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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  July 30, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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not guilty. an army private is acquitted involving a massive leak of secrets to wikileaks. he's not free and cur. a vital tower in san ramon is sent toppling down. and a mob change in tone as negotiators just got back together to head off a b.a.r.t. strike.
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good afternoon. i'm ken pritchett. army private bradley manning was acquitted out of the most serious charges he faces. this sentence carried life without a parole. each of the charges he was convicted of are pushable by ten years up ten years in prison. his sentencing hearing is tomorrow and he admitting giving the documents in 2010. he said, however, he did not believe the information would harm u.s. troops or threaten national security. vandals have toppled and east bay radio tower that carries emergency radio, fire communications and other crucial signals. tara moriarty is live in san ramon where she just learned the fbi is now investigating. tara?
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>> reporter: a lot of agencies taking part in this investigation are taking it very seriously. what we understand is that emergency communications have been affected along a three- mile stretch of bullenjer canyon road down to los trompos state park. there's no radio communication between fire and other agencies but there is a backup system in place. these are shots from newschopper2 of the 200-foot radio tower. a spot at the park at the end of bullinger road. >> it was something used, very strong to remove the support from the struck. >> reporter: at 12:30 a.m., monday morning, sensors sounded. someone cut through guide lines. people who walk through the park every morning were flabbergasted by the vandalism. >> it's a long hike. it's pretty deep to get to get
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to the top. it's about a mile and a half to get up there. if you carry a backpack, it -- you would need to be someone in good shape for sure. >> reporter: several agencies have transmitters on the tower. luckily, officials say there are other communications built in to pick up the slack. >> no one lost communications. there was no danger to the public and no chance that police or fire would not be responding to an emergency call. >> reporter: the damage is steep, more than $1 million worth. federal agents have joined the investigation and are trying to figure out if this is a case of domestic terrorism or if the vandals were perhaps after copper. >> no idea. we'll know when we catch them. >> reporter: american tower based in boston owns the tower and says it will build another one. they say this is nothing short of a miracle. live from san ramon, tara
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moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. it's an emotional day for the family and friends of an 8- year-old girl who was shot and killed in oakland during a sleepover. the funeral for alashay carradine began last year. she was at a friend's home for a sleepover when someone rang the doorbell and started shooting. two other children hand a grandmother were injured. no arrests have been made. b.a.r.t. and union leaders are back at the table. three major issues up for discussion. sal castanedo joins us live with the latest developments and how the appears to have visited. >> reporter: we noticed less aci accimy -- acrimony. b.a.r.t. is talking about the big three, salary, pension and medical premiums. we heard no angry accusations
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or rhetoric. >> this is not about demonizing our employees. we love our employees. they are tremendous. i will go to toe to toe against anyone who wants to question that. this is about other issues. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says it's increased its ever through the negotiations. it's offering employees an 8% unconditional pay raise over the next four years. it says the pension contributions for employees is 5% which it says is lower than other public employees' pay. and it says the medical premium contribution is now lower than the average public or private sector. union employees have stated they want more pay to make up for recent takeaways, a bigger commitment to employee safety and no increase in pension or medical premiums. today union he arives seem -- union representatives seem less angry and more hopeful.
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>> i'm hopeful. we have five days left. >> i'm always hopeful. >> reporter: the strike in july and the possibility of a new walkout has many in the public feeling anxious about how they will cope this time. many expressed to us a feeling of powerlessness to effect what happens one way to another. we've learned that b.a.r.t. will have a conference call today with the mtc to think about planning in case there is a strike. they've learned a lot about what happened. this sometime time they say they have more buses originating from contra costa county. live in oakland, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. as sunday's deadline approaches, stay with us for continuing coverage. we'll bring you the latest on air, online and to your twitter feed as it develops. a surprise for san francisco firefighters overnight. ktvu's alex savidge explains why this indoor farm created a
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firefighting hazard. >> reporter: when san francisco firefighters force their way inside this home in visitacion valley, they found the place filled with heavy smoke and a lot of pot. about 60 plants were discovered here. part of a marijuana-growing operation. it wasn't a large fire but it did pose a big risk to firefighters. >> the grow operation is very, very hazardous to firefighters. extremely dangerous situation for us because the way the house is constructed, it's altered. >> reporter: there were exposed wires everywhere and several windows and skylights were boarded over. >> it makes it a trap for firefighters. if something goes wrong, you are stuck. all of the exits and the windows are barricaded with plywood. >> reporter: a neighbor called in the fire just before 1:00 a.m. after noticing smoke coming from the home on tucker avenue. >> i was knocking on the door
