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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 15, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hundreds of angry protesters take drivers by surprise, and bring traffic to a standstill. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. hundreds marched through the downtown area, angry over george zimmerman's acquittal. right now, the protesters are assembled in front of the
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alameda county courthouse on fallen street, between 12th and 14th. that's not far from lake merritt. this is a live picture from news chopper 2. you can see the crowd has gotten slightly installer. we have a team of ktvu reporters on this breaking news tonight. we begin with ken wayne, who was following the protesters when they decided to walk up an on ramp to shut down intersate 880 tonight. >> reporter: 6th street at broadway is still closed. you can see the officer's car behind me. but the good news is the nimetz freeway is now open. after protesters walked to 6th and broadway, they were met with a line of officers in riot
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gear blocking their path of 6th street. some protesters broke away, and simply walked the opposite direction up the unguarded off ramp, and up to the elevated elevated portion of the busy freeway. traffic came to a stand still in both directions. despite the inconvenience, some motorists sympathized with the protesters. >> i don't mind at all. if this is what it's going to take, i'll do it over and over, it's fine with me. >> it doesn't bother you that the freeway is stopped? people are out in the middle of the traffic? >> i guess it does, but sometimes to get people's attention, this is the kind of stuff that has to happen. >> reporter: police in riot gear made their way up to offramp to try to clear the freeway. this man standing on a
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guardrail was given a warning to leave. after refusing to leave, police finally made their move. eventually police convinced the others to leave. >> what were you hoping to accomplish up there? >> just let people be aware of what's going on. stop being ignorant about issues. this is occupy 2.0. >> reporter: so out of the dozens of protesters who walked on the freeway, we saw just one person detained. police seemed to have a hands off approach and only seemed to be stepping in when something extreme like closing down a freeway happens. ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. breaking news coverage continues with ktvu's amber lee. she's been following the protesters this evening and brings us up to the minute on where they are now. >> reporter: we're at 12th and oak street, right buy the
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fallen street courthouse. you can see some of the protesters gathered there. we're told a line of police officers are keeping the crowd from getting onto the steps of the courthouse. we've been following these protesters, as it started getting dark. just about an hour ago, we saw about 400 protesters march from lake merritt, to the 520 on ramp. a line of police officers also in riot gear stopped them from getting onto 580. many are taking to the streets to call attention to what they say is injustice. >> we're out here for justice, that's it. >> we want to focus on what's happened. i don't blame everybody what they're doing. >> reporter: some protesters confronted drivers trying to
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get through the intersection, but the crowd dispursed from the onramp, after staying there about 20 minutes. back here live, you can see that some of the protesters are making their way away from the courthouse, going up towards 12th street, presumably headed toward city hall. they have been on the move for hours. reporting live here in oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. up in the air again here as news chopper 2 gives us a live look at the scene, right where amber is standing, we're talking about this group assembled on fallen, between 12th and 14th. a number of police on sight. the group appears to be in the hundreds, and appears to be staying put, at least for right now. for the second night in a row, protesters have taken to the streets of los angeles. police say several hungaryed in lima park. another group went into the
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crenshaw district and started jumping on cars and breaking windows. the first juror to speak out publicly on the case said tonight she does not believe that race played a role in george zimmerman's reaction to trayvon martin on the night he was killed. >> i think if there was another person, spanish, white, asian, if they came in the same situation where trayvon was, i think george would have reacted the exact same way. >> the juror stayed in the shadows as she spoke. she is described as a middle aged white woman who used to have a concealed weapons permit. she said she is hoping to write a book about the trial. today, the attorney general says the justice department is mindful of the pain. eric holder went on to say that it is right for people to be concerned about the verdict. >> the justice department
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shares your concerns. i share your concerns. >> the justice department announced yesterday it was reviewing evidence in the shooting death of trayvon martin, to see if the case warranted possible hate crime charges. >> . parents of george zimmerman say he is in hiding, and even they do not know where he is tonight. when asked if he's a racist, here's how they responded. >> absolutely not. he's never been taught to be a racist. >> they say they're deeply sorry for the death of trayvon martin and they pray for him and his family. they too receive death threats and are also in hiding. we're going to keep monitoring this crowd, and see if it dispurses. california's supreme court is refewing to stop same sex marriages, at least for the
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time being. gay and lesbian weddings resumed. last friday prop 8 supporters asked the supreme court to stop the marriages. they argued since the u.s. supreme court did not rule directly on prop 8, that prop 8 should stand. the california supreme court said they will consider that and ask for written arguments by august 1. the wreckage of the plane is at a storage location, so it can be examined further in necessary. next, investigators say they'll do more interviews, examine the evacuations flight, and do a more indepth analysis of the plane's performance. it is still a struggle for some of the victims and their families. the crowne plaza hotel in burlingame has been their temporary home. the chinese consulate says it's helping them with documents, travel agents and attorneys. they gave us these photos of the council general meeting with them.
