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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 10, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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breaking news tonight. police and federal investigators walk the east bay shore line searching for a missing 1-year-old girl. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. oakland police and fbi agents are following a new lead tonight in their search for a 21-month-old girl. tonight investigators have focused their search effort on martin luther king jr. regional
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park in east oakland. >> reporter: julie, we're now entering the 11th hour since the young girl was reported missing. opd has several scenes that they're working at this hour, clueing one near the airport. from chopper 2, you can see police officers searching the park area at martin luther king regional shore line. there are also k-9 units on the ground. the search is for 21-month-old daphne webb. >> it is possible that the child was not in the car. it is possible the child was taken. >> reporter: police say after 11:00 a.m. this morning daphne's father entered this market. police say he left the girl in this dark colored suv. when the fir came out of the
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store, daphne was missing. >> i happened to see the car seat, and it was empty. his mom was sitting there, kind of like, just, you know, kind of distraught. >> reporter: since then, officers, fbi agents and k-9 agents have continued to search for daphne. the oakland police chief also came out to look at the scene. >> the suspect is described as a female african american, 30 to 40 years oldment she could possibly be hispanic. >> reporter: take a look at little daphne. police are not saying the father is a suspect. they just want to know when was the last time the two were seen together. we're getting new reports of another scene that police are working. we're going to make our way over to that spot, and bring you the latest later in our newscast. ktvu, channel 2 news.
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>> we want to give you one more look at daphne webb. she is described as 2 feet tall, 30 pounds, and with curly hair. new video tonight of a car accident that killed two people. police identified the victims as a couple in their 60s. the violent crash happened at about 8:00 tonight on the richmond parkway, not far from the chevron refinery in richmond. police tell us the driver hit a curb, then crashed into oncoming traffic. the car flipped over, and was struck by a big rig. right now, both directions of the richmond parkway are closed. now to the crash at sfo, a somber trip of passengers, back to the tarmac and to the scene of the crash landing. there were moments of reflection this evening, a chance for survivers to discuss
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among themselves, the terrifying events they lived through when the flight hit the sea wall, broke apart, and then caught fire. we have team coverage on the crash at sfo. we begin with ktvu's amber lee, she is live in burlingame, where she spoke to one of the survivers after visiting one from the tarmac. >> reporter: just a short while ago, i spoke with one of the survivers who went back out to the crash scene earlier tonight, and he shared with me what it was like there, and what it was like to be reunited with other survivers here at this hotel. shortly before 6:00, we saw san francisco police escort a large bus, carrying a group of plane crash victims and their families from the crowne plaza hotel. news chopper 2 followed the bus, as it took passengers to the san francisco airport, back to the scene of the horrific crash. surviver ben levee tells me,
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this journey back to the tarmac was organized by ntsb. >> what was it like ben? >> not so much to see the plane. we're so far, we basically came to rest where most planes are landing. how much we missed the runway, which i think was pretty scary. >> reporter: he is most grateful for the opportunity to talk to other survivers about the ordeal at the sight, and afterwards back at the hotel. >> just talking to other passengers gives you a fuller picture of what may have happened. others that got off that had their babies on the carry on strapped on. >> reporter: 30 families plus passengers made the trip. some were emotional and cried. he says returning to the crash
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site was a form of closure. >> kind of parting with it maybe. >> saying goodbye to it? >> yeah. >> reporter: he says there has not been good communication with asiana airline officials. he tells me he hopes to have a re reunion with all the survivers eventually. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> we've obtained 911 calls to the highway patrol from asiana passengers after evacuating the plane. one is worried about a woman with burns, while another seems calm and collected. >> we just were at the san francisco airport and our airplane just crashed upon landing. there's a bunch of fire trucks and a couple of ambulances. there's one or two, but there's a lot of people hurt and on the ground. i think the majority of people got off. i tried to stay back, but there was at least a handful of
