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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 29, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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for grabs. the new full time openings and with company is doing the hiring. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day. monday, july 29th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm maureen naylor. we want to start with weather and traffic. let's get over to steve. >> hello maureen. >> hello. >> welcome dave. we have a cooler pattern in place. today and tomorrow looks to be the coolest place. temperatures today really kind of settling in. 60s and 70s. here is sal. steve, good morning. still not looking bad considering there is a crash just out of view. southbound 101 at caesar chavez in the right lane. blocking the right lane only. if you are driving south you might pay attention to that and if you are driving out of san francisco you might want to think about using 280 instead. also the morning commute on
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westbound bay bridge that is light. let's go back to the desk. 5:00. new this morning one person is in the hospital after the fourth stabbing in san francisco in just 24 hours. the latest one happen the about 2:30 this morning on eddy street. police say the victim was stabbed in the torso. one person was detained there at the scene. yesterday morning there was another stabbing. five men attacked three people. one man was stabbed in the chest. another was beaten unconscious. a third was slashed on the wrist. the two other stabbings happened an hour earlier in the mission district. one man was slashed in the stomach. police say another man was talking to a security guard on 16th street when he was stabbed in the back. all of the victims are expected to recover. no other arrests have been made. new rules for pilots landing at sfo in the wake of a deadly plane crash. ktvu alex savidge is joining us
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live now to tell us about the changes ahead for foreign pilots. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. the faa is urging all foreign pilots coming into sfo to use a certain gps system when they touch down here. specifically when they come into runways 28 right and 28 left. that is where asiana flight 214 crashed. the big concern here is that some foreign pilots at least according to experts are not skilled enough at manual landings. normally on a clear day pilots coming into sfo will do a visual approach. that means they don't rely solely on their cockpit instruments. the pilots had been cleared for that visual approach when the boeing 257 came in low. since the crash the faa noticed foreign carriers had more aborted landings than usual here at the airport during the visual approaches. that is why last week the agency made this move asking
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all foreign pilots to use a gps based instrument system that is known as r-nav. this is just a temporary change and it's brought about in part because there is another automated instrument system known as the glide slope indicator that has been out of service here since the beginning of june. and that system is not scheduled to come back online until late august. i've reached out this morning to a representative with the faa to talk about this specific rule change. still waiting to hear back this morning. live this morning in millbrae alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:03. the two sides in the bart labor dispute will return to the bargaining table. but time is running out for bart management and its unions. bart workers could be out on strike at this time next week if there is no deal when the contract extension expires sunday night. there have been some reports of progress in the often tense contract talks. but negotiators for both sides say they have a lot of work to do to head off another strike
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before the august 4th deadline. starting today it will cost drivers more money to part at two of bart's parking lots in oakland. fees are going up 50 cents. the daily fee be a $1.50. the fees for parking at the last east bay stop will now be $5.50. for all the latest information for the ongoing bart labor talks just go to our channel 2 website at time is 5:04. there is very little hope that the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open during the labor day weekend. that is according to today's san francisco chronicle. a cal tran official was saying the quick fix plan still needs several time consuming safety reviews. and the chronicle is reporting the prospects are fading very fast that the bridge will open on labor day. meantime the bolts are about to
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under go the toughest safety test yet. those bolts will be bathed in salt water to age them and then pressured with a force equal to ten semi trucks. one man is in critical condition following a shooting. it happened shortly after 7:00 last night at geary and 29th. investigate tart or -- investigators say the victim was sitting in his car when someone opened fire on the honda civic sedan. police are still searching for the gunman. in san jose police are looking for whoever opened fire in the garage of a home. and sent one person to the hospital. it's not clear how many shooters may have been involved. the victim is expected to survive. police say witnesses are not cooperating with their investigation. time is 5:05.
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the remains of a bay area soldier killed in the careen january -- now he was held as a prisoner of war in 1951 in korea. tonight his remains will arrive at mineta san jose airport. and on thursday he will be buried with full honors. patriot guard riders plan to line the street in his honor. 12 people hurt. eight others were arrested in violent following a surfing competition down in southern california. >> all i'm trying to do is enjoy my night. >> police in riot gear used tear gas breaking up the crowds and started throwing bottles and tipping over portable toilets after the u.s. open of surfing. at least one store was lewding.
