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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  July 29, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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we'll tell you about the flight. a traffic ending for the wild ride. why police are searching for a man after his brother was thrown out of the moving vehicle. and california roads are
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literally falling apart. the unflattering portrait painted by a new report and how the bad roads are taking money right out of your wallets. mornings on 2 starts right now. welcome to monday. it's july 29. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> i'm maureen naylor. it was quite a cool weekend. let's go to steve and see what we can expect this week. >> the same marine day started today or tomorrow. it will probably be the coolest days, but temperatures for the next two days will not be that warm. a lot of 50s and 60s around. 70s and very low 80s inland. >> steve, good morning right now. it looks pretty good on the east shore. much lighter than usual, also getting down to the toll plaza. that's what it will be like getting into san francisco. you don't recognize this as a commute. now, let's go back to the desk. >> all right, thank you very
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much. we are following developing news. a day spa went up in flames early this morning, but quickly put out. we are live in mill valley to tell you just where firefighters think it may have started exactly. good morning, tara. >> well, good morning. a heavy smoke was coming from the back of the day spa, which is located just behind me. we are here on 101 on the northbound side, taking crews about 20 minutes to knock out the flames here. the chief said it started in the laundry room of the spa located in strawberry village. the call came in at 3:30 this morning. and luckily because it was so early in the morning, no one was inside, but there is quite a bit of damage. >> they will be closed for business for quite a while. the sushi damage has smoke damage, but once the fire department okays that, they'll be opened again. >> reporter: meanwhile the investigation into exactly what
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sparked the fire is underway. live from mill valley, channel 2 news. new this morning, police searching now for a man they say is responsible for several events that resulted in the death of his brother. police say that the 26-year-old martinez stole his brother's truck last night from their home. and as he was leaving, his two brothers jose and edgard jumped off before losing control and crashing on southwest boulevard. both brothers were thrown off that truck. jose flew about 50 feet and landed in a nearby parking lot. 27-year-old edgard died at the scene. here is a picture of manuel. a big change for airlines landing at sfo. ktvu alex savage is joining us live to tell us why pilots will
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need to use gps technology when they land. good morning, alex. >> reporter: well, good morning. since the crash of asiana flight. the faa has noticed an increase in a boarded landing by foreign carriers during what are called visual approaches, which is really what prompted this change. the faa is now urging the foreign pilots to use a gps whenever they touch down. 28 right is where they killed two people. the pilots were cleared for a visual approach when their boeing 777 came in low clipping the end of the run. normally on a clear day, pilots coming in here do a visual approach, they don't rely on their cockpit instruments, but the concern is that some foreign pilots aren't skilled enough at manual landings. that's why the faa last week made this move, asking all foreign pilots to use a gps-
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based instrument. now, some passengers say no matter the pilot's ability to manually land the aircraft, automated systems can always help. >> it could be true, but i think that it is just the fact that the automated systems work so well that i think they should be utilized. across the board. >> reporter: now the faa says this is a temporary change and it was prompted in part because the instrument system known as the glide slope indicator is out of service here at sfo and has been out of service since june. that system helps pilots to land here at the airport. now, the glide slope is not scheduled to come back online until late august. until that time, the faa will continue to ask foreign carriers to do automated landings, using the gps system. live this morning at sfo, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. police in san jose are looking for whoever opened fire
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into the garage of the fire injuring one man. it happened around 9:20 last night at the home on commodore drive. not clear exactly how many shooters may have been involved. the victim is expected to sur. police say witnesses are now cooperating with the investigation. one man is fighting for his life following a shooting at san francisco's richmond district. it happened shortly after 7:00 last night at gary and 29th. the victim was sitting in his car when someone opened fire on the honda civic sedan. we spoke to one long-time resident saying that it is a very peaceful neighborhood usually. >> we don't get any shootings. the last shooting i heard didn't have anything to do now, but it happened 20 years ago. >> police are still searching for the gunman. the shooting appeared to had followed a heated argument in the street. oakland city councilwoman will hold a meeting about rising violence in oakland.
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this comes after the deadly shooting of 66-year-old judy solomon last week. here's a picture of solomon, a well-known dog walker. she was driving her car when she was shot and killed. tonight's meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. at brookdale children's center. amazon is hiring 5,000 new workers for their distribution centers all over the country. the world's largest online retailers are saying that all the jobs are full-tim jobs at ware -- time jobs at warehouses in all 17 cities, including tracy and patterson in the central valley. amazon already has 20,000 u.s. workers packing and shipping orders. new this morning, the city confirms what many bay area drivers may already know. they have some of the worse roads and bridges in the country. the u.s.a. today found 12% of the bridges here in california are structurally deficient. 36% of california roads are in poor condition. that's the sixth highest in the country. and 42% of the roads are in
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fair condition with just 21% being in good condition. the research found that the cracks and the potholes are costing california drivers big money and that repair costs and the gas use as well. billions of dollars in federal money is doing little to solve the problem. in the meantime we are getting new information about the eastern span of the bay bridge. coming up at 7:30, find out what cal transit is saying now about the possible opening during the labor day weekends. all right, time now, 7:08. let's go to sal. highway 237. how are they doing? >> yeah, we're finding slow traffic. it's been harder than usual to find that today and to look for that. 237, we're seeing some bunching up here on 237, just a little bit of the slowing approach here, but not too deep. as a matter of fact after that, it looks good all the way to sunnyvale. if you're looking at this and saying wow, that's much better than what it normally is, you're correct. only backed up for a small delay. once you get on to the bridge, it's good. we are looking at highway 4
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with the road sensors showing some slowing between pittsburg. a little sluggish traffic in pleasant hill and walnut creek in that southbound direction. i also want to mention that westbound 80 is a little slow. now let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. plenty of fog out there, the low fog deck if you will. hey, it is being helped along by the strong area of pressure out to the pacific northwest. that does not look like it will move any time soon. with that in place we'll get the on shore breeze. temperatures starting off in the 50s for mostly everybody. there are some breaks in the overcast, but fog or sun later on, windy at times. i've seen from now the western edge of the golden gate park out to richmond inner harbor and the delta about 25 to 26 miles per hour out of the west southwest. coolest day today, if not today it'll be tomorrow. 50s, 60s 70s for many locations. it should be 10 to 15 degrees
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even warmer. just a real tough pattern to warm up at all in san francisco. 61 again today. things are just stuck. it should be much warmer than that. the last 70-degree temp was on july 4 with plenty of low clouds, and gray skies. combine it with the westerly winds. because of the high pressure system, it has been bumped off well to the east, taking the tropical clouds with it. last week we it had in the sierra. 55 miles per hour winds tropical flossie. looks like a big rainer. the winds will decrease rapidly it looks like, but move in around the big island of maui and the wind will just fall apart. but all of them will get rain, lesser amounts as they begin to move on through. maybe right here as well. 50s on the temperatures here. even out to livermore. everybody is pretty closing statements 44 in tahoe, a little cool. 53 in sacramento. and the tropical clouds, some were building up over the
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mountain as that is now pretty far away from them. they give away the sunshine for some, but 50s, 60s 70s, 80s. that's a gust of 36 out of travis and that there has been a sea breeze in place. and with that there and the fog, it is snot going to get too warm for some. a slight warm up for the end of the week, but near average to slightly below. >> sounds good, thank you, steve. time is 7:10. a young bay area boy is getting some help in the fight of his life. cheer cheer [ cheering ] >> how this is helping him face cancer. in just hours, israeli palestinian leaders will restart peace talks here in washington. their obstacle and a live report when mornings on 2 continues. look at 'em.
