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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the clock is ticking to a possible bart strike. >>. global terror alert intensifies. now there is word police right here in the bay area are beefing up patrols. >> >> the new details police are learning about a hit and run yesterday at the venice beach board walk. . >> good evening, i'm ken pritchard in for ken wayne.
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>> hello, again, everyone, i'll heather holmes. >> >> we are entering the negotiations in an effort to avoid another strike between bart and the unions. we are seven hours away from the strike deadline set for midnight. both sides remain at the bargaining table trying to come up with a deal to stop workers from walking off the job. we haven't heard much today about the status of the talks, christian. >> >> reporter: there have not been alot of talk to the media. we can say there are atu members. union members inside. we saw the union president a few minutes ago out for a very brief break. earlier, a union representative indicated a scheduled news conference was canceled because negotiators were too busy for an update. >> we apologize for any inconvenience, but there will not be a press conference at
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1:30. the parties are diligently working to attempt to get a contract. >> >> atu representative was making that statement and we saw takeout food being brought into the building. possible sign that negotiators are working through their meals to hammer out a last-minute deal. after a marathon round of talks yesterday, the pace and intensity has increased markedly. 30-day cooling off period following the four day strike ends midnight tonight. the bart chief negotiator tomahawks said the key is for both sides to realize that compromise is needed. >> they are not saying they will strike. we are not saying we will not bargain any more. everyone wants a solution. as long as everyone keeps saying they want a a solution, that's positive. >> reporter: you can see the union members gathered in the lobby. this is the cal-tran building.
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one more note from tom, we asked if there could be an extension on the deadline. he seems to be saying both sides are negotiating and don't want to drag out the process any more than necessary. the union representative said there is no more schedule for press briefings. we'll have a scene on the crew. i'll have an update in an half hour as the situation develops here. for now, live in oakland. channel "2 news." thank you you, christian. we will check back if with him coming up later at 5:30. >> >> meantime, our website has a complete list of alternate transit options. you will find bus and ferry schedules and pickup locations for carpoolers. you can sign up to receive text alerts and be the first to know if a strike happens. it's all available for you at ktvu. com. >> >> the very latest, at 4:00 am
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for all of the latest information and up-to-the- minute traffic updates. >> >> u.s. state department said 19 embassies in the mideast and africa will be closed through saturday due to a heightened terror alert. that alert is having an impact here in the bay area. anne rubin joining us from the newsroom with how san francisco police are responding. >> >> reporter: they have increased patrols and have more resources on stand by. authorities say this is a tim for vigilance. at home and abroad. san francisco police responding to the terror alert has stepped up patrols throughout the city, keeping an eye on everything from public buildings to houses of worships to public attractions. they are monitoring very areas of the city and determine if additional resources are necessary >> it's the first time we are in san francisco. >> reporter: initially, it was directed toward oversea
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consulates and americans traveling abroad, so the extra security comes as a surprise in the bay area. >> because americans are more used to it being part of their life. as a canadian, we are not. it's we assuring they are there, you are asking yourselves why. >> reporter: it was vague are, the location. that's why agencies here are taking precautions. places like the golden gate bridge, on heightened alert since 9/11. california highway patrol calls their response. vigilant. >> they have to take every threat seriously. you never know. >> i'm not going to let the threat stop me from leaving the house. >> reporter: several of the law enforcement agencies set to meet tomorrow. on their agenda whether it needs to be additional response to the threat. >> >> coming up, we will have more on the global terror alert now
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linked to al-qaida and the closure of the embassies in the mideast and africa. >> >> those concerned about privacy protested the surveillance program. administration says they are legal and necessary to keep america safe. karen was with group of demonstrators that say the nsa need to be reined in. >> >> reporter: a live lie group calling on local leaders to do more to protect the privacy of american citizens. dangers to democracy are too great >> reporter: daniel exposed pentagon capers four decades ago, shedding light on america's policies in vietnam. he told a crowd of roughly 300 he identified strongly with edward snowden and manning. >> in the case of manning myself, we wanted to make people aware of the wars. ongoing war and hopelessness of
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it. in snowden's case, he was looking at violations of the constitution that are getting much debate and would never have done so without snowden's actions. >> reporter: this rally, organized by restore the force too many aim at the surveillance programs. supporters of them say it protects americans. >> you need to have a warrant, the warrant needs to have probable cause. you need to describe specific persons and things to be searched. you are what we have been learning about, the surveillance, follows none of these rules. >> reporter: this woman, vickie, said this is the first time she has taken part in a demonstration. >> what kind of power does that give the government? i think people need to remember. united states, constitution says "we the people." i'm a citizen and i think it's everybody's duty to speak out.
