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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  July 12, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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. we're live at sfo with an exclusive first look at the wreckage of flight 214. it has now been pulled off the runway. we'll give you a close up look coming up. a news conference on a missing oakland toddler is set to begin at any moment. we will have live coverage. we're live in san jose where hundreds of parents and children are in line waiting for a free give away. we'll tell you why it's so critical for them to get ha -- what they need. mornings on 2 starts now. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning everybody, it's friday july 12th. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm brian flores. >> i'm tori campbell. dave clark has the day off.
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let's get right to weather and traffic. is it ever going to cool off, well it did. and it's going to stay for a while. temperatures 60s and 70s and 80s inland here. steve good morning. if you are driving on marin county's road, south 101 does look good after a crash in marin city being cleared. not causing a huge back up. golden gate bridge looks good. this is a look at the san mateo bridge and the traffic is off to a good start. 7:01. back to the desk. topping the news. up until now, only officials, work crews and the victims have gotten up close to the lodge of flight 214. this morning we can bring exclusive pictures of the wreckage. the plane has been moved from the runway to a remote area. claudine wong is at the airport where you're just yards away prosecute damaged aircraft. -- away from the damaged aircraft that's air --
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aircraft. >> reporter: that's right, it is really kind of a breathtaking sight to take a look at the amount of damage to this boeing 777 as it sits out of here. this is obviously just half of the plane. the other part broke off when it crashed into the sea wall. and now that they've moved it here, really, and we have some daylight, you can see the damage that the fire caused to the exterior over to the other side of it, you can see what's left of some wing and other parts of this airplane. this is what they were trying to get off the runway. ha that's the tail and they were trying to get all of it cleared away so they can fix runway 208 left, and get it back open to traffic. the goal is to have that done by sunday. this is the bulk of the work that needed to be done. and it started being towed away before 5 this morning and came to a rest here. this is a doctor the mat shot and -- this is a dramatic shot. and we walked around to a different area, and showed you
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the damage to there. remember yesterday the ntsb was talking about how quickly this fire went through the cabin after the people came off the plane. it didn't look like this when the first crews and emergency responders got there. then that fire started and that's what caused so much of the damage inside the interior of the plane. what happens next, well, now that this airplane is off the runway. off the field next to the runway, they're going to be testing the electrical today, the faa will likely take a test flight to make sure everything's up and running and then they have to lay down a thousand tons of asphalt to get that runway fixed. it is going to take a while. they're not sure when on sunday flights will resume. obviously that's a top priority. they've been canceling a hundred flights a day and had an average of 45 minute delays longer because of the closure and again, an up close look at it this morning, it's going to sit here and likely be moved inside a han your to get it out
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of the -- hangar to get it out of the weather. in oakland police are giving an update on the search for 21-month-old daphne webb. crews are getting ready for that a press conference there. are hay set thereupon? if we are, let's go ahead and listen in. looks like they're setting up right now. we understand that officers are returning to the apartment where 21-month-old daphne webb lived. searching the shoreline in oakland and family members are getting help from the poly foundation. they picked up a scent from the family's home in a trash can and a pillow case and the girl's father has been arrested on charges of child endangerment. and we talked with daphne's mother the other day. she's also very concerned on the welfare of her daughter as well. but as soon as that press conference gets started, we'll bring that to you live. and obviously this story is really drawing striking
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comparisons with another similar story, another african- american toddler reported missing in oakland four years ago. you may remember in august 2009, 5-year-old hasani campbell vanished. his foster father told police he had parked in a rock ridge neighborhood taking his daughter in a shoe store, and left hasa hasani. and arrested them on suspicious of murder. they left the state and again, just a rather interesting story. >> in the case of the missing 21-month-old daphne webb. we are treating this as a kidnping case. we are looking for the suspect that we have described on tuesday. again, this missing person's kidnapping, occurred on this last tuesday, a little bit after 9:00 a.m. in the morning in the 1400
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block. i'm sorry? i'm sorry? i can't hear you. no, 9 minutes after 11:00 a.m. on wednesday. i'm sorry, did i say tuesday. >> yes. >> i apologize. i use. let e me start over -- i apologize. let me start over again. the missing little girl was reported by her father on tuesday a little bit after 11:00 a.m. in the 1400 block of 79th avenue. the search continues. we additionally are treating this case as a missing person kidnapping. we're staying focused on identified areas where the father reports he last saw his child which is in the 1400 block of 79th avenue. yesterday, we sent out over 200 fliers in the 1400 block of 79 79th avenue, and we worked the
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area out ward. we additionally canvassed and tributing fliers in the northeast area of oakland. that's the area where the little girl and her father lives along with the mother of mr. webb, mr. john webb. we'll continue again to flier identified areas which is going to be around the 79 and international, 79th avenue and international area. we're also going to go back and recanvas our identified areas. some of those areas are going to be the oak nail area, 79th and international will extend to the 8500 block of international to the east and to the west. our dual purpose motorcycles rode the trails in the parks yesterday. they'll continue to ride the trails in the parks.
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those specific areas are areas identified by mr. webb who's the father where he would frequent with his daughter, 21- month-old daphne webb. >> you're stlive to a news conference. that is a spokesperson giving an update on the recent investigation and the search really for the 2 21-month-old toddler are. they handed out 200 fliers yesterday and an all out search continues. katie utehs is there and is listening live and will have a live report within the hour. hundreds of parents are camped out in san jose for school supply. janine de la vega is camped out. >> reporter: the first person in line was here at 11:30 last night. take a look at this line of snakes all the way around the
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corner. it's probably about 150 people waiting to register for free backpacks and school supplies. some people brought their children. it was difficult to find somebody to talk to because many are low income families and they're proud. some of them said that embarrassed that they had to wait this line like this, but it's tough a. lot of them are on a budget and you can see right here, this is what they're waiting for, backpacks and school supplies, calculators, notebooks, it can add up to $60 and for somebody who makes minimum wane, that's a lot of -- wage, that's a lot of money, and one of the people waiting in line who was here early is maria, you have three children, tell me about why the need, why did you have to stand in line for this. >> we are a low income family. i'm a single mom. i have three kids and this is an opportunity for our kids to stay more comfortable in the school, and i appreciate that
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because this is more or less hundreds of dollars, so i don't have a job now, and i really need it. >> how much will it help you? i mean, will it just kind of take a burden off you? >> yeah, i repeat like a hundred dollars, and in this moment, i don't have it for them. >> thanks o so much. and she will definitely be able able -- >> reporter: thanks so much. she will definitely be able to register for backpacks. go to our web site at and click on web links to donate a backpack. janine de la vega, ktvu news. let's check in with sal and see what's happening on friday morning, lights out. sort of. we have had problems for sure, and looking a at the commutes that are normally heavy. a 5 minute delay. not a lot to talk about in big
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delays. interstate 880 which is sometimes very heavy especially northbound is looking good. we had an earlier central near high street and that is cleared and the traffic is back up to normal speed. if you are driving on the commute in marin county, southbound 101, we had an earlier accident but that's actually been cleared up. southbound 101 in san francisco looks good. 7:10, let's go to steve. >> if you like facebook, it -- fog, it looks good, the fog bank is definitely, i mean there's plenty to go around, top to bottom, west, east, kind of retreating a little bit, and now it's really there. it's lifted. has no problem clearing some of the coastal hills, so it's a bigger fog bank. that equals a cooler forecast and finally a typical july pattern. usually it's one extreme to the other, rain, hot, cool, hot again, cool and breezy, forecast for the coast looks chilly,s and 60s. santa cruz one of the
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exceptions. and still high tropical clouds, i like southern california so i'm going to hang out down there. yesterday they had pretty good rain. still a little line trying to to form around santa anna, long beach. drifting toward la. it looks like it's drifting apart. for us it's clear except for the low colloids -- low clouds, and there's a lot there. a couple systems came by to influence our weather. first one was yesterday, the second today. breezy for some, things were picking up a little bit. i don't see much change on the weekend. sunny and breezy, clearing back to the coast, not much sign of a warm up. still a delta a breeze that is not turbo charged but it's pretty fresh and robust. 40s in the mons, 80s the in the desert, but they have cloud cover there. 66 nor sacramento, isn't bad. if you like today's weather, you'll like the weekend weather. windy at times, to the delta, a wide variety of temps, anywhere
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from 50s to 90s. clear lake will go 90. 70s, port costa. 80 danville, 86 brentwood oakley. that's down considerably. san jose 77 and toward the coast, 60s, 70s on the peninsula. not much change in the next few days. thank you very much. well, coming up, city lin douse after shocks. does it look like they will face charges. a california mayor responds to accusations accusations sexual harassment, but will he step down from his position.
