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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  July 24, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon -- bracing for more problems. how oakland police are preparing for the possibility of more weekend protests and how business owners are worried about what could happen. this is really hurting our city. just ahead -- forming new tactics to try to keep the peace. with the clock ticking toward the possibility -- possibility of another strike, b.a.r.t. is keeping up to date. and just announced, wi-fi in city parks.
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why some say that's good and bad. good afternoon. i'm dave clark. breaking news in contra costa county. chopper 2 is live over alamo where two shopping centers have been evacuated as a precaution because of a natural gas line break. again, these are live pictures. san ramon valley fire department says this all began about 10:30 this morning. that's when an east bay m.u.d. backhoe hit a 1- 1/2 inch gas line. that's forced the evacuation of the shopping centers, all of this as a precaution. danville is closed between stone valley boulevard and las trompos road while pg&e works to repair the line. we'll update you before the end
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of the newscast. oakland police are bracing for another round of protests this weekend. this morning, ktvu's tara moriarty talked one on one with oakland's police chief who outlined the department's plan. >> reporter: violence has grips the streets of oakland ever since the zimmerman verdict. it's left behind a trail of destruction. last night the city council demanded to know why police were caught off so guard july 13th once the verdict was read and then again on monday when protesters swarmed 880, blocking traffic. >> some of these things are somewhat spontaneous. that adds to the challenge of it. in the wake of the verdict, the information we were getting was all pointing to a significant rally and march on the sunday. and so we staffed according to that. in hindsight we should have put more people out on saturday
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night. we've learned from that and we're working on that to ensure that doesn't happen again. >> reporter: this weekend, all regular days off for police officers have been canceled. officers will be patrolling the streets friday and saturday night. local business owners say it's about time. >> i think it's -- there's a great deal of frustration around the vandalism that we've seen. >> reporter: merchants held a meeting at city hall angry that stores and banks have had to be boarded up. >> you can't even get to the atm machines to get money out over the weekend. this is really hurting our city. i'm heartbroken. i'm just heartbroken by it. >> reporter: police from a private security company offered their services. >> it does make a difference to deter those who are coming to damage a business. >> reporter: ramping up officers for a department that's already poorly staffed will cost tens of thousands of dollars. after the zimmerman verdict, protests stretched from coast to coast. out of the 17, only two were
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violent. rioters got out of hand in los angeles and oakland. in order to prevent damage like this, 150 extra police officers will be added to the streets. although police did not receive any information that protests would be happening, they said they had to prepare after two weekends of violent protests. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news, tara moriarty. the deadline for b.a.r.t. and the unions, 11 days away. there's still very little sign of progress between the talks. brian flores has more. >> reporter: dave, good afternoon to you. yeah, transit officials made the announcement during the bay area transit authority meeting today. and they say thatler than tweaks to -- there will be things like tweaks to bus services so commuters can get to destinations fastert if there's a strike. they made the announcement during the bay area transit authority meeting. they recapped what happened during the last b.a.r.t. strike in early july. they say a.c.
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transit increased ridership, 150%, the ferries increased ridership 200%. and the carpool lane use is increased. big difference between now and last time, that was a holiday weekend. this will be a regular work day. the golden gate ferry is looking into bringing one more boat in and b.a.r.t. is considering another bus stop because they realize the walnut creek route was busy as well as having direct service into san francisco instead of stopping in west oakland. >> we've heard that b.a.r.t. has taken the lessons learned from the early strike and they listen modifying some aspect of their service plan in the event of an additional strike. they will be adding an additional station. >> reporter: both sides still remain far apart. but despite that, some on the commission say the focus needs
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to remain on riders. some question why there's no buses and the response some didn't want to tread on any labor issues. >> i think it would be helpful to surface those concerns, visibly for the public. i think we need to know who is withholding service because of concerns because frankly, leaving tens of thousands of riders without transportation is not an acceptable response for any transit agency. >> reporter: some on the commission added more private service so riders can get to their destinations. that has yet to be determined. we'll have much more on this on the ktvu news at 5:00 and 6:00 with tom vacar. live in toekd, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. it started today. law enforcement officers from coast to coast taking part in a highway safety campaign on 880. the chp and ten other agencies
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will tighten enforcement on interstate 80 from the bay area to new jersey. the goal, to prevent fatalities on the almost 3,000-mile freeway. you are looking at live pictures right now. this is interstate 880 in berkeley. the research shows a rise in deadly crashes along interstate 880 during the summer vacation time. police officers lsh out here watching -- police officers will be out here watching for drunk drivers, speeders and making sure everyone driving is wearing seat belts. only on 2, a business in concord that appeared to provide internet gambling suddenly shut down when people showed up. people living near the dana point shopping center say the neighborhood has gone down hill since this internet cafe moved in under a sign that his "the hill." they are blaming a rise in crime of petty theft to this. >> now it's auto break-ins in broad daylight. it's gone from being a quiet
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neighborhood. it looks like outside of a dive casino outside of las vegas or reno. >> later that manager we talked to -- we talked to a manager there who said customers buy internet time in exchange for entries for sweepstakes games that pay out money and then she announced they were closing. the city attorney of concord has already sent a sees and desift letter to the -- cease and desist letter to the company. san francisco's parks are going high tech. new at noon, a wi-fi plan just announced today that will give everyone internet access in parks and other spaces. alex savidge, you know all about it. you are in san francisco. who is the big donor that's making this all possible? >> reporter: well, dave, google is actually picking up the tab for all of the setup on this project. what this all means for you is pretty soon, if you are out enjoying a nice day in the park and you have brought along your ipad or computer, you will be
