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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  July 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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it's been a tough year for san jose as crime has soared but in the past couple of hours, police announced a mid- year update. >> the numbers for the most part look good. >> however, the news is still a mixed bag. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. san jose's midyear update says crime may be done but the homicide in the biggest city is
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up. paul chambers is live in san jose with more on the midyear crime report. >> reporter: good afternoon. the numbers were released about an hour and a half ago. the numbers are mixed. the fight against gangs out here appears to be working but the number of people being killed on the streets of san jose is on the rise. like many major cities, san jose has a crime problem. police say in the first six months of the year, officers removed 221 guns off the streets. since mid-june, police have arrested 88 people for felonies and got eight more weapons out of the hands of criminal, thanks in part to a highly visible foot patrol. >> officers are getting out of their cars, walking the back areas known to high levels of gang activity. >> reporter: police say homicide is up 33% over the same time period last year. however, the total number of violent crimes are down.
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a decrease of 16%. it's taken many officers extra shifts to do it. >> you have gang suppression details going out. we're sending quite a few out there. those officers are enduring overtime. is it sustainable? no. everyone knows that. but right now it's when it is needed. >> reporter: at the end of the summer, they will evaluate to see what too do next. the force will dedicate 14 officers to combat gang violence. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. a san jose woman is angry and upset after police shot her dog this morning. the confrontation happened at a home near third and san carlos. police tracked a truck to that address in a mail theft investigation. they went inside the home to talk to the truck's owner when a pit bull ran up from the basement and started biting the officer. that's when the officer shot and killed the dog. >> again, fearing for his life,
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the dog was not on a leash. he ordered the suspect to come out. at that point, he immediately -- the pit bull immediately lunged at the officer and attacked the officer biting him in his lower extremities. >> the cops are wrong. they should have never been at the house, or shot my dog. >> police arrested two people connected with the mail theft investigation. the injured officer was treated for a dog bite and released from the hospital. right now an effort is underway to get rid of the guava fruit fly in east san jose. the boundaries of the area being sprayed are berryessa, white, tully and the fly feeds on citrus, tomato and other plants and can wipe out crops. workers say the eradication treatment will not affect people. they will be coating ult poles and trees with a poisoned perfume that only affects male
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4th of julys. the state public utilities commission is proposing a fine against pg&e for the pipeline blast. regulators suggested a $300 million fine because of an explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the money would come from shareholders and not rate payers. pg&e says it's overly punitive and will cut into money being used for safety improvements. the penalty must still be reviewed by an administrative law judge and the five-member commission. new video -- an oakland police car was involved in a crash this morning in emeryville. it reportedly followed a chase. at least one other car was involved. we have attempted to contact oakland police about the collision but have not been able to get any information from them. this evening relatives of a missing toddler in oakland will pray for her safe return. a candlelight vigil for 20- month-old daphne webb is set for 6:30 tonight at 79th avenue and international boulevard. that's where her father
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reported her missing exactly one week ago. john webb was notably absent during a fruz conference yesterday. daphne's mom was there but was too emotional to speak. >> they are here to show their unwavering support and love and bring baby daphne home. >> the oakland police have not identified john webb as a suspect in daphne's dispeerns. the girl was last seen in late june. the family is working with the clidz class foundation to help -- with the if klaas kids foundation to help -- the family is working with the klaas kids foundation to help the family. >> reporter: truckers waited for the gates to open at the port but they stayed shut. >> we didn't know nothing about
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this. i'm here to work. i have to do something. >> reporter: a little after 7:00, juan pore tia and dozens of drive -- portilla and dozens of drivers were turned away. the workers were standing down after a coworker died on the job. >> i have sympathy for the family. but still, if they don't want to have a -- want to have a show of solidarity, raise money at the hall, do whatever they want. don't kill everybody in the port. >> where is the solitary for us? if one of us gets killed, are they gonna shut it down? no. >> reporter: longshoremen officials say 47-year-old joy daniels worked at berth 55 driving a tractor. this facebook picture shows her at the shipping yard hours before emergency crews responded yesterday afternoon. they rushed her to the hospital
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but she later died. truck drivers say they were never told about this. >> there's truckers backed up to the freeway for crying out loud. these guys don't know anything. they are just gonna keep coming in here. >> reporter: with no deliveries or pickup, the port stands to lose millions of dollars. meantime, the coroner says the death does not appear to be an industrial-reef lated accident but the official cause has not been released. at the portland of oakland, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. workers and port officials tell ktvu the port will reopen tomorrow morning. what do we want? [chantiing. >> recycling workers held a protest outside of waste management. they say they work in dangerous conditions and the pay is too low. they are represented by the long shore and international union. the company did not return our
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calls asking for a response to the protest. oakland police are asking people with cell phone video of last night's violent protest to come forward as businesses clean up the mess. this is cell phone video of someone breaking the glass at the youth radio. it will cost thousands of dollars to replace the windows. many damaged businesses are upset about the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman but are fed up with the violence and vandalism. one expert believes they need to take it to the next level. >> it may be we've run the limit in terms of the traditional dance we've done in terms of, you know, protests and that there has to be other ways of doing it. >> police made two arrests, one for an outstanding warrant. another for a noise violation. but they are trying to track down those who damaged property.