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and said he told the ceo of asiana airlines, the families of the three dead girls should be treated differently. >> their only child. their only kid. they should be given more compensation, because of that. >> this is a picture of one of the passengers heading home to china. they've been leaving on different flights. more than 100 people rolled up their sleeves and donated their blood at san francisco international airport today. jana katsuyama explains they came to honor the victims of asiana flight 214. >> reporter: sat done and gave blood for the first time in his life. >> good job, you. that was the pinch. >> reporter: he was among the airport workers who cleaned up the debris after the asiana 747 crashed on july 6. >> looking at all the debris on
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the runway and everything. every inch was covered with debris. >> reporter: it's that feeling that prompted gomez to give some of his blood today. >> it really kind of depleted the blood supply. >> reporter: chair after chair was filled with willing downers -- donors from 9:00 a.m., to 3:00 p.m. >> not everyone can be out there as a first responder, be first on scene for everything, but there are small ways that you can help out anyway. >> reporter: sf general took in the most victims. six remain at the hospital. four women, one man, and one girl. two are in critical condition. dr.jeffrey manley says there's still a big need for blood. >> things have continued to be extremely busy with a number of very sick patients here in the hospital. a number of folks that really weren't well enough to have surgery that are now requiring surgery. >> reporter: doctors here at sf
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general say they hope people will continue to step up and donate. in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. a big temperature changement how much of a warm up you're going to feel in the next couple of days. >> only on 2, it is one of the major complaints of muni riders. a special operation designed to combat the problem. >> but first -- >> it was one man's dream to build this boat. now it's his fight to res select it. >> we're continuing to monitor protesters on the move in the east bay.
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earlier today, we sent news chopper 2 over a schooner that in better days made a big difference to a lot of children. it sank just outside the waters of port richmond on july 4. now her captain has ideas to raise the ship. >> reporter: take a look. this is where the it should be tonight, instead she is underwater off shore. they are using a borrowed powerboat. the only way to see it. >> it's still a little rough out here. >> reporter: hayden brown was helming her on july 4, when he ran her aground. >> a little bit of inattention i had, cost me the boat.
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i was just 150 feet east of where i should have been. >> reporter: the coast guard brought all 19 aboard ashore, but the schooner herself sank near the break water. >> she was tending to lean away from the rocks. that's good. >> reporter: today, divers went underwater to examine the hull of the el devron, and patch her up with apoxy, if possible. >> what we're going to have to do is build some coverage. >> reporter: brown says the coast guard has told him to clear the schooner from the water and he's come up with an ambitious plan. one, he's worked out on a model of the ship. first, patch the hole, pump out the water, and then use a crane to lift her out of the mud. it was a labor of love. brown started building her with his bare hands in 1971. his hope was to sail the el
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devron off into the sunset with fern. >> we're going to run out of money within a week. that's our money for, you know for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: the dock here near the brown's home is still empty. the browns tell me they used the el devron to raise money for charity, and make a wish foundations for children. the company is looking to raise money to raise the el devron. ktvu, channel 2 news. happening now, firefighters in southern california trying to contain a wildfire burning in the area of mountain center in riverside county. the fire broke out about 1:45 this afternoon. according to cal fire, structures have been damaged but no other details are known at this time. about two dozen homes are under mandatory evacuation. as of this evening, that fire is only 5% contained. a fremont man with a history of mental illness pleaded guilty to murder today
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in connection with a deadly rampage. he was driving in fremont in august of 2006, when he hit and killed steven j.wilson. prosecutors say he drove to san francisco, with he hit more than a dozen other people, leaving one a paraplegic. after his plea today, the judge ruled papal was not guilty because he was insane at the time of the crime. come next month, parents in pittsburg who host parties where alcohol is served to minors could face hefty fines. parents can be fined $500 for the first offense, and $1,000 for a second. a survey of youth in pittsburg found nearly half of those asked said their main source of alcohol consumption came from house parties.
