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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 14, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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welcome back. good morning. you are looking at a live picture near san lorenzo. you can see an active scene. police investigating out there following a shooting. we will take you out to the scene in a moment. good morning. thank you for joining us wednesday, august 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. we go right to steve. >> we have a very similar pattern. almost a carbon copy. sop low clouds. temperatures went way up. 50s and low to mid 60s. it will be lots of sun today. niece to warm to hot. it will be a rather warm and toasty day for starting off 64 and high of 85. already 64 there.
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60 concord. upper 50s and low 50s. 38 in tahoe. a little chill to the morning air. 56 ukiah to 48 eureka. probably won't take long for them to warm up. a little bit of a breeze. that is the only fly in the ointment. warm to hot. mostly sunny. i say that because the fog sticks around. yesterday was the city temperature lots be very close. it looks like starting farm we will see a difference in the average highs for the day. here is sal. good morning. right. think they don't have a lot going on another east bay. that is a good news for drivers. this is a look now at 237 and
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the southeast bay. westbound traffic does look good getting over to highway 101. if we are looking at the commute in the livermore valley, that is off to a good start on westbound 580. there is a lot of road work there. be careful if you are driving through the area. so far it has not caused a big traffic jam. now back to the desk. we begin with breaking news we first told you about at 4:30 this morning. a ups cargo plane has crashed. the plane was flying from louisville, kentucky to birmingham when it went down. neighbors report hearing a loud boom followed by explosions. birmingham's mayor say there was a -- ups cargo plane crashed in birmingham, alabama. we will continue to bring you updates as soon as they are available. we are following developing thinks into san lorenzo.
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investigators are investigating a deadly shooting over night. claudine wong joins us now with what we are learning about the victim. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we are out here on the 1800 block of rob scott way. you can see if we push down toward the street where the brake lights are this is where it's all happening right in front of a home there. this all happened after midnight. we talked to investigators this morning. they tell us multiple people called in after hearing multiple shots fired in the neighborhood. they came out here and found the 33-year-old victim in the street. paramedics tried to revive him but were unsuccessful. we talked to them about the victim and have learned just a little bit of information. 33 years old from alameda county. but there is not much more to say at this point about the victim. >> he was at someone's home. and we're in the very early teenages of our investigation. i can't go into anymore detail as far as our investigation.
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>> reporter: so at this point what is happening now we are waiting for crime scene technicians to arrive on scene. we showed you video a little -- it appears it will be shut down until maybe 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. as they continue to process the scene. try to find witnesses. look for any other information they can find as they try to figure out exactly what happened. live in alameda county claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. cal osha investigating a deadly construction accident yesterday at san jose city college. a woman was killed. she was hit by a construction vehicle that was backing up. we don't know if the victim was a student. we did talk to one person who left flowers at the accident scene. >> everybody is so close to
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each other. even though you didn't know the person, it's like losing somebody you did know. >> while classes are not in session many students and professors are in campus. the machine operator involved here worked with the construction company preston pipelines of milpitas. he told investigators he never saw that victim. happening today the family of missing oakland toddler daphne web plans a walk to show their commitment to finding the missing little girl. the walk is set to begin at 1:00 outside the oakland police department at seventh and broadway. daphne's father reported her missing july 10th. he told the police a 21-month- old girl was taken from a car outside of a store. we will know tomorrow if the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open on labor day weekend. the span looks close to completion. it had a picturesque glow earlier this morning. as crews tested a one of a kind lighting system. it features steel poles with
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48,000 led lights. >> all the lights that are illuminating their lane of traffic are pointed away from them. it's like a second set of headlights. >> now that federal enspeck evers -- a the celebration will now be scaled back given the recent set backs. cal tran says it needs to the chp is preparing for the possibility of labor day weekend. by enlisting extra officers for security and traffic control. it's back to school today for a lot of bay area students at san jose middle school students will see big changes when it comes to curriculum. ktvu katie utehs is live at
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burnett middle school to tell us about the changes the kids and parents can expect. good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning, dave. burnett is one of five schools in the school district granted extra money by the district to innovate and create new teaching models. this year there is an exciting pilot program under way. san jose is known for technology and innovation but the principal says the education system has remained stagnant for the past century. she along with her teachers plan to change that. it gives them time to brainstorm new teaching models. they are finding creative ways to incorporate new technology. it's a pilot program that will raise a few eyebrows with both students and parents. >> for example collaboration is very important. it's going to become very important within our school. how do i work with others within a group? how do i contribute positively.