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they believe many vandals coming in are from out of town. we have a photo of the waiter who was involved in a brutal attack. he's identified as 32 drew cribly from oakland. police say a masked protester hit him in the face with a hammer as he tried to protect the restaurant from demonstrators. they say he's resting at home. the violence in oakland also sparked angry comments at last night's city council meeting. >> the protesters, if they don't live in oakland can't protest in oakland. >> many people expressed their outrage and some suggested police start checking the i.d.s of the demonstrators to find out where they live. >> reporter: well, from playland to sutro. we're live and we'll tell you how the cliffhouse is celebrating the last 150 years. we're waiting for warmer
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weather. steve paulson is here in ten minutes to tell you how long the wait will be in your neighborhood. while some people are celebrating the opening of a new grocery store, others are protesting. we'll tell you why.
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a fisherman from massachusetts has gone from catching fish to wrestling sharks. he says he hooked this 200- pound shark and spent about 45 minutes trying to reel it in. that's when he handed the pole to his cousin, ran into the water and wrestled the shark to show. now he wrestles about five sharks a day. but he says he doesn't hurt them after bringing them on the beach. he takes a couple of pictures and lets them go. one of san francisco's most beloved icons is celebrating an anniversary. the cliffhouse has been through fires, earthquakes even a massive explosion. brian flores has more. >> reporter: out of the changes that you mentioned, the cliffhouse will always have its amazing views, great view and history. but today they are celebrating 150 years of its existence. the last time richard butler was at the cliffhouse was 45
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years ago. he's back now with his wife and is even ordering one of his favorite dishes from back then, too, the crab omelette. >> i'm trying to relive basically my childhood. this place is fantastic. >> reporter: you don't need to go far either for the history. just look at the walls or this relatively new tv. from 1863 to 150 years later today, the cliffhouse is certainly something special. >> it's the atmosphere that's strong and it's -- it's got a spirit to it. it's gun. >> reporter: this afternoon, historians rededicated a simple plaque, one that was back to 1991 and commemorates the explosion of the ship called the pearl. >> it's been restored two or three times. it's one of these iconic places where people come and enjoy looking out over the ocean. used to be able to watch the seals when i was a little kid,
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maybe go down to playland. >> reporter: but the cliffhouse has gone through a lot, standing the test of time and many will be able to see the history going on until tomorrow. >> it's been here since year one and we -- we keep enlarging it and fixing it and keeping it up for our visitors. >> reporter: and those exhibits will be on display until tomorrow. that exhibit is also free. if you want to grab a bite to eat, the restaurant will be having specially-priced menus as well. $18.66 in commemoration of when the cliffhouse first opened. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. some patients of sutter health hospitals could be in danger of identity theft. last month, sutter sent out letters to 4500 patients notifying them of a security breach. the patients may have had their personal information leaked including names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and phone numbers. sutter is offering affected
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patients free credit monitoring services and is trying to determine the source of the breach. the top research universities in the u.s. are being forced to tighten computer security as they are subject to millions of hacking attempts a week. according to "new york times" most of the cyber attacks are believed to come from china. even after discovering a breach, the university may not be able to tell what's taken. they doubled the security last year after discovering millions of attempted hacking. san francisco is taking a new step to encourage car sharing in the city. 900 on-street parking spaces will be reserved for car- sharing vehicles. this will expand to all neighborhoods. the program is expected to create controversy and it's likely to take months to set aside all of those parking spots. walmart held ceremonies this kick off the two new grocery stores in the bay area.
