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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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bart passengers are crossing their fingers that another strike doesn't happen soon. why the two sides are still bickering. the morning news starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning, july july 3rd. i am pam cook. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. let's check the weather and traffic. steve is right there. how do we dress today? well, sit cloudy, kind of -- it is cloudy, mild, muggy. and even a couple of reports of light rain. there is a loft spinning off the sierra heading right over us. mainly toward san francisco, oakland and concord south. anybody is line, however, for a few showers. 80s inland. here is sal. steve, good morning. traffic looks good on 237. barely recognize it because there aren't any cars on it,
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really, well maybe a few. the morning commute looks good on westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland. 5:00, let's go back to the desk. all the runways at la guardia in new york city are back open again this morning following a serious accident involving a southwest airlines jet flying in from investment. you are looking at new video -- nashville. you are looking at new video of the accident late sunday afternoon. the boeing 737 was skidding along the runway and several people were hurt. >> we had up to ten persons treated at the scene. four refused medical attention. six were transported to elmhurst general hospital. we have the flight crew taken to north shore general hospital for observation. now the ntsb is checking for possible mechanical foyer of the 14-year-old jet as the possible cause of this accident. if the federal investigation also continues
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into the crash landing of an asiana jet at sfo earlier this month. and the f.a.a. is investigating a small plane crash as lake tahoe. more on what may have played a role in the crash that killed a man from palo alto. and new information about a deadly collision between a bicyclist and a pedestrian in san francisco last year. we are learned the bicyclist has agreed to plead guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter. the man was riding his bike when he hit and killed a 71- year-old last march during morning rush hour. the guilty plea but a bicyclist for vehicular manslaughter is the first of its kind in the country. one source tells us the felony charge could be used to a misdemeanor with him sentenced to three years of probation and 1,000 hours of community service. happening today the attempt to raise a sunken schooner that crashed on the 4th of july.
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we have more from richmond this morning with the actions being taken today. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. the schooner is off the shore here in richmond, actually stuck in a couple of feet of mud. the owners plan to use a crane to lift this boat out of the mud and bring it back to shore. yesterday divers finished patching up holes on the boat. the home made schooner ran ashore on the 4th of july near the break water and after that the boat was ordered to be raised up out of the water. it is a 70-foot boat. before the accident they sailed on various festivals and used the boat for charity rides, as well. ever since the accident the couple has been raising money for repairs and this major recovery operation that again
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will get under way later on this morning. they expect to start attaching the crane and lifting the boat out of the water after 8:00 this morning. we will be here and show you what happens. live this morning in richmond, alex savage, ktvu news. the santa cruz city council meets behind closed-doors later today, reconsidering a controversial claim. they will take a second look at paying for the property damage from the manhunt of a heavily armed man who had just killed two police officers. the owners of the doyle apartment building filed claims after the shootout damaged their building. earlier their claim of almost $5,000 was rejected. a 16-year-old boy is arrested by morgan hill police. he is accused of raping an intoxicated 40-year-old woman friday night. police say hours before the attack a cab driver needed help getting the woman into her home and asked for help from the boy and his mother passing by.
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police believe the boy went back to the house later to attack the woman, then went back again with two friends to burglarize their home. police say the victim's stolen items were found in the teenaged boy's home. facebook staff and copies are mourning the ted of joseph disimone. he died yesterday morning after being involved in a motorcycle accident. there are no further details about the crash. he joined facebook in 2008 after working at google. the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says he was a legend and institution. on his personal facebook page zuckerberg writes... . the time is 5:05.
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san mateyo school officials and trustees are due to meet today on whether to file a lawsuit over ap test results in mill springs. 224 middle school students scores were thrown out. the college board says the seating arrangements could have given the students an unfair advantage, although there have been no reports of cheating. the fact they are sitting at the same table is a step in the right direction. the bickering continues away from the table.
