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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it is a trap. a dangerous situation for crews in san francisco. the criminal activity that posed a big problem for firefighters. his family thought his remains would never be found. they were after 60 years a veteran is coming home. we'll have a live report from the san jose airport. the sky was lit up orange and covered in smoke. several explosions at a gas plant in florida. the search that followed the
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powerful blasts. and the bart strike deadline is five days away. what the sides are saying about the contract talks. and the morning news continues. good morning, welcome to a new day, tuesday july 30th. we have traffic and weather. steve is talking about the hazy skies. >> the fires in there are a few things going on here. we have a fog bank throughout, that's playing into the weather and the low pressure system. that equals 60s, 70s and some 80s. sal. it looks good here at the macarthur maze getting to the bay bridge and getting a backup now. no major problems at this interchange. this is a look at the golden gate bridge and the fog is not too low. you can see the towers.
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traffic looks good. back to the desk. we are following breaking news in san francisco where firefighters discovered a marijuana grow operation. they say that no one was home at the time but five rooms were filled with plants and equipment. the fire was reported just before 1 this morning on tucker avenue. no one was injured but they faced a if you problems because of the illegal grow. >> and there was electrical traps that are cast off to provide electricity to the grow operation. >> right now it's not clear who lived at the home or how the fire started. police are in charge of the investigation. east bay radio tower collapsed. and vandals are blamed. and we have more live in san are a moment to show us how it was damaged and why it could cost a lot of money to fix.
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>> we are here down the road from where the tower is. weir at the end of it and a remote section is where the tower it. park officials were showing the tower which collapsed from a lack of support. it was at 12:30, officials say they cut through the guidelines holding the tower up. and six lines were sliced. the damage is steep at a million dollars. officials have not said why they did this and perhaps they were after copper. we were at the foot of the trail that leads to the tower, you have to hike up to get to the tower. the roads are blocked off with gates and the park closes before midnight. we placed a call to the park police department and they are looking for any information about who may have done this. the to you ser on the list of the registered towers and it is used for radio purposes only according to a dispatcher. we're trying to get more
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information about how it may impact the services if at all. we'll keep you posted throughout the morning. the time is 6:03. developing news from central florida. 15 workers who had been reported missing after several explosions at a propane plant they have been found safe. seven workers are treated at a hospital now for injuries but no deaths have been reported in this. they are searching for the cause of the explosions and the fire at the blue rhino plant northwest of orlando. they say more than a million pounds of propane was stored at that plant. >> the sky was just lit up red, vibrant red with a plume of smoke. the firefighters evacuateed a half mile area around the propane plant. no one who lives near the plant was injured. and today a korean war veteran who died in the 50s
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fighting for his country is coming home. and we're live with reaction from the war heroes family. >> this a somber homecoming. and never thought that his remains would be found. it had been 62 years since he had been missing. and members of the services organization and family will be among those who will be welcoming steinberg home. the army sergeant served in world war 2. he was captured and missing in action. he used dna to inform his remains. and they remember him monthly. he was just 31 when he died. >> i'm grateful and so overed by the fact that after 62 years
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that they are brunging my uncle home. >> he traveled back from north carolina to be in san jose for the arrival of his uncle. he admired him for his bravery. was awarded a purple heart and bronze star. he will arrive from alaska. it was supposed to arrive at 7:00 this morning and it will be here at 6:49 a.m. the patriot guard riders and the family will be here to escort him to the mortuary. and actual burial will be held on thursday at golden gate cemetery in san francisco. he will be buried along side his brothers who served. reporting live from san jose. the time is 6:06. now we continue our coverage of the threat of another bart strike. contract talks between management and the unions resume later this morning. we have more live to tell us about the mood of the
