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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 20, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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government influenced napa's decision. all of that on ktvu morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. take you live out there this morning. picture of the oakland estuary. wild weather overnight. we saw lightning. we're going to check in with alex savage about that in a moment. you see fog in the distance. we will see how the weather will look today. it is tuesday, august 20th. >> you saw lightning. >> i did. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic and go to steve. >> thank you. things have calmed down considerably as they push north and west. it could wrap back around later today. i think we're in between where we get the fog. red flag warning until wednesday morning. they may fine-tune that as we get closer. today and tomorrow will be an active day.
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60s on the temps or 50s. a stronger sea breeze. today was hardly anything. today is 22 to 25. that's a big difference. some of that cloud cover is still producing a little bit of rain but a lot of it ending up towards lake county and the hire clouds push out of the area. we're not done yet. we will go mostly sunny but then the clouds pop up later this afternoon. temperatures, they will be in the 60s, 70s, and 80s and one more day of the 90s. not as hot as yesterday. >> san jose, we're going to start there. there is a crash on 880 north at steven's creek. it's blocking all of the northbound lanes. now, some cars are getting by on the far right shoulder. however, this is an area for you to avoid. it's a significant alert. a person was trapped inside one of the overturned vehicles and san jose firefighters had to get her out. traffic is going to be a little
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bit slow. it is still light. if you're trying to get to the airport, i suggest using 87 or 280 instead. 280 is wide open for you in downtown jose. decent way to get down to the 87 and take that to the airport instead of 880 at this time. the morning commutes looks good at the toll plaza. light delay. no problems getting into the city. let's go back to the desk. >> following developing news in san jose. just a couple of hours ago, ktvu learned that the triple shooting at a vietnamese restaurant turned deadly. one person is dead, two others are wounded. jeanine tells us the police are out there still searching for suspects in this case. jeanine. >> reporter: yes, dave. crime scene technicians are on the scene, taking pictures and looking for any evidence that may lead them to a suspect. this happened here at the restaurant in east san jose. police tell me that they don't get called here normally and it appears that customers were
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just inside, enjoying themselves when gunfire startled everyone. shortly after 10:00 last night, bullets came flying inside of the restaurant near capital. officers say it appears whoever fired the shots were outside. three men were hit by bullets and rushed to the hospital. one of the men died this morning. the other two suffered superficial wounds and will survive. we spoke to one witness who heard the gunfire but didn't want to give her name. >> it was like two to three shots. we didn't pay attention to it at first. and then about 20 minutes later, there were five. >> reporter: police say there is no word on what led up to the gunfire. no motive and they don't have any suspect information. the victims were all asian who appeared to northbound their 40s. it's unknown at this point if the restaurant was actually targeted in any way. if we get any new information, we will bring it to you here on the morning news.