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bart's largest union say that is the chief forecaster, thomas hawk, is a union buster with a long record of labor law violations and a history of provoking strikes. union leaders are angry that hawk is available for only 10 of the last 14 days of bargaining. bart's general manager defended his reputation saying his absence was planned and with the ten person bargaining team they should be able to get the job done in a two week time frame. >> half the people working now don't get half of that. and they have a union so i am not feeling sorry for them at all. >> reporter: later this afternoon at the macarthur bart station commuters can get a look at the next generation of
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bart cars. it could be put on hold if the negotiations don't go well. the new revenue since 2010 has gone toward the rising cost of employee health care and pension costs. live from oakland, i am tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. let's check in with sal, early. how is the commute? >> looking at the peninsula, traffic on 101 looks good. a little road work on northbound 101 near the ansa turnoff. traffic looks good from hayward to union city and fremont.
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the run centers in the south bay showing no major problems on 101, and 280. and steve? the tropical storms are rolling off the sierra nevada bringing us a cloudy morning with the possibility of thunder shower activity. a little different pattern for july. usually something like this happens in august or september. light rain and maybe thunderstorms. a pretty good line off the coast and there were pretty good thunderstorms right there, lightning detection network here last night over the sierra nevada. a possibility today. you can see a wide swath of it. a lot is not reaching the ground. the base is at 15,000 feet so a lot evaporates before it hits the ground. san jose reporting light rain. some will continue, with this little system coming up, a
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little trigger mechanism in the atmosphere. by tonight i think much drier air will come in, maybe even late this afternoon. look at the temperatures. 60s for many even though there is a westerly breeze, almost 07 in sacramento. -- 70 in sacramento. 81 in las vegas and in the palm springs. a lot of tropical clouds, a few breaks in the clouds will feel very muggy. some are really firing up, especially off the coast. you have to keep an eye on things. cloudy, light rain and a possibility of thundershowers. muggy and breezy. anything else, well, 60s through 80s. i think the cloud cover will keep temperatures similar to yesterday, maybe slightly cooler. if the sun breaks through you will feel it in a second because there is a lot of moisture in the area. partly sunny, mostly sunny on wednesday. warmer, thursday and friday, then a low moves in toward the coast cooling things down inland on the weekend. all right, steve. time now 5:10. ready for the weather? >> yes, i guess. >> well, there is a changing
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in who flips the bill for college. a funding source that is number one replacing mom and dad. >> and a pertaining exercise turned into a real life rescue for a morin county search team. >> and more about the morning commute and bay area weather coming up. ;
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welcome back. we are following breaking news in afghanistan. 97,000 troops are still in the country as more are killed during training exercises. and a real life rescue mission back home here for a marin county search team. they were on a annual training trip in yosemite when they came to a man clinging to a rock over a water fall. they set up a rescue line that park rangers used to free the man. he is recovering now from head injuries and hypothermia. violent protestors causing chaos during the pope's visit to brazil. those demonstrators are angry about the cost of the pope's trip. they cashed with police in riot
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gear in rio de janeiro last night. at least four of the demonstrate ors were hurt. police made several arrests. the violence erupted after the pope attended a official welcoming ceremony at a government palace in rio de janeiro. in a couple of hours house members get back to -- couple of hours house members get back to work in washington, discussing a defense bill. we have more from the washington bureau. both parties are talk about how to fund controversial surveillance programs. >> reporter: pam, everyone from tea party conservative to liberal democratics are demanding amendment to the defense spending bill limiting how much money goes to national security agency surveillance programs and impose limits on the operation. one amendment would bar the nsa from collecting phone records unless the targeted person is the subject of an investigation. that amendment and other will be voted on after the house starts going over the sweeping