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[ cheers ] >> this one in pleasanton held the ribbon cutting at 7:30 this morning. this store focuses mostly on grocery stores. some people say it will make things easier to them. >> instead of having to go to a regular big walmart, this is more convenient for groceries. it makes it a lot easier. >> outside, members of the grocery store unions and other organizations protested the opening of the new stores. >> we want the public to know that walmart as though they present themselves as a friendly neighborhood, they are not. they are paying low wages and provide literally no benefits to its employees. >> the other walmart opened in vallejo. they are among 24 opening nationwide today. a mother in louisiana is sharing a surreal shopping
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experience that could have left her seriously injured. she was struck by lightning inside a grocery store. >> the flash -- when it hit me the first time, i heard a burn and then an excruciating pain to my thigh. >> she was shopping when lightning struck the roof of the building. first responders say the electricity probably traveled through a sprinkler system and struck a metal plate on the floor where she was standing. >> it hit through the top of my head, down my spine all the way to my left thigh. from my theft thigh, it rick toe -- left thigh, it rick ricocheted to my left foot and flew my shoe under the register. >> she's shaken up and did suffer some burns but is otherwise okay.
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another big fog bank today. it's eroding back to the coast. there's sunshine in brisbane. it's heading back from oakland to san francisco. the low clouds and fog, they will still be with us nights and mornings but instead of getting up and over the hills, it will get squashed. high pressure is blurning in. it's mainly 60s and 70s. we had low clouds, santa rosa all the way to concord, livermore and san jose this morning. now you can see it's really retreating rapidly. high pressure is building in. we still have a little component of a westerly breeze. there's actually a little low right there, little circulation going on along the coast. i don't think that will do much unless you are right by the coast. one low gave us that huge cooldown. that rotated as another one drops down. as it drops down, it's further offshore. that allows high pressure in the four corners. already signs of that today. there's much warmer air aloft. warmer weather is on the way. warm to hot looks like it will
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happen by the weekend. the models are in sync when it will happen but not how hot it will get. inland temperatures 90s to 100s. around the coast and bay probably 60s, 70s and 80s. some low 70s right now. livermore is in there, walnut creek, concord, not bad. a lot of 50s, even 69 at half moon bay. the breeze was roaring. but today, generally less than 10 miles an hour. 82 in up reno. 88 in redding. 76 ukiah and the warm weather down south is beginning to move north as the fog will be there. it will be thick starting tomorrow torning. it will be warmer today. mild lows this morning. i think we'll see a repeat of that again tonight and tomorrow. anywhere from 60s to 90s. clearlake's low was 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. i will tell you, they went from 49 to 64. so today will be warm. and much warmer for some inland area us.
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still not too bad. these are actually below average for near average for some. sunshine for parts of the coast. still a lot of fog out there. tomorrow the fog will burn off and then the 90s come back for some of the inland areas. it will be hot. clearlake, vacaville, it will be in the 100s. by the coast, not that bad as we head into the weekend. >> once again a divide -- >> 30, 40-degree spread. oakland as fans will be able to get out to the ballpark earlier. the gates of the coliseum will open an hour earlier for all remaining friday home games. that will give fans the rare opportunity to watch the all- star game. cepedes taking batting practice. he won the home run derby by hitting 31 home runs. he's the first home run champ not selected for the all-star  game. so he along with many other fans were tuned in.
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it aired right here on channel 2. >> the 2-2 pitch -- >> grant balfour pitched one scoreless inning in the america's league 3-1 victory over the national league. bruce bochy was the national league's catch. buster posey struck out in his one at-bat. people who live outside of san francisco will continue to have to pay a fee to visit the botanical gardens. the $7 fee was put in effect three years ago to help close a budget. it was originally on a trial basis but the board decided to make it permanent for tourists. admission remains free for san francisco residents. same-sex marriage is coming to an ally with close ties to the u.s. and on the cover of "rolling stone" a photo that's
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causing controversy.
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some soothing words from ben bernanke pushed the stock market slightly higher today. earnings gains also helped. bernanke said the u.s. central bank had no firm timetable for cutting back on the bond purchases. the nasdaq is up 7. the nasdaq -- the dow is up 7. the dow is 7 and the s&p is up 3.
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jork lucas wants the museum in san francisco dedicated to what he calls visual -- george lucas wants the museum in san francisco dedicated to what he calls visual. on the cover of the august issue is accused boston marathon bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev. many people are calling the cover tasteless and accuse the magazine of glorifying the suspect. cbs pharmacy has announced they will not sell the magazine because they have deep roots in new england. the magazine has yet to comment. great britain has just given the green light to gay weddings. queen elizabeth ii gave her royal approval. yesterday, the house of commons and house of lords passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage.
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it applies to england and wales. however, the first gay weddings are expected to begin until next summer. today on the news at 5:00 -- we will be in court as the south bay daycare employee faces charge esmolested a young girl. we're also looking into whether there are other victims in the case and if more charges are possible. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll tell you the next time news breaks.
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>> the following program contains actual video of real animal emergencies and is suitable for family viewing. coming next, a horse slides down a rugged cliff. plus, helping a newborn. and bees, bees, bees. this is "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.]


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