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low clouds are in place. breezy to windy pattern with a small craft advisory all the way out to the delta. is that true? yes, it seems to be pretty windy, even with the sunshine. >> parts of las vegas hit by extreme flooding. yesterday some neighborhoods got up to an inch of rain in 15 minutes. some of the residents say that the roads look like raging rapids. you can see it right here. luckily despite all that, no major injuries to report. following developing news in iraq where more than 50 people have been killed and attacked including 10 car bombings in baghdad. no one at this point has claimed responsibility, but officials believe that al qaeda's branch in iraq carried out the attacks. suicide attacks have become increasingly common in iraq in recent months, raising fears that the country could be headed towards civil war. new this morning, protesters are loyal to the president, calling for a million man march tomorrow. they also held at least three
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marchs today, including one at the headquarters of the military. protesting clashes between the security forces and protesters, that left at least 72 people dead over the weekend. theres say the security forces fired off protesters. egypt's interior ministry says only tear gas was used. the recent violent clashes in the middle east come as peace talks are set to resume between israeli and palestinians. we've got a live look with what exactly prompted today's talks and the obstacles that the two sides need to overcome. >> the team of negotiators from both countries, they say they still have many obstacles to overcome. one hurdle is that israel has not agreed to stop building settlements in the contested areas like the west bank and there is no set starting point on establishing borders. israeli and palestinian leaders have not held direct peace talks in 2010. u be he says that he will release more than 100
7:16 am
palestinian prisoners who killed israelis. they'll be freed only after these peace talks begin and in groups based on the progress of the talks. the secretary of state john kerry spent several months trying to get the leaders to come together to resolve problems. even if they agree on a peace deal, israeli voters could decide whether or not to accept the plan. the talks today and tomorrow, they're just the beginning of the process. how long these negotiations are expected to last when i see you next. live in washington, ktvu 2 channel 2 news. time now is 7:16. happening today, three former penn state university officials face a court hearing for allegedlying up for jerry sandusky. the vice president gary schultz. we'll find out if prosecutors have enough evidence for a trial. they report that all three knew about sandusky's sexual abuse of young boys on the penn state
7:17 am
campus, but did not report it. all three deny those charges. police in france this morning say they don't know who is responsible for stealing $53 million in jewelry from a hotel. it happened yesterday at a jewel's exhibit at the carlton intercontinental hotel. now, reporters there say that one man went into the exhibition room, held the employees at gunpoint, and then stuffed the suitcase with jewelry before walking out. police, they have not confirmed that. this theft follows recent jail escapes by members of the well- known pink panther jewelry crime. time is 7:17. prosecutors are reaching out to banks in china town to educate them on the scam targeting older asian women. police called it a blessing scam because the thieves convince the women to hand over money and jewelry for a blessing. prosecutors have been meeting with the managers of several china town banks to teach them at the scam and they plan to
7:18 am
make a youtube video to show the banks what exactly to look out for. a woman has reached a settlement with tessla motors after a small plane crash destroyed her home. terms had not been released, but lisa jones says that there will be enough to rebuild the house where she ran a daycare. the plane crash landed the plane into her house and heavy fog back in 2010. the pilot and two passengers were killed. the time now is 7:18. a new survey out thinking that parents think that the economy is improving, but they don't plan to spend more on the school supplies this year. in fact, according to the survey, they plan to spend 25% less this year. the parents say they will spend about $428 on the backpacks, uniforms, and things that the kids will need for school. that's down from $600 last year. parents of college-age students say that they will spend about $900 this year. 17 schools in san francisco, they will have new
7:19 am
water problems when the classes will begin in the fall. the schools are in the area of the visitation valley to west portal. and now these schools, they are selected because they needed water problems, either near or in their cafeterias. they will also have the water problems here as well. students will be given refillable water bottles to use. and all of this is a part of the mandate requiring the access to the fresh drinking water in the areas where food is served. well, it is the coolest day of the week as we're going to have more on the weather. what they are looking outside. you can see it is pretty foggy out there. they will tell us when things will heat up. and also troubles along the russian river. why they are causing high anxiety among the business owners. good morning, southbound 680 looks pretty good as you head south. they will tell you about the slow traffic on the east shore freeway.
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some business owners say that they are left high and dry by the lack of rain. they have lead to the lowest water levels in decades along the russian river. a lot of people owning the shops and stores on the popular areas, they say they are losing money. they may need to shut down as they continue in that area. the firefighters in fresno county say that the wildfire just started almost a week ago, it keeps growing. this fire was started on the lake. now burning about 14 square miles. it's not threatening any communities, but 16 campgrounds have been evacuated. the fire is only 15% contained. 49ers coach jim harbaugh is vowing to find a solution to the mixup. he didn't realize that he would have to forfeit $2 million of the bacillary when he didn't take part in the team's
7:23 am
voluntary workout this spring. the 49ers are considering to work out a special contract extension to get some of brown's money back. by the way he's in the last year of his contract. an injured horseback rider in oakland says she is overwhelmed by the success of the fundraiser to help her pay her medical bills. lisa says that the event organized by the horse council raised about $15,000. they were thrown from their horses on the trail in june. that's when two mountain bikers startled their horses. she fractured her back in that accident. time is 7:23, the number of teen -- of strangers teamed up to help save a boy's life to have fun and dance. yesterday, the participants danced away at harlem nightclub in san francisco. all part of the fundraiser for the 12-year-old. eight months ago he underwent
7:24 am
chemo throughout the next year. >> it's the priority of our life. >> they're fighting really strong. it is really amazing to watch. such a strong kid. >> reporter: the family is from pacifica as the mom has been in nursing school most recently. mow moving to be with him as they are looking for housing. both felix and the mother say they are greatful for the support. if you want to find out about him, you can go to and click on web links with a link to their website. >> all right, we wish them well. time now is 7:44. sal is back. you've been watching what is relatively good this morning? >> yeah, for almost everyone. there was a crash in berkeley. west of the university. and that traffic, it has been slow coming in from richmond, getting out to the university avenue where the traffic has picked up. i want to she you the road sensors here. it is very slow coming up.
7:25 am
now, take a look at the plaza now. i mean there's a little back up, but by now we have a biggerbackup than this. and a little approaching here on the inner change. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. and a lot of low clouds are giving us the gray skies. rather strong sea breeze for many breezes. it's about 20, 25 miles per hour to the city all the way on out here for the temps. but in case you missed it, they had eight edges of rain yesterday. it was the most in any one calendar day. just look at that. boom, boom, boom. just relentless. so i mean it has been incredible and we ran video of
7:26 am
this as well as they would run through that right there in the backside. we'll get a look at that right there. but that tropical moisture is now gone. watch right there. and that line of thunderstorms, many of you were sending me pictures, showing us the towering cues. the moisture is gone, but the low clouds are not. breezy to windy. in fact, rather strong for no. the delta breeze and the sea breeze, you name it. 60s to 80s at clear lake. 76 in concord. that's it. 71 fremont. 67 in santa cruz and the lower 70s for many on the peninsula. not much has changed for the rest of the weekday. just a little warmer. >> all right, steve. time is 7:26 for the other person in the hospital this morning after the stabbing. we have the update for you in just 24 hours. is it cutting it too close for the labor day weekend opening? we'll tell you what cal tran is saying about it coming up.