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people behind me. >> we have people over here who weren't found, and they're burned really badly. >> there is a woman out here on the street on the runway, who is pretty much burned, very severely on the head. there's no ambulances here. we've been on the ground 20 minutes. there are people waiting on the tarmac with critical injuries. lots of fire engines in the distance, not one ambulance on the tarmac. >> at one point, a 911 operator said trust me, fire trucks and ambulances are on the way. >> the ntsb provided new information today about the 90 second delay in the evacuation of flight 214. we also learned the pilot reported seeing a bright light shortly before the failed landing. we've got these new developments from patty lee. >> reporter: the ntsb says those efforts will start tonight, and you can see across
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the water there are lights. a crane was lit up a few minuting a behind that light. it will be one of two needed to move the fuselage. the ntsb shared startling details about the crash. 90 seconds. that's how long the asiana crew waited before evacuating passengers. >> the flight crew told the flight attendant not to initiate an evacuation. they were communicating with the tower about the emergency. >> reporter: today, ntsb chairwoman debra hersman says they wait for first responders to help get passengers out safely, but in this case, the plane was on fire. not until a flight attendant notified the captain about this new emergency did the evacuation plan change. >> we need to understand what they were thinking. what information that they had. what their procedures are. >> reporter: we also found out
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today the pilot reported seeing a bright light. hersman described the light as a temporary issue. the focus of the investigation centers on why the plane was flying too low, and too slow on final approach. investigators have interviewed 6 of the 12 flight attendants on board. the other 6 are still in the hospital. including the three thrown from the plane when the tail broke off. this photo shows where they were seated in the very back of the plane. >> they looked like they had been dragged over something. >> reporter: telling us three patients are still in critical condition. >> they're dealing with some very critical injuries, and permanent injuries that we can't really fix. >> reporter: chopper 2 took the shot just a few hours ago, of the clean up around the runway. tonight, the ntsb told us it could be ready to turn this
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runway over to sfo in the next 24 hours, or as early as tonight. when we checked in with sfo, they said it was more likely to take a few more days. patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. new stories of the heroism on the part of the crew came to light today. the ntsb chairperson says they still managed to fight the fire, even though they couldn't free themselves. today, six crew people appeared before the cameras, but said they were too emotionally fragile to discuss what happened. one woman appeared in a wheelchair. others held hands, one began to cry. she said the crew was also struggling to get through what happened. >> translator: asiana airlines and all the flight attendants and related personnel are
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working as hard as possible in order for, to recover from this accident. >> the san francisco fire chief has praised the cabin crew for their efforts to help passengers after the crash. one flight attendant even carried a passenger off the plane on her back. >> investigators looking at the cause of the crash say the pilot came in too low, and too slow. tonight, we have a comparison that shows flight 214 and a successful landing. the top shows the asiana crash landing, the bottom is video of a flight that landed today. you can see just how much higher today's plane is flying, compared to flight 214. the asiana jet hits the sea wall as it lands. >> tomorrow night, we will go in-depth on 214 with a one hour prime time special. ktvu in depth, flight 214 airs tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m.,
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right before the 10:00 news. tonight at 10:45, back to business at sfo, how the wreckage of 214, which is still visible on the tarmac can weigh heavily on arriving passengers. a car being chased by sheriff deputies in sonoma county ended in a fire. the fire spread quickly from the car to the grass and then toward highway 101, burning dozens of acres. meanwhile, the suspect who was wanted for a parole violation took off running with a passenger. deputies were able to catch and arrest both men. crews had the fire contained by about 4:00 this afternoon. more trouble tonight for an embattled oakland charter school. the fbi and irs served search warrants at the american indian model schools this evening. they are part of an ongoing criminal investigation, but
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could not evaluate, because the warrants are sealed. >> we're not shutting down the school. we're just executing a search warrant. >> last year, a state audit found the former school director broke laws when he hired school administrators in his companies. the school is fighting to stay open, and was recently granted a temporary restraining order, allowing it to hold summer classes. a 10-degree temperature drop today. pinpointing how long this mild weather will last where you live. >> a dangerous s.w.a.t. team operation, and we're there as it all unfolds. >> the word to many of these growers is, if you see a sheriff, aim for the head. >> the one thing that makes this bust so unusual. >> first, just days ago, we were told the new bay bridge wouldn't open until september. now learning if this surprise development could put it back on track for labor day.
