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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 29, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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landing at sfo. we will tell you about the change prompted in part by the crash of asiana flight 214. thousands of new job openings. which company is looking to hire new full time employees. we're ready. good morning. it's monday, july 29th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm maureen naylor. pam cook is off today. steve paulson is here. we've been talking about how cool this july has been. >> the weekend, yeah. there has been hot stretches but we are definitely in a cooler pattern. no doubt about it. the low cloud deck is well up there. it's established and it's not going anywhere any time soon. traffic in san francisco looks good approaching the 80 split with no major problems. and also looking at a commute that is getting busier. we are going back to breaking news we told you about in marin county.
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a fire just hours ago at a strip mall. it's out. ktvu tara moriarty is live in mill valley. firefighters are involve the in the investigation so what do you know? >> reporter: we know it took crews 20 minutes to put this fire out. the smoke damage was pretty extensive to the back of the building. if you take a look behind me you can see the crews are still here on scene but they are getting ready to pull outover here. at 3:30 this morning firefighters found heavy smoke and flames. where a strawberry village that is right off highway 101 on the northbound side. 30 firefighters tackled the flames. we spoke to the fire chief earlier and he says the fire appears to have started in the back of the spa. >> that was a laundry room, correct. >> reporter: you still don't know which area it came from? >> we don't know the contact cause of the fire. we know it started within that room. >> reporter: maybe some sort of an appliance. >> likely some sort of an
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appliance because there was a laundry room. >> reporter: the sushi restaurant next door sustained minor damage with smoke damage. the sushi department will be able to reopen but the spa will be closed for awhile. new this morning san francisco police are investigating the city's fourth stabbing in 24 hours. the most recent happened just after 2:30 this morning. police say the victim was stabbed in the torso. one person has been detained. here's a look at some of the other violence. just after 2:00 yesterday morning five men attacked three people at third and stillman streets. one was stabbed in the chest. another beaten unconscious. and a third slashed on the wrist. the other two stabbings happened an hour earlier in the mission district. police say one man was slashed in the stomach after getting
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into a fight. police are adding another man was talking to a security guard when he was stabbed in the back. all the victims are expected to recover and no arrests have been made. your time is 6:02. unusual announcement and it came from the faa. alex savidge is joining us live at sfo to tell us about the new requirements for foreign pilots landing at that airport. >> reporter: the story is some may not be skilled enough for manual landings. that is why they are urging all foreign pilots to use a gps system when they touch down. 28 left is the runway where asiana flight crashed. normally they would do a visual approach. not relying solely on their cockpit instruments. the pilots of flight 214 have
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been cleared for such an approach when their boeing 777 came in low. and since the asiana crash they have noticed foreign carriers had more aborted landings than usual. that is why the agency made this move. asking all to use a gps based instrument system known as rnav. one passenger told me this change seems like a good move. [ inaudible ] >> definitely a step in the right direction. >> reporter: now the faa is is calling this a temporary change brought about in part because an instrument system that helps pilots land here at sfo called the glide slope indicator has been out of service at the airport since early june. that system is not scheduled to come back online until late august. now this morning i have been in touch with an faa
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representative. he isn't saying much more about this change in protocol expect to say all of this is being done out of an abundance in caution. live this morning alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. the two sides of the bart labor dispute will return to the bart negotiating table. there have been some reports of progress in the often intense contract talk bus negotiators say they have a lot of work today to head off another strike. starting today it will start drivers to park at two of bart's parking lots in oakland. fees are going up 50 cents. the daily fee at bart's mccarthur station will be $1.50. the west oakland station will be much higher. the fee for parking at the last stop before the trance bay tube will go up to $5.50.
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for the latest information on the ongoing talks go to one man is in critical condition. it happened outside of geary and 29th. the victim was sitting in his car when someone opened fire. police are still searching for the gunman this morning. investigators say the shooting appears to have followed a heated argument on this street. police are looking for the suspects who opened fire into the garage of a home which sent one man to the hospital. it happened around 9:20 last fight. it's not clear exactly how many shooters may have been involved. police say the victim is expected to survive. remains of a bay area soldier killed in the korean war will be brought home today.