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able to log on for fast, free wi-fi. san franciscoians will be able to say connected while enjoying the -- to stay connected while enjoying the parks. wi-fi service will be set up. >> in this modern age, it's -- it has to happen. you know, it's the type of thing where everyone is so used to it now. >> we want to make sure that we continue to bridge our digital divide. >> reporter: this supervisor has spent the last two years working on this project. he was able to get google to donate $600,000 to install the free wi-fi. he says that money is a gift and it doesn't have to be repaid. he also told me people don't have to worry about the city's monitoring what websites they visit. >> there will be no tracking of personal information so it's truly the best of the best in terms of free wi-fi. no strings attach and simply to benefit all san francisco residents. something we should all be excited about. >> reporter: mayor ed lee
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thinks this will get more people online. >> perhaps brings whole innovative spirit to every community in san francisco. >> reporter: at balboa park, one of the places where people will be able to log on for free wi-fi, some say this is an important step forward for a high-tech city like san francisco. >> we're one of the innovators being green and being everything and so -- for people who don't have internet access, i think that's a great service. >> reporter: installation is set to begin on this wi-fi system this december. you should be able to log on from your local park starting spring of next year. live in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. thank you. reports of a peeping tom on the loose in one bay area city and sheriff's deputies are stepping up patrols. the san mateo county sheriff's department is warning residents of san carlos be on alert artwo -- after two separate incidents were reported on laurel street. both happened between 9:00 and
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11:00 p.m. while a woman was taking a shower. investigators say that peeping tom was seen looking into a bathroom window. in one case, even removed the window screen. >> we're stepping up patrols and we are asking that the residents be proactive to help us help them, you know, keep your -- your blinds salute at night-- shut at night. keep your shades drawn. >> the sheriff's department says if you see anything suspicious, call 911. >> reporter: police are investigating a smash and grab at a gun store in santa clara. we'll tell you how officers tracked down the suspect. and after a cloudy week so far, look at this. that's what it looks like outside. mark tamayo is here in about nine minutes to brighten your day. and we have a name, by george. the news from the british royals -- just ahead.
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♪ pope france sis fras greeted by -- francis was greeted by a huge crowd in blah still. this is his first public mass in the country. thousands backed the basilica for the service. security was more controlled today compared to the chaotic scene yesterday when people swarmed over the car of the pope. in his message, he urged the
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faithful to resist the idles of money, power and pressure. the pope is in brazil for world youth day which brings young catholics together every three years in different countries. back here at home, three people are under arrest accused of an early-morning robbery at a santa clara gun store. at janine de la vega reports -- as janine de la vega reports, an alarm alerted police and they recovered all of the stolen guns. >> reporter: a bold mov early this morning. police say they punched out windows and stole firearms at reed's. >> they broke a lot of showcases and shattered a lot of windows. there will be a lot of cleanup. >> reporter: the police arrived in three minutes. they spotted the suspicious car leaving and followed it. >> as the officers followed them, items were thrown from the vehicle and that was two rifles and five handguns. >> reporter: officers caught up with the car a quarter mile
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away. police see someone of the occupants tried to run away while the female stayed. officers arrested all three. 27-year-old and 26-year-old, two men, of san jose. the woman is 39-year-old tina guzman of san jose. all were booked on weapons and burglary charges. >> it's just frustrating. i'm upset. it's a big mess to clean up. the biggest thing for me is everyone was apprehended. >> reed credits police and his elaborate alarm system for helping capture the thieves. reed says it's alarming the burglars want a gun. >> it's alarming but i think it's a perfect example of all of the safety mechanisms in place working to safeguard the community. >> reporter: reed is not letting the burglary stop business. he was able to clean up enough inside to open up the store at 10:00 a.m. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> thank you. britain's latest heir to the thrown now has a name. in just the past two hours, prince william and kate middleton announced they've named their son george alexander louis. they showed off their baby son publicly yesterday, one day after he was born. now, hess great-grandmother came to visit this morning. the baby is line to the british throne. a friend of the breab -- baby's grandmother, princess diana, would have been proud. >> she would have said, will, you've done a good job. she would have been remarkably happy he did it in such an incredible way. >> reporter: now. they -- now, the couple and the baby went to kate's parents
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to visit her parents. for more information go to in a major speech about the economy, president obama prom nied an aggressive approach to get the economy working for everyone. >> i am here to tell you that we're not there yet. we all know that. [ cheers ] >> the president said not enough is being done to help hard-working middle class families. he promised to push ahead and build on the cornerstones of what it means to be middle class. >> job security with good wages and durable industries, a good education, a home to call your own. affordable healthcare when you get sick. a secure retirement even if you are not rich, reducing poverty and reducing inequality, growing opportunities. that's what we need. [ cheers ] >> the president didn't mention any specific initiatives and blamed republicans for creating
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bottlenecks in congress. some say he's trying to get a jump on new debates over funding bills this fall. the san francisco giants are headed to the white house for the second time in three years, celebrating the team's 2012 world series win. here's some video of their last visit there, celebrating in 2010. president obama will be welcoming the giants to the white house next month. that event will take place about 11:00 a.m.  pacific time. dozens of very lucky kids today got a chance to learn baseball from one of the giants' favorite players, buster posey. >> it seems like the kids are having fun, keep them moving quick. i think that's important for young kids. they will focus -- they will lose focus quickly if you don't keep it interesting. >> he started with some bunting balls. he joined some other staffers at saint ignaci college prep.