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>> the top started to move in. they were throwing tear gas at everyone. everyone was plugging their nose and coughing. >> now this is not the first time police have responded to this event. hundredsover people riot the back in 1986 throws rocks and bottles at the police. burning police cars. they even stormed a life guard station. time is 5:06. amazon is expanding the warehouse work force including in its two central valley locations. they plan to add 5,000 employees to the 17 u.s. distribution centers. that includes the ones in racy and patterson. all of those jobs will be full- time positions. sales are growing and needs to keep up with customer expectations for quick deliveries. time now 5:07. sal, we have the great maureen naylor sitting next to me. >> hey maureen. nice to have you here. we will treat you just like the anchor that you are. >> there you are.
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>> thank you. >> i have news for you guys. southbound 101 starting off a little slow. i will show it to you. you will say it's not slow. right now. but that is because the crash southbound 101 after caesar chavez still early in the morning but it's blocking one of the right lanes and traffic will be busy in that area. it doesn't look like that here. if but i would say to use 280 and 101. also looking at the commute on the bay bridge toll plaza that is light getting into san francisco. and no problems this morning on 280 northbound right through downtown san jose. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a lot of low clouds in place. it's a cool week. today and tomorrow probably the coolest days. pretty good westerly breeze in place as well. inland temps. most inland locations will be in the 70s or lower 80s. 50s and 60s by the coast.
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60s and 70s closer to the bay. we do have a tropical storm. it will weaken but it's about 250-miles from hilo heading west at 17 miles an hour. it's losing a little bit of its signature there. it will be a pretty good rainer for maui and the big island. we will keep an eye on that. a lot of heavy rain. maybe 5-12 inches of rain. for us low cloud deck. big fog bank. 50s on the temps. everyone is stuck. 56 antioch. san jose is warmer. plenty of low clouds up and down the coast. making a strong surge inland. a lot of the tropical clouds have moved off. we had one come in on the weekend. another one is going to park it up in the pacific northwest. so breezy and windy at times. cooler inland. can't get much cooler by the coast. morning overcast and 50s and 60s and 70s for many or very
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soft 80s. temperatures well below average here. very little change probably through wednesday. and then a little warmup. but nothing that says heat or anything as we head toward the end of the week. time is 5:09. restarting peace talks. the new plan to bring both sides together in hopes of an agreement. a bus driver under fire after trying to drive through flood waters. how the passengers on that bus were able to get to safety. 'cause over 40 general mills cereals are 130 calories or less per serving. just look for the g. boom! that's how nutrition is done, people. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.®
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firefighters are trying to put out a fire. tara, what are you finding? are they having any success? >> yes, i think they finally started to wrap things up here. it's looking pretty good. we're at the ivo day spa. that is the building that went up in flames. and we're right off of 101. so it was fairly easy for folks so spot. joining me live is the fire chief here. can you explain what happened. this call came in at 3:30 this morning. >> came in at 3:31 this morning. the fire was confined to the ivo spot itself. with some minor damage to the sushi restaurant. smoke damage. the fire started in the laundry room. the exact cause is under fire
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right now. >> there seemed to be quite a bit of damage. >> quite a bit of damage. primary to the laundry room and attic. a lot of insulation out of the attic has come down. >> reporter: it's pretty smoky when the crews arrived. >> yes, very smoky fire. fairly standard fire. >> reporter: and then would you put air through the roof? did you break that up? >> typically if we do have a well involvement of fire, we will go ahead and cut a hole in the roof to let the smoke out. at this time we felt it wasn't that necessary. so we just used standard ventilation. >> reporter: all right. you have had contact with the owner of the spa? >> yes. we have contacted the owner of the building also. the owner of the building is currently away in chicago. and the owner of the spa is on scene here with us. >> reporter: all right so obviously still under investigation. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. this was a two alarm fire so there were about 30