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the private was a prisoner of war in 1951. his remains will be arriving tonight at mineta san jose airport and on thursday he will be buried with full military honors. patriot guard riders will be lining the streets in his honor. new reports this morning there is now very little hope the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open as schedule. that is according to today's san francisco chronical. the paper is quoting a cal tran official a quick fix still needs several time consuming safety reviews. in the meantime the bolts on the new bay bridge are about to under go the toughest safety test yet. this weekend nears will be testing them -- this week
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engineers will be testing them under extreme conditions. the bolts will be bathed in salt water to age them. and then they will be pressured with the force equal to ten semi trucks. amazon is hiring thousands of workers. it will add 5,000 full time jobs at its 17 u.s. distribution centers across the country. amazon says sales are growing and needs to keep up with customer expectations for quick deliveries. and working for 2,000 people that want to work in customer service for the holidays. sal, everybody behaving at the toll plaza? >> so far. we do have a little slowing at the toll plaza westbound. let's take a look. now the metering lights have
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been turned on. it seems like it's a little better than normal. not all the lanes are filled in. no problems once you make it on the bridge. also looking at the commute here in oakland. this traffic looks pretty good. no major problems on 580 the mccarthur freeway. this morning's commute is looking okay on the peninsula. southbound 101, southbound 280 across the bay. southbound 880 looks good. all the way into the santa clara valley which is off to a good start. here is steve. thank you, sir. well a lot of low clouds are off to a good start. there is a big fog bank being helped along by an area of low pressure. it will stay there for awhile. the tropical clouds are gone. so more low clouds. coolest day today and tomorrow. 50s en60s by -- 50s and 60s by
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the coast. 70s and 80s inland. temperatures will be below average. it's been a tough, tough time in san francisco. 61 same as yesterday. temperatures well below average. low clouds and fog if they don't have it yet filling in soon. so the flow around that clock wise takes a lot of it out of the picture. last week we had lots of it in southern california. 50 miles an hour winds. it's going to weaken the wind. and lesser amounts you get towards oahu and kauai. 50s on the temps. this won't change much. or a southeast wind coming up to santa clara valley.
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san jose airport 16 miles an hour. 53 ukiah. that is a little cool there. fog up and down the coast. keeping most locations on the cool side. there goes that tropical deck. low clouds and sunny. breezy and cooler for those inland. it's cool enough or cold enough for many by the coast. 50s and 60s and 70s and some 80s. there is a west wind behind those 80s. san jose 76. cool as well on tuesday. not much has changed. a slight bump up in some of the inland temps. time is 6:11. trying tend the stalemate. the talks between israeli and palestinian leaders. tropical storm flossie heading toward hawaii. when and where it's expected to hit first. good morning on the east shore freeway it looks good. as you drive toward the mccarthur maze. we'll tell you more straight ahead. ñw?
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good morning, and welcome back. authorities are trying to determine if severe weather may have played a role in a helicopter crash that killed five people. four adults and one child were killed after the helicopter went down saturday in pennsylvania during severe thunderstorms. search crews say they didn't find the wreckage until yesterday afternoon. the national weather service is warning more thunderstorms are expected across parts of the u.s. today.
