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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 25, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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county triggering evacuation. why some were alerted even though they were nowhere near the leak. >> santa rosa man called to say he killed his wife. the new information we found out this morning all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on july 25th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> i try for pam all the time. some had sunshine and some hot, dealing with 60s by the coast and 70s around the bay. not much change. inland, it's hot and then cool. >> steve, we look at 680 and
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traffic is good through fremont heading down to the bottom of the hill. also, the morning commute is looking good on the golden gate bridge but be careful, lane workers are out now. give them a break there and slow down towards the toll plaza. 5:00, let's go back to the desk. topping our news this morning. a gas leak in al moe has been repaired and yesterday's evacuation orders have been lifted. work crews ruptured a natural gas line yesterday morning. an evacuation order severalling several businesses and homes lasted almost five hours. the gas line was broken by an east bay mud crew digging to locate a water pipe. >> as we were digging to our work, the marks were off. so our crew hit a half inch gas
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line. >> many were confused wondering if they should evacuate too. county officials have launched an investigation. time is 5:01. police in santa rosa identified the man accused of killing his wife. the deadly attack happened yesterday at the rodkin valley mobile estates park. called police to say he just killed his wife. then took them inside his mobile home where they found the body of 64-year-old virginia katano. it appears she'd been strangled. oakland community is stunned and shocked after a 66- year-old woman shot and killed after driving in her own neighborhood. judy solomon, well known as a dog sitter, was a victim. shots were fired in subaru at 1:30 yesterday afternoon, driving up fern street a couple of blocks from her home when she was killed. >> at this time, we're not sure
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how many suspects. if we look at one or several suspects that are responsible for the shooting. >> while there are a lot of questions, there may be some clues in the case. beer bottles found at the scene may have the fingerprints of the suspects or witnesses. also, surveillance cameras that were focused on that cemetery where the illegal dumping is common, they may have captured what happened. the shooting comes a week after another tragic shooting in oakland killed alaiciacariden. two others and a grandmother were wounded: a former in napa. joining us now to explain what police found in the man's home to led to a child pornography investigation. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, pam. napa police say the 43-year-old man was a wrestling coach at a
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few high schools. the latest high school he worked at until february of this year. this is him. 43-year-old richard scot rachfal was arrested by napa police at his home, facing charges for sending and possessing child pornography. shared child porn on web sites and is a part time photographer called scottshotmephotography. and then has been commercial photographer for more than 14 years. police say rachfal admitted to downloading for at least the last five years, child porn, and helpful in the current investigation but claims he never took any pictures or videos. police need your help. they say anything about this
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case or questions about rachfal, to give them a call. i'm paul chambers live in napa. ktvu, channel 2 news. four men detained in a shooting that wounded two people in san francisco. ktvu news shot exclusive video of the handcuffed men less than ten minutes after gunfire erupted in the bay view district. the suspects accused of shooting a man and a woman yesterday afternoon at revere afternoon in jennings street. after the shooting, police say the suspects needed gas for their truck and were spotted at a 76 station. police followed and arrested them. police in san jose looking for a deadly attack inside of an apartment. it happened yesterday at the creek view inn, a subsidized housing complex. investigators say the victim was a 62-year-old woman who lived alone. homicide detectives tell us here at ktvu news that she was not shot or stabbed.
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the sailboat skipper near the golden gate bridge is due to be charged next month. the charges include sending out a phony distress call and dispute. and then finally boarded his boat. more trouble on the high seas as a new report about cruise ships is released. coming up at 5:12, the amount of crime that takes place. why we don't know about it. appears talks to reach a settlement is going nowhere. joining us live now to talk about why a bar shut down in august could be worse than the one we had earlier this month. katie? >> reporter: dave, transit leaders say there's four more
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after the strike. and with the strike, you can recall the massive back-ups. both sides made little headway. you are looking from the metropolitan committee meeting where they prepped for a second potential strike with the august 4th strike nearing, they are prepared to move the commuters without bart. it will be more difficult than last time. >> a large number of people were in traffic or on vacation. we don't see there was a huge shift over to car pools. >> reporter: strike caused delays and buses couldn't keep up with demand. coming up in our next live report, what bart management is doing to prepare for the
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potential strike. live in oakland, katie, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> how we doing? >> 80 is looking good so far, anyway. nice and early for you for vallejo to berkeley. this is a look at the bay bridge. toll plaza, same thing goes. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. high clouds down, maybe southern valley. where are those coming from? probably not make it but if they do, now you know. a bigger fog bank today. it will get bigger through friday and the weekend. low clouds. sunny and warm. today was patchy and more
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solid. next week looking below average on the temps. we'll see. monterey, some of the clouds. 54 in san francisco and sfo. 20 miles per hour in fairfield. if that holds, that's usually a sign it will be cooler. yesterday dropped down to 14 or less. that's definitely a sign to be warm. it was 90s to 100 for yesterday. calm conditions in livermore. yesterday was not that strong even though that's not that big of a deal for sfo. 67ukai already. it is stronger. higher clouds probably just thin out and stay south of us. not much change but looks
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cooler into the weekend more likely on saturday. fog, sun, warm to hot inland. there were temperatures that went right through the roof. stratus quo, as we like to say. bigger weekend. cooler away from the coast. >> time now is 5:10. more questions about hillary clinton possibly running for president. the interesting results on how she would do in the race. >> more information about free wi-fi coming to dozens of san francisco locations. when you may be able to log on.
