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tv   KTVU News at 7pm  FOX  July 27, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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now moraga is back to his feet. got him up against the cage. there he goes. got to do something like that to slow down demetrious. moraga with a takedown. >> he got it. that's the first takedown for the channllenger john moraga. mike goldberg, joe rogan. this is fox ufc saturday. our main event of the evening for the ufc's flyweight championship. demetrious johnson, john moraga. our championship rounds are coming up next.
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championship rounds. john moraga, demetrious johnson.
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washington's own looking to defend the title for the second time. he defeated joseph benevides to become the first ever flyweight champion. defendeded it. >> good kick to the body by the champion. >> now has taken john moraga down six times. >> d.j. takes him down. again let's see if demetrious goes for that kimura and keeps going for it again over and over again on the left arm. ties down the left arm and goes for the double rip-off position. >> looking for a guillotine here.
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>> looking for a choke if he can get the left hip on the inside of the left arm. spins to the back. >> excellent control by d.j. going to get a kick to the body for his troubles. >> nice kick. moraga would love to figure out a way to change the way the fight is going. so far it is going all mighty mouse. significant strikes landed. advantage champion.
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>> top position control. nine minutes then for demetrious johnson, joe. total strikes tell a different story. sizable advantage for johnson. nice knee. looking for take down number seven. he got it. >> you think he's going to strike. you're on your back. now moraga here in full guard. there he goes. that's what he needs oh to do -- control the posture. good body shot. muay thai clinch. nice knee to the body.
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>> taking moraga out of his game, plain and simple. >> moraga is starting to slow down. first time fighting in a championship round in the ufc. that was an illegal knee. i believe a knee and a hand were down. i have to see the replay to know for sure. i don't think that was legal. >> 90 seconds left. >> d.j. is looking for the guillotine. >> knee to the body there. >> put moraga in an uncomfortable position again. >> he'll look for the standing guillotine. there's a nice knee to the body. >> knee to the solar plex.
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>> moraga with a hold to see if he can bring toyota the ground now. >> this is all right in front of matt hume, too. now they switch into the center of the octagon. moraga has the spirit. the warrior fighting spirit. as you said, he's not out of it. >> this is a learning experience. much like it was for john dodge son. >> whoa! >> moraga landed a high shot. d.j. takes him down. that was the best shot of the fight from moraga. >> yes. >> he timed it perfectly. caught d.j. moving in. >> final seconds of the fourth round. >> someone's bleeding. i think it is the champion. i think that punch might have cut him, mike. steps over in side control. it's tough to see where it is coming from. >> yeah.
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he got busted up by the right hand. >> let's take a look at it. oh, man, he moved right into it. that was a perfectly timed punch right on the nose. look at this. perfectly placed by john moraga. his best shot of the night. >> the body shots are killing h him. when you hit him, he was protecting his body. then the next one to the head. >> okay. >> take him down. >> okay. >> set him up. take him down at will. put hit down. work on finishing him. >> he's going for broke. >> i know. >> five minutes. that's it. do you understand? >> john, you hurt him. be patient. change your level. hook to the body. overhand right. you walk through him. stay off the fence.
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>> the advice of the corners. five minutes remain in the fight. nine of nine. takedown attempts tonight by demetrious johnson. >> he also wants him to mix up the kick to body and the head. he told d.j. he's been hurting him to the body. get him one more time and then switch it and go up high when he protects. >> moraga's corner said to go for broke, man. you hurt him. you got his attention. >> he certainly did in the last round. that was the most significant strike he landed in the fight. caught him clean, moving forward. visibly stunned him. he can see it. the nose is still leaking. d.j. keeps testing. >> beautifully timed shot.
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>> that's the tenth takedown for demetrious johnson. >> moraga opens his legs and johnson slides to the side. side control. >> moraga trying to work his way back up. >> beautiful. >> right back down. >> don't forget to tune in to fuel tv immediately following our main event here for the ufc post fight show with jon anik, chael sonnen and brian stann. we have had great fights here in seattle. they will cover it from top to bottom.
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with ten takedowns tonight, demetrious johnson becomes just the second fighter in ufc history to score ten or more takedowns in two fights. the other is the welterweight champion georges st. pierre. >> he's looking for a gator roll here, mike. >> he's wasting time! >> moraga back up to his feet. >> again. >> on top again. beautiful grappling from the champion. >> nice elbow.
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johnson. welcomed a baby boy to the world on friday. >> i'm sure d.j. is thinking if i hold on this will be one of the greatest weeks of my life. >> again looking for the same technique. this time on the right arm. matt hume saying, there it is. he's in side control looking for the arm. double wrist lock position. over with the right leg. this could be it. >> arm bar. >> can he submit moraga? looking for it here. >> he's got it. that's it. he got it. >> it's over.