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why fraternity members could face even more disciplinary action, even possible criminal charges. >> reporter: neighbors say it was a quiet home in a quiet san francisco neighborhood, until april 24 of this year. >> there are people crying at the house. it was pretty disturbing. >> reporter: that's when 18- year-old, peter tran, a san francisco state freshman was found dead during a party inside this ingle side district home. his friend tried, but failed to revive him. the investigation that followed has gotten the fraternity kicked off of campus, with several students facing disciplinary action for allegedly providing alcohol to minors, and alleged hazing. >> things of that nature that had occurred in other areas. >> reporter: san francisco police say the medical examiner
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can determine whether the case is criminal or not. the m.e. office is still investigating. >> it's hard to say how much, but it could have been considerable, based on the interviews we had with the chapter members. >> reporter: others say the death has put them in the spotlight as well. >> we're in the eyes of the public a little more, so we have to refine our reputation. >> reporter: deeming on the finding -- depending on the findings, they could suspend san francisco's 20 member chapter. wall street rose today, the dow was up by 20 points. the gains came despite a disappointing report on consumer spending. a fire on the ethiopian
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airlines 787 was because of an emergency transmitter. shares of boeing were up $3.79, closed just above $105 a share. the east bay park district is about to embark on a master plan to add 16 sites to the system. the district is already the largest in the country with 113,000 acres. critics say the board should focus on opening 25% of its property not yet being used. board members say it's important to get these properties into the master plan, to preserve them for future park use. temperatures today were down a good 10 to 15 degrees below average. even some areas cooler than that, below average. 78 in fairfield, that was the high. you would expect mid-90s out there. the highs tomorrow, just like
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these. not much change. about the same. we're looking for overnight lows to be pretty cool. mid-50s, low 50s, lots of fog. we've already got fog moving into the berkely area the fog is going to cover most of the 9 bay area counties. the forecast model for fog, this is it right here. look at the push for fog. up to fairfield, probably up towards davis and vacaville. when i come back, i'll break down the timeline for the warm up. a baby girl vanishes in oakland. five days after daphne webb was reported missing, there is still no sign of her. where police are focusing their investigation. news chopper 2 is over breaking news tonight in oakland. a large group of protesters, and just moments ago, they started on the move. where they're headed, coming up right after the break. i'm totally in love with the avocado on this sub.
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breaking news right now. i want to show you live pictures from news chopper 2. the protesters in downtown oakland are on the move. they have just walked away from the alameda county courthouse, which is located right next to lake merritt. right now, see them. they are walking down 12th street, presumably toward franco gala plaza. it is about nine blocks away. it shouldn't take them too long to get there, if that is in fact where they're going. we have crews covering the situation, and we will keep you protested. what has generally been the case, unfortunately, as it gets later into the evening, that is
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when bad things have started to happen. we've had some broken windows in downtown oakland, among other things. there are a lot of boarded up buildings in downtown oakland, people not taking any chances. again, we'll keep following this. but the protesters on the move, down 12th street. after three nights of protests, some cases of violence, and a few arrests, some are criticizing the response by oakland police. live downtown with why the police chief says his ands are tied, cracking down on what's -- hands are tied, cracking down on trouble. >> reporter: many businesses have hired their own security tonight, because they don't think they'll be protected any other way. driving downtown tonight. one of many cars caught in the zimmerman protest. unable to move and the driver obviously frightened. what do i do?