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>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. a new poll confirms hillary clinton is the overwhelming front-runner, if she decides to run. 63% of democrats and independents say they would vote for the former secretary of state. vice president joe biden was the distant second with the support of 13% of the vote. the survey that was done did not find an obvious front- runner for the republican nomination, but 15% of those polled said they would support new jersey governor, chris christie. former president bush is showing off a new look. 41st president shaved his head to show support for a 2-year-
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old boy fighting leukemia. he's the son of one of the secret service team members and made a donation to the treatment. him and his wife, barbara bush, lost son to leukemia years ago. there is a law created by correct me if i'm wrong three years ago. washington now to tell us with cruise lines an out. >> public database. most incidents still under investigation and requires only certain types of crimes to be reported. the senate commerce committee found since the passage of the law three years ago, only 31 crimes had been reported to the public but nearly 1,000 reported to the sbi, 30 times higher than that's shared with
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potential passengers. the commerce committee found committed against minors are not reported publicly and they're in a significant percentage of sexual assaults on board ships. i am digging through this report and we'll break down what types of crimes are on cruise ships up next. 5:15. bright new street lights could have a lot more. they hope energy efficient lights cut crime and save city money. she helped show off the l.e.d. street lights of 18th and adline. 30,000 are to be converted throughout the city. google wants to make it
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easier to put online on television introducing chrome cast. it puts web video on tvs by using wi-fi network. costs about $35. it's available now. the cost includes a 3 month subscription to netflix streaming videos. free wi-fi could be in san francisco by next spring. as we've been reporting. google is donating more than half a million dollars to install wi-fi at 31 public parks and plazas beginning in december. some areas include justin herman plaza, balboa park and mission. >> let's check in now. 5:16. everybody behaving right now? >> seems so, dave, and pam, good morning to you. traffic is moving well around the bay area. we don't have any major problems reported by chp along the way. i want to mention traffic on 237 getting into the valley
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right now looks good through san jose and all the way to sunny vail if you go that far. livermore to castro valley looking good. it's smooth all the way to the 238 interchange. 5:16. let's go to steve. >> smooth is good, sal. >> i like it. >> we have stronger sea breeze. travis air force base was 26. if it hold, a sign it will be cooler. fog bank is thicker. still mild conditions overnight. 67 and then cooler though. san francisco and oakland, napa and santa rosy. that's the official temp.
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high clouds towards the coast. it's going to increase the fog bank so fog, sun, nice to warm. 80s and they know inland, 90s. gilly will be in there and cooler pattern starts friday and much cooler pattern into the upcoming weekend. >> thank you, steve. european markets are down this morning as investors react to a mixed report on german business conditions. all the asian markets closed with losses overnight. japan's lost more than 1%. finish it had day down more than half of a percent and that's despite beijing's
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announcement of new economic stimulus measures including tax cuts for small businesses. let's check in on our numbers. the futures point to a lower opening. here is low except for the nasdaq. that could see a pop and that's probably because some nasdaq stocks reporting good earnings this week. social networking giant impressed analysts when reporting the closing well. it's produced 41% of facebook's second quarter revenue and facebook looks at $6 a share. saw after its quarterly earnings. apple stock closed and $441 this year. >> all right. time is 5:19. rescue and then a bizarre deadly crash, trying to make sense of what happened to two women on the east coast.
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>> oakland teenager spends her italian vacation in the hospital. new extended stay costs her family big bucks.
