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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 9, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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oakland police have narrowed their search for a missing mother. i will tell you about the man connected to her past that they have in custody coming up. bart contract talks resume in a couple hours. why this could be another tense weekend for bay area commuters. and happening now big lines in the south bay. the help some families are hoping to get to get them ready for the school year. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us it's friday, august 9th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. you didn't tell me you invited the lovely rosemary orozco. >> she is always welcome here.
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>> good morning, rosemary. >> good morning, to you. it's friday. everybody has smiles on their face and a warmup coming their way. this morning we are waking up with low clouds, patchy drizzle, and fog. sound familiar? but by the afternoon temperatures will be turning just a bit warmer. this is the start of a warmup as we get into your weekend. we will see a bigger warmup especially by sunday. but along the coastline for today low 60s expected. 70 degrees right around the bay and low 80s for some of our warmer locations. a little breezy through the delta this afternoon. the afternoon sea breeze will be back. good morning, sal. good morning. right now highway 4 looks pretty good coming up to the willow pass grade. there are no major problems. 5:01 let's go back to the desk. we have developing news in vallejo. police have searched a three square mile air during the night for a missing oakland woman. this after police identified a
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man named randy ray ran that as a person -- alana as a person of interest in this case. katie utehs is joining us. >> reporter: alana is in custody. i will explain his connection in a moment. search crews wrapped up their search this evening. in the early morning hours. they will resume active search around 8:00. there is still a police presence here at the command center. we have seen officers out and about and again they will pick up that active search at 8:00 a.m.. oakland police detectives called for the search of the fairgrounds last night around 6:00 as they look for 50-year- old sandra coke. coke a federal investigator was last seen sunday evening. recently she had been tracking down leads to find her dog that had been stolen. coke's car, cell phone, and credit cards have been located but no sign of the missing
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mother. >> boundaries with i-80 on one side and the city of vallejo on the other side. it's quite a large search area. >> reporter: oakland police do have 56-year-old randy alana in dutschke. he has prior convictions for kidnap and rape. he's being held on parole violations. coke's friends say she dated alana some time ago. at this point police are calling alana a person of interest and have not said if he pointed them to the current search area. there is also several lakes nearby so a dive team may be brought in this morning and search crews planning to resume their search at 8:00 a.m.. katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. there is a major new development in the brutal killing last year of a teenage girl in sacramento. prosecutors announced they arrested the suspect of a
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brutal killing of jessica funk haslam. her body was found in a baseball dugout. dna led to a break in the case 17 months after the killing. >> dna i'm confident that jessica's murder would not have been solved. >> the suspect identified as 23- year-old ryan douglas robert. he's a dishwasher at a sacramento steak house. now to our continuing coverage of the bart labor dispute and the threat of another strike monday morning. negotiations resume at 10:00 this morning and the latest contract talks between bart management and the union. the two sides seem to be far apart. one union leader says they are ready to issue a 48 hour strike
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notice. the board of inquiry investigating to the bart labor dispute has not submitted its plan to the governor. that would be about 10:00 sunday night. just two hours before the latest strike deadline. governor brown lacheses the -- brown will assess the situation and he will decide whether to ask the judge for a 60 day cooling off period. please go to for updates. you can also sign up for alerts from us. so we can let you know whether or not there will be a bart strike. just down load our mobile app, follow us on twitter or like us on facebook. skyline college in san bruno will be open today after it was locked down last night. the lock down was ordered after someone reported seeing a man with a rifle heading to the campus yesterday afternoon. well nonissues pushous was found. the campus is by the san
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francisco jail facility. classes were canceled but today skyline college in san bruno will be open. 5:05 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at the commute. >> it's doing well. we are off to a good start. we're looking at the sunol grade first and traffic is moving along very nicely. if you are driving on 680 southbound past mission boulevard and into san jose. we better hope it will stay this way. traffic is moving very nicely on 580 so far coming out of the livermore valley. also looking at the toll plaza, it is light and hopefully it will stay this way into san francisco. there are no major problems reported by chp. in san jose northbound 280 traffic looks good and so does northbound 101. temperatures this afternoon warmer. it's not going to be a spike, but we are on our way with the warming trend in time for your weekend. outside our doors more of the same this morning.
