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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  July 12, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right for you, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> new up-close views from this morning outside and inside as the wreckage of agenciana flight 214 is moved. >> this was really a big step forward for us overnight. >> we will tell you live to sfo for the story as the airport tries to clear the runway and get all flights back on time. also more information just out this morning on what happened to one of the two
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teenagers who died. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. things are beginning to return to normal today at san francisco international airport after the agenciana plane accident. we have continuing coverage on the crash. crews made progress today repairing the runway damaged when the flight crashed. ktvu's claudine wong is live there with a look at the work and the wreckage. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, yes, what is left of flight 214 could sit her for another week or 2. the nts interest has taken what it needs so all that is left is for the airline to figure out how to dispose of it. the front part is still impact, the engines and what is left and the tail sitting off to the side, we now know that tail broke off when it hit the sea wall last saturday. getting it to this point was no easy task but this move was critical to getting flights
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here back on time. a steady caravan of trucks made their way on to runway 28 left this morning laying an estimated 1000 tons of asphalt, just part of what needs to be done. >> we got a lot of work to do, we need to address the spilled jet fluid and hydraulic fluid and those things and they need to repair that. >> just before then we watched a caravan of lights make their way down, escorting the wreckage off the runway but crews didn't know if things would go smoothly and in fact firefighters had to jump into action after cutting up part of the plane caused smoke to rise from the fuselage. >> we didn't know what to expect in terms of moving the aircraft, how badly damaged it would, whether it would buckle during movement so the crews worked all night and that is exactly where we want to be at
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this time. >> by sun up the move was complete, giving us our first up close look at what is left of that boeing triple 7, a burned out cabin and pieces that cost two young girls their lives. i want to give you a look inside. it was okay at first but later it damaged it severely. back out here life the goal is to get it out sunday and with 100 flights cancelled because of that the re-opening can't come soon enough. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you claudine. we new information out concerning one of the teenager whose died in that crash landing. san francisco police are now confirming 16-year-old yay mung uwong was hit by a fire truck, police say he was on the ground
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and covered in the foam crews had sprayed to dose the fire aboard the plane. the coroner is still trying to cause the death and whether she was already dead when the truck hit her. we have new information now also on the plane crash, ktvu has justed learned the names of the 4 pilots on board the flight. they are captain sum ting wong, wee tu low, ho lee fudge and bang ding owl, the ntsb has confirmed these are the names of the pilots aboard flight 214 when it crashed. we are working to determine what roles they played during the landing on saturday. investigators will be using a lot of high tech tools to figure out what happened in the final moments of agencian a flight 214. this detailed animation may be something they will use, made by a company that specializes especially re-creating air
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crashings, the animation begins when the triple 7 is below 500 feet in elevation, the ghost plane shows where the flight should have been, the animation ends with the plane skidding to a halt before it caught fire. coming up in seven minutes what members of a bay area congressional delegation had to say and who they are praising after a late night tour of the wreckage. if you missed our special last night on the crash of flight 214 watch it again at 3:00 this afternoon on line. the special program will be streamed live on and on our ktvu mobile app. an intensive search is still underway for a missing toddler, police and the fbi say they are doing everything they can to find 21-month-old daphne webb. brian has this report. >> reporter: good afternoon, yeah, it has been 48 hours since the disappearance of
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daphne webb. you are taking a look at her grandmother's house where it has been cordoned off. there have been several investigators canvassing the neighborhood, going door to door asking if people have seen anything. police are still treating this as a missing person kidnapping case and there are several resources on the air and in the water to help find her. an all out search for her continues and opd is using several resources to find her and gave us an update a few hours ago. >> there is a lot of video footage, this is a large area. >> for her mother she hopes they find her daughter soon. >> when i got told i screamed threw the phone, run out of the door. >> she says since she was reporting missing her emotions have been a roller coaster. >> i am holding up the best i can right now, you know my emotions come and go in waves,
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i have broke down several times. >> officials have expanded their search concentrating around the 1400 block of 17th avenue where she was last seen and more than 200 flyers handed out along the shoreline and there that were frequented by the daughter and the father. >> that is a important time line so, not only talking to the mother and father but also neighbors in the area. >> in terms of her father he was arrested by police on suspicion of child endangerment even though police don't believe he is a suspect in her disappearance. he told investigators he left daphne in his car with his mother who suffers from dementia while he went in a store, the mother is also not a person of interest. >> so we will continue to fly the helicopter through the weekend. we will continue to use our dual purpose motorcycles for the trails and the parks in the oak knoll area. >> we understand that daphne's
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father john webb is expected to be arraigned this afternoon. take a good look at daphne webb, two feet tall, 30 pounds, short black curly hair and last seen wearing pajamas with pink hearts and socks and she is missing part of her left ear. we understand there is a candlelight vigil planned for 6:30 tonight at 75th and international and also a 10,000 dollar reward for information leading to help finding daphne. live here in oakland brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. homeland security secretary janet napolitano is resigning to come here to california to head the uc system. regents today issued a statement confirming her new appointment as uc president and praise her as someone who has run large public agencies and has a deep interest in improving higher education. president obama issued a statement thanking her for her service. she is leaving the department