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reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a woman in danville was seriously hurt after being hit by a car while crossing the street. the investigation shut down the road for several hours. police say the driver stopped and is cooperating. they say it's too ear three know what caused the crash. >> there's a lot of details that our traffic investigators will look at. they will look at the time of day, they will look at lightning and talk to witnesses in the area and try to establish a clear picture of what occurred. >> police say the woman is in critical but stable condition. her name has not been released. >> the time now is 5:04. this morning, there are still protesters at the historic berkeley post office despite a police visit overnight. police warned the protesters they were trespassing and asked them to leave. one person was arrested. the protesters have been camped on the post office steps since july 27th, trying to block the postal service from selling that historic building. >> continuing coverage of the
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lightning around the area. so far most of the storm has been seen in san mateo and santa cruz counties. more is forecast for later today and tomorrow. pacificca is an area where a lot of lightning was reported. alex is there with more on the concern that this has for firefighters. >> reporter: well, while firefighters were on high alert, worried about lightning- sparked fires, folks down on the peninsula got to enjoy an amazing light show overnight. let me show you some of the video. it was taken by a ktvu photographer down here in san mateo county. more than 11,000 lightning strikes were sienna cross the bay area since last night. now, of course while it's fun to look at all of the lightning and take photos, it is also a concern of course for firefighters at the same time because as we know, the conditions right now are ripe
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for a wildfire. red flag warning remains in effect around northern california with lightning and strong winds. and that means high fire danger. yesterday we were at the cal fire air attack base at the sonoma county airport and crews were ready to respond to any lightning-sparked fires. we saw one plane launched but that plane actually had to return because the thunderstorms in the area made it just too dangerous to fly. now, cal fire has staff reserve engines and brought in extra firefighters just in case a large fire does break out. >> we have additional engine staffed and additional personnel on duty, battalion chief and personnel on duty so if we do get lightning, we're able to deal with the incidents appropriately. >> reporter: now, cal fire pilots say their goal is to try to get to the fires quickly and have them out before they can grow beyond five or ten acres. crews plan to be back up in the
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air later today ready to respond to fires that spark up because of lightning. the lightning is letting up this morning. but we could see more activity possibly later on today and moving into tomorrow. live in pacificca, alex salvage. ktvu channel 2 news. >> it was incredible in some parts. we want to see your photos any time that severe weather hits. e-mail them to us or post them to our facebook page. >> fire crews all over california are battling at least 11 wildfires. nine of them are major fires. the latest fire started yesterday in the sequoia national forest. firefighters say it was started by a lightning strike. the biggest one is in the tahoe national forest. it has burned about 15,000 acres. later today at 11:00 a.m., a red flag warning goes into effect for this area. right now, the fire is 53%
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contained. the cause is underinvestigation. firefighters also battling a wildfire burning in butte county south of chico. it started friday and has burned about 2100 acres. about 400 evacuees were allowed to go back home yesterday. the containment is at 64%. one of the main entrances to yosemite national park has been closed because of a fire. that one started over the weekend but it crossed state route 120 yesterday, shutting it down in both directions. drivers are being rerouted to state route 140 or 41. about 800 acres have burned so far. some structures have been destroyed. campgrounds are also being evacuated. >> well, tonight the napa city council will discuss a recommendation from the police chief to ban medical marijuana dispense res. currently there are no dispense res in napa but a that expires in october. with the current crackdown on
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dispensaries by the federal government, the city opens itself up to prosecution if it does not issue a ban. the city attorney is expected to send a letter to nevada's attorney general. he is demanding that nevada reimburse california cities and counties for treating psychiatric patients allegedly bussed from nevada to california. herrera says that includes $500,000 san francisco spent on those patients. lawmakers in nevada are declining to comment while the case is being investigated. >> time is 5:09. new information about the surf instructor in santa cruz arrested on molestation. why the feds way get involved. >> what the editor of the guardian newspaper says that authorities forced him to do. >> good morning. we still have a problem in san jose on 880 northbound near stephens creek. but the rest of the commute looks good.
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it's nice and earlyand it's light out there. we will tell what you is going on. >> things have calmed down a little bit pushing north and west. they may rotate back around. more lightning today and it looks cooler on the forecasted highs.