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we have wide spread low clouds. well inland. the on shore breeze is blowing through the delta and helping transport those low clouds. and our temperatures at this hour in the 50s. we are looking at 57 in concord. 55 outside your door in novato. 57sfo. 56 san francisco. mid 50s half-moon bay. the patchy drizzle is falling. i had my windshield pipers falling. expect that once again. here's the system that just continues. finally beginning to urge its way north. as it moves north it will leave us and give us a a little bump in our temperatures. as we get through the for the east bay get inland it will be a warm one. but we will work our way back
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to the early morning. sunday will be the warmest day as you can see on the screen. low 70s expected around the bay. afternoon sunshine. partly cloudy skies expected for the coastline. low 60s today. slightly warmer tomorrow. mid 60s expected on sunday. the warming trend will continue as we get into early next week. coming up in just a bit,ly have a look at the detailed highs coming up. charges being filed against two friends of the alleged bomber. bad news for drivers in san francisco. the new tool used by parking enforcement officers that may make fighting a ticket even more difficult. good morning. north and southbound 880 looks good here. we will tell yo more straight ahead. [ female announcer ] new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares.
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nature valley protein bars. welcome back. time now is 5:11. a bay area nonprofit is about to hand out thousands of backpacks from kids of low income families. cd squad is live in san -- janine de la vega is live in san jose. families are lining up. at least they should be. >> they have appointments later on in the morning. some do line up. i have only seen one person in a lawn chair outside because everyone has scheduled appointments. i'm here at sacred heart. this is the backpack room. these are the boys backpack.
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they have them in sections here. first through sixth grade. it goes all the way down the line to girls and different age groups there. there are more than 2400 backpacks being given away. that is record number of backpacks being given away to low income children. and here's some of the things they will get. you can see they have the pack back. they have their markers, pencils, there is calculators. all sorts of things they need to be successful. and one person i want to speak to here is jay. he is with sacred heart community services. why is this so important? especially for the low income children. studies show that they are not going to be as successful right? >> well, the odds are against them. because of the community coming together, not only today but in the future, we believe they can be successful. so what is happening right now is that we're making sure that kids on the first day of school are able to go there with all the school supplies they need so they can be focusing on their education that day.
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we want them to start successful the first day. >> studies were showing us especially in santa clara county district. didn't we get lower than expected maybe test scores? and there was a focus on minority kids and low income children. >> so actually the state released the star test scores yesterday. unfortunately we saw a slight downturn in english and math scores. we really need to make sure that will change in the future. that is most proven as we look at the achievement gap with latino and african american families and low income. we've got to make sure that their odds of graduating are just as high. right foul the odds of low income child are seven times greater of not finishing high school. we have to change that. >> okay thank so much. a good reason to make sure they are prepared with all the school supplies they are going to need. the parents are going to start picking out their backpacks later on at 10:00 a.m..
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reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> has a special back to school session to help you get ready for the school year. it includes start dates for all bay area school districts. ways to save on back to school shopping and a lot more. we also posted school photos of our ktvu reporters. who is that guy? reporters -- don't tell me. and photographers are on that there. it's all on the back to school tab on our ktvu home page. demonstrators are promising to stop the sale of the building that includes murals from the 1930s. they are worried about -- the post office plans to sell the building. the space there is no longer needed. but he added his agency might be interested in renting back part of that old building. during the night the united states closed another consulate because of a new threat from al qaeda.
