today from san francisco mayor ed lee. >> i was able to talk to some hunger strike at california of the young kids that have prisons. about 30,000 inmates are refusing meals. the hunger strike is a protest some injuries that need over the use of solitary attention but they were in a confinement in the prison talkative move. they were happy to see the system. mayor there. prisoners rights activists say >> reporter: the mayor said he prolonged solitary is akin to did not want to disturb the torture. this is not the first hunger victims with more serious strike but it is the largest injuries. hunger strike in the prison he also thanked doctors, nurses and translators who rushed to the hospital to help when they system in recent history. still to come here. heard about the crash. flight operations are still more questions surrounding the not quite back to normal at experience of the pilots on sfo. travelers tell us they are still facing both cancellations flight 214. >> and to become a flight and delays. in fact, at least 138 flights instructor requires a lot of time as a pilot. were cancelled today but that's not just because one of the we'll tell you why local flight four runways at sfo is still instructors say experience as a pilot is just the beginning. closed. bad weather on the east coast >> in news of the world, why
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also contributed to today's officials in canada are now problems. passengers who's flights were not cancelled saw delays of up calling a deadly train crash to two hours in some cases. sabotage. >> and you can get ktvu news to flights in and out of san jose and oakland are running on go, download our app and you schedule. can watch all of our newscasts > coinues thhothfamilies of the two girls live on your mobile device. i'm totally in love with the avocado on this sub. lled in the crash are here in the bay area. the meetings they attended today and the first question they asked. also, we'll show you the response as asiana's airlines ceo arrived at sfo today and look into the experience required of pilots before they train others to fly. only on 2, sight seers on a tour in san francisco saw a lot more than they bargained for when the driver of their tour bus was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. ktvu's paul chambers tells us now how police were tipped off. >> reporter: some say it's the best way for visitors to see san francisco. the hop on hop off tour buses take visitors to the sights and
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sounds of the city. friday afternoon a driver was taken into custody for suspicion of intoxicated driving. 60-year-old leon manerd who was ticed two empty airport sized bottles and a third larger liquor bottle on the drive side i love avocado so much i started a facebook page. window. oh, you should post a picture of my new earrings. authorities determined that manerd was intoxicated. >> is there a way to get in those would go perfectly with this sweater i'm knitting. contact with your boss or the [ male announcer ] show your avocado love! owner. when we got the owner we were try it on the turkey & spinach or subway club. told that the owner was in subway. eat fresh®. europe for a month. the driver was taken into custody and police took empty liquor bottles off the bus. today we asked a passenger how he felt about the actions of
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the driver. >> it just doesn't worry me too much. i expect to be safe and i expect this to be only once. >> reporter: in san francisco, i'm paul chamber, ktvu channel 2 news. a man was shot and killed in oakland this afternoon and police say the killer is still on the lose. it happened on 88th avenue near dowen street around 2:30 this we already knew that the afternoon. that's only 30 minutes after pie pilot at the control of summer programs ended at castle 214 was landing a 777 for the mont high. the man was found unconscious in the road. the streets in the area were first time. blocked off while police today we learned that the interviewed people in the area. so far there was no word on the name of the victim. b.a.r.t. and two of its labor unions met instructor pilot was an instructor pilot for the very separately with mediators. first time. formal talks will resume >> and patti lee has more on friday. the union workers went to work the rules in the cockpit. last friday after a strike shut >> reporter: let's start with the fact that to become a down service and crippled traffic for four and a half flight instructor you have to
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days. the two sides have until august 4 to reach a deal. be an experienced pilot, and if not union workers are inflight simulators like this threatening to walk off the job one. this is an experienced pilot again. cooling off with a slight and flight instructor. chance of thunderstorms. he tells us the aviation i'm using the latest computer committee is divided on the models to track changing conditions in your area. then, was a lack of role experience played in this training to blame for the crash crash. >> reporter: flight instructor jim gray shows us the simulator of flight 214. a flight instructor shares he uses to train pilots at inside into the kind of oakland flier. experience that matters. >> in this case, that could be >> we're claiming right now about 800 feet a minute. an issue. >> plus coming up next -- >> reporter: it's a less >> crash victims and their sophisticated version used to families reunite at this hotel. the heart wrenching path still ahead for the parents of the train large cockpit pilots but two teenagers that died. if basis is the same. the pilot only had a couple hundred dollars of actual flight time. given his over all experience, ray says it shouldn't have mattered. >> he had thousands of hours hours in other boeing equipment. it shouldn't have been that
