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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 11, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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i just want to hold her here, make sure she's okay. let her know that she's safe again. only on 2, a bay area mother opens up about her missing daughter and the arrest of her husband. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. investigators today intensified their search for a 21 -month-old girl first reported missing yesterday morning. this as her father is facing child endangerment charges. only on 2 tonight, patti lee live in oakland after speaking exclusively to that little girl's mother. patti-- >> reporter: we're live at the family house and you can see
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all this yellow tape. police tell us they are going to maintain a presence here even as they widen the search for this missing baby. kiana davis picks out photographs of her daughter daphney hoping more images of the toddler will help jog the public's memory. >> she does have a distinctive right ear. if you saw her you would see that there's something going on. >> reporter: this afternoon when we met davis she was surrounded by family members for support. her husband arrested yesterday for endangering their only child by leaving her in a car with his mother who has advanced dementia. >> people are looking at him like this bad guy. like a criminal. >> reporter: davis said her husband told her he wanted to pick up a root beer for daphney
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and an energy drink for her. surveillance video shows him in the store buying one energy drink. >> we are still searching for the missing child. our main concern is locating her and locating her safely. >> reporter: an area police say webb frequently took her daughter, we also learned a cadaver dog picked up a scent in a trash can. but it's unclear if that's scent of daphney or of something or someone else. >> i pray for the best. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: she and her parents left to meet with oakland investigators. because of the tides they had to scale back their search tonight but that teams will be back tomorrow and they'll be meeting at 7:00 in the morning.
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patti lee, ktvu news. we spoke to the neighbor of webb who says she hasn't seen the child for days. she used to see daphney every once in a while. but he hasn't seen her toddler or heard her voice she says in four to six weeks. >> i don't want to say what i think happened. but i haven't seen the baby and the baby was supposed to be here. we haven't seen the baby since the mom left. >> reporter: we also saw several police officers return to webb's apartment this afternoon. they spent about a half hour there and appeared to take video inside. here is another look now at the missing toddler. she is described as 2'tall, 30- pound, and a short dark curly hair. she was last seen wearing an orange pajama set. now to the crash at sfo, this is a picture of the wreckage of flight 214 as it sits on runway 2-8 left. we have seen more equipment move in tonight to remove the boeing 777 and the rest of the debris so the airport can begin
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using that runway again. the airport now has control of that runway and it tells us they hope to have it back in operation by sunday. jana katsuyama has the latest. >> reporter: there's a lot that has to happen. we've seen a lot of activity in the past hour over there on runway 2-8 left. an airport spokesman told us they plan to move that plane tonight or early tomorrow morning then start the clean up. crews started bringing equipment in early today to finally move the massive 777 from the place where it crashed saturday. three giant cranes will attempt to lift the aircraft and move it off sight. >> we will move it slightly off the ground to see which sections will start to buckle. >> reporter: the ntsb will be there to observe while the
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clean up is under way. once the plane is moved -- >> the land right underneath it will have spilled jet fuel, other types of hazardous materials. >> reporter: along with clean up the fa's navigational lights and tarmac will need to be replaced. crew will need to repair the sea wall that was damaged in the impact. and they will also need to repaint the runway markings and the runway itself will need to be repaved. requiring 500-tons of asphalt. >> you can see the inspection of vehicles down there and the plane is still there, it hasn't moved. >> reporter: the airport has operated with three runways since the crash. >> we're averaging 45 minute delays and every day we've seen 100 to 200 plane cancellations. >> we were delayed five days and you know, i'm sure it was
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an inconvenience for a lot of folks but i think that the thought that we had was mostly with the families that were impacted by e tragedy. >> reporter: back here live, you can see some of those cranes in place. they are planning to start repaving a section of the runway tonight. once all of those repairs are completed, the faa will bring its own aircraft to run a test run on the runway. they do need to recertify that runway before sfo can open it. and again, they are hoping to do that by sunday. reporting live from burlingame tonight, jana katsuyama. a blinding flash of light as that aircraft began to touchdown at sfo. why the ntsb is now down playing the possibility that that was a factor in the crash. an emotional candlelight vigil for the two girls who died in the crash ended just a few moments ago. members of the west valley
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christian school and church in southern california sang amazing grace in mandarin as they remembered the two 16-year- old girls. the two teens and more than 30 other students were supposed to attend a three week summer camp there. >> with a still strong voice, we express our deepest love and hope for the future. >> two white wreaths were placed on the stage to honor the two friends. and a red wreath was placed on the stage to honor the girl's heritage. it was an emotional homecoming for some of the flight atten attendants of flight 214. they returned to south south korea today after a 12 hour flight. the flight attenat atten -- attendants say they're happy to
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be back home but are thinking of their six injured colleagues that are still in san francisco. they are looking to replenish blood supplies to recover the blood used. a blood drive is being held. walk ins are welcomed based on availability, but appointments are recommended. san francisco general reports seven are still being treated there. two children and five adults. stanford hospital says it has just one patient and that individual is listed in serious condition. at you will find an extensive section on the crash of flight 214. including more new images from the crash scene. new information tonight on a body found buried in a shallow grave in vallejo. police released these picture.