7:27 am
there are just six days left to hammer out a deal. new information that may help move negotiations along. we'll have that when mornings on 2 continues. so... [ gasps ]
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time now happening today for the two sides, they will be
7:30 am
going back to the bargaining table. but the time is running out for the management and their unions. they are joining us live from the bart station right now. with the latest information about today's negotiations. >> well, i just spoke with them about the transit union. i asked them overall, you know, what's your sense of how thnegotiations have been going. not well overall. that's a part of the reason for them as they have been away on vacation, but i just got off the phone with bart and the spokesman says that the lead negotiator, they will be back in talks today, so that will be promising. these people here who have been waiting at this platform in fremont, they're hopeful as they will tell me that they do not want to endure another strike. that's so they could negotiate as they have one week left to talk, still not a sign that
7:31 am
they are closer to a deal. tom hawk had been away on vacation. and they say that's a part of the reason why the big progress has not been made. the economic issues like pay and the contributions and the health insurance benefits. but now they will be back in today's talk as they hope that progress will be made. >> if they have it, then i will need to find another way around it, i guess. >> is it frustrating? >> yeah. >> reporter: and now the barts spokesman has hinted about it past august 4th so they could continue to negotiate. out of the past three weeks, we've been told that they just met half of the time. they told me that they are set to meet at 2:00 p.m.
7:32 am
today. they did feel like there was a positive thing on that issue, but just in case they are coming up with the contingency plan to hire the buses, to handle some of those riders if it does come down to the strike. again the deadline is on august 4. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. in the meantime the rectory car fire is causing minor delays this morning. they sent out a message saying that the delays are between 5 to 10 minutes for many trains that are headed towards fremont and san francisco. and that fire, they started yesterday morning at about 8:00. costing drivers more to park at two of their parking lots in oakland. fees are going up 50 cents.
7:33 am
fee for parking at the last stop will now rise to $5.50. for all the latest information on the ongoing labor talks for bart, go to the channel 2 website on click on the bart updates. new this morning, one person in the hospital after the 4th stabbing in san francisco in 24 hours. the latest on what happened this morning. police say that the victim was stabbed in the torso. one person has been obtained. here is a look at what happened yesterday morning that five men attacked one person for them. and one victim was stabbed in the chest. the two other stabbings happened earlier. one man was slashed in the stomach after getting that there for them in the streets.
7:34 am
now, police, they say that the other man was talking to the security guard when he was stabbed in the back. all of them are expected to recover. no other arrests have been made. >> the likelihood of the new section of the labor day weekend is slim. they are live for us this morning on treasure island with more on what is behind the delays and new this morning. >> good morning. the answer on whether the new bridge is going to open up on labor day weekend will be going back and forth. but it has to deal with that problem on the bridge that we've been talking for several weeks now. while the contractor continues to work on that long-term fix and the short-term fix. well, that appears to be fading fast according to the chronicle this morning and they are reporting this morning through that official that the so- called plan still needs several time consuming safety reviews for the repair panels.
7:35 am
this solution was the big one that we've been talking about, that would be installing the steel plates sot bridge would not sway as much during that major earthquake. now, they say that there is still a small possibility that they could open many time for labor day, expecting the reports done on them by mid- august. if that happens it would be cutting it close, but again there's a small possibility that they could open on time. they say it would be ready by early december. this week they will be testing it under the extreme conditions to see how they hold up and the other potential hazards.
7:36 am
the protesters have camped outside the building on their way, trying to block the sale of that historic building. in april, they say that they will be selling that building along with hundreds more. they say that they will be supporting the efforts of the protesters, trying to save the building which was built in 1914. and next week a new bikini bar will open downtown san jose. they are looking at ways to regulate it. the gold club is calling themselves the gentlemen's club. some of the neighbors are not happy about it opening up on santa clara street. one neighbor wants to limit the type of entertainment offered at that club. nudity will already be banned
7:37 am
because of the city regulations. your time is 7:36. attacking two home depot security guards. police say that when they tried to take the man into custody, he pulled out a the employees saying that it was the first week or two. so it is not a good way to start off on their job. >> the suspect was last seen running in the parking lot towards the boulevard. less than a mile away, they found some of their closing. they said that both officers, they're expected to be okay. no customers were hurt. and police, they have a big description of the shooter. about 30 to 40 years old that he may be about six feet tall with that hair and possibly pulled back in a small ponytail. time is 7:37.
7:38 am
this weekend you can trade in your guns for gifts. the county residents could give up their unwanted gifts for the gift cards at three different locations. that's all part of the first gun buyback program by the district attorney's office. the fairgrounds of west 10th street. and the road here in concord and the richmond city hall parking lot on the civic center place in richmond. the gun buyback will be on this coming saturday. time is 7:36 -- 7:38. let's go to sal. some areas are not having a bad traffic time. >> yeah, you are right. some are very good. the bay bridge is one of them. on the freeway, because of the earlier crash on 80 westbound. things are improving a little bit, but still backed up pretty slow all the way down. that puts them there just to show you where the accident
7:39 am
was. and it will take a while to unwind as it will be a block for the bay bridge. if you look at the bay bridge, it will be absolutely right. it will be a nice drive on into san francisco for them with no delays. and this is northbound 101 looking better than what it normally does as you drive to the san jose airport. and 7:39, lest go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a lot of gray skies for the twitter nations that have been surprised this morning for them. and they need to put those socks on. they say oh, i like this summertime pattern in the bay area as you like that, they will probably like it this week. there's a lot to go around and mostly cloudy and cool and breezy with some wind. i mean, there's a gust of 20 to 25 to the bridge out towards
7:40 am
berkeley, even out to the deltas. it's definitely a sea breeze for them at times. we always get a few breaks, it looks to be rain, decreasing a little bit with the big islands here. but you can see the path of it as it moves across, weakening up with the rather hefty amounts of rain for the high surf, which will be tonight into tuesday. you can see it taking aim here, but there will be more than 5 to 10, which will be a conservative estimate. 50s on the temperatures. that will be real close. 53 for them into the 80s now
7:41 am
for clear lake. and the norm activity up in the sierra over the weekend has now pushed well off to the east. they will not need to worry about that or in southern california where it was really putting on a pretty good show. 60s and 70s. clear lake 88. fairfield 84. and livermore, 79. 75 at walnut creek to 63 in alemeda. 79 morgan hill. 67 santa cruz. 50s on the coast and 60s in the city, south san francisco. and san mateo at 68. 73 for pal alto. not much of a change for tuesday and wednesday and maybe just a slight warm up for some of the inland temps. steady she goes as we go into the weekend. >> sounds good. thank you, steve. sometime is 7:41. the life guard broke up the illegal rendezvous near santa cruz. >> pretty shocking. i didn't know that activity
7:42 am
happens around here. >> a big discovery found inside this boat and its connection to mexico. plus, they may be in last place, but they're getting honored by the president. showcasing in just a few hours. riots broke out in a southern california surfing event. we'll take a look at the damage coming up in a live report.
7:43 am
7:44 am
good morning and welcome back. opening up on this monday as they are looking ahead to the week with the reserve policymakers that will be meeting right now. they are down 41 points. taking another look down here.
7:45 am
and nasdaq is down here as well. time is up 44. the labor rights group in china claims that the other supplier is abusing workers. they claim that they withheld the employee pay and violated regulations. they confirmed that they were holding the cards of the workers so they could not leave as they need to investigate the other charges. topping the box office, starring as the wolverine and his movie crawling past last week's number one film of the conjuring dropping two seconds. "despicable me 2" "conjuring" rounded out the top five. about the last day of oscar grant's life. it came in at 10th.