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. they march down market street to nancy pelosi's office. organizers say they will deliver those messages as soon as they get an appointment. >> >> in washington, republican house member defended snowden as a listel blower. while a former n -- as far as congress is concerned, he is a whistle blower. he told us what we needed to know. >> a whistle blower is someone that raises concerns within our government to effect change. there is no evidence, whatsoever, that this young man warned anyone. >> a los angeles congressman said there is no proof that the current terror threat was uncovered through nsa surveillance. >> >> one mad is dead, another in custody after a stabbing in the
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east bay. the contra costa sheriff's department said the attacker stabbed a man who later died at the hospital. investigators say the stabbing appears to be a random act of violence. authorities have not released the name of the victim or the attacker. >> >> more than 300 united airlines passengers got an extra day in the bay area after their flight to australia turned back, landing safely at 1:00 this morning after one of four engines stopped working. no one was injured airport officials say the passengers were put up in hotels overnight and united has schedules another aircraft to carry them to sidney australia later tonight. >> >> southwest airlines facing it's first lawsuit following a hard landing at new york's laguardia airport. 16 passengers were injured on
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july 22nd. a woman on the plane, jacqueline young has filed a lawsuit claiming she suffered permanent injuries from the accident. >> >> we are learning more about a young lady shot yesterday morning at 1:20 in the am near south second street. according to police, the 19- year-old victim was college student. investigators say she was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. so far, no arrests or suspects have been made. that was san jose's 30th this year. >> >> cording to the san jose mercury news, the department is resorting to mandatory holdovers. president of the san jose police officer's organization said he predicts the problem will only get worst. >> >> a coroner's inquest into a walnut creek shooting is set to
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get underway tomorrow. police say banta charged at them with a knife. banta's family said one of the officers fired in panic after reacting to another officer tripping and falling behind him. banta had no criminal record. his parents have filed a $15 million wrongful death lawsuit. . >> we are learning new details about the man suspected of plowing through a crowded southern california, also new information about one of the victims. >> >> doctors issue a warning to santa cruz surfers and swimmers after a discovery of harmful bacteria in the water.
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the man who plowed threw a crowd on the venice beach board walk is charged with murder. people who saw the incident said it looked like he wanted to mow people down. katie murray has this report. >> he drove and took the left turn done the center of the board walk. bodiesy flying in the air. people were screaming. it was absolute mayhem. >> >> reporter: a chaotic scene saturday, a man hitting more than a dozen people, killing one before fleeing. the woman who died was celebrating her honeymoon cording to a statement her husband gave police at the scene. several witnesses believe this was no accident. >> you could tell he intentionally continued to drive and speed up. >> purposely, it looked like he was swerving back and forth to
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run over as many people as he could. >> he was looking for blood. >> that guy's intention was to kill people. >> >> hours later, the driver, 38- year-old nay tan campbell turned himself in, he is charged with murder and is being held on $1 million cording to the los angeles police department. >> it's tragic, the fact that somebody whether intentionally or accidental would come on the board walk where hundreds, thousands of people come here to enjoy the beach and walk and bike and walk their dogs. it's huer renn douse. >> reporter: i'm katie murray are, reporting. >> >> a gay couple considering to sit in the back of the bus. this all happened a month ago on a shutter bus. witnesses say the driver asked the it with men to move to the back after seeing they were holing hands. the couple was shocked, but complied. they have filed a complaint with the american civil liberties union. the shuttle bus company is
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requiring all drivers to take sensitivity training. >> >> rescue teams pulled the body of a snowboarder from a collapsed ice turn in oregon's mounthood. the 25-year-old colorado man was buried yesterday when the tunnel gave way. friends try to dig him free, but the ice was too thick. rescuers worked until 11:00 and resumed their efforts this morning. the buried snowboarder was identified. his father said he died doing what he loved. >> >> doctors in santa cruz are reminding surfers to take precaution while in the water. santa cruz sentinel reports one ended up in the hospital where his eye swelled up and his face become numb. there is no way to tell if the bacteria came from the ocean, but they are advising swimmers to use caution if you see signs of an infection, they say you
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should seek treatment immediately. >> >> we have some changes coming to our forecast, but they are very fall. here to tell us all about it -- >> pretty cold at the beach. patchy fog stub born into the afternoon hours. camera in san francisco showing you some. we are worried about this because the clouds push in, basically making this camera unusual. next camera showing you san jose, alot of sunshine here, but with the presence of the deeper marine layer, temperatures in the south bay held in check. right now, you can't see this. monterrey bay -- closer inspection, basically, the cloud is covering san francisco out towards san francisco and daily city toward half moon bay. as far as current numbers. out toward fairfield, livermore.
