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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 10, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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caravan of passengers from asiana flight 214 and families of the crash victims. they're on their way right now to sfo. they're going to take part in a memorial at the crash site. ten police motorcycles are escorting this caravan to the airport. we're watching this developing story. as we get more information and more pictures, we will bring them to you. right now, we're turning to breaking news in the east bay. police are searching for a 21- month-old girl reported missing by her father in east oakland. an amber alert has been issued. police say the child has not been seen in almost seven hours. the little girl was reportedly taken shortly after 11 this morning from the 1400 block of 79th avenue in east oakland. ktvu's rob roth is there and he joins us live at the scene with the latest on the search. rob? >> reporter: well, julie, police are expected to re veal new details sometime within the
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hour. but the police search is still on. the story begins when this girl's father was in an suv and he went inside this market to buy energy drinks here on 79th avenue and international boulevard. police say the father had left the girl in the car with a relative described as having a disability. but when the father returned, his daughter was gone. >> he asked me, he said, have you seen anybody around here? >> what did he say to you? >> he said, have you seen anybody around her? my daughter and my mom's purse just got stolen. >> reporter: the little girl's name is daphne viola webb. she's 21 months old and was last seen in orange pajamas with pink hearts. police are using tracking dogs to assist in the search. numerous agencies have joined in, including the fbi. they are starting in the area closest to the car and
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expanding out. now, police have released a description of the person they believe may have taken daphne. she's described as 30 to 40 years old, light-skinned african-american or hispanic with a light top and wearing blue jeans. police are asking anyone who may have seen her or has any information to please give them a call immediately. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. and right now we want to show you another picture. this is a picture of one-year- old daphne viola webb. she is described as having short, curly black hair and brown ice. -- eyes. she was last seen wearing orange pajamas with pink hearts and pink socks. a new look at the wreckage of asiana flight 214. the pilot initially told passengers not to evacuate while he checked with the air traffic control tower. about 90 seconds after the crash, two of the flight doors
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opened for passengers to evacuate. a minute after, crews started trying to put out a fire on the aircraft. >> the flight attendants and the flight crew were involved in trying to fight the fire on the inside. we had flight attendants that were pinned, that they were trying to get out from these slides. they were using fire ex -- extinguishers to do that. >> salvage operations on the runway will begin tonight. >> there's been a crash. there are people injured on the tarmac, seriously injured. we need an ambulance! >> ma'am, we have reports of it. we're aware of the situation. >> there are no ambulances here. we've been on the ground 20 minutes. >> that was one of the 911 calls made after flight 214 crash-landed. we just received this call and several others that were made to the san francisco office of
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the chp. three flight attendants, not two, were ejected from the plane after it landed. no seats were ejected from the aircraft. the ntsb says the pilots did get eight hours of sleep prior to the flight. we also learned that at 4,000 feet, the pilots were too high on their final approach. but then at 500 feet, the pilots realized they were too low. at that point, they had 34 seconds prior to the crash to adjust their flight path. we have team coverage tonight but we begin with a story you'll see only on 2. we talked to the coroner face- to-face about the deadly crash. >> reporter: the coroner told me, with such a large event, there's an incredible amount of evidence to go through, everything from interviews with all the first responders to aerial footage. all of it will help him figure out if this 16-year-old girl from china was in fact hit by a fire truck and if that's what
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killed her. moments after asiana flight 214 went down at sfo, san francisco firefighters rushed in to rescue passengers. but in the chaos of saturday's crash, authorities say it's possible 16-year-old ye mengyuan was run over by a large aircraft rescue firefighting vehicle. >> we have to have a better understanding of what happened. >> reporter: today i asked san mateo coroner if the girl had the type of injuries that would come from being hit by a truck. he told me it's too early to say. he's in the middle of a complicated death investigation. >> there's a lot of people that were involved in rescuing people. there were a lot of vehicles that were around the aircraft, a lot of personnel, so we want to make sure we look at everything. >> reporter: and videos from news helicopters will also be key. >> we'll look at video evidence that is out there, that the news helicopters that were up in the air early on, getting
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raw footage, taking a look at that. >> reporter: yesterday, deputy coroners met with the girl's family after they arrived from china. they're anxious to know if the girl survived the plane crash, only to be inadvertently tilled -- killed by the people there to save her. >> we told the families we're looking into that, so the family can have closure and go on with their final arrangements. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department is also doing its own interpret investigation. a spokesperson told me the drivers of five fire trucks have been drug-tested. all tests have come back negative. more interviews have yet to be done. meantime, the coroner tells me it will be another two to three weeks before he can release that girl's official cause of death. we're live tonight in san mateo, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. take a look at this new