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passengers on an arizona tour bus had to crawl to safe think through a window after getting stuck in flood waters. the bus they were on were on their way from grand canyon to las vegas yesterday. when the driver attempted to drive through six feet of water. the bus was floating downstream. everyone was able to escape safely. it's unclear if the driver will face any charges. people in hawaii are stocking up on supplies with tropical storm flossie expected to hit the islands today. yesterday people were seen buying extra water, batteries, and gas. national weather service says people on the big island in maui will be the fist to see the brunt of the storm. we're getting new video of the violent brawls that broke out after a southern california surf competition. 12 people were hurt after attending the u.s. open of surfing started throwing
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bottles and lewding stores in huntington beach. >> it started when a ketchup bottle came from the top story of a bar and exploded. kid didn't know what to do with it. throw it in the crowd. a couple more fights broke out. >> this is not the first time police have responded to the event. hundreds of people rioted. restarting the immediate east peace process. kyla campbell joins us live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more talks on the israelis and palestinians. >> reporter: one major hurdle is israel has not decided to stop building. there is no set starting point to establishing borders. but in a good faith peep are
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protesting that decision made by israeli prime min secretary of state john kerr yes will be -- to get the leaders to try to resolve this contract. that has lasted more negotiations are are expected to last another nine months. how israel roadway lee -- the next federal budget is supposed with in place by october 1st but a political battle is already under way. jack lou appeared on three sunday talk shows this weekend. he wants congress to replace the so-called sequester cuts with less drastic cuts. lou adds the white house will
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fight cuts to. in new york anthony wean seaing -- weiner admitted he continued to send lewd text messages to women after he resigned from congress in 2011. now since he admitted that, he has dropped in the polls in new york. the mayor's primary terror no, is -- primary is september the 10th. let's get over to sal to see if everything is going smoothly. >> it is going smoothly but there is a backup already at the toll plaza. it hasn't grown longer which is good. i think these are the weeks people finally start taking their vacations. ology something is going on. there is a way. but it's not as backed up as it
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normally is. let's take a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. the traffic here is is moving well near the coliseum. if you are driving on the south bay commute 101 and 280 are off to a good start. lots of gray skies that is for sure. this is a very, very strong delta breeze. very big fog bank. and that equals a cooler pattern. forecast mostly cloudy here until the morning. cool and breezy. 50s to start. there is a lot of fog out there. 50s on the temps. everyone is really close here. napa, fairfield, and antioch are all 56. and so is redwood city. that tells you it's pretty uniform on the temps. there is plenty going on. a breezy cooler pattern.
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temperatures staying below average for a couple of days. maybe not getting to near average until later in the week. 50s and 60s a tough, tough sell. even pleasanton, livermore, morgan hill upper 70s. san mateo 68. 67 santa cruz. cool to nice will carry us into midweek. but not that warm. the vehicles involved were manufactured between january of last year and june of this year. but the cars with the panoramic glass roofs are not involved in the recall. ford says they will notify owners of the effected cars. around the country gas prices are up 4-cents a gallon in the last week. but california is bucking the
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trend. right now san francisco's average price for a gallon of regular is $4.05. that is four cents less than a week ago. gas is $3.94 in most of the rest of the bay area. that is between three and five cents a gallon less than it was last week. there is new details about a gun buy back event in contra costa county. we will tell you when this will happen and what will be offered instead of cash. a young bay area boy facing the biggest challenge of his young life. how dance moves of strangers are helping him fight against cancer.
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good morning and welcome back. a young bay area boy is getting help in his fight for cancer. just by people from getting out to dance. yesterday a steady stream of dancers hit the floor in san francisco. their goal is to raise money for 12-year-old felix cover tines. he under went surgery and now under going intensive key know therapy that -- chemo therapy.
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she is now moving to be him looking for housing nearby stanford. both felix and his mother say they are grateful for everyone's help. time now 6:25. some students in frank will have access to new water fountains when they head back to class this fall. 17 schools are in the area of visitation valley to west portal. they were selected because they need water fountains either near or in their cafeterias. students will be given refillable water bottles. this is all part of a mandate that requires access to fresh drinking water wherever food is served. this weekend contra costa county residents can trade their guns for gifts. this is all part of the first
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gun buy back event by the county district attorney's office. here are the three locations we're talking about. the contra costa county fairgrounds on west tenth street in antioch. the sleep train pavilion parking lot in concord. and the richmond city hall or the at civic. gavin newson is using a new -- newsom is using the virtual board called flip board. time is 6:26. we can get a look at our commute because sal knows all about it. sal. >> you are pretty good with
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transitions. i like that one. >> well, you know. you and me. [ laughter ] we are doing okay this morning. northbound 280 in san jose does look pretty good. it's a little lighter than usual. we are likely to see lighter conditions as people get their conditions in. there are no major problems if you drive on the sunol grade. out of pleasanton heading down to fremont. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. plenty of low clouds to go around. in fact, much locations stuck in the 50s. the low cloud deck will be slow to retreat for some. 50s and 60s. inland mainly 70s. new requirements for the foreign pilots landing
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a day spa in mill valley goes up in flames. [ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪ ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles.