10:25 pm
she implores the cop, who points out an escape route. for three nights in a row. >> you need to open up all lanes of traffic. >> can you explain to me why the hands off attitude? >> reporter: tonight this defense from oakland as chief. >> you give them an order to dispurse over and over again, why not enforce that order? >> we will at some point. it depends on the circumstances. >> reporter: city crowd control policy leans in favor of free speech, and he's limited by understaffing. >> there's not really a safe way for four cops to run into a large crowd to arrest so many breaking a window. >> reporter: dozens of storefront windows were broken over the weekend.
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>> we've got to protect our business. >> reporter: some business owners cowering behind security gates. our ktvu photographer was attacked from several sides, trying to capture what was happening. this newspaper photographer with a backpack was also hit from behind. pulled to the ground, and pummeled as other journalists tried to help. no police intervened. >> can we afford to have cops watching 20 people every night, all night? these people just have to stop. >> reporter: mayor quan says a number of the vandals come from outside the city. >> tragic for the businesses that lose the windows. >> aren't the police supposed to prevent that? >> to an extent possible, yes. but we have to work with the constraints that we have. >> reporter: over the past two nights, there's been only one arrest, a man who refused to
10:27 pm
get out of the street. the chef tells me, he does expect more with witness help and as they compile video footage of the vandalism. >> we want to take you back once again to live pictures from news chopper 2, as the protesters continue to march down 12th street, headed toward broadway. possibly franco gala plaza. we will keep you posted on what's happening, as they protesters continue their march. it's now been five days since daphne webb was reported missing in east oakland, and there's still no sign of the girl. the girl's father says as he shopped, the left the little girl in the car with her mother, who suffers from dementia. he says when he came out,
10:28 pm
daphne was gone. >> talking with witnesses, family members, neighbors, but also reviewing video surveillance footage, so we can not only factually verify, but also account for timelines. >> police say john webb is not a suspect. neighbors and daphne's mother say they haven't seen the little girl in two to three weeks. walking to get on the muni bus, or if you're sitting at a bus stop, those people aren't the problem. >> busting people who are causing problems on transit. an exclusive look at an operation to catch those criminals. >> and a smash and grab jewelry robbery, and the robbers knew exactly what they wanted.
10:29 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
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robbers appear to know
10:31 pm
exactly what they wanted, and used extreme measures to get it from a livermore jewelry store. livermore police gave us this security footage from a robber at k jewelers this morning. three men wearing masks and gloves smashed the display cases and picked up some jewelry, and left other pieces of jewelry behind. the entire robbery took four minutes, and the robbers got away with about $100,000 worth of jewelry. police tell us they got inside the store by driving a car into the window. a suspect in a double homicide in a san francisco jewelry mart is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow afternoon. 23-year-old barry white jr. of antioch is accused of killing two workers inside the jewelry store on brannen street, and injurying the store owner. the district attorney got the case from police late this afternoon. meantime, the manager at a sporting goods store next door, says the business is back to normal after a chaotic police lockdown on friday. >> there were people initially in the parking lot. the police were telling everybody to get inside because
10:32 pm
they were looking, they didn't know how many suspects there were. we were at the front door, yelling at people to come inside too. >> the store was locked down for about two and a half hours. white is headed for trial in contra costa county next month in a separate incident. police say he tried to ram an officer's patrol car in 2009. we have obtained new video of the attack on singer lester chambers, as he dedicated a song to trayvon martin. chambers is 73 years old. he's a one time member of the chambers brother and was performing in hayward, when a woman climbed on stage, and pushed him down. 43-year-old deana potter said it's all your fault. police say more charges are possible. chambers suffered bruises. he's currently recovering at his home in petaluma. 20 minutes. that's how long members from both sides of the b.a.r.t.
