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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 24, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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you. good morning, thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, july 24th. i'm pack cook. >> i'm dave cook. you're seeming pretty calm about this weather forecast, steve. >> well, it was muggy yesterday. >> yes, it was. >> so those clouds today, pam, are gone. thankfully. a lot of fog and clouds out there for low cloud deck, but temperatures today, wide variety anywhere from 50s to 60s to 80s and 90s inland. san mateo bridge looks good. you can see all the way to the peninsula. that may be good. maybe fewer delays today. we'll check. the morning commute is looking good on the golden gate bridge.
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>> reporter: kind of a crazy story. police are still in the back collecting evidence at reeds indoor gun range. this is located on the frontage road along highway 101. you can see inside there the window, that's where they broke into it. the thieves stole all the guns inside. now, the owner, jim reed, let us in the store to show us all the damage and the broken glass. police say the silent alarm system alerted them of a break- in at about 3:30 this morning as officers drove up to the range on dwayne avenue. they actually spotted a getaway car. they ended up following it, and the suspects inside started throwing rifles out of the car window. that car was finally stopped at
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lafayette and alldo. police tried to -- said they tried to get away, but they were able to take them into custody. the owner of the store is upset. >> it's like violating your own personal residence. it's a big mess to clean up, but the biggest thing for me is everything was apprehended. awe the suspects were apprehended and the merchandise was all found and recovered. police arrested two men and one woman. they say that all those people have prior criminal records. officers spent the morning searching the street to see if any guns or ammunition which were tossed out the car window to recover them, the owner, as you heard, believed that everything has been accounted for, but we're still waiting for a confirmation from police. now, as far as how violent these criminals were, we still
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don't know that. what were they going to use these guns for. those are questions that we're hoping to have answered just as far as finding out what kind of background. why did police know these suspects. you heard from the owner. he's grateful he has a sophisticated alarm system that caught all three suspects on camera. reporting live from santa clara, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> police are asking for the public's help to find the owner of several items town near adobe creek. they have not been able to find the rightful owners. police found power tools near the adobe creek golf course. they also found coin collection books. take a look. anyone with information is asked to call the police. time is 6:03. a ymca day care worker already accused of child molestation is now facing more charges.
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the story was first broke yesterday. he was charged with assaulting a six-year-old girl and possessing pornographic pictures of another underage girl. yesterday the 20-year-old suspect was back in court facing a third charge. this one involving a five-year- old girl. >> he took sexually explicit photographs of her. detectives were able to corroborate this evidence by retrieving those unmistakable unclothed images from his cell phone. >> now, he's being held without bail. he's due back in court on september 17th to enter pleas. the ymca tells us it requires background checks for employees that work with children. we're told he passed reviews conducted by both the department of justice and the fbi when he was hired. he also passed a state test that's part of the ymca's child care license process. the ymca reports out that he went through 30 hours of child
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abuse prevention training. police in oakland admit they were caught off guard by the riots after the verdict in the george zimmerman case. >> reporter: all regular days off for police officers have been canceled this friday and saturday. it's going to cost the department a pretty penny. hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it's something that the police chief said he needed to do in order to be not caught off guard by protesters again. chaos gripped the streets of oakland in the wake of the zimmerman verdict. last night the oakland city council demanded to know why the chief didn't see it coming. the chief chalked it up to an intelligence failure. he said police expected a big protest sunday, the day after the verdict.