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it's really at that. so the -- as o -- 6:% of the students here qualify -- so part of the goal is to prepear these -- we will hear from some of the teachers that are very excited to political these new models live in san jose katie utehs. time now 5:08. teachers putting the finishing touches on their classrooms. school district says property tax revenues and a bond measure made it possible to add new buildings to some schools
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including jordan middle school. the upgrade includes classrooms and ha new gym at gun high school. our channel 2 website has a officialback to cool. if you see a small brush fire in santa rosa today, don't be too alarmed. firefighters will be burning brush on stony road. this will help prepare for the upcoming wild fire season. that drill by the way is scheduled to continue tomorrow. this morning though the american fire in the tahoe national forest it keeps growing. this is about 30 miles west of lakota moe. it's burned about -- 30 miles west of lake tahoe. nearby counties have issued air
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dr.ed a viators. hunter killed serra. he had surgery on monday to reattach his right -- hunters mother say they were visit a friend over the weekend season -- one falled that and dog. north side a as far as resort is still open despite the big sink hole. coming up at 5:30 the 911 calls. bob filner using his accomplishments in office to fight a recall as one local business says it refuses to let him through the door. we're off to a good start on interstate 680 the sunol
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grade. southbound 680 traffic looks good passing mission boulevard as you head to san jose. temperatures yesterday warmed up. fog burned off. san francisco had a high of 70 degrees for the first time since july 4th. will that continue today? and there is a cooler outlook on the five day.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the first formal peace talks in nearly five years are scheduled
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today between israel and the palestinians. the good will gesture heading into the talks. people across the west bank and gaza celebrated the prisoner's home coming. secretary of state john kerry is in brazil today. he is trying to strengthen the u.s. relationship billion brazil. kerry will address the concerns of brazil's leader about u.s. surveillance. ktvu kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom there are disputes over how many people were killed. kyla. >> reporter: security forces stormed in and cleared out two sit in camps with armored vehicles and bulldozers this morning. they fired weapons, plowed through tents, and used tear
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gas on supporters on ex- president mohammed morsi. they beat and arrested the protestors. they report nine demonstrators were killed and 80 others injured but the muslim brotherhood claims at least 300 protestors were killed. the demonstrators tell reporters that were given warnings to leave and go home but there was no time immediately a bulldozer started plowing through their tents. and police stole their money and cell phones. two high profile senators just visited egypt last week. what they have been saying about this violence and what the u.s. could do in response when i see you an hour from now. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. san diego mayor bob filner fighting a recall attempt to throw him out of office. submitted a written response to the effort. filner lists his accomplishments as mayor saying he is committed to moving forward. he never mentioned why some people want him to resign.
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recalveringers says since the mayor is not going to resign, they will move ahead with collecting more than 100,000 signatures to force him out oversaves. mayor filner is also no longer welcome at san diego hooters restaurants. signs are posted on all san diego hooters locations. the notices say the mayor will not be served at hooters and women should be treated with respect. a man from fairfield is accused of drowning a dog in a public pond is scheduled to face a judge this afternoon. brian calf that is due to be arraigned on animal cruelty and probation. he was arrested after police say he held a dog under water until it drowned in a pond at the fair feed civic center on monday. the california nationallen
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guard that has been contaminated by illegal -- it's located just north of henry co state park. time now 5:16. let's get you out the door. is this a good time to drive on the east shore? >> yes, it is. dave and pam, it's hump day. >> that is true. >> let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along pretty well on this wednesday. out to the commute westbound 80. westbound as you head out to the maccar they are maze that traffic is moving along very nicely. until major problems getting out to the toll plaza. san mateo bridge traffic looks good. this is a look at interstate 880 heading down that way.
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we are looking at the maps getting out tot peninsula. 101 and 20 are off to a good start. you know what day of this week is? >> hump day. [ laughter ] >> thank you, sal. we do have about the same pattern. some of the early discussions in i also tweeted out a little bit. early signs. we'll see. but also global weather has been incredible. we are keep you updated and see if anything now comes which could definitely give us a rather significant cooler pattern as we head toward friday, saturday, and maybe even into sunday. average temps to the right.