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ktvu kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom the state department was evacuating diplomats from pakistan. >> reporter: dave, only a handful of merge personnel remain in pakistan. some were moved about 200 miles away to the capitol city of islam bad. the state department cites a specific threat against the u.s. consulate in lahore. officials say there are several terrorists groups in the country that pose a particular danger to americans and this has been a deadly week in pakistan. yesterday a suicide bomber killed more than 100 people. u.s. officials are not saying whether the specific threat today against the u.s. consulate is related to the other al qaeda threat that lead to the temporary closing of 20
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embassy and consulates. when the state department could billion releasing further details when i see you next. time now 5:15. secretary of state john kerry meets with his russian counterpart in washington, d.c.. he will talk about a range of topics including syria, global security, and human rights. and he will bring up the hot issue of the asylum of edward snowden. this morning police say a man accused in deadly shooting rampage in texas is a former member of an all male dance team for the dallas mavericks. police say bowser is accused of opening fire at homes in southeast dallas and de soto killing four people including his estranged wife and wounding four others including several
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children. police say bowser was a member of the mavs maniacs from 2002 to 2009. all the male hip hop group entertains fans at dallas mavericks home games. two friends of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are facing charges. the two young men on counts -- indicted on two counts of obstructing justice. investigators say the two men went to tsarnaev's dorm room after the april sat bombing and removed incriminating evidence. up until now they had faced charges of conspiracy. menlo park police may soon have license plates readers in their patrol cars. the city council is considering that now. the council member says the city first needs to agree on a policy for how long that information there will be stored. the police asked for the license plate readers after a rise in crime in the belle
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haven neighborhood. parking control officers in san francisco are using pictures to justify handing out traffic tickets. muni issued a new order that they snap photographs of most kinds of driving infractions when they write out tickets in san francisco. those infractions include blocking driveways, parking on sidewalks, and violating construction zone parking restrictions. the picture go to a special data base. 5:18 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at the commute. >> we are doing pretty well in most areas. right now traffic does look good if you are driving and getting an early start. there are no major problems if you are driving on to the sunol grade. traffic looks good. traffic does look good on interstate 880 north and southbound as you drive through.
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there are no major problems there. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza westbound bay bridge traffic looks pretty good getting into san francisco. it looks like it's a little wet on the roads. but not causing any major traffic jams. this morning in san jose we are looking at the road sensors. sofa so good. 5:18 let's go to rosemary. we do have a thick, heavy drizzle falling in some cases. slick roads definitely a possibility over oakland this morning. patchy drizzle reported as well as sfo. here's the system we've been watching for the last several days. it is drifting slowly north. it will continue our path into this weekend. today it will be very subtle as we get into the weekend the temperatures will creep up. the low clouds continue. we've got the on shore breeze. as i mentioned we have drizzle again this morning. little change as you get outside at this hour. even our temperatures are fairly similar to how we started yesterday in the 50s. also want to point out a red
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flag warning. the system is triggering a few thunderstorms over parts of the northern california area. this lasting until 8:00 tonight. imparticular for the possibility of lightning and the threat of you know the lightning creating the fires. for the weekend in tahoe there is a slight possibility of thunderstorms for today and then turning mostly sunny with low 70s in the forecast for the afternoon. meanwhile here at home 76 for novato today. 75 san rafael. off to the east bay upper 60s to low 70s. upper 70s to low 80s for the inland communities. these numbers slightly warmer than yesterday. 76 san jose. 75 redwood city. 66 in san francisco. the extended forecast the warmup will continue. temperatures finally rebounding to near normal as we get into early next week. back to the desk. european markets mostly higher right now. that follows the lead of the markets in the far east. japan, hong kong, and china showed small gains for their
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day. south korea and taiwan closed with losses overnight. checking in on our numbers the future is pointing to a slightly higher opening at this point. but it's been a pretty rough week overall. the nasdaq up 15 points and now in new record territory. one of the stocks that helped the nasdaq hit an all-time high is tesla. shares in the palo alto based car maker closed higher than $153 a share. up 14%. and tesla had a surprisingly good earnings report. that is what helped things out there. time is 5:21. questions about spending taxpayer dollars. the federal investigation that is focusing on planned parenthood. the second winning power ball ticket revealed. force ♪
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lack back to the -- welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we now know who holds the second winning ticket in the $448 million power ball jackpot. a group of 1 coworkers bought -- 16 coworkers bought that winning ticket at acme market. they work at a county vehicle maintenance garage. that will now split the prize.