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snowden. this follows the arrest of the brazilian partner of the guardian journalist that first published the u.s. intelligence secrets leaked by snowden. he was on his way home when he was questioned by authorities for nine hours. >> when i started asking about my rights, if you are going to keep me here, i want to know what are my rights. under what law can you keep me here and they began to tell me that they would keep me under the terrorism law in britain. >> the authorities that questioned him took his laptop and cell phone. the guardian says it will continue to publish information obtained from snowden. >> after days of debating there are reports that the obama administration has put a temporary hold on some military aid to egypt. the white house has not made a permanent decision on this. kyla. >> reporter: dave, the obama administration said it is reprogramming aid for egypt
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while a review is underway. the u.s. gives the egyptian military about $1.3 billion a year and that includes a payment of $584 million that is still due by the end of september. the white house is reviewing so they can determine if cutting off funding would impact security. the state department says there has been no policy decision made about that remaining funding. over this past week, nearly 1,000 people were killed in deadly clashes between security forces and members of the muslim brother hood. the egyptian government announced it arrested the leader of the brotherhood. the military removed morsi from office last month. morsi is also being detained. i reached out to my white house contact and asked why administration officials and state department are giving slightly different reports today. i will have the latest
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developments at 6:15. kyla campbell, ktvu news. >> the mayor is working out a settlement with one of his accusers. he was spotted in public for the first time in three weeks. he entered the san diego administration building for a mediation session regard his future. the attorney representing one of the woman was also there who is suing the city and the mayor for sexual harassment. a supervisor accused of trying to break into his home in his underwear is expected to return to work this morning. he was arrested on the suspension of prowling and burglary. he checked into an alcohol treatment program after his arrest. >> lawyers say negotiations between the university and the young man who claimed they were abused by jerry sandusky are winding down. there could be as many as two dozen new settlements in the
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coming days. the university's trustees have already set aside $60 million to pay claims. sandusky is in jail serving time in state prison after being convicted last year of 45 counts of child sexual abuse. in the meantime, embattled baseball slugger alex rodriguez taking a swing at major league baseball and the yankees. how his representatives say the team lied to a-rod about a career threatening injury. >> well, jury deliberations in the case against joseph naso are set to resume at 9:30 this morning. the jury will begin the first full day of deciding the fate of the suspect. he is acting as his own attorney. he finished closing arguments late yesterday. he is charged with first degree murder for four woman woman in crimes dating back to the 19 70s. he has insisted that he is innocent of the crimes.
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the number of inmates with mental health needs has gone up significantly in the past five years. according to the san francisco comptroller's office, 71% of inmates have mental health needs that's compared to 56% in 2008. when it comes to demographics, most of the inmates are young men. the prison population is disproportionately african- american. >> the time is 5:17. the duke and duchess released the first photos of prince george. the two photos -- >> very nice. >> prince william, his wife catherine and the sleeping baby george in the garden of the middleton familiar le home.
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the photoswere taken by kate's dad. >> good job, grandpa. >> let's check in with sal. >> could have used a stronger key light on that. >> you're a professional photographer. >> but the light shining behind the hair. >> they need a little bit of a stronger key light. >> you have to send them a text, sal. >> i might. good morning. let's go ahead and take a look at what we have now. the traffic is going to be affected in san jose northbound 880 near stevens creek because of an overturned vehicle. one person was trapped inside one of the vehicles and san jose fire department worked quickly to get her out of the vehicle. however they're trying to clear the lanes northbound on 880. they're making about progress and traffic is light on the other freeways. all right.
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let's move along to live pictures on 80 westbound. no major problems. by the way, if you're driving to the toll plaza, it is light westbound. no problems here to the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go to steve at 5:18. >> we will take you up to windsor. a lot of this is dependent on cloud cover again. i'll get out of the way so you can see it. 57. cloudy to mostly cloudy. 82. but if the includes clear out sooner it could be warmer. forecast highs for santa rosa is 79. that will be close. activity from last night has gone way north or west. but the low is rotating around and sending in drier air. that rotates back around. the red flag warning continues until wednesday morning. tomorrow looks like a better day as the low moves over and destabilize the atmosphere. 60s and 70s. black diamond, 1600 feet, is down 15 degrees from yesterday
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and there's a definite sea breeze in place that was not there yesterday. fairfield, 22, gusts to 29. these are all -- these were all calm yesterday. the sea breeze will kick in and will continue to do so over the next 24 to 36 hours. a lot of the cloud cover is thinning out and lifting north. we have mostly cloudy skies. the lightning has pushed west. so that is done for now. it will be sunny for a while and by this afternoon, things pick up. there is a stronger breeze. so inland temps will not be as hot as yesterday. i heard from some of you. some people were not very nice. it comes with the territory. 80s and 90s. but today will be closer to seasonal averages. the extended outlook looks for this. continues into thursday. and then things look like the lows move far enough way and it will be mostly sunny. >> all of the european markets
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down this morning. they followed the markets in asia and the pacific. hong kong lost 2% overnight and south korea was up one and a half percent. analysts say the declines are most likely because investors are uneasy about the cut in stimulus measures. u.s. markets, down day yesterday as you can see across the board. futures this morning look like pretty good opening for us. and surprisingly jc penney shares look like they will open up higher even though they missed earnings and reported sales are down. we will keep our eye on a bunch of stocks today. linkedin is making changes to help college students outline their careers. the new age will be 13 so hue school students can use university pages to learn more about schools around the world and connect with alumni. it will help linkedin grow its
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user base. >> interesting. a nationwide scam. the warning this morning involving the secret shopper organization. >> there was a fireman and a nurse and a cop that happened to be crossing by. >> wow. >> somebody is looking after me. >> do you recognize that comedy legend? safe from a burning car on a california freeway. what a good samaritan did that likely saved the life of dick van dyke.