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san jose, 72. downtown, you want to bundle up here, readings only in the upper 50s. 59 degrees. specifically this time, we are talking about a shallow marine layer. it has been deepening. transporting cooler air inland, meaning no major heat in our forecast tomorrow. forecast lows, first thing tomorrow morning will be pretty chilly, once again. low 50s around santa rosa, nap that. and san jose, 52, areas of fog near the coast, around the bay, a few patches will head inland. possibly wet roads, especially driving highway 1 the first thing tomorrow morning. low clouds, fog and drizzle. upper 50s toward ocean beach. feeling temperature sensor warming up. we are not talking about major heat. the warm end of the temperature range on track to reach the 80s, 80-85 degrees by 3:00
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tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow, the numbers about the same as today, could be a little cooler in a few spots. right now, we are in between this area of high pressure to our east. area of low pressure to our north. this wins out the next three to five days. no major changes. for the beaches, you want to bundle up. patchy fog on the cool side. wind speeds pick up 15-25-miles an hour, inland spots, are clearing skies, we'll call it warm, temperatures mainly in the low to mid-80s, breaking it down. 47 tomorrow morning. 52-57 degrees by lunchtime, patchy coastal fog. this will be a slow burnoff pulling p back to near the coastline, burnoff pulling back. forecast highs for tomorrow, santa rosa, 76, san jose in the mid-70s. warmest location toward
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fairfield, antioch, livermore, 82 degrees. partly sunny skies, but chilly for the immediate shore line. a look ahead, five-day forecast, temperatures, we'll shave off a few degrees tuesday and even more cooling for wednesday, thursday, friday, in fact, warmest location in the mid-to upper 70s by that it time frame. coming up in 20 minutes, we'll look at your weekend forecast, we could have warmer temperatures, we'll have that coming up with the next update. >> >> president obama took some time of to celebrate his 52nd birthday. this is video of him coming from camp david. he began with a round of golf. golfing buddies included friends from hawaii and chicago along with state aids. >> >> someone bought a powerball ticket in the south bay matching five out of the six numbers for a million dollar jackpot. the winner just got 180 days to claim the prize.
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the south bay ticket matched the numbers 24, 36, 21, 46, and 42, missing only the powerball number of 15. no one hit all six numbers. so wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $400. >> >> less than seven hours until the bart strike deadline. we'll have an update. >> >> if there is a strike, hundreds of thousands of commuters will have to find a new way to get to work tomorrow. all of the information you need to know. >> >> an early morning house fire in oakland jumps to a neighboring home. how the people outside got out and the dangerous conditions firefighters faced. .
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developing news and down to the wire bart contract talks, christian has been monitoring the negotiations for us all day in oakland. he joins you live, any update christian? >> reporter: we spoke to a bart representative earlier and she told us there would be no more scheduled news conferences for the rest of the day. >> the parties are diligently working to attempt to get a contract. >> both sides showed up this morning, following a marathon round of talks yesterday.
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the union gave 72 hours notice thursday and said the pace of negotiations has noticeably picked up. earlier, we saw food being delivered to the building, a possible sign that they are working through their meal. earlier, we spoke with chief negotiator tamoxifen hawk who said that both sides need to negotiate. he said he has not heard about a possible extension on a strike deadline. >> if there is an extension, when it happens, it happens, right now, everybody is trying to settle it. >> reporter: a little earlier, we saw a group of bart union workers show up here at the cal- tran headquarters, saying they were here to offer their support to union negotiate yorks, we didn't get a chance to speak with one of the train operators. the chief negotiator, she said, was sitting at the table. she seemed to be hopeful that there wouldn't be a strike, but at this point, not a lot of
5:26 pm
other information about whether the strike will be going on. the deadline set for midnight. we have a team here monitoring negotiations as they take place here. we will have updates for you throughout the evening. for now, we are live in oakland -- >> if bart unions do call a strike, other bay area transit systems will have to pick up the slack. alternatives for commuters. >> reporter: a bart strike would derail commute plans of commuter -- ac transit said they will add as much bus service as possible. it's driver also not cross the picket lines, so bus stops located inside of bart stations will be moved outside of bart property. bart lot will be open to carpoolers. drivers will have extended carpool lane hours.