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good morning. welcome back. we're coming up on the opening bell. there it is on this monday morning as the markets open. futures have been down a little bit. we were looking at the fed this week. we will have meetings and see if there is any announcement out of them. >> we will smile and say good morning, to you. it's monday, july 29th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm maureen naylor. pam cook has the day off. >> we are following breaking news coming out of marin county. there was a fire there at a strip mall but it's out. tara moriarty is there. >> reporter: the fire chief
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says it will be sometime before this day spa can open again. there was quite a bit of smoke damage. it took crews 20 minutes to knock out the fire. which started in the laundry room. the call came in at 3:30 this morning. 30 firefighters were here tackling the flame. because it was so early there is -- >> the damage is confined to that one room. everything that was in that room the appliances and etc.. and obviously the attic insulations all come down into that room. and it's really made quite a mess. >> reporter: the chief estimates about $50,000 worth of damage to the spa. the sushi restaurant sustained some damage but it will reopen
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as the health department gives it the okay. we're live from mill valley i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:31. some changes ahead for pilots landing at sfo. ktvu alex savidge is joining us live to tell us why pilots with foreign airlines now have to use gps when they land at sfo. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the faa doing this out of an abundance of caution. all foreign pilots must use a gps system to help guide them in. especially men they -- now the big concern is that some foreign pilots may not have the same skills at manual landings. normally pilots do a visual
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approach. that is when they don't rely solely on their cockpit instruments. the pilots of 214 had been cleared to land and then was too low on the runway. so that is why last week the agency made this change. asking all foreign pilots to use a gps instrument based system. one passenger told me he thinks this should happen across the board. >> that would put me more at ease. i think the american pilots should be using that too. because there is just a lot of things going on and the automated systems usually pick up on everything. >> reporter: the faa says this is a temporary change. and it's prompted in part
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because of an instrument system known as the glide scope indicator has been out of service here at sfnsual. that system is not expected to come back online until late august. live at sfo alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. there is little hope the new session will be open. brian flores joins us live on treasure island for what this could mean for opening date. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. it has to do with the brittle bolt problem we have been talking about. while contractors continue to work on the long-term fix instead of the short term fix.
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now according to the san francisco chronicles as you mentioned they are reporting this morning through a cal trans official the so-called quick fix plan to repair the broken bolts still have several time consuming safety reviews. the quick fix solution was the shim solution we have been talking about. that would be installing steal plates between the barings so the bridge wouldn't sway as much during an earthquake. in the meantime the long-term solution or steel saddle is being built by contractor. another thing that is happening this week on the bridge is the bolts will under go the toughest safety test yet. as we understand engineers will test the bolt under extreme conditions this week to examine how they hold up to sea water. the bolts will be bathed in salt water to age them and pressure them equal to that of
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ten semis. live on pressure island brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. police are looking for a man they say attacked two home depot security guards with a gun. yesterday afternoon they spotted -- they say he shot one of the guards in the arm and struck the other in the head. >> we pulled in just as the first officer arrived. and there was hysterical people in the gardening democratic. >> police say the suspect was last seen running in the parking lot. the description of him is vague. they just call him at this point light skinned, six foot in his 30th or 40s. both security officers are expected to be okay. and this comes after last week's deadly shooting solomon
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was kyleed begins at 7 deputies say a life guard helped to uncover a suspected drug smuggling ring. the rife guard was on patrol saturday morning at shark tooth beach when he saw a boat that looked suspicious. he called the police. investigators say they found 1200 pounds of marijuana on that boat. worth an estimated $2 million. deputies arrested three men from los angeles and one man from arizona. they were found hiding nearby. >> out here it seems so secluded that there would be something like that on the coastline. >> reporter: the marijuana was wrapped in 175 value bundles.
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sr. today's white house ceremony will celebrate the giant's world series sweep of the detroit tigers back in october. it's a video of the last time the giants were honored at the white house. that was two years prior. 2012 world series victory may seem like a long time ago to many giants fans. but look back to october and the big win. >> that is right. big win at the white house. sal, you are watching our commute. i know you are still a believer. >> i'm juice laugh -- i'm just laughing. i was looking at brian wilson. you see him back there with this huge beard. it looks out of place. let's look at highway 4 as you drive up to the willow pass grade. it's a little lighter than initial. let's go to the toll plaza. usually it's light.