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and they put a plan in effect for that. they did not anticipate violence saturday the 13th. then again monday officers seem behind sided when protesters marched onto i80. a protester with a hammer attacked a waiter. we know officers are ramping up everts to monitor social media better. the chief says they don't want protesters to take over the city again, causing damage to businesses and hurting innocent bystanders like the last time. i'm tara moriarty, channel 2 news. some preschool students are the unintended victims of the violent protests. children who normally go to the alice street learning center now have to travel across town to attend classes. protesters broke windows forcing their regular school to close. parents say the protesters did not consider how their actions would affect the young students. >> you're affecting 48 small developing minds with just a
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two-second impulse that, hey, i'm going to break this window to prove my point to get justice you. era not getting justice. you're creating an injustice for all the student and the parents. >> that mother said her son is having a hard time adjusting to his new surroundings, but she considers him one of the lucky kids. some of the parents are not able to get their kids to the new locations and their kids are missing classes and their friends. it's not clear when the alice street center will reopen. time is 6:07. tonight a mills high school will hold a community meeting for parents about the decision by the college board to throw out hundreds of ap test scores. the college board is making students take the test all over again because seating regulations were not followed when those exams were given back in may. school officials are considering suing the college board. they say no cheating has been reported. later today, san francisco
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will announce free wi-fi is coming to 31 public places all across the city. google says it will install and maintain the service in city parks, plazas, and open spaces as a gift to the city. those locations include civic center plaza. the marina green. st. mary's square and balboa park. by the way, golden gate park is not on that list. >> a lot of people are appreciate that. 6:08 is the time. sal, how is traffic this morning? >> i will give it a pretty good grade if i were grading traffic. usually by this time we have a full toll plaza. we may have that but it's not bad, considering what time it
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is. >> interate 880, northbound and southbound traffic is moving. this is a look at the san mateo and dunbarton bridge. we were looking at the picture of the peninsula, we don't have as much fog over there in the flight path to fso. i want to mention that bart has delays because of a maintenance vehicle that was stalled. 10-15 minute delays in the commute from contra costa to san francisco. 6:09. let's go to steve. 7:15 start tonight, game four of the series, looking back to normal here. won't have the tropical clouds. temperatures 60s. a little bit of a westerly breeze. temperatures held up all because of those trillion clouds. because they're gone, that's going to play into a more normal pattern for us. higher clouds. they really kept the humidity
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way up there yesterday. that's moved to the north. we don't have to worry about that. the fog is back. temperature in san francisco has not changed at all in a long time. 67 today, officially. i know some may be cooler, warmer. the official temperature will go for the warmer temperatures. california, still see some. they're actually headed up toward the border. high pressure, though, it's not that strong, but it will send temps up about 2-6 degrees. really 60s, 70s, 80s toward the west. 60s for some. it's cooler on some of the lows, 54. nevada 54. we had mid 60s. the cloud cover wouldn't let go. it was 14 last now. now it's 17 at travis. keep an eye on that. 60s to sacramento. they will be in the 90s and then the higher clouds leaving.
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that mean sunshine. a little low is poised to move in late friday into saturday. that's going to give us a cooler pattern. cooler lows but warmer temps. we'll have a huge difference in those temps. 60s to 90s. napa at 84. 89, concord. livermore, 91. alameda 82. warmer toward east san jose. a lot of 50s and 60s on the coast. san francisco, low 80s. also palo alto, 80s. it looks cooler for the upcoming weekend. >> all right. time now, 6:11. a religious celebration, a big one in brazil, one of the first big events kicking off world youth day. plus, we'll tell you where the pope will be visiting this morning. an officer dies while
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saving a life. what we know about his tragic fall during a rescue mission outside of las vegas.