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he threw in lessons about nutrition and building strong work hab bints. chicago's wrigley field about to get a face-lift. the city approved a $500 million renovation that includes the ballpark's first bow tron. they agree -- first jumbotron. they's greed not to -- they agreed not to put up any signs that would block the views across the street. a warmer day across the bay area. yesterday we had some high clouds, human conditions. still some mugginess out there. but we still have this -- the fog. it's basically compressed. some dense fog in the golden gate bridge out towards alcatraz. away from this, temperatures really warming up. right now on live stormtracker2, not much in the way of thunderstorms across parts of the stay. a closer inspection of the bay area satellite. we still have some patchy coastal fog to contend with, especially areas south of the golden gate bridge.
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still some overcast near parts of the shore line. as far as temperatures, they are beginning to warm up. look at those 80s inland out towards fairfield, concord, walnut creek and livermore. san jose, 76 and downtown san francisco, 61. forecast headlines for today. clearing skies to near back the coastline. temperatures warming up. tomorrow 90s inland. the weekend's forecast features a cooling trend. high pressure returns to the region. it's not an offshore flow. we still have the fog to contend with right near the immediate coastline. a big temperature range setting up for today and tomorrow but still some humid conditions for this afternoon. inland neighborhoods on track to reach low 90s around the bay to the 70s and the beaches. mainly in the low to mid-60s for afternoon highs. still some patchy coastal fog into the afternoon hours. but away from the shoreline, temperatures do warm up nicely. oakland, mid-70s. 75. san francisco in the upper 60s right about 67. these numbers will check in
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about 3:00 this afternoon. san jose will go with 83. there we go. some more 90s out towards pleasanton and livermore. here's a look ahead to your five-day forecast. you can see temperatures about the same for tomorrow. if you want the warm temperatures head towards antioch, concord, livermore. if you want the cooler temperatures, you want to visit the beach but definitely bring the sweater or the jacket. by friday and into the weekend, we cool things off. those afternoon wind speeds pick up. sunday appears to be the coolest day. but it looks like a nice, stable forecast. we don't like drama in our weather. >> we don't. >> we will get cooler, especially by sunday. >> all right, mark. thank you. good to see you. >> good to see you. coming up --
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taking a look at the big board right now, the dow down 44 right now. we're also keeping an eye on the s&p. down about 7. the nasdaq is down almost 2. well, in other news, protests last night at the richtmond city council meeting were so loud, the police cleared the chambers. >> those who are making the rules, are not abiding by them! >> now, the city councilmen who posted this video online said
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100 people who attended the meeting had to watch it on a tv set in the lobby. police escorted people who signed up for public comment back into the chambers five at a time to address the sit council. now, to give you an update on the breaking news would brow -- we brought ut at the top of this newscast about a natural gas leak, these are live pictures from newschopper2 overhead right now. east bay m.u.d. is responding to a water main break on danville boulevard. that's a major road in the area. this is near stone valley. the camera is zooming in. they hit a gas line about 10:30 this morning. there are major shopping areas in this area. two shopping centers are being evacuated as a precaution. alamo plaza and pleasant courtyard. we're getting word that a lot of people across contra costa county are getting evacuation
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alerts. we've not sure how far this will stretch. again, the evacuation is only for those two shopping centers in alamo. live pictures. we'll bring you an update on everything at 5:00 and also online. well, we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join us again at 5:00. [ male announcer ] you know that sizzler grills the world's best steaks.
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