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usually it's not this way. i will just say hey, thank you very much. we can use that. i'm also look agent the south bay. i'm not spotting anything. today off to a good start for monday. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. lots of gray over the bay. temperatures have cooled off. had a little low come in over the weekend. there is another stronger low to the north. it looks like it will park it in the pacific northwest. mostly cloudy. cool and breezy for some temperature fog or sun later on today. very windy at times. below average temps. today or tomorrow coolest day.
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i don't think there will be much change. it has been tough downtown san francisco to get very warm. should be closer to 67. 61 today. last time we were 70 degrees it was july 4th when it was 77. 54 santa rosa. take your picken everyone is within a couple degrees of each other. a rather strong southeast wind. so everything is in place for a cool pattern for us. the tropical clouds i've got interesting twitter photos. pretty good little buildups but they are not favored. that will decrease and win. the big story with this it's 200-miles from hilo. lesser amounts oahu.
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for us well we have a fog bank that looks like it wants to hang around for awhile. morning overcast breezy to windy at times. some of the temperatures here are well below average. fairfield only 78. when they get gusts to 37 out of the west they are pretty much done. cool to nice. will take us into wednesday. there will be a slight bump up in the inland temps. time is 6:41. and over night campout outside of a downtown berkeley post office isn't over yet. the reason why the protestors continue their sleepover. there are just six days left for bart and the union to hammer out a deal or else there could be a strike. we'll tell you about the challenges ahead. good morning. traffic on 237 looks pretty good. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning. well, there is some areas that have a few breaks in the clouds. there is a lot of low clouds around. pretty gray skies. kind of a cool pattern. not only today but through the rest of the week. toys and 70 -- 60s and 70s. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you. a mill valley strip mall fire
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just hours ago is being investigated. this happened at the evo day spa about 3:30 this morning. firefighters think it started in a laundry room. restaurant jury excused door had -- restaurant next door had minor damage. amazon the world's largest online retailer is looking for 5,000 new warehouse workers around the country. that includes some full time jobs. time are running out for bart management and unions. ktvu janine de la vega is joining us live from the fremont bart station with the latest information. >> there is six days left for the union and for bart to hammer out a deal. that is not a lot of time considering they had three weeks to talk things out. so far there are no signs to a
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close deal. they have just been talking about secondary issues instead of the main items such as pay raises and contributions to pensions and health care. both unions will be sitting at the bargaining table today. but hawk isn't expected back until tomorrow. >> i just cross my finger it does work. the last time the strike happened, it was horrible. >> reporter: the two unions representing workers had agreed to stop the strike so they could negotiate with bart for the next 30 days and that brings us for the august 4th deadline. talks have been tense in recent weeks. the metro transportation commission is looking into the mass hiring of private buses
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for bart riders, but a bard board members us theobald -- but you know there is no no doubt there is a contingency plan in place that bart is working on. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. a group of protestors have decided to keep their tents outside the downtown berkeley post office for two nights now people have been camping outside the building in hopes of keeping it from being sold. in april the postal service announced it would be selling its location along with hundreds of others. the berkeley mayor and city council say they support protestors efforts. tomorrow night oakland city council plans to consider a proposal to ban certain types of tools at protests. hammers, wrenches, shields, slingshots, and other tools that could be used as reps.