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>> welcome back. time is 5:22. fresco county sheriff's office will be again searching for four missing hikers. four women used a cell phone to call authorities tuesday night saying they were lost in the sear a, northeast of huntington lake because of all the smoke from a huge wildfire in the
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area. and then a short time later, lost the cell phone services and at this point, don't know their name or where they're from. authorities in new england report the bizarre tragedy. they were able to rescue a pregnant woman and friend. the two women died a short time after their rescue. some political observers raise the question about free seats in luxury suites in government officials. circumstantial evidence more than 40 tickets when playing at the arena this year. they were worth $600 a piece and then football and basketball games at the arena and coliseum. >> if you have seats not paid
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for on a regular basis, it may seem like a small number but ultimately, it not only affects the bottom line but impacts public trust. given at the candle stick park last year. mayor ed lee circumstantial evidence 122 tickets. and then given to underprivileged children. we posted our special on the ktvu channel 2 facebook page. we'd like to hear about the pricey perks to city officials. 5:24. falling through a hotel skylight and now her family faces financial ruin. 15-year-old maya pain. serious with three separate fractures to pelvis. said it happened on the first
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night of that trip. >> i thought that outside was a balcony and then it was a skylight. >> your child is severely injured. >> maya spent three weeks in an italian hospital. the family has not seen the bill yet. the ambulance cost $48,000. family insurance doesn't cover overseas, so they may have to sell the house to pay bills. the finalsts from season 12 of american idol just left california, taking their concert tour across the nation. there they are. group numbers in two hour concerts and excited to performing live for thousands of fans. >> we get on the stage and talking to them and they're
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talking back. it's great. we turn into like, these super heroes. it wraps up in nashville 31st. >> you can get out on the road right now and make good time. and then getting into the downtown san jose area with no major problems. you can see traffic looks good here. southbound 680, traffic moving along well. >> a stronger delta breeze. i think we topped out yesterday. coast bay not changing much at all. 60s and 70s. inland 80s with low to mid
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upper 90s well inland. >> steve, thank you. time is 5:26. closed and our news crew went inside. the city of concord. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where people now have access to a car service that is cheaper than a taxi ride. it's popular in san francisco. will it take off here? >> plus, we'll tell you what may have caused this: a deadly train derailment in spain.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. this is ktvu, channel 2 morning news. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. it's just about 5:30. steve has the forecast as promised. definitely cooler. not as humid. >> not as humid. it was hot. thank goodness. i tell you, that was tough a couple of days ago, but inland coast and bay, inland temps still and then come down a couple of degrees. here's sal. >> good morning. this is a look at highway 4. looks good with no major problems. also, the morning commute is looking good if you drive to the bay bridge. getting through the east bay and no major problems on interstate 880 as you drive near the coliseum. let's go back to the desk now. >> thank you, sal. this morning, we learn what
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may have caused a passenger train to derail in northern spain. 77 people killed and 141 hurt when the train jumped the tracks near the city of santiago de compotela. train may have been traveling too fast when it went around a curve and derailed. it was violent. deadliest since 1972. the religious festival in the city that draws christians around the world has been canceled due to the accident. antioch man accused of killing two people earlier this month is scheduled to enter a plea next week.
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demanding justice. >> it's her baby sister. >> the suspect, barry white, appeared in court on count of two employees at the vicktoga jewelry store earlier this month. >> he's still living. >> the san francisco chronicle is reporting barry whyte was released from contra costa county a year and a half ago after the judge cut his bail in an assault case. why he's accused of ramming an antioch police car in 2009 and threatening a police officer who planned to testify against him. an internet gaming cafe appears to have reopened after it shut down when the ktvu news
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crew showed up and started asking questions. the neighbors in this photo said the hills internet cafe in plaza is back in business. our ktvu crew went inside this week, the customer played games on computers and winning money. we asked the manager about the legality of these machines with the payouts. told everybody to leave and close down. concord said the attorney is threatening to feel an injunction to force it to be permanently closed. some of the neighbors complained to him about the petty crime since the internet cafe opened. car service is expanding in the bay. details about the expanded service that just launched. jeanine? >> reporter: pam, not as many people in the south bay are as familiar with uber, the car
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service you can summon on your mobile phone but customers were demanding for uber, a lower cost alternative to cabs and so it responded. uber just launched in silicon valley and offers rides roughly 10 to 15% cheaper than taxi prices. they can request the car to get anywhere to san francisco. while they use town cars, provide mid range cars with the service somewhat controversial because not heavily regulated and taking share of taxi customers. took silicon's valley's trip. the service is expected to attract tech workers or those who want a cheaper alternative to cabs. from san francisco to palo alto
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at $60 and then $35 and palo alto teopan taken view around $25. so there's the sample of prices there. we talk about what they'd think, if they'd use it over a cab and try to seek out taxi drivers to see what they think of the service in the south bay. reporting live from san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. firefighters plan to talk to traffic operators. it was at 6:00 yesterday evening near international airport. grass when the fire began.