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forecasted highs very close to what we had yesterday. and they are all above. if temperatures continue this friend here maybe a -- warm air aloft. although 60s and 70s. 50s and 60s. look in novato 48. santa rosa 50. a little cool there. mid 50s and upper 50s. fairfield a little stocker than yesterday same through concord. we'll see if they over all high pressure wins out. there is some fog there but not
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much. so about normal for this time of year. system from the pacific northwest will ramp up the fog. today it burns back pretty fast and we will see lots of sunshine. look what happens by tonight and into tomorrow, it really starts to make a pretty good surge and fills in on the ocean side as well. today morning fog, sunny. warm to hot. temperatures by the coast cool to moist. i say that because there is a little bit more of a breeze. a leal schooling -- officials confirmed the session in the euro zone ended. the collective economic output grew by three tenths of a
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percent. over night japan knee quay. . maybe some good reaction to that euro zone reaction. american airlines say that will work with the justice department so they could merge. analysts say the airlines will probably have to give up airport destinations or routes so the deal can go through. the justice department says a merger could cut competition and increase cost for travelers. now we know the name of that baseball tan that fell to his will death at a bear.
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welcome back. cal train will host a youth film festival after winning a national safety grant. cal train will work with redwood city digital arts group. they will -- focusing on dangerous behavior around trains. the videos will run next month. it's part of rail safety month. this morning canada's transportation agency suspended the license of a u.s. rail company after a deadly train
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derailment last month in quebec. 47 people died when a runaway oil train jumped the tracks and exploded. the train was operated by the montreal main and atlantic railway. the company filed for bankruptcy after that disaster. a standoff at a louisiana bank ended with a hostage and a gunman dead. investigators say the 20-year- old suspect had no intention of robbing the bank. they say he actually went into the bank yesterday armed with at least a handgun and took three captives. he later freed a female bank teller but just before midnight as swat teams moved in he shot the other two hostages killing one of them. police then killed him. >> it's not intent to rob that bank. information that was alabama taped from his appointment was written notes, plan. he actually had a book for negotiation. investigators say he planned to take hostages for some time. they say he was mentally
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unstable and believed a device had been planted in his head. your time is 5:25. later on today police in santa cruz will start passing out lists of where crimes will probably occur in that city. the police department is telling the newspaper this is part of a program called predictive policing. a deputy police chief traveled to england where this program originated. the police department will release the most likely crime locations and give notice to neighborhood groups there. the whole idea is to build some positive interaction with the community to help reduce crime. home burglaries have dropped a lot in san carlos because of neighbors keeping an eye out for crooks. the number of home burglaries dropped more than 50% compared to the first couple of months of the year. homeowners have been conducting community meeting and forming neighborhood watch groups in an effort to reduce the number of
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breaks in. bay area roller derby teams are literally out for blood this week. the ladies who skate on teams from santa cruz to eastern contra costa county say they are doing it for a good cause. they are helping the american red cross by hosting blood drives during a time of year that donations tend to drop off. it will run from 1:00 this afternoon until 6:00 tonight. there is another blood drive in livermore friday and next month in san jose. time is 5:27. a menu that is literally out of this world. how people in hawaii are helping develop first class food to be enjoyed in outer space. day two of a city worker's strike in hayward. we will tell you what the two sides are asking for. good morning. if you are driving to the south bay any time soon, we are looking at 237 and also 280 and
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880 driving to highway 17. temperatures went above average. first time in awhile. will they continue that trend. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in.
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good morning. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. these are live pictures.
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hayward city hall. city hall workers and city employees are starting a second day of a strike in the city of hayward. we do have ktvu tara moriarty out there. she will keep you posted on what the workers are doing today. and welcome back. a brand new day. it is wednesday. it is august 14th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. it's 5:30. let's check in with steve paulson. gradually warmer for the weekend. >> no cooler. >> cooler. >> yes. a couple little changes here today. not a lot. there is a little bit more fog than we saw yesterday. we will keep an eye on that. if that continues and temperatures by the coast and even in san francisco may not be as warm. sometimes that can change. but right now we are seeing a little bit more fog. inland temps. a lot of sun. although there will be some fog back to the coast. back to school forecast will focus on antioch.