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they say the witness was wearing denison genes and a g- unit t-shirt. police still don't know the age, race or sex of the victim. it is being investigated as a possible homicide. new at 10:00, a san jose sex crimes detective is now suspected of committing the same crime he is responsible for investigating. 33-year-old tony fragert is facing charges of soliciting and receiving explicit photos from a young girl he met online. the da though says there's no evidence of a physical relationship. frager is scheduled to be arraigned july 22nd. he's an eight year veteran of the department. ktvu's robert handa spoke
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to one officer who says, a decision forced him to quit his job. >> reporter: officers wanted a 10% raise to cover a voluntary pay cut two years ago but instead will get officially zero pay increase. it was the last financial straw for j.j. vallejo who quit. >> it was an emotional decision for me that i came to this decision that i have to go. and it came down to my family. >> reporter: the officers were given a 2% pay raise. >> i don't know what it's going to take. i don't know how many officers need to leave this department until the city leadership wakes up. >> reporter: mayor reed says the city will continue recruiting and hiring. >> we know we have lost good officers that have resigned and
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retiered. we hope they would stay. >> i'm a waiting and next door they are willing to pay me a little better and appreciate my work, and have some type of future there, then logically who's not going to go. >> reporter: the mayor says the separate city offer is still on the table but the poa says the deal has too many strings attached. the current contract expires next spring. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. it's official the two billion dollars cathedral hill hospital cannot get started. major ed lee signed a bill -- mayor ed lee signed a bill that allows construction to begin. as well as a rebuild of st. luke hospital. demolition of the old cathedral hill hotel is set to begin this fall. temperatures are about to trend lower. how much of a change you're
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going to feel tomorrow. >> a 2-year-old boy inspires hundreds of people to take life saving action. >> we just really feel honored and blessed. >> the incredible story of giving bang. >> but comes up next, police say a dui driver is responsible for the death of a man and his dog. we investigate the suspects history of trouble behind the wheel. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪
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wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. to tonight we're learning more about a man responsible
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suspected of driving under the influence and killing his wife and dog. deborah villalon joins us now live with what investigators are saying about the drive's history of impaired driving. >> reporter: julie it's extensive. it goes back more than a decade and it could bring a murder charge rather than manslaughter. the orange paint on the ground here show where is the suspect veered on to the shoulder without ever hitting his brakes. >> i just kept yelling at somebody. somebody check if he's alive. check to see if he's alive. >> reporter: this resident on stoney bridge road rushed out to see her two cars hit and a man in the pavement. >> it was tragic, and then the man that was standing next to him. >> reporter: the two were next to his car when the pickup in this photo hit and flung him about 60 feet. >> 10 seconds, one direction or another he may have been okay.