5:27 pm
chp is adding officers to the roadways to make sure drivers in lov passengers have enough passengers at all hours of the day. you may recall the long lines of ferry service during the july bart strike. a docking point will be added at the san francisco terminal, which should ease some dock congestion. if the trains come to a screeching halt at midnight, bart said it will bring in charter buses during peak commute hours. bus service will start 5:00 am tomorrow at -- >> but the buses can only serve about 4,000 passenger as day each way. that's about one percent of bart's normal passenger load. >> if you need incentive, casual carpool is offering $5 piece coffee cards to drivers that pick up passengers in san francisco as they head to the
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east bay. >> >> for more on bart alternative in the event of a strike. you will find bus and ferry schedules as well as a list of pickup locations for casual carpoolers. you can sign up to receive text alerts and be among the first to know if a strike happens. you will find all of that on ktvu. com. we will bring you the very latest a half hour early tomorrow morning. join us at 4:00 am for all of the latest up-to-the-minute updates. >> >> chp motorcycle officer recovering after being injured in an accident involving a suspected drunk driver. highway patrol spokesman said the accident happened at 8:30 last night. investigators say a car turned unexpectedly in front of the officer who was thrown from his motorcycle. officer schneider suffered moderate injuries and was
5:29 pm
treated and released from the hospital. investigators say the driver said he didn't sigh the officer and was arrested on suspicion of drunken driverring. >> >> san francisco police are looking for the person that stabbed a man last night on a busy street. it happened on market street. the victim was take ton san francisco general hospital with a stab wound to his upper body. the attacker has been described as a black man in his 40s or 50s wearing a block hooded shirt. >> >> fire spread from one home to another leaving two people to look for a place to live. the old victorian homes posed a unique challenge for firefighters. huge flames poured from the roof of this victorian home near 19th and west streets in oakland. the fire started in this house and jumped to the place right next door. that second home was vacant, but the first home that burned had two families inside.
5:30 pm
this woman said she saw smoke near the back of the house >> grateful, yes, that i my kids -- my son and i got out. i'm grateful for this. >> reporter: the fire started before 7:00 this morning. close to 50 firefighter also to be called in, putting water on the outside while battling the flames inside. at one point, crews had to clear up they are victorian houses with no fire stops. once it starts, it goes all the way to the attic. >> reporter: a total of eight people were living in this house that was destroyed by the fire and all of them will have to find another place to live. a fire investigator was out here trying to pinpoint the exact cause of the fire. but a fire chief said it appears the fire started with
5:31 pm
the home's electrical system. >> >> another fire did considerable damage to a house in san pablo this morning. it happened about 2:15 am on mcarthur avenue. one of the responding firefighters shot this video after arriving on the scene. firefighters say the flames were under control about 2:30. nobody was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> >> -- . the state department extends the closure of american embassies and lawmakers signal the terrorist threat is coming from al-qaida. >> >> the mother of bradley manning breaks her silence and
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late today, state department extended the closure of state departments in mideast and africa through saturday.