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a new twist tonight involving a new span of the bay bridge. we're now learning it could in fact be ready by labor day after all. noel walker, live from treasure island now to explain this sudden u-turn. >> reporter: what a difference those two days make. as you said monday, we were thinking the earliest this new span could open was mid- december. now it seems to be a moving target, that could be sooner. when you're traveling the bay bridge now, top deck drivers
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are blind to what's happening on the bottom deck, and vice versa. maybe it's fitting that a meeting to open the new span, transit officials were blind sided by an independent engineer to open it on time, or earlier. >> this is a very simple, structural operation. >> reporter: the proposal is a temporary fix. a metal shim to tighten the broken bolt, to oversimplify, it would work in the same way, stuffing sugar packets under the weight of a wobbly table. >> the complete design for these shims has been done. >> he talked about as a design, that's the first i've heard of it. >> it does need to be looked at to see about its viability. >> reporter: transit officials are keen to shift traffic to the new span as soon as possible. that's because engineers believe the new span, broken bolts and all, is safer in an earthquake than the old bridge.
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bay bridge commuters have mixed reviews. >> it would be better if it was much safer. >> i've been in much more dangerous places than that bridge. >> reporter: the oversite committees report blames the engineer for decisions made that led to the broken bolts and delays. i asked the director of external affairs if anyone could lose a job over this? he said no. because decisions were made decades ago. he added, it's been a hard learning experience. that learning experience comes with a hefty price tag. the permanent fix could cost up to $20 million, and taxpayers will likely pay at least a portion of that bill. the oversight committee says there's that share the blame should share the cost. as if the san francisco giants didn't have enough problems, now comes word of the arrest of one of the team's pitchers. 30-year-old chad gaudin was arrested at a las vegas
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hospital in january, for open, and gross lewdness. he was accused of groping a woman who was on a gurney refused to stop until hospital security restrained him. police say he appeared drunk. his attorney said he was suffering from acute renal failure. >> it doesn't affect our club at all. i don't really have a comment on that. i just heard, i got wind of it a few minutes ago. >> gaudin's attorney released a statement saying, although he has been accused of improperly touching a hospital patient, there are differing versions of what occurred that have been reported by eyewitnesses. a 25-year-old man is in jail tonight, accused in the stabbing death of a fellow resident at a san jose homeless shelter. police say matthew jacobson killed christopher bowman. both were living at the shelter
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that serves mentally ill clients. two teenage girls are now facing charges in connection with the assault, and robbery of a 68-year-old woman on a muni train. investigators say it was a tip generated by the video that led to the identification of a 13- year-old and a 14-year-old girl. investigators say the teens punched the victim, and then grabbed her purse. the woman tried to hold on, but couldn't. closing arguments are underway in the gang rape trial. it happened four years ago outside a homecoming dance. prosecutors called on the two juries hearing the case to convicted men. peters defense attorney said he was only a witness and didn't take part. the victim testified about her ordeal. the defense formally rested its case today in the george
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zimmerman trial. closing arguments are expected tomorrow. the question looming large today? would zimmerman take the stand? the answer came at the 11th hour. >> after consulting with council, not to testify, your honor. >> george zimmerman carried out his right not to testify. he told the court he listened to the 911 tape in the fatal altercation, and was asked if he recognized the voice heard screaming. >> i told him absolutely, it's my son george. >> the defense laid the final pieces of its argument, that zimmerman acted in self- defense. >> someone doing this on cement? >> reporter: wednesday's first witness was dennis root, a specialist in the use of force.