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. malala, the taliban is marking her 16th birthday with an address to the united
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nations, let's listen in. >> united for the cause of education. and if we want to achieve our goal, then let us empower ourselves with the weapon of knowledge. and let us shield ourselves with unity and togetherness. dear brothers and sisters, we must not forget that millions of people are suffering from poverty, injustice and ignorance. >> that is malala she was shot in the head by the taliban after campaigning for education. un secretary general has declared her a symbol of hope, a daughter of the united nation as and today has been declared malala day. we are also following breaking news this hour.
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former nsa leaker, edward snowden plans to ask for asylum in russia temporarily, and this is a meeting snowden had at the moscow airport. as ktvu kilah campbell reports, snowden invited humans rights groups to the room. >> i have been been following a group minute by minute on twitter. to the left is a woman are from wikileaks. snowden says he will accept temporary sigh lumbar from russia -- asylum russia. stuck a at the airport because the u.s. canceled his passport. we know russia's president offered him asylum, if he stopped his work on inflicting damage or our american partners. snowden doesn't have to stop anything because he thought he
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was not harming the u.s. snowden says he has been living at the airport in moscow for about three weeks now. she says he feels safe but can't stay there forever. and now activists that were at the meeting are talking to reporters. i'll continue checking in on those had updates and we'll have one in the next hour. live from washington, kilah campbell, ktvu news. new documents indicate that microsoft has collaborated closely with the national security agency to allow users communications to be intercepted. according to the guardian newspaper, microsoft held the nsa intercept web chats on out look and e-mail including hot mail. the guardian says microsoft allowed access to the cloud storage service called sky drive which has more than 250 million users worldwide. it only provided access to the systems when required to do so by court orders. solar panel maker solyndra
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will not face charges after millions of dollars in loans. and was ceo until 2010, one year later, the company went bankrupt. the fbi is looking into whether solyndra fully disclosed the financial situation when it filed for $500 million in loans and they want to know if employees knew what was going on behind closed doors. other employees could be charged. san diego mayor bob is apologizing after being accused of sexual harassment. >> i have diminished the office to which you elected me. i reached into my heart and soul and realized i must and will change my behavior. >> the 70-year-old made the apology after several female workers reported being harassed by and has no plans to resign even if members are calling for him to step down. >> when i received credible firsthand evidence of more than
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one woman being sexually harassed, i could not not act. i did not make this request lightly. it is one of the hardest decisions i have ever made. >> that was city council woman donna fry. she was a supporter of the mayor and now she says he needs to go. we are also following breaking news this morning. janet napolitano is resigning her post as homeland security secretary. fox news says she plans to resign as early as today resigning to take a position as the president of university f of california system. we'll bring you more on the breaking story as we get it. >> that is a big story. it affects california especially. >> absolutely. it is 7:20 #. another beautiful day across the bay area. steve paulson will tell us if the nice weather will hold lawsuit weekend. and baring it all, the local athletes featured in a steamy magazine spread hitting newsstands today. good morning, if you are driving on highway 101
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northbound, it looks pretty good approaching the 880 interchange. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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. two san francisco 49ers are baring it all for a racy spread in espning mag. mag-- magazine. here's images we can you of colin kaepernick. it's meant to showcase athletes incredible physiques. also featured vernon davis and kerri walsh jennings. the magazine hits newsstands today. a 2-year-old's fight to stay alive has turned into an event to give back to the community. matthew woulet underwent a kidney and liver transplant. he's used 8 units of blood. his family organized a fundraiser and blood drive to help give back for the support
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they have received. >> we're trying to give back and kind of pay it forward, i guess is the term, that we've used so much and we we've been blessed over and over again. >> in all 500 people turned out to the event and donated 122 units of blood. $13,000 were also raised and will go to the children's organ transplant association in matthew's name. there will be a blood drive at sfo next monday for the victims of flight 214. it also aims to replenish blood supplies used as a result of the crash. that event runs from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on monday: and internshippal 3 on 3 -- and. it makes sense. if you're waiting for a flight, you have time, donate blood. let's check in with sal and see what's happening on the roads. it's better than it normally is for sure if you're just joining us. it has been kind of a lighter
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commute at the toll l plaza if you're trying to get into san francisco. shouldn't be bad at all heading into the city. the traffic continues to look good on the bridge itself. we haven't found a lot in the way of slow traffic. traffic doing pretty well on interstate 880. we did find slow traffic in pittsburgh, near lone tree way. a minor crash to the shoulder. you can see traffic out of antioch is slow. getting on in bay point or 680 from concord to walnut creek, that does look good. let's go back to steve. thank you, sir. we've gone from sometimes hot for inland areas to now not too bad. some of the areas still in the 90s well away, and most locations away from the coast are in the 80s on the high temps and you can see a lot of fog, and there's going to continue to be. it's made a good push inland. if you don't have the fog, sunny and breezy, tropical clouds in southern california, bring that up in case you're traveling down there today. i think they'll be gone by the weekend. 50 as on the temps. everyone's close. san francisco 55.
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antioch 56 a. san jose at 54. low pressure systems swinging in. one yesterday and the other in the knot north. that equals a bigger fog bank. temperatures 50s to 80s. you can get a wide variety, and they'll continue that today. i don't see much change. looks quiet finally not much going on weather wise for a few days. thank you steve. 7:25. actually just turned 7:26. a truck hits and kills a bay area owe yoga teacher and his dog. why the chp says this was an avoidable tragedy. a a news conference at oakland police headquarters just wrapped. i'll have the latest on the search for a missing oakland girl. look at 'em.