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bargaining table as we get closer to the sunday night deadline. good morning. >> reporter: i think one thing that the sides can agree on. there is a lot of work to do. we talked to the damagers about their mood. they are frustrated and they are stressed out because they may be forced to wait in lines to get on the ferries or take the buses but the unions have this week to hash it out. to recap the unions and management are far apart on issues which are pay, pension. safety. they are planning on meeting this morning after meeting on some of the smaller issues yesterday afternoon. they ended at 5 last night. as management met with a union in the morning and atu in the afternoon. we have spoken and they are frustrated that an agreement has not been reached yet but some who are sympathetic. and despite having the buses on the ready of a strike some commuters are not looking
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forward to another one. >> i'm worried because last time that they have the strike it is an inconvenience and had to get up earlier and take the bus. it took two hours to get home. now on top of being the passengers being inconvenienced we're hearing -rpbz from -- hearing from management who said they may have to raise the fares 18% for the next three years to meet the unions pay demands. that will be on the fare hikes. the leaders say they are sceptical about the numbers and they say basically that is a scare tactic during the negotiations. we'll follow this progress or lack in the negotiations as the morning continues. the deadline approaches stay right here with us for the coverage of the strike threat. we'll bring you the latest on the air, online and to your
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tweeter feed. and the last traffic check we saw some things. we have noticed it is lighter than usual today at the plaza. we have the metering lights on they may go on soon. we have movement there at the toll plaza the fast track lights. once they turn them on you will see a solid delay here at the toll plaza of 10 minutes. the bridge is good you from using that getting over to the hayward side. no problems. 101 near 92 is a problem spot. so far it is looking okay. if you are driving in the valley, we don't see a lot going on. northbound 101 is good. that's usual at this hour. we have slow traffic by now.
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we have a lot of things going on. and low pressure up there and will be in i think in until thursday. very solid. most locations have some fog. mostly clear. not showing any clouds yet. a lot of the hazy skies. fires in oregon and fresno county. the combination of the two. and giving us a hazy sky if you don't have that fog where is that coming from. the temperatures far enough away from the coast. mid80s. we're low average on the temperatures. warmest out towards clear lake and oakley and gill roy. nothing outrageous here. the system will not move fast. it is spinning up off the oregon coast. as it does it is enhancing that bank. along with that. we have what was remains of
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flossiet produced the heaviest rain in maui. some may be 6 i saw between 3 and 6. and a guy tweeted me from honlulu. cloudy and 72. overcast if you are flying out today they are much, much better compared to yesterday. 50s on the temperatures. low 60s. but 50s. and mainly a westerly breeze. it is variable and napa and san jose and mountain view and half moon bay. that's right there. south or southeast wind. and it is all over the place here. 40s and 53. they were 84. we'll go warmer. but not too much. a few high clouds but it is a pattern that's stuck. sunny and breezy. hazy again. cool and mild and warm. to the north. 70s. and 73. and 64. 80s through the interior. 70s. and 79 and 73. cooler probably into thursday
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it looks like a rebound in the inland temperatures and slightly above by the weekend. the time is 6:11. grave sites have been robbed. coming up in 15 minutes the cemetery that was targeted and how the suspects got away with dozen of items. he is calling it the grand bargain what the president is offering to create jobs and please the republicans. and flossie may have been downgraded. what has been canceled and the toll on travelers.
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and 6:14 now. flossie is downgraded to a depression as it moves across hawaii t hit maui yesterday and it was strong. the weather service has canceled all storm and flood warnings across the islands. power outages, road closures and mudslides are still possible. the storm caused some flight cancellations. we talked to a couple of the united airline passengers. they were told they could be stuck for a few days. united canceled six flights. it was the same story in hawaii that they would not fly out. >> we may have to stay another night or two. what will you do?
