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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 15, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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forced several people out of their homes. ktvu paul chambers is live on bridge point way with a look at the damage and what firefighters are saying about a possible cause. >> reporter: it happened behind us. you can't tell from the outside there was a fire but right there on the second floor is where it all began according to the fire department out here. we are right next to the bridge point shopping center here in san mateo one resident told us around 1:00 this morning he heard an ear piercing sound that he thought was the fire alarm. but it was the fire alarm system for the entire building. the original call was for a fire on the second floor which quickly spread to the third floor. it was something inside the close drier that started it all. >> the drier vent there could have been lint in the system. fire marshals will look a little farther into it. >> reporter: right now fire officials say it was an accidental fire.
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a total of six units that was damaged. however, no one was injured. there will be crews out here all morning long to make sure to maintain. right now no one was injured in this early morning fire. they said it was possibly lint from inside a drier that caused it all. live in san mateo paul chambers. turning to our other top story. the acquittal of george zimmerman in florida led to more violence in oakland. alex savidge is getting a look at some of the damage. alex. >> reporter: good morning. it was another night of angry demonstrations here in oakland in response to the acquittal of neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. you can see some of what was done here. store fronts were smashed. we're out here in front of the oaklandish store. their windows were broken out. they put up boards to minimize the damage. but quite a bit of damage was done throughout this area.
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our ktvu cameras followed a group of several hundred protestors as they moved throughout downtown oakland. spray painting buildings and at certain points clashing with police. we awe at one point one person taken into custody. the protestors blocked several intersections forcing drivers to turn around ere around. at one point our photographer felt threatened by some of the crowds and ducked behind a business. this unrest followed a mostly in the night. >> we're all americans. we're all human. and we should all be angry. >> it was a travesty. zimmerman was guilty. >> reporter: at the
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intersection of 14th and broadway, there was a time when some protestors burned an american flag. even though some of the organizers of the march last night urged control and did try to prevent any such vandalism. most of the businesses that were damaged were store front windows broken are along broadway and telegraph. obviously the business owners have quite a bit of cleanup today. oakland police we did see one arrest but it's unclear why that person was taken into custody. live in downtown oakland alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. oakland mayor jean quan is reacting to the protest. she issued a statement about the group of people that gathered in downtown oakland. she says quote some of them dishonored the memory of trayvon by engaging in violent activities. this is unacceptable as well and we will not tolerate violence in our city. hundreds of people took to
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the streets in san francisco following zimmerman's acquittal. many carried signs with trayvon martin's picture. the demonstration was peaceful and san francisco police say no arrests were made. the march was organized by the group answer san francisco and members had this to say about their message. >> people stand up that we're not going to take it and we're going to come out in the streets and organize. there cannot be anymore george zimmerman. >> organizers say the march started with about 100 people but grew to a crowd of about 400. president obama is urging people to reflect on the george zimmerman verdict in a calm manner. in a statement posted on the white house website, he said quote, we are a nation of laws and a jury has spoken. now president obama also issued -- also used the zimmerman verdict to renew his call for gun safety legislation. he says that we should ask
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ourselves if we're doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives. time now 4:34. that verdict is in but there might be more legal trouble in store for simmer moon. now the naacp is calling on the justice department to file more charges. coming up we will go live to florida with how people are rejecting there. 31 survivors of the plane crash at sfo have r have been redaunted if three stonds from thrash ear originally heading to as to i a tech anisomer camp. z if you'd like to help it starts at 9:00 a.m.. it's at the baggage claim in
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terminal 3. now our coverage continues online at just scroll down to the sfo crash tab for all the very latest information. now 4:35. oakland police continue to search for a missing toddler as her father is released from jail. more than 30 volunteers helped search the lee own that canyon preserve area. looking for any sign of 21- month-old daphne webb. daphne has been missing since wednesday. her father says he was taken from an suv in east oakland while she was inside a store. he was released from jail on friday after prosecutors declined to file child abandonment charges against him. sal is covering traffic, of course for us. monday morning. how does it look?
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>> good. right now traffic looked like what it was doing. is 80 is off to a start. and this p -- it's 4:36 let's go to steve. thank you, say. pretty big fog bank up there. it's flying over the coastal hills. already 33 miles an hour. a little bit of misty drizzly near the coast. tropical clouds all gone. it will billion sunny unless you are stuck in some of that soup then it will be gray and a cool, cool day. warm weather blasted out of here for a couple days. looks like it will reload. 60s to 70s to near 80 degrees. a little cooler monday and
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tuesday. santa rosa 59. a little bit of a difference there. a little chill in the morning air. overall a weak little system is rotating through. that will keep us on a cool pattern for the rest of the days. morning mist. a little wind at times as well. 50s 080s. temperatures again 30 degrees spread. just uncredible for what we are -- just incredible for what we are seeing. looks a little warmer thursday. there are signs that high pressure says i think i'm coming back. all eyes on london as the countdown to the royal baby continues. how the palace plans to make the big announcement once the moment arrives. bad news for bay area commuters. another bart strike is looming as both sides head back to the bargaining table today. look at 'em.