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. it is 7:29. new this morning, oakland police have given an update on the search for a missing toddler. ktvu channel 2 reporter katie utehs is live with what police are saying about the girl's father after he was arrested on child endangerment charges. good morning katie. >> reporter: good morning, first on the status of the missing girl. police say this is still a missing person's case. that toddler 21-month-old daphne webb went missing wednesday around 11 and has not been seen. police have passed out these fliers with the child's
7:30 am
picture. her mother tells ktvu that the child has a right ear that is very distinct and noticeable. keep in mind, looking for this child with a right ear issue. she said it needs surgery, slightly deformed right ear. something to look out for. police passing out the fliers. this is a missing persons case. we did learn at the press conference that just wrapped up that john webb, the father as he was arrested last night as we've been told, he made bail and was released this morning. he's facing child endangerment charges for leaving his daughter with his 87-year-old mother who suffers from dementia. he's not been named a suspect or a person of interest in the missing person's case. facing the charges for child endangerment. police are expanding the search with the helicopter around the mlk junior regional shoreline park where the dive teams searched the water yesterday. those divers did not net anything from the better i'm told and they're expanding the search around the father's
7:31 am
apartment in the oak knoll neighborhood. and they're expanding the search around the market where the father reported the girl missing. that's at 97th and international. again, police passing out these fliers come back out live, you can see one more look. they have two versions of it, with the little girl on there. she's been missing since wednesday and police are calling this a missing person's case and will be out actively searching today. they have told me that at this point all of their investigation sites are here in oakland. they think at this point may still be in the area. there is an amber alert in fact so it is a statewide alert, but they are centering the focus here in oakland. for now live at lpd headquarters, katie utehsment. 7:31 back to our continuing coverage. flight 214, a ktvu news crew was the first this morning to bring you these up close pictures of the fusalodge the at the newest location. it's the closest journalists
7:32 am
have come to the plane. it was towed from the runway and left to a secure site at sfo early this morning. the airport plans to reopen the runway on sunday once damage to the runway has been repaired. now, move did run into problems overnight. around 3:30, firefighters had to put out smoke. we just learned, an sfo spokesperson says that happened as equipment was cutting the fusalodge into pieces. no reports of injuries. and the ntsb says it could take months before reaching a final conclusion of crash. chair debra herbman hinted that the focus is on the pilots. she says investigators have found no mechanical issues. the flight data recorder indicates the engine controls and electronics were working properly. go to for more coverage. you'll find stories ranging from the investigation to the
7:33 am
victims and we have posted new images of the crash scene. san a hose police police police officers not get the 10% raise they were asking for. they rejected the request and said they will not get anymore money. the police officers association said officers deserve the raises after taking voluntary pay cuts two years ago when the city was having financial problems. several police officers have reare tired and at least one resigned -- retired and at least one resigned after the decision was announced. >> i don't know how many officers need to leave this department until the city leadership wakes up. >> we have lost good officers that have resigned or retired. the city is is offering is separate deal that includes a 2 1/2 percent raise and a e bonus bonus -- and a bonus for staying with the department. the union says that won't make san jose competitive with other agencies. a sex crime detective has been arrested for the same type
7:34 am
of crime he investigates. tony fregger is charged with soliciting and receiving sexually explicit photos from an underage girl he met online. he worked for san jose's sex crime unit for three years ago and was responsible for investigating sex crimes involving minors. prosecutors say fregger knew the girl was underage when he requested the photos. a civil rights agency is investigating sexual assault at a high school. allegations the school did hot respond quickly enough to reports sexual assault victims being harassed at a school. the investigate comes after the school's student magazine published the story saying two students were sexual assaulted on campus and sunketted to harassment on social immediate -- subjected to harassment on social media. new this morning, a man was rushed to the hospital after being shot during an armed robbery in san francisco's
7:35 am
excelsior district. shortly before midnight, two suspects approached a man near the intersection of para street. he was robbed and shot in the arm. police are looking for the suspects. anyone with information is is asked to call police. 7:34. an arrest has been made in a recent string of vandalism in san francisco's golden gate park. police say someone actually saw 65-year-old ken frisch damaging a tree in the park yesterday. he is also accused of altering a park path and feeding animals, but police say he is likely not responsible for the vandalism of 200 young trees last year. another round of graffiti clean up is is scheduled for san jose next month. caltrans had recently painted over several freeway signs along 101 and 280 and some have been retagged. the clean up is scheduled for the weekend of july 26th. time is 7:35 on the dot. how is the roll -- toll plaza.
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>> it looks better than normal which is good news for everyone we have been looking at the list and it has completely cleared out. if you have to go to work in san francisco, now is a good time to go. the traffic does look good. word of a crash webb 24, west of old tunnel road, which is near the caldecott. watch for possible slow traffic in the area. let's move along and look at the 101, northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. we talked about highway 24 westbound and southbound 680 between concord, walnut creek and danville looks good. 7:36, let's go to steve; we have some sun for a few. the biggest area of fog is up towards the north bay, burning off for some areas, peninsula and east bay and south bay. disappearing and came back. there's a lot out here. it will continue to be with us nights and mornings. a good surge on the fog. it will be sunny today, a
7:37 am
little breezy, tropical clouds continue to work through southern california. they are winding down, and i think they'll be there one more day. a couple little system 50s on the temps. after walnut creek. concord, livermore, san san jose 54. and north bay stuck in the low cloud deck longer than most, along with the coast. west 23 fairfield, and delta breeze, even about 20/25, continuing today, low 80s mainly because of the cloud cover down toward las vegas and palm springs, light showers and most seems to be winding down and pushing off for us. lots of sunshine, once you get the fog to burn back. that's a big fog bank. inland temps are cooling down. warm enough for some, and fairfield down to to 81. novato 76. 68 san leandro are.
7:38 am
80s for antioch, oakley brentwood. 77 san jose, 75 fremont, 60s on the coast or 50s. 68 san bruno. and 77 woodside, mountain view at 76. not much changed, if anything, inland temps may come up early next week. happening right now, the defense in the george zimmerman murder trial is presenting its closing arguments. the former neighborhood watchman is charged the in the shooting death of 7-year-old trayvon martin are. stacy cohen is live in sanford florida where the jury could get the case sometime today. stacy. >> reporter: yeah, they're about halfway through. defense attorney mark o'mara is halfway through the closing arguments. he gets three hours basically to make his pitch that his client george zimmerman is not guilty. now the defenses turn as a george zimmerman awaits eventual judgment from a jury on whether or not he is guilty of second-degreed murder of 17-
7:39 am
year-old trayvon martin. his legal team made closing arguments friday. >> george zimmerman is not guilty if you have reasonable doubt that he acted in self- defense. >> reporter: he was killed when he was shot by zimmerman on february 26th of last year. if not convicted of second- degree murder, judge debra nelson has said he can be found guilty of manslaughter. his family is keeping strong. >> prayerful and hopeful to good and this is going to end in cruz for trayvon martin. >> reporter: on thursday they argued zimmerman was angry and on a power trip when he targeted martin as a criminal. >> unfortunately because his assumptions were wrong, trayvon benjamin martin no longer walks on this earth. >> reporter: the prosecutor
7:40 am
also held up a bag of scuttles candy, run of the lasting images in the case to drive home his argument that the victim was doing nothing sinister. . >> now when the defense finishes up, willing likely be a break, come back, and the prosecution will get the final word. they have a one hour rebuttal. after the that, the judge -- after that, the judge will instruct the jury and we are expecting them to get the case later this afternoon. >> thank you from sanford florida. jurors will begin deliberating monday in a gang rape case. jose montano and marcel last peter life in prison if convicted of raping a 16-year- old girl outside a richmond homecoming cans in 2009. two other men pleaded guilty and are serving 32 and 27 year prison terms. two more suspects are awaiting trial. b.a.r.t. trains could come to a grinding halt again in a few weeks. the harsh words as the contract
7:41 am
talks resume in the bitter labor dispute. and why the crew of plight 214 was not subjected to alcohol or drug tests right after the crash landing at sfo.
