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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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apart. the big question that needs to be answered. day two of the bay bridge closure. how far have construction crews come. we'll talk to a chp officer live to also talk about traffic next. and right now there is a spot in the bay area where there are several accidents on the way to this very important bridge. we'll tell you what the latest is. we're telling you what commuters have to say about yesterday's commute, what they learned from it, and what they hope to apply to this morning's commute. good morning. we want to take you right out to the bay bridge toll plaza. where of course there is no traffic whatsoever. day two of the closure and we are just about to get a pretty big important update from cal trans on all the work that is being done out there. so we will bring that to you. it is friday august 30th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and
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traffic. steve is out today but we do have rosemary. >> yes, good morning to you. we are into the final friday of august 2013. but we do have a nice holiday weekend in store. for today this ridge of high pressure isment cooing our way and that will drive our temperatures up. a notable warmup especially for some of your inland locations. we are talking mid 90s. 80s around the bay. we will remain with 60s along the coast. i think we will have fog along the coastline for most of the day as well. the on shore braze will be -- shore breeze will be a weak one. this morning we are waking up with patchy fog. even a little bit of patchy drizzle because the ridge of high pressure squeezing that marine layer. we'll have a look around at that fog. i'll have a look at your afternoon highs. but first to the current temperatures. 63 in concord. mid 50s in santa rosa. mid 60s in mountain view. 94 for antioch.
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80 degrees for oakland. 74 san francisco. and mid 60s expected along the coast. i will have a big you are tour of the afternoon highs and of course have a look at your labor day weekend coming up. good morning. right now traffic is getting a little bit busier. but still we are not seeing the levels quite of yesterday just yet. doesn't mean they won't happen. let's take a look at 880 north and southbound. there are no major problems on northbound 880. let's talk about commute here. a few crashes on the way to the san mateo bridge. separate crashes in that area. not causing a huge traffic jam. clearing a crash an injury crash westbound 580 at fruitvale. they have actually moved it out to off the freeway now. but the traffic may be just a little bit slow.
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it's recovering. northbound 280 traffic looks good. heading up to highway 17. and now back to the desk. thank you. at 6:02 we have breaking news in san jose. there were two police shootings in a matter of hours. the first one happened around 1:00 a.m.. police say they spotted two men in a car at north king road. the suspects were accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint. police say while they tried to run away, the driver tried to run down a police officer. >> the driver proceeded to go ahead and attempt to run over the officer. the officer in fear for his safety discharged his firearm striking the driver of the vehicle. >> now that driver was rounded. he was taken to the hospital. the other suspect the passenger got out of the car and ran away. police are still searching for him now. while detectives were investigating that shooting, they got a call of another police shooting about four
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miles away at san carlos. janine de la vega is there. she is headed to the area and gathering information. she will be back with a live report coming up shortly. construction appears to be on target here on day two of the bay bridge closure. crews working around the clock to get that new eastern span open by tuesday morning. ktvu tara moriarty is joining us from the construction hub to tell us why some people are sad to see the old bridge go. >> reporter: that would be some of the engineer. they said back in its day when the bridge was made in the 1930s the engineers only had rulers, paper, and pencils to work with. it's a mash sell it was ever -- marvel it was ever created. a lot of people excited for this new bridge. here to talk with us about traffic is officer daniel to let us know how things went
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last night. last night was it bad? >> the commute hour was impacted as we expected. it wasn't as bad as we had anticipated. we anticipated gridlock throughout the bay area on thursday. by in large it was a lot lighter. we think people used alternate forms of transportation or called in a day earlier. today's traffic patterns we expect to be the same. just light for people that have to go to work and for those that may be going out of town. we might see the commute hour extend a little bit longer. maybe to our noon and heavy traffic in certain areas. overall, we don't expect too many delays. >> all right, thanks for joining us. there is still a lot of work to do over the holiday weekend. but it is possible that the new $6.4 billion bridge could be open for business by late monday. we are hoping to get an update from cal tran. as far as we know everything is right on schedule.
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lye from oakland i'm tara moriarty. time now 6:05. the bay bridge closure means a lot more people will be riding bart today. christien kafton is live. how is the commute going so far? >> reporter: you know, it's looking pretty good. we were up on the platform earlier. it didn't look to be as busy as it was yesterday. take a look at the bart station. you can see the commuters trickle in. more of a trickle than a stream i would say. it's still early but there are indications certainly the days commute might not be as busy. we talked with a couple people here that say so far there do not seem to be as many riders as yesterday. that backs up what we saw when we were up on the platform. bart did release the ridership numbers for yesterday's commute for 7:00 p.m. yesterday evening. parking lot says they saw -- bart says it saw an increase of 62,000 riders over the same day
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last year. regular riders say they saw increase passenger on their way to work or coming home. >> coming home. it's jammed up where it usually isn't. >> reporter: that is a common theme. either on their way in or on their way home, it was standing room only. we are waiting to find out if that is the case once the morning commute picks up. coming up, we will get in contact with bart to find out what their latest ridership numbers are and of course we will try to meet up with casual car poolers to find out what the drive was like yesterday. we will bring you an update on your morning commute. christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco bay ferries adding more trips all weekend from alameda, oakland, and vallejo to san francisco.
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the golden gate ferry also is adding service. to find all the latest bay bridge information including alternatives during the closure, go to, click on the bay bridge closure tab. students arriving at uc davis for fall classes may see more campus police on patrol. that is after an apparent hate crime last weekend. school leaders say several buildings and parked cars that had windows broken. someone wrote a racial slur on the chalk board. the school chancellor sent out an e-mail saying no acts of hate will be tolerated. >> broken windows. broken buildings we can fix those. hurtful speech in our community has a lasting longer effect. >> students say they were surprised the act happened at their school. city college of san francisco is not the only
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college with accreditation problems. as many as 20 community colleges around the state may also be in trouble. the chancellor of community colleges in california talked about this issue yesterday. but he did not name the other schools. city college is due to lose its accreditation next july because of financial -- alleged financial mismanagement. bomb scare forced the evacuation of the alameda police station. in just 25 minutes the unusual circumstances surrounding this case. how a suspicious device ended up inside police headquarters. a warning for military leaders about how a u.s. strike on syria could lead to deeper u.s. military involvement in the middle east. and it's kind of slow getting to the san mateo bridge but the other commutes are looking pretty good. once you get on the bridge it looks good to the peninsula. a heatup in store for your friday afternoon followed by a cool down in time for the weekend. i'll show you the pattern responsible for this.
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i'll have a look at your current conditions and a detailed look of the afternoon highs coming up. unbelievable.
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welcome back. last night the white house consulted with members of congress. they talked about syria's reported use of chemical weapons and how the u.s. should respond. as kyla campbell reports the white house made a case for an attack but military leaders
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have concerns. kyla. >> reporter: they are worried the strain of budget doesn't allow for proper action and they are concerned about unintended consequences. if the u.s. takes military action, al-assad and his iranian allies could retaliate by striking israel a u.s. al lie. thousands of israelis are lined up getting nonconventional war fair protection kits in case of a possible connection attack. they voted yesterday about against joining the u.s. on any military action against syria. president barack obama is willing to act on his own. senior administration officials briefed more than 25 u.s. lawmakers in a conference call last night. they told members of congress they have intercepted communications from the syrian government ordering a chemical weapons attack. 1300 people were killed last week including women and children. the united nations inspectors are still in syria. what they are doing and how it
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would impact the military strike. i'm working on that story for you at 7:15. budget cuts in the nation's capitol has some scientists trying to decide if they want to move out of the country. a new study shows the majority of scientists are getting less federal help for their research than they were three years ago. nearly 20% of scientists are considering moving overseas to continue their research. another new study shows testing by the navy could be putting marine animal lives at risk. they looked at training plans for waters off the east coast, southern california, and hawaii over the next five years. the navy may kill hundreds of whales and dolphins during these training exercises. the navy says it does not expect any deaths but can't guarantee it won't effect marine mammal life. the obama administration is announcing a major change in how it handles marijuana
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prosecutions. in states where it is legal for recreational or medical use. the justice department says it will not seek to block new state laws in california and washington that legalize the recreational use of marijuana. and it will no longer target medical marijuana dispensaries as long as they don't sell to minors and the properties don't go to organized crime. in recent years they have raided dispensaries in california even though they are legal under state law. the vallejo police officer has returned marijuana to a man. a judge ordered police to return the pot. he was one of the stars of the tv show called weed country. he had about 9,000 clients before the raid and he plans to sue vallejo for his losses. a federal judge says alameda county can implement its first of its kind drug
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disposal law. coalition of pharmaceutical companies say that law interfered with interstate commerce and they sued to have it thrown out. however the drug makers lost 245 fight in federal court. a police investigation has determined a big rig driver was at fault in a crash earlier this month that killed a cyclist in san francisco. the case is now being turned over to the district attorney who may file charges against that big rig driver. the cyclist was killed at sixth and folsom street on august 14th as she was heading to work. day two of the bay bridge closure and sal, of course san mateo bridge is taking the brunt of the extra commute and you were talking about a problem last time. how is that? >> we do have problems there pam and dave. the traffic volume a little bit
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better today and i think it's going to be a little better in the morning. but then leaving i don't know what it will be like for labor day but that is later. for the morning commute all right. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. that is noticeably lighter than it was yesterday coming down to the mccarthur maze. this is when things started getting heavier. and -- let's move along here to the commute. it's slow. we've had a couple crashes and going over the bridge to foster city it looks good. we have a camera off the san mateo bridge. we can see the traffic is moving along well. it's definitely a lot of people who would normally i would say normally be taking the bay bridge. it does look okay heading out westbound to foster city. just a touch lighter than yesterday. let's go to rosemary.
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okay. summertime heat up. you may notice it's gray out there. we have fog. low clouds along the coastline. just inside the bay. and even patchy dense fog reported in napa this time. visibility down to a quarter mile. we have a ridge of high pressure to the east of us. we are sandwiched between this and this. system dropping down from the gulf of alaska. first the ridge of high pressure coming our way. and notice the moisture pulling in around this ridge. this will be in the forecast for the second half of our weekend. i think we will see high clouds out of this as it migrates farther north. this system will be deepening and moving a little closer to the bay area. that will lead to a cool down. the two comingling as we get into your holiday weekend. i will detail it in the extended forecast. waking up with low clouds and
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patchy fog along the bay. along the coast we are mostly sunny. into the north bay seeing clouds at some times. it looks like it's since cleared. good news there. the thing about patchy fog could be a little more dangerous than when it's wide spread. take it easy. a little bit of a heads up there as you get out the door. on shore breeze not completely gone but very weak. so it's not going to help save us in the afternoon. 63-degrees in concord. 61 for oakland. 59 san francisco. mid to upper 50s over parts of the north bay. for the afternoon today these numbers are up a few degrees around the bay. anywhere from 5-7 degrees. 88 for sonoma. today. 9 for petaluma. 76 in alameda. a hot one in antioch. 94 for you. into the south bay we have 85 for san jose. 84 for sunnyvale.
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along the peninsula 77. 78 for you san mateo. 74 san francisco. 60s along the coast. your extended forecast the temperatures begin to trend downward as early as tomorrow. low 80s in the forecast for the inland cities. not bad. low 70s around the bay. very slight chance with some drizzle. not really a big deal. i will pinpoint that coming up. time is 6:20. we have an update on our breaking news. there have been two police shooting this morning within hours of each other. ktvu janine de la vega just arrived at that second police shooting. what do you know? >> we don't believe at this point that either of these two officer involved shootings are connected. but this second one did start out as an armed robbery. we are here on san carlos near lincoln.
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this is where the officer involved shooting happened. to get more details we are joined by officer robert. what happened here? >> earlier today at 4:44 a.m. officers responded to a robbery. when officers arrived they received new information that there was a suspect that was brandishing a firearm at the intersection of san carlos and lincoln. they suspected this person was an individual that was involved in an earlier robbery at a safeway. officer located that suspect. in the intersection of san carlos and lincoln and approached him. made contact with that person and gave him instructions and demands 37 noticed he was displaying a firearm. the suspect did not comply with the officers demands. the the officer felt threatened and discharged his firearm. the suspect was not struck. the suspect immediately fell to the ground and surrendered. that suspect has been taken into custody and he will be booked into the jail later this
6:22 am
evening. >> and just a coincidence the two officer involved shootings happen the. >> yeah purely coincidental. the two are not related as we can tell. >> reporter: thank you so much. now i do want to tell you about the first incident that happened at 1:00. let's go to video of what happened in that incident. a woman was robbed at gunpoint by two men in a white car in downtown san jose. the suspect and car description was put out to officers. officers spotted that car on the east side. when officers spotted that car, the passenger one of the armed robbers ran away that is when an officer pursuit happened. the car sped off and crashed near king and willshire. that is when the suspect turned violent. he apparently tried to run over an officer that was on foot. shots were fired. the suspect was struck at least
6:23 am
once. that suspect is at the hospital now. we are told that he is in surgery. it's unknown if his injuries are life threatening. but a very busy morning for san jose police. they are still looking for that second armed robbery suspect. he is still at large and trying to gather details. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. at 6:22. destroyed in a matter of minutes. community groups in fairfield now coming together to help the families who lost everything in a major fire. i am not a good golfer by any stretch of the imagination. >> the golf shot that changed that man's life. what happened moments after that hole in one. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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look at this a storm dumped several inches of rain in the san bernardino mountains. the roads in the forest falls area filled with all those rocks and debris. right now the crews are trying to clear the roads for the 1500 people that live in that community. the simple swing of a golf club has changed one massachusetts' man's life. >> i was so happy the ball landed on the green and then i
6:27 am
watched it. i'm like it has a chance. and then i thought i saw it go in the bottom of the cup. but then when i saw the crowd behind the green erupted in applause i knew it was in. >> that 150-yard shot ending with a hole in one gave that man a $1 million payday. barton is an amateur golfer. his name was pulled from a hat to be able to participate in that competition in new mexico. he said he had no idea he would have a shot at weaponing the prize. our time is 6:27. well, the big story still ahead making limousines a lot safer. the new equipment limb moes in california would have to have under proposed legislation. also as you note this is day two of the bay bridge shut down. the big everybody is asking.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are getting ready to ring the opening bell. [ inaudible ] they are excited about the u.s. open in new york. that is the tennis channel and tennis notables ringing the opening bell there. it looks like a decent day but august 2013 will go down as one of the worst months in more than a year. >> we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us. it's friday, august 30th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. let's check in with rosemary orozco who is in for steve today. good morning, to you. tgif. we're looking a the a nice
6:31 am
forecast for today. it will be a warmer day. ridge of high pressure moving closer. strengthening just a bit. the warm sinking air associated with that ridge is really beginning to pin that marine layer close foreground. patchy dense fog reported along parts of the coastline. marine layer very shallow at this point. below 1,000 feet. we're not going to see much of a cool off for the afternoon. perhaps just a very weak sea breeze. the farther you live inland the warmer it will be as you get out the door a little bit of patchy fog to deal with. temperatures in the mid 50s to 60s. we are partly cloudy to mostly clear for our inland communities but we do have fog and low clouds around the bay. partly to mostly sunny skies. low 60s along the coast. upper 60s around the bay. mid 70s inland. it will be mild to warm for your lunch hour. 65 at the coastline with partly to mostly cloudy skies. mid 70s around the bay.
6:32 am
low 80s expected inland for the second of your day mid to upper 50s. downtown san francisco will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday. low to mid 70s. upper 70s to low 80s. get up over the hills it will turn hot. low 90s in the forecast. orinda you will be nice and warm. and some of our hottest spots will get in the mid 90s. today today in antioch and brentwood. i will have a detailed look around. i'll have a look at your holiday weekend coming up. rosemary, good morning to you. right now we are doing pretty well. in fact, we can now say things a better than they were yesterday. now that we've had enough to judge these things. let's take a look at what we have san francisco. there is not a lot of traffic coming through. if you are driving to the hayward area as we go to the maps the traffic is a little busy here as you drive southbound 880 across to foster city it looks good. we have a camera there just off
6:33 am
the san mateo bridge. just as we did yesterday and the traffic although it's heavy it's not as bad as it was yesterday. yesterday we already had some slow and go traffic right here. right now this traffic is -- there is plenty room for -- plenty room for you coming off this span. now the breaking news from san jose. there were two separate police shootings just a couple miles and a few hours apart from each other. ktvu janine de la vega is live at the second shooting now. both shootings involved armed robberies. janine. >> reporter: they are. but they are not connected at all. we are here at the second scene the officer involved shooting. this happened on san carlos. we are here near lincoln where they have a three block area completely quarantined off to traffic. nobody can come here. they are investigating a shooting that happened right here kind of in the middle of the road. there is a cash one place right next door. this started as an armed robbery at a safeway that is down the street near if if if
6:34 am
meridian. police got a call that a man was waving a gun in the air. they felt threatened and they were also considered for the safety of the people in the area. so they fired at the suspect. the suspect was not hit. he fell to the ground. he surrendered. he was just treated for just minor injuries. the officer is okay. it's unclear at this point if the suspect actually fired back at the officer. but police have this area quarantined off. homicides detectives are here to -- they take officer involved shootings very seriously. i want to tell you about the first incident and that one happened at 1:00 this morning. let's go to video. a woman was robbed at gunpoint by two men in a white car. in downtown san jose. suspect and car description was put out on that. officers spotted the car on the east side near mckey and king road. the suspects realized police
6:35 am
were following them. a passenger got out of the car and ran away. that is when an officer pursuit started. the suspect's car ended up crashing near king and willshire. police say that is when the suspect turned violent. >> the driver proceeded to go ahead and attempt to run over the officer. the officer in fear for his safety discharged his firearm striking the driver of the vehicle. the driver was immediately taken to a local area hospital where he is being treated for his injuries. >> we know the suspect was hit at least once by the officer's bullet. we are waiting for an update from the hospital. the l.a. thing we heard the suspect was in surgery. now there is a second suspect still at large in this first officer involved shooting. we are waiting to get a suspect description on it. but again a very busy morning for san jose police who have responded to two officer
6:36 am
involved shootings. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. construction appears to be on target. day two of the bay bridge closure. crews working around the clock to get the new eastern span open in time for tuesday morning commute. tara moriarty is joining us now from construction headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: we just got an update. all of the grinding that churning up of the asphalt that has been completed. and we spoke to a chp officer. he said it looks pretty cool out there. we hope to bring you some images. right now we will take a look at the lobe up images we got last night. crews got this look at the new eastern span about 3,000 truckloads or 84 tons of ripped up asphalt will be carted off the bridge as 64 tons of new asphalt will be brought in.
6:37 am
>> traffic should be lighter today. yesterday was not as bad as we had anticipated. considering it was a workday for the majority of people. traffic wasn't as bad as expected. we expected gridlock. >> workers are preparing the connection to the tunnels which would eliminate the s-curve. there is still a lot of work to be done over the holiday weekend. it is possible the new $6.4 billion bridge could be open for business by late monday. coming up we will be talking to cal trans officials to see if we can get any more information about the progress being made out here. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. a crazy story a bomb scare forced -- a man says he discovered what he thought was a pipe bomb at 9:30 last night. he actually decided to drive it to the police station and turn it into officers. police immediately evacuated
6:38 am
the building. called in a special team. they determined it was not dangerous. they are now investigating the incident. they are warning people to call police. don't handle any potential explosives. happening today a bill besigns to improve the safety of limousines goes before an assembly. state senator jerry hill introduced the legislation following that deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge that killed five women back in may. it would require limousines to have two fire extinguishers and yearly inspections by the highway patrol. he was killed monday night after the car he was riding in slammed into a tree near his home. and it happened the day before
6:39 am
the beginning of his senior year at san ramon valley high school. a public memorial service will be held tuesday at 3:00 p.m. at the st. joan of arch parish. police are still investigating the cause of the crash. a south bay elementary schoolteacher is facing pornography charges. they arrested brian westfall. investigators say westfall has worked as a substitute teacher in san jose oak grove elementary school district since 2006. detectives say they have found no evidence of lewd behavior with any student. several community groups are coming together to help people recover from a devastating grass fire in fairfield earlier this week. the fire destroyed two homes
6:40 am
and several others. while cleanup has just begun a debate is heating up over who is responsible for clearing vegetation. city says the property lines run right up to the wall but the area is clearly fenced off and homeowners say they have been told to keep out. time now 6:39. the rim fire still burning is having a big impact way beyond the fire scene. why many people are changing their labor day plans. all right. and we are seeing a better commute today than yesterday. the commute is looking good on the golden gate bridge. and also improving on the san mateo bridge. starting out with patchy fog along the coastline and for portions of the bay. and for the afternoon a warmer day expected. i expect temperatures will actually peek this afternoon. so we'll have a look at your afternoon highs and your labor day weekend forecast coming up. [ male announcer ] at sizzler...
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welcome back. time now 6:43. there is a very quiet bay bridge area right now. that is a live picture you are looking at. this morning construction crews are starting their second full day of putting the finishing
6:44 am
touches on the new bay bridge. they are working around the clock. creating a path to the $6.4 billion eastern span. so far we are told things are running right on schedule. the bay bridge closure means more people are finding other ways to get to where they need to go. ktvu christien kafton live at the lafayette bart station this morning. how is the commute going so far? >> reporter: so far so good. i just got off the phone with the bart spokesman. he said it's too early to tell how things will shape up today. he said today is a little busier than a usual friday. whether that will bare out to mean increased ridership remains to be scene. let's give you a look. we can see bart riders streaming into the station here. in lafayette. commuters starting to show up. there are indications today's commute may not be quite as busy as yesterday. perhaps some people trying to extepid this labor day weekend
6:45 am
into a four-day weekend. bart did release the ridership numbers from yesterday's commute. bart saw an increase of 62,000 riders. yesterday i drove and had appointments down on the peninsula. hopefully bart will be a better journey than yesterday. >> reporter: now we just checked out a nearby casual car pool pickup. and the time we were waiting there, we did not see anyone waiting. no drivers, no one waiting for a ride. that may change as we get closer to 7:30 when the morning commute picks up. again we are waiting to hear from bart. we should get new numbers about yesterday's ridership through
6:46 am
last night. in the next 15-20 minutes or so we hope to turn that around and have that for you coming up. so we can get a real detailed picture of how much ridership was increased throughout the evening yesterday. maybe that will help predict exactly how things will go today. we will continue to follow the developments out here in lafayette and throughout the bart system and also on your bay area roads to find out how the bridge closure is effecting your morning commute. far now we are live in lafayette christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. >> to find all the latest bay bridge information including alternatives during the bridge closure go to click on the bay bridge closure tab at the top of our home beige. firefighters are making progress on the rim fire. the fire is about 32% contained. it has burned more than 200,000 acres. it's one of the largest wild fires in california's history. some evacuation orders have been lifted in the area and despite the fire most of yosemite national park will be open this labor day weekend.
6:47 am
now however smoke from the rim fire is having an impact on people up in lake tahoe. labor day weekend one of the busiest holiday weekends for the area. some hotels and resorts say reservations are down. tourism officials say people who have not canceled their plans are still concerned about the smoke. time is 6:46. ahead of labor day law enforcement agencies all over the bay area ready to crack down on drivers and the focus this year drunk drivers. the chp and local agencies will hit the road beginning at 6:00 tonight. last year the chp says 35 people were killed on california roads during the labor day holiday and half of them were not wearing seat belts. there were also more than 1300 arrests for dui around the state. a lot of people in the bay area will be heading to airports or hitting the roads today for the long holiday weekend. in fact aaa predicts four million californians will head out for the holiday weekend.
6:48 am
traveling about 50 miles or more. that is 6% more than last year. about 3.1 million californians will be driving to their destination. let's check in with claudine wong who is filling in for tori campbell. hi claudine. where is claudine? there she is. >> yes, we are going into the second full day of the closure. in just an hour we will get another update from cal trans. and there is already talk that it could open early. so stay tuned for that. also we are covering for you another document leaked by nsa's leaker edward snowden. this one deals with the cia budget and just how much money is spent and how much of that budget is actually kept secret. and the new york city subway system shut down.
6:49 am
we will show you incredible video of the culprits behind that shut down. >> thank you. time is 6:48. >> tonight oakland pride weekend festivities are set to get under way. a pride kickoff party is scheduled at 9:00 in downtown oakland. organizers are hoping to draw 50,000 people to sunday's big pride event but the bridge closure could impact attendance a bit. the outdoor festival scheduled to get under way at 7:00 tomorrow morning. some areas will be closed shortly before and after that event. time is 6:49. let's bring sal back and get you to where you need to go. how is it looking? all right sal. >> sal, we can't hear you. >> you need to talk louder when you talk to me. that's okay take a second. we'll take a quick break. we will be right back.
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welcome back. new audio recordings from the april 15th worst ton marathon bombings have just been released. >> the calls came from the police and from the public right after two pressure cooker
6:53 am
bombs went off. those recordings came as a grand jury indicted a friend of two prime suspect tsarnaev brothers. those friends are accused of lying to police during the investigation. in the meantime boston marathon race organizers are making plans for next year's boston marathon. they say this year's deadly bombing has only encouraged runners to sign up for next year. they are expecting 36,000 runners to take part in the next marathon in april of 2014. that is 9,000 more than this year. it would be the second largest number of runners in the marathon history. educators in the south bay viewed a realistic depiction of a gunman storming a school. san jose police played this video yesterday to about 500 teachers. mass school shootings have prompt ed police departments to update their security plans. this shows students and teacher taking down the gunmen. it's something that has never been done in the u.s.. training teachers and students
6:54 am
to go after an active shooter. other ideas from police include installing peepholes in doors. looking at social media postings from students that may show aggressive behavior. fewer california schools are now meeting state and federal performance targets. that is according to superintendent of public schools tom. he says only 51% of california public schools reached a target score on the state's academic performance in the current school year. he blames the budget cuts for the short fall in performance but there is a one big area of success. he says the number of students passing the high school exit exams is up at 95.5%. time is 6:54. several fast food chains say it will be business as usual and there will be no pay hikes after yesterday's strike by fast food workers around the country. workers at kfc, wendy's, mconly
6:55 am
dodges and taco bell prop tested outside the restaurants. they demanded that their hourly pay be raised to $15 an hour. restaurant operators say workers who start at minimum wage jobs are given opportunities to expossess their job skills and move up. getting closer to our 7:00 hour. we want to check in on the commute. certainly could be pretty crowded out there. especially later this afternoon is what you are predicting sal. >> yeah later in the afternoon it could be. this morning it was lighter than yesterday. we will look at some evidence of that by looking at the pictures. first of all 880 does look good. i think people were turned off by the slow traffic or making it a four-day weekend. who doesn't want to do that? let's take a look at the commute now on westbound 92 foster city side. the traffic here definitely looks better than it did yesterday. and this morning in san jose northbound 280 traffic is moving well getting up to
6:56 am
highway 17. now let's go to rosemary. >> outside our doors the signs of a warmup going on. the marine layer below 1,000 feet. patchy fog and drizzle along the coastline. inside parts of the bay. it's because of this ridge of high pressure strengthening over our area is really beginning to compress that marine layer. that is why it gets closer to the ground. that is why it looks a lot worse as you get outdoors and make your way to work or school for the kids. we've got a warmer day in store. 90s involved. we are talking for inland communities. mid 90s. today will be the warmest day. we will begin a cool down as early as tomorrow. temperatures will remain on the mild side. even warm as we get into the weekend. just not as hot as today. so the ridge of high pressure coming our way today. for the weekend this system here will be dropping out of the gulf of alaska. that is what will lead to our cool down. at some point the moisture moving around that ridge and this system here are going to come together. and we may see a little bit of
6:57 am
moisture of our own. let me show you what happens as we get into the weekend. starting here tomorrow morning notice the clouds to the south. these are coming up from the south. around that ridge of high pressure. as we get into saturday pretty uneventful. a nice day. mild to warm. we are now into saturday and creeping a it will farther north. notice as we get into. it's going to be just a very slight chance. i do mention it because it is a holiday weekend and we will be tracking it for you. but on a scale from 1-10 i call it a one right now. temperatures in the upper 50s to 60s. afternoon highs for today warmer than yesterday. 74 san francisco. low 90s in concord. low to mid 90s for fairfield and antioch and brentwood. your extended forecast temperatures trend downward. notice not bad. low 70s in the forecast for our
6:58 am
bay area as we get to the holiday weekend. low 80s for the inland cities. back to the desk. coming up on mornings on 2 breaking news coming in from san jose. two police shootings this morning. just a couple miles and a few hours apart. it is a holiday weekend without the bay bridge. and in just 60 minutes we will get a progress report from cal trans.
6:59 am
7:00 am
a busy morning for san jose police as they respond to two separate robberies. we'll tell you why they say they were forced at the suspect. >> reporter: right now, traffic is doing pretty well. we're looking at the drive from the san mateo bridge. it is crowded. but it's not as bad as yesterday. we are now on the second day of the bay bridge closure and just hours from the start of the holiday weekend. we'll tell you know what construction and traffic look like. "mornings on 2" starts now. we're following breaking news this morning from san jose, where there have been two moficer-involved shootings this


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