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>> i believe the physical abilities he would find himself lacking when compared to mr. martin. >> wouldn't that be consistent with trayvon martin getting off of george zimmerman and george zimmerman raising the gun and firing it? >> when you talk about angles of anything, sir, it can be consistent with any kind of movement. we could say it could happen that way. it could happen another way. >> reporter: the judge ruled she will not allow the jury to hear about text messages found on martin's phone that could indicate he engaged in fights. it cooled off out there today. down to 96 in antioch. 92 in livermore. some areas, 8, 9, 10 degrees cooler today. around the bay, slightly cooler as well. as we head into tomorrow, about the same. kind of mild. the showers that we've been looking at the last few days on
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the computer models have stayed south. fresno, you've got rain now, it's all south of the bay area. as we go into tomorrow morning, we're going to see plenty of fog and low clouds when you wake up. you know it's going to be a mild day again tomorrow. then temperatures, as they move into the afternoon hours, you see lots of 70s, those are yellows. even low 90s, most of the big heat now moving back into the central valley, with a good strong onshore push of fog. at 10:45, i'll show you it's going to warm up again, when and how much. in three minutes. >> i want to [ inaudible ] >> a teen who lost his leg to violence in the middle east is welcomed here in the bay area. the important gift that he received. >> up first, another set back for the america's cup races. see who is is asking for a $3 million refund. ♪
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a major sponsor of the america's cup races on san francisco bay is not happy and louis vuitton wants his money back. the italian team refused to take part because of a rules dispute, and the artemis boat was damaged. now louis vuitton wants $3 million refunded. it's contest was on at least eight teams racing. new at 10:00, a local group marks a milestone by cleaning up an oakland neighborhood. members of the low rider car club celebrated the group's 20th anniversary today. they painted over graffiti. in addition to their love of low riders, the group has been active in community service for the last two decades. a palestinian boy who lost
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his leg and much of his family to violence is visiting the bay area this month. the teenager is growing taller, and needs some specialized help. >> this is the third trip to chaff for 14-year-old abdallah. >> yes, very nice. >> put it on so there's no air pockets. >> he's here to get a third prosthetic leg after outgrowing his prior one. oakland's lawrence orthopedic is replacing the older leg. >> the limiting his mobility, and it's uncomfortable. there's no prosthetic support. >> abdallah lost his right leg when his family was attacked after their home was shelled in 2007. >> i lost my mother and my two sisters, and a lot of my family. >> reporter: this is abdallah on his first trip here shortly
10:27 pm
after he was injured at 7 years old. he's visiting his host family for about a month. >> normally kids worry about what type of jeans they're going to put on, or shoes. this kid has to put a leg on. >> reporter: they say there are countless people missing limbs in gaza. >> it makes you wonder why we as a society allow things like this to happen and is not speak up. because the children are the ones suffering. >> i want to tell them i really love them and i want to say thanks. >> reporter: abdallah does go hard on that leg, playing lots of soccer and basketball. he's due back here thursday for the final fitting of his prosthesis. >> more details now, abdallah's trip and leg services are being paid for by the san francisco
10:28 pm
chapter of the palestine children's relief fund. it's a non-profit group that arranges medical care for sick and injured children from the middle east. the santa clara county sheriff's democratic and other agencies descended on an illegal marijuana field today. >> first, a gunman opens fire inside a subway restaurant. what police are saying tonight about a possible motive. mary gonzales had a cold,
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she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive
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she has been around corn her entire life, so she's probably been around corn longer than i have. [ jeannie stonebarger ] i shop at safeway quite a bit. i walk around the produce department a few times, just to see that box. i'm like...yes! really, really proud. to know that they're buying locally is important. [ female announcer ] safeway works with hundreds of local farmers because local means fresher. ♪ tonight in oakland, police are searching for a gunman who opened fire at a subway restaurant, critically injurying another man. it happened between 108th and 109th avenues. the victim was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his head, and is reported to be in grave condition. police say it does not appear to be a robbery, but rather a
10:31 pm
targeted shooting. they're also looking into the possibility that there was more than one shooter. happening now, police in newark are trying to determine what caused a traffic accident tonight. we're told a car hit two cyclists. a viewer photo shows newark boulevard closed off at russian drive. no word on the condition of the cyclists. an illegal growing operation inside a state park today. the raid, the haul, and the environmental damage. >> reporter: a helicopter carrying out 500-pound loads of marijuana plants made for a strange sight at henry coast state park today. they swept in on an illegal marijuana growing operation.