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welcome back too the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:14 is the time. hundreds of thousands of young catholics are converging in brazil for world youth day. that event is actually a week long celebration. a giant crowd gathered at the famous copacabana in rio last
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night for mass. a cross and icon of the virgin mary were carried through the crowd and placed at the alter. the pope's jet has landed in brazil. this was taken half an hour ago in the city of -- the brazil area spending $50 million on security for the pope's visit, including more than 30,000 troops and police. protests are planned throughout the week. new this morning, the man accused of leaking confidential information about the u.s. is granted permission to enter russia. he'll be allowed to leave the airport. snowden applied for temporarily asylum last week. it's believed he's been held up since june 23rd in the transit zone after arriving on a flight
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from hong kong. >> time is 6:15. just about an hour from right now, president obama will leave the white house and take his economic policies on the road. ktvu's kila campbell is in the washington, dc bureau to tell us about the president's speech, which will target republicans. >> dave, the white house says that's one of three main goals for the president's economic talks. president obama wants to refocus the political conversation on a still recovering economy. lock in his legacy of working through turbulent times and warn republicans to not create a crisis this fall. the gop is threatening to make passing a budget difficult. they want to defund bamm care -- obama care and say they won't -- the ceiling unless it goes hand in hand with budget cuts. >> republicans have been focused on jobs. we're going to be continue to be focused on jobs, but at the same time we have to have real
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fiscal responsibility. >> the president is giving two speeches today. one in illinois and one in missouri. he'll head to florida tomorrow. the risk he's taking talking about the economy now. kila campbell, ktvu news. investigating a police officer's death during a heroic rescue. >> this officer dedicated his life to saving people. that act ultimately cost him his own life. >> officer david van boss kirk was lowered to rescue a hiker. he put a safety harness on the hiker. when they were being lifted into the air. he somehow came off his line and fell to his death. the hiker, by the way, is okay. 1800-mile motorcycle ride starts today honoring fallen
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soldiers. the tribute to the drive kicks off in renton, washington, south of seattle. the riders will be carrying a torch through oregon tomorrow and then onto walnut creek on friday. they will be staying at mcguire harrellly davidson. the ride ends in state line, nevada. remember i said things were going to change. it did. now we have a filled in toll plaza. it's backed up to the crossing. still, this is not unusual. if you drive here every day, you probably know it. it's a 20-minute delay. san mateo bridge could be a decent alternate. you can see the hills of san mateo county there. that's good news for airplanes coming in. there may be delays coming in and you should check with your carrier. also, the morning commute looks
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good on the san mateo and dunbarton bridge. as we tilt up the maps, that traffic is just a little lighter than usual. usually by now we have slowing, but for now it looks good. let's go steve. we have clouds that have moved on to the north, but there's a pretty good fog bank down there. noticeably cooler this morning. the higher clouds moving well to the north and completely out of the area unless you're up towards northern california or the oregon border. fog, and there's a lot of it there. sun, warmer, cooler lows give way to warmer inland temps. i don't see much change. it will not be as muggy or humid today. 50s, 60s, 80s, 90s.
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temperatures near average for this time of year. i don't think they're going to change too much. it looks like we're stuck here. it looks cooler as the weekend approaches with the low coming in. >> all right. thank you, steve. general motors stock would have to share for $96 a share for taxpayer to break even on the gm bailout. a watchdog said there's no doubt taxpayer will lose money on the bailout. this morning ford reports better than expected 2nd quarter earnings. it credits strong pickup sales for sop of the boost. looks like ford is going to trade up 3 or 4% this morn. 6:20. still ahead a deadly shooting happened at a gas station. what a woman is saying about her decision to open fire. this is a shooting that some
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are comparing to the george zimmerman trial. >> the wait is over for local football fans. training camp beginning for the 49ers and raders. [ male announcer ] you know that sizzler grills the world's best steaks. but did you know we've also mastered three incredibly craveable pastas? sizzler's new incredibly craveable combos for just $10.99, right now.
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brown wants to see the boat restored to its former glory. >> i think people are going to take up the cause and build this thing back, and i will be the consultant. >> he started building it 43 years ago by hand. they've spent 30,000-dollar towing the boat. fixing it will cost a lot more.
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sunnyvale dogs are getting more room. new dog parts will be set up in the city. the possible locations include loss palmas, palmas, lakewood. >> right now there's only one off leash dog park. let's get you where you need to go. sal, you're watching our commute things are getting busier. i'm watching all of the traffic monitors.