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hard to switch planes. >> reporter: but given the fact that the instructor pilot had no previous experience. all trainers are experienced pilots but learning to teach requires a different skill set. and experience as a trainer matters. commercial pilot rodrigo constansa is also a training pilot. he says the importance is their ability to communicate. >> every company has a protocall on how the captain. >> reporter: repore is built up over time. in the case of flight 214 the pilot and training captain had never worked together before which is yet another factor that may have contributed to
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this near catastrophe. reporting live, patti lee. dozens of people who were left homeless after last week's apartment fire were allowed to go back inside their units to see what they had left. one man was killed and 21 ktvu has learned that the others were injured in sunday families of the two teenagers morning's fire. some of the units weren't badly that died in the sfo crash have damaged by the flames but did receive a lot of water damage. not viewed the bodies of their daughters. >> the county sheriff is some of the people displaced are still trying to find a providing security during this place to live. >> the people from the red difficult time. amber lee has the story. cross have been so nice to us, >> reporter: that's right julie we're at the crowne plaza hotel you know. but still there's just a sad where security is tight. if you look over there you can feeling. i've never expierced ex -- see a sheriff deputy vehicle parked by the front entrance. at times we saw law enforcement experienced anything like that officers stop cars as they came in my life you know. >> so far they say the fire in. an effort to shield crash does not appear to be victims and their families. suspicious. arson is thought to be the participants participant-- parents of the two girls killed cause of several fires that ignited within minutes of each met with an investigator with the coroner's office once overnight and again today at other. the first fire broke out at the victim's assistance center 10:30 this morning on a bike
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path. at the crowne plaza hotel. as many as four other fires broke out in that area this the coroner told us they are afternoon. investigators detained a possible suspect but then let him go. they say he's still considered waiting for the parents. this afternoon we saw some of the injured venture outside to a suspect in this case. board a bus. some in neck braces and arm more questions about where slings. volunteers from the salvation army tell me they are assisting them in a variety of ways from nsa leaker snowden is hiding. army translation to necessities a russian official had tweeted such as blankets and clothing. >> we already received a lot of that snowden had decided to go phone calls because there's a lot of students from china. to venezuela but minutes later >> reporter: ty is with the deleted the tweet. then reported snowden had not buddhist foundation, she says decided yet but also that something was about to happen. a heart attack was the many are willing to help. reason for a train wreck that >> maybe we can hold a candle sparked a devastating fire. investigators say that i had found evidence of tampering but prayer. so gather everybody to do a prayer for the victims and the ruled out terrorism. there's little hope for 35
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families. >> reporter: after the two people who are still missing. victims were killed, the coroner says he may have the much of the downtown was exact cause of death in about a destroyed. in egypt, supporters of the ousted president are rejecting the interim president and plans week. amber lee, ktvu 2 news. for a new constitution and the san francisco police election. the new leaders are getting department hit-and-run unit is now investigating whether one support from some gulf of the 16-year-old victims who neighbors and pledges of $8 died survived the crash only to billion. here in the u.s. some republicans want to cut the 1- be run over by a rescue 1/2 million dollars in aid vehicle. today when the county corner met with the parents of the two given mostly to the egyptian girls he said the first military. question they asked is which of and in china, firefighters the girl was the one who may have been hit by that emergency rescued workers who were stuck in the middle of a raging vehicle. the coroner says he has now river. the workers were trying to repair a bridge that collapsed. but then got trapped by that determined it was ya wun. fast moving water. but it will probably be about a firefighters rigged a line between a piece of heavy week before he can determine equipment and the shoreline and the exact cause of her death. we got a view at san pulled the men over the water. at least six people were swept francisco general where some of the most critical victims are away when that bridge fell. being treated. ktvu's health and science new details are emerging in editor john fowler talked with the trauma team today and some the murder case against former of the survivors who describe new england patriot tight end hernandez. he is charged with killing a the moment of impact. friend of his odom lloyd last