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it was just a horrible set of circumstances that the driver responsible, suspended he had a prior dui charge and he was under the influence of a controlled substance as well. >> reporter: chp says 33-year- old andrew thungsten had multiple prescription drugs including painkiller oxicotin in his vehicle. he had just gotten off probation for a 2009dui. >> i was watering my garden and i heard a crash, no tires, no breaks, no nothing. >> reporter: this neighbor also walked out to find that the pedestrian was already dead. >> he ruined two lives and then some with the families. >> reporter: thugsten was so out of it he did not realize what had happened. >> hopefully he will come to realize the gravity that he took someone from another
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family. >> reporter: neighbors were shocked seeing the paramedics helping out. >> they put a tarp over him and they were petting the dog. the dog was pretty bad himself. >> reporter: the district attorney is considering a murder charge against the suspect because of his past history. deborah villalon, ktvu news. one question has been answered on the roll over accident that we told you about last night. the victim martin gurscheck and marlene gurscheck. their car swerved across the
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richmond highway, swerved over and hit a pickup truck. the couple died at the scene. the rape of a teen at a party -- they are two of six men accused of a horrific attack on a 16-year-old girl in 2009. there is a jury for each defendant. two other men have already been convicted in the case. two others are awaiting trial. the port of oakland settled a lawsuit today that could produce a new large ship terminal and also a potential waterfront baseball stadium. but it is not good news for members of local 10 longshoremen. they blocked deliveries at the port on tuesday saying that is settlement could cost them jobs in exchange for howard terminal where that stadium for the oakland a's could potential be built. the deal still need a second
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apraoáufrl -- approval from the port. prison officials said today just over 12,000 inmates have skipped the last nine consecutive meals. that meets the official definition of a hunger strike which is against prison rules. more than 30,000 inmates began refusing meals two days ago. a crack appeared today in the tenuous produce between b.a.r.t. and its labor unions. contract talks are continuing but as john sasaki tells us some angry comments today did nothing to help bring those two sides together. >> reporter: during this morning's meeting in oakland the power comment section became heated. >> but not here in the progressive san francisco bay area. >> reporter: union members made repeated accusations of bad faith bargaining and dirty
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tactics by b.a.r.t.: one made a shocking comment. >> we're going to be ready for the bloodiest longest strike. >> it would be disastrous. at the end of the day when people say, who's side are you on? i'm not on anybody's side. i'm on getting the trains rolling. >> reporter: tran says he believes the two sides are not that far apart on negotiations but that neither side has handled it very well. >> i think there's animosity because one side has done something against the other. >> reporter: last week's strike cost $70 million in productivity each day. b.a.r.t. riders fear what another longer strike would do to them. >> that would definitely affect me. i mean i would have to just beat the traffic and at least work from the pleasanton office. >> if that happens i will be on
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the bus. to make whatever adjustments necessary. >> reporter: negotiations continued here into the evening with no apparent break perhaps a sign of progress. they are set to continue tomorrow. in oak land, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. wall street set new record highs today. the dow rose 169 points closing at a new high. nasdaq added 57. the s &p also set a report. all this because bernanke said the feds would continue their -- program while it remains high. ceo steve balmer said no lay offs are planned. the company has some 100,000 employees. microsoft stock rose on the news. it's finally cooling out
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there. today was 83 in concord, 70 in vallejo. so a lot of fog and low clouds. this morning cooled things off. by tomorrow morning look at the footprint. you have fog shooting up into the davis area, up toward sacramento valley into livermore valley. temperatures stay warm just like where they were today. lots of mid-70s and mid-80s in the inland bay valleys. that's a wide brush of the temperatures. when i come back we'll get specific for the highs in your neighborhood. a blood drive attracts hundreds of people coming up in 10 minutes, the show of support today for a 2-year-old boy. but up first, new information from the ntsb about saturday's crash at sfo. why reports of a blinding flash of light are now being down played.
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live pictures right now from sfo at this hour. a ktvu camera is there as the clean up operation begins in earnest. crews there will be working overnight to remove what's left of that aircraft and begin repairing the runway. earlier today, an eerie sight at sfo. asiana flight 214 was seen arriving on its regular schedule it has been doing so ever since saturday's crash. today it touched down at 11:23 and passed right by the wreckage of the plane that crashed on saturday. the ntsb clarified reports of one of the pilots that it was briefly blinded by a light. it's the pilot himself who appears to be down playing its relevance. >> reporter: what caused asiana flight 214 to crash is still unknown. but there's a curious report that a pilot told ntsb that he
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saw a flash of light that briefly blinded him, they know down played by the pilot himself. >> he said he does not think it affected his vision because he could see the panel. >> reporter: the light was not discussed among the crew. what was recorded was details of the approach with several mentions of the plane being above or below the glide path. but the pilot said little about the speed of the aircraft until seconds before impact. >> so at 500 feet, landing checklist is completed. and there's no mention of speed until about nine second before impact when they are at 100 feet. >> reporter: the ntsb shows this new photo of a burned out section of the cabin in the front of the plane. this same section looked pristine before the fire and that all the damage to the passenger seats and cabins was in the back of the plane which hit the ground first. the fire started after passengers had evacuated caused
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by oil dripping on a hot engine. there was no jet fuel leak. the ntsb says the engines, control surfaces and electronics all appear to be working properly. >> there's no anomalous behavior of the auto pilot, of the flight director and of the auto throttles based on the investigation to date. >> reporter: nor is it to say that the blame rests with the pilots. this is still very much an ongoing investigation. the final report is due out in about a year. in south san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage as the investigation proceeds we will bring you the latest investigation on air and online. and if you missed the special
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on crash 214 you can catch it tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. you can also go to ktvu or use our ktvu mobile app to stream our forecast. -- they'll work with a budget from samsung. but the company is hush hush about exactly what it'll be building. >> we build cameras, phones, tvs, we built refrigerators, health care devices. anything that will be interesting especially from a software standpoint on those devices would make sense to build here. >> the samsung executive that survived the asiana214 crash spoke out today.