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the royal baby is still at home. the world is waiting to find out the name. find out more about the baby's debut. we're live in santa clara. three people are this custody after breaking into a gun store. you will hear from store owner. >> plus, the opening bell is just about to bring up wall street. pam will bring you the early stock numbers.
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the morning news just getting
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ready to ring the opening bell in new york this morning. there are a lot of stocks to watch today. a lot of earnings are right in the heart of earning season right now. apple looks like it's up $20 a share. good report there. boeing also reports a good earning. there's the opening bell live. one spot, another dow component not doing well. caterpillar, good report for the last quarter but cut the outlook looking forward. we'll have the stocks coming up. >> thank you for joining us on ktvu channel morning news. middle of the week. it's wednesday, july 24th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pack cook. time now is 6:30. we're following breaking news in santa clara. burglars broke into a gun store earlier today. that led to a police chase. we're all over this story. jeannine, you talked to the owner who said the security
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system worked for him. >> reporter: definitely. he said police came quickly. we're here at reed gun range. it's first time anybody has tried to break into the store in 13 years. he's glad he invested in an expensive alarm system. you can see the hole in the broken window. that's where he believes the suspects got inside the store. police were able to
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apprehend those people and get them into custody. the owner says that while he's upset about the break-in, he's grateful for police. >> it's very troubling because of the merchandise that i carry this here, but that's why we have sophisticated alarms. that's why we have all the stuff for that accordingly. that's why the police were able to respond so quickly and were able to get here and apprehend the guys and apprehend the merchandise that they stole. police arrested two men and one woman. police say they all have prior criminal records. officers spent the morning searching the streets to see if any guns or ammunition which were tossed out of the window, if they could recover any of that. the owner believes everything is accounted for, but we're still waiting for confirmation from police. we're told that a spokesperson from the police department is in route. he's still not here yet. as far as the store being
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opened, it's normally supposed to be open at 10:00 a.m., but police have told him they still need to go in there and keep looking around, collecting evidence and fingerprinting everything in there. so he can't touch anything. so he's hoping to open, but he's not sure because it's a mess inside, as you saw, from probably the video we showed you. reporting live, ktvu, channel 2 news. video of a protest at richard city council meeting is getting attention. alex savage is going to show us how police responded. alex? >> i just got off the phone a few minutes ago with city council member tom butt. he told me he doesn't know what's prompting these demonstrations, but lately city council meetings have become rowdy an last night was no exception. protesters had to be cleared out because there were several noisy protesters interrupting the meeting.
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some members had to be taken out out. the room was cleared, more than 100 people were forced to watch the meeting on a television set that had been set up in the adjacent lobby. city residents wanted to speak were escorted in five at a time. in the end, there were no arrests made last night. alex savage, ktvu, channel 2 news. the new british royal is
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getting a lot of attention. the royal baby mentioned more than 25,000 tweets a minute. shortly after his birth was announced yesterday afternoon our time, the peak on facebook was even higher, 31,000. now, all the buzz is on the speculation of what his name will be. he'll be third in line to the british thrown. our reporter vladimir is live in london with the latest on the buzz over there. vladimir? >> reporter: hey, dave. so you mentioned social media. people had been calling it the great kate baby wait reached its climax yesterday when the world caught their first glimpse of the little baby cambridge here, giving his first royal wave. here are how the events played out yesterday. >> well, he's got a good pair of lungs. that's for sure. >> the morning after a truly royal debut, britain is still
6:36 am
beaming over the latest member of the royal family. the duke and duchess presented their son on tuesday amid a crowd of reporters, well wishers. prince william joked his new son thankfully had his mother's looks and said he had already tried his hand at one of the trickier duties of fatherhood. prince charles gave his seal of approval after visiting his first grandchild when the couple left the hospital. carolyn michael middleton agreed, calling the new prince absolutely beautiful. >> we're so thrilled. >> the question on everybody's mind, what about the moniker for the future monarch. >> we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. >> reporter: that's how the world was introduced to baby cambridge. we have some developments today. we know, for example, that queen elizabeth the ii has also visited with her great grandchild. we know prince harry met his
6:37 am
nephew. no word yet on pippa. the other news i want to tell you is that the cambridges have left kensington palace with baby in tow. we're not sure on where they're going. we're waiting on the nape. that wrest the latest chapter is going to be. >> thank you. well, back here in the bay area, people are talking football. both nfl teams are returning to the gridiron. training camp is beginning for both the san francisco 49ers and the oakland raiders. all the veterans are due in santa clara today. the silver and black will report this week at the training camp up in napa. >> a lot of people ready for football. >> a little wine tasting, a little football. >> i'm dread i for sal. he knows all about our commute. >> it's going to be busy at the toll plaza. right now traffic is busy for a 20 minute delay. we're going to look at 880, which looks good, driving past the coliseum.