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i know they have been back in brentwood. 64, 82 high today 85. 60s on the lows. or 50s. 59 san jose. 59 livermore. concord 60. concord has a little bit of a breeze million 38 up in tahoe. a little chill in the morning air. 40s and 50s and 60s to 70s for the interior. for us the fog continues to kind of pick up a little bit. now still rather shallow, there is a little bit more there today than yesterday. morning fog, sunny. breezy at times. 90s through the inland areas. 60s and 70s by the coast. temperatures one of their hottest forecast models with slightly cooler today. we'll see if that holds. that is very unusual for that. temperatures will also take a look to see when the cooling starts for the weekend. here is sal. steve, good morning. right now traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area. we are looking at some of the commutes that are getting
5:33 am
busier. westbound interstate 80 that looks pretty good. it's getting a little crowded along some of the routes in pinole and vallejo but it's not stop and go yet. still plenty of room for you. when you get to the bay bridge, there is also a little bit of a backup in some of those cash lanes. but for the most part, you will see very small delay getting on to the bridge. this is the time it begins to change a little bit as we get closer to 6:00. you are going to start seeing more people show up at the toll plaza. and the metering lights go on after 6:00. a little bit after 6:00. unless there is something on the bridge that makes them turn it on earlier. this is a look at the peninsula. the road sensors are showing us a nice clear commute on 101 and 280 and also as you drive into the city. 5:33 let's go back to the desk. we are still following breaking news. a plane crashed near the airport of birmingham, alabama. we are getting reports just coming in now.
5:34 am
the pilot and co-pilot are dead. this is all coming in right now. brian flores has been following all of this. brian is in our newsroom with more details on what we know now. >> reporter: the latest we are hearing the ntsb is investigating the cash. they are about to send a go team to the area to investigate. at this hour crews continue to battle flames as a result of this crash. the ntsb says it's an a-306 cargo plane. this crash happened before dawn this morning. the plane was flying from louisville, kentucky to birmingham. there is no word on any injuries. as you mentioned there are several reports indicating the pilot and co-pilot are now dead. birmingham mayor says the pilot and co-pilot were the only people on board at the time. many residents remember hearing two large explosions.
5:35 am
reports from the ground indicate the plane landed in an open field. it is also being reported that the wreckage is spread throughout a distance of a half a mile. we also understand that ntsb will be holding a press conference around 6:15 our time to give us the very latest information. of course we will keep you updated. live in the newsroom brian flores. we are also following developing news. a shooting that happened near san lorenzo. deputies found a man he had been shot to death just after midnight. we have very few other details about the shooting but they say the victim is a 33-year-old man from alameda county. >> he was at someone's home and we're in the very early stages of our investigation. i cannot go into anymore details as far as our investigation. >> ktvu claudine wong is there. she's been out there since 4:30 this morning. she will be back with a live report coming up at 6:00.
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a group of hayward city workers will return to the picket lines today in day two of their strike. they accuse city leaders of ignoring their complaints for years. ktvu tara moriarty is in hayward to explain the ongoing dispute. tara. >> reporter: this is the second day of the strike. they should be showing up in a half hour. they are asking for a raise but the city says it simply can't give it to them. >> i have an 80-year-old mother, i have a granddaughter, it's not just me i'm supporting. >> reporter: that was theresa with the hayward wartier department. she makes just above the average union salary of $55,000 a ye. she is one of 280 workers picketing. workers asked for a 5% annual pay raise but the city wants to ax raises and have workers beef up payments to their own
5:37 am
pension. >> we asked them to forego raises for five years and the current proposal has concessions in the first two years and wage increases in the final three. >> reporter: city officials say although the economy is improving, the city has a $2.6 million projected budget deficit for 2014. yew the union says the city has been stashing money in other accounts to make the budget look bleaker. coming up we'll tell you how it's effecting business here at city hall. live from hayward i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. 5,000 more people are suing chevron over last summers refinery fire in richmond. their lawsuit alleges reckless conduct led to the fire that sent toxic smoke. earlier this year a lawsuit was filed on behalf of 6,000 people. that makes more than 11,000 people suing chevron. the law firm behind both suits says the number could double.