7:42 am
7:43 am
. the stock market rally that led to record highs has picked up a little steam this morning. profits at big bank, wells fargo and jp morgan tame in than ever. and ups is seeing a e slow down. the dow up 31. building on that record close from yesterday. the nasdaq up 8. s&p also
7:44 am
increasing on its record high is up 1 1/2. the relationship between google and apple is improving google's executive chairman eric schmidt says the tech companies have held several meetings but will not say what has been discussed. apple has tried to rely less on google online services, including dumping google maps, and google is is dominant in the phone market which apple created. apple is not commenting. we continue our coverage of flight 214. we're tracking the big moving this morning cranes lifted the fuselage into a transport vehicle. we were the first news station to show you exclusive video of the plane finally rest. as we have been reporting around 3:30 this morning, firefighters were called to extinguish smoke that had billowed from the fuselage. we'll have a live report this morning's big move at the top of the hour as well. bay area congresswoman nancy pelosi says it's a wake up call to change current
7:45 am
aviation laws. federal rules mandate that u.s. pilots be tested for alcohol and drugs following a crash and pilots with foreign licenses like asiana crew are excepted. lawmakers are examining which regulation regulations and internal international agreements. more crash survivors are being released from the hospital. san francisco general has 7 patients left, r two -- two children and five adults. three are listed in critical condition. sanford hospital has one crash victim and that person is in serious condition. if you missed the prime time special last night, you can catch it online at 9:00 a.m. this morning after mornings on 2 and at 3:00 this afternoon. go to or use our mobile app to stream the program. 7:45, this is news bay area commuters tonight want to hear. b.a.r.t. service could want again come to a screeching halt. pam cook a is here to talk about the situation that's heating up and getting very
7:46 am
emotional. >> yes, it is, negotiations over the b.a.r.t. contract with workers will continue today. talks resumed yesterday for the first time since workers went on strike. but from the sound of it, the talks are not going well. workers say if a deal isn't reached when their contract extension expires next month, they will strike again. >> be prepared for the bloodiest, longest strike since the 1970s if these kinds of tactics continue. >> it would be disastrous. at the end of the day when people says who's side are you on, i'm not on anybody's side. i'm ron getting the train's rolling. >> it's -- i'm on getting the train's rolling. >> both sides say the top priority is is to reach an agreement and they remain far apart on pay raises and worker contributions to health care and pension plans. that's a part that many are commenting on, paying for more health care. they pay $92 a month, regardless of how many dependents he have.
7:47 am
critics say b.a.r.t. workers are losing support from the public faced with another stressful time for the commute. brian and tory. we're finding out more about a crash in santa rosa that killed a yoga teacher and his dog. 52-year-old victor was walking on wednesday night when a truck veered off the road and hit them. investigators say the driver, 33-year-old andrew tongueset was under the influence of drugs and had prescription painkillers and marijuana in his truck. >> hopefully he will come to realize the gravity of what he took away from somebody else's family. >> investigators say tungset was driving with a suspended license and had gotten off probation in connection with with a -- with a 2009dui. police are asking anyone with video to come forward and help them investigate a
7:48 am
shooting involving a deputy. the incident happened sunday night on turners drive in marin city. investigators say a deputy recognized 44-year-old chaka grayson and tried to pull him over. grayson tried to run him down so e he shot grayson in the arm. grayson was later arrested. the deputy was also hurt after witnesses threw rocks at him. authorities in riverside county say a mother and daughter psychic team helped them find the body of a missing boy. they called them about having a vision. they went to a house, walked onto the property and right to the partially buried body of the 11-year-old boy. >> i was this boy being under a tree, and i saw a big, like i knew the city was behind him or off to the side and i couldn't figure out why he wasn't moving. it didn't occur to me why he wasn't alive. >> i looked at something also
7:49 am
in my mind. it looked like the same type of tree and him laying there. >> investigators say they had searched the area and somehow missed seeing the body. a 16-year-old relative of the victim has been arrested on suspicion of murder. police are looking for information on a body found buried in a grave in vallejo. they released these pictures of the clothing the victim was wearing. a denson brand jeans and the body was found one week ago. police don't know the age race or sex of the victim. the death is also being investigated as a possible homicide. it is 7:49. retired army general stanley mcchrystal and conan o'brien are the featured speakers at the bohemian grove gathering along the russian river. the summer retreats of rich and powerful men opened yesterday and runs through july 28th. up to 2500 bohemian club members and their guests are expected at the all male
7:50 am
gathering which is held at a wooded camp in montario. lucy lee is only ten but trying to qualify for the united states golf association women's amateur championship. calling a 10-year-old qualifying for a women's tournament. 8 spots open. lee has played in other big tournaments, including the links championship in norman oklahoma. >> did you see that swing. >> very impressive. >> 6th grader, redwood city. a new study from uc santa cruz causing controversy, what may be contributing to earthquakes. and we've been giving you the first close up look at the wreakage of flight 214, a perspective you will see here on ktvu.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. for the first time in almost a century, a bald eagle is learning fly in san mateo county. they have seen the bird at the crystal reservoir, and reported watching it fly from its nest. a mated pair built the nest last year and experts believe this could be their chick. gio thermal plants near southern california's salt ask sea may be triggering earthquakes on the an andres fault. they examined data from california's imperial value and when production rose, so did the number of earthquakes, the largest quake linked to the plant was a mag -- magnitude 5.1. after a year of public pressure, the government is setting a stricter limit on what's in apple juice. the food and drug administration says apple juice cannot have more arsenic than 10 parts per billion.
7:54 am
the old limit was 23 parts per billion. the fda had said that level are was not dangerous to consumers, including small ha children, but apple -- small children, but p apple juice is the second most popular fruit juice. merit bakery in oakland is opening its doors two months after being damaged by a fire. today the restaurant section reopens to the public and tomorrow the bakery will reopen. a fire damaged the kitchen area. no one was hurt. the bakery has been in oakland for more than 60 years. time now is 7:54 and as dave clark likes to say, are people behave themselves on the roadway. i think for the most part. we haven't had a lot of crashes, but a few in the last half hour. 237 we have slowing now. but it's not that deep. it's just right there really and after that it moves well over to sunnyvale. we're also looking at the commute on interstate 880
7:55 am
northbound. there was an accident up near 23 23rd. it wasn't a major crash and they're moving it, but it has slowed traffic. you're driving into oakland, you may want to consider 580 or if you know the side roads, you may want to think about that as well. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, i think you're going to like what you see. the toll plaza commute seems to be over for the morning as there's little to know delay. let's go to steve. thank you. well, san jose cleared out fog, and north bay dealing with a lot. breaks in the fog bank, watch right there, so you can three plenty in the north bank took the brunt of the morning fog. santa rosa. stockton, and pretty solid up and down the coast. clear skies here, except for the fog but there's still tropical clouds hanging o out in southern california, although the rain seems to be decreasing. 50s on the temps, coast, bay, inland, doesn't matter, usually there's a big spread. not the case today. we'll see cloud, showers, down
7:56 am
in southern california but not here. we had more fog yesterday and we continue that today. 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s mainly inland. and clear lake could sneak in with a 90. and temperatures have moved down. i don't think they're going to change too much. a slight warm opinedland and head to sunday -- a slight warm up inland. 7:55 a. we are continue to following breaking news of janet napolitano's resignation. why she's headed to california. we're live at sfo where we can give you an upclose wreckage of flight 214. we just the got new information about what's going to happen to this plane, and an update on repairs, we'll bring that to you coming up. right now there's only 100 backpacks for 2300 children from needy families in san jose, but there's a long line of parents waiting. we'll tell you how you can help
7:57 am
when new -- when mornings on 2 continues. ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go.