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and no one answered. >> reporter: this this woman told me several people appear to live at the home. one of them was here just after the fire started this morning but left quickly before crews arrived. >> he was in a hurry. he came and then we told him to open the door and we called 911 and said he didn't have the key and took off. >> reporter: and this pile of charred debris, you can see some of the equipment used in this growing operation. there are several large lights, plastic pots and over here, a fan. look closely. that's marijuana scattered across the sidewalk. police now are trying to track down the people running this illegal grow that was uncovered by firefighters. in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. two candidates face off in a special run-off election to displays george shiriakawa. the two candidates are running for a seat on the board of
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supervisors. both are democrats. shirikawa resigned in march and entered a guilt plea yes for -- guilty pleas for gambling money and other charges. low voter turnout is expected. within the hour, president obama offered new economic alternatives and he just wrapped up his remarks in chattanooga about 30 minutes ago. president obama proposed cutting the corporate tax rate from 38% to 28% and called on the gop to go along. >> i'm willing to work with republicans on reforming our corporate tax code as long as we use the money for a significant investment in creating middle-class jobs. >> reporter: but republicans say the plan won't fly. they want to see tax reform for individuals along with a lower corporate rate. the white house responded by
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saying the president's plan isn't for republicans but for middle-class republicans. >> reporter: his family thought his remains would never be found but they were after more than 60 years. an army veteran returns home to the bay area. you may be waiting for the bay area to warm up and feel more like summer. rosemary will be here to tell you when that will happen. and what investigators say the driver was doing when a bullet train recently crashed.
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an investigation is underway right now at the site of a massive fire at a florida propane plant. several explosions rocked the blue rhino propane plant last night near orlando. no one was killed. however, several people were injured. three critically. the explosions appear to be accidental and they think equipment failure combined with human error may be to blame. the conductor of the train that derailed in spain was talking on the phone and going 95 miles an hour. the speed limit on that curve was just 50 miles an hour. investigators say the black box indicates that he had been
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going 119 miles an hour but had applied the brakes seconds before impact. they say he was on his work phone with a controller to find out what approach he should take toward his final destination. he's faced with multiple counts of negligent homicide. a hero who went missing 62 years ago came home to the bay area today. the remains ofen army -- of an army sergeant who has a prisoner of war were identified earlier this year and janine de la vega was there with his family for the emotional homecoming. >> reporter: a show of support from the patriot guard riders for a hero they don't know. they rode into the san jose airport to welcome home army sergeant joseph steinberg. he was captured and held as a prisoner of war. his family never imagined his remains would be found. after all, 62 years had passed. >> he was missing. we never thought we would hear
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anything again. this is overwhelming. >> reporter: his closest living relative who lives in san jose, the army collected dna samples from her and her brother in 2006. in april, they were informed, stein brerg's remains had been identified. >> our government has made such an effort to find people that have -- that have been lost like this. >> these photographs shows the private ceremony on the tarmac that took place this morning. an honor guard saluted steinberg and draped and american flag over his casket. [taps] >> reporter: the procession left the airport, a somber homecoming for a man who spent his adult life serving the military. >> he told me about being shot at and highing behind banana trees. he would make jokes about it but it wasn't funny. >> reporter: his service was a sacrifice that will be remembered. >> we have as you been proud of him. he's -- we've always been proud of him. he's never been out of my mind
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and heart for 62 years. >> reporter: he will be laid to rest with full military honors at golden gate cemetery in san bruno on thursday. he will be buried alongside his three brothers who were all world war ii veterans. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. daly city police are looking for conartists posing as people who fix car dents. they say these two men met up with an elderly couple at the st. francis shopping center and were invited to the couple's home to fix the car. the men called a third colleague to help when they finished, one asked to use the bathroom and stole cash from the bedroom while the other two distracted the homeowners. the suspect vehicle is an older white chevy suburban. the power is now back on for almost all of the nearly 2,000 pg&e customers affected by a blackout this morning in oakland. pg&e says it was caused by a see gull that flew into -- seagull that flew into a power line at jack london square.
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several power lines came down in the area of 3rd and harrison streets. at least one transformer was blown. people living in the area say they heard a loud blast shoerltly before the lights went out around 7:00 a.m. >> i heard a loud boom. it didn't sound like a gunshot. it sounded like an explosion. i saw a flash and i heard another loud noise. >> we just checked with pg&e. it says 88 customers still do not have electricity. power should be fully restored by 4:00. the united states has more than 1200 new citizens after an emotional ceremony in oakland today. >> that i will bear true faith. >> oakland's majestic paranownt theater -- paramount theater was the venue as thousands took the oath of citizenship.