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washington lawmakers are comparing it to chatter heard before the 9/11 attack. the latest from washington. >> reporter: sources tell "fox news" al-qaida planned something big and spectacular. the president is being updated on a regular basis and his national security team has been meeting. key lawmakers are in the loop. we received information that high level people from al-qaida are talking about a major attack. these are people on a high level. whatever that is, we act upon it because you our first priority is to protect the americans in other parts of the world. >> reporter: lawmakers say the kind of terrorist chatter is very similar to what we heard before 9/11. the warning comes as al-qaida leader is urging his followers to take revenge for the killing of terrorists and follows a series of recent prison breaks. 22 embassies and consulates are closed today and a worldwide
5:36 pm
travel alert has been issued for americans. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle applaud the white house handing of it so far. >> we can't criticize him to do too little and then too much. >> the lawmakers say they don't know the specific method or location of a planned attack, but said the timing could be linked to the muslim holy days of ramadan. >> >> along with global tightening of security, troubled british bank is telling foreign diplomats to close their accounts. the move is said to be causing havoc in-done. embassies often deal in large amounts of cash. in other news of the world, iran's new president sworn in before unveiling a new cabinet
5:37 pm
filled with moderates. the president there said iranians are longing for change and progress. iran is facing diminishing revenues, possible food shortages as well as sanctions over the country's nuclear program. the white house said the inauguration of the president presents an opportunity to resolve deep concerns over the country's nuclear program. >> >> in honduras, the army has taken over security at the country's main prison following a riot. members of a team used ak47's in a -- it came a day after the commission on human rights released a report saying inmates control honduras' prisons. >> >> kliens that stopped imports of all milk powder after
5:38 pm
bacteria that can cause botchlism was found. my zealand based dairy company identified eight companies that sold the whey products that was imported to china. >> >> this week, military trial begins for the accused shooter in the forthood massacre. major hassan faces the death penalty if convicted. he admitted in 2009, he opened fire on hundreds of soldiers at the texas based, killing 13. the obama administration has classified the crime as a workplace shooting in order that hassan have full rights as a defendant. those injuries are angry because the classification means they are not eligible for purple hearts. >> the mother of bradley manning had a message for her son, "never give up hope." he is facing as long as 136 years in prison for disclosing
5:39 pm
secret u.s. documents. 59-year-old susan manning from wales is divorced from manning's father. she told the daley mail that she considers her son her superman and said one day he would be free. >> >> international business times said it is buying "news week" from the aaic interactive corporation. fews week last publicked in 2012 and has since become part of the daily beast website >> fans of jerry garcia gathered in san francisco to remember the man who helped to create the grateful dead. 11th annual jerry day concert brought musicians together with memories. garcia lived in the excelsior neighborhood as a fan describes
5:40 pm
what drew him to the event. >> garcia died in 1995. his estate helped to raise funds to create this area. >> >> citrus growers, defendants stating pest. how it will help california crops. >> will it warm up for your workweek? mark will be here with a look at the bay area forecast. has whole grain oats s . that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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california citrus growers are importing killer creatures to target a tiny insect threatening crops. they have pushed to a parasite
5:43 pm
was -p in their battle against the bug that can carry a disease that has devastated crops in florida and nine countries. l.a. times report 75,000 of the was -pes have been released since pesticides and quarantines have failed to keep them in check. >> >> mark is here with our forecast. >> >> right, the fog will win out over the next few days. the time when you talk about the -- usual warmup in august and september. no major heat in our long range forecast. start temperatures. they range from the low 60s to the coastline. santa rosa, 75 degrees. 80s toward concorde, livermore and antioch, 88 degrees. "stormtracker" two. the fog bank still hugging a good portion of our shore line.
5:44 pm
closer inspeckton. basically covering south attention or a good portion of it and san francisco itself. wind speed still a bit of a breeze, the one constant, winds, west, 23-miles an hour. sustained at 15-miles an hour and more neighborhoods for you. san jose, sfo winds 23-miles an hour. time lapse from this afternoon. this is a look san francisco out here in the distance, there is the fog bank and you can see the time lapse from the 3:00 hour to the 4:00 hour, so clearing skies up above, but still clear keeping it cool near the immediate shoreline. fog will expand and coverage. not too much change tonight and tomorrow morning. cad to mild, maybe a little cooler in a few spots, morning overcast clearing to the shore line. the overall trend over the next few days, the weather system that will set up camp off
5:45 pm
shore. it's cooling off next three to five days. with the inland neighborhood by thursday, most areas on track to reach mid-to upper 70s. here is our forecast models, 7:00 and 8:00, clouds and possibly drizzle showing up near the immediate coastline. overcast at the bay. this is 8:00 monday morning and clearing back to near the shore line. once again, we'll hold onto patchy fog around san francisco and right around the bay itself. wind speeds do pick up. the typical onshore breeze, 15- 25-miles an hour for tomorrow afternoon. santa rosa -- you will find some 60s right around 70 degrees right around the rim of the bay and head over the hills, will you find some 80s out toward concorde, livermore and brentwood.