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firefighters that tackled the flames here and the heavy smoke. but the good news no one was hurt. live in mill valley i'm tara moriarty. investigators are seeing if severe weather played a role in a helicopter crash that killed five people. four adults and one child were killed when the helicopter crashed saturday in pennsylvania during severe thunderstorms. search crews say they didn't find the records until yesterday afternoon. the national weather service is warning more thunderstorms are expected across parts of the u.s. today. in arizona passengers on a tour bus had to crawl through a window to safety after getting stuck in flood waters. the bus was on the way from the grand canyon to las vegas when the driver attempted to drive through six feet of water. by the timeout fire department arrived the bus was floating downstream. everyone was able to escape okay. it's unclear if the driver will face any charges. people in hawaii are
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preparing for tropical storm to hit the island today. it's expected to bring high surf, strong winds, and heavy rain. people on the big island and maui will be the first to see the brunt of the storm. time is 5:15. happening now israeli leaders are heading to washington, d.c. for their first peace talks in years. kyla campbell is live in washington, d.c. to tell us how secretary of state john kerry is playing a key role in those talks today. >> reporter: the negotiations got jump started by israel yesterday. israel agreed to free for than 100 palestinian prisoners. some who killed israelis. they will be released in four stages over the next nine months. israeli prime minister called the decision painful for the entire nation. his cabinet also decided to allow voters to approve or reject any peace yahoo
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makes. netanyahu makes. there is still no word on how they are figure out where to draw the borderlines separating palestine from israel. the meeting set for tonight and tomorrow are the talks about the talks if they can find common ground over the next 24 hours, exactly how long negotiations could last when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. the fight over the next federal budget is already heating up. treasury secretary jack lou appeared on three sunday talk shows. he says the obama administration will reject spending cuts by congress. some republican leaders say they will threaten to shut down the government rather than raise the debt limit. time now 5:17. let's get everybody out the door. sal, have you straightened
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anything out? >> it didn't turn into a huge traffic jam. although southbound 101 is a huge issue. as you head toward 101 and 280 interchange. southbound 101 does look pretty good as you leave the city. let's move along and take a look at 880 north and southbound in oakland. that traffic looks pretty good with no major problems. and in the livermore valley westbound 580 from livermore to castro valley we're off to a decent start. let's go to steve. we have a lot of low clouds in place. very, very robust westerly breeze. it will be a cool day. it looks kind of cool through the next seven of eight days. there is no sign of a big warmup. some of the farther inland locations might come out of the 90s. 50s on the temps. these are really stuck.
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i don't expect these to do anything. a lot of low clouds. some will be very slow to burn off. and in case you missed it philadelphia, philadelphia 8.02 inches of rain yesterday. the greatest ever for any calendar and the records go back to 1872. so far this month they have had 13 inches of rain in philadelphia. unbelievable. and we have tropical storm flossy heading toward the hawaiian islands. it's moving west at 17 miles an hour. looks like we are going right over the big island. now the wind will decrease rapidly. for us if you like low pressure and cool weather this is your pattern. breezy and cooler. morning overcast. breezy to windy. there is gusts to 30 miles an hour. 50s and 60s coast and bay. 70s for many inland. temperatures really well below average here with only a slight
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bump up after midweek. now again some areas well inland will be a little warmer. the trend here for some is to gradually warm up. thank you very much, steve. time is 5:19. european markets are mixed in early trading this morning. that staff the markets in the far east mostly closed with losses. japan nikkei was down 3.3%. the shanghai index lost more than 9.5%. it was up slightly across the board. investors may stay on the sidelines until the federal reserve wraps up its policy. that is expected to provide clues. right now futures are slightly down. a labor rights group is accusing another supplier to
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apple of labor uses. pegatron withheld employee pay. apple says it's committed to providing safe and fair working conditions. it promises to investigate the charges. time is 5:20. new details about a gun buy back event in contra costa county. when it will happen and what they will be offering instead of cash. and a young cancer patient is getting some unique support. how the fun and health is coming from these dancers.