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>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. incredible video. actor ask comedian dick van dyke is doing well after being rescued from a burning car on a los angeles freeway. this video shows the carmels after it went up into flames yesterday afternoon. hardly anything left. a man saw the smoke, ran over and pulled van dyke from the car. the entertainer was not hurt. >> there was a fireman and a nurse and a cop who happened to be passing by. >> wow. >> somebody is looking after me. >> you can is say that. los angeles firefighters say it's possible that a flat tire may have started that fire. >> 5:25 is the time right now. tesla founder is tweeting the sedan earned the best safety rating ever tested. the top rating given by the
5:26 am
ntsb is five stars. the sedan earned five stars overall. one percent vehicles tested match that record. it was stronger than the testing equipment used for the roof crush test and the car broke the machine. >> alex rodriguez, a-rod, now fighting back against major league baseball and his team, the yankees. his lawyer is now going public with serious accusations. he claims that the yankees allowed rodriguez it play during the 2012 post season despite an mri scan by a team doctor that showed a serious injury to his left hip. a-rod's lawyer spoke to cnn. >> the amazing part of that is that was never shared with alex rodriguez at the time. he was sent off to play. >> you say it wasn't shared. >> he wasn't told about it. >> major league baseball suspended rodriguez through the 2014 season claiming he had
5:27 am
used performance enhancing drugs. a-rod is being allowed to play now while he appeals that suspension. >> a disturbing incident at a san francisco bart station. the shocking video of someone trying to light a homeless person on fire. >> we're live in san jose where a major injury accident shuts down all lanes of 880 northbound near stephens creek. we will tell you how much longer the closure will be in effect. >> westbound bay bridge looks good into san francisco. >> well, lightning show is over for now. it doesn't mean we're done. there will be more late tonight and definitely tomorrow. red flag continues. thicker fog and inland temps, will they cool down?
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>> good morning. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. look at this live pictures northbound 880. that is what is happening now. they are cleaning up after a rollover accident. a pretty bad one. we will tell you how long traffic will be affected. that is coming up in a live report. wait for sal. it is tuesday, august 20th. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. it is 5:30. more lightning today? >> yes. back to school forecast here. those of you getting ready, we will go to west contra costa
5:31 am
county. high temperature forecast. i'm splitting the difference here. 60, 70 and 75. mostly sunny i would think except for fog. looks good at noon, a little breezy. and highs in the upper 60s and 70s. taking most of the moisture away from us right now to the north and also off to the west. but after last night's show things have calmed down. red flag warning in effect until wednesday. i think this will be extended. i think the low is going to hang around here a little bit longer. these are much cooler than yesterday. that's because there is a much stronger sea breeze. delta breeze is in full force. some of the higher elevations have higher gusts. lingering showers to the north. everything is lifting north. dry air is moving in right now. overall, fog, some of that thick. it will be cooler today. lightning possible later, much later. mostly sunny in the morning. stronger breeze. 60s, 70s, 80s, some 90s.