10:32 pm
officers say they came away with about 10,000 plants. starting at about 4:00 a.m., about 50 officers and two k-9 units spent hours hiking into a steep hillside. the rancher who asked us not to show his face, told us he tipped off law enforcement about two weeks ago, when he approached a field, and heard a gunshot. >> i don't know if it was a warning shot or not, but it was scary. >> reporter: the team of officers, including s.w.a.t. members, approached the field cautiously. >> the word to many of these growers, is if you see a sheriff, a game warden, aim for the head. >> we think it's the cartels. there's a huge profit. >> reporter: the search of the marijuana grow indicates the people guarding the field fled in a big hurry, leaving the pot, weapons, and a lot of irrigation equip behind. >> the number one threat to the environment in california is
10:33 pm
marijuana growers. the habitat destruction. >> reporter: repairing the environmental damage could take years. robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. california is poised to make a major shift in how it executes prisoners. state officials let a deadline pass without filing an appeal of a ruling that prohibits the use of the three drug cocktail used in executions. right now, there are more than 700 inmates on death row in san quentin. the last execution there was in 2006. but after that, a judge ruled that the use of the three drugs amounted to cruel and unusual punishment, because one of the drugs could potentially cause excruciating pain. this is day three of a hunger strike in california prisons. right now, california inmates can be held in isolation indefinitely. the protesters are seeking a
10:34 pm
five year limit to solitaire confinement. prison officials told ktvu tonight, the number of inmates taking part in that hunger strike has now dropped to roughly 29,000 prisoners. this was a solemn day in california as the bodies of two firefighters were brought home. 21-year-old kevin wojack and christopher mackenzie were among 19 firefighters who died in arizona. all of the victims were members of the prescott fire department's elite granite mountain hotshots wild fire crew. in news of the world in canada, the people still missing in the aftermath of a runaway train and fire are presumed to be dead. that puts the death toll at 50. some parts of quebec are still
10:35 pm
too hot to enter after saturday's fire. in northeast china, the flooding is so bad that entire buildings are being swept away. officials say in fact, it is the worst flooding in that area in 50 years. torrential rains have also triggered landslides that buried about 30 people. state television reports hundreds of people are trapped in a highway tunnel. deforestation has made china more susceptible to these kinds of slides during heavy rain. in mexico, people living near a volcano are being warned to stay on alert, and be prepared to evacuate. the volcano has been very active in the past two months. it regularly spews out clouds of ash and hot gases miles into the sky. some of that ash has fallen on mexico city. almost 35 miles away. technology giant, samsung broke ground on its new
10:36 pm
headquarters in san jose. executives and city leaders gathered to dig their shovels into the dirt. the korean company currently has a two story building. the new building will be 10 stories have 1.1 million square feet of space. the company wants to be closer to silicon valley consumers. >> think about the innovation that's here. look at the venture capital here. samsung says it plans to hire more than 1,000 people for this research and development facility. palo alto based hewlett- packard is no longer the largest firm of pc makers. lenovo shipped more computers in the 2nd quarter of this year than hp. hp has held the title since 2006. and amazon is hiring.
10:37 pm
the retailer is looking to hire hundreds of people for its distribution center in tracy. the majority of the jobs will be for warehouse workers. the starting pay is just under $14 an hour, and it does include benefits. candidates can apply online. the amazon distribution center is expected to open late this summer, or early fall. the faa issues a new rule for copilots, in three minutes, target is the target of a discrimination lawsuit. bill martin updated his completed bay area forecast. >> a police convoy escorts the boston bombing suspect to his first court appearance. what dzhokhar tsarnaev said repeatedly in court. i'm totally in love with the avocado on this sub.