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welcome back. time now 5:23. several strangers teamed up to save a young boy's life by dancing. there they are. yesterday participates just boogied at harlem nightclub in san francisco. this is part of a fundraiser for 12-year-old felix cover tines. eight years ago she under went surgery for cancer. she is under going intensive chemo therapy for the next year. >> it's a priority in her life right few. >> fighting. really, really strong. it's really amazing to watch. and amazing to witness. such a strong kid. >> i mistakenly said she. it's a he of course. the coverty these family is from pacifica boheas mom had
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been -- felix and his mom say they are grateful for all of that support. to find out more, go to our channel 2 website click on web links. there you will find a link to his website. time is 5:24. some students in san francisco will have access to new water fountains when they head back to class this fall. the 17 schools are in the areas of visitation valley to west portal. they were chosen because they were in need of water fountains in or near their school students will also be given refillable water bottles to use. this is all part of a mandate for fresh water access. people living in contra costa county can trade in their guns for gifts. they can give their unwanted guns for gift cards. it's all part of the first gun buy back program by the district attorney office. we want to show you the three
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locations the contra costa county fairgrounds. the sleep train pavilion parking lot. and the richmond city hall parking lot on civic center place in richmond. the gun buy back is slated for this coming saturday. time is 5:25. i want to turn it over to sal on this monday morning to see how things are going on the roads. i'd say things are going well. by the way maureen you're on twitter. i just saw you. >> you have quite the following. >> thank you. i appreciate the mention. let's take a look at the commute now. i have trouble speaking. let's see what happens when i have another cup of coffee. let's take a look at northbound 280 getting up to 880 the traffic is moving along pretty well. there are no major problems. southbound 680 that traffic is off to a good start. lest go to steve.
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hold on there sal. >> not you too. >> no. you know i go this way. i zig and zag i'm here now. a lot of cloud cover over us. big fog bank out there. temperatures will really be stuck. the tropical clouds are gone. temperatures in the 50s right thousand. we do have a tropical storm heading to the hawaiian islands. we will talk about that in ten minutes. >> thank you, steve. the san francisco giants are heading to the white house. how the president plans to play host to the 2012 world series champs. bart could be going on strike a week from today. they are supposed to be talking it out.
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good morning to you. welcome back. brand new day. it's monday, july 29th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm maureen naylor. let's get a quick check of weather and traffic. rewill start with steve. how would you say it is? >> i would say it's cloudy and cool for most. not for everybody. we have a pretty good fog bank out there. san jose says cool but there is a coolness to the morning air. mainly 60s and 70s. update on your traffic with sal. steve, san francisco traffic looks good. you have been talking about some of the cool weather and the mist out there, and it certainly is there in san francisco. we are also looking at another live picture.
5:31 am
this would be the san mateo bridge. it's pretty good heading out to the high-rise. let's go back to dave and maureen. we have update to a breaking news story. a fire at a day spa. it happened just hours ago. ktvu channel 2 news tara moriarty is joining us from mill valley. >> reporter: crews found heavy smoke. there is still trucks here. we're at strawberry village. 30 firefighters tackled the fair -- it's been around since 2004. luckily -- he says the fire appears to started in the
5:32 am
laundry roof. >> reporter: now the chief estimate there is is $50,000 is damage to the spa. but the evo day spa will be closed for awhile. live from mill valley i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:32. this morning bart unions will return to the negotiating table. janine de la vega joins us live from the fremont bart station where bart workers could be back on strike at this time next week. good morning -- talks are scheduled today between the
5:33 am
unionest and bart. after bart workers held a strike earlier this month, both agreed to a 30 day extension so they could negotiate. there is just one week left to talk and there is no sign they are close to a deal. tom hawk has been away on vacation and seiu bargaining team says that is part of the reason why progress hasn't been made. they have been hammering out smaller issues but not the big ticket items. like pay and contributions to pensions. that is troubling to some bart riders. here's what one passenger had to say. >> i can be hopeful. but it sounds like there will be a last minute battle of some kind. the head of the union guy says he will not be beaten. there is videos involved now. >> reporter: do you think they will strike? >> yes. >> reporter: am bart spokesman -- a bart spokesman has hinted
5:34 am
about extending the time. we asked them how much of that -- electrical fire at a bart substation is still causing minor delays. bart sent out a message saying the delays are from 5-10 minutes. the electrical fire causing the delays started shortly after 8:00 yesterday morning. time is 5:34. armed suspect who attacked two security guards at a hayward home depot is still on the loose this morning. yesterday afternoon the gunman was caught trying to steal tools from the garden center. when the two guards tried to detain him he pulled out a gun. he hit one of the officers in the head and shot the other in the arm. >> some of the employees were saying that it's his first week or two. so i guess it's not a good way to start off on your job.