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>> we'll enjoy paradise a little longer. >> the airports are open but there is still a lot of power outages across maui. and we checked in with the airports this morning to see how bad the problem was yesterday. and sfo said they canceled nine flights. oakland reported three flights were canceled. san jose canceled four. right now there is no word of cancellations or delays for today. right now the president is preparing to announce a new plan to create jobs. and we're live in the washington, dc news room with a proposal that can cut through the gridlock and the potential impact for here in california. >> reporter: officials indicate there are more ideas to indicate a crisis. this afternoon the president will lay out the plans to cut the tax rate. but he has his own demands. the president is taking this different approach to break the gridlock in washington. he wants to cut the tax rate
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for job investments. but the republicans will not jump on board with the spending. the president is dropping his demand for an individual tax overhaul. the president is heading to tennessee to tour an amazon warehouse and lay out his approach for jobs. and amazon announced that the plans to hire 7000 people in 13 states including in california. the president called his offer the grand bargain. just how low the rate could go when i see you next. police are trying to figure out if the woman arrested for splattering green paint may be connected to two other incidents. she was arrested yesterday and accused of defacing chapels. they want to know if she splattered pant at the lincoln
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memorial. a language barrier is making it difficult. similar vandalism was on a statue at the smithsonian. talks between israeli and palestinian leaders will resume after they sat down to din weir the secretary of state. >> thank you this is very special. we don't have money to talk about at all. >> he met privately with the staley and the palestinian negotiators yesterday before hosting the state department dinner. they remain far apart on a host of issues including settlements in the west bank and jerusalem. the talks will continue over the next nine months. u new details about allegations of jp morgan chase manipulated california's energy market. the energy regulators announced that a penalty of $410 million has been levied. and the banking giant was accused of using improper
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strategies to get payments out of utilities companies running power grids. and it has agreed to that penalty but it is disputing the violations. $125million will be set aside for rate payers. a former reporter for the contra costa times died in hawaii. 590-year-old mike tore was snorkeling off black rock when he was separated from the group. his body was later found in the water a short time later. taugher was an environmental reporter between 2000 and 2012. he was spokesperson for the state's fish and wildlife department. the cause of his death is still under investigation. 6:19. and earthquakes will have to wait to play at the new
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stadium. and there are delays. crews say the 60 million-dollar soccer stadium will not be ready until the second half of the 2014 stadium. they will play the home games at buck shaw stadium. time is just about 6:20. sal, it didn't look like any problems at the toll plaza. not a lot. we have a twitter discussion going on now. we're getting ready for the possibility of a bart strike. can you chime in. people are talking about energy drinks and coffee for me and the way they're going to get around if there should be no bart. unfortunately, you know, that's a possibility. -- we have you, we have you. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the maze. that's a 50 to 20-minute delay. no problems of the bay bridge. now if you are driving on 880 north and southbound the traffic here looks good. in both directions.
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southbound on the heading to hayward. this morning in san jose northbound 85 and 101. we're getting slowing but not a lot. that's good. that's a nice commute. we're looking at 580 into livermore. on the pass we have slow traffic and here between hayward and fremont the time has not kicked up. now let's go to steve. >> i'm sending the positive vibes out. no strike. lots of hazy skies. fresno county there is one and a bit of haze. a lot of clouds to the north. we'll keep the weather on the cooler side. cool and breezy. 50s to the 80s. but a lot of 60s and 70s.
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a lot of 50s. it will work through it answers the fog bank. there is plenty to go around. breezy and hazy. high clouds to the north. they will be close to the readings. but slightly below average. we'll stay here on thursday. temperatures will cool down. >> thank you very much. and born without kidneys a baby is beating the odds in palo alto. >> it is one of a kind. >> how she is making history fighting for her life.