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of course we now know that two people died and many others were injured. a saudi princess arrested in southern california. the charges she's facing tonight. >> and the new program helping california students realize their dream of a college education. >> happening right now here in the south bay, crews are working late to prevent the spread of a potentially deadly virus.
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the fight against west nile virus is just about to get under way. mosquito fogs south of monterey road will begin in about 30 minutes. happening now, ktvu's amber lee is live where vector control crews are getting ready to go out tonight, amber. >> reporter: julie we're at the yard of the santa clara county
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vector control district. we can see that trucks are being prepared to go out with crews at any moment now to do ground fogging for mosquitoes. they plan to cover three square miles affecting 3,000 households. these trucks will be used for spraying pesticides an effort to prevent the spread of the potentially deadly west nile virus. in about a half hour, four crews will begin spraying in the south eastern part of the san jose. that's where the mosquitoes were trapped and later tested positive for the virus. safety concerns were raised by some who disapprove the use of pesticides. >> it's essentially nontoxic. >> reporter: three infected birds have been found in santa clara county and there's just been one human case in all of california. it was in sacramento county. >> we're always going to be seeing it. we just want to keep the human cases down. >> reporter: whether there will be more fogging depends on if
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crews find more mosquitoes that test positive after today's efforts. people are urged to get rid of standing water where mosquitoes can bread. reporting live here in san jose, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. it was an overwhelming turn out in support of 2-year-old matthew rolet today in contra costa county. he recently underwent a liver and kidney transplant. we just really feel honored and blessed and we're hoping this turns into something we can do over and over again. >> organize nighers say more than 500 people donated blood and they are still counting the donations which have already surpassed $90,000 not including the money raised in a silent auction. all the proceeds go to
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transplant association in matthews name. activists are organizing the first national gay blood drive tomorrow. the event is part of an effort to bring attention to the food and drug administration 36-year- old ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual man. act sráeus -- activists are hoping to bring attention to the lift of that ban. this is video of the ambulance taking teresa kerry to the hospital. she has now been transferred to a rehab center as part of her recovery process. a judge ordered $5 million bail for michelle aleban. which she promptly posted.
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aleban is accused of holding a maid against her will and forcing her to work long hours for little pay. when police went to the condo they say they found four other women who told similar stories. the oakland city council will consider censoring brooks in a special meeting two weeks from tonight. a city audit sited brooks for improperly taking control over construction and operation of a city teen center. councilman larry reed was also sited. they won't deny any wrong doing. governor brown is calling for a new program -- the original program wound up subsidizing strip clubs and card rooms. it was supposed to create jobs using tax credits. in news of the world
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tonight in ireland, lawmakers overwhelmingly passed that bill on abortion. it allows abortions only in cases where a doctor believes a woman's life is at risk. the bill has been subject to intense debate and it was in repops -- response after a woman received an abortion. surveillance video shows a gunman walking up to his intented victim's car and firing seven shots but none penetrated the bullet-proof window. and in europe, a woman escalated the tallest building. green peace said they chose that building because it looms over offices of a major oil company. the women were arrested when
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they reached the top which took them about 15 hours. italy's luna rosa team took to the bay today to sail around the course and collect its first point of the louis vutton team. the team's filed an appeal in response to a proposal to modify rutters on the 1872 vessel. the jury ruled the change must be withdrawn because not all of the teams agreed to it. italy and new zealand will race against each other on saturday. the movie about the shooting of oscar grant opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow. fruitvale station portrays the true story of oscar grant in the hours leading up to the new year's day confrontation with b.a.r.t. police that ended grant's life. a special screening of the movie was shown at oakland's grand lake theater last month. after michael b. jordan plays the lead role. the film was written and
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directed by oakland native ryan cugler. and the racial comments made in a document. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the warm up in the weather. he's back with the weekend ahead. and a statement by zimmerman made --
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jurors in the george zimmerman murder trial were given an option that could make it easier for them to find them guilty of killing trayvon martin. >> he's dead because another manmade assumptions.