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>> reporter: the suspect was scene running toward list parian boulevard. they have a slight description of him as a light skinned, six foot tall latino man in his 30s and 40s. both security guards are expected to be okay. none of the customers were hurt. tonight oakland city council woman libby shaft is holding a meeting about violence in oakland. solomon you see her in the picture a well known dog walker in the area was driving her car when someone opened fire on her. that meeting tonight attorneys are -- the 24- year-old disappeared in 2001. attorneys from both sides are expected to discuss a witness who could be discredited. defense attorneys say they plan
5:36 am
on asking for a new trial based on information about that website. time is 5:35. four men facing charges after a beach patrol route led to a major drug bust. now a life guard was on patrol saturday morning at shark tooth beach when he saw something suspicious. suspicious looking boat. he called the police. investigators found they say they found 1200 pounds of marijuana on that boat. worth an estimated $2 million. police arrested three men from los angeles, one from arizona, they were found hiding nearby. >> i come here quite often to santa cruz and along the coast. i'm glad that it was intercepted. >> police say the marijuana was wrapped in 175 separate bundles. they also say that the kind of boat where the marijuana was found is often used to smuggle drugs in from mexico to the u.s.. protestors decided to keep camping out at the downtown
5:37 am
berkeley post office for two nights now they have pitched their tents outside the building. rallying to keep it from being sold. in april the postal service said it would be selling its location on austin way along with hundreds of others across the u.s.. they say they do support protestors efforts to save the building which was built in 1914. oakland's city council tomorrow night plans to consider a proposal to ban certain tools at protests. the effort would band hammers, wrenches, shields, slingshots scene other tools that can be used as weapons. the proposal comes after violent protest and vandalism in oakland following the george zimmerman verdict. that is when a way tour was hit in the face with a hammer during the protest. next week a new bikini bar is opening in downtown san jose. one counselman is exploring ways to regulate it. they are branding themselves as a gentleman's club. but some are not happy about it opening on santa clara street.
5:38 am
but now they want to limit the type of entertainment offered at the club. nudity will already be banned because of city regulations. happening today president obama will honor the 2012 world champion san francisco giants at the white house. today's white house ceremony will celebrate the giant's world series sweep of the detroit tigers back in october. you are looking at video from the last time the giants were honored at the white house for winning the world series two years ago. the 2012 world series victory may seem like a long time to a lot of giants fans because as you know and sal knows this year the giants right now are in last place in their division. i said right now. >> still nice to look back to october. it's just hard to believe how long they do wait to honor. it will be a celebration nonetheless. >> and you think about it how hard it is to win the world series. i'm happy. let's take a look at what we have now.
5:39 am
i never thought they would do it before i died. they did it. let's take a look at the commute westbound. traffic is bagged up for a ten minute delay here at the toll plaza. maybe a little less than that. some of the cars are getting through without any major delays. also the morning commute on interstate 880 is doing well in both directions here in oakland. we have been looking at the 580 freeway from the castro valley area. all the way through oakland. and if you are driving in livermore from 580 westbound some of that road work massachusetts been picked up. it's gone. we already have slowing coming in. this morning is beginning to heat up a little bit. 5:39 let's go to steve. >> just watching your life right thousand. low clouds and plenty to go around. everyone is in on that westerly breeze and a cool pattern. lows -- we have one come in on the weekend. that will enhance the fog bank. 50s, 60s by the beaches.