6:38 am
a lot of people are going to the toll plaza. we'll see it's backed up. a lot of people trying to get into the city. no problems in the carpool lane. let's go to steve. that soon, sal. >> i know, right. >> i know, right. sounds like every girl i know. i know, right. >> higher clouds are gone. that humidity factor for us was one. baseball is back to normal. a single game tonight. normal game time as well. looks normal. fog, 60s, fog coming in later. the low cloud deck is impressive. had a tough time yesterday but the tropical clouds are gone and there's a little more westerly breeze as well. high pressure is going to go in for a couple of days. the tropical clouds are out of the picture. low moves out toward us. that will cool us down, not much change. many areas on the coast. also san francisco's official
6:39 am
temperature is really just day- to-day changes. there's no extreme one way or the other. if it comes in, 65 or 66, that's what it's been for a couple of weeks almost. higher clouds up north. northern sacramento valley up near the oregon border. so unless you're headed to reno or something, you probably don't want to encounter anything. it held down the lows and the highs. that's out of the picture. the lows are cooler, but afternoon highs are warmer. inland, some 90s and a few locations probably pushing the mid to upper 90s. 50s instead of 60s. higher clouds are out of the sky. that allows the temperatures to cool down. west 17, not a big sea breeze. 60s, 70s, 80s down in the desert. monterey, 55. fog sun warmer. cooler lows but warmer inland
6:40 am
highs. temperatures bumping up 80s and 90s away from the coast. 84, nevada 83. santa rosa, 82. 90s for pittsburg. alameda, berkley, 70s. san marteen, 70s. santa clara, 82. same for parts of the peninsula. 50s and 60s with the fog on the san mateo coast. not much change through friday. it looks cooler as we head throughout the weekend. 6:40. oakland's police chief admits his department did too little too late to respond to the recent protests. how the chief plans to prevent further violence this weekend. and residents in the northern part of san carlos are put on alert after reports of a peeping tom. we'll tell you who the authorities are looking for when ktvu news comes back. [ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way?