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7:59 am
back to an even july pattern, fog, sun, and 60s, 70s, mainly 80s. some fog can be cool. i don't see much change going the into the weekend. maybe warmer inland next week. steve good morning, looking at the fog, a little bit of thick fog in the southern part of marin county. the traffic is moving well anyway. also this morning, if you are driving on westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland, the traffic is light. now, let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you, topping the news, we have new information on what's going to happen to the wreckage of flight 214, the plane moved from the runway to a remote area of sfo. claw claude who brought you the d -- claudine wong who brought you the first pictures joins us and you're with a spokesperson this morning. >> reporter: yes, we've been talking with him about what's next for the wreckage. let's show you where it sits now at sfo. this is a reet mote area of airport. you don't -- remote area of the airport. they brought it here because
8:00 am
they tolded airlines, we'll leave it -- told the airlines, we'll leave it here for a couple weeks, when you figure out what to do. they will take it apart, and dispose of it in some way. they're working on the plan, we have been told they haven't finalized the plan on exactly how they're going to do that yet and so it will likely stay here for a while. what we're seeing is the main body of the plane, and then if we pan over to the right, you can see there is the tail section o. plane. another the larger -- section of the plane and other larger pieces. they said they are on schedule, they got it off the runway as planned overnight. i want to show some other things out here. what they're doing around the area here is they have placed some sandbags to make sure that any fluid or anything else that would come off this plane doesn't spill onto this area. we talked about there was a brief little issue of smoke over night when they were trying to clear the plane. it happened about 3:30 this
8:01 am
morning. they think that happened because they were cutting through the plane and there was some fluid or other things going on with the plane that caused the smoke. they were able to put that out quickly. let me show you the interior of the plane, because we walked around to the other side where this plane sits. we can show you inside the plane, and it is very dramatic, the damage that is inside. keep in mind, the ntsb chairman said yesterday that one of the first responders told her when he got on scene, it was like you could fluff up the pillows and the interior of the plane looked just fine. the fire broke out after most of the passengers had evacuated from the plane and what you see is pretty dramatic. it is not what a lot of passengers saw after the crash landing. it's only what happened in the minutes that followed as everyone was getting off the plane and as that fire began to pick up speed. now, when they got this plane off the runway, and we were there, and i want to show you pictures of that, a little before 5 that we saw making its move and that brings us again back to the time frame of when
8:02 am
they're going to get everything back up and running. time frame is still sunday. they say they are on schedule, on time. the work that's going to be done today is more debris clearing, and they're going to be laying down a lot of asphalt and checking all thal, the faa -- all the electrical. the faa had its own work to do, the landing lights and the different instruments they're in charge of are working as well. you're taking a look at the bulk of the wreckage of flight 214 sitting in this remote area of sfo, a pretty significant development, the this is what had to happen if they're going to get the runway open. averaging a hundred cancellations a day, this is pretty important. i have the sfo spokesperson walking towards me right now, and gone over details we talked about earlier. butting seeing the wreckage, i want to ask you quickly, this is on schedule, open maybe sunday. >> that's our goal. this is a big step forward overnight. we didn't know what to expect
8:03 am
in terms of moving the aircraft, how badly damaged it was. whether it would buckle during movement and so the crews worked all night and this is exactly where we want to be at this time. there's a lot of work to be done but tracking well for a reopening on sunday. >> and certainly for sfo, you want to let the ntsb do work. this is definitely disruptive. >> we have been experiencing delays and cancellations every day as a result of having the runway closed and working around the clock to get it reopened a as much as possible. >> i imagine moving the wreckage is the most unpredictable part of the operation. >> correct. this was the big x factor in fact process. we know there is a lot of steps that has to happen hydraulic fluid and preparing elements of the runways, taxi ways and navigation i'ds, this is the one we didn't know -- navigation aids, this is the one where we didn't know how it would go. >> reporter: that is the latest
8:04 am
from sfo, a lot of worked ahead and a bill achievement overnight. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. it's being reported as well that the first responders to the crash do not recall running over one of the girls killed in the disaster. the chronicle reports the san francisco police department has concluded its investigation. an autopsy indicates that one of the teenagers may have been run over and killed by an emergency vehicle. but none of the firefighters and paramedics who arrived on scene remember coming into contact with the girl. the drivers of all five emergency vehicles were tested for and cleared of any drugs and alcohol. and if you miss our prime time special last night on the crash of flight 214, you can catch it online at 9:00 a.m. this morning right after mornings on 2. then again at 3:00 this afternoon. just go to or use our mobile app to stream the program. it's 8:04. we want to update you on breaking news. janet napolitano is resigning her post as homeland security
8:05 am
secretary. the los angeles times reports napolitano is leaving to become president of the university of california system. it is the first time in the uc system's 145 year history that it will be headed by a woman. that poll that a know is the third person to -- napolitano is the third person to are run and uc officials say her experience responding to national disaster and overseeing antiterrorism measures will help with the energy programs and research into nuclear weapons. she attended santa clara university and was the first senior valedictory before earning her law degree. ktvu reporter, janine de la vega is live at sacred community heart community service with more on why they're in such high demand. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, at last count it was at 300 people e that are here in
8:06 am
line. this line wraps around the block. all these parents and children, they come from low income families and they know that school starts in about a month, and they know they won't be able to afford backpacks and school supplies. you know, a backpack along with school supplies can cost up to $60. say sacred heart community service is holding a community event. sacred heart wants to gi away 2300. the director knows that the need is great for single parent households. those making minimum wage or those still searching for work. teachers say if a student goes to school unprepared, it takes the focus off learning and affects their self-esteem. >> they have enough stress day one starting a new year, meeting new friends, perhaps meeting a new teacher. so is they need to come in right away with the tools of their trade and ready to begin their job on day one.
8:07 am
>> reporter: now, this line is just to register to receive a backpack and school supplies. it starts at 9 this morning and goes until 4:00 p.m. the first person in line got here at 11:30. what they're going to be getting a month from now. scientific calculators, memory calculator cards,inglies pencils. -- glues pencils, make sure not to buy a red or blue one. they don't want anything o associated with gang colors. if you would like to help, go to to our web site at click on webb links, reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 8:07. sal's been keeping an eye on traffic. how are are things in contra costa county. looking good.
8:08 am
highway 4 has improved quite a bit. it's slow in antioch. a little bit slow coming over the hill to concord. if you drive every day, you are going to like it better than other days. and 24 between walnut creek and oakland is light. and when you get to the toll plaza of the bay bridge, if you're going that far, you're also going to see it light on this friday, we have friday light get getting onto the bridge are and the livermore valley between livermore and castro valley, a better commute on 580. northbound 880. we talked about it last time. northbound 880 coming into oakland, there was an earlier accident at 23rd northbound. you might want to to use 580 as an l -- an alternate. foggy for some. not all. the thickest is on coast and visiting the north bay, burning off for other locations, but there's plenty to go along. disappearing a north wind kicked in and it came all the
8:09 am
back. overnight, and get the release light there. tropical clouds in southern california, a bigger fog bank and a quieter pattern. i mean, i tell you, it's been temperatures up, down, rain hot, looks like things are going to stay status quo here. 10 day outlook quiet as well. fog up and down the coast, temperatures there, 50s, 60s, i go with low 70s toward santa cruz, and jim beaden tweeted me. foggy anded-- foggy and cold. little system yesterday, that increased the low cloud, and another system moving in, a dip in the jet stream, you can see right there. 50s, 59. concord, livermore, santa rosa, 53. sfo at 58. 58 redwood city. a lot of 50s in marin county. west at 24, that has been steady as he goes. decent delta a breeze.
8:10 am
concord with west winds and southeast breeze toward the south bay. and 80s are there. 55 in ukiah. they were 95. and parts of lake county. and tropical clouds in southern california. nothing compared to yesterday. fog, sun, breezy, big fog bank. breezy to windy. anywhere from 50s to 90s. clear lake will do that. san rafael, 74. 78 sonoma. vallejo. 73 walnut creek. 79 to 86 antioch and brentwood. 7979 milpitas. 80 santa clara valley. sunnyvale at 76 and mid-70s on the peninsula. lower 70s around mill bray. and then 68 san bruno. 59dc and pacifica. fog son breezy, inland temples are warmer and pretty quiet for the next few days.