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expected to cost $300 million more than first projected. that may grow in the years ahead. the transit hub at first in downtown san francisco. it's seven transit agencies and cal train and high speed rail. the bar labor dispute is now ten days away. joining us live now to tell us why a bar shut down. if it happens in august, may be worse than the one earlier this month. katie? >> well, dave, there are reports they will bring in more buses to try to keep up with the latz strike but we're told august commute numbers for the july 4th holiday week when the bart strike occurred. met with the state mediator but
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both sides made little headway towards the union contract. working under an extension of their previous contract, but that is set to expire august 4th. meanwhile, once the strike deadline vastly is approaching, transit leader prepares for a second strike and the daunting undertaking of moving commuters without bart. board members need to explore any option possible. >> reporter: the last strike caused lengthy delays during the morning and evening commute and couldn't keep up with demand. it would take nearly 8,000 buses to match the capacity that bart can handle and likely will bring in more charter buses as they did last time. we do have e-mails and messages to see how many they plan to
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bring in. we talk with commuters to see if they are preparing for the looming strike. ktvu, channel 2 news. president obama will focus on helping the people he calls working middle class americans for the remainder of his term. that include the boost to the national minimum wage which is now $7.25 an hour and hasn't increased since 2009. california's minimum wage, $8. san francisco, $10. >> i don't want sal working too hard on a thursday morning. >> he always works hard. >> so far, you get your wish. we don't have a lot going on. let's go out and take a look at
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the bridge. we don't have anything yet. f.a.a. puts those shortly. this is a look at the bay bridge. this morning in pleasantton, heading south through dublin. hello, steve. >> hi, sal. how was your day so far? >> never -- best day yet. >> still early too. good morning. those areas today and then
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cooler towards the weekend. low clouds, sunny, hot, warm for some. we take it early next week as well. forecasted high, again, i could do this and put in 66 or 67. official temp. higher clouds to the song. and then source of cooling is that little spin. that's it. but just as it moves, it will go to the monterey and that will start to impact the fog bank today. there will still be warm temps inland. delta breeze is a little stronger. other locations don't have much of one, but sfo west of 13. so we'll see if that holds or just falls apart like yesterday. 60s interior and 70s in the
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desert. sunshine and looks like it might hold on longer for inland coast and bay. a breeze will pick up. richmond, 70. 89 in walnut creek and 68 in alameda. 89 in san jose. 60s on the coast and again, in san francisco. cooler on friday and might take a while to get to say, towards inland areas all the way, but it will happen on the weekend as the cooler pattern kicks? >> thank you, steve. >> yeah. 5:41 is the time. an attempt to help college students pay for school. the actions in washington, d.c. over the high rates of student
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loans. >> plus, a look around the world during the coverage of the royal baby's birth but the surprising news about who that man in the costume really is. >> right now, all of this looks pretty good here. highway 4 coming up through bay point. you can see traffic moving very well. another commute update is straight ahead.
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well, good morning. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories. a 64-year-old shot and killed through east oakland. she's judy solomon, professional dog walker in the
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neighborhood. they may be forced to find another way around after the august 4 deadline. napa former high school coach on suspicion of child pornography. arrested rachfal after finding it on his home. he was in napa high school until february of this year. royal highness prince george. william and kate named their
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baby george alexander louis. they live in the village of brusselbury. featured a town crier. was not a royal town crier. he carries no official status with the crown. he is a crier in a town east and scroll in hand after hearing the new prince had it. >> now in history. united methodist pastors will defie their church and reform same-sex marriages. the group gathered at sacramento church to defie church doctrine and marry gay couples if declined.
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>> we'll lose members. >> you do not follow unjust law. >> they may lose tax breaks op housing alliance. he sympathizes with them and then oppose gay marriage. while on the visit with recovering, he denounced legalling drugs. he called them dealers of debt who fuel the suffering of addicts. stressed education and values. today, he'll bless the olympic flag. he'll be visiting a slum area. and he will address up to a million young on coca cabana beach. >> 5:47 is the time.