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a congress woman was hoping for a miracle and she got one when her baby survived a terminal diagnosis. it is here at abbey rose was born premature with no kidneys. they diagnosed her with a condition called potter's
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syndrome. the baby is at the hospital and her baby is a pro life congress woman from washington state. she received special injections because there was no amniotic fluid in the womb. >> i'm amazed, this baby has none of the features of the potter's syndrome. >> they say that the baby still has a long way to go. she will reef dialysis here until she can go home. she will have to wait for a kidney transplant. and thieves robbed oak wood memorial park in santa cruz carting 500 grave sites. most of the thefts are happening in the northeast corner of the cemetery. and no cameras in the area. people think more than one person is involved because so many items have been stolen n
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san francisco supervisors will take up a city resolution aimed at saving the oldest african- american owned bookstore in the country. it is marcus books. it has been in business since 1960. and bringing a resolution to save that bookstore. and supporters are call for a boycott of royal and big dog cab companies that are owned by the family that bought the property in a bankruptcy sale. let's get you moving this morning. sal, how we looking? >> we're okay. >> we're rooking -- looking at the commute. and northbound and 280. and into the area to the valley. and 680 and 580 here in fremont. let's go to steve. >> not much change and inland from the fires and fog once that burns off and it is a cooler pattern.
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and clear lake and 60s and 70s right now. the bart strike deadline is five days away. we'll tell what you is happening the bargaining table and running out. and firefighters put out an early morning house fire and uncover a marijuana growing operation inside. how many plants were seized this morning.
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good morning and the opening bell the markets open. they are opening on the exchange numbers were down yesterday the dow is up for july. nasdaq is up 200. we'll see as the numbers look
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like they are opening in the positive territory. we'll say good morning to you. >> i'm dave clark. >> i'm maureen naylor. it is now 6:30. we have breaking news where the discovery of a marijuana grow operation caused a few problems for firefighters. and alex savage is live at the scene of the early morning house fire that is now a police investigation. good morning. >> reporter: here outside of the home i want to show you the evidence of the growing operation going on inside. here are charred lights you look to the right you can see a fan as well. there was no one home when this fire started early this morning. the house was all locked up. crews had to force their way inside, the place was filled with smoke and filled with marijuana. a chief with the fire department told us there were probably about 60 or so pot
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plants found inside with the grow lights and two small bags full of marijuana ready for sale. this was called in before 1:00 this morning by a neighbor who smelled the smoke coming from the home here on the 100 block of tucker avenue. police officers came out and they seized the marijuana inside and they are trying to figure out who was running the pot grow. a neighbor said several people were renting the place and she saw one of them walking off right after the fire started. >> he said you don't have the key he took off. >> we don't know what is going on. they come and go. we don't go in there ogg like that. >> reporter: the flames were knocked down quickly but it posed a challenge for crews. several windows were boarded over and in addition, the electrical set-up was hazardous
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for firefighters. in the case the company had to be turned out to turn off the power. the chief said these pot grows are catching fire often here in the city and posing a threat to the firefighters. in the end, though. no firefighters were injured here this morning. and the police are expected to come out here later on this morning to gather evidence. trying to track down the people who set up the indoor marijuana growing operation. the time is 6:33. an investigation into a shooting where a man says that he was shot walking down the sidewalk. police say it happened last night near dorr street. he took himself to the hospital and called the police. now the investigation goes on but the police don't think this was a random shooting. vandals damageed a power t
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collapsed. and we have more live from san ramon to tell us what the officials are saying what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the to you ser a few miles from us in a remote section at the end of the road. and park officials released a photo of the toppled tower rocky ridge is the name, it collapsed from a lack of support. that's after vandals cut the lines which hold the tower up. it happened yesterday morning. officials say that someone sliced six lines possibly with bolt cutters. the damage is more than a million dollars. they have not said why they did this if they were after copper or what. we were at the foot of the trail. it is a 20-minute hike to get to the tower. the roads are blocked off with gates that are locked and the park closes before midnight. we placed a call to the east pay park police department. they are looking for any information about who may have done this.