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good morning. lots of low clouds are up a little higher. they have made a pretty good surge inland. 80s inland. >> thank you, steve. a picture of former nebbing land patriot aaron hernandez has been removed from the pro football hall of fame. several visitors complained about the picture. last month he was arrested for the june 17th shooting of adam lloyd. he's pleading not guilty. traded in their hernandez for a new one. in new york thousands of people protested the acquittal of george zimmerman. let me show you video oh police moving in. a large crowd took over time square to protest the zimmerman verdict. demonstrators sat in the road and on top of cars blocking traffic. and refusing to move. in los angeles police arrested
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several protestors. and blocked intersections last month. the mayor of los angeles called for peace on twitter after some people broke off from a peaceful march and threw rocks at officers. police officers responded by firing some nonlethal bean bag rounds. the legal troubles might not be over for george zimmerman. despite being acquitted his life will never be the same. reporter miller is in sanford, florida. what has the mood been like? have things calmed down there a little bit? >> reporter: good morning, pam. things have calmed down here in sanford, florida. as you can see behind me this is the courthouse. this was the scene where you don't see any demonstrators or protestors. that was a different scene on saturday evening when the verdict was read. we saw many people come out and be here. they wanted to be here for that
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moment. everyone had an emotional reaction whether you agreed with the verdict or whether you didn't. all those protestors were expressing emotion here. as you can see it's calm. for the most part that stands in contrast to what has been happening across the country. as you said previously there has been pockets of protests that have taken place. here in florida that is just not the case. in fact, today midday we will see a community catherring and prayer where people will come together in this community to pray for peace. to pray to continue to move forward after this case. pam. >> it's interesting how it's been more calm environment there in florida. what are you hearing now about the next step? because we know the naacp is getting involved. the justice department looking at federal criminal civil charges. >> reporter: that is right. that is what we will be be watching over the next days and
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weeks and months. what happens to george zimmerman. as you said he could face a civil lawsuit but he could also face federal civil rights charges. now the naacp and civil rights groups have renewed their push to call on the department of justice and attorney general eric holder to open up this case further. the doj says they have an investigation into this case and continue to evaluate the fact. but as far as pressing charges, they said they are not just there yet. >> all right. thank you so much. we will check back in with you throughout the morning. don't forget any time of day you can get more information on this story and the local protest and the protests across the country. the verdict has sparked on our website just go to family members of trayvon martin are calling for peace. >> my heart is heavy.
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i also feel very proud of the trayvon martin movement. all tragedies are converted into a good and positive nature. >> that was trayvon martin's cousin speaking. an attorney for the parents describe them as heartbroken. both posted messages on twitter thanking people for their support and saying how much they love their son. time now 4:45. former president george w. bush is returning to the white house today for a ceremony honoring volunteers with president obama. the two presidents will recognize the 5,000 point of light award. the 89-year-old former president created the award back in 1990 to encourage people to volunteer. the winner of today's award has not yet been unvailed. the countdown continues for the arrival of the royal baby as the duchess of cambridge is due any time now. there are no reports she has
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gone into labor. once the baby is born they will post a tweet, hang a sign at the palace, and tell the media. bart's 400,000 daily riders could be facing a second strike. bart management and unions will resume their contract talks. a union spokesperson tells ktvu news the two sides are still far apart. they have until august 4th to come to an agreement or union workers could walk off the job again. membership sales start for a new bike sharing program coming to the bay area. starting next month members will be able to use bikes at several locations in san francisco and nearby cal train stations in palo alto, mountain view, redwood city and san jose. annual pass will cost $88. three day pass is $22 and day
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pass will cost $9. hopefully no problems this morning. yes we are starting off good. the traffic looks good around the bay area as we look at oakland this time traffic is looking good in both directions here in front of the oakland coliseum. we haven't had any major problems reported right here on 880 or 580. also the morning commute looks good westbound bay bridge it's light before you make it on to the actual span. if you were driving into san jose that northbound 280 freeway traffic that is looking good coming up to highway 17. at 4:48 let's go to steve. thank you. pretty big fog bank out there. it's up much higher than it has been. it's roaring sea breeze as well. it'll clouds all gone but it's sunny. warm weather inland. it doesn't take much. this high pressure system is a long time since i've seen one leans a little bit toward california. system moving in right over us
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is actually going to keep 60s and 70s and a lot of 80s. system here is a little cooler. key again you look for that westerly breeze well it's gusting to 33. concord even a west, southwest oakland west. novato. santa rosa showing a little east. 49 up in tahoe. 56 ukiah. 56 sacramento. little system right here off the coast will keep us cool today and tomorrow. it looks like high pressure will come back for warmer weather. morning drizzle or mist near the bay. windy at times. 50s to 80s. again another huge spread. a lot of 70s up toward the north bay. 50s and 60s close to the beaches. cooler again on tuesday. it looks like we bottom out again and turn things around on thursday. the weekend if things continue to come as advertised look pretty warm. 4:49 is the time.