10:33 pm
strike spent at the negotiating table. the talks were over by 10 minutes to 5:00. she says negotiations are moving at a snail's pace. sticking points remain pay and contributions to healthcare as well as passenger and worker safety. the union says if a deal is not reached by august 4, they will go out on strike once again. drugs, alcohol, and the bay area's largest transit system. ktvu got exclusive access to a special operation targeting san francisco's muni. ktvu's heather holmes is here now with tonight's special report. >> gasia, i recently went along with officers as they hit the streets of san francisco to crackdown on an old problem that is raising new concerns. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the soothing sound of a violinist greets muni
10:34 pm
riders. above ground, the greeting is not as warm for those catching the bus. these transit shelters that provide seating for bus passengers, and information about stops and vehicles, are also a hotbed for criminal activity, and drug and alcohol use. on a recent weekday, a team of san francisco officers, some uniformed, some undercover. >> any questions so far? >> reporter: deploys a special operation along one of muni's problematic routes. >> we want to stop the crimes before they occur. >> reporter: it takes only minutes for us to find our first offender. >> this is a sign sir, it says no smoking within 20 feet. >> reporter: a man is caught smoking marijuana. he does have a zip lock bag of pot. >> i wasn't trying to go
10:35 pm
nowhere. >> reporter: around the corner on mission street. >> do you realize being in possession is a crime. >> reporter: it's not marijuana, but methamphetamine. the drugs and paraphernalia all within steps of people boarding the 14 mission. reports of rampant drug activity. >> number 1, you're spoking at a bus stop. >> reporter: and drinking have led the department to focus on bus stops and shelters, especially as more kids are commuting on muni. >> we always try to make sure we use our best safety practices. we stay together as a group. >> reporter: some of the girls have signed up for the free muni for youth program. it started back in march. already 28,000 applications have been processed. the city estimates that 40,000 kids aged 5 to 17 from low and moderate income families qualify for the program. there is concern students on their way to school could be caught in hazardous situations. >> this kind of activity around the bus shelters, it kind of
10:36 pm
erodes the confidence of the safety around the system. >> reporter: this special operation is about more than just issuing citations. the people arrested are brought here to this police substation. once inside, they're evaluated by officers training to be drug recognition experts. >> oatmeal, cereal, eggs, what did you eat? >> reporter: they give an opinion on what type of drug is involved. officer steven landy is one of the instructors. >> they have to be accurate within a 75% range. they render an opinion on what that suspect is on. it has to be rendered with a toxicologist. >> reporter: a two pronged approach to those taking public transportation and help those struggling with drug, or alcohol addiction. >> is this your bag? >> really the purpose of this operation is to make the
10:37 pm
ridership on san francisco's public transportation safer. >> reporter: a total of 18 people were arrested for being influence of drugs or alcohol. this was the fourth sober shelter operation. i've obtained these reports that show other wanted felons were scooped up in those operations. serious criminals taken off the streets. >> for these officers training to be drug rec experts, what's next for them? >> they'll use those skills and what they've learned to help accurately identify those impaired by drugs and alcohol, including those hanging out in those muni bus shelters. >> a real eye opener. thank you. if you have an idea for a ktvu special report, email us at the legal battle over lead
10:38 pm
paint. who should pay to clean it up? >> bill martin will be back with your complete bay area forecast. >> and students involved in the gang rape of a high school student now in the hands of a jury. [ female announcer ] for the freshest produce,
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you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. [ rooster crows ] that's why safeway works closely with local growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce
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that gets delivered to safeway every single day. fresh from our farmers. this week, locally grown red lion nectarines are just 99 cents a pound. at safeway, ingredients for life. ♪ jury deliberations got underway at the richmond high school gang rape case. they are accused of participating in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl outside a homecoming dance in 2009. if convicted, as charged they both face life in prison. two other men have already been convicted in the case. and another two are awaiting trial on lesser sexual assault charges. a homeless man who was beaten in san jose has died
10:41 pm