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the to you ser on a list of fcc listed towers and used for radio purposes only, according to a dispatcher. we're trying to get information about how it may impact services, if at all. we will keep you posted throughout the morning. live from san ramon. 6:34. a united airlines employees at sfo is accused of stealing luggage from passengers who flight was averted after the asiana crash. sean crudup was giving the bags to his wife and another woman. his wife returned clothes to a store for $5000 in wash. the thefts were discovered only when the victim got a call from her personal shopper. >> asked how vacation was and by the way, why did you return the clothes? your sister returned them. she said i don't have a sister.
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>> he has entered a not guilty plea to grand theft and burglary charges. his wife will be arraigned next month. they are looking for the second woman seen on the video. two women face off in a run off election to replace a disgraced supervisor. the two candidates are running for a seat on the board of supervisors, both are democrats. and the commissioner resigned in match he lied on campaign reports and gambling away taxpayer money. polls open today just about less than a half hour from now. they open at 7:00 and open until 8:00 tonight. a low voter turnout of 20% is expected. and oakland city council members are developing safeguards to reduce the risk of privacy abuse at the city's planned data center. that's in response to the privacy groups that are worried about the proposed center. now under the plan, there would be live camera feeds and other
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tools under one roof. police and firefighters would keep an eye on the cameras placed at city streets, cools and other locations around the city of oakland. tonight the council will take a step to crackingdown on violent protests and demonstrations. the council will center an ordinance banning weapons of destruction. it would make it a crime for demonstrators to carry hammers and shields and other potentially dangerous items. this follows the violence that followed the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman case. a waiter was hit in the face with a hammer during those protests. and 6:37. unions representing taxingy drivers are calling on the san francisco mayor to crackdown on ride sharing companies. the cab drivers and you united taxi cab workers will hold a rally today at san francisco city hall. the unions say the law prohibits ride sharing for
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profit. they say that the ride sharing can bes like side car and lift could pose a risk because they claim to be exempt from the vehicle inspections and insurance requirements. officials said sfo say they have made seven arrests to the ride sharing drivers this month alone. they come after officials sent cease and desist leaders to the companies back in april. commercial ride share something not allowed and drivers are being arrested for trespassing. the time is 6:38. sal, everyone behaving for you at the toll plaza? >> it is just sitting there inching along. westbound at the toll plaza is backed up out to the maze so it is busier than yesterday but not all that unusual for this time of the morning. once you make it on to the bridge, you will drive okay. a good idea will be to car pool because the lanes are getting along line. no problems there, no delays. taking a look at the bridge. the traffic is good.
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if you are driving across to the peninsula. i want to mention that livermore traffic has been only slow getting into it but after that from livermore to dublin okay. from hay ward to fremont that drive is good. steve. >> thank you, sir. a lot of low clouds some tweets coming in. soupy and cold with a breeze. so, there you go. yes, for some it is cool and others the haze coming around a couple of fires one in oregon and down in fresno county. san jose is getting a breeze so some of the haze resulting from those fires. we have a low pressure system up here for this time of year. it doesn't have to be strong to keep the pattern on the cool side. 50s and 60s. and in san francisco upper 60s. 70s over the coastal hill goes north and south. upper 70s and 80s. about 84 to 86.
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and but today mostly cloudy. cool and breezy for some. fog and sun later. we know the drill. hazy skies for another day. not as bad as yesterday. the low not going anywhere until thursday when it will move through. and may be the coolest day of the week. it will not be that much different. and it cooled off yesterday to 84. and 60s and 70s. and that's not bad for palm springs. the north bay and low clouds. we call it fog and breezy. maybe out to the delta. and hazy. 60s and 70s. and napa 74. 76 and walnut creek. livermore low 80s oakland 70. 72 santa cruz a tough couple of days towards the coast. mid-80s for the valley.
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and 79 and warmer out and san jose. 60s, for many upper 60s south san francisco on the coast. low to mid-70s. and not much change through wednesday a cool down and it moves through to the north. a slight barometer up -- slight warm up. >> thank you. 6:40. instead of taking donations goodwill is throwing them away. coming up the bed bug problem costing the non-profit hundreds of thousands of dollars. when will the bart strike end? why some say passengers may be paying more when all is said and done. traffic is busy and it is moving along slowly. more about what is going on here and the rest of the commute.