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more now on tonight's breaking news. the search for a missing baby girl out of oakland. a short time ago, the police asked the public's help in her disappearance. investigators asked us to share this photo of john webb. he is the father of the missing girl. police are trying to figure out when the father was last seen with the baby girl. he reported her missing about 11:00 this morning. here's a look at the child. 21-month-old daphne web is described as 2 feet tall, 30
10:41 pm
pounds. she has short, dark, curly hair was she was last seen wearing orange pajamas with pink hearts and pink socks. security was extremely tight today as the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect arrived at court for his arraignment. a convoy of police vehicles brought dzhokhar tsarnaev to the federal courthouse. he spoke during his arraignment, using the same two words over and over. not guilty. families of some of the victims walked in court. >> it appeared what i would describe as a smirk. he never looked at us. he never turned in our direction. >> the 19-year-old suspect was still wearing bandages, apparently from injuries during the shootout. prosecutors could seek the
10:42 pm
death penalty. three people were killed, and 260 others were wounded in the boston marathon bombings three months ago. three former target employees in northern california are suing the retailer, claiming to be victims of discrimination. three latinos allege that white management workers used racial slurs and fired them. it also cites a training document that contain several negative stereotypes of hispanics. target says it cannot comment on the lawsuit. a federal judge has ruled that apple conspired to raise prices of electronic books. those publishers have already settled. a trial is scheduled next to set damages. verizon wireless could be forced to pay apple $14 billion because of sluggish iphone
10:43 pm
sales. moffett research says verizon signed a multiyear deal with apple, and are obligated to buy 23 billion iphones just this year alone. that's twice the number of iphones verizon sold last year. wall street ended mixed on a quiet day of trading. the dow industrials dropped 8- points. some members want stronger job gains. mild weather for now, but a warm up is on the horizon, the timing, and the temperature jump you can expect in your complete bay area forecast. >> coming up next, touching down on the tarmac and being greeted by the shell of that airplane.
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copilots will soon have to meet a higher standard of training, it comes after the crash landing at sfo, but this ruling was born from a 2009 crash in upstate new york that killed 50 people. the new rule requires copilots to get the same 1500 hours of flight time as pilots for their certification to fly passenger and cargo planes. previously, they were required to only have 250 hours of flight time. the faa determined training, and qualifications along with fatigue were all factors in the crash near buffalo. live pictures from san francisco international airport as we watch crews prepare to move that jetliner. in the past hour, we have seen crews start maneuvering a large crane into position. the airport has said it wants to move that crashed jet, as
10:47 pm
quickly as possible to reopen runway 28 left once the ntsb completes its field investigation. three other runways at sfo are already up and running. many passengers fly right past the wreckage. it can be a sobering sight. >> reporter: touching down on runway 28, right from a viewer's perspective. >> seeing that doesn't make you feel that much better. >> reporter: the wreckage much flight 214 right there for all to see. >> it's a very bad sight, and i feel bad for all the people who were on that plane. >> reporter: all day, one at a time, the planes just kept coming. and in baggage claim passengers kept reacting. >> it was pretty amazing to see that fuselage and how it was burned up and to think that only two people passed away. >> unusual, it's not something you're supposed to see at an
10:48 pm
airport. it's a little bit disturbing i guess on some levels. >> reporter: on final approach, fellow passengers became quite quiet. >> i was looking to see if people were looking. people weren't, and the pilot didn't say anything, why would he? >> reporter: trained on the boeing 777, we asked passengers if they should be alerted if the pilot is. the majority said no. >> it might not be the best environment to fly for those passengers, because they get really nervous. >> reporter: really all the passengers said their pilots did not mention the wreckage upon landing. a fairly quiet atmosphere on final approach. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2
10:49 pm
news. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we'll bring you the latest on the flight as it develops both on air and on your mobile device. we've got some clouds out there now. we've got fog and low clouds. and high clouds overhead. you can see showers showing up just south of the area, watch that as they kind of move up. those showers should stay south of the bay area, as we go into the evening hour, but it was close. rain down in fresno, and rain up in the stockton area. temperatures outside right now are on the cool side. the marine layer stretched out just a little bit. when it did that, it pushed fog, and most air far inland. 62 in livermore. much cooler tonight than last night. the winds are blowing too. tomorrow morning clouds, and warm inland. in the weekend, the warming trend will ensue, by the weekend, temperatures get back