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good morning. inland temps will warm up today. it's slightly cool they are morning. by the coast, a lot of fog. 60s, 70s inland, 80s and 90s. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following now at 6:43. police in santa clara just
6:44 am
arrested three people accused of robbing a gun store this morning. police say they chased the getaway car and say the suspects were actually throwing stolen guns out the window. two men and a woman were later arrested. in about 30 minutes from right now, president obama will travel to illinois for a quick trip selling his economic policies. this one day trip includes appearances in illinois and missouri. the president will be calling for bipartisan support to fund health care, education, and also also -- job growth. last night in richard, dozens of police officers rushed to city council after a disruption from protesters. police cleared out the chambers after protesters with bull horns started shouting. the reason for this disruption, that's still not clear. the council meeting continued in the lobby. police in oakland admit they were caught off guard responding to the violent protests that followed the verdict in the george zimmerman case. they don't plan to make the
6:45 am
same mistake during the scheduled protests for this weekend. tara moriarty joins us from oakland with that they're planning to do. >> reporter: most officers will be on the streets this weekend because all regular days off have been canceled for friday and saturday. the chief said it was these because he wanted to avoid protests like the last time around. violence gripped the streets of oakland in the wake of the zimmerman verdict earlier this month and last night the oakland city council demanded to know why the chief didn't see it coming. he chalked it up to an intelligence failure. he said police expected a big protest sunday after the have recollected and put a plan in place for that, but they did not anticipate the violence that happened saturday the 13th. then, again, monday, officers seemed behind sided when demonstrators marched onto 80. a protester with a hammer
6:46 am
attacked a waiter. we know that officers are ramping up efforts to monitor social media better. as you know, the force is severely -- it's going to cost tens of thousands of dollars. the chief says that they want to be prepared. the police officers association has even canceled its yearly picnic so everyone can be available just in case these demonstrations turn violent. live in oakland, i'm tara moriarty, channel 2 news. >> a man from antioch charged with murder in the deadly attack in the san francisco jewelry store is due to face a judge later today. barry bernard white is expected to be arraigned on 16 felony counts, including murder, attempted murder, assault on a police officer, and possessing an assault rifle. prosecutors say white killed to female employeesen side the jewelry mart and critically wounded the shop owner.
6:47 am
an alert is now being issued to some people in san mateo county. someone has recently been peeping into homes. ktvu's brian flores is in san carlos telling us about this warning this particular to women. brian? >> reporter: dave, good morning. we've tried contacting the san mateo county sheriff's department on any recent developments, but we've yet to hear back this morning. in the meantime, they issued a press release last night saying there was at least one peeping tom incident last night, but we've learned of at least a second one around the same time frame. now, this peeping tom is responsible for two incidents in the past week. both incidents happened at residential locations. one that we know of is off of laurel street. the second incident happened somewhere in north san carlos. officials say in both insurance debits women -- incidents women reported the peeping tom as they were in the shower. the laurel street incident. a woman saw apair of hands appear on the outside of the window as if someone was trying to look inside.
6:48 am
when deputies got to the home, they found the screen along the outside of the window had been removed and set aside. both incidents happened between 9-and 11:00 at night. no suspects were found. this morning there's no suspect description, which is why they're asking for the public's help. sheriff officials are telling residents to be mindful of surroundings. of course, call 911 if there are any suspicious activities. we're live in the northern part of san carlos. >> glad for the update. 6:48 is the time. sal, what are you keeping an eye out for particularly right now. >> i also got a tip from someone who takes the trains in contra costa county. a lafayette train was turned around. this is according to someone who feets me by the handle of
6:49 am
the shadow. thank you very much. good info from this person. let's go out and take a look at highway 4, though. highway 4 westbound is going to be slow coming up to the willow pass. eastbound highway 4, watch out for the possibility of some police afctyty. we're -- activity. we're checking into that. we have a 30-minute delay if you're trying to think about using the carpool lane, perhaps picking up casual carpoolers. yeah, i would say that would be a good idea. and there are no problems, by the way, on 80 westbound. it's getting busier, but it's not a huge backup. now, let's go back to steve. a little fog around. tropical clouds have moved north. it takes with it the humidity. afternoon highs warm up and high pressure builds in for a couple of days. fog is pretty shallow. there's pockets that are really thick. it will burn off soon. this is not a strong area of pressure, but it will give us