10:17 pm
month. >> reporter: we were allowed at but another friend of hernandez san francisco medical where the has now told police that hernandez has admitted to mood was intense. the crash was tragic but after firing the fatal shots. and new evidence has turned up seeing this video on channel 2 in the double homicide in a today he called it a miracle. >> i thought there were going double homicide last year. to be a lot more victims who police say a car linked to that were going to die from the crash. it's amazing that so many case had been rented in hernandez name. for the first time the people walked away from this, three women who were held this accident. >> reporter: on saturday, dr. captive in a cleveland home for more than a decade are speaking campbell and others treated 62 victims that came to san publicly. >> i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my francisco in four waves. on scene triage got the most family, my friends. >> i would say thank you for serious to surgery within 45 minutes of the crash. the support. >> i will not let the situation >> the full gammot of blunt define who i am. force injury that was really catastrophic. >> reporter: inside the cabin, i will define the situation. >> the video was released by first class had shoulder belts, the courage fund which raised economy lab belts only more than $1 million for amanda suffering more abdomen barry, gina de jesus and injuries. passengers bodied thrashed with michelle knight. bone breaking force. the three were rescued in may >> the organs inside will get disrupted. >> i couldn't breathe for like after barry escaped. because i got the wind knocked ariel castro has pled not out of me. so i couldn't breathe for a guilty to kidnap, rape and aggravated murder for causing
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couple of seconds. >> it was like, we were all bouncing all over the place. one woman to miscarry after he i just remember there being impregnated her. the crash of flight 214 dust everywhere and i was being called a national disgrace. >> this was our shame. >> why the korean community here in the bay area is taking the events especially hard. >> and outside tonight, it is cooling down here in the bay area. chief meteorologist bill martin tells us how low temperatures will go. >> plus the new challenge against one state's ban on same- sex marriage.
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failure and honor have long been important themes in asian cultures. now some south koreans are expressing shame.
10:21 pm
>> reporter: at this korean market we found that many koreans view the crash not only as a tragedy but as a national disgrace. >> this was our shame. >> reporter: john kim of fremont is president of the national unification advisory council which advises the south korean government. >> people died and the many people injured. that's shameful because it's our nation's airline. >> reporter: one korean american woman said she could only express her feelings if we didn't show her face. >> first impression is i feel shameful. yeah, why it happened -- it happened to korean airline. >> reporter: why do you feel shameful? >> maybe you know we were educated not to make mistake. prideful. >> reporter: those we spoke with say koreans generally take great pride in the accomplishments of south koreans and the country's economic rise and failure brings shame. >> if something good happens we're all happy. if something bad happens, we're
10:22 pm
all ashamed. >> reporter: but not all koreans or korean americans feel ashamed by what happened. sad, yes, but ashamed no. >> korean community shouldn't feel guilty about it. >> reporter: while some korean americans might feel shame some say they can take pride in the heroism displayed by the south korean flight crew in saving passengers. rob roth, ktvu news. a legal fight heated up today over the release of a sexually violent predator who attacked women in the bay area. 62-year-old christopher hubbert was sent to prison three times for brutety raping dozens of women. the crimes happened in san francisco, sunny vale, santa clara and southern california. he's due to be released in los angeles where he was born: but the county d.a. filed a legal complaint. lawyers say the legality of same-sex marriage bans is bound to return to the high court
10:23 pm
since the justices did not tackle the central issue when they ruled on california's prop eight case. gay rights activists say since the court struck down key sections of the defense of marriage act it'll be difficult for the court to deny same-sex couples to marry. the canadian company has been going by blackberry, but to make it legal the company needed company approval. the company is hoping its newest devices will make blackberry a little more competitive with iphones and android phones. on wall street, stock markets posted more gains today. the dow was up 75 points the nasdaq rose 19. the markets have now regained the losses that happened after the fed indicated it would pull back its stimulus efforts possibly this fall.
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we told you about poisoned meat balls sickening pets in a neighborhood. the new twist in the case and the new warning by police. >> cooling down before a temperature rebound. the changes i'm tracking in your complete bay area forecast. >> signs of a growing threat in the south bay. >> that can eventually lead to attacks on humans. >> the new efforts to combat an aggressive coyote problems after other attempts failed.
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hundreds of firefighters are working to contain a wildfire in el dorado county. it's burning on the way to tahoe. traffic in both directions is being escorted around the fire. it's now about 40% contained and so far no homes have been damaged and no one has been evacuated the chp says the fire may have been sparked by a
10:27 pm
woken ax sell from a motor home that was towing a truck. coyotes are making a spike in the area. >> reporter: coyote traps are being placed in brush all over the saratoga trails after vector control started getting a lot of calls of coyotes being aggressive with humans. >> in the beginning it's scary in the middle of night but it's getting worse. >> reporter: officials say coyotes are common in the bay area but now people say the animals are following humans getting close and pets are disappearing. >> we know from history that when that kind of behavior is allowed to progress, that that can eventually lead to attacks on humans in particular
10:28 pm
children. >> reporter: so after caged traps didn't work, vector control is setting up snare traps. simple snares are put near coyote trails. >> the coyote is going to walk through here, when he does he's going to hit the chest area. then the snare traps around the neck. and we have a trap that prevents choking. >> reporter: another trap is baited with food. >> when they pull this it release it is trap, the trap comes on over the neck of the coyote then when the coyote pulls back, it's just like a snare at this point. >> reporter: after about two weeks if these traps aren't effective it will go to more elaborate traps. state law calls for trapped coyotes to be euthanized. san francisco police say more poisonous meat balls have been found. we first told you about those poisonous meat balls last week.
10:29 pm
thanks to the efforts of the community they found and disposed of hundreds of tainted meat balls. police are warning pet owners to be careful when walking dogs in that neighborhood. and if you see anything suspicious you're urged to call police. a nationally recognized expert on gunshot wounds appear to back george zimmerman's account. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder but insists he shot martin in self- defense. dr.vincent demayo says the to -- trajectory of the bullet and gun powder on zimmerman's body is consistent with zimmerman's account. >> it's consistent of a person leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> reporter: after cross-
10:30 pm
examination, dimaio conceded that martin could have been pulling away from zimmerman. the crew of the international station was performing maintenance and doing a little history. one astronaut became the first italian to walk in space. the two men removed a broken camera, worked on some cable. another space walk is set for next week. it was a hot one today 101 in livermore. temperatures were pretty hot inland. we have fog coast side that fog is filling in right along the coast. here you see tropical moisture working its way up. a dying tropical storm. and both of those are going to merge up in the area on wednesday to cool temperatures are going to begin cooling. temperatures on the cool down now. forecast highs tomorrow cooler than today. these are the numbers right
10:31 pm
now. so still pretty warm inland. just 57 in novato. so the sea breeze is cooling down. today will end up being the warmest day of the week. cloudier tomorrow and as we head into thursday as well. the extended forecast a warm up for your bay area weekend. as we march through the microclimates. 50s and 70s and upper 70s. mid-90s in the warmer spots. most of us tomorrow everyone in the hot spots mid-90s. so the forecast calls for tropical moisture to move up. this low pressure is going to be the mechanism for the beginning of the cooling. as it moves in, the fog gets pushed in and our temperatures drop down a few degrees. cooler tomorrow, cooler again on thursday. cooler again or mild again on friday. so the computer model there's the tropical moisture comes up friday afternoon. high along the coast, high with
10:32 pm
tropical clouds. maybe a shower, maybe a thundershower as well. we'll be tracking that for you. you see it sheers back on thursday morning. fog stays at the coast then we get into thursday afternoon, kind of patchy fog and then we get into your friday, friday morning and there's plenty of fog right. so temperatures are going to trend down. fire danger will take a little bit of a break. it will certainly get better. 88 in concord, these numbers certainly coordinated today. we had 101 in livermore. 89degrees in morgan hill. more of a sea breeze. more fog. some high clouds especially in the southern part of the bay area. 78 in palo alto, 78 in menlo park and 79 in mountain view. your bay area weekend in view. slightly cooler for your wednesday. drops down a few degrees, and then we kind of hoover upper 80s on friday. and saturday and sunday it warms up again. that subtropical moisture in the south kind of mellows out a little bit as we get into the
10:33 pm
end of the week. fire danger comes up and air quality takes a bit of a hit at that time. there's your five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. you can look for general cooling as we go into the next couple of days. >> and the weekend looks good. >> it looks good. >> thanks bill. it turns out an old computer is worth less than expected everyone if it is an apple original. the apple i was expected to go for half a million dollars. it's estimated there are fewer than 50 apple 1s still around. only 200 were made back in 1976 and at that time they sold for $666.66. and be ready to see a lot of yellow with the gray and teal at the sap center.
10:34 pm
the software giant bought the naming rights. yellow is the company color. let's go from hockey to baseball. joe is in tonight. >> it's that time of the year in baseball that you can talk about the team that has that look and teams that don't. put the a's under the category of teams that do. they trailed the pirates 1-0. moth gets into a garrett pitch and that's what happens when things are going good. number 16 on the year for moss. dan straley a little better. struck out seven pirates and allowing two hits. high scoring games, low scoring ones the a's are just getting it done. they win 2-1 they stay in first place over the rangers who are also winners tonight. the giants also have a look
10:35 pm
right now but unfortunately theirs is just about the opposite of the a's. giants got a little shot of life tonight against the match from a brand new call up. andrew brown hits one high and deep to left. game remained scoreless until the giants got something going in their half of the inning. brandon belt comes in hard. the game went back and forth until the eighth. it was 5-5 when that inning started. 10-5 by the time it was over after the mets had broken the tie. brandon byrd hit the first pitch he saw. that's a grand slam. that gave the met it is lead. they end up winning 10-6 as the giants have lost 15 of their last 17 games. it was a big day for signings for a couple of bay area teams. the warriors signed their first
10:36 pm
round draft pick 22-year-old netevich of serbia. he played two years in the summer league. we'll tell you about other signings when we come back. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. are as american as apple pie. & blue plate specials especially, the apple pie french toast. come in today for specials starting at just $4.99. only at denny's.
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one need the warriors knew they needed to address is a
10:39 pm
back up. they've done just that with the veteran germane o'neil. the warriors have reported signed o'neil to a one year contract. he's a veteran of 17nba seasons. they also agreed to sign guard tony douglas. and you can say the u.s. team and specifically east bay product chris ondeloski made quite an impression. all he did was score a hat trick as the u.s. guard started against belize. the u.s. 1-0 in group c will next play cuba in sandy utah. >> happen trick. wow. >> thank you, joe. thank you for making ktvu your source for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team will have the very latest on the crash at sfo plus traffic and weather they're here tomorrow from 4:30 until 9:00. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. good night.
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george: that guy was amazing. he could dunk, and he was my height! what was his name again? jimmy. jimmy. right. i don't know how you could forget. he kept referring to himself in the third person-- "jimmy's under the boards. jimmy's in the open! jimmy makes the shot!" ah, you're just mad 'cause we beat you. jerry, it's my fault. i couldn't make a shot. these losses stay with me. they fester, jerry! you know, this is going to plague me. ohh! yeow! hey, jimmy! ha ha ha ha. great game! oh, yeah. jimmy played pretty good.
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