8:11 am
thank you steve. it's 8:10. edward snowden holds a meeting at the moscow airport this morning. what he said about his future plans. if anyone has seen them in the last 30 days if they would contact the oakland police department's missing person's unit. more on the search for a missing child and how they're asking the public to get involved. u
8:12 am
8:13 am
. low cloud deck around, solid on the coast and we'll
8:14 am
get sun, temperatures 60s, 70s and 80s. hazy sunshine. a little breezy. good morning everybody, we're following developing news out of are russia. we want to go to a photo of edward snowden at moscow airport this morning. this is his first public appearance after taking refuge in the airport three weeks ago. as kilah campbell reports he asks for asylum in russia. >> the spokesperson says he's not aware of a formal asylum request from snowden and he said he can stay in russia as long as he stops leaking u.s. e intelligence. he wants to stay in russia for now. he's been holed up mt. -- in the airport for three weeks. and four countries offered him refuge from espionage in the u.s. it's attributing to human rights watch. reporters were not allowed inside the meeting but the
8:15 am
participants gave multiple interviews after. he does intend to harm the u.s., he he wants the u.s. to succeed. this comes as vice president biden other countries if they help snowden, they will face diplomatic fall out. kilah campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. a deal to lower interest rating on student loans has hit a snag. congressional lawmakers were close to reaching an agreement until they found out it would cost $22 billion over the next 10 years, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is negotiates to try to get the cost down. stafford loan rates doubled from 3.4% to 6.8% after congress failed to reach a deal. an investigation has found that millions of tax dollars are going to top executives in the u.s. education department but that could soon change.
8:16 am
our washington d.c. news bureau found out that a few dozen senior executives received more than $2 million in bonus checks. that has as local schools were dealing with huge budget problems: the leader of a house committee is proposing to cut $4 million from the agency next year to stop the bonuses. >> the question is, do you really need to give executive members of the department of education bonuses, and it would seem that in this budget environment that's not a wise decision. >> the department defended the payments saying they were needed to retain qualified executives at the sag agency. an employee -- agency. an employee killed in a shooting at a restaurant will be laid to rest. funeral services for kenneth o mar bradley will be held at 10:00 a.m. at. the shooting may have been a case of mistaken identity and was not a robbery.
8:17 am
and in walnut creek a new report shows four city employees who were placed on administrative leave did the right thing to protect minors by firing a lesser center employee accused of having i haven't appropriate contact with a -- with having inappropriate contact with a 13- year-old girl. the did report did find city manager ken knew about a the inappropriate contact and did not notify police. 8:17. hillary clinton is making big money on the speaking circuit. this is video of clinton at the dedication of a children's library in her name on monday in little rock arkansas. she did not charge for that appearance. but in speeches to industry groups, clinton commands up to $200,000 per appearance. this rate she could catch up to her husband who earned $17 million on the speaking circuit last year. today wouldtoday could be the day a royal baby is born.
8:18 am
kate is due to give birth any day to her first child with prince william. people have been camping out in london where the royal baby has been born. we have learned the official title will be prince or princess of cambridge. when the baby is born, an announcement made at buckle ham palace. >> already a prince or princess. >> and already third in line to the throne regardless of boy or girl. >> that's right. coming up, a message in a bottle found in the debris of superstorm sandy, how it's bringing comfort to a grieving mother. also it's going to be another gorgeous day around the bay area, some little fog in some parts. steve paulson will be back with the weekend forecast. good morning, golden gate bridge today, the fog that tory spoke of is hanging around in southern marin, we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. i'm totally in love with the avocado on this sub.
8:19 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we're following breaking news, and received new information about one of the deaths in the crash of flight 214. a san francisco police chief greg sur is confirming that one of the teen anallers killed in the crash was run -- teenage killed in the crash was run over by one vehicle. she was under fire retardant foam and no one could see her. it is 8:21. superstorm sandy has reunited a woman many new york with a
8:22 am
message written by her late daughter almost 12 years ago. back in 2002 when she was 10 years old, sedone wrote a note, put it in a bottle and tossed it into the waters. she died 8 years later after falling from a cliff at a boarding school. last december her message in a bottle washed ashore and was found in the debris among superstorm sandy. >> it had a message in it, i opened it and it said be excellent to yourself dude and there was only a phone number on it. >> it was something, and couldn't understand what i was saying. >> her mother says the message was a quote from her daughter's favorite movie, bill and ted's excellent adventure. she keeps the bottle in a glass case next to her desk. people in the bay area will get their first look at the ben & jerry's ice cream flavor created by the city of san francisco. over the past month, people in the city have been able to rote
8:23 am
on their favorite ingredients through the city's churn campaign. there are are two ways you can taste the flavor, tonight a truck will be on peerie 7 from 4 to 6 and tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to noon at ocean beach. time is 8:22. sal there's bag els in the news -- waggles in the news room. it's a great day to be at ktvu ladies and gentlemen, let's take a look at a the commute on 80 westbound as you head out. it's a little bit crowded as you drive out to the mcarthur maze. no major problems driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. i think you'll like this this as you see it or trying to get into city. right now would be a good time for to go, no problems on the bridge. the livermore valley commute generally has more slow traffic. i want to show you something. look at the road sensors, turning bright red and that's because of an earlier crash near 23rd. happily, there is a better
8:24 am
route for you, and that would be 580 westbound. that looks good and it's a good alternate route into oakland. 8:23. let's go to steve. thank you sir, a lot of low clouds around, areas sunny. san jose looking at the three web cameras from the meteorology department at san san jose state. a little cool this morning but starting to warm up. you can see there's plenty of fog there, especially towards the mort bay. a lot of north bay, -- north bay, a up there. and you can see it extends to southern california. dealing with tropical clouds. not as many as yesterday but splash and dash shower activity. 50s or right at 60. antioch 60 degrees and upper 50s. coast bay and inland, and that's in place. i don't see much changing here. there's a big fog bank.
8:25 am
breezy to windy at spots. you can see 50s, 60s 70s or 80s but out of the 90s for most. ukiah flirting with a # 0 and vacaville in the 80s. so 70s down toward santa cruz. the rest are 50s and 60s. not much change, maybe a warm up away from the coast. thank you. critics have been giving fruit areville station rave reviews, the big deal involving the shooting death of oscar grant. police updated us an hour ago on the search for a missing toddler, daphne webb. i'll have the latest on their search efforts happening this morning.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
time is 8:27. new hit-and-run, oakland police have released more information about the -- new information, oakland police have released more information. katie utehs is live at oakland police headquarters with what police said in a news conference an hour ago ago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning brian, they say it's still a missing persons case. they have not had any major information in the case. police will be passing out fliers this morning to several neighborhoods. at this point police say the search area will expand. >> we want to make sure that we expand our search and we're thorough. we're pushing the search out ward every day. >> reporter: police are resuming their search this morning and expanding out ward from what officer watson called potential crime scenes, the market where john webb reported 21-month-old daphne missing, the martin luther king junior regional shoreline and near john webb's apartment. >> they'll continue to ride the
8:29 am
trails and the parks in the oak knoll area. those areas are areas identified by mr. webb who is father. >> reporter: john webb reported his daughter missing wednesday, a little after 11 in the morning. police say webb told investigators they went into the market near 79th and international and when he came outside, daphne webb was gone. police arrested webb on child endangerment charges for allegedly leaving his daughter in the vehicle with his 87-year- old mother who has dementia. this morning we've learned webb posted bail and was released. he has not been charged with my other charges just child endangerment. police are trying it to determine when webb was last seen with daughter. they won't say what his relationship is with daphne's mother but he's cooperating with police and spoke with ktvu exclusively. >> as far as kidnapping or doing something to her, that never crossed my mind the at a all. when i was told the story -- my mind at all. when i was told the story, i
8:30 am