5:40 am
60s and 70s very low 70s around the bay. 70s and 80s inland. we are below average on the temps. tropical clouds have moved off. high pressure has moved east. in case you missed it just unbelievable rain in philadelphia. in fact, they had record amounts of rain. 8.02 inches of rain. things have calmed down now considerably. 13 inches of rain has fallen in july. also have tropical storm flossy. it will weaken considerably but the tropical storm warnings are out for the big island. it's about 200 miles for helo. the wind will really fall apart. it looks like all the islands will get in on the rain. maybe 12 inches of rain. for us this low pressure system is here for awhile. it will be a slow mover so breezy and cooler.
5:41 am
if you don't have the over. so 50s and 60s and 70s. temperatures not really changing much over the next few days. i don't see much change tuesday. maybe a slight warmup i any most inland -- [ inaudible ] >> all right, steve, thank you. pope francis reaching out to gay priests saying he will not judge them because of their sexual orientation. the pope said that this morning while returning from brazil. his first foreign trip as the pope. his position on gay priests more open than the previous popes. in 2005 pope benedict xvi signed a document saying gay men should not be priests. new developments in a deadly boating accident on the hudson driver. plus airline passengers
5:42 am
bracing for a scary exit.
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5:44 am
good morning. plenty of low clouds and even a very strong westerly breeze means lots of 60s and 70s. welcome back. g to you -- good morning, to you. here's a look at the top stories. a mill valley strip mall fire just hours ago is being investigated. it started at the evo day spa at 3:30 this morning. firefighters think it started in a laundry room. a restaurant next door had minor smoke damage. that fire is out though. luckily no one was hurt. this morning san francisco police are investigating the
5:45 am
city's fourth stabbing in just 24 hours. it happened about 2:30 this morning on eddy street. police say one man was stabbed in the torso. is a man was detained in this case. early yesterday morning five other people were hurt in three separate attacks. and the very ever little hope according to new report that the are -- that is according to feat today's san francisco chronicle. the paper is quoting a -- several time cob souping safety revows now this comes amid concern some of the pilots don't have enough for airport landings.
5:46 am
time is 5:45. passengers from an allegiant airlines flight heading from iowa to florida are on buses heading to their final destination. the pilot had a light indicating a possible fire in the cargo area and found the nearest place to land. passengers say they tried to stay calm but could feel tension rising after the announcement the plane would be making an emergency landing. >> i could tell there were some people. once we stop people were panicking. no one was hurt. boeing is expanding the emergency locator beacons in more of its jets. that is after they discovered wiring problems with the transmitters on their dream liner. now boeing is asking operators of several models of other planes to inspect the wiring.
5:47 am
time is 5:46. at 9:00 this morning the homeless man accused of baiting a man to d -- beating a man to death with a bat is in the south bay courtroom. nathan corral hit the victim with that bat 11 times. the victim threatened him with a knife. so far police haven't said whether a knife was found at the scene or what the possible relationship is between those two men. happening today a 23-year- old woman accused of a deadly hit and run in san francisco is due to be in court to face a judge. gina is facing charges for hitting several pedestrians lucidest near the twin peeks lookout point. a 56-year-old woman died. three other pedestrians that were hit survived. uness is accused of being under
5:48 am
the influence at the time of that crash. the driver of a speedboat could face additional charges today. he is charged with vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault. they are investigating whether he was drunk when he hit a barge friday night killing two members of a wedding party. bride to be lindsey stewart was set to be married in two weeks. her body was found on saturday. the groom to be survived the crash me will is scheduled to be have surgery today and is expected to recover. time is 5:48. sal is back. you're watching the entire commute. but you are watching the bridges as well. >> that is right. especially the bay bridge. starting with highway 4 westbound. a lot of people end up here all the way to the bay bridge. i'm happy to say that entire
5:49 am
commute looks pretty good. highway 4, 680, 24, and eventually 80. of course that changes after 6:00. we do have a little bit of a backup now in some of the lanes. here at the toll plaza. once you actually get on to the bridge it looks good. we had some minor bart delays because of a problem we will check in with think to see if the delays have turned worse. the south bay. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a very cloudy morning for many. it's not sold out but there are a few areas that have clear skies. 50s on the temps. north bay. east bay. coast. everyone is in a few degrees of each other. couple areas of low pressure decided to move in. one to the south and another