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spending plan today. lawmakers from both parties are trying to keep the obama administration from arming the syrian rebels without congressional approval. but some republicans say they will not fight against funding the nsa and army syrian rebels. i will explain why when i see you next. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu fox 2 news. 5:16. federal investigators my recommend ionosol bus safety rules today. it would come after this investigation into a deadly crash in chesterfield, new jersey. the ntsb is meeting to consider the possible cause of the collision with a dump truck that sent the bus crashing into a pole. an 11-year-old girl was killed and others were seriously injured in the crash. the way students pay for college, its has changed since the recession. the annual survey by sally may find that is grants and scholarships have taken over the top spots for mom and dad,
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now covering 30% of college costs. parents incomes come in number, the covering 27% of the bill. and student borrowing covers 18%. the loan experts with sally may say parents are still willing to contribute to their children's college costs, but their incomes are just not keeping up. right now it is 5:16. let's go back too sal checking in on the commute. how is it going so far? >> it is going okay so far pam and dave. traffic is doing well if you are driving around the bay area. it is light. if you are trying to get into the city, the next few minutes will be your time. right now it is clear according to the chp. 880 north and south, traffic is moving well in both directions. the road sensors not picking up a lot in san jose on 17
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northbound, 85, 87 and 101. also 280 look goods from downtown to cupertino. steve, will there be any sun today? maybe pockets of it today and sal, we have a double- header today. >> yes, a good old-fashioned day, one ticket gets you into a double-header. the reds the second game or home team. >> if first game the reds are the home team. the second game the giants are the home team. >> there you go. well, the temperatures are really mild and light rain. cloudy, humid conditions. a lot of tropical clouds coming in. after today drier air comes in so today is day for light rain and possible thunder shower activity. there have been pretty good boomers, especially off the coast of the sierra nevada. not for us, but lots of cloudy mild lows of 60s on the temps. what is coming off the sierra is really impressive but a
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little early in the morning. this will lift north. then we start off cloudy and get sun later today. with all the tropical clouds in place it looks good, but so far most locations say cloudy and light rain. san jose at 4:00 a.m. had light rain. sprinkles, light showers, more last night at 9:00 toward south bay. we are in the picture for cloudy skys in the morning and light rain with a possibility of thundershowers. sun breaks in there, muggy and breezy. patchy low clouds. 60ss, 70s and 80s. if the cloud sticks around some of the highs may not make it but if you get the sun, it will feel tropical-like. rain clearing out on wednesday. temperatures start to rebound a little bit. warmer into friday and a little cooldown by the weekend. >> thank you, steve. european markets are starting the day with gains across the board. same overnight. most markets in the far east rose to six week highs.
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hong kong finished the day up more than 2%. china's shanghai index gained almost 2%. investors are encouraged by records from china that the government will use rail way projects to cut huge stockpiles of cream, steel and other construction material. take a look at the stocks. also, keep an eye on netflix. they reported revenue jumped 20% during the 2nd quarter of this year. netflix added 630,000 new video streaming subscriber, but that is not what investors were hoping for. netflix stocks set to open down about $7 a share. >> all right, pam. time now 5:20. a bay area grocery chain filed
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for bankruptcy. what that means for customers and employees and how this company is already trying to restore confidence. plus, why some san francisco markets could soon be selling healthier foods. good morning. westbound 237 traffic looks pretty good as you drive through. we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay weather, coming up.