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let's look at traffic right now. any problems. decent thursday. i've been looking for the pitch. westbound 80 traffic is moving along well. for crowded towards the bay bridge toll plaza. it's after 6:00 and then start filling here to toll plaza. no major problems on bridge now, traffic looks good. over to the peninsula, 101 and 280 off to a good start. steve and i have been talking about dense fog in some places. daly city, san francisco.
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use your headlights. >> currently, it's 54. what's the forecasted high? 66. right where you should be this time of year. last year was 70s. we'll take mike polanski, last time was july. every day since then in the 60s. if you think, our weather is stuck, my goodness, it is. stronger breeze with the gust of 26 out of the west yesterday was 14. that's a good difference, but doesn't take much to warm up for inland temps. few high clouds and most of that is staying south. a little lower here off san diego. said, you know what, i've had a good time but head towards bay area. that will enhance the fog bank and the weekend. nice for some and cool to
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others. westerly breeze with temperatures though inland. i think they topped out yesterday but still toasty numbers. i don't think it's as hot as yesterday. we had 90s to 100. more of the westerly breeze. 80s closer to the bay or 60s or 70s by the water. more fog and cooler pattern friday. we carry that ride into the weekend. >> all right. thank you, steve. soda sales are down in north america. coca-cola blames 4% decline. dr. pepper fell and pepsi, no exact number but expensive marketing campaigns aren't enough for a wide variety of drinks, teas, juices, and water bottles available. average cost for basic school supplies jumped since last year. average cost for school tops $160. up 33% from last year. near lid $200 for middle school
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students, increase of 32%. i have one of each of those elementary, middle and high school. >> a lot of money. >> it is. it's crazy. there's a new cutoff mail service to your front door. the vote in another step towards ending door to door mail. >> was they were heroes a of the bonks and now they're being honored.
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>> good morning. plenty areas of low clouds and fog. 60s and 70s by the water. 80s in inland areas and then hit the 90s. >> welcome back now. 5:53. new reports of a man stalking cnn anchors. police arrested simpson in new york after finding weapons. zip ties and ammunition inside of his car. now they believe he also made threatening voice mail calls to arias' defense lawyer and the defense witness. prosecutors have not yet filed any charges in connection with those voice mails. two police officers two rhode island being honored for their brave work after the
5:55 am
boston marathon bombings sergeant al valerie and dale drowned, part of a special bomb squad team immediately after thedly bombing. rhode island's fire chief said the two officers are used to putting their lives on the line. >> these folks put themselves in harm's way on a regular basis. i sometimes think they don't even realize they're doing it. >> surviving bombing and search the campus for explosives. more talk of the u.s. postal service possibly phasing out delivering mail directly to your house. congress is considering a proposal that would require letter carriers deliver mail to central boxes. there would be exemptions for people who could prove a hardship. the change could save 4.5 million a year. it's to keep the post office from being sold.
5:56 am
the postal service is being sold with the building. the group to save the post office is not giving up saturday's rally. will celebrate the building's 100th birthday. >> you watch the south bay, sal? >> pardon me. i hate when i open my mouth when i have to cough. that's awful, boy, i tell you. >> can't hit the cough button when you're on camera. >> let's start that again. you said something, yes, absolutely looking good in the south bay. getting off the highway 17. i don't think that's the most embarrassing moment of my life, but it's close. down to the bottom of the hill, that traffic looks good. southbound 680 traffic to mission boulevard. 580 is normally slow. you can still catch the jump ahead of the commute there on
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the way to castro valley. let's go back to dave and pam. many movie fans at the box office. one of the most striking examples is the lone ranger. it was built as an update by the team who made the pirates of the caribbean. it earned less than a third. isn't alone. other movies that not met expectations including white house down starring channing tatum. the will smith movie, after earth, and the new r.i.p.d., with jeff bridges and ryan reynolds. one of the challengers in the yacht race test down a brand new boat. practice run out there on the
5:58 am
bay. when the team is hoping to begin racing? >> exclusive video of four suspects detained in connection with a double shooting in san francisco. we tell you how police were able to track them down.
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busted for child pornography. why police need your help in this investigation. >> we are live in san jose where people now have access to a car service that's cheaper than a taxi. it's proved to be popular in san francisco. sit going to take off in the south bay? a woman is shot to death in broad daylight while driving through an east bay neighborhood. what's happening now in the search for her killer. >> emotions run high as the suspect in the san francisco jewelry killings appears in court. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's check your weather, traffic. steve first and


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