5:50 am
one developing off the oregon coast. that will hang out there for awhile. that increasing the on shore breeze and that equals a breezy cooler pattern. can't get much colder by the coast. santa cruz only comes in at 67. that tells us that is a big fog bank. morning overcast. sunny. temperatures well below average. 50s and 60s coast and bay. it does look a little warmer but not that much as we head toward the end of the week to weekend. parents say they are looking to spend less on back to school shopping. consumerrers plan to spend an average of $428 on school supplies, uniforms, and backpacks. that is down from $600 last year. parents of college students plan to spend a lot more. more than double the average. they are budgeting $900 for
5:51 am
back to school supplies. >> it's an honor to meet the wolverine. >> wolverine ran off with the top spot. it's in japan and features and interactive cast with hugh jackman. it's already covered all of its production cost. the conjuring fell to second with despicable me 2, turbo, and grown ups 2 rounding out the top five. movie stars hollywood star cruising out there in the san francisco bay. the reason it was not an impossible mission to see the famous star in the water and what he was doing out there. plus why the low levels on the russian river are at high risk to area businesses and the way of life for thousands of people. good morning! wow.
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want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee...
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lots of low clouds in place. a rather solid fog bank. that means temperatures on the cool side. a little west wind. a lot of 60s and 70s. time now 5:54. water levels at the russian river still the lowest levels in years. officials say 25% more water was released into the river from lake mendocino since late june. concerns really growing about the impact on domestic life and
5:55 am
also recreational use. that river is a main source of drinking water for more than 600,000 residence. some business owners in river side county say they have to shut down if this years winter is just as dry. the driver of a deadly train crash in spain has been released without bail after being charged with negligent homicide over the weekend. investigators say francisco garzon was going over the speed limit when it crashed. now he's require to appear in court once a week. his license has been withdrawn. he's not being allowed to leave spain without permission. the judge released him because he is not being considered a flight risk. the jail officials are working to serve healthier meals to address rising obesity levels among inmates.
5:56 am
that means more meals prepared with locally grown produce. teen new zealand in san francisco had a surprised guest after yesterday's victory against team italy. how they are on the races. look at that in the middle there. after the race tom cruise and his son connor were there. jumped on board for a sail around san francisco bay. at one point the skipper let tom cruise take the wheel. he sailed under the bay bridge. tom cruise and his son were there. they were guests of the team new zealand sponsor. they say it was a unique experience and wish the team great success. >> it looks like a top gun photo there. >> it does. let's turn to sal for a check of traffic. especially south bay looking okay? >> it looks all right. good morning, once again. we are looking at 280 in the
5:57 am
south bay. northbound. coming up to 880. there are no major problems getting up through the area. it's already getting a little more crowded. i would say you have a decent drive through here. same thing with interstate 680 coming out there dublin and pleasanton. this commute is well traveled. there is no problems on 880. let's go back to the desk. we have new information about the new bay bridge. what cal tran is saying about a possible labor day weekend opening. breaking thinks from marin county. what we are learning about an early morning fire at a day spa. good morning. lots of gray skies. a very cool pattern. we'll have the chillier cooler forecasted highs coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
early morning fire destroys a day spot in mill valley. time is running out for a new bart contract. why your commute next week could end up being a traffic nightmare. and new rules in place for pilots of foreign carriers landing at sfo.
6:00 am
we will tell you about the change prompted in part by the crash of asiana flight 214. thousands of new job openings. which company is looking to hire new full time employees. we're ready. good morning. it's monday, july 29th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm maureen naylor. pam cook is off today. steve paulson is here. we've been talking about how cool this july has been. >> the weekend, yeah. there has been hot stretches but we are definitely in a cooler pattern. no doubt about it. the low cloud deck is well up there. it's established and it's not going anywhere any time soon. traffic in san francisco looks good approaching the 80 split with no major problems. and also looking at a commute that is getting busier. we are going back to breaking news we told you ab


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