have my concerns and my questions. >> reporter: police will be canvassing three locations with three fliers. they say the water is too shallow to once again put out the dive teams, however they plan it to launch the helicopter as they expand their search. daphne webb's mother does tell us that she wants the public to know that she is grateful for r their support and as you look for her daughter, she has a very distinct right ear. if you see this child with short black hair, and a distinct ear, she is 21-month- olds, a small child, again, contact police. they also want to talk with anybody who may have seen john webb last with his daughter. live in oakland, katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. many san jose police officers are upset about a decision a thattedness them pay raises. -- that denies them pay raises. officers wanted a 10% raise after they took a voluntary pay cut two years ago. and now an arbitrator ruled they will get no pay restoration. the city offers a separate deal
8:31 am
with a 2 1/2 pay raise and a bonus for staying on the force. that wasn't enough for an officer that is quitting. >> it's an emotional decision to me to have to come to this decision that i have to go and it comes down to my family. >> mayor chuck reid says the city has lost good officers who have resigned or retired. and san jose will keep recruiting and hiring. a san jose sex crimes detective has been arrested for the same type of crime he investigates. prosecutors say 33-year-old tony fregger is charged with soliciting and receiving sexually explicit photos from p an underage girl he received online. he worked for the is sex crimes unit for three years ago and was responsible for investigating sex crimes involving minors. fregger knew the girl was underage when he requested the photos. it is 8:31, the port of oakland has settled a lawsuit that now could produce a new large ship terminal and a water
8:32 am
front baseball stadium. but it is not good news for members of local ten long shoreman. they block deliveries at the port on tuesday saying the settlement could cost them jobs. it gives a competing terminal operator leasing rights for two new docks in exchange for howard terminal where the stadium could be built. the deal still needs a second approval by the port later this month. >> police many santa rosa raided an internet cafe for reportedly offering illegal gambling games on the computers. police seized computers, equipment financial records and $20,000 in cash from justice pcs near codingtown mall. it's the 5th internet cafe since february to be investigated for offering gambling. time is 8:32 and the oakland city council could vote to sen sure council woman brooks in a meeting next month. a hearing is scheduled for july 25th to discuss an audit that
8:33 am
found brooks violated city rules when she interfered in the construction of a teen center in her district. larry reid was cited for violating city rules in the report. he is not expected to be part of the hearing. the vote is symbolic and will not carry a penalty. the critically acclaimed film about the shooting death of oscar grant opens at bay area movie theaters today. fruit veil station portrays grant's final hours before a deadly confrontation with b.a.r.t. police on new year's day in 2009. michael b jordan plays the lead role. the film was written and directed by oakland native brian kuggler. an arrest has been made in a recent string of vandalism in golden gate park. someone actually saw 65 a-year- old ken frisch damaging a tree in the park yesterday. he is also accused of a altering a park path and feeding animals. but police say he is likely not
8:34 am
responsible for the vandalism of 200 young trees last year. another round of graffiti clean up is scheduled for san jose later this month. caltrans had recently painted over several freeway signs along highway 101 and 280 and some have been retagged. the clean up is scheduled for the weekend of july 26th. more than 800 homes were fogged overnight to prevent the spread of west nile virus. it covered a 3 square mile area in san jose. they ordered the fogging after several mosquitoes tested positive for west nile. the fogging is safe but people with respiratory conditions might be better off if they close windows and doors. >> when we apply them at the rate we do, there's very little chance of someone having a significant problem with products we use. >> 16 cases of west nile have been reported since 2004.
8:35 am
no one in the county has died of the virus. time is 8:34. want to check in with sal and see what's happening around the bay area on the roads. immaterial to -- i want to show you spot that seems to be not as good as the others. interstate 8800 northbound as you drive past the coliseum. driving north to downtown oakland, generally a good route, and still slow from earlier approximate. immaterial to show you the map -- problems. i want to show you the man. 580 is looking pretty good and i would recommend that. and we have a new accident southbound 880 near marina boulevard, noninjury. 880 is to be avoided. 580 is an alternate. very small delay, turn those metering lights off at the toll plaza and traffic looks good getting into san francisco. 8:35. let's get to steve. very good friday morning. san jose already in the sun,
8:36 am
other locations are socked in with the agreement looks like the fog really wanted to kind of flex its muscle over the north bay. still fog over the bay as well. seems to be retreating a little bit and parts of the peninsula and south bay on the coast, thick, thick, thick. fog bank has gone down from way down here. things are settling down a little bit, even keel, typical july pattern, cool, breezy, 50s, 60s by the coast. santa a cruz running warm erik, and not that much. the -- warmer and not that much. for july, a lot. some saying i think i'm going to hang out in southern california, and there's a very light rain. not much. very light. you can see near los angeles, south towards long beach, if you have to go down will, business or pleasure, travel, whatever, it is cloudy. not for us. lots of sunshine. system went by yesterday in the atmosphere, lifted the fog, gave the west wind. morning fog, sunny and breezy
8:37 am
and breezy for the week, i don't see much change. looks like it's going to stay there for a while. i looked out 15 days for what it's worth. not much change. 50s and 60s on the temps. really not much of a difference here. still a westerly breeze. it's been holding steady travis, fairfield. i hang my head on that travis a sure sign the delta breeze in sacramento. and 59 cool for them. tropical clouds, southern california. and sunny side up after the fog, a big fog bank peels back over cot coast. 50s and 60s by the beaches, upper 80s and 90s. pretty far inland, and 80s out to vacaville. 60s, 70s, coast and bay 80s: the santa lara valley. if you like this weather you should like the next 5 days. thank you very much. happening now, the defense in the george zimmerman trial
8:38 am
presenting its closing arguments. the neighborhood watchman is charged in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. stacy cohen is live in sanford florida where the jury are could get the case sometime today. stacy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning brian, the defense is beginning to wrap up closing arguments. mark o'mara has a three hours to make his speech. basically all morning long he's been trying to make his pitch to the jury that george zimmerman is simply not guilty. now the defense's turn as george zimmerman awaits eventual judgment from a jury on whether or not he is guilty of second-degree murder of 17- year-old trayvon martin. his legal team made closing arguments friday. >> george zimmerman is not guilty if you have just a reasonable doubt that he acted in self-defense. >> martin was killed after being shot by zimmerman in a
8:39 am
confrontation in this neighborhood on february 26th february 26th of last year. if not convicted of second- degree murder, judge debra nelson ruled he could be found guilty of manslaughter. those close to martins parent as say they are keeping strong. >> they are very prayerful and hopeful to god that this is going to end in justice for trayvon. >> reporter: on thursday they argued zimmerman was angry and on a power trip when he targeted martin. >> unfortunately because his assumptions were wrong, trayvon benjamin martin no longer walks on this earth. >> reporter: the prosecutor held up a bag of skittles candy, one of the lasting images in the case to drive home his argument that the victim was doing nothing sinister. as the defense wraps up, there will be a brief break for lunch and we return to hear the
8:40 am
prosecution. they get a one hour rebuttal before jury instructions and it's in the hands of the six women in the jury. back to you brian. >> stacy cohen reporting live from sanford florida. jurors will begin deliberating monday on a brutal gang rape case. they face life in prison if convicted of raping a girl after a homecoming dance. two other men pleaded guilty and serving 32 and 37 year prison terms. two other suspects awaiting trial now. developing news involving the plane crash at sfo, what san francisco's police chief is now saying about the death of one of the two chinese teenagers. they are assigning more blame to the weather which contractually means they owe the passenger nothing. accusations against the airlines handling of the people try to fly in and out of sfo after the crash of flight 214. and we're
8:41 am
give you an up close look at the wreckage of flight 214. we'll tell you what's gointo happen next out here to try to get the runway open by the end of the weekend. u
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today after closing at fresh record highs for the dow and s&p yesterday. this is results from jp morgan and wells fargo being overshaw doed by a profit -- overshadowed by a profit warning. the dow is currently up 2 pretty much at 15462. the nasdaq also up 2. s&p down slightly. a popular japanese clothing store plans to add more bay area stores in the next few months. uniglo opened a store last year and now it wants more stores in san francisco and san mateo, bay street in emeryville and valley fair in san jose. time is 8:44. let's get you updated on top stories we're following right now. janet napolitano is resigning her post to become president of the university of california system. president obama has confirmed that resignation in a statement
8:45 am