5:46 pm
sunnyvale, 73, san francisco near the immediate coastline. bundle up, the readings only in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. here is a look ahead. five-day forecast, talking about the cool down, shaving off a few degrees each day, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. thursday and friday the coolest days of the week. we warm them up a little bit, by sunday, day 7, we could be talking about mid-to upper 80s, heather was talking about her experience in san francisco, how cold it was. tomorrow morning, expect the same deal. >> thanks for the warning. you told me to be prepared. >> >> all right, thanks. >> >> some alzheimer's patients enjoying baseball therapy to help preserve older memories. an alzheimer's group in st. louis put together what they called the cardinals reminiscence league, designed for cardinal fans are early stage alzheimer's. they get together twice a month to share their baseball memories or go on day trips to
5:47 pm
places like busch stadium. >> we talk baseball, all of my friends and yeah, it's really a lot of fun. >> so, this was the perfect opportunity for him to come alive and start talking more and share more. >> therapists say this program helps people with memory programs pause it encourages lively conversation and upbeat atmosphere. it is based on a support group out of scotland that focus on memories about soccer. >> >> a softer side is shown of the world's best golfer. sports wrap is next. .
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5:50 pm
good evening, everyone, thanks for joining our early sunday edition of sports wrap. six days ago, oakland as enjoyed a six-game lead. today, the lead is down to 2 1/2. adrian laces the single to left. ian scores the first run, little did we know that would be enough for the rangers, nelson cruz may be suspended tomorrow but his solo homer, 2- 0. mitch moreland with a two- runer. 4-0 texas. rangers get started, holland throw as four hit shutout through 8th. rangers defense better in
5:51 pm
oakland. nice pick and throw to start the 6, 4, 3 double play. arks get shut out for the ninth time. they are playing cincinnati tuesday. >> >> recent triple a callup. guillermo started in place for hurt barry zito. they have been tripping over themselves trying to find a winning season. giants take a 1-0 lead in the first, but the bottom of the first. walks the hitter. myers whips this? mission, red hot rays lead 2-1. >> >> san francisco comes back. fourthgiants take the relead.
5:52 pm
2-4 giant hitters were done. batting .180 but he tags had off speed pitch. and escobar scores it., fernando rodney gets andre swinging, giants lose again, finishing 3-3 on this road trip and host milwaukee tomorrow. >> >> tiger woods said he didn't quite have it today, but started final round of the wgc bridgestone invitational and you can get away with a less than perfect performance. then he finally find as birdie. tiger, par 4, 10th landing seven feet and he would nail to to extend hayes lead to eight strokes. none of the other golfers challenged him. he was shooting for the middle
5:53 pm
of the fairway and the greens. his only bogey when he three putted on 14th. he shoots an even-par 70, wins by 7. it's his fifth win of the year, 79th victory of his career, including eight on this course. tiger heads to rochester new york for next week's final major, pga championship. >> >> major comeback in the women's golf major tournament and cal bound misty franklin swims her way into the history books, we'll soak it all up, next .
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
the l pga tour has condition dominated biation golfers. in fact, the last 10 were won biation women. today, the reebok r eric kirschner co women's british open. it was windy at saint andrew's,
5:56 pm
in scottland. that's not an egg, dude. south korean trying to be the first progolfer to win four straight majors in a single season. she finished four team shots back. troy held the lead with six holes to go. she boeing idea three of the last six holes, finishing the tie for second. >> >> last year's l pga winner of the year, stacy lewis, becoming the only golfer in the last 21 groups to shoot a 41 even-par. she called it shot of her life. five iron, she birdied that hole and as troy continues to fade, lewis adds one more spectacular putt. making this 25-foot birdie on 18. lewis shoots even-par to win the british open by two shots. their second major title. >> 18-year-old swimming sensation, misty franklin is
5:57 pm
heading to california. she was the lead off leg in the relay. usa beat australia by two seconds, giving misty her 6th gold medal in these championships. she is the first woman ever to win six gold medals in a single world championship. or winter olympics. >> >> bittersweet today' poconos race way. jeff gordon remembering his 42nd birthday as the day he let a victory slip away. jimmy johnson won the pole. he looked strong until he blow as tire. jimmy had to pit several times to keep his car in the race. he maintains the lead overall. jeff guard on was leading and his teammate, casey cane beats him. happy birthday jeff. he came in second. >> >> that's sports. for this early sunday edition of sports wrap, giants and a's
5:58 pm
both losers today. >> all right, thank you. >> >> coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. we continue to monitor the ongoing bart talks as the possibility of a second strike draws closer. >> >> thank you for making ktv overages your are source for news, we will see you the next time news breaks. >> >> midnight is the deadline for the bart strike. keep it right here or go to our website for updates on the talks are going. we hope to see you back here at 10:00 for good news regarding the bart contract talks. .
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