5:25 am
is >> i have two kids. am i going to be able to pay for them to two to college? take care of them if they have health issues. all of these things, gone. >> what a nice feeling that must be. the third winning ticket was also sold in new jersey at a super market in south brunswick. that winner has not come forward yet. here in california there were nine second place power ball winners. not bad. california only started selling power ball tickets a few months ago. lottery officials say it's already beating sales expectations. that is good news for california schools which were originally promised about $50 million in additional revenue from power ballot rei officials say higher ticket sales says schools will receive roughly double that amount. 5:25. the federal government investigating how planned parenthood spends taxpayer money. the investigation comes after 50 republican members of
5:26 am
congress asked to look into how taxpayer dollars are spent by abortion providers. planned parenthood gets half a billion dollars in federal funding. officials say it's routine for the government accountability office to investigate if it's requested by the chair of a ranking member of a congressional committee. your time just about 5:26. there is a problem in dublin this morning. sal is checking it out. what is going on? >> it's a crash reported. injury crash. westbound 580 at the 60 inter-- at the 680 interchange. road sensors are picking up slow traffic. it looks like there is debris in one of the lanes because of this crash that called the paramedics out and just now as i refresh my page they have just issued a sig alert. the officers on the scene are asking for them to issue it. it will come down in just a
5:27 am
moment here. a sig alert because of this crash. we'll let you know more about it coming up. let's talk about the sunol grade. the traffic here nearby looks good heading south into san jose. now let's go to rosemary. okay. our cool weather maker is slowly moving out. we are looking at a slow warming trend. starting with today. temperatures just a tad warmer than yesterday. as you get out the door later this morning low to mid to upper 50s around the bay area. and inland for your lunch hour mid 60s. low 70s inland. near 70 degrees for our bay area communities. i'll have details on the temperatures coming up. time now 5:27. amber alert for two missing children now expanded to four states. why the police say the man accused of kidnapping the children may be more dangerous than first thought. and the golden gate park area has now become home to one of the largest music festivals of its kinds.
5:28 am
we will take you to outside lands and show you the activities this morning and tell you why not everyone in this neighborhood is happy about it. also why that fire danger in southern california has doubled. the fight out there to put out two separate raging wild fires.
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good morning to you. welcome back. unofficial pam cook day. it's friday, it's august 9th
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i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 5:30. i like saturday too. saturday is a good day. good morning. rosemary is here for steve. >> good morning. we are knocking on weekend's door as you are well aware. we have a warmup in store for your weekend. hopefully that puts a smile on your face. it will be a minor warmup but at least we are not going down. this morning we are waking up with the clouds and drizzle. we will remain unseasonally mild but temperatures will inch upstarting today. afternoon thunderstorms a possibility. near tahoe and farther north. i will detail that coming up in a few moments and of course your temperatures for today coming up. sal. we have problems at the dublin interchange. right now we are looking at 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. traffic does look good. i just want to mention a crash at the dublin interchange westbound on the ramp to 680. westbound 580 right there. and they have issued a sig
5:32 am
alert for this. traffic is beginning to stack up already in pleasanton as you head west. we'll have another report on that and the rest of the commute in just moments. now back to dave and pam. topping our news at 5:30 we are following developing news in vallejo where police searched a three square mile after a person of interest was identified. police say randy is a convicted sex offender who was the last person to see sandra before she was reported missing on sunday. family friends say they briefly dated 20 years ago. he contacted her for help getting his life back together. >> we are still treating this as a missing person. we are also looking at this from an angle if there is foul play involved. >> we're going to have much more on the search for sandra coke coming up at 6:00. new this morning san jose
5:33 am
police are investigating whether three people shot in the city this morning are connected. we know at least one man was shot at 4:00 a.m. on mid field avenue about the same time two other people were admitted to a nearby hospital with gunshot wounds. police are trying to see if the shootings are connected. now there are two major wild fires burning out of control in southern california. the biggest one the silver fire is near the community of cabson. that is 20 miles west of palm springs. 14,000 acres is burned. it's 20% contained. this one has destroyed 26 homes and one commercial building. as many as 600 -- crews are down there helping in the firefighter. so far 1500 people have been forced to evacuate. >> it was just incredible. the fire is so ominous. it can look pretty but then you know what kind of destruction
5:34 am
it can cause. >> this is so big, at one point the fire was burning more than 1,000 acres every hour. there is also a fire 70 miles i way in the angulose national forest. and there is an emergency shelter set up. causes of both of those fires is under investigation. a man accused of kidnapping four children. may have legged his can w exprose police are asking anyone who thinks they may have spotted dimaggio or dimaggio is expected of killing a four.