10:40 pm
>> reporter: prosecutors say zimmerman profiled trayvon martin. the teen was shot and killed by the neighborhood watch volunteer last year. >> because his assumptions were wrong, trayvon benjamin martin no longer walks on this earth. >> reporter: zimmerman says he acted in self-defense. but prosecutors say he wanted to be a police officer and that's why he followed martin through his neighborhood. >> crimes have been committed in the neighborhood he was sick and tired of it. but the law doesn't say, take the law into your own hands. i'm sorry, i got the wrong guy. i'm so sorry i thought he was a criminal. >> reporter: before the closing argumenting began the judge ruled jurors can consider the lesser charge of manslaughter. it's a victory for the prosecution. because the charge still carries a potentially lengthy sentence. zimmerman could face life in prison for second degree murder and up to 30 years for manslaughter with a weapon. but the judge denied another
10:41 pm
request by prosecutors which would allow the jury to consider third degree murder. >> i just don't think the evidence supports that. >> reporter: the jury could begin deliberating as early as friday afternoon. in sanford, florida, steve haragan, fox news. some target workers are going publing with their allegations. they are talking about specific incidents. they say caucasian target managers regularly used racial slurs and that made them feel insulted. >> the way the managers approached me, the body language and feel intimidated. >> we work hard and they're not supposed to treat people like that. >> reporter: they're suit includes a management document that says not everyone eats tacos and burritos and not everyone wears a sombrero. target said the document was never part of company policy it was a mistake and apologized.
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there are more changes surrounding paula deen. she recently let her lawyers go and hired new representation. a restaurant is suing deen and her brother for acts of violence and discrimination. deen has lost a number of endorsement deals after admitting she made racial slurs in the past. i'm pin pinpointing when a -- coming up next a four year degree now within reach of tens of thousands of students. the family is eligible for a 40% discount on the cost of college. [ female announcer ] for the freshest produce,
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you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. [ rooster crows ] that's why safeway works closely with local growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered to safeway every single day. fresh from our farmers. this week, locally grown red lion nectarines are just 99 cents a pound.
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at safeway, ingredients for life. ♪ >> this is what it looks like to get caught in a torrent of mud while in your car. take a look at this. the driver was carried away by
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the extremely muddy river in colorado. you can see he tries to steer his way through it. eventually he wi up against a concrete wall. some dozen other vehicles also got stuck in the mud slide. and a man was arrested for vandalizing trees. vandals who damaged some 00 young trees since last december are still on the lose. police arrested 65-year-old ken fisch when officers say he had removed a tree and did some alternate work to a path. the company opened its first bay area store in san francisco's union square last october. now it's planning to add four stores to the bay area this fall. the locations will be at stones town galleria, valley fare mall, hillsdale shopping center, and bay street in
10:46 pm
emeryville. dozens of california families will soon get breathing room as they send their sons and daughters off to college. there's a new scholarship for students who did not qualify for help. >> reporter: he wants to go to a four year school to study communications but he says right now they are just too expensive. >> i had to go with the cheaper option to make it more affordable. >> reporter: sanchez may soon be in line for a scholarship. governor brown recently signed a new law that provides breaks of 40% for students who families who earn $40,000 a year. >> money is definitely tight in our family. i could use all the help i can get. >> reporter: so can the marsh family from brentwood. college is a few years away for
10:47 pm
son john and with the skyrocketing cost of tuition, anything break can help. >> it will help us. when we can have an income and education for our son without putting too much stress on the family. >> reporter: if scholarship applies only to tuition not room, board or books. for years similar programs were available only to low income families many in the middle class felt squeezed. >> if you're upper income you can usually afford it. if you're lower income you can go out and search for assistance. but if you're in the middle range that doesn't help you. >> reporter: that's now in the past. the middle class scholarship begins in the fall. a veteran cable car operator defended his title today in san francisco's annual bell ringing contest. >> that's whitacker. he put on a great show with his
10:48 pm