5:32 am
it will not be as hot as yesterday inland. >> we still have the crash northbound 880 in san jose. it is clearing up but i want to show you on the maps where it is. if you want to use an alternate use 280 to 87. we will have a live report from the scene coming up in less than a minute. coming up next. let's talk about some other things, though. this is 880 north and southbound. the traffic is moving along nicely on 880 passed the coliseum. this morning's commute here on westbound bay bridge, getting a little bit more crowded still not stop and go. at 5:32 let's go back to the desk. >> we are following developing news now in the south bay. one person was hurt in a rollover crash on interstate 880 in san jose. terry is there in san jose this morning where all lanes are shut down near stephens creek. still the case, tara. >> reporter: that's still the case. you can see that they are going
5:33 am
at a pretty good speed right now. the flares have been set up. this is the street sweeper and they're cleaning off all of the debris on the roadway. we're at 880 northbound near stephens creek. if we take a look at the video shot a few minutes ago, you can see the cars involved in the crash. there was a gray acura being loaded on to a flatbed. it was pretty mangled. we understand a car in that car collided with a red truck, a redford truck. she rolled over and she was -- basically the car was laying on its roof when emergency crews first arrived. we understand that she is the one that suffered the major injuries and she has been transported to the hospital. in the meantime, the red truck was taken away. that was towed away. and there was some debris on the opposite side of the freeway southbound lanes. crews had to get over there and clear that out as well. back here live, you can see that the crews are sort of cleaning up the glass. chp is out here and looking around. this happened shortly after
5:34 am
4:00 this morning. initially we only had a couple lanes blocked but then it moved to all of the lanes. they are about to open up the rest of the lanes. all of the lanes will be open on 880 northbound. right now there is a little bit of a backup but not too bad because it is so early in the morning. >> time now is 5:33. the opening of the new span of the bay bridge is a step closer this morning. ktvu has learned that the temporary fix for the broken bolts is complete. crews finished installing steel shims over the weekend. the permanent repair won't be ready until december. in the meantime, the bridge oversight committee will give us an update on the construction that will take place before the bridge is closed next week. ktvu news has learnedthat bart plans to have 14 of its bart stations operating around the block during the bay bridge closure. the bart stations will stay open 24 hours a day starting
5:35 am
wednesday, august the 28th. they will be offering overnight service once an hour to bart riders all over the bay area. bart will also run longer trains during the day with as many as ten cars. bart will provide special service for weekend events, including the oakland a's games. some bay area commuters are already looking ahead to the closure during the long holiday weekend. >> i'm going up to oregon to visit family for the long weekend. i'm making it an extra long weekend to avoid the bay bridge closure. >> hopefully i won't have to work. if i do, i will have to be on the road with everybody else. >> all bart trains will stop early tuesday morning, september the 3rd, for required inspections and maintenance. that's the same morning that the new bay bridge is set to open. >> now, our has coverage of all of this. check it out. look for the link on the front
5:36 am
page under hot topics. >> new information about the arrest of a surf instructor in santa cruz. santa cruz police are saying the investigation could be handed over to the federal government. 38-year-old griner is accused of making inappropriate advances and taking photos of two teenage girls. he was arrested on friday. santa cruz police have now received calls from possible victim families living as far away as new york. he is ex endure terrible conditions approximated in court tomorrow. the california highway patrol has released its report on the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge. five women were killed when the 1999 lincoln town car they were riding in burst into flames. investigators have ruled the fire was an unforeseeable accident. the limo driver will not face any criminal charges but he says he is hunted by his memories of that night. >> it's painful. every day is painful.