he commended napolitano for her outstanding work on behalf of the american people over the last four years. there are several new developments in the crash of flight 214. san francisco police chief greg sulr is confirming that one of the teenagers killed in the disaster was hit at least once by an emergency vehicle and he said the teenager was under fire retardant foam so no one could see her. the official cause of death will be made by the san mateo county donor. and the fuselage will be moved this morning. it was towed to another remote location at sfo. two hours ago we showed you the first pictures of the plane in the caged off area. claudine wong was the first one there and she joins us live next to the plane's new location. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it looks like this wreckage will sit here for at least a few days. take a look at where it sits. you can see various parts of the plane and the main body of the fuselage is sitting right here. this is a remote area, more
8:46 am
cargo planes and more hangars out here. you will not see this coming into the airport. this is where it will stay until the airlines figures out how it's going to dispose what is left of the flight 214. it goes moved out here a little before sunrise this morning. i want to show you what it looks like on the inside, though. because those pictures are dramatic. the fire swept cabin after the passengers evacuated from the plane and the damage is extensive. really remarkable when you consider that the ntsb chairwoman says that one of the first responders told her when he looked in the front of the plane, he got on scene, it could have been put back into service in terms of the seat and the conditions of the front of the plane but then the fire swept through the fuselage and created much of the damage you're seeing. the big bulk of the work overnight was to get the wreckage moved and that was because until they did that they couldn't get the other work done on the runway. we did in the last hour talk to
8:47 am
the sfo spokesperson about what's going to happen next. >> we have a lot of work left to do. now that the wreckage has been moved from the site, we need to address the spilled jet fuel, the hydraulic fuel in the area. we have start ad repaving runway. repaint sectionings of the runway and then the faa needs install the damage decision approach path indicator that was damaged in the crash and then the last step is the faa needs to do what they call a flight check of the runway. they have their own aircraft. they'll do a test run to be sure it's certified for opening. back live out here at sfo, taking a look at tail and two of the planes engines that sit in the corner of the lot. again, it looks like this could be here a week to two weeks. in terms of schedule, because everyone looking to see when the runway will be reopened, especially if you're traveling because a hundred flights on average closed and 45 minutes
8:48 am
delays as well. it's been a tough week for traveling passengers through sfo. in terms of time frame, they're saying late sunday. that's the hope right now, and it looks like i will tell you they said this movement, moving that wreckage was the x factor in all this, the one that could have thrown off the time frame had it not gone smoothly. because it's sitting here, they're feeling better that the runway will be opened by sunday. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. a congressional delegation led my house majority leader nancy pelosi and jackie spear toured the crash site last night. >> i have much too much experience unfortunately having to deal with explosions in san bruno and now at the airport and the ntsb has just shone that they are an incredible partner. >> the lawmakers say if it wasn't for the work of first responders, the number of deaths and serious injuries would have been even higher. now, if you missed our prime
8:49 am
time special last night, you can catch it online in just a few minutes from now, right after the conclusion of mornings on 2. we'll show you the special at 9:00 a.m. and at 3 this afternoon at or use our ktvu mobile app to stream the program. claudine wong just told us, live from sfo, days of delays and cancellations after the crash of flight 214, a really frustrating airline passengers, now they're finding out about something the airline is doing making the situation more infuriating. and pam cook is in the news room. >> just got off the phone with the local woman at the forefront of airline passengers rights and she has some very interesting comments about the events at sfo this week. she says many airline passengers stranded at a the airport this week after the crash of flight 214 were told that the reason the for the cancellations listed weather first and the runway closure
8:50 am
2nd that means because of contracts airlines have to protect them from extreme weather, they owe passengers nothing. >> is it so easy to prove that these are not weather cancellations. but basically every day, every hour, airlines meet with operations manager, station manager, their customer service supervisors and they decide how they're going to code flights. it's not based on reality. >> in fact, she says the government account about office came out with a -- aboutability office came out with a numbers 48 flights state weather as the reasons for delays or cancellations. as founder of of fliers she says each individual passenger should file a complaint with the department of transportation and that that will open an investigation. now, she points out in this
8:51 am
case of a crash, and a closed runway, the airline still may not owe anything to passengers but that by putting weather first, they definitely don't. now, we do have a link to how you can file a complaint and find out more on the web site, reporting live in the news room, pam cook ktvu channel 2 news. there will be a blood drive next monday for the victims. and aims to replenish blood supplies used as a result of the crash. the event runs from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. oen monday. it will -- on monday. it will be held in terminal 3 on the baggage claim level. appointments are recommended and walk-ins are welcome based on availability. gay activists are holding they're first national blood drive to give attention to the government's ban on donations from gay and bisexual men. gay men will be offering to donate their a blood at blood centers across the nation and will probably be turned away.
8:52 am
a long fought abortion bill in texas is expected to soon end up at the governor's desk for his signature. the republican controlled texas state senate has scheduled a pivotal vote if the abortion bill becomes law, it would be one of the most restrictive in the country. procedures could be performed in surgical centers and abortions would be banned after 20 weeks. the bill failed last month after a high profile, late night democratic filibuster. a carjacking suspect is in the hospital after leading oakland police on a short chase. it happened around 10:30 last night. it ended in a crash. you can see the suspects car overturned in the middle of the street. police say the suspect got his arm pinned beneath the car. a husband and wife from antioch will face a judge today in a case that involve the sexual abuse of several young children in their own family.
8:53 am
johnny and carol montanez were arrested during a traffic stop earlier this week. johnny was booked on incest, cried cruelty, and aggravated assault charges. carol faces one count of child endangerment. it is a magazine cover with not much to cover up, the jaw dropping issue that has some local athletes bearing it all. and this morning it's clear at a the bay bridge, which is good news trying to get into the city and your last look at the friday morning commute, coming up. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance, because what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra coverage for more expensive items? and what if you didn't know that teen drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident?
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. welcome back to mornings on 2, time is 8:55. and two san francisco 49ers are bearing it all for a racy spread in espn the magazine. here's a look at some of the pictures and images that we can show you of quarterback colin kaepernick in the annual body issue. it's meant to showcase athletes incredible physiques, and the magazine hits newsstands today. 8:56. she's only 10 but a redwood city girl has qualified for the united states golf association women's amateur championship. lucy li fired a 75 to to qualify for his second tournament this year. she accomplished that at oakland's sequoia county club. it begins august 5th in charleston south carolina. she has quite a swing.
8:57 am
>> 10-year-old shooting a 75. i need to work on my golf game. did you notice her swing, kept her head down the whole way. nice easy swing. good morning everyone, let's go out and take a look at northbound interstate 880 as you pass the coliseum, the traffic looks good. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are looking at light conditions. i think the commute is safe to say for now it is over into san francisco and we're still looking at o 101, a little bit of fog there, kind of barely see it, but i wanted to show it to you anyway, it is a little foggy, perfect transition into steve. >> thank you sal. we have some fog, some areas already sunny but looks like things have quieted down here, so night and morning fog, sunny, mike, maybe a little warmer inland but not much. quiet finally. >> we'll take it. >> yes, i know. >> thank you for one of the fog brothers here, by the way. >> thanks a lot. >> and e we thank you, that is our report for this morning, thanks for making ktvu your
8:58 am
choice for news. we're going to continue to follow new developments in the crash of flight 214 including confirmation that one of the chinese teenagers killed in the disaster was hit by an emergency room vehicle. and if you missed prime time special last night on the crash of 214 you can catch it in just a few minutes at 9:00 a.m. after mornings on 2 and again at 3:00 this afternoon. go to or use our ktvu mobile app to stream the program. thank you for joining us. 5ñ [ slurps ] [ laughs ] ♪ s. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible.
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