10:50 pm
up into the mid-90s, especially on sunday. the marine layer steepened out a bit. getting up over the coastal hills. that's why tomorrow morning, we're going to see plenty of fog and low clouds. the high clouds are going to get shouldn'ted this way, as this low pressure drops down. this is one of the mechanisms that stretches out the marine layer. tomorrow morning when we wake up, we're going to see more fog than we did this morning. the computer model bears that out. a lot of it up into the napa valley, in the santa rosa area. in the afternoon, it clears out, then we go into the next day, we go into the evening on thursday, and you see the fog start to reform. so thursday night into friday will be kind of a repeat of what we see tomorrow. tomorrow, 92 clear lake. 90 in vacaville. this is the forecast highs for your thursday. these numbers are down a little bit from where they were today, or about the same. not a big change. but certainly down from where
10:51 pm
they were yesterday when we had 101 in livermore area. the winds tonight, the fog, the moisture helps the fire danger and helps the air quality. so air quality, despite the warm daytime highs, not bad. tomorrow, temperature as lot like today. friday, a lot like today as well. saturday, they start to come back up, and sunday and monday temperatures start to ratchet up a bit. not a lot. just going to get warmer around here. that's your five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. right now, we kind of dodged a bit of a bullet with those showers and chance of thunder showers staying south and east of the area. look who's back with a whole new look? >> yeah. back east, rain delayed, and sweep the night back in pittsburgh for the a's. but considering the team scored 4 runs total in their series
10:52 pm
with the pirates, got to be pleased to win two out of three. 2:45 delay. 3rd inning, tommy malone, he just didn't have it. andrew mccutchen, a flair to right. he is also a gold glover. he helps out francisco liriano on his way to 7 shutout innings. pedro alvarez, another pittsburgh all-star at third base. 2 for 4 tonight. a couple of rbi's. single to right. 5-0. the a's with the loss coming 5-0 the final. 13 staff shutouts out pittsburgh. but it's the first time they have beaten the a's in 12 meetings in interleague play. for the giants, they continue to do the baseball version of the limbo dance. you might say how low can you
10:53 pm
go? 16 losses in 19 games and the shortest start in matt cain's career. more back bending stats, as they are swept by the mets. find a place in the shade and look what happens. 1st inning, john buck. two run single to get the mets going on their way to to a three run 1st inning. bruce bochy out to yank him early, and preserve things. nothing going right. robbing buster, it's omar quintanilla with the play. zach wheeler for the mets squelches is the giants. he's the guy they traded beltran for a couple of years ago. wheeler looking good, including his first rbi in the majors. 7-2 the final. speculation about cain's health. he says he's fine, but he's extremely worried, as you would
10:54 pm
imagine, about the team. >> it seems that everything's going wrong. we're not pitching, we're not fielding, we're not getting hits. and it's showing. this is the worst i've seen in the years that i've been here. this is a pretty bad skid and we've got to find a way out of it pretty quick. you could hardly call it the off-season for the golden state warriors. take, making sure mike jackson, their head coach not going anywhere, anytime soon. look at 'em.
10:55 pm
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. and the warriors have a good thing going, and they're not about to let a guy who orchestrates it on the sidelines to get away. golden state, widely criticized for not hiring mark jackson. but today, they extend his contract. indications are that the two sides would like to hammer out a long term deal. just his second season, guiding them to the playoffs, deep in, and a huge good vibe around the team, and he's a big part of that. that's the sporting life for a wednesday night. >> good to be back. thank you.
10:58 pm
>> thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. >> ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 a.m. and you can always find us at and mobile ktvu.
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you know, it's funny. paula and i actually met because of elaine. elaine is in my drawing class at the new school. and i went there one day to see... a nude model. if elaine wanted to go get some coffee. i once went out with a nude model. never let me see her naked. hundreds of people see her naked every week except me. needless to say, it was quite vexing. are you through? yeah. so anyway, i started to compliment elaine on her sketches, and it turns out they're paula's. george, i just like to doodle. oop. dropped my napkin. [whispering] jerry! what? what are you doing? what?


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