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perspective of just how low and slow flight 214 was while landing at sfo. on the top screen is video of that plane making its approach on saturday. on the bottom is a flight that landed at sfo this morning. look how high today's plane's landing is compared to flight 214. today's plane was still high above the ground at the same point and didn't touch down until the point where the wreckage is now. happening right now, another live look near san francisco airport. this is where a caravan of passengers from asiana flight 214 and families of the crash victims of those two 16-year- old girls are on their way to sfo. we are told that they are going to have a memorial and it will be held at the crash site, where that wreckage still lies on the runway where that flight came down. it appears they're stopped
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right now, but ten police motorcycles are escorting this caravan to the airport. as you can imagine, it's going to be a very emotional gathering for these people as they come back to flight 214 with that wreckage still sitting on the runway. we're going to continue to watch this caravan and bring you more live pictures as they continue to move, when we get them. six of the 12 crew members who were on asiana flight 214 appeared before the media today. >> reporter: one man and five women, one in a wheelchair, met a sea of reporters. the flight's cabin manager was the only one to speak, saying they are praying for the victims' families and all the survivors. through an interpreter, they said they wouldn't be making any more statements. >> this is a very emotional event for the people who are here right now. and a lot of their coworkers are still hospitalized. these are not the entire crew members. and unfortunately, this will be
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the end of the interview session. >> reporter: the ntsb said today the six other flight attendants remain in the hospital tonight. investigators still haven't had a chance to interview them. people flying in and out of sfo can still see the wreckage of flight 214 out there on the runway. we talked with some arriving passengers today in the baggage claim area. one woman told us passengers were very quiet as their plane made its final approach to sfo. >> i was kind of looking at the people sort of in front of me, over on the window side, to see if they were looking. and people weren't. i mean -- and the pilot didn't say anything. >> we also asked travelers if they would wopt to know, prior to flying, if the pilot of their flight was in training. the majority said no. sfo is reporting today that at least 42 flights have been cancelled. there were also delays of 30 minutes to one hour for
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arriving and departing flights. the airport is continuing to operate on only three of its four runways. if you have a flight, you're advised to contact your airline for delay and cancellation information. eight patients of flight 214 are still being treated at san francisco's general hospital tonight. three are in critical condition. some of the victims' family members have been out the hospital, as well as a chinese group. nine other patients are hospitalized at several other bay area medical facilities. our coverage of the crash landing of flight 214 continues online. go to there on our home page, you'll find the very latest information, including video from today's ntsb news conference. ktvu is putting together a one- hour prime time special on the landing of flight 214. we'll have complete coverage of the investigation, including a deeper look at the challenge of tracking the training of pilots on many different airlines. plus, we'll hear the amazing
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heroics you haven't seen yet. it airs thursday night at 9 p.m. we are following more breaking news for you right now in oakland. we want to show you a live picture from downtown oakland. the fbi are raiding three locations. they are executing field search warrants as part of an ongoing criminal investigation. back in march, the oakland unified school board voted to revoke the school's charter, citing financial mismanagement. on monday, they ruled the school could stay open while it appeals that decision. new evidence involving the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. transportation officials today talked about a possible quick fix to the span's broken bolts that could mean a sooner-than- expected opening date. tom vacar joins us now with
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the details of this possible fix. >> reporter: julie, this is a word-renounced earthquake bridge engineer, on caltrans' independent peer review board. he literally wowed the crowd. >> again, it is my pleasure to call to order the meeting. >> reporter: members were given briefings on why the bridge will open in december or even later, pending completion of the retrofit to replace the bolts. then a member of the review panel dropped a bombshell, announcing what he says is his own better, much faster solution. >> this is a very simple structural operation, the complete design for the shims has been done. the contractor has it in front of them. >> reporter: because the bolts on the main earthquake support have failed, the new idea says let's do something with these two other road supports. what they intend to do is literally take plates of metal
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and stick them in here, like shims, or washers, to stiffen everything up. hopefully that will resist an earthquake. >> we can achieve the seismic safety within a month's time. okay? and we don't have to wait until december. >> reporter: that left a lot of clearly surprised bridge officials scratching their heads. >> the book he held up and talked about as a design, that's the first i've heard of it. >> it does need to be looked at to see about its viability. but it would have to be subjected to the same review as the final fix was. >> reporter: this will take a few weeks, adding more confusion to this already embarrassing mess. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. milder temperatures today, but the coolest day of the week is still ahead. when we will break that trend
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and start to warm up, where you live. plus, breaking ground on a new headquarters. when samsung will move into the ten-story building and why it will benefit more than just the people working there. the santa clara county sheriff's department descended on an illegal marijuana field today. up to the minute, the minute you're up, ktvu channel 2 news and mornings on 2, complete bay area news coverage. weekdays at 4:30.