7:46 am
155 passengers on board of the flight from iowa to florida, they had a trip to remember. one they will probably not remember. they had to stop after the warning light showed a possible fire. they found the nearest airport making the emergency landing in al bony, georgia. they admitted that they were tense until they were able to slide down the chute and get away from the planes. >> we didn't know if it was going to be a safe landing or a horrendous landing. we didn't know where we were going down. >> the airline, they were not sure how long it would take to get them back in the air so the passengers, they were put on the buses from albany. driven into st. petersburg, florida. no injuries were reported and they say that no fire was ever found on the plane. time now is 7:46. happening today, the victims of the deadly train crash in spain will be the focus of the ceremony near that crash site.
7:47 am
in the meantime the conductor of the train has been released without bail. including two americans. they are now required to appear in court once a week. the license has been withdrawn and he cannot leave spain without permission. back in this country the driver of the speedboat involved in the deadly crash on the new york hudson river may be facing extra charges today. jojo john has already been arraigned on charges of vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault. officials are investigating if he was drunk when he hit the barge on wednesday night, killing two members of the wedding party, including the bride-to-be. the bride-to-be was due to be married in just two weeks. her body was recovered on saturday. yesterday they believe they found the body of the best man,
7:48 am
mark lennon. >> i'm the big brother, but his heart was a lot bigger than mine. he was my rock. >> reporter: the fiance survived that crash. and he is scheduled to have surgery today, expected to recover. time is 7:47 as the riots broke out in their surf event over the weekend. we're live this morning with more on the violence leading to eight people being arrested. good morning, gina. >> yes, it was absolutely crazy. let me show you what's going on. we're on main street at the u.s. open at the beach. everyone was headed out here and then the chaos broke loose as they started to try to rip apart the newspaper stands as they broke the glass. there's a coffee bean right over here, busting the windows. absolutely crazy, starting with a fistfight. take a look at the video captured late last night. many people captured the chaotic scene on their cell
7:49 am
phones. taking place here downtown huntington beach as witnesses, they say that the group of about eight people, they started fighting. knocking the toilets over, trying to overturn the vehicles, being extremely aggressive and confrontational with everyone. they had to request assistance from nearby police departments. police had to use tear gas and other non-lethal methods to break it all up. many innocent people got cut in the middle of the wild confrontation with police. now, officers, they had a bus load of people that they were detaining last night. but again, only 7 or 8. that number is still to be confirmed. those were the people arrested. what they are doing now is taking a look at all the footage uploaded on to youtube, facebook, and twitter. they're looking at that to determine how it all started, who started it as they are hoping to make more arrests. but again, huntington beach is quite a scene last night. a lot of them say the people who showed up here are from out of town, not from this area, but they definitely felt
7:50 am
terrorized last night. one of the terrifics from the witness said that there were thousands of people on the streets here as they were banging on the establishments that are just here. you know, on the streets, the coffee bean, all kinds of different shops. everyone in front, they looked terrified as they closed the doors, locking the doors with the people on the outside to let us in, let us in. but the people on the inside are terrified, so they were not letting anyone in. many people, they got hit by the rubber bullets and there was tear gas. it was just chaotic. today, quite different. >> it is very quiet this morning. back to you in the studios. >> reporting live for us, thank you. back here in the bay area, the 23-year-old woman accused of the deadly hit and run in san francisco is scheduled to go before a judge today. she is facing charges for hitting several pedestrians last december near the twin peaks lookout point. the 56-year-old woman died and three other pedestrians hit survived. your time is 7:50.
7:51 am
the fight over the new federal budget due to be in place on october 1 is really heating up. he appeared on the sunday news talks show, saying that the obama administration will propose the spending cuts by the republicans in congress. they need to replace the sequester budget cuts with less drastic measures. however, some republican leaders threatened to shut down the government, rather than raise the u.s. debt limit. later this morning at the white house, president obama will be honoring the 2012 world champion san francisco giants. today's white house ceremony will be a celebration that the giants of the giant's world series sweep of the tigers in october. this is video of the last time that the giants were honored two years ago at the white house for their 2010 world series win. the 2012 world series victory may seem like a long time ago for you giants fans. this year they are kind of having a rough season at the moment as the giants are in
7:52 am
last place compared to them here. there is still a chance. there yes, something to celebrate, i guess. he is the co-creator of the longest running animated series. now, a member of the simpson's family is hoping that the terminal diagnosis will have some generosity. and also watching what you eat in jail? growing problem facing a lot of inmates in san francisco jails and what the county is trying to do about it.
7:53 am
7:54 am
good morning, your time is 7:54. the food grown by at-risk areas could be served to the jail system. the san francisco examiner reported gnat jail officials are working to serve the healthier meals to address the rising obesity levels among inmates. meaning more meals compared with the produce such as swiss chard, kale, and broccoli. it's the vocational program for
7:55 am
the at-risk youth. our time is 7:54 as deputies in santa cruz county say that the life guard helped them bust a suspected drug ring. he saw a suspicious boat, then he called the police. well, investigators say that 1,200 pounds of marijuana were on that boat worth $2 million. and deputies arrested three men from los angeles, one from arizona. they were found hiding nearby. police say that that kind of boat is commonly used to smuggle drugs in from mexico to the u.s. the terminally-ill co- creator of the simpsons is giving away his fortune before he dies. sam simons is one of the three creators. he's told he only has a month to live after being diagnosed with colon cancer, so he vows he will donate most of his money to organizations that deal with homelessness and cruelty to animals. simon left the show, the simpsons in 1993, but he still
7:56 am
collects royalties from the show and he wants to do something good with it. >> that's admirable. time is 7:55. let's get over to sal who is taking a look at the roads today. not finding too much as we enjoy the summertime. >> that's right. some slowing, but it's been better for some. a look at 8:80 as it does look good. normally the problems here either as you drive on through. i want to mention that the bay bridge toll plaza will be light. much lighter than what they normally are at this time with the unwinding traffic on the east shore freeway. and between richmond, it is slow because of the earlier troubles at the university avenue that have been cleared. it looks okay, but when you get to union city, you will see the congestions as you drive here. now, we'll go to steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. there's a lot of low clouds on out there. in fact a rather strong delta breeze and a big fog bank, all with the cooler pattern.
7:57 am
so if this is your type of weather, i'll tell you what, there will be plenty to go around. it'll be cooler here. i know, right? crazy. the high pressure was kicked well off to the east, allowing that pressure to move in and one is up in the pacific northwest today and tomorrow and most of the week. so now 60s 70s, mainly very low 80s inland. sitting in the 50s for a lot of temps right now. that's a strong push on the fog bank. even the small craft advisories all the way out to parts of the delta, telling you that there will be plenty of west winds as we were also looking at that right there, which will be near mt. diablo. west winds at 27 miles an hour. that means it will make it well inland when you get something like that. 50s, 60s, 70s. some locations, these are good 10 to 12 degrees below average. it looks like a cool week there. >> and time now, it's 7:57. a very candid statement today
7:58 am
by pope francis. what the pope said this morning when he was asked about the gay priests. a rule change coming in sot sfo. in to the sfo. and next the wild and deadly ride. what lead up to the man clinging to the outside of the car and why police, they are now looking for his brother. stay with us. your time is now 7:57. [ female announcer ] new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares.
