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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 1, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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putting the finishes touches on bay area history. in less than 24 hours, officials will dedicate the $6.4 million. hello, everyone. >> getting ready to say good-bye and embrace the newest bay area landmark. crews have been working for four days to get the eastern span ready and there is a chance it might happen sooner than expected. >> taking a live look all lit up for you, scheduled to open by 5
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a.m. tuesday. things have been going smoothly, we're told, raising the possibility of an early opening. we begin with jade hernandez, live at the bay bridge toll plaza and she has the latest on the progress. >> reporter: cal trans there's no indication they will be ahead. the new bay bridge stands all. today on day 4, without the s curve, the approach is smooth and straight and inside new led lights reflected off freshly washed walls and workers continue to place even more bike path connectors into place. >> drivers will see this temporary bike path for 6 to 12 months until the rest of the
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path is complete. so far, cal trans says there is no surprises. >> i'm not sure anyone has had a chance to stop and think about everything they've been through. >> for now the focus on what's left to be done, moving barriers, wrapping up paving and striking and finishing the 10% needed on the pavement and deck. >> earlier, will really be the last time we'll be able to go on the bridge and walk it. >> reflecting to where the project began. >> a tragedy during the earthquake back in 1989, highlighting the glaring need for seismic safety on the bay bridge. >> reporter: just last night, none of these lane dividers were even in place and paving was still going strong here at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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tonight, as you can see, work is wrapping up. cal trans will give one of its last updates. we'll be there. reporting live, jade hernandez, channel 2 news. >> i was on that new span like you, jade and it's going to be offering some stunning views. is the chp concerned about drivers being distracked? >> yes, warning drivers pulling over they'll be cited. >> the festivities will include speeches, antique cars, as well as a chain cutting ceremony. for the past four days, weather has been cooperating with cal trans, but that may change. mark tamayo joins us with what
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to expect tomorrow. >> there is a chance of spotty showers. the radar in parts of north bay reports some of rainbows visible from winsor. there is the chance will it reach the ground, but very light, mostly in the form of a few sprinkles. quite a bit of cloud cover from the region moving from the south and west. we're going to hold on to the cloud cover and the chanceave light shower over -- chance of a light shower over the next 12 hours. we'll take a look at the labor day chances, