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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 10, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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but that adult family member does suffer from disabilities, so currently, we are interviewing that person and inquiring as to what happened while the father is in the store. >> reporter: the girl's name is daphne viola webb. she is 21 months old. she was last seen wearing orange pajamas with pink hoods and sox. police are searching the area. witnesses told police say saw a woman walking away with a small child. that woman is described as a 30- year-old light-skinned african- american or hispanic with long straight hair wearing a light shirt and blue jeans. dozens of officers are here, including oakland police, bart police, transit officers and the fbi has now been called in. they're asking for the public's help. if anyone has seen the little girl, please give them a call. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news.
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back now to the deadly crash of asiana flight 214. a short time ago, federal officials updated the status of their investigation. ken ken pritchett was at the conference. >> reporter: one significant detail coming out of today's briefing is that the ntsb said as early as tonight, they could release that runway back to sfo. that is a step but a significant step in the direction of reopening that runway. we also heard some interesting details out of flight crew interviews, details that were both heroic and strange. >> reporter: a man said he saw something, a bright light, at around 500 feet. >> we need to understand exactly what that is, identify if there are any sources of light. >> reporter: the chairman says the pilot described the light as a temporary issue. the focus of the investigation is on why the plane was flying
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too low and too slow on approach. the pilots say a device called an autothrottle did not maintain a safe speed. >> if the cruise control allowed the car's speed to inkroo in-- increase to 55, 60, 75, the driver needs to intervene. >> reporter: we learned today that six of 12 flight attendants have been interviewed. six others remain hospitalized. and we learned the flight crew ordered the attendants to not issue an evacuation. >> he made an announcement for people to stay in their seats and not evacuate. >> reporter: that changed when one of the flight attendants saw a fire. a flight attendant then ordered the evacuation. but the crew stayed behind to fight the fire, as it encroached into the cabin, with
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two of their own trapped inside. >> they were using fire extinguishers. >> reporter: she is referring to the emergency slides or chutes that did not work as designed, two of which opened inside the plane. now, again, the ntsb said it could release that runway back to sfo as early as tonight. that would allow the airport to begin the process of making repairs and cleaning up that runway. they're still talking about several days, perhaps longer, before that runway could be reopened. and the ntsb just told me that right now there are no firm plans as to what will be done with the plane at this point. they are working that out now. in south san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, a closer look at the crash time line shows just how quickly things happened. when the plane came to a stop, the passengers were told to stay seated, while the captain called the control tower. 90 second later, a fire erupted. the doors opened. the slides inflated and people
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began evacuating. two minutes after the crash, the first emergency responders arrived. and three minutes later, firefighters began spraying foam on the wreckage. >> the aircraft has different seating arrangements. take a look. business class on the left side of your screen was one seat at the window, two in the middle, and one at the other window. travel class, which is the economy section, is on the right side of your screen. it was three seats on the left side, three in the middle, three on the right. now take a look at this diagram from the ntsb. there were eight exit doors, four on each side. they're labeled one to four on the left and one to four on the right. of the four, flight attendants in the back of the plane sitting near 4l and 4r, three were ejected. all four remain hospitalized. >> we also got a clearer picture of several moments when the pilots knew they were not
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on the proper descent path. at 4,000 feet, the pilots knew they were too high and they adjusted. on the approach at 500 feet, they were too low. that was 34 seconds prior to the crash, enough time authorities say to correct their approach. but that did not happen. some of the flight attendants appeared today together in public for the first time. our julie haener is here now with the brief but very emotional news conference. julie? >> reporter: ken, the toll of the crash and the terrifying moments that followed were visible on their faces. six members of the cabin crew were scheduled today to talk about their experience last saturday. but when the time came, it was just too much. one flight attendant appeared in a wheelchair. some were holding hands as they walked by a throng of reporters. through an interpreter, the cabin manager offered prayers for those killed and for the survivors. and she said the crew is also
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struggling to get through this ordeal. >> asiana flight 214 and -- asiana airlines and all the flight attendants are working as hard as possible in order to recover from this accident. >> the interpreter then informed reporters the crew was feeling overwhelmed and would not be making any more statements. the six then appeared together, their heads bowed. at least two of them breaking down in tears. the ntsb said six other members of the crew remain hospitalized tonight. clearly, they are all still visibly shaken by what has happened. investigators once again hailed the attendants of flight 214 for their heroic efforts to evacuate all the passengers and fight the fire. >> with only three of the four runways in operation at sfo, flight delays and cancellations are continuing today. the airport reported the cancellation of 42 flights this
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morning. there were also delays of 30 minutes to an hour for arriving flights and subsequent delays for departing flights. >> several passengers are still recovering at bay area hospitals. our kara has an update now on those being treated at san francisco general. kara? >> reporter: there are no patients still in the emergency department right now. one patient who was critical yesterday has improved and is now listed in serious condition. eight patients are still being treated here at san francisco general, according to a hospital spokeswoman. three are in critical condition, including a child. some of their injuries include spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries as well as fractures. we have seen some family members arrive to visit patients here at the hospital. a group from china fs was here also, a partnership that supports business exchange from china and the bay area. >> they're just being very calm and just taking care of the children. that's all i can say.
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we just expressed that we hope the kids will get better soon. >> reporter: at the crown plaza hotel, where a number of the passengers from flight 214 are staying, we've seen several coming and going. one was wearing a neck brace, another on crutches. yesterday afternoon, the cfo was swarmed by the media. we have reached out repeatedly to see if he plans to visit patients here or make any comments. we have not gotten a response. >> nine other patients are still hospitalized at a number of other bay area facilities. four are at stanford hospital, one in criminal but stable condition. three are in good condition at california pacific medical center campuses. one remains hospitalized at st. marys and one at st. francis. those patients are in stable
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condition. today the samsung executive who was on board the crash tweeted this, thinking a lot about those who died and were injured. a vigil will be held tomorrow night at the southern california school that was supposed to host the chinese students traveling on the asiana airlines flight. >> we have different customs and traditions, but we all have mothers and fathers. we all have children. >> after glenn kirby of the christian school read a prayer, the school had been ready to welcome a chinese students to their summer exchange program. now they will hold a prayer vigil to honor the two girls who died in the crash. >> this would have been our first summer camp and our first group from china. we're devastated at this great loss. >> the vigil will feature two
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white wreaths and two empty classroom chairs to represent the two victims. ktvu will be putting together a one-hour prime time special, airing tomorrow at 9:00. we'll have complete coverage of the investigation. plus, we're going to dig much deeper into the challenge of tracking the training of pilots on many different airlines. ktvu in depth, flight 214 airs tomorrow night at 9. an attorney for giants' pitcher chad gaudin may be to blame for his arrest. he was arrested on charges of lewd behavior. according to a police report, chad gaudin appeared intoxicated and approached a 23- year-old woman on a gurney. police say chad gaudin told the woman she was gorgeous and proceeded to touch her on her face and one of her breasts. in a statement, the attorney
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says the player was experiencing symptoms believed to be related to acute renal failure. police are searching for a man they say was caught on surveillance videos stealing a package right from in front of a home in fremont. police say this man is a transient in the san jose area. according to police, refugio aldama is the man in this video seen getting out of this bmw back on june 13. they say he stole a package from amazon. an unsettling sight. people flying into sfo are met by the wreckage of a boeing 777 sitting off the runway. new at 5:30, hear from passengers spotting it from the sky. and whether online
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pharmacies are worth it or whether americans are putting themselves at risk. up next. taxpayers get bad news about who is going to pay for some of those defective bolts. but then came the bombshell! after the break, we've got high clouds to talk about. temperatures fell off today, especially inland. 5 and 10 and 15 degrees. i'll show you how much cooler it's going to get in your neighborhood. ñsxóxgñ [ male announcer ] at montrose pet hospital,
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can help you do what you do... even better. those overseeing construction of the new bay bridge said today that there is plenty of blame to go around for the broken bolts that have delayed the bridge's opening and increased the price tag. tom vacar is live with more. tom? >> reporter: well, after today's meeting, some people were wondering, who is really
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in charge? >> good morning. >> reporter: the bay area toll authority learns of the financial responsibility rests with the private bridge designers, the private contractor, taxpayer-owned caltrans, or a combination of all. >> all three, we believe, being jointly responsible for the issue mentioned in the findings. >> reporter: those findings include specifying and ordering bolts that were not adequately protected from water and weather. caltrans and the designer jointly failed to differentiate between the uses and tensions of various bolts, picking a single-source supplier, instead of shopping around. failure to consider other kinds of anti-corrosion treatments and relying too much on industry standards as opposed to the bridge's special design needs. and caltrans and the contractors failed to better coordinate design and
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construction. despite all that, authorities say the new bay bridge will be just as advertised by december. but then, one of the world- renowned independent engineers dropped a bombshell about this new design. >> we have still achieved the full seismic safety of the bridge. and we can achieve that seismic safety within a month's time. >> reporter: if he's right about his design, then the bridge could be ready to go even earlier than december, even earlier than labor day. we'll explore that, coming up at 6. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a man accused of stabbing a resident to death at a santa fe homeless center is behind bars. police say this gentleman, matthews jacobson, stabbed a man at the center just after midnight. both men were residents at the shelter. police say it's still not clear what sparked the deadly stabbing. >> i just heard a victim
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yelling, help me, help me, please, i just got stabbed. call 911. and that's what i -- i woke up to that. i went in the room and he was bleeding out of his neck. >> the shelter shelters mentally ill clients. the chp is investigating an accident on interstate 80 that happened this morning that left one vehicle engulfed in flames. crews temporarily blocked all lanes. but they were all back open by 6 a.m. both drivers escaped without injury. we're finding out that the son of a richmond couple who died in a house fire also died of his injuries. the fire started in a converted garage where the three victims were living. the parents were pronounced dead at the scene.
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but the 28-year-old was hospitalized in critical condition. he was a heavy smoker. cool and calm weather is helping in the fight against an 11-square-mile wildfire in san diego county. the fire is 40% contained. cal fire says the flames barely moved overnight. about 100 buildings have been destroyed at a camp near julian in the cleveland national forest. they include a lodge, dining hall and cabins. the cause of this fire has not been determined. it was pretty nice out there today, but a little cooler today than yesterday. let's check in with our chief meteorologist to find out about today and about the rest of the workweek. >> definitely was cooler, heather. if you look to the south, you can see clouds coming up and showers coming up south of the bay area. we talked about the tropical moisture plumes moving northward. some rain coming down and
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thunderstorms off the shore of san diego. as we come in close, there's san jose and you see the clouds moving up from the south, giving you some filtered sunshine up by evergreen and gilroy and morgan hill. around the coast, there's your fog. with those two combined, temperatures dropped a good 10 degrees, even more in other places. we had 101 yesterday in livermore. right now it's 85 degrees. so temperatures clearly on the cool side. the marine layer stretches out, going into many bay area neighborhoods. it's cleaning up the air quality and lessening the fire danger. the computer model, there's the southerly clouds. and then tomorrow morning, there's rain showing up way down there. look at the line of clouds. this is tomorrow morning. and then tomorrow afternoon, clouds go away. even at the coast, we should
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see clearing. so the computer model takes the tropical moisture and moves it out of the area. 90's for the inland valleys. tomorrow's temperatures a lot like today. i think tomorrow may be a little cooler in some coastal areas. 89 is the forecast high tomorrow in livermore. look for patchy coastal fog in the mornings. your five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view, it's going to be slightly cooler tomorrow, especially around the bay. inland temperatures pretty similar. friday, temperatures drop a little more. saturday and sunday, temperatures start to come back up. upper 80's on saturday, low 90's on sunday. monday, temperatures back into the mid 90's. in this period, we're going to start being concerned about fire danger. so when i come back, at 5:45, we'll take a look at the latest computer model that takes us into the bay area weekend and we'll take a look to see if there is any heat wave headed your way. it certainly is going to warm up as we go into your sunday
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and monday. how warm, i'll let you know. a huge decision on whether apple violated antitrust laws. and what goes up must come down. a bay area hospital meets the wrecking ball that's going to replace it. now to julie haener with what we're working on at 6. >> killed on impact or by an emergency vehicle, only on 2, what the coroner revealed to us today about his conversations with the family and a mountain of evidence that could delay findings for weeks. also -- >> the surprising location of a marijuana field. >> these stories and much more, coming up at 6. crystal geyser is always
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bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser.
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crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
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today a federal judge found that apple violated antitrust laws by raising the price of e- books. the judge said the cupertino- based company played a central role in executing what she called a conspiracy. apple is expected to appeal the ruling. a spokesman for the company said apple would continue to fight what he called false accusations. technology giant samsung broke down on a new research and development facility in silicon valley. mayor reed joined them today. the ten-story facility on first street will have 1.1 million square feet of space. samsung says it will hire about
5:25 pm
1,000 new employees to work there. executives say they chose san jose for its high-tech talent and funding. >> samsung has been here for 30 years and this is showing our commitment to innovation and to job growth in the bay area. >> samsung says its new building will be green and rain- friendly, with a cafeteria under a landscaped roof. it is scheduled to open in two years. people in the east bay area, one tall building is coming down. the demolition of the old eden medical center began at 7:30 this morning. the nation's tallest excavator is on the job, chipping away at the building, from the seventh floor down to the ground. the hospital served the community for 58 years, and that includes the birth of about 80,000 babies. >> well, we're happy to be in the new facility, but we have a lot of great memories here at the old hospital. so we're sad to see it go.
5:26 pm
>> the new hospital opened next to the old hospital last december. the old building will be replaced by additional parking, landscaping and walking paths. it will take about a month to finish the demolition. more than $21 million is on its way to california health centers to help implement reform measures. federal grants are being distributed to 129 health centers to help people sign up for coverage under the new health care law. 30 of the health centers are here in the bay area. the outreach effort will create more than 400 jobs statewide to assist almost 600,000 people with enrollment. we have more to come on that deadly crash at sfo. >> seeing that doesn't make you feel that much better. >> tonight we take you inside the cabin, just yards away from there wreckage of flight 214. and the man accused of the
5:27 pm
boston marathon bombings appears in court. we look at the lessons that can be learned from that deadly attack. and there were questions about whether george zimmerman would testify at his murder trial. the decision not to put him on the stand and the testimony today from his father.
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. the wreckage of asiana flight 214 remains on the runway, visible by passengers landing at sfo. just what it is like to see this unsettling sight from the sky. but first, let's recap the new information on the investigation into that crash. the chair of the ntsb said today that investigators have completed their interviews with the four pilots who were on board that flight. she said they learned, when the plane first crash-landed, that a pilot initially told passengers not to evacuate. people began fleeing the aircraft about 90 seconds later when a fire erupted. the ntsb also revealed today that three flight attendants, not two as was first reported, were ejected from the plane upon impact. six of the flight attendants appeared at an emotional news coverage today. one was in a wheelchair. the cabin manager made a brief
5:31 pm
statement through an interpreter. >> asiana airlines and all the flight attendants are working as hard as possible in order to recover from this accident. >> six of the flight attendants are still hospitalized. the cabin manager went on to say that they are in their prayers. while flight operation s have mostly returned to normal, there is one thing that decidedly is not. that is the wreckage of flight 214. how passengers are coping with that unsettling sight. mike? >> reporter: there really wasn't a sense of fear from the passengers i spoke to today, ken. they said they described it inside the cabin as kind of a calm atmosphere, specifically as they got within feet of touching down on the runway. touching down on the runway, from a viewer's perspective. and for those seated on the left side of the cabin -- >> seeing that doesn't make you feel that much better. >> reporter: the wreckage of
5:32 pm
flight 214, right there for all to see. >> it's a very bad sight. i feel bad for all the people who were on that plane. >> reporter: all day, one at a time, the planes just kept coming. and in baggage claim, passengers kept reacting. >> it was pretty amazing to see that fuselage and how it was burned up and to think that only two people passed away. >> unusual. it's not something you're supposed to see in an airport, a crashed, burned-out plane. >> reporter: karen says on final approach, her fellow passengers became quite quiet. >> i was kind of looking at the people in front of me, over on the window side, to see if they were looking. and people weren't. i mean, and the pilot didn't say anything. why would he? >> reporter: the ntsb says the pilot of 214 was training on the boeing 777. we asked if the passengers
5:33 pm
should be alerted if the pilot is in training. >> it might cause undue angst. and in some situations, it might not be the best environment for passengers to fly, because they get really nervous. >> reporter: all the travelers told us today that the pilots did not mention the wreckage upon landing. again, a very quiet atmosphere. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the faa has finalized new minimal flight time requirements for airline and cargo pilots. the announcement comes a day after our d.c. bureau exposed year-long delays. officers now just have 1500 hours of flying time, up from 250. and captains are now required to have an extra 1,000 hours as a copilot and must receive extra training for the specific airplanes. >> i think the public should feel more comfortable, in an
5:34 pm
already extremely safe flying environment here in the united states. >> even more new faa training requirements are expected to be announced later this year. we have continuing coverage of the plane crash on it's at the top of the pageful you'll find links to flight information. you can get updates from your mobile device, the channel 2 facebook page or by following us on twitter. breaking news, police are still looking at this hour for 21-month-old daphne viola webb in oakland. an amber alert has been issued by the chp. the child was reported missing by her father at 11:09 a.m. this morning. this is in east oakland. officers right now are conducting a house-to-house search in the area, along with police k-9 units. oakland police have closed 78th avenue between international boulevard and locust street. any information that anyone might have on this little girl, who is still missing and
5:35 pm
believed to be kidnapped, those people are asked to contact oakland police. the surviving boston bombing suspect today pleaded not guilty to all of the charges against him. 19-year-old dzokhar tsarnaev appeared in court for the first time. tsarnaev looked bored as he sat with his arm in a cast. survivors of the bombings packed the courtroom. tsarnaev faces 30 federal charges, including the use of a weapon of mass destruction to kill. the bombing killed three people and injured more than 260 others. the boston bombings were discussed today on capitol hill. lawmakers are looking at the hard lessons learned from that attack and what they mean for u.s. security. >> reporter: communication is key. but congress says it was cut off leading up to the boston marathon bombing. homeland security members blasted federal authorities. >> the problem, at the heart of
5:36 pm
preventing the boston bombings, is a failure to share information. >> reporter: they knew the boston bombing brothers were connected to a terrorist group in russia. >> he obviously wasn't going back to listen to the moscow symphony. >> reporter: but they never shared that information with officials in boston or massachusetts. >> did you have ceany information on the tsarnaevs? >> nobody in the state police had any knowledge of the tsarnaev brothers. >> reporter: criticism for communication. but kudos for emergency responders, making sure 260 victims survived their injuries. they pressed congress to continue approving homeland security grants. >> the money, the training, the equipment, made it possible for us to do what we did after this happened. >> reporter: some in congress slammed the fbi for not attending these hearings. officials tell me they've breached congress multiple times but can't testify because it's an ongoing investigation. attorneys in the second- degree murder trial of george
5:37 pm
zimmerman will give their closing arguments tomorrow. zimmerman is accused of killing and shooting unarmed teenager, trayvon martin. the defense called 18 witnesses in less than a week. both prosecutors and the defense used a dummy to demonstrate their versions of the fight that took place between zimmerman and martin. today, the judge also told zimmerman to rethink his position not to take the witness stand and then grilled him again after a break. >> what is your decision, sir? >> after consulting with counsel, not to testify, your honor. >> you understand, no matter what counsel says to you, it's still your decision? do you understand that? >> yes, your honor. well, it is a risk that you may not have considered, the danger you could be putting yourself in as you look for cheaper medications online. and why there's little the government can actually do to protect you. a man gets a brand-new car
5:38 pm
thanks to his toddler. how a little girl made a big purchase on ebay. and we now know what caused a horrific train crash in quebec.
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
a railway executive is blaming human error for the runaway train crash that devastated a canadian town and
5:41 pm
caused more than a dozen deaths. an engineer apparently failed to set the brakes on train cars filled with oil before leaving his shift. the train rolled into the center of town, crashed and exploded on saturday. the engineer has been suspended and may face criminal charges. 15 people are confirmed dead and police say 30 people missing are presumed dead. heavy rain in china buried dozens of people today. they say up to 40 people were buried by the landsslides. they are trying to confirm the number of deaths as they continue with evacuations. flooding toppled buildings, destroyed bridges and created giant sinkholes. the rains began last weekend and are being called the worst in decades. former president george w. bush is calling for a, quote, positive resolution to the immigration debate. he made those comments today at the bush institute in dallas.
5:42 pm
the former republican president did not take a specific stance on legislation, but mr. bush has long supported overhauling the country's immigration system. >> i hope during the debate that we keep a benevolent spirit in mind and we understand the contributions immigrants make to our country. >> meantime, house republicans met behind closed doors today to discuss how to handle immigration. the senate already passed a bill, creating a pathway to citizenship for the country's millions of immigrants who are here legally, but house republicans say they do not support it. we examine the growing popularity of online pharmacies. and a young victim of the violence in the gaza strip. the life-changing help he's receiving right here in the bay area. a little breezy out there right now. clouds coming from the south. temperatures dropped today. what does it mean for tomorrow
5:43 pm
and when will things start to warm up again? all that, after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] when the a.c. goes out in a heat wave, it's nuccio heating and air conditioning that comes to the rescue. at&t helped nuccio put a complete mobile solution to work. mobile routing to send the closest technician and mobile payments to invoice on the spot. where do you want to take your business? call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪
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cheap prescriptions online may seem like a good idea. but the possibility of rogue internet companies is getting bigger and bigger. many of them are violating state and federal laws by selling misbranded, counterfeit drugs. many are doing so without
5:46 pm
prescriptions. a watchdog group says there are more than 34,000 of them online and many of them are operating overseas, making it difficult to prosecute violators. >> they need to operate where the bad guys are located, where the drugs are being sourced from, which requires multi- government collaboration. >> the fda says one in four americans buys medications online but a third of them don't have confidence in the safety of those drugs. one group is fighting to change the dot-coms. in an effort to save money, the pentagon is considering eliminating, quote, danger pay. that's a stipend given to troops in countries considered dangerous. it would take a cut out of
5:47 pm
salaries of troops. countries where active u.s. combat is going on would not be affected but thousands of troops in the middle east and persian gulf would be. an army private's trial in the wikileaks scandal. defense attorneys are hoping to prove the information given to the wikileaks website did not compromise national security. manning did not take the stand. at his request, a judge and not a jury will decide his case. he faces a possible life sentence. people in their 90's are showing better mental performance compared to those a decade ago. the study's authors say the result suggests the functions of people who reach their 90's is improving. they also say improving living conditions and health care may
5:48 pm
also be a factor. a bill to lower rates for student loans failed today. the rate recently doubled. but republicans and some democrats voted against it in favor of a strategy that would tie interest rates to the financial markets. the gop-led house is also against the one-year extension. without congressional action in the next few weeks, students could be paying more. only 14 months old, an oregon toddler managed to get her dad to buy her a new car. she used the ebay app on her dad's phone, which was unattended. she bought a 1962 austin-healey sprite. he says he had no idea about the purchase until he received an e-mail notification. >> luckily, it was one of the recently viewed ones that was actually local, because i had
5:49 pm
been looking at it with a friend of mine. >> well, the car ended up costing $225 and the girl's dad says he's glad it wasn't the porsche, which cost $38,000! >> it looks like there's a lot of work to put that car together. a little cool-down today. we've got the national weather service numbers in. livermore yesterday was 101. today the official number was 92 in livermore, so down a good 9 degrees there. temperatures through the bay area did cool. 78 in santa rosa. 80 in san rafael. along the coast, a little bit of fog. pacifica, 63. fog along the coast. temperatures cool today. here come the high clouds. stormtracker 2 picking up showers. they are getting shunted to the south. the model suggests they're going to continue to get pushed
5:50 pm
away south and east. we do have high clouds in san jose. this is tropical moisture. here's the coastal fog. you can tell the difference with the fog, because the fog just kind of hangs along the coast. higher clouds. lower clouds. tomorrow's forecast, highs a lot like today. as we get into the bay area weekend, a warming trend. temperatures start to increase. as you go through the bay area microclimates, mid 60's, upper 60's out in the berkeley area. mid 70's's -- tomorrow is gonna be a lot like today. santa clara valley, mid to upper 80's, low 90's. a lot like today. monsoonal moisture is what it's called when tropical moisture drifts out of the desert southwest. it will move out of the area by tomorrow as this low pressure center comes in and kicks it this way. this low is the reason that thursday and friday remain
5:51 pm
relatively mild. and it's the reason the fog bank is going to remain relatively deep. when it's deep, you get lesser fire danger, better air quality and temperatures like these. 87 in gilroy. 87 in morgan hill. low 60's along the coast. 80's in menlo park. your five-day forecast, no rain in the forecast. for a while, looked like that monsoonal moisture could produce showers and even thundershowers. right now, it looks like that's not gonna happen. so rain, not in the forecast. we're not seeing it in any national weather service products either. the five-day forecast looks like this, with your bay area weekend clearly in view. a warm-up on sunday and monday. you'll notice it's back into the mid 90's. but, you know, it's been a nice summer so far, and this week looks like it's no exception. coming up, the big honor for george lucas.
5:52 pm
plus -- >> this small office is helping an injured boy from the middle east and perhaps even helping improve international relations. back now to julie haener, live in the newsroom with more of the stories we're working on for 6. the bust yielding bushels and bushels of marijuana. why officers needed a helicopter to reach the hidden garden. we're investigating whether one of the victims from flight 214 was hit by an emergency vehicle. i talked exclusive with the coroner today. what he told me about all of the evidence he has to go through. >> coming up, in less than 10 minutes.
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hi, folks.
5:55 pm
president obama honored the bay area's own george lucas today with the national medal of arts. >> there's a whole generation that thinks specific effects always looked like they do today. but it used to be you'd see like the string on the little model space ships. >> during the ceremony, mr. obama praised the star wars director, saying his films showed great advances in special effects. it is a rare legal move to shed light on the government's
5:56 pm
secret data-gathering. yahoo was asked to disclose details about a case that forced yahoo to comply. the sunnyvale company says the documents will show how strongly yahoo objected to it. two teenage girls have been arrested in connection with the robbery of a 68-year-old on the muni light rail that we told you about last month. the teenage girls were seen walking up to the woman, punching her and running away with her two purses. police say a tip led to the arrest of one of the teens, already in custody, and the other girl turned herself in. their names have not been released because of their ages. he lost much of his family and much of his right leg in an attack in the middle east. now a 14-year-old boy is here in the bay area for some much- needed help. john joins us from oakland.
5:57 pm
john, this wasn't his first trip to the u.s. indeed. they have a client who traveled a long ways to have a new leg replacement. he's a teenager from the gaza strip. this is the third strip for 14- year-old abdullah. >> put it on so there's no air pockets. >> reporter: he's here to get a third prosthetic leg, after outgrowing his current one. >> i came here for a prosthesis that i need to walk. >> reporter: oakland's orthopaedic is fitting him with the new leg to replace the old one. >> it's limiting his mobility and it's uncomfortable. because he lives in the gaza strip, there's no prosthetic support, so trying to get the best fit, at first, will give him hopefully the longest length of time. >> reporter: abdullah lost his right leg after their home was
5:58 pm
shelled in 2007. >> i lost my mother and my two sisters. and i lost most of my family. >> reporter: this is abdullah on his first trip here, shortly after he was injured at seven years old. >> he was a baby at the time. but he's a young man now. >> reporter: now he's visiting his host family for about a month. >> most kids are worried about what type of jeans or shoes they're gonna put on. this kid has to basically put a leg on. >> reporter: they say there are countless people with missing limbs in gaza. >> it makes you think and wonder why we as a society allow things like this to happen and not speak out, because the children are the ones who are suffering. >> reporter: he's one of the lucky few to have many others helping them. >> i want to tell them i really love them and i want to say thanks to the people. >> reporter: abdullah does go hard on that leg, playing lots of soccer and basketball.
5:59 pm
he's due back on thursday for the final fitting of his new prosthesis. ktvu's channel 2 news at 6 starts now. >> our airplane is landing. now at 6, a 911 call from a passenger on flight 214 calmly calling for help just moments after the plane crashed at sfo. breaking news out of oakland where right now police are searching for a missing 21- month-old girl. and new at 6, a large marijuana bust at a south bay park. the surprising location near some popular camping sites. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6. good evening. i'm ken wayne in tonight for frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. happening right now, we are looking at live pictures near san francisco airport. here you're looking at a
6:00 pm
caravan of passengers from asiana flight 214 and families of the crash victims. they're on their way right now to sfo. they're going to take part in a memorial at the crash site. ten police motorcycles are escorting this caravan to the airport. we're watching this developing story. as we get more information and more pictures, we will bring them to you. right now, we're turning to breaking news in the east bay. police are searching for a 21- month-old girl reported missing by her father in east oakland. an amber alert has been issued. police say the child has not been seen in almost seven hours. the little girl was reportedly taken shortly after 11 this morning from the 1400 block of 79th avenue in east oakland. ktvu's rob roth is there and he joins us live at the scene with the latest on the search. rob? >> reporter: well, julie, nelice are expected to re veal


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