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american idol is sweeping its way back into the bay area. we have all the information you need to know for making your musical debut. glee fans react with shock and sadness to the death of one of the stars as the body of the 31-year-old is scheduled to under go an autopsy later today.
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autopsy is scheduled for glee actor corey month tee. he was found dead inside a hotel room on saturday afternoon. police say he was from canada and visited the area often. in april month tee voluntarily checked himself into a treatment center admitting that he had substance abuse issues. police say he was seen with friends the night before his death but came back to his room alone. circus olay plans to resume shows tomorrow. it will be the first time they performed after a performer fell to her death. the show will be dedicated to her. it will not include the battle scene that led to her deadly fall. nelson mandela could be discharged from the hospital soon. mandela has been hospitalized
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for more than five weeks due to a lung infection. reportedly connected to a respirator. thursday is his 95th birthday. walmart isn't the only store that has official greeters. los angeles county nordstrom store has ted nuvio says the job gives him a chance to stay connected to the community. >> good money. high five. they say can you help me? i said by all means. >> he is 99 years old. he says the nordstrom store in err kid yeah is his second home. registration for season 13 begins today for american idol. the actual awations will be
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tomorrow. registration starts at 5:00 this morning. it will remain open until 8:00 tomorrow morning. organizers are warning participates to register today as spaces quickly get filled up. no overnight camping will be allowed inside or outside the ballpark. the giants will have four players on the national league roster for tomorrow's all star game. bruce bouchee named sergio romo to the team. it is his first all star selection. he joins marco scutaro, buster posey, and madison bumgarner. you see the game right here on channel 2. 4:54 is the time. sal is checking in on the early morning commute. >> we are doing well pam. so far any way. right now traffic is doing very nicely across almost all the bay area freeways here. let's take a look at 237 westbound you can see for yourself this live picture. traffic is moving along very
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nicely. same thing for interstate 880 in oakland. southbound and northbound right here near the coliseum. it is looking good. between livermore and castro valley not seeing much. 4:54 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. much bigger fog bank out there. it's making a pretty good surge inland. it looks like a cooler pattern for those away from the coast. i'll tell you a little head nod fake. not changing anything coast or bay. they have stayed pretty cool. that will be the case again today. low pressure right off san francisco. and it looks -- 50 degrees.
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that is a pretty good turbo charge. 50s to 80s. these are all close to seasonal arch. maybe even slightly below. i think we will bottom out on our temps on tuesday. >> thank you, steve. some dave matthews bands in pennsylvania got a chance to help the singer when they found him stranded on the side of the road. matthews went for a bike ride before his concert in hershey, pennsylvania on saturday and didn't bring his cell phone with him. so he was stranded when one of his tires popped. they were on their way to the concert and saw him. gave him a ride. matthews invited the couple to dinner and gave them front row tickets to the show. despicable me 2 still popular at the box office. the minons ran off with nearly $45 million in ticket sales to keep it in the top spot for the
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second week in a row. global total tops $472 million. the adam sandler comedy grown ups 2 is in second. it earned $42 million. making it second best movie opening. coming up next in our 5:00 hour the acquittal of george zimmerman in a florida courtroom has led to more violence. 2500 miles away. also an early morning apartment fire forced several families out of their homes. what we have learned from investigators.
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household appliance was the cause of an early morning fire. leaving six people without a place to stay. outrage continues in the bay area following saturday's verdict for george zimmerman. we will give you a look at the damage. new details of compensation for victims of the asiana airlines crash. why some may be paid more than others. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's monday morning, july 15th i'm pam cook. there back at it again -- back
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at it again. i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get a quick check of the morning traffic and weather. steve. >> it's cooler. a little fog bank sea breeze as well. and a little misty conditions. with that in mind we do have a lot of low clouds and fog. 50s still some 80s inland but temperatures are coming down. here is sal. traffic on the san mateo bridge is light heading out to the peninsula. also we are looking at the westbound bay bridge and that traffic looks light as well. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. we're continuing to follow breaking news of an apartment fire in san mateo. ktvu channel 2 reporter paul chambers has more. paul, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian. this was a three alarm fire here in san mateo. there is a few crews behind me. they told us it all started up


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