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good morning, lots of low clouds. if you don't have them a westerly breeze. temperatures close to what we had yesterday. 60s and 70s. >> steve, welcome back. good morning here is a look at the top stories we're following at 6:44. a house fire in san francisco uncovered a marijuana grow operation. now the fire was in visitation valley. firefighters say that five
6:45 am
rooms were filled with pot plants and equipment. police are unsure who lives there. the investigation continues. right now, a plane carrying the reallys of a korean war veteran is about to land in san jose. the remains of those of the army sergeant joseph steinberg. he had been missing for decades. dna technology identified the remains they are being flown to his family. and contract talks between bart management and the unions will resume in oakland. all of this as a threat of another bart strike next week is looming. and we have more live to tell us two sides seem to be far apart and the time is running out. >> reporter: as you mentioned, this time next week we may be under another strike. commuters may be forced to wait in the long lines. but as you mentioned as well, both sides meeting management and unions have the week to
6:46 am
hash it out. and now in terms of the bigger issues, both sides say the paid pension, worker safety. health care are a big issue that remains to be hashed out as we mentioned. they will meet later after meeting on the smaller issues yesterday. they ended up at 5:00. from what we were hearing there is progress made on the smaller issues. but the ones we mentioned earlier they are part apart and outside of the table as the members disrupted the general manager as she was making a speech at the public commission. we spoke with those who were frustrated that it has not been reached yet but some who are sympathetic towards the workers. despite having buses and ferries on the stand buy in case of a strike, some are not looking forward to another one. in the meantime, the sides say there is a lot of work to do. >> i'm confident our team is doing everything they can to get there.
6:47 am
>> they have raised some issues in order to not address the issues of the 23% they're asking for of the fact they don't pay anything for the pension and they pay little for the medical. >> management said it would have to raise the fares 18% for the next three years to meet the unions pay demands. that will be on top of the fare hikes to pay for rail cars. leaders, on the other hand. say they question the numbers and sceptical and some say that it is a scare tactic. in the meantime we understand that the metropolitan transit commission, the group in charge of taking care of the ferries and buses, they are planning a conference call today. that will be to plan for a possible strike next week. live in oakland,. >> as the deadline approaches, stay here with us for all the continuing coverage of the strike threat. we'll bring you the latest on the air, online and we'll send
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information to your twitter feed as it develops. and today the man accused of the biggest leak in classified information in u.s. history will learn his fate. private first class bradley manning sent documents to the wiki leaks web site. the judge will announce if he is guilty of aiding the enemy. if convicted he faces life in prison without parole. supporters are awaiting the verdict. they will gather and market and powell street. many say he is a hero and does not deserve to be convicted. he released the documents bay he believed they would not damage the united states. 6:48, twitter is expanding its reach into silicon valley. that web site is hiring for the sunnyvale office. it is hiring a software engineer but the office could
6:49 am
eventually accommodate more than 40 employees. twitter has posting on linkedin that is attracting a lot of business from people who want to buy stock in the site. the job listing said the person hired will be responsible for filing a preliminary prospectus. that's one of the early steps for twitter to go public. officials say they're not focused on an ipo, at least not for now. and let's go to sal. coffee and energy drinks and coke it wake up. but our drivers awake on the roads? that's the question. >> i'll tell you about that here: you will see a tweet about it. and a minor accident and minor they moved it and off to the shoulder and no one was injured t caused a delay and right now instead of being 15 it is 20 minutes. every minute counts you should be aware of it.