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demetrious johnson, the winner by submission. he remains the champion. >> that's a championship move. he went for the submission while he was clearly ahead. finishes the fight. >> our move of the fight from metro pcs. 4-g for all. >> this is exactly what matt hume told him between rounds to go for the kimura when he defended it take the arm. that's exactly what he did. he spun over, locked his legs in position. beautiful arm bar. "mighty mouse" remains the champi champion. >> fantastic performance by the most technical man in mma. >> demetrious johnson, the winner by submission.
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he remains the flyweight champ.
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sponsored by bud light. the sure sign of a good time. here we go. by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. and by the new comedy "we're the millers" starring jennifer aniston and jason sudeikis, in theaters august 7. rated r. in seattle an hour away from his home he remains the champion. here is bruce buffer with the official decision. >> ladies and gentlemen, referee herb dean called a stop to the contest at 3:43 of the fifth round. declaring the winner by tap out due to arm bar and still the
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undisputed ufc flyweight champion of the world demetrious "mighty mouse" johnson! >> i am here with the winner and still champ demetrious "mighty mouse" johnson. congratulations on your victory and getting the latest stoppage in the history of the ufc with only 1:17 to go. how important was it to you, even though you were ahead, to finish the this fight. >> it wasn't important to me at all. i'm here to fight. the finish comes to me, i'm going to take it. i felt great. it's just a show with time to come. i'm always training with my coaches, all the guys in the gym, my teammates. trying to get better. >> congratulations on a beautiful performance, sir. demetrious johnson, ladies and gentlemen. >> it was close to perfect for
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d.j. demetrious johnson. coming up, your late local news except on the west coast. tune in to fuel tv immediately following fox ufc saturday for the ufc post fight show with jon anik, chael sonnen, brian stann. for all of us here at fox, mike goldberg saying so long until next time. we see you right back here inside the octagon. inside the octagon. "mighty mouse" still the champ. -- captions by vitac -- . good evening. thank you for joining us for this special post-fight edition of ktvu channel 2news. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. the family of a missing 21- month-old girl handed out
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flyers today, hoping for her safe return, this as her grandparents shed light on the last time she was seen by someone other than her father. we have new information about the weeks leading up to daphne webb's disappearance. >> reporter: kevin davis leads a group through the oak mill neighborhood. >> just what you can see right here. >> reporter: it's where his granddaughter, daphne, lived with her father, anthony webb. >> somebody somewhere knows something. >> mm-hmm. >> we got to knock on doors till we find that person. >> reporter: webb report the girl missing more than two weeks ago. >> we expect the best. we prepare for the worst. >> reporter: oakland police arrested webb on child endangerment charges. when the district attorney declined to file, he was released. >> my daughter's missing! >> reporter: we knocked on his door today. a woman who answered said they didn't want to talk. detectives want to know the last time anyone saw webb with daphne. so do her grandparents. anthony webb met kevin davis here at church and that's where he and kiana met as well, fell
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in love, got married, and had daphne. the families were close, until after daphne was born. recently, daphne's mother kiana has been at a rehab facility. police say she is not considered a suspect in daphne's disappearance. the girl's maternal grandparents last saw her in late may. >> we were expecting to see them on the 4th, but he didn't show up on the 4th. said he couldn't make it. >> reporter: on july 10th, webb says someone took the child from his suv, parked near 79th and international. police say they have no witnesses. >> i'm going to post it at my job, because i think if anybody sees this or anything that has to do with it. >> reporter: meanwhile, daphne's grandparents are praying someone will come forward. in oakland, ktvu channel 2news. a meeting is set for next week to address this week's killing of a well-known dog
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sitter. the memorial for 66-year-old judy solomon is growing outside her fairfax neighborhood home. solomon was driving her car on wednesday when she was shot and killed. councilwoman libby chafe is planning a meeting on monday to discuss security in the fairfax neighborhood. that meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. continuing coverage now of the threat of yet another bart strike. both sides just left for the day, after some progress was made on minor issues, we're told. they say they will be back at the negotiating table on monday. now, yesterday, the union filed a complaint alleging that bart's chief negotiator, thomas hock, has a conflict of interest due to his executive position with the company that ran shuttles during the last bart strike earlier this month. a union attorney says the amount of money the company made does not matter. >> this policy is so strongly worded that it even calls for contractors to be investigated and disqualified if there's a perception of a conflict of
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interest. >> tom hock certainly wasn't participating in any plans for our contingency service or have anything to do with what -- who we chose or what we used to provide the service to riders. >> bart said yesterday it does not believe there is a conflict of interest problem. the contract extension ends on august 4th. that is a week from tomorrow. a group of protesters is vowing to stay camped out in front of the berkeley post office to protest the postal service's plans to sell the historic building. as ktvu's noel walker tells us, protesters are trying to save a century-old landmark. ♪ stand up! stand up! save the post office today! ♪ >> reporter: part old-fashioned protest, part new orleans funeral. ♪ >> reporter: hundreds rallied in front of the downtown berkeley post office to save an institution on life support, and a building on its death bed. >> just because they decided to sell it doesn't mean it's going to happen, right?