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new at 6, drug enforcement officers from the santa clara county sheriff's department and other agencies raided an illegal marijuana field today, cutting down thousands of plants from public property. the large operation is just wrapping up, deep within henry state park in santa clara county. that's where robert joins us. >> reporter: we are near the
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state park entrance. we have been with drug enforcement teams all day as they broke up that illegal marijuana grow operation that had been here for months, deep in the heart of the park. a helicopter carrying out 500- pound loads of marijuana plants made for a strange sight at henry coast state park today. they swept in an an illegal marijuana growing operation and officers say they came away with about 10,000 plants. starting at around 4 in the morning, about 50 officers and two k-9 units spent hours hiking into a steep hillside where the field was being cultivated on park land, while stealing water from a rancher's lake. the rancher told us he tipped off law enforcement about two weeks ago when he approached the field and heard a gunshot. >> i don't know if it was a warning shot or not, but it was scary. >> reporter: the team of
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officers, including swat members, approached the field consciously. >> the word to many of these growers is, if you see a sheriff, a game warden, aim for the head. >> we think that it's the cartels, the mexican cartels. it's a huge profit. >> reporter: this indicates the people guarding the field fled in a big hurry, leaving the pot, the weapons and a lot of irrigation equipment behind. >> the no. 1 threat to the environment is from marijuana growers, the habitat destruction, with the pesticides, poisons that aren't even legal to possess in the united states. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says it has a street value of about $40 million. but officers say the environmental damage could take years to repair. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. happening now, we want to show you another live look at this caravan near san francisco
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international airport. this is the caravan from asiana flight 214 victims and families of the crash victims. we're told they are now at the scene of the crash. you can't see the wreckage, but that bus there was holding the passengers and families of the crash victims from saturday's crash. we're told they're going to have a memorial at the crash scene. ten police motorcycles were escorting this caravan to the airport. when we get more information, we will bring it to you. samsung broke ground on its new headquarters in san jose. company executives and city and state leaders were on hand. the 10-story building will be made up of staff offices and green space. more than 2,000 employees will work in the headquarters when it opens in 2015. >> we'll have opportunities for brainstorming. you're really going to see a spark of innovation, because of the way the building is
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designed. it's meant for these impromptu meetings that spark the next big idea. >> the new building will include a cafeteria, gym and basketball court. some of it will be open to the public. cooler out there today. 9, 10 degrees. there's the fog along the coast. here is that tropical moisture we've been talking about the last couple of days, trying to work its way up from the south. there are showers south of our area in these clouds. but those showers and most of the clouds are going to stay south. things cooled off, because there's a weak low pressure off shore. fire danger goes down, temperatures go down, and air quality gets better when that happens. here is the monsoonal moisture. that happens a lot, especially in august. what we've got coming up now, as that moisture heads north, this low wants to come in and it kind of shoots it out of here. a little bit towards the
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southeast. cooler inland because of this low. tropical moisture kind of moves out, which is a good thing, because if it had continued north further and gotten into thundershowers, it would be bad for this time of year. but looks as though that moisture, according to the computer model, is working its way south and out of the area. fog tomorrow when you wake up. forecast highs, there they are. just like today. tomorrow's highs actually a lot like today. 90 in vacaville. 71 in alameda, 73 in hayward. certainly mild around the bay. 61 in pacifica. 61 in daly city. then the five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view, you're 89 tomorrow, on thursday, is the warmest spot. friday, it trends down a little bit. and on sunday, temperatures start to work their way back
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up. a nice-looking weather forecast. we dodged the bullet. dry lightning was my worry on monday but looks like we're in good shape with that. >> thank you, bill. sports is next. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] at montrose pet hospital,
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we have a new friend joining us on the sports desk to tell us how the giants are doing. >> vacation was nice. good to be back with you guys. boy, you didn't miss anything if you're a giant fan. every time you think it can't get worse, how about this, 16 losses in 19 games. and matt canes, the shortest start of his big league career. didn't make it out of the first inning. that fellow found some shade and he was doing all right. first inning did not go well for matt cain. he finds no relief. the two-run single. there you go. bruce bochy had seen enough. the goo i the giants traded away, he provided a two-run
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win. cain says he's fine. he is more concerned about the health of this ball club. >> it seems like everything is going wrong when i'm pitching, so i'm doing everything. it's definitely showing. >> this is probably the worst that i've seen, in the years that i've been here. this is a pretty bad skid. we've gotta find a way out of it pretty quick. meantime, good news for warrior fans. mark jackson came out of nowhere, no previous head coaching experience. anyway, he's been extended for the 2014-15 season. and there is talk that they will be working on a multi-year agreement to make sure. the guy is sticking around for a long time. and we didn't forget about the a's. they are in a rain delay, haven't even started back in
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pittsburgh. so far, bad weather in pittsburgh. >> welcome back. >> thanks, julie. tonight at 10, the very latest on that amber alert in oakland. police are still searching for a missing 21-month-old girl. >> and we are always here at and mobile ktvu. we want to give you another live look over san francisco airport. we've been told that survivors and families of saturday's crash victims are attending a memorial at the scene of the wreckage. thanks for joining us tonight.
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