from his injuries. he died july 6 from head trauma, it took officials a while to track down his family so far no arrests have been made. friends and family gathered today in hayward to remember a young man shot to death two years ago today. john caldwell was shot to death while sitting in his car. >> we're here just celebrating him today. celebrating his life. >> the killing remains unsolved. he was also oscar grant's best friend, and was with grant on the b.a.r.t. platform the night grant was killed. caldwell left behind two sons. officials announced the arrest of miguel morales, the leader of the notorious zetas drug cartel. they are blamed for some of the
10:42 pm
worst atrocities of the mexican drug war, and noted for leaving dismembered bodies on roadsides. the u.s. had offered a $4 million rewad for morales' capture. vladimir putin said he told edward snowden if he wants to remain in russia, he would have to stop his anti-american activities, and snowden said no. he wants asylum in latin america. in london, the british library says it will bring the four surviving copies of the magna carta together under one roof for the first time. the magna carta laid the foundation for the british constitution, and much later, the u.s. constitution. it may be best known for creating the foundation of
10:43 pm
trial by jury. a former airman was honored today after he risked his life. presenting the 79-year-old the air force commendation medal this afternoon. when he was stationed in puerto rico in 1956, he showed tremendous bravery, rescuing a father and his three sons in 100 mile-an-hour winds. >> i call it instinct. i had the proper training. i don't feel like a hero. i was just there. >> he also said quote, we are all really here to serve humanity. i just happened to be at the right place at the right time. i'm tracking a rapid warm up heading to your area. how soon temperatures could climb back into the upper 90s in your complete bay area forecast. coming up next, homes harboring a toxic threat.
10:44 pm
>> causes brain damage. permanent long term brain damage. >> the controversy over lead exposure, and who should clean this up.
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
back now to breaking news, ken wayne is at 14th and broad streets, where those protesters we've been following all night are now gathered. >> reporter: we're purposely not putting our light on. we don't want to draw any attention to ourselves, the media has been somewhat under attack. this vehicle just had its tires slashed on this tv truck and we've had reports of bottles thrown at reporters and photographers out here. we want to show you police are here at 14th and broadway, but the protesters have moved up broadway, and are heading up closer to 20th and broadway. that is in the area where the sears store was that was vandalized last night, had a number of windows broken out
10:47 pm
there. i can tell you i have seen alameda sheriff's vehicles and hayward, including a s.w.a.t. vehicle arrived here in oakland. so the mutual aid request has gone out to other agencies. we have a number of other police departments assisting oakland police, trying to dispurse this crowd. a short time ago, maybe 200 of them, have moved up towards 20th and broadway. police are following them as they go. live in downtown oakland, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. all right, very good, thank you ken. oakland police say two males were shot and wounded, and some officers had to be pulled away from the protest to investigate. the two victims were shot in the 1500 block of 78th avenue in east oakland, shortly after 8:00 tonight. one was a 15-year-old male who was wounded in the neck. the older man was shot in the hip area. police say they received several calls about a gun fight in the street. at this point, they have no
10:48 pm
suspects. a trial over what should be done with old lead paint began today in santa clara county. seeking almost $1 billion from paint manufacturers to remove paint from old buildings. lead paint could peel off and be hazardous. >> paint companies are liable for the toxicity presented by lead in paint and what it's doing to our children. >> very successful program. >> it's believed there are 5 million homes with lead paint in the ten cities and counties that brought the suit. san francisco and oakland are among the plaintiffs. lots of fog moving into your neighborhood tonight. you see it out there now if you're around the bay, it's everywhere. the marine layer is stretched
10:49 pm
out. got over 2,000 feet deep last night. the fog really above the golden gate bridge. the temperatures are reflecting that. 58degrees for fairfield right now. 55 in santa rosa. highs tomorrow, just like they were today. no big changes. the winds are blowing that moist air well inland. pushing all that cool moist air up to sacramento. winds are light in the san jose area, but the winds are continuing to push that fog inland. tomorrow, just like today in terms of temperatures, kind of mild, kind of cool. the extended forecast, warming up. this low pressure system is the story tomorrow. the high will build in after that. this low sticks around one more day. mostly tomorrow, then temperatures will be just like they were today. then as it sort of moves on, high pressure builds in, and temperatures will start to ratchet up. forecast, fog in the morning, there's a lot of it. 6:00a.m., boy it's way up into the delta, and up into antioch, and brentwood. the heat stays east of the bay