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of homeland security in september. more details now on her appointment. this is the first time in the uc system's 145 year history it will be headed by a woman. she graduated from santa clara university and was that school's first female valedictorian, and a former governor of arizona and only the third person to lead the 10- year-old department of homeland security department. we have breaking news, we learned an employee was killed at the accident at the store. a spokesperson tolds the employee was 41 years old and had been with the company since 2007. right now company officials are not releasing details of the accident which happened last night but do say the victim was a great employee and plan to offer grieve counseling to the co-workers. >> it was a story that needed to be told. it begins to help with the
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healing process. >> he was not the police chief at the time but bart's top cop offers his comments on a movie about oscar grant which opens today. the bay area has cooled down a lot. rosemary will be here in minutes to tell you if you will need a sweater for outdoor activities this weekend. >> oh, my gosh, yes, we welcome them, we miss them, we miss the community. >> a big day for a bay area institution, what happened as it recovering from a devastating event.
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a carjacking suspect has landed in the opt after leading police on a short chase around 10:30 last night. the chase ended with a crash near 82ed avenue in nay street. you can see the suspect's car overturned. police say his arm was pinned beneath the car, no information often the seriousness of his injury. more on our continuing coverage of the crash at sfo, a delegation led by nancy pelosi toured the crash site last night. >> as emotional it was for us to just arrive and seeing it after carrying it in our hearts
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and seeing it in the news is that people here on the ground, the others, they had to deal with it minute by minute, our first responders. >> they say if it wasn't for the work of first responders the number of deaths and serious injuries would have been higher. there will be a blood drive at sfo next monday for the victims of the flight and also aims to replenish blood supplies used. it will be monday in terminal 3 on the baggage claim level. appointments are strongly recommended but walk-ins are welcome based on availability. also at you will find a section on the crash of flight 214, including more new images from the crash scene. boeing is investigating what caused a fire on one of its new 787 dreamliners today. now passengers were on board the plane parked on a runway at heathrow airport, heathrow shut down two runways while they put out the fire.
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it is unclear if the blaze had anything to do with the batteries which have caused fires on other dreamliners. seven people are believed dead after a passenger train derailed and dozens others suffered injuries, it skidded off its rail south of france during the evening commute which happened a few hours ago. the train was packed. some of the train cars slamed into each other and then overturned. there is no word on what caused the accident. an antioch toddler's fight to stay alive has turned into an event to give back to the community. two-year-old matthew willet recently underwent a 13 hour liver and transplant kidney -- a liver and kidney transplant. during his transplant and recovery he has used 18 units of blood. yesterday's family organized a fundraiser and blood drive in antioch to help give back for all the support they have received. >> we are trying to give back and kind of pay it forward i guess is the term, that we have
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used so much and we have been blessed over and over again. >> in all 500 people turned out to the event and donated 122 units of blood. 13,000 dollars were also raised and will go to the children's organ transplant association in matthew's name. it is judgment day in the george zimmerman murder trial. a jury of six women are now deliberating his fate. the judge gave the jury instructions 30 minutes ago, closing arguments wrapped up earlier as the defense and prosecution gave their last attempt to convince the panel about how zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin. the defense even used a block of cement in his argument. >> that is the sidewalk. that is not an unarmed teenager with nothing but skittles
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trying to get home. >> isn't that every child's worst nightmare, to be followed on the way home in the dark by a stranger? isn't that every child's worst fear? >> zimmerman is charged with second degree murder and they are also allowed to consider first degree manslaughter. the claims he shot him in self- defense. if convicted he faces life in prison. the police chief is reacting to the new movie about oscar grant released in select cities. it depicts his last 24 hours and including the shooting by a bart police officer that killed grant at the bart station in 2009. chief canton rainy said he talked to the director of the movie, richmond native ryan coug eler and rainy told us he thinks it is a story that needs to be told. >> i thought it was a good movie. what he was trying to achieve
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was show that oscar grant was a human being. he humanized him and i think he achieved that goal. >> he could say if it was accurate entirely but thought it would help the community and his family with the healing process. it opens in select california cities including san francisco, oakland and berkeley today as well as new york. it opens nationwide on july 26th, new at noon we are now hearing from workers at a beloved restaurant and bakery back open following a fire. it was shut down for two months after a fire burned a back storage area and spread to the second floor, this happened in may. patrons should be glad to know the restaurant bakery is back on its regular schedule, open from 7:00 to 10:00, 7 days a week. >> we are glad to be back. we miss everybody. we want the community to know that we are well. >> there is no word on what caused the fire. the bakery is considered an
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oakland landmark and has been in business for 61 years. >> nice weather coming our way in time for your weekend. in fact, we will see little change from yesterday with temperatures into the 70s to mid-80s for the inland communities. giving you a live look from san francisco across the bay we do have low clouds hugging the coastline, for most of us it has eroded to the coast, seeing a little bit around the bridge as well as sausalito but outside of that sunny skies, san francisco and well inland mostly sunny. the winds onshore and bringing in cool pacific air through the delta. 17 miles per hour reported, concord a southerly breeze at 15 miles per hour, napa reporting eight. temperatures similar to yesterday, some of us warmer, some of us cooler, for the afternoon a lot like yesterday as well. 72 degrees right now in concord, 77 walnut creek, upper 60s around the bay.