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a waiter at a -- your time is 6:47. the driver of a speedboat involved in a deadly crash may face extra charges today. he has been arraigned on charges of vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault. officials are investigating whether he was drunk when he hit a barge killing two members of a wedding party. lindsey stewart was due to be married in two weeks. her body was found saturday. yesterday search crews also found a man believed to be the best man. mark lennon out there in the water. time is 6:48. we want to turn over to sal. we are talking about if summer is still in effect with summer light. at the toll plaza you see things pick up. >> yeah they are a little slower but things are better than they usually are. for example i'm looking at the toll plaza and it's completely light. maureen is right it is summer
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vacation season right now. and you know usually it's 6:48 we have a crowd here. today we don't. that is good. on a monday i think we can all use that. moving along and taking a look at the commute on the upper bay bridge. it's a nice drive into san francisco. if you are driving on the nimitz freeway heading south, that traffic is also lighter than usual. let's go to steve. we have a lot of gray skies and san jose has clear skies. there are some brakes in the clouds. not everyone has sold out here. a little chill in the morning air. no doubt about it. if you get that west wind combined. high pressure system has been pushed well off to the east. takes a lot of that tropical cloud deck with it. we're not seeing any of that wrapping back around. remember that humidity we had last week and pretty good thunderstorm activity up in the sierra. we get more of the low pressure system up to the north. that is just not conducive for bringing in the tropical clouds. tough, tough forecast for san francisco. even oakland and berkeley on
6:50 am
the cool side. 51 in san francisco. it should be much warmer than that. no sign of any 70s. 50s everyone in the same ballpark here. just stuck in that temperature range. low cloud deck will be slow to peel back for some. we will stay on the cooler side as that low pressure stays up to the pacific northwest. and there are two speeds slow  and stop. breezy and cooler. morning low clouds will give way to sunshine. 50s to 80s. again the inland temps are below average. it's been stuck pretty cool here on the coast. when santa cruz checks in that will tell you it's a cool day. cool to nice depending on how you look at it. labor rights group is accusing another supplier to apple of labor uses.
6:51 am
the china labor watch group says pegatron withheld employee pay. apple says it's committed to providing safe and fair working conditions and that it promises to investigate the charges. >> it's an honor to meet the wolverine. >> and the wolverine clawed his way to the box office. sold enough tickets in the first three days to cover all production costs for the movie. the congress jurying was bumped down to second place. despicable me 2, turbo, and grownups rounded out the top five. fruitvale stations expanded to neithers around the country and came in at tenth. time now 6:51. pope francis made a very candid statement today. what he said this morning when he was asked about gay priests. plus why the food at one bay area jail could soon be changing.
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good morning and welcome back. we want to take a look at the big board. stocks have flipped slightly today. dow down 26 points. a lot of issues are dealing with industrial and multinational selloff. dow is down 26. it looks like the nasdaq is down five. s & p is also down four. 155 passengers that plan to fly from iowa to florida on allegiant airlines flight should be arriving at their
6:55 am
destination by bus in the next hour. a light indicated a possible fire in the cargo area. the pilot found the nearest place to land. everyone used the emergency shoots here to get off the plane. no one was hurt and the faa says at this point there is no sign of actual fire on board. boeing is expanding the inspections of emergency locator beacons in more of its jets. all the jet models have trance mitters made by honey well. it's the same that makes the emergency transmitters made be boeing 787. burned while it was parked at london's heath row airport. defense attorneys may be asking for a new trial in the case of the murdered washington intern chandra. the 24-year-old disappeared back in 2001.
6:56 am
your time is 6:55. pope francis reaching out to gay breess. today he said he would not judge them because of their sexual orientation. it's their first foreign trip of the pope. yo recall back in 2005 pope benedict signed a document that said gay men should not be priests. crops grown by at risk group in the bay area may be served to jail inmates at the san francisco county jail. the san francisco examiner reports officials are working to serve healthier meals to deal with rising obesity
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problems. it's a vocational program for at risk youth. movie star tom cruise and his son they were in the bay area yesterday. the two took a ride on team new zealand's yacht. they are part of the measuring's cup. they let tom cruise take control of the boat and sale under the bay bridge. cruise and his son were guests of team knew zealand sponsor. earlier in the day they were watching team knew zealand as they beat team italy. time is 6:57. let's get to sal to see how traffic is going. are things smoothly going as what you have seen earlier? >> yeah it's smooth out there. this is a look at the toll plaza. you can see it's light. i think you will enjoy get into the -- if you have to go at least it will be good.
6:58 am
lest go to sal. some areas have sun. a little coolness to the morning air. it will be a cooler day. and most of the week looks to be quiet here. 50s and 60s and 70s for most unless you are far inland. time now 6:57. coming on the mornings on 2 clinging to the outside of a stolen car. a wild ride turns deadly in roanoke park. why police are looking for the mother of a victim. new information on the developing news. what fire officials now think may have started a fire that tore through a day spa. stay with us.
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we'll tell you about the flight. a traffic ending for the wild ride. why police are searching for a man after his brother was thrown out of the moving vehicle. an


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