5:35 am
less have have received a lot of leads but there is no confirm sighting. there is now a new lawsuit. it's filed by the largest group of american survivors on flight 214. now coming up at 5:45 what the lawsuit says could have been done differently that could have prevented injuries to survivors. happening today it's the start of the outside lands music and arts fest have. golden gate park. will be filled with legends. claudine wong is live. >> reporter: a lot of activity out here. we by the polo field. you can see this area shut down. it took us awhile to wind our way through here. we brought ourselves to the vip entrance because we hope to be vip's this morning. this is one of the setups.
5:36 am
when you go through here you can see a ton of lights. if you are familiar with the festival, you know it's huge. it's tough to get in here. there are multiple stages but of course everyone comes for the music. there is the back of one of the stages. just one of several stages in here. big names. i let's name a couple you have nine inch nails. >> we've been trying to get paul here for the last few years. he's earnly you know so many people want to come here. notten papty about that. >> there is a line of taxis coming up here. they block all the driveways.
5:37 am
no tenants can leave or come home. >> reporter: so certainly that does make things tough. we will come back out here live to golden gate park. i will say i was just corrected. sir paul mccartney. starts at 11:00 thmorning. if you are anywhere in this area when things get under way live here in san francisco claudine wong. >> the music festival also welcoming technology. this year lucky fans may receive one of the 10,000 free high-tech insider wristbands. you can sink the device with your facebook accounts and cell phones and you can two to the kiosk throughout the park and you can up load your photos to facebook. this is going too create a lot of traffic. >> aisle sure it will.
5:38 am
>> it starts at noon today? yeah. i went last year it was fun but there is a lot of people. >> i got stuck on 19th street last year trying to get somewhere else. >> yeah. the best way is to use the streetcar or the buses. let's look at the commute if you are driving on 580 westbound. there is an injury crash. they are clearing it up now. the problem is with the construction truck involved in therals and all kind of things they need to clean it up. if you happen to get on the freeway after that, the traffic is light at castro valley. let's move along and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. not too bad. there is a little bit of a backup in the lanes. and getting into san francisco
5:39 am
looks okay. this is 280 in san jose. the traffic is starting off very nicely. here's rosemary. >> okay, good morning to you. little change outside the doors. the low clouds are back. patchy drizzle. temperatures in the 50s. here's the system responsible for our cool pattern. notice we even got moisture circulating around this low. thunderstorms a possibility. we again have the patchy fog and the drizzle to deal with. that system providing just enough lift to create that drizzle. so along the coastline sfo reporting patchy drizzle. oakland reporting drizzle. i want to put this into motion. over the last hour or so inositissed a little bit of a disruption here in the low clouds. so that system also could be disrupting the low cloud deck. we may see sunshine earlier than we saw yesterday. or some areas i should say.