5:37 am
every minute. it reoccurs in my head just about every -- you know, every day. >> investigators also conclude that the limo drive was not on his cell phone at the time of the fire as previously reported. >> time now 5:36. continuing coverage of the really unusual weather the bay area has been having. thousands of lightning strikes like those reported during the night. pam cook was out listening to -- well, you were up whatting. >> i love it. >> you didn't hear any rumbling. >> no. >> more expected later on today and tomorrow. the threat of lightning has triggered a red flag warning in effect until tomorrow. alex savage is in pacificca with how cal fire is responding to the threat of fires. >> reporter: things calm here in pacificca but that was not the case overnight. according to the national weather service, there were
5:38 am
more than 11,000 lightning strikes across the bay area since 8:00 last night. that's the figure at this point. although the majority of the strikes were out over the ocean. lightning also reported in santa cruz county. also reports of light rain as well. but of course the lightning is the big concern for firefighters. it has them worried this morning. a red flag warning remains in effect around northern california with lightning and strong winds. cal fire has staff reserve engines and brought in extra firefighters in case a large fire breaks out. yesterday we were at the air attack base at the airport where crews were ready to respond to any large lightning sparked fires. one plane did take off to a reported fire, but it was forced to return because thunderstorms made it just too dangerous to fly. >> flying conditions can be extreme. turbulence, wind, visibly depending on the clouds. it can be extreme and we're
5:39 am
flying at low levels. >> reporter: now, cal fire crews plan to be back up in the air later on today ready to respond to any lightning- sparked fires that could crop up. most of the thunderstorms have moved out over the water. they did so early on this morning. the lightning has let up at this point. but we could be in for another light show later on tonight. alex savage, channel 2 news. >> we want to see your photos whenever we have severe weather. just e-mail them to us at or post them to our facebook page. >> a disturbing incident is being investigated in san francisco. a man tried to set a homeless person on fire outside of the 16th and mission bart station. a viewer sent ktvu news a video of the incident that happened saturday night. bart police say they could have intervened but no one ever reported it. >> we have a mental health professional that works with us and close with san francisco to try to help the homeless that
5:40 am
we have in and around our station. >> bart police say if someone would have reported the incident, they could have sent an officer out to check on the person and tried to provide services. bart police say the largest number of crimes reported last month was at the oakland coliseum bart station. west oakland, dublin and hayward tied for third. fruit vail ranked third. pittsburgh is fifth. 16th and mission is not even on the list. >> time is 5:40. happening later today, city college students plan to march to san francisco city hall demanding a last ditch effort by the mayor to help save the college from losing accreditation. last month officials said the school would have the accreditation revoked at the end of july next year. enrollment was down about 13% before school began last week. well, the clock is ticking as the new 49ers stadium in
5:41 am
santa clara gets closer and closer to being completed. project managers say they are more than halfway finished and two weeks ahead of the schedule. the goal is to have the new stadium complete for june, two months before the preseason starts. in 2012, workers spent about $26 million a month installing concrete and steel. this year, they have been focusing on the inside of the stadium, averaging about $37 million a month, pam. >> i feel like i spend that much at times with girls. >> i bet you do with the girls. >> it looks great. california lawmakers say the nevada health department is dumping mental patients on city doorsteps. now san francisco city attorney wants to be reimbursed and says he has evidence to back up his claims. >> new details on a deadly hit and run crash in the south bay. the truck that police are searching for. >> good morning. we're looking at the bridge traffic getting over to the city. we're also looking at the east
5:42 am
bay commute. and in san jose, 280 is open and so is 880. we will tell you more about that straight ahead. >> the lightning show from last night taking a breather. it has moved north and west. that doesn't mean we're done yet. things are calm now but they may pick up later. [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university.
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find your career success in the bay area. >> we know more about a deadly hit and run crash in san jose. 61-year-old carlton ford was hit and killed by a pickup truck about 8:45 saturday night. witnesses were able to describe the truck to investigators but they said it was too dark to see the driver. ford's neighbors say he went out for a walk around the same time every night. >> well, if i could bring him back, i sure would.