7:59 am
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good morning, i'm maureen naylor. now you can hear us. i'm in for tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is right there. >> we're not shivering, but it's cool. >> yeah, for some. it's pretty cool, no doubt about it. temperatures today on the cooler side, even well in there. that's a real strong delta breeze, sea breeze, any way you slice it. it means a lot of 60s and 70s. >> good morning, 80 westbound, traffic is still recovering after the earlier problems, unwinding from richmond to berkeley. but now the traffic at the toll plaza will be light. it's been pretty light. no trouble here. >> thank you, sal. the man responsible for the series of the events that
8:01 am
resulted in his brother's death. the 26-year-old stole his brother's truck last night from their home. as he was leaving, the two brothers apparently jumped on to the side of the truck. police say that he picked up speed before losing control and crashed on southwest boulevard. both brothers were thrown off the vehicle. jose flew about 50 feet landing in the nearby parking lot. the 27-year-old died at the scene. now, this is a picture of the brother they're looking for. police say that they are still looking for him at this hour and they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. ktvu 2 is headed to the scene and will join us with more details on this story later in the hour. a fire visits the valley, under investigation this morning. it started at the day spa around 3:30 a.m. firefighters think that it started in the laundry room as the fire is now out and no one hurt. but some wiring was damaged. they are now working to restore
8:02 am
power to at least nine businesses in the strip mall and it could be hours before power is restored. time is now 8:01. the faa is releasing new rules for pilots landing at sfo. joining us live to tell us why some pilots will be required to use gps. good morning, alex. >> good morning, dave. ever since the crash of asiana flight 284 earlier this month, they noticed the unusual increase of the number of aborted landings by foreign carriers. these goarounds have been happening during visual approaches, that's a part of what prompted that change here. they urging pilots of all foreign carriers to use a gps system to guide them in whenever they touch down here at sfo, specifically at two runways. now, the ladder is the runway where asiana flight 214 crashed killing people. the pilot was cleared for a visual approach when their boeing 777 came in low and
8:03 am
clipped the end of the runway. normally on a clear day, pilots coming into sfo would do such a visual approach, not relying on their cockpit instruments. but there's a concern that some foreign pilots aren't skilled enough at manual landings, relying too heavily on the automated systems. the faa is now asking all those foreign carriers to use the gps- based instrument known as the r- nav. some passengers we talked to, they believe it's a good move. >> there's a lot of things going on and the automated systems, they usually pick up on everything. >> reporter: and they also instituted this change in protocol because of the instrument system known as the glide slope indicator helping pilots to land has been out of
8:04 am
service since early june. and that slope is not scheduled to come back online until late august. until then the faa is asking all foreign carriers to use a gps-based system when they land here at sfo. live this morning, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. the time is 8:03 as police are looking for the gunman who shot a man after opening fire on the house. happening around 9:20 on the home of commodore drive. it's not clear exactly how many shooters there may have been, but the victim is expected to survive. witnesses at the scene have not been cooperating with the investigation. one man is fighting for his life following the shooting of the richmond district, which happened shortly after 7:00 last night at 29th. investigators say they were sitting in the car when someone opened fire on the honda civic sedan. we spoke to one long-time resident of the richmond district who says that it is usually a very peaceful neighborhood. >> it doesn't get any
8:05 am
shootings. the last shooting i heard didn't have anything to do with them, but 20 years ago. >> police, they are still searching for the gunman as they say that the shooting appeared to have followed a heated argument on the streets. your time now is 8:04. tonight, they will hold a meeting about rising violence in the city. and it comes out to the deadly shooting of the 66-year-old last week. they are a well-known animal lover and dog walker. shot while driving her car in the maxwell park neighborhood. tonight's meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. with brookdale children ( amazon is now hiring thousands of workers for their warehouse operations including two in the central valley. and the online retailers, they say that they will have 5,000 full-time jobs at their 17 u.s. distribution centers around the nation. and amazon has ware houses and patterson and tracy, that they will be hiring them. they are also looking for about 2,000 people that want to work
8:06 am
part time in customer service during the holidays. and those jobs, they are all in arizona, oregon, and washington state. time is 8:05. back down to the story we told you about on the top of the hour. police are looking for a man that are responsible for a series of events that resulted in his brother's death. police say that it all started last night on the home. ktvu is live for us in the park this morning to explain exactly who they are looking for and some of the circumstances. good morning, tara. well, good morning. yes, we are here and really, you can see exactly what happened based on the marks that police and the crime scene people were able to reconstruct here. behind me you can see where the truck skidded all the way across these lanes of traffic right here. then what happened, it jumped this curb. smashed through a couple of trees and ended up hitting the low cement wall. you can see how it is all crumbled right there. the two brothers clinging to the outside of the suv, they
8:07 am
were thrown. one of them landed about 50 feet away near that area. >> sorry, we apologize. obviously we appeared to havest already connection. we'll see if we can get back to her shortly. new this morning, they confirm what many bay area drivers, they already know that they have some of the worst roads and bridges in the country. that the study out today, they found 12% of the bridges in california. they are structurally deficient. 36% of the roads are in poor conditions and at the 6th highest of the country. 42% of the roads are in fair condition and just 21% here are in good condition. the research found the cracks and the potholes, they are costing them big money. and both repair costs and the gas use. billions of dollars in federal money is doing little to solve the problem. in the meantime we are getting new information about the new eastern span of the bay bridge and the timeline. coming up at 8:30, find out what cal transit is saying now
8:08 am
about the possible opening during the labor day weekend. >> all right, marie. time is 8:each. new information about the commute. sal knows what's happening out there. how are we looking? >> we are looking okay as we do have slow traffic that is kind of refusing to go away. i will tell you about that in just a moment. but we'll tell you about that right now. the east shore freeway, the traffic here looks good, but don't let it fool you if you are driving in from richmond that it has been very slow coming to the racetrack area near the albany hill. all because of the earlier problems that are now gone. but still kind of a lengthy commute. now, when you get to the teleplays that's the good news that it is empty. they are moving along pretty well, getting into san francisco. they've been looking at the peninsula and also some slowing of the traffic here south, heading down from union city to fremont. and across the way on the traffic, they are moving along pretty well. let me pull this back down here. had is where i want to go to 101 and 92. you can see all the slow traffic there. southbound 101 approaching
8:09 am
highway 92. to claim what was a minor accident, but no such thing at this interchange. watch if the slow traffic coming out of burlingame. >> thank you, sir. a very good morning with a lot of cloud covers. a few breaks. they had a little hazy sun beginning to break on through. same for san jose, although they are making it for parts of san jose. there's plenty of fog to go around. not only that, but gusting up to 25, 30 miles an hour for some. high pressure, which they like to hang out in california and the southwest, it's been pushed off to the east. that there will be more low clouds. today is not the coolest day. one of these two. not too much of a difference between the two. 50s by the coast. 60s around the bay and 70s and 80s inland. but even the farthest inland areas will be cooling down today. happy to say for some, seeing where that cooler weather is. it's here. well below average. again, we have not seen that 70- degree temp since july 4. if you missed it, they had eight
8:10 am
inches of rain yesterday. the record for the date and for any calendar date, going back to 1872 in philadelphia with over 13 inches of rain in the month and also las vegas with pretty good views, some people sending me twitter pictures over the weekend of the towering places. but that is also pushed off. look at the line going right there. boom. that was a big one. and the moisture is gone. we have a lot of low cloud moistures in place with tropical storm flossie making a big push. it looks like it will be there tonight. not a big factor. about 200 miles. but the rainfall, it could be 5 to 10, getting a little lift on that with a foot of rain for some of that. lesser amounts, looking for them there is what they are forecasting, the winds will be decreasing rapidly with a lot of rain. some low 60s with a little hazy sun for few, but not too much with a lot of low clouds. getting a westerly breeze in place with a cooler pattern. here not only for today, but most of the week. breezy and cooler.