5:40 am
meanwhile the on shore breeze 24 miles an hour through fairfield. so still cool, moist air pushing through the delta. all the way into the central valley. temperatures 57 in oakland. 55 in napa. low 50s in santa rosa. for the afternoon low 60s along the coastline today. mid 60s expected around downtown san francisco. even land 70s to 80 -- inland 70s to 80s. we've got temperatures in the low to mid 80s for your weekend. for the inland cities. it will be a gorgeous one. low 70s around the bay. mid 60s along the coast. temperatures will continue to warm as we get into early next week. i'll have a tour of the afternoon highs coming up. time right now 5:40. happening right now a bay area nonprofit will be helping kids from low income families get ready for back to school. janine de la vega is live now to tell us why this backpack
5:41 am
giveaway event is so important. >> reporter: good morning. we are here in the backpack room. this is a signature. they are giving away more than that they say people have started getting their jobs here in this video you can see parents lined up. just to register to receive and that is more than a days work if yo are just making men mum page i want to mention a study from kids in common showed in california 17% of students, 32% who are latino don't graduate high school. and research shows that focusing on their needs will
5:42 am
help them be more productive and confident. >> we need to make sure they are confident going into school and ready to take on the challenges. because those challenges are significant. for some folks they are making up for years for when they haven't done as well. >> reporter: and back out here live. you can see some the table some of the supplies students will be getting all the way from kindergarten to rule. parents will be receiving them at 10:00 a.m. this morning. and it will go throughout the day into the afternoon. for all those who registered. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:41. police have announced the arrest in a killing of --
5:43 am
tailgating for peace. what is happening right now at the oakland coliseum. aimed at stopping violence in the city. san mateo bridge looks pretty good. we will take a look at the other bridges as you make your way into the morning commute. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a look at the top stories we are following for you. during the night dozens of people searched a three square mile area right near the solano county fairgrounds after a person of interest was identified in the disappearance of a woman from oakland. police say randy alana is a convicted sex offender. he was the last person to see sandra coke before she was reported missing. now alana is coke's former
5:46 am
boyfriend or someone she has dated. she has prior convictions for kidnapping and rape. negotiations resume at 10:00 this morning in the latest bart contract talks. the two sides seem far apart. they are ready to issue a 48 hour strike notice later today if they don't see any progress in the talks. the state department ordered an evacuation of the u.s. consulate in pakistan because of what it calls specific threats. all diplomats expect for energy personnel have be told to leave that -- 23-year-old johnny leo san know faces homicide charges. she was a nursing student. she was killed early saturday morning near the intersection of san salvador and second stride.
5:47 am
>> it's very tragic this young lady was murdered. our heart goose out to their families. our detectives are taking this seriously because that could have been anybody. >> police say an alert officer in san jose's gang suppression unit spotted the suspect and made the arrest. he was carrying a loaded gun. four bay area families now suing -- [ inaudible ] >> it also faults asiana were offering shoulder restraints for passengers in the front of the plane but only lap belts to economy passengers. >> you are sacrificing safety
5:48 am
for those people who are sitting in economy class. >> the lawsuit also claims boeing could have installed a low speed warning system that might have helped prevent the crash. both boeing and asiana airlines have made no comment on the lawsuit. a bay area man on vacation in hawaii diin a tragic accident. search teams found the body of a swimmer who vanished from a beach earlier this week. authorities have identified him he drowned wednesday might after head into the water with a snorkel and mask and there are until signs of foul play. time is 5:48. new this morning is a peace group in oakland is at the coliseum parking lot to remember crime victims. we took these pictures of the candle light memorial early this morning. the group make oakland better has held similar stop the violent tell gaits.