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68 oakland, 75 mountain view, low 60s redwood city, 62 for san francisco. the north bay partly to mostly sunny, 65 santa rosa, 64 in napa so a beautiful start to the day. look at the pacific satellite view here, this trough remains parked right off the coastline a-ridge of high pressure to the east and just nestled in between to fluctuation going to happen the next few days, tomorrow that will nudge our way and drive our temperatures up just a bit. for today the fog remains along the coastline, sunny with afternoon sea breeze with us once again for your afternoon. as we get into saturday the pattern remains quiet. we will wake up with the morning fog clearing back to the coastline again and just a gentle warm up for the afternoon. today's highs 78 expectd for napa, 74 for petaluma, 74 san rafael, upper 60s sausalito, 66 richmond. to the east bay feeling pretty good along the east bay shoreline, 67 alameda, 68 oakland, upper 70s to low 80s
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around the east bay. our warmest locations 85 livermore, 86 antioch, the santa clara valley, nice san jose, 77, 79 sara to go a-along the peninsula for your afternoon upper 60s to low 70s and bruno, san mateo, mid-70s menlo park as well as paul 0 alto, your extended forecast here so we will nudge up those temperatures just a tad for your saturday, slide just a tad on sunday as we get into monday and tuesday notice little change. we are talking about 80s for the inland community, 70s around the bay and still partly to mostly cloudy and rather cool for the coastline. >> seems kind of normal for a change. >> you are right, normal. >> okay, thank you rosemary. >> you got it. >> the founder of bankrupt solar panel maker solyndra will not face charges. he founded the company in 2005 and was ceo until 2010, one year later the company went
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bankrupt. the fbi is looking into whether he fully disclosed the situation when it filed for loans and also want to know if employees knew what was going on behind closed doors. other employees could be charged. earlier in the newscast we gave names of pilots involved in the agenciana airlines crash. these names were not accurate despite an official in washington confirming them late this morning. we apologize for this error. also coming up after investors were in a fantastic mood yesterday while smiles have turned to frowns. and you can see more of the bay area athletes more than you expected in fact. ahead who is posing in the nude. [ glenn stonebarger ] we are a family farm.
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♪ stock market rally that led to record highs this week stalled today as investors take a breather and wait to see where profits are heading. shares of several boeing suppliers are down today after that fire broke out aboard a dreamliner 787 aircraft parked at london's heathrow airport, a live book, the dow down 40, the nasdaq up 12, s&p is flat. some parents and students in the south bay camped out overnight to make sure they have the supplies they need this upcoming school year, sacred heart community service held registration for its annual pack a back school supply campaign, designed to give low income families backpacks and supplies for the upcoming school year.
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>> this will help a lot because well there is not a lot of money coming into the house and if we didn't get this help we probably would barely have any school supplies to begin the year. >> organizers plan to give out about 2300 backpacks next month. geothermal plants near the sultan sea may be triggering earthquakes. researchers examined more than 30 years of data from the plants in the imperial valley and found when production rose so did the number of earthquakes. the largest quake linked to the plants was a 5.1 but most were small. two 49ers are baring it all. here is a look at some of the images we can show you, the steamy spread is meant to
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showcase athletes incredible fizzics and also featured vernon davis and carry walsh jennings, the magazine hits newsstands today. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 we are following the search for 21-month-old daphne webb, her father reported her missing on wednesday. he is supposed to be in court in 90 minutes, we will be there, plus we expect an update on the investigation. thank you for making ktvu your chase for news, we will see you the next time news breaks. captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. send comments to [ male announcer ] you know that sizzler grills the world's best steaks.
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