8:11 am
can't get much cooler by the coast. they are socked in, the 50s and the 60s. going anywhere from the 50s, 60s and 80s. 75 at walnut creek. and 63 in alameda. 79 morgan hill to san jose, 76. fremont a cool 71. 58 in pacifica. san mateo 68. mountainview, 74. not much has changed for the rest of the week. probably a little bump up for the end of the week, but look to be slightly below average. >> all right, thank you, much, steve. the bay area boy is facing the biggest challenge of his young life right now. coming up in 15 minutes, how these people dancing at the nightclub are helping in their fight. and the secretary of state is speaking right now about the upcoming peace talks between israeli and the palestinian leaders. what he has to say about these meetings in a live report when mornings on 2 continues.
8:12 am
goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can.
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8:14 am
a lot of low clouds, lasting into the rest of the week with the subtle changes. that will tell us mainly 60s. the time is a little after 8:00. 8:14 to be exact. people in hawaii are preparing for tropical storm flossie to hit the island today. they are expected to bring the high scoops and the strong winds. and they say that the peoplen the big island at maui will be the first to see the brunt of
8:15 am
the storm. the developing news in iraq. more than 50 people have been killed in the attacks that included 10 car bombings in baghdad. but at this point, no one has claimed responsibilities. but they claimed at cool -- al qaeda. it will be headed towards civil war. new this morning from egypt, protesters are hitting them there. and they are calling for a million man march tomorrow. and they also held at least three marchs today, including the headquarters for the military. they clashed between the security forces. and that they fired on the demonstrators. and that it will be only tear gas used. in the middle east, israel and the palestinians are holding talks in washington. we've got a live look from the
8:16 am
washington, d.c. bureau to tell us that the secretary is playing in today's talks and what is ahead. >> dave, the secretary has spent recent months trying to get the leaders back to the table. he spoke just a few minutes ago about the ox tackles that he expects. >> and that is what happens a long time ago. it is no secret and that many different choices will be lying ahead for the negotiators. >> they also named the former u.s. ambassador to leave these talks. that's the first time that the leaders have held the direct discussions since 2010. that's one of the main disagreements. and that they contested areas for the west bend. but what was seen as the good faith gesture, the israeli prime minister and their
8:17 am
cabinets agreed yesterday to free more than 100 palestinian prisoners. and that it will be the talks for them to progress in the coming weeks and months. these negotiations, they're expected to carry on over into next year. and if the deal is struck, israelis could then vote whether or not to accept the plan. live in washington, ktvu 2 channel 2 news. the time is 8:15. three administrators will be in that pennsylvania court today. they are facing charges that they did not see that involving the assistant penn state coach. today's hearing will only determine if they will have enough evidence to send the case to trial. last year sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of sexual child abuse. the attorneys, they're going back to court hearing the murder of the san francisco state graduate. and the 24-year-old from modesto disappeared in 2001. convicted of the death in 2011
8:18 am
and sentences to 60 years in prison. attorneys from both sides are expected to discuss a witness  that may be discredited. they plan on asking for a new trial for them based on the information about the witnesses. >> time is 8:17. the remains of the bay area soldiers killed in the war will be brought home today. he remains a private first class. and for the technology. they were a prisoner of war in korea in 1951. and that the remains will be arriving tonight in the san jose airport. a woman has worked out a settlement with tessla motors after a small plane crash destroying the homes. it will be enough to rebuild in that house, where she was running a daycare center. her home was destroyed when the pilot of that small plane who
8:19 am
was an employee of tessla motors crash landed into her home and the heavy fog in 2010. the pilot and the two passengers, they were killed. and they plan to spend an average on the school supplies, uniforms, and backpacks. that's down from $600 last year. parents of the college students plan to spend a lot more. more than double the average. the schools in san francisco, they will have new fountains when they will start in the fall. and that will be in the west pore federal as they were chosen because they needed that either near or in their cafeteria. and they will be given the refillable water bottle to use as it is a part of the mandate for the fresh drinking water near where the food will be served. new this morning, pope francis was wrapping up his trip in brazil, addressing the
8:20 am
hot button issue. they made a comment about the gay priests. and what that means with more behind them. in some way i felt like we were back in the 1980s when they used to do this kind of a thing all the time, conducting these spontaneous changes. in recent ways, he became unable to do that. and that they came back for an hour and 20 minutes. basically every topic on the end of the sun as you say they are making waves around the world today. it's what they had to say about them. he was asked a question about the so-called views in the vatican, which is much in the news of italy. and that their answers were jokingly there, which they do not believe that it exists.
8:21 am
we didn't see it on that i.d. card. but more seriously he went on to say that if such a thing is on out there, the problem is the lobby part. that when he meets the gay person, who is he to think? and that is not a change in the church teachings. already on the books. but the people should be treated with respect, sensitivity, compassion. and no problems with the misconduct not behaving for them rather with that person. but certainly it is a big change in tone as i dare say that most of the people would perceive that they would get a lot of judgment. get a lot of judgment from the church. that's what they are hearing that they do not judge you. that's certainly a new term. >> reporting to us live this morning, john, thank you for yes , your honor put. >> all right. time is noel 21. why was the movie star tom cruise here in the bay area? why was he out on san francisco bay area yesterday? it all has to do with the job
8:22 am
raisers and why tom cruise, he really knows what it is like. and also it is a cool and cloudy monday morning. meteorologist steve paul son will be -- paulson will be back to tell us when things could heat up. good morning, westbound 80 traffic looks pretty good here. we'll tell you more about the troubled spots around the bay area commute.
8:23 am
8:24 am
good morning and welcome back. they had a celebrity guest
8:25 am
after yesterday's victory against team italy. after the race, they jumped on board for a sale around the bay. at one point, the skipper left the mow -- let the movie star take the wheel. that's all part of the cup, calling it a unique experience and great success. >> the young bay area boys are getting some help, the people getting out to dance. after the steady stream of dancers on the floor at the nightclub in san francisco, they were raising money. the 12-year-old felix cortinez. they had surgery. now he's undergoing the intensive chemo therapy to last another year. his mother was in the nursing school in southern california.
8:26 am
they are very grateful for everyone's support. all right, time now is 8:25 as we want it turn it on over for you in the morning. you would say this would be a good one? >> yeah, i would say so as traffic is doing pretty well in most areas now as we do have troubled spots. one of them is northbound 280 right here at highway 85. blocking the two left lanes. and it is still there, backing up north of highway 17. i would suggest maybe using that right there instead. now, i also want to move the maps for the second problem of the bay. a couple of different crashes that have made it really bad. but the lanes, they are open as traffic is still very slow. it is light, coming across the bay. a very nice drive for san francisco. and the bridge is also looking at that and the traffic here is moderately heavy. when you get to that over here, it will be a little slow, especially in that direction. now, we're going to go to steve. >> thank you, sir.
8:27 am
with a lot of low clouds and steady and a robust westerly breeze. very fresh. even gusting up to 33 for them with the great skies. opening up a much cooler time. this week will be real cool as we head for the end of july and headed for august here. but things, they look real quiet. 60s for a few and a lot of 60s as they have not moved at all. maybe a few high clouds from the system to the north, but that will all equal 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, coming down later on in the week when the whole system will be going through as it looks real cool and breezy all the way for thursday. a little rebound on the temperatures for the upcoming weekend. >> all right, good to know. thank you, steve. time now is 8:27 with the other scare in the air. what forced an emergency landing for the passenger jet last night. will the quick fix for the new eastern span of the bay bridge will quick enough in time for the labor day opening weekend? what they are saying about it coming up.
8:28 am
the art workers could go on strike in six days. today they're suppose to be back in that bargaining table. we'll have the latest on the progress that they have made when mornings on 2 continues.