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. welcome back. more than 100,000 people attended the bottle rock festival in may, making it the largest city event in history. people who lived near the bottle rock praised it but people living near the center were upset. the center is still owed $300,000 and says it continue won't consider hosting another event until that bill is played. customer employees at the may pueblo grocery chain says they are surprised the company filed for bankruptcy. it is say to be current on payments but is having problems with wells fargo, its lender. some of the customers say the pueblo stores are a source of pride in the community. >> this kind of place is like an icon for san jose. it is fully developing
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everywhere. it is like safeway and lucky chains and all that, but this is something for the hispanic community. >> may pueblo is trying to reorganize and bring insurance to employees and customers. the chain is based in san jose. it has 21 stores in california, most here in the bay area with a few on the central coast and in the central valley. may pueblo says all of them will stay open. customers should not notice a difference as they go through this process. san francisco supervisors may be close to approving a new ordinance that would give corner stores incentive to sell health i food. a committee has approved a measure that would provide financial assistance to store that is set aside 35% of their space for produce, whole grains, lean protein and dairy. less than 20% of the space could be used for alcohol and
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tobacco products. the ordinance head to the full board of supervisors for consideration. san francisco's popular food trucks will soon be serving up meals at studio. two off the grid food truck will be parked at the sfo departure areas starting this week and will rotate with other trucks every week. they will be there from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at lunchtime, mostly to serve up fresh food for the airport 30,000 workers who have limited options for lunch. and let's go to sal with a look at traffic. no major problems. the traffic on 17 looks good at the bottom of the hill, as well as 280. the morning commute looks good on 680 past mission boulevard to fremont. now, let's go back to steve. thank you, sir. we had a lot of cloud cover
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over us. a little rain but generally it is cloudy and muggy. we also have a double header today. the first game at 4:05. the giants the home team. the second game will be the reds are the home team, the make up for the rainout on july 4th in cincinnati. so, two for one like the old days here. i think the skies will be clearing out. there are cloudy skies right there. a little light rain starting to fall. this will be mainly a morning event so 60s, 70s and 80s, a possibility ovolo light rain and clearing tonight, pam. thank you, steve. we are coming up on 5:30 this morning. a bikini bar stirs up controversy in the south bay. a reason why officials can't keep a new club from opening. and what is being done to remove a stranded schooner from its current watery grave near richmond. and waiting for the first glimpse of the new prince. a live look from london at the continued royal baby frenzy.
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. good morning and welcome back to ktvu fox 2 news morning news. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. >> steve, what is the weather
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looking like out there for today. >> well, i think we will see 60s through 80s with a possibility of showers and thundershowers today. more on the weather coming up. here is sal. crowded conditions up through lafayette between walnut creek and oakland. not that bad. also this morning's commute is looking pretty good. i think i just saw a little tweet go by about perhaps moisture in parts of the bay area. i will look at that, pass it on to steve, and steve will have another weather forecast soon. all runways as la guardia in new york are back open this morning following a serious accident involving a southwest jet flying in from nashville. you can see the incredible video of the accident has it happened late yesterday afternoon. the front landing gear collapsed sending the boeing 737 kid asking along the tar -- skidding along the tarmac. six passengers were taken to
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the hospital with minor injuries. ten of those were treated at the scene. the ntsb is looking at mechanical foyer as the cause. and the f.a.a. is investigating the cause of a small plane crash in south lake tahoe that killed a palo alto man. the single engine plane went down east of the south lake tahoe airport yesterday morning. witnesses say it lost altitude after takeoff, hit pine trees and flipped over. the pilot, steve lefton was killed and a nurse walking a dog in the area came to the aide of his wife who had moderate injuries. happening today a large crane will be used to raise a soon their sank in the waters snare -- schooner that sank in the water near richmond on the 4th of july. what is next, alex, surrounding this ship wreck.
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>> reporter: good morning. this schooner is under about 30 feet of water right now just off the coast of point richmond here, stuck in several feet of mud. but later today crews will be using a large crane and they will try to lift it up out of the mud and tow it in. yesterday divers finished patching holes on the boat. this home made schooner ran aground first on the 4th of july near the break water. at that point the coastguard ordered the owner to raise the 70-foot boat out of the water. obviously that is what they have been working on. the schooner was built by haden and fern brown that live here in richmond. they sailed it for festivals and used the boat for charity events. it is well known in the community. the couple since the accident have been raising money online and in various places trying to pay for obviously the repairs that have to happen to the boat and the major recovery operation that will, again, get under way later on today. we expect it will begin some
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time after 8:00 this morning. we will be here to show it to you. live this morning in point richmond, alex savage, ktvu, ktvu fox 2 news. time now is 5:33. a double decker bus accident is raising concerns about low hanging wires in san francisco. five tourists were injured last friday when a tour bus hit a loose wire on 12th avenue in the richmond district. the wire came down on passengers on the bus. one woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. she is now recovering. a neighbor says he warned the
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bus company responsible after seeing another bus hit the wire earlier in the day. time now, 5:34. police are asking for help to find a hit-and-run driver who hit a teenager on a bike at 7:00 last tuesday night on west 7th street near cheryl drive. the teenager suffered injuries injuries when he was thrown from his bike. anyone who witness the accident is asked to call have a knee that police. the city of berkeley is offering a $15,000 reward for information on a deadly hit-and- run accident involving a pedestrian. anyone with information is asked to call berkeley police. time now is 5:35. we have new pictures from inside the asiana airlines plane that crashed at sfo killing three people. these photos were posted online actually showing you the damage inside the plane.