5:38 am
chevron says it's paid more than $10 million in connection to that fire. pg&e will be venting natural gas as it performances safety checks this morning. it will be this morning and this afternoon just west of 19th avenue meets southbound highway 280. it's just south of the san francisco golf club. you may smell some natural gas but it will quickly dispate. now we are hearing 911 calls from florida where that sink hole swallowed up a building at a resort. >> trying to get everyone evacuated. they say it's collapsing so fast they don't know if they all get to all the rooms. >> that video you are watching taken just as the sink hole opened up. beneath the summer bay resort in claremont. it's not far from walt disney world. one part of that luxury resort fell down into the sink hole. luckily no one was hurt. we are told all the guests
5:39 am
evacuated safely. a submarine in india. look it exploded and caught fire. indian news agency prompt these pictures now. they believe some of the 18 crew members died. it's a diesel power sub. it just had been overhauled. it's too early to know the cause of the explosion. india by the way will mark its independence day tomorrow. right now it's 5:39. cleanup from outside lands reveals a lot of things were left behind. we'll tell you how you can claim your belongings. the 49ers starting quarterback collin kaepernick is on the cover of gq. more about his photo session and what he is hoping for the upcoming season. we are looking at the commute in the south bay. northbound 280 looks good getting up through downtown san jose. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. temperatures yesterday
5:40 am
finally went above average. it's been a long time since we said that. san francisco even hit 70 which was above average. will they continue that today or cool down?
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officials in georgia have now told us the name of that baseball fan who fell to his death in atlanta at turner field during the atlanta braves game. the medical examiner's office says he was 29-year-old ronald homer of georgia. he fell 65 feet from an upper level at the turner field during a rain delay. the officials also say they are not sure whether alcohol may have been involved. san francisco police are busy searching for more suspects in connection with one of the city's largest drug busts ever. they found a stash of more that
5:43 am
30,000 pills and 50,000 pounds of powder. now they are associated with the club drug ecstasy. or the nickname molly. the statemented street value $1.5 million. two men were arrested during that drug bust sunday morning. >> uniform patrol officers made what we believe to be the largest club drug seizure in the history of the san francisco police department. >> police say they arrested 31- year-old steven terrell and benjamin hagro. they are looking into whether their drugs were meant for last weekend's outside lands music festival. a couple in berkeley is trying to find the owner of a dog who was found swimming in the middle of the san francisco bay. he takes his motorized inflatable boat and came upon a group of wind sur receivers --
5:44 am
surfers that found the dog in the water. the dog seems to be recovering from the ordeal. >> she was cold and so we put blank ills on her and she was -- blankets on her and she was really receptive. we have another dog so we luckily had supplies we needed for her. >> a veterinarian says the dog appears to be a puppy. just about one year old. maybe a lab mix shop she does have a collar but no tags. in the article kaepernick credits his toughness. . washington redskins quarterback reporter griffin is the his accomplish predicting -- thattish eye hits news
5:45 am
stands on tuesday. time is 5:44. reports strength chronicle is about to -- reports san francisco chronicle is about to abandon its newspaper. the pay already drop its pay wall. we did check on the pay wall is still in place. some food researchers have come up with a idea on what the space cruise might be eating on a long flight to mars. researchers live four months inside that. a two story dome. simulating a spacecraft. they had to fix meals from dehydrated or nonperishable preserve foods. the chef admits a lot of their menus resolved around spam. [ laughter ] i'm not kidding. and cooking in outer space my be difficult but it would boost moral. you know what i mean? >> i guess i'm not going to space.