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am i right? >> reporter: in april, the postal service announced plans to sell the historic building, built in 1914 and known for its murals and florentine architectural detail. >> it is no different than our national monument, our national forest. what's next? yellowstone brought to you by at&t? i don't think so! >> it's a beautiful building and i'm sure the long history here, but it seems like for me as an architect, i'm excited for the reuse of this building. >> reporter: the pending sale of this and other post offices across the country are cost- cutting measures. the postal service says it's lost $25 billion over the last five years. >> to them, public space is wasted space. to them, this post office is wasted space until it is privatized. >> reporter: to make their point, demonstrators pitched a couple of tents to let the postal service know their
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intent. protesters say they don't want to interrupt post office business, but do want the post office to know they are in this for the long haul and plan to stay here until the post office is not sold. noelle walker, ktvu, channel 2news in berkeley. morgan hill police hope a new picture released today will help find a suspected thief. investigators say colby warsham has been involved in up to five thefts in morgan hill over the last month. most thefts involve cell phones that have been left unattended. most of the crimes have been committed in the southern part of that city. fairfield police arrested two men yesterday, accused of drug trafficking. investigators say 25-year-old lavon kendall of richmond seen here and 24-year-old eric brown of fairfield were both taken into custody after a two-month- long investigation. police say they found the two men at a home on taber avenue. inside the home, officers say they found marijuana and cash and also found three pistols and a submachine gun. hundreds of people gathered in san francisco today to mark
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the 60th anniversary of the end of fighting in the korean war. veterans at family members came together for a ceremony as the dedication of a korean war memorial, about to be built at the presidio. one of the people behind the new memorial is former bay area congressman and korean war veteran, pete mccloskey. >> my company walked into the reservoir with 225 people, walked out with 14. and the few that are still alive, they say we don't want our kids fighting there. >> the new korean war memorial is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2015. [ taps playing ] president obama marked today's anniversary by laying a wreath at the korean war veterans memorial in washington, dc. a cease-fire was signed in 1953, but there's no official peace treaty. fighting lasted three years and
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left more than 36,000 american troops dead and 8000 missing. there are conflicting reports tonight over the death of an inmate at a central valley prison, where some inmates are in the 20th day of a hunger strike. this picture was taken last week of protesters outside corcoran state prison. billy sell was on a hunger strike monday when he died in solitary confinement. the department of corrections would not confirm his name, but an official tells us the man from solano county was not on a hunger strike and that his death is being investigated as a suicide. new developments in the case of a stolen cat. today, we learned that roxy has been reunited with her owner. caroline adamson tells us that roxy was turned in to the san francisco spca last night. that cat was stolen from adamson's car on thursday night, as we first told you. adamson said the thief gave the cat away. someone recognized roxy from our report last night and turned her in to the spca.
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adamson roxy is grumpy, but otherwise okay. >> rough night, but good she's back home. let's check in with mark and see what's happening outside. it's a saturday, people are out and about enjoying the weather. >> bundle up tonight, because the fog -- we typically talk about the fog coastside, but it's expanding in coverage, the source for more cooling for the second half of the weekend. this is our walnut creek camera, fog pushing back into the region. on live storm tracker 2, fog bank is hugging a good portion of the shoreline. already a few patches heading into the bay. the process will continue for the overnight hours. our time lapse showing you the boat traffic out there today, sailboat activity here, and the fog, still a constant near the immediate coastline and for san francisco. so the fog overnight tonight, tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies. we'll have drizzle out there, especially near the coast, right around the bay. clouds back to near the shoreline, but still patchy fog around the bay, around san francisco. santa rosa, mid-70s. oakland tops out in the upper
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60s. heading inland, 80s toward pleasanton and livermore. san jose in the upper 70s. temperatures about the same as today, could be cooler in a few spots. and here is a look ahead at the five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view. the cooling trend continues into monday. heather and ken, we warm things up beginning tuesday, but no major heat. don't have to worry about that on the five-day forecast. >> sounds good. thanks, mark. foggy skies were the backdrop for colorful kites at this year's berkeley kite festival. the free event includes workshops on making kites, kite flying lessons, and a championship competition. this is the 28th year this popular family event has been held at the berkeley marina. organizers are encouraging people to walk, bike, or take a shuttle from golden gate fields, if planning to stop by tomorrow. well, people were doing a double take in san francisco's north beach neighborhood this morning at burned-out cars and piles of rubble on columbus street. turned out to be a bit of movie
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magic. the whole setup was for a scene in the upcoming film "dawn of the planet of the apes" sequel to "rice of the planet of the apes" coming out this year. crews built a pretty convincing set. >> it looks so real. it's funny. you know it's contrived, but i'm wondering, how many hours did this take? it looks amazing. >> there were no actors involved, according to producers. they will be added in later by computer during post production. >> no apes out there. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, it is a rare sight on san francisco bay. you're looking at it here. how animal experts suspect this pink flamingo ended up so far from home. thank you for making ktvu your source for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and we're here for you on and mobile ktvu. have a good night. see you tonight at 10:00. good night. ♪
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