10:50 pm
area. we'll see plenty of 70s, and low 80s tomorrow. most of us tomorrow are in the low 70s, mid-70s, something like that. along the coast, living in the 50s. 80 in livermore. a couple of warm spots. the fire danger takes a bit of a vacation. along the coast, the fog stays. very little sunshine, very little clearing in pacifica. you'll see some. a lot of fog to start with, and a lot of fog in the evening hours again. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend. the heat comes back on wednesday. starts to come up thursday, here it goes, friday, saturday, and sunday it stays about the same. after tomorrow, temperatures come up rapidly. there's the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. it's a good one. we didn't talk about fires tonight. that's how you know the marine layer is deep. there really is a direct correlation. you get a big fat marine layer like that, you don't have a lot of fires. that's the story today and yesterday. >> thank you bill. supporters of the drake's bay oyster company gathered
10:51 pm
today, and are vowing to continue the fight to keep the oyster farm open. the rally came as an environmental group announced plans to sue the company for allegedly dumping waste into the water. the oyster farm has been fighting the interior apartment's decision to end their lease in the national sea shore. two cities in the north bay and one in santa cruz county are among the happiest in the country. a twitter happiness index put napa at the top of the index in first place. santa rosa ranked sixth on the list. santa cruz ranked seventh. researchers looked a a few thousand key words and saw who used them, and where they're from. a lot of people talking, tweeting, facebooking about yoenis cespedes. >> he is the guy. if they didn't know about yoenis cespedes before tonight,
10:52 pm
they do now. the a's probably make the case they deserve more than just one all-star player. yoenis cespedes, the first ever to win the home run derby without actually getting selected to the actual all-star team. he owns this night after getting some advice from big papi. he unloads one blast after another. including 17 in the first round. that shot hit the truck out there. the third base coach helping him out with the pitching. a shot to outdeal the nationals bryce harper 9-8 in the final. a very proud moment for cespedes. he knows it's over. he knows he's won it. the young star from cuba owns this night. >> translator: this trophy will motivate me so that things continue to go well for me, and i just want to thank the people that believed in me, that thought i could play at this level. and especially to my family who
10:53 pm
is here in the stadium. i want to thank all of them. meantime, starting pitchers announced for tomorrow night's game, and an all-star play to end all all-star plays. in the far east. sports, we'll show it to you. part 2 next. mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan,
10:54 pm
who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive
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all right, starting pitchers for tomorrow night's mid-summer classic, max scherzer for the tigers. mets sensational, matt harvey. and if it's a tight one in the late innings, jim leyland could do worse than calling on grant balfour. all he's done is complete his last 43 save opportunities without fail. he's proud to represent oakland. >> i'm the first pitcher from australia, second player. it's a great honor to be able to cull out of australia, and have an all-star appearance, knowing that it doesn't happen very often. born in australia, grown up in australia, it's great to be able to represent the country as well. we've got all-star caliber stuff in japan. look at pitcher bobby kepple. a sensational grab. behind the back on a line shot back to him.
10:57 pm
one more version of it. that's what you call quick reaction. that's the sporting life. the all-star game tomorrow on our air, channel 2, starts at 4:30. that's the sporting life. >> thanks mark. before we go, back now to live pictures from downtown oakland. what your looking at is the intersection of broadway and telegraph. you can see there are a lot of protesters there, there is also a large police presence, including police in riot gear. just over the last 8 or 10 minutes or so, we have seen police make arrests. we've also heard at least one flash bang go off in the last few minutes. in general, this has been when the problems get started. late at night, a fringe group breaks off. and that's when the problems begin. we're getting word of arrests. there is a large police presence. we believe police have also called in mutual aid to keep this protest in hand. >> ktvu morning news will have
10:58 pm
the latest on these protests and the fallout. our coverage begins at 4:30 a.m. we're always here for you at, and mobile ktvu. ♪ [ music ]
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