8:29 am
8:30 am
time is 8:30. happening today, the two sides of the labor dispute. going back to the bargaining table. time is running out. we have a live look from the bart station as you've got new information about today's talks, jimmy? >> yes, i've heard that talks, they are suppose to begin at 10:00 a.m. in oakland. there are just six days left for bart and the unions to
8:31 am
hammer out a deal. and so far riders we have spoken to this morning, they have been sympathetic as they don't want a strike. bart told us that the lead negotiators will be back today to talk to the unions. the members have poked fun at their negotiators by wearing the shirts last week because he's been on vacation. that's partly what's been holding up the negotiations as they have been talking about the secondary issues instead of the main items. and they are not expected to talk about those economic issues. there was a huge inconvenience for the riders, causing congestions in the road. some think that it could happen again. both sides are not giving too
8:32 am
much. i think even if they come back and, you know, they work 12 hours a day or more, you know, i'm not sure that everybody will be happy. that's what is happening, bringing us to the deadline, which is six days from now. and i spoke to a bart spokesman this morning who says that they felt like the progress was made last week at least for the secondary issues. but now that they will be back at the table, that will be promising. and that is if it happens, which would include making sure that there are buses, charter buses to help get the passengers, but it was not enough for them to handle all
8:33 am
the commuters. reporting live from fremont, channel 2 news. >> all right, in the meantime the rectory car fire is still causing minor delays this morning. they sent a message saying that the morning commutes are between 5 to 10 minutes, heading towards fremont and san francisco. and also starting today, it will cost drivers more money to park at two of their parking lots in oakland. they are going up about 50 cents. the daily fee for them at the station will now be $1.50. the cost of parking to the west oakland station will be higher as the fee for parking at the last east bay stop before the view was not going up to $5.50. again all the latest information on the ongoing labor talks for bart. go to our website., click on the bart updates tab. time is 8:33. new this morning, san francisco police are investigating the city's fourth stabbing in 24 hours. the most recent happened around
8:34 am
2:30 this morning on the street in the tenderloin. one person has been detained. and now here is a look at some of the other violence that happened just after 2:00 yesterday morning. five men attacked three people at third. and one was stabbed in the chest. the other was beaten unconscious and a third victim was slashed on the wrist. the other two stabbings happened earlier in the mission district as one man was stabbed after getting into a fight and another man was talking to the security guard on 16th street when he was stabbed in the back. all the victims are expected to recover and no other arrests have been made. they are now facing the likelihood of the new section of the bay bridge, opening up the labor day weekend that will be slim. they are live for us this morning on treasure island with more on what is behind the delay. good morning, brian. >> good morning. well the answer on whether or not the bay bridge could open up on time will go back and forth and they still have to deal with the big bold problem
8:35 am
on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. while they will continue to work on that long-term fix in terms of the short-term fix that was suppose to bring hope on opening up on time, which appears to be fading fast. but according to the chronicle, they are reporting this morning through that official that the so-called fix plan will be preparing the broken bolts that will need several times to face their reviews. the quick fix solution was the shin solution that we've been talking about. basically it will be installing plates so that the bridge, they would not sway too much. and i just got off the phone with them about an hour ago, saying that there is still a possibility that the bridge could open up in time, expecting a report done on the solution by mid-august who would need approval by the transportation committee. if that happens, they will be cutting it close with a small possibility that they could open in time for the labor day weekend. in the meantime that's scheduled to be completed by september. the bridge bolts will be
8:36 am
undergoing the toughest safety tests yet. and the other potential hazards, which includes bathing them in salt water and aging them and pressuring them under the extreme conditions of ten semi trucks to see how they will hold up. in the meantime the committee that is in charge of overseeing the bridge project will be scheduled to meet until after the labor day holiday. we are live here on treasure island, channel 2 news. a group of protesters, they are still camping outside the downtown post office. for two nights now, part-time have been camping outside the building, hoping to keep that building from being sold. the mayor of berkeley and the city council say that they will support the demonstrators and their efforts. next week the new bikini bar will open up downtown san
8:37 am
jose. it's called the gold cub. and they are not happy about it, opening up on the street. one councilmen representing the downtown area wants to limit the kind of entertainment at the club. and it will be banned because of the city regulations. police are looking for a gunman that attacked two home depot security guards. and that police, they say when they would try to take them into custody, they pulled out a handgun, hitting the other on the head. that'll be at the gardening department. >> the suspect was last seen running in the parking lot towards the boulevard as they said that both security officers are expected to be okay. police, they have this description of the shooter that says he's a light skinned
8:38 am
latino man about 30 to 40 years old. he may be six feet tall with gray hair and possibly pulled back into a small ponytail. time is 8:37 this weekend. residents will be able to trade in a gun for gift cards. you can give up on unwanted guns for gift cards at three locations. it's a part of the first gun buyback program by the county district attorney's office. now, here are the three locations that we're talking about. the fairgrounds on west 10th great the sleep train pavilion parking lot in concord and the richmond city hall parking lot on the civic center place in richmond. that gun buyback event is this coming saturday. all right, you can see that 280 is looking kind of slow? >> yeah. because of the earlier problems. it is still clearing actually. northbound 280 here at 85 as you can see it for yourself, how slow it is getting into the valley as you have options.
8:39 am
today, you can use 85 or 101, which is much better than what they normally are. it's not recommended because of the awful traffic getting up there. that crash, it is still clearing from highway 85. whether go to the bay bridge toll plaza. very light here. a very nice surprise for you if you need to get into san francisco. a part of the problem for university, as we had an earlier accident and the maps now for them. still kind of a slow drive as it has been that way since very early this morning. 8:39, let's go to steve. >> hey. >> we just had a tweet here as they are saying that i like it right now and it's cloudy. >> really? >> yeah. >> don't you love that? >> yeah, i love it. >> okay. anyway, we'll take a look at tropical storm flossie here in just a minute. a lot of low clouds for us. rather solid. it's not going anywhere this week. you can get a look at it and it pops up over hereaway little daylight with plenty of it --
8:40 am
up over here with very little daylight to go with it. the small craft advisories all the way out to the delta as things, they're really picking up their heels as far as the west wind goes. high pressure has been pushed well off to the east as the tropical clouds are gone as well. 50s along the coast. a lot of 70s for the inland areas to reach below average. real quick, we'll take you around in case you missed it. record rainfall in philadelphia yesterday. 8.012. the record for the day. and any calendar day going back to 1872 as they have had over 13 inches of rain in the month. incredible amounts of the thunderstorm activity lining up there. same for las vegas. now, that's the loop that they will need to go back there. a lot of thunderstorm activity coming up right there as they went through yesterday, giving them very heavy rain. the downpour as things have quieted down, moving on in. we don't have the dry air for the tropical clouds, but we don't have that dry air. tropical storm flossie will continue to move up tonight on
8:41 am
the big island and the mountain areas could get a foot of rain. maui and the big island looking for 5 to 10 inches of rain as we have seen 2 to 4 for them projected, but the wind will decrease rapidly. it is weakening as they will get pretty good rain. and it looks like it is going to be here near the oregon border all the way to thursday. so breezy cooler with the morning overcast. breezy and windy for some. temperatures, 50s 60s by the water and then 70s inland with a few 80s. that's a great forecast. as you will hit it for a couple of minutes and then back off there. just too much of a west wind and a real strong on shore breeze. so cool to nice. fog, sun. it looks like the system to the north went deep on thursday. that looks like mainly the coolest day then and a little warm up by the end of the weekend. >> time is 8:41. an alert life guard near santa cruz breaks up an illegal rendezvous. >> pretty shocking. i didn't know that activity happens around here. coming up in 15 minutes, a
8:42 am
shocking discovery found inside that boat and that connection to mexico. plus, more of the video showing you the moment that they broke out at the surf event in southern california. but next the man clinging to the outside of the car this morning in the park was killed. what lead up to his death and why police are now searching for his brother.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
the ugly marts started to happen here. this comes after the home data showing a drop in the home sales. the federal reserve is expected to meet later this week, down 69 points. s&p is down 9. ford is recalling 33,000 of their c-max hybrids. the cars may not adequately protect people in the cars. they were manufactured between january of last year and february of this year. the glass roofs are not involved in the recall, but they will be notifying owners of the affected cars. let's bring you up to date on the new stories.