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this man went through the same process. >> it meant an emotional investment, it went that i could vote as an american, it meant that now i could experience all of the benefits and. responsibilities of bying an american -- of being an american. >> gascon said his wife from mexico also became a u.s. citizen. 20 children from the san mateo area today got a chance to do back-to-school shopping courtesy of the salvation army and target. they got free school supplies including backpacks, school uniforms, pens and pencils. a south san francisco mother said this was a first for her and her six children. it's -- >> it's a lot of help. i'm a single parent with six kids. it's a great help. >> she says this trip saved her
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about $400. similar programs are planned to help other -- hundreds of other children. we are seeing and feeling a little change in the weather. partly cloudy skies. this is the oakland estuary. this pattern normally provides us with great air quality. not seeing that so much this afternoon. i will explain why in a moment. so the system off the west coast continuing our cool air, continuing the onshore breeze and the marine layer still stuck right about 2,000 feet. so that cool pacific air continuing to move in. the clockwise motion around this system will be with us four the days ahead. what's happening, there is a fire burning right here on the west edge of oregon. so some of that haze and smoke is actually being dragged in by that northwest and westerly flow. so for today, air quality is moderate. but i just want to mention because we saw a little bit of haze in the sky yesterday. you may see it again today.
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it's likely the source will be that system or i should say the system combined with the fire burning in oregon. outside of that, we're dealing with partly cloudy skies. notice the coast, partly sunny to mostly cloudy in some cases. that's a nice change. although the north bay sorked in pretty good with the low clouds and a little bit of fog remaining. in and around santa rosa, that stretch along highway 101. along the american canyon. richmond, you have overcast skies. sausalito. again, pacifica, half moon bay, seeing a little bit more sunshine than you have seen in recent days. you can expect partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. the onshore breeze, still there. but a little weaker through fairfield today. 16 miles an hour. yesterday, it was closer to 20. even 25. so this lf alou for a little bit -- will allow for a little bit of warming. fairfield, 72 degrees. you are warmer than you were 24 hours ago. that will continue into the afternoon. some of us slightly warmer.
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some of us right about what we saw yesterday. 633 in san francisco right -- 63 in san francisco. 69 for concord. temperatures will continue to warm for the afternoon. afternoon highs, 73 novato ex66 sauce lee tee, around the bay, 60s to low 70s. 70 for san leandro. 70 for castro valley. inland, it's nice and warm. mid-80s in antioch. low 80s for livermore today and into the santa clara valley, san jose. the peninsula, you are looking good for the afternoon. 73 redwood city. 71 for san mateo. low to mid-60s in san francisco. low 60s remaining at the coast. your extended forecast here as we get through the business week. little change. we're not gonna see any sort of swing one way or another. as we get into the weekend we'll warm it up. upper 80s to near 90 inland. 70s around the bay. likely cool at the coast. >> cool but starting to feel a little more like summer as we move on. >> they are creeping up a little bit those numbers.
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>> thank you. >> you are welcome. still ahead -- san jose will have to wait a while longer to get a new stadium. but this story is not about the oakland as.
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the dow is up 22 on trading. stocks remain mixed as the federal reserve is having two- day policy meetings. investors are listening to
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hints about when ben bernanke and his colleagues will begin a pullback on the bond-buying sim list program. the -- stimulus program. the fed said they may begin a slowdown later this year. there's a bedbug problem at goodwill of san francisco and officials say it is costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. the nonprofit is throwing out dumpsters full of donated items. workers reported possibly seeing them at the barehouse in burlingame. this is also affecting a goodwill warehouse in san francisco. items were sent to a landfill. gooduse uses the money to train people in need and to help them find jobs. there is some good news for san jose sharks' fans this noontime. it looks like center joe
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pavelski will be on the prowl at the tank for the next five years. about an hour ago, the sharks announced they signed thoim a five-year $30 million contract extension. he scored 16 goals last season. he's the second key player to sign an extension this offseason. logan couture signed a five- year extension earlier this month. the san jose earthquakes will have wait longer to play at the team's new stadium. issues at the construction site at the airport are causing a major delay. the $60 million said yum will not be read -- stadium will not be ready until the second half of the 2014 season. the earthquakes will pay their first home games at santa clara university. today on the news at 5:00 -- he was just acquitted of aiding the enemy. we're continuing to follow the outcome of the bradley manning wikileaks case and reaction right here in the bay area. a rally is set to happen
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tonight in san francisco and our crews will be there as it happens. well, tough for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll tell you the next time news breaks. >> we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. ic sites.
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