5:46 am
>> probably not. 5:45 is the time. sal, how is traffic? >> first we should explain to young people what spam is. >> if you have been to hawaii. they still heat it in hawaii. >> you know what spam is. >> i certainly know what spam is. let's take a look at the commute. traffic is moving along pretty well in most areas. we are looking at the bay bridge incline. you can see traffic is a it will we have a so far that is going to change in a few minutes. i want to mention the nimitz freeway between hayward and fremont that still looks pretty good. we're looking a the the south bay. 280, 85, 101 right now is a good time to go. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a little bit more fog on the
5:47 am
coast here. and starting to fill in yesterday. so fog and then sun. san francisco yesterday finally did hit 70-degree. first time since july 4th. today went 68. i think you will get there and it will drop pretty ask. average temperature 67. now sfo yesterday 77. going 75. just a slight -- they are still above average. inland i don't think this although there is a will more component of a breeze today. hot inland. it does look like a it will low
5:48 am
will -- shallow fog bank. 50s or 60s or upper 40s. it's kind of cool there. 59 redwood city, mountain view, and san jose. some locations on the warm side. others not too bad. a little more of a breeze here. some areas are saying calm. higher elevations showing a stronger breeze as well. generally out of the west. san jose is northwest. we did not see that yesterday. we'll see if it holds on. fog beginning to fill in a little bit. that with a little stronger breeze z thing if fest -- makes more of an inland coverage. i tend to buy into that as it goes into friday and also the weekend. morning, fog, sunny. warm to hot. kind of cool to mild, nice
5:49 am
temperatures 60s and 80s on the peninsula and 0es for coif. decent economic news in this morning. producer prices were unchanged in july. apple will open today at almost $500 a share. it jumped nearly 5% yesterday after billionaire says he has a large position in apple. icon added he thinks the price could go to $700. hyundai recalling 23,000 sport utility vehicles. the south korean auto maker says there is a problem with the
5:50 am
santa fe sport model. hyundai says the axel will be fixed free of charge. 5:49. he had i -- >> one of the most recognizable buildings in the east bay is about to be blown up. on purpose. details of this weekend's plan.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back. time now 5:52. one of the east bay's most recognizable buildings will be blown up this weekend. the building warren hall. that building has been part of the east bay skyline for 41 years. but on saturday demolition crews will come in, they will blow it up. it was declared seismicically unstable. some alumni are returning to the school for one final visit. >> i graduated from the nursing school here in 2010. yeah we used to always have classes in warren hall. >> now the implosion of the building expected to take just 12 seconds. the u.s. geological survey will be there monitoring the
5:54 am
implosion. the new movie about steve jobs debuted in hollywood last night. ashton kutcher said he learned so much from making this movie. he wanted to make sure he showed who steve job really is. >> i learned about being brutally honest with yourself and your team. i learned about surrounding yourself with a players and people who constantly have an integrity to exceed your expectations. >> the movie jobs opens in theaters across the country on friday. actresses halle berry and jennifer garner are urging state lawmakers to pass legislation that will protect children of celebrities from pop riatas. garner choked up saying the presence of paparazzi also allows stalkers to follow her and her three children. the bill will change the definition of harassment to photographing the child without the permission of a legal
5:55 am
guardian. >> and than there are violent mentally ill stalkers that can get close to the kids by following mobs of photographers and blending in. like the very man who threatened to cut the babies out of my belly who was arrested waiting behind our daughter's preschool. >> halle berry who is pregnant with her second child also testified. she told lawmakers the constant presence of photographers make her child scared to go to school. your time is 5:55. >> several new gun control bills are making their way through the california legislature. if they are passed california would once again have the toughest gun law in america. gun supporters faced off against gun right supporters at the assembly committee on public safety. the committee approved a package of bills that would quote ban all semi automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines, make it illegal to own any magazine that holds
5:56 am
more than ten rounds, and it would add more crimes to the list of those that would prevent someone from owning a gun. now that oakland police have identified the body of dan a cook investigators are focusing on how she died. oakland police have only said so far the body of a woman found in vacaville last week was sandra coke. they are not saying how she died though. convicted rapist randy alana was seen with miss coke the night she disappeared. alana is a convicted rapist and former boyfriend of cokes. >> what we will say at this time is randy alana is still considered a person of interest. >> sandra coke's relatives did not mention alana in a statement they released. imsea they said the folk family is -- all of this will miss
5:57 am
sandra -- that are are a devoted single mother an she dedicate head work and life. if ment cooing i more details of a deadly crash. the identity of a man killed when a party have core recented. more about the very unusual circumstances that led police to the victim's body. z good morning. the traffic is getting a little busier now. we do have a spot in the bay area where there is a crash blocking the lane. right here we are looking at highway 24 and that is moderate. a little bit more fog today. so does that mean cooler for some or warm to hot again? we'll have the forecast and
5:58 am
extrended. ♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly-baked, made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon.
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they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand-new places. ♪ you can find them on sale now at your local safeway store. at this hour alameda county neighborhood remains shut down as police investigate an overnight shooting. we will tell you who arrived on
6:00 am
scene just within the last hour. two people were killed in a ups plane crash in alabama. we are following the ntsb investigation. will they or won't they? the very latest on when cal trans plans to open the open the new eastern span of the bay bridge. it's that time of year ago. kids across the bay area that are heading back. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. you are looking at live pictures right now in egypt where troops are moving in on supporters of former president morsi. we understand a number of people have been killed. we're going to have a live report from washington, d.c. in just about 15 minutes. it's wednesday, august 14th i'm pam cook. >> it's the middle of the week. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, it's going to get


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