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you can see the burned out cabin. another photo shows the hole at the back of the plane where the tail broke off. the cause of the crash is still being investigated and the ntsb says it typically takes 12 to 18 months to complete the final report. the san francisco fire department is trying to determine which fire truck ran over an asiana passenger after the crash. the san francisco chronicle reports truck 37 hit the teenager but that has not been confirmed. last week the coroner says the girl survived the crash but was killed by a oning fire truck. a new bikini bar is opening in downtown san jose, and has neighbors on edge. the gold club can open for business once it obtains permits because it does meet zoning requirements but some people in the area are worried the club on south market and santa clara streets will lead to an increase in crime. >> it will bring a lot of
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problems downtown. >> the gold club could open as soon as next month. nude dancing will not be cloudy due to zoning regulations. and attorney general pamela harris is calling on the sport to reject the state's efforts to stop same-sex marriages. she performed the first same- sex marriage when they became legal last month. last week the clerk asked for an order stay to issue marriage license to same-sex couples. 20 other county clerks joined her in support of same-sex marriage. and the next bart strike deadline is just 12 days away and bart management and the labor union still seem to be far apart with all the major issues. tara moriarty is live in oakland with the one glimmer of hope in this gloomy situation, tara? >> reporter: even though both
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sides say they are committed to working out a deal, there is still quite a bit of mud slinging going on. the chief negotiator, thomas hawk is a union negotiate overwho has a history of being unavailable. his absence, however, by bart says, this time was planned and they should be able to hammer out a deal in two weeks. commuters we spoke to this morning are growing lear you. >> i hope they get close quick because i don't want to be inconvenienced by having to drive in again. it was a difficult few days and i think it will make the bay area complete gridlock, so i hope they get their act together. >> reporter: now, later this afternoon at the macarthur bart station commuters can get a look at the next generation of bart car, something bart officials say could be put on hold if negotiations don't go well. half of the $69 million in revenue that bart has raced in since 2010 has gone to the
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rising cost of employee health care and pensions. both sides have until august 4th to strike a deal. if not another strike could happen. live from oakland, i am tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. 5:38 is your time. sal is covering the morning commute. how does it look so far, sal. >> we have a problem on the peninsula, that would be construction work. look at my maps. southbound 101 near millburn avenue, lanes are closed for overnight roadwork running late. you can see a little activity here on the road. now, southbound 101 as you approach millbury avenue, some lanes are still closed for a construction project on the late side. it won't be open until 6:00. if you are trying to get down the peninsula, i would recommend using 280 as an alternate route, unless for whatever reason you are getting on the freeway after millbury avenue. on burlinggame, no worries to
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redwood city so far. westbound at the toll plaza, a little slow down from san francisco on the bridge. south looks good. 880 in oakland so far so good in both directions. steve? a lot of cloud cover. mostly cloudy. a beautiful sunrise here. lots of colors. you can see why. tropical clouds con to stream over us coming off the sierra, so from east to west some have produced very light rain. it is also giving us really mild low, and the possibility of thundershowers. pretty good boomers in the sierra the last couple of days. some did produce lightning. now so far for us more show than go, but a few areas may pickup light rain. the bases of the clouds are around 15,000 feet so a lot evaporates before it hits the ground. minor rain in the san joaquin valley, as well. a little low up the coast. down in southern california much drier air is coming in.