6:50 am
they are moving along very well. i will condense what they said into the characters and after the report. let's take a look at north and southbound 880, traffic is moving along nicely. the morning commute is good. and 880 and slow to 92. 6:49 let's go to steve. >> well some breaks in the clouds. a fog bank and hazy skies from the fires and one in fresno. the combination of the two. low clouds area of low pressure off the coast. and not going anywhere right now. not right now but it will be on the cooler side. the temperatures, you know what. hold on, hold on. this happens sometimes there it goes whew, as were you. 50s on the temperatures everyone is within a couple of degrees.
6:51 am
the low clouds are helped along, this is chomping at the bit but it's not going. it has slow and stop. it will accelerate through but in the until wednesday or thursday. the weather stays stuck. flossie is just about done but there were some power outages. thunder was trending on twitter overnight. >> they had some thunder and lightning storms. everything is winding down. control the weather for two more days and a warm up as we head to the weekend. hazy skies from the fires. and depending on the proximity. 80s and 70s for some. 76 and 70 in oak land. san jose 79. but # 0s morgan hill -- morgan hill. there a little below the average. thursday we'll see a slight warm up as we head into the weekend but nothing crazy. >> the time is 6:51.
6:52 am
and the. the chairman and members of the reserve board start a meeting today. investors will watch to see what they signal after they wrap up tomorrow. they could decide if they will raise short term interest rates or hint when they may slow down the policy of buying bonds. let's look at wall street. we have seen numbers have been up compared to yesterday. currently you can see the dow is up 38 points and in terms of the other markets. the dow is up 38. s&p up 3. nasdaq is up 11. we just checked and facebook is up slightly this morning. it opened at its highest price since the day after the ipo last year. and the stock has jumped 33% so far this year. investors were encouraged by the financial reports showing facebook how to make money from mobile apps. and new this morning the president says he will be
6:53 am
meeting with israeli and palestinian negotiators at the white house. coming up at 7:17, we'll have more on the new developments in the middle east peace talks and tell you what the secretary of state is saying. 6:52. a shake-up for central coast law enforcement why the officers have been placed on administrative leave. and it's not a purple haze but we have hazy skies around the bay area today. what is causing it from thousands of miles away.
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good morning and welcome back. a health alert has been issued here because -- because of smoke polluted air. it was issued because the coast and central bay have the highest levels. hazy skies in the video we took from news chopper 2 yesterday. the hazy skies are expected again today. the time now is 6:56. police say ten officers are now on administrative leave while a deadly shoot-out is being investigated. eight of the officers are from the salinas police department. one is a chp officer and another a sheriff's deputy. it happened friday night, the police tried to pull over an armed man. he tried to flee the scene and opened fire on them.
6:57 am
that suspect was shot several times and died at the scene. a bed bug problem at a goodwill warehouse is ruining donations and two warehouses. 15 dumpsters full of donated clothes, appliances and other items have been tossed from the center in burlingame. the warehouse on mission street, don't look at that -- they cleaned it out because bed bugs were found on friday. good-will estimates they were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. it will strengthen methods for spotting the bed bugs as they process the donations. an e-mail from a viewer prompted to us investigate what was happening. if you have an idea for a story or a special report send us an e-mail at ktvu to ireports. is there a problem at the toll plaza. >> we'll see some slow slowing
6:58 am
although it is improving. it is backed up. it is a 20-minute delay. looking at the san may tayyo bridges. steve? plenty of clouds, hazy skies. temperatures close to what we saw yesterday. if you enjoy the cooler weather you will like today. we'll have more coming up. coming up and into a fire scene and early this morning the what the firefighters found when they got to the home. and tower troubles. what caused a to youer to collapse. stay with us.
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an early-morning house fire in san francisco leads to the discovery of a marijuana growing operation. why the setup at this home was so dangerous for firefighters. several overnight explosions at a florida gas plant, the desperate search that followed those powerful blasts. we're live in san ramon where vandals topple a radio tower in a remote park. we'll tell you why they may have caused so much damage. moments ago, the plane carrying the remains of a korean war veteran landed in


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