5:49 am
organizers fear the situation in the city may be getting even worse in light of the recent homicides. including the deadly shooting of a one-year-old boy and his father. let's get everybody out the door to where you need to go. sal, you were focused on dublin earlier. you took care of that? >> we are still trying to get rid of it dave and pam. westbound 580 at the 680 interchange this is an injury crash. injuries weren't so severe however there was degree brief ever westbound 50 it could be worse. no problems if you happen to get on the freeway after that point. it looks good all the way to castro valley. we're also looking at highway 4 westbound. you can see traffic still looks a little crowded but still looks pretty good for a friday
5:50 am
a 680 looks good from concord to walnut creek. live picture of the bay privilege toll plaza. but so far so good in the fast track lane and middle. if yo are driving this morning on the mccarthur maze approach, we had part of a crash right here east 80 at powell. traffic westbound looks pretty good heading out to the mccarthur maze. you can see no major problems coming out to the mccarthur maze. let's go back to the desk. good morning to you. how about we take a look at weather. we have a system that will bring us that cool weather but it will continue to shift. for your weekend it will continue a northerly migration. so at this hour little change in store. temperatures holding in the 50s and that moist flow around the low bringing thunderstorms to the northwest corner of
5:51 am
california, providing enough lift for us to bring the drizzle once again this morning. and also bring looks like a disruption in the marine layer and low cloud deck. as we get started this morning we are mostly cloudy. we should turn partly cloudy a little sooner today. am fog. drizzle to start this morning. temperatures creep up a degree or two from yesterday. but it's a start and the temperatures will continue to warm. if you are going to outside lands for the afternoon bring your jacket it will remain pretty cool. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. upper 50s to low 60s for the forecast. as we get into your weekend, temperatures will still be below the seasonal average but better than what we have seen recently. here's a look at what we are starting with today. 76 for novato. 68 in sausalito. into the east bay 70 degrees. mid 70s castro valley. 80 degrees for livermore. south bay conditions will be
5:52 am
quiet nice. 82 for morgan hill. 76 san jose. for the peninsula this afternoon under partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. 75 redwood city. 66 in san francisco. for the second half of the afternoon the extended forecast there is the warmup i'm talking about with your weekend in view and it will continue into early next week. back to the desk. one family is asking for $20 million in damages from toyota. that case involves the death of a woman who died when her camry suddenly accelerated and crashed even though she tried to stop it. toyota recalled millions of vehicles around the world after reporting up expect the surges after driving. the car maker agreed to pay $1 billion to settle similar cases. keep an eye on the gas stock today. summer sales are up. the san francisco clothing retailer reports second quarter revenue jumped 8%. and yahoo revealed the founder of tumbler will receive a $110 million payment if he
5:53 am
stays on the job for the next four years. yahoo is already promised tumbler users no changes will be made to the internet blogging service. time now 5:52. a stunning bay area crime with a stun gun. the attack and robbery caught on tape where the police search for the suspect continues today. plus why a little girl's wish for new hair is literally a matter of life and death.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
a stunning video posted by the police department. yesterday a man tried to rob is a convenient store. the suspect reached across the counter and shot the clerk with a stun gun. then he escaped with some stolen items. that clerk you saw the stun right there. the clerk was not hurt. a mar monohas been captured. they believe it's the same that has been eluding them for more than a month. they usually live in the mountains, but animal control officers believe this one may have hitched a ride under the hood of a car. a girl in the central valley has new clothing and new hair as she starts school. her family was told she had leukemia just days before last
5:57 am
chris or a father found a salon that -- coming up on 6:00. let's check in with sal. >> all right. good morning. we are looking at the south bay the 280 commute now. and just to show you 280 is off to a nice start. northbound 280 traffic looks good all the way up to highway 85. southbound 680 traffic coming away from the dublin grade. a little bit busy. westbound 580 and 680 we still have that crash. we'll tell you about that coming up. now back to dave and pam. the search for a missing criminal investigator from oakland has shifted to a new location. what we are learning about that search and the person of interest in her disappearance. bart contract talks resume in just a couple of hours. why this could be another long tense weekend for bay area commuters.
5:58 am
20 minutes or so until the official sunrise but most of us waking up with this. gray skies and patchy drizzle once again when i expect the clouds to clear and the temperatures expected for your weekend coming up.
5:59 am
6:00 am
the search for a missing oakland has centered at the solano county fairgrounds. ly tell you about the search and more about the man that police have in custody. plus bart contract talks they resume in just a couple of hours from now. what needs to happen this weekend to keep the trains rolling monday morning. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning august 9th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm


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