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anything by late afternoon to tonight some of that moves in with a decrease in the cloud cover. 50s to 60 this is morning. 67 here. 70 in sacramento. temperatures if you get that sun you will have that tropical feel, but a lot of cloud cover to the east has to still move other us. this is a good line south of us from king city to big sur south. you can see the permissible if things fire up. a little clearing and a couple of thunderstorms here. cloudy and skies muggy. a light rain and a little breeze, a westerly breeze for some. 60s through 80s. really tough. cloud cover. a lot of the highs are dependant on cloud cover. if the cloud cover clears out and the sun comes through, some of you could feel low 90s. thursday and friday warmer and cooler again for the weekend. the royal baby watch continues in london. now the wait is on for the first glimpse of the new
5:42 am
prince. we have more in london again this morning. the tabloid newspapers are having a field day with the royal birth there, aren't they? >> reporter: absolutely, pam. the city has been excited. sam pain corks have been popping -- champagne corks have been popping all over the city, especially since last night when the world learned it is a boy. so, we have been saying this is the excitement. here is how it played out yesterday... as the u.k. and world awaits its first glimpse of the new prince of cambridge, the congratulations and celebrations continue. >> it is amazing. i want to say i was here at the possible monarch. >> it is very exciting. we brought my daughter and friends over here. it has been wonderful. i remember watching charles and
5:43 am
diana getting married as a teenager. now to see her son have a baby is magical. >> reporter: the headlines in the british newspapers got in on the fun, as well, the sun renaming itself the son, and the daily mail reading oh, boy, a new grand parks of course, prince charles. the name is yet mum, but it consistent keep the crowd from coming up with suggestions. >> maybe boys names like james or alfred. >> reporter: the prince of cambridge is third in line to the thrown behind his grandfather and father. so, pam, i have been thinking about this whole thing in three acts. act 1, we now know the baby has been born. we know catherine has delivered a bouncing baby boy. act 2 will be when the couple and baby cambridge appear at the door of st. mary's hospital and we get our first glimpse of the baby. act 3 will be when we find out the name, pam.
5:44 am
back to you. >> a good way of looking at it. it is certainly a production, vladimir. thank you. and stopping at taco bill for something will be a thing of the past. why the restaurant chain decided to get rid of a certain type of meal. >> and a suspicious fire forced one of oakland's star chef to close his restaurant and we have video of the suspected arsonist.
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. welcome back. more on the top stories we have been following for you at 5:46. the ntsb is investigating the recent accident last night of a southwest airlines as it left nashville and flew into oakland. several people were hurt. by the way the runways as la guardia reopened hours ago. and a bicycle accident that killed a pedestrian in san francisco has now agreed to plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter. the guilty plea by chris bucari for vehicular manslaughter is the first of its kind in the nation. the collision happened in march of 2012 during morning rush hour in san francisco. the victim, a # # 1-year-old man. also, later today, the santa cruz city council meets behind closed-doors. it will reconsider a controversial claim, taking a second look at paying for the property damage stemming from the manhunt for a heavily armed
5:48 am
man who had just killed two police officers. and a peninsula family is mourning the loss of a man who died trying to help accident victims on i-280. 32-year-old kirk peterson was hit and killed in woodside early sunday morning. the chp says it happened after peterson witnessed a crash. he pulled over and tried to run across the lanes but was hit by an oncoming suv. a suspicious fire has temporarily shut down a restaurant featuring opalland's only michigan lan starred chef. the flames cut off power to the hawker fairer restaurant. the surveillance video shows the suspects and the owner hope to reopen next friday. and take a look at this
5:49 am
left at a maaco shop. he was alerted to a break-in be the alarm company. he watched the robber through security cameras linked inside and outside the building. he called police and they arrested the man still inside the repair shop. southern california homes are being threatened by mud slides days after escaping a wildfire threat. the fire that burned 43 square miles west of palm springs is now 85% contained. yesterday vac wiis were told they -- evacuees were told they were allowed to go back home. sal is keeping an eye on the commute here at 5:49. you mentioned one problem the last time around. >> yes, a problem on the peninsula. we will get to that in a
5:50 am
moment. traffic is slow approaching the airport which may set you back. take a look at these live pictures at the interstate 880 freeway here. the traffic is going to be getting busier. stop and go for sure. it will be getting busier as you drive through. the morning commute looks okay once you make it up to downtown oakland. also, the morning drive is going to be a little slower at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. the fast track lanes and carpool lanes are still moving through. livermore valley, a crash at 580 at the altamonte pass. at the top of the grade you can see traffic is slow in the area and more slow traffic through the area. give yourself plenty of time. i want to mention what pam spoke about. we were talking about it last time. southbound 101 approaching millbury avenue, late returning roadwork there. if you are trying to get to the airport it will set you back.