8:46 am
the two sides of the bart labor dispute will be going back to the bargaining table. the chief negotiator for bart is%ed to be there today. bart workers could possibly be out on strike at this time next week if there is no deal by the sunday night deadline. the strip mall fire that happened just hours ago is being investigated now. it happened at the day spa about 3:30 this morning. firefighters think that it started in the laundry room. the fire is out by the way, they are trying to restore power to at least nine nearby businesses. and the faa is now requiring the foreign pilots, landing planes to use the gps technology. this comes because of the concerns for some pilots that they don't have enough experience with the manual landings. airport officials say that they have seen an increase in the number of the reported landings at sfo involving foreign
8:47 am
airlines. going back to the developing story we told you about in the top of the hour. police are searching now for a man that they say is responsible for several offense that lead to the death of his brother. police, they say it all started last night at the home here. we are joining you live right now to tell us who the police are looking for. tara? >> reporter: well, they are looking for one of the brothers. there are three brothers involved in this incident as we were able to speak to the family members just a short time ago. one of the people, they told us that they are not convinced that one of the brothers was behind the wheel. they say that the car, it was stolen, but that they are not convinced that it was a member of their own family. police, however, they say that the gentleman who was the brother, he went on a high- speed chase. you can see the skid marks here where he skidded across all the lanes of traffic, jumped the curb and then smashed through the low lying cement wall that you can see right there. the impact is so great that the
8:48 am
two brothers who were clinging to the outside of the car were thrown. one of them landed about 50 feet away on the end of the green mark to give you an idea of the distance there. the other brother was thrown and died on the scene. the driver, police say is the victim's own appropriate the 26- year-old sanchez martinez. and police say that he stole his brother jose's chevy tahoe last night from their home off the avenue. jose and another brother jumped on to the outside of the suv. he drove at such a high rate of speed that the brothers were unable to jump off. this all according to police. here is a map to show you where the whole thing started. he drove to southwest boulevard where we are when he lost control and crashed. jose was thrown 50 feet.
8:49 am
a 27-year-old edgar was thrown as well and died. witnesses say that emanuel ran off and he is still outstanding and they want to talk to him. we don't know what sparked this chain of events. when we spoke to a family member, they said there was an argument last night. police are investigating. back here live you can see the fire department has quite a bit of work to do as we have seen a lot of maintenance crews out here this morning. the impact of the crash has affected the water that supplies the buildings that you see behind us here. so they need to come out to make sure that everything is safe. we'll try again to speak to more family members and have for more you at noon. time is 8:49. new this morning, 155 passengers from an allegiant airline flight finally arrived to their destination flight in florida. that happened today 12 hours after their plane was suppose to land. they arrived by bus after the flight was forced to make an emergency landing in georgia. airport officials say that a warning light indicated a possible fire in the cargo hold and passengers evacuated the plane by using escape chutes
8:50 am
there. officials are conflicted if there was indeed a real fire or not. boeing is expanding the inspections of the emergency locator beacon on their jets. all the jet models have transmitters made by honeywell. that's the same company thatmakes the emergency lighting. and inspectors are seeing if that could be the cause of the fire on board the ethiopian dreamliner at london's airport. the driver of the speedboat involved in a deadly crash on the hudson river could face additional charges today. jojo john has been arraigned on charges of vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault. officials are investigating whether he was drunk when he hit a barge on the river friday night while driving the boat, killing two members of a wedding party. the bride-to-be lindsey stewart was set to be married in two weeks. the best man was also believed to have been found in the water. now we're seeing video of last night's riots in southern california after a surfing
8:51 am
competition. it was wild. 12 people were hurt inhuntington beach. they started throwing bottles and fighting each other. at least eight people were arrested. >> it started when a ketchup bottle came from the top story of the bar, exploded. kids didn't know what to do with it, threw it into the crowd. a couple more fights broke out. >> and this is not the first time that police had been rushed to respond to incidents at that event. hundreds of people rioted back in 1996 burning police cars, even storming a life guard center. well later this morning at the white house, president obama will honor the san francisco giants. the 2012 world champion giants. today's white house ceremony will be a celebration of the giant's world series sweep of the tigers in october. you're looking at video of the last time the giants were honored two years ago at the white house for their 2010
8:52 am
world series victory. the 2012 world series may seem like a long time ago to you, but this time this year, the team is in last place. it is hard to even say that. >> i know. >> i like seeing them all dressed up. it's nice to see that. all right, well kale, broccoli, and swiss chard, the jail that could soon be selling the locally-grown produce and how it could help bay area teens. good morning, northbound 880, traffic here is looking good as you drive past the coliseum. we'll tell you more about the morning commute in the bay area weather. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over ♪ [ male announcer ] fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate with clusters, flakes, and o's. oh, ho, ho... it's the honey sweetness i...i mean,
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welcome back. time is 8:54. food grown by at-risk children in the bay area could soon be served to the inmates of the jail system. the examiner reports that the jail officials, they want to serve them healthier meals because of the rising obesity levels among the inmates, meaning more meals prepared with the locally-grown produce like swiss chard, broccoli, and kale. negotiating the possibly used fresh produce from the garden procorrect. it a project run for at-risk youth. a life guard out there helped them bust a suspected drug smuggling ring. the life guard was patrolling on saturday morning at the beach when he saw a suspicious
8:56 am
boat and he called the police. investigators say that 1,200 pounds of marijuana were on the boat worth $2 million. deputies arrested three men from los angeles and one from arizona who they say were found hiding nearby. >> and out here it seems to be so secluded and everything like that on the asknow, that's craz police say that the marijuana was wrapped in 175 separate bundles. they also say that kind of boat with the marijuana was found, it is often used to smuggle drugs in from mexico. time is 8:56. a new project dedicated to removing toxins out of manicures are making their way from morin called the healthy nail salon project. project coordinators say to help 185 nail salons transition to offer only non-toxic materials. the u.s. occupational safety and health administration reports that customers and employees of the nail salons
8:57 am
are being subject to these toxins. and "wolverine" clawed his way to the top of the box office. it sold enough tickets in the first three days. "conjuring" was bumped down to second place and "despicable me 2" was third place. it expanded in theaters around the country. hey. let's quickly check in with sal and see what we're seeing around the toll plaza right now. >> it's light, which is unusual. the whole hour it's been light, which is nice. we're not going to be asking a lot of questions about this. traffic looks good as it has been slow. the east shore freeway approaching the mays because of the earlier problems. interstate 880 traffic looks good. i want to show you the road sensors real quickly. some improving here, but still slow on the way to berkeley. now let's go to steve.
8:58 am
>> a lot of overcast, sunshine, breezy conditions. it'll be a cool day and a cool week. temperatures inland, 70s, 80s. if you like it cool, then this is for you. >> and keep that coming. >> yeah. sometimes, you know, it will be a pretty good breeze for some. >> i keep expecting to see the 90s come back because you expect it. >> well, we still have august and september. >> all right, thank you, steve. that's our report for this morning. thank you for making ktvu 2 news your choice for news. make sure to stay with us at noon for more.
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