5:45 am
>> i don't know. it's a horrible thing. how could anybody do that. >> investigators say they have a good description of the truck involved. they're searching for a '90s ford pickup truck with front end damage to it. it is either white or light colored with a red stripe down the hood. if you have seen that truck, get in contact with the chp. >> oakland police are investigating the report of air bizarre attack outside of city hall. a man claims a city worker who was cleaning up the plaza attacked him early sunday morning. 36-year-old joshua daniels suffered a black eye and serious injury to his face. the city worker was apparently angry that he spit out his gum during a clean-up job. he is an activist and regularly goes to city council meetings. >> weather is causing problems for firefighters in oregon. east of portland, now several
5:46 am
families have been told that they need to evacuate. that fire began on friday and has burned 3,000 acres. one home has been destroyed and the fire is only 12% contained. here in the bay area, lightning has triggered a red flag warning. cal fire has reopened a lookout station near lake hamilton. it will be staffed by a cal fire volunteer who will be looking out for any signs of smoke. he will also be there from dawn until dusk until the red flag warning is lifted. >> a federal trial is started for an ex danville police officer accused of being part of a dirty dui scheme. the former investigator butler had steven arrest certain men for dui. in exchange, butler says that he gave tenabi cocaine and a gun. prosecutors plan to call their first witnesses to the stand today. that trial is expected to last about two weeks. the napa county district
5:47 am
attorney warning of a national scam claiming to be part of a secret shopper program which is an actual market research company. prosecutors say two napa residents were sent fake cashier's checks supposedly from the company. they were told to return $1,700 from those large checks using western union. residentswere suspicious and called the district attorney's office. if you get a request like that, you're told to do the very same thing. >> a year-long undercover operation has led to a major bust in new york. police say is the people running a large gun operation were arrested. they say the defendants made numerous trips to new york city from north and south carolina with as many as 14 illegal firearms at a time. police say they used economy bus lines to transport the weapons. they include assault weapons, a fully automatic machine gun and
5:48 am
handguns. heelsberg is showing its support for a national weapons ban. they approved a resolution to support the proposed weapons ban. all of the council members favor the idea. but gary glass voted against the measure saying it's outside the form of government. >> a new app launched in san francisco makes it easier for drivers to find parking. it is called park me. it started operation yesterday. it gives drivers reality-time parking rates and locations of more than 95% of the meters and parking lots in the city. city officials say about 33% of all of the congestion comes from people driving in circles trying to find that one parking spot. >> that's a frustrating venture. >> i've done it many times. >> yeah. around and around. 5:48 is the time. that should be interesting. sal. >> i think it's going to work. you have those -- they have the thing on your smart phone now, right. >> except if people are driving it and checking it.
5:49 am
>> good point, pamela. good morning. let's go ahead and take a look at the commute. i tell you what, the commute in san jose was off to a bad start but now that crash on 880 has been completely cleared. just want to let you know that off the top. let's take a look at 880 northbound. you can see traffic is moving along nicely as you head up to the coliseum. by the way, the a's play again today. they play seattle tonight at about 7:05. there will be more traffic at the coliseum. although the games have been lightly attended. still the best way to get there is public transportation. bart is a good way to get to the coliseum. wednesday is the day game in the series. let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza. that is backed up for a ten- minute delay. once they switch the metering lights on, it will get busier. that usually happens at about 6:00 or so. we're looking at the livermore  valley commute. it's slow coming up to castro valley -- i'm sorry, to livermore. but it gets better to castro
5:50 am
valley. 238 and 880 look good. or to the san mateo bridge. >> a lot of the cloud cover is lifting. partly to mostly cloudy at 7:00 a.m. mostly sunny by noon. 82 degrees for santa rosa. a little bit warmer. a lost the cloud cover will move around. if it sticks around, it might be cooler. mostly it's moving north rapidly and off the coast as well. still the red flag warning is out until 3:00 a.m. wednesday. it will probably be updated because the low hangs around. it will hang in the area for about -- until thursday morning. so fog, sun, and then clouds build up later as the flow wraps back around. tonight, another opportunity for another lightning storm certainly in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. a little bit to a lot bit cooler depending where you are
5:51 am
because the sea breeze was nonexistent. today it will be 15 degrees cooler. those are signs of a cooler pattern, especially for you out in the eastern county. a lot of the cloud continue continues to lift north. steel shims you get a little heating and it wouldn't take much to pop up the shower activity. the lightning show is well off the coast and moving away. it's not out of the picture yet. it's just out of the picture right now. lightning possible later this afternoon. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. sea breeze makes things cool today than yesterday. >> apple plans to start shipping its newest iphone next month according to the wall street journal. it will have its manufacturing partner in china shipping a high-end and lower-end phone during the first ten days of september. earlier reports said that apple
5:52 am
would hold its launch event on september 10th. at&t will start selling the new samsung galaxy mega phone on friday. the screen is only slightly smaller than a 7-inch tablet. it combines the potable of a smart phone with the tablet experience. the mega will cost $150 with a two-year service contract. i don't know if you can stick it in your pocket. >> probably not. >> pretty big. >> san diego's mayor back on the job but will he survive the fire storm over sexual harassment charges. how the recall effort continues to grow as the mayor tries to cut a deal with one of the accusers. >> it happened again in marin county. a beached whale died. why is it happening? ♪
5:53 am
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[ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas
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to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. >> the time is 5:55. biologists say they don't know why a thin whale calf washed up on the beach. the whale was still alive yesterday morning but it died as a crowd watched on the beach. marine mammal center says this is the fifth large whale stranded that they have responded to this year. >> once these whales are on the beach, there's really no hope for them to get them back out into the water. >> the marine mammal center team that checked out the whale
5:56 am
says there was no obvious sign of trauma or infection. it was buried in the sand near where it washed ashore. a 12-year-old girl is talking for the first time after a scary encounter with a black bear. >> i just thought i was going to die. it was just -- it was very terrifying. >> that was abby. she was jogging thursday outside of her home when that bear attacked her. she tried to run at first but says the bear threw her down. that's when she played like she was dead and the bear went away. >> happening today, a new network is making its debut in the u.s. and it specializes in news. it will be available only to cable and satellite tv describers. it's an arabic news network. the petaluma leg horns baseball team has moved one
5:57 am
step closer to the world series championships. fans and family gathered to watch the 15 to 19-year-olds play in petaluma. they scored a victory over a team from new jersey. >> it constantly keeps going and going. they're big boys. we're very proud. >> today the leg horns will face a team from hawaii. the winner of that game will face the mid add lan tick champions in the final game of the series. >> great. ten seconds. i have to tell you something. group of kids from oakland at the international children's game in canada. they won medals sponsored by the 100 black men of the bay area. want to congratulate them. >> big baseball area. >> we're still following a new development on a rollover crash in the south bay. want to show you a live picture. northbound 880 where the crash has now been cleared. how the person trapped inside of the truck is doing right now. >> also a deadly shooting at a
5:58 am
san jose restaurant. we will hear from one witness who heard the gunfire. >> a crash involving a big rig that is blocking lanes. we will tell you more about that straight ahead. >> lightning is gone off of the coast. temperatures today will be cooler. but that lightning and red flag warning is still out for another couple days. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. now you can turn your device into your television. try it for free today, only on southwest airlines. on the air. in the air. with live tv.
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on the air. in the air.
6:00 am
>> police are on the scene of a triple shooting in san jose that left one man dead. we are learning new information about that homicide victim. >> a major injury crash in san jose has finally cleared. we will tell you how crews had to save a woman trapped inside one of the cars. >> thousands of lightning strikes jolting the greater bay area during the night. we will show you spectacular pictures and what it means for fire danger. >> the big battle against california wildfires stretch from one end of the state to the other. the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, it's tuesday, august 20th. want to take you back out here live to the scene outside of


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