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steve? thank you, sal. we have a double header today at 4:00. the giant will be the home team. then the make-up of the july 4th rainout in cincinnati. the red will be the home team for the second game. i think things will be improving as we head to the latter part of the afternoon and early evening. cloudy and better conditions later this afternoon. a lot of tropical clouds continue to stream in, going east to west. some have produced light rain, mild, muggy conditions. a few 50s and a lot of 60s on the temps. from san jose to santa rosa, everyone is close on the temps by the mere fact of the cloud cover. dry air in southern california will work its way north during the day but for the morning and early afternoon we are dealing with a lot of cloud cover and very light rain. you can see some of that hit-or- miss. it really is. some is working its way to the north bay, toward lake county and mendcy know county and the south bay and peninsula.
5:52 am
there is a good line stretching across. some of it could produce thunderstorms. cloudy to mostly cloudy. light rain and thunderstorms, very muggy. 60s through 80s. the cloud cover is tough on the forecast highs because if it clears out soon enough, it may be warmer but they were spot on yesterday. partly sunny to mostly sunny on wednesday. it looks like the tropical clouds clear out. the inland temps warm up until friday and a cooldown on the weekend. >> thank you, steve. this morning cisco systems announced a new acquisition. the san jose based company will pay $2.7 billion for source fire, a 20-year-old cyber security firm that has headquarters in maryland. the deal is expected to close before the end of this year. taco bell plan to stop serving kids meals. they are knocking off the toys for children by early next year. that makes it the first national fast food restaurant
5:53 am
to stop catering to kids. taco bell ceo says less than 1 half% of the total sales come from kids meals. one of the most popular food combinations will increase by $0.31 when they are not offered together as a kid's meal. >> wow. time is now 5:52. an unprecedented crackdown by the california highway patrol. what they will be doing and where and how this is connected to police agencies around the country. plus, no pay for the rest of the season for a former major league mvp. why ryan braun has been benched.
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. good morning. a lot of cloud cover and mostly cloudy conditions. light rain and highs today 60s through 80s. >> thank you, steve. well, in the first crackdown of its kind highway patrol officers from the bay area to new jersey are joining force to prevent fatalities on i-80. this is i-80 in berkeley. the joint effort begins tomorrow. it runs through july 31st. extra patrol will be out on the entire stretch of freeway which runs # thousand miles. the chp says someone -- 3,000- miles. the chp says someone dies everyday on the california
5:57 am
stretch of i-80 alone. and brian brawn was suspended from the baseball season without pay. he was linked to a florida clinic accused of distributing performance-enhancing drugs. he is now the first big league baseball player tied to the clinic to get a suspension. all right. video of a san francisco man fighting off a raccoon that attacked his dog. this has gone viral. the surveillance video was taken saturday. the raccoon attacked ken rosa's dog. look at this. the dog in the middle of the night. you can see oversa lift the cocoon -- racialist the raccoon and throw it off a flight of stairs. he is the founder of dig and a partner of google ventures.
5:58 am
scar you. >> yikes. and what is gooding on with traffic, sal? >> right now the south bay to start off this report. northbound 280 looks good right now driving up the highway 17 and beyond that in cupertino. and traffic move i along nicely passing mission boulevard. on the peninsula good news. they have picked up road work and traffic is recovering. now, let's go back to the desk. 5:58. outrage from student, teachers, parents in san mateyo county. the action they will take. >> and the santa cruz city council will meet in a closed- door session to reconsider a controversial claim. how it involves the deadly officer-involved shooting earlier this year.
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