free flowing style in the bell ringing contest. look at him go. he was up against five challengers who placed in a qualifying round last month. but the judges handed whitacker the title. he says his special technique is to just have fun. >> when you're just doing it from your heart and you're just doing it, there's no pressure. társ -- it's all for fun. >> reporter: whittaker took home a cash prize and ghiradelli chocolates which he shared with the rest of the contestants. >> when the marine layer gets thick temperatures cool down. this is actually what it looked like today. you can see the fog, see how thick it is right here. it was over 2,000 feet deep the marine layer. that marine layer when it does that pushes well inland. it's over 2,000 feet again tonight. this is the current satellite imagine showing the fog over
10:49 pm
the san bruno path. moving over the east bay. fog tomorrow morning when you wake up for sure. a lot like we had this morning which was a lot of fog coverage. tomorrow morning the fog makes it to concord. a couple of nights ago the temperatures made it up to the 60s. so that's where we stand. tomorrow morning's fog foot footprint, we showed it to you once, i will show it to you again. the fog print will make it to the delta. look for temperatures for the next 24 hours to be on the mild side. it's still going to be in the mid-80s in the warm spots but not the mid-90s. as you go through the bay area. you're going to see temperatures in the mid-60s. then you will get into the upper 70s as you get through the hills and the valleys. you will find 80s if you go
10:50 pm
really far to the eastern valley. fire danger takes a little bit of a break. this low pressure center kind of comes in. that's the mechanism for the big push of fog. that's how the marine layer got really thick. high pressure buildings in. temperatures slowly come up a little bit. especially on sunday and monday. so forecast highs tomorrow, 80 in sonoma. those aren't that high. 83 in danville, 76 in martinez. your friday afternoon highs. fire damage -- danger always there but not as severe. there you see it it starts to warm up on saturday. comes up a little more on sunday and into monday. and tuesday a little hotter. these aren't huge numbers are they. it's not going to be a real heat wave it's just going to warm up. we have a nice weather pattern. into the early part of an --
10:51 pm
next week. but not sweltering. if you can remember last week, we were baking around here. a very different story right now. >> and the weekend is now in vehicle. >> the weekend -- the weekend is now in view. for the first time a bald eagle has hatched and is now beginning to take its first flight. watershed keepers first saw the eagle nesting last week. >> beautiful bird. mark is now here with sports. stop the presses the giants have won. >> it's become a rarity. kind of sounds strange to even say it but sadly true. giants battling the padres tonight to simply stay out of last place. at least for one day. the world champs avoiding that embarrassment.
10:52 pm
but take a look at this guy at- bat. he ends up doing a good job. pablo using his bat for something he hasn't been doing in a while. gone. cut the deficit 2-1. 6th inning add some bush to this line up. pablo scores 2-2. into the seventh two runs. a variable -- over the head of the left fielder and he has himself a double. he had three hits, pablo scored two runs tonight. and there's the guy you get kicked out of the game when you take a bat from a young lady sitting next to you. not really. he was just getting it taken care of. meanwhile, festive and intense. upcoming weekend for the a's. first place teams for the east and west a bit of a reunion as well. and he's doing damage tonight. that is johnny gomes.
10:53 pm
big part of the a's success. robbing justin smoke of the mariners and the sox will win. bay area product nava. the warriors proudly present their latest prized possession and how the trades to acquire andre iguodala might be remembered as a true turning point with the organization. sports part two, next. medicine called? hat's me one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive.
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all right, sign of the times you might say. big time players that actually want to be part of the golden state warriors organization like andre iguodala. bona fide all stars joining forces with curry and barnes could signal a real turning point in this once topples history of the team. bob myers discussing the team's latest acquisition. >> to sit across from an elite player who had many options, numerous options in free agency and to hear him say, you are part of an organization that i want to be a part of. you guys are building something that i want to be a part of. that moment for us as an organization was a by one. >> they really are starting something big and watching them
10:57 pm
play against the san antonio spurs. nobody really gave them problems in the play offs except for the warrior. hopefully get the teams to where we all want to be which is to win a championship. >> there's a guy who has played nine years in the nba. only 28 years old. great acquisition. now the warriors are going to meet up with what you call great expectation of victory this coming season. that's the sports life but a whole lot better place to be than they have been. >> what a difference five years ago you couldn't get anybody to come here now to have the warrior as a destination. boy that says a lot about the organization. >> from top to bottom. they've changed the entire chemistry and the set up and you're going to see more of it too. especially if they sorry to say get that new place built in the city which some people don't want to see being done. but you know -- >> a will the of fun to watch. >> it'll be a big draw no matter what. >> and good thing that the giants won. they needed that. >> a's tomorrow night. red sox in oakland. >> thank you, mark.
10:58 pm
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