6:50 am
some pressure inland. we're dealing with 50s and identifys. too much of an on shore breeze or fog. still some 60s but yesterday at this time, it was about 67, 68 on some of those lows due to the tropical clouds. they're moving north. also in the northwest, nevada, it's out of our picture here. there's some to the northern part of the state. at least it's gone for us. it will be sun my for us today -- sunny for us today. warmer afternoon highs, temperatures 50s to 90 all over the place here. 50, 60, 70 coastal bay. 80, 90, inland. not much change over the next couple of days. it looks cooler for inland areas as we head into the upcoming weekend. well, there's another delay in the shareholder vote to take dell private. we're scheduled to vote. michael dell is boosting his offer by ten cents a share in
6:51 am
an intent to attract support. it's scheduled for august 2nd. starbucks has combined combined with dan nan. they will produce a greek style parfait. it will be in starbucks stores next year and available in grocery stores by 2015. it expands on the pledge to offer wholesome foods. i need to find out if there's going to be coffee in the yogurt. >> all right. time now, 6:51. the investigation goes on into that landing gear collapse of a plane at new york's la guardia airport. the ntsb giving us a different view of the damage. an environmentalist plans to rally outside of google. ñáçwçñ
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6:53 am
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happening right now, pope francis is touring the touring the holiest shrine in brazil. it pays tribute to the country's patron saint. now, we're taking you live there. this is a massive cathedral where the pope has been meeting all week with well wishers this morning. so far brazil is home to the world's largest catholic population. he'll take part in world youth
6:55 am
day activities in rio de janeiro. a man was kill and another is in the hospital after a shooting in oakland. police responded to shots fired near 80s avenue about 7:30 in the evening. both victims were taken to the hospital. one of them died about a half hour later. this is oakland's 55th 55th homicide of the year. so far no arrests have been made in the case. a homeless man in san jose accused of a bizarre attack at a dog park is in the hospital now recovering. police say the man was armed with a hand saw sunday when he approached several people at st. james' park and asked him where he could buy drugs. then, according to police, he attacked dogs with that hand saw. one dog has a small cut on the nose. a pit pull mix has a deep gash on her head that needed stitches. a group of men who saw the attack beat up the man. he was also beaten by one of the dogs. this case has been turned over to the district attorney for review.
6:56 am
>> u.s. safety regulators now investigating the collapse of that landing gear on the southwest airlines jet at la guardia airline monday night. take a look at the video, a passenger who was on the plane shot as the plane was landing. the passenger said there was no warning that it was going to be a problem. the plane's flight rodders are being analyzed now. the pilots will be interviewed as well. the plane has been towed to a hangar. the ntsb released this photo showing the landing gear jammed up into a control panel. southwest airlines is apologizing. they've refunded all the passenger's airfares as well as sending them travel vow cheers for future flights. >> environmentalists are angry that google hosted a fundraiser for oklahoma senator earlier this month. now, he says global warming
6:57 am
warming is a hoax. they say they're unsupporting the not t of do no evil. demonstrators plan to march to google headquarters. they will protest outside the google meck. at 10:00 a.m. they will deliver a petition asking google to shop supporting it. taking you to the big board, dow jones is down a little bit. 14 points, 15,553. nasdaq and s&p 500 fairing a little better than that. the dow is affected pi caterpillar which lowered its outlook going forward. good report from boeing. apple is up $17 a share on a good report, but we still have big names to hear from in earnings. amazon, starbucks, facebook, just to name a few. now we get to hear from sal. what's happening is this. >> traffic is going to be backed up for about a 25 minute
6:58 am
delay at the bay bridge. this is the thick part of the morning, the peak of the commute. also looking at 80 westbound, not that bad, surprisingly good through richmond. this is 880 in oakland. that looks good as well. let's go to steve. >> thank you for fog out there. the higher clouds are out of the picture. that means warmer temps inland. at least it will not be as muggy as yesterday. there they go to the north. temperatures today anywhere from 50s, 60s to 80s and 90s inland. >> coming up next on mornings at 2. new details about a bizarre boat chase. how a fake sos caused an act of war according to the boat captain. a bold break-in in this morning at a gun store. what the store owner is telling ktvu.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> reporter: guns were being thrown out of a getaway car this morning. we'll tell you about the break- in that happened at this indoor gun range and tell you how police caught up with the suspect. [chanting] >> rowdy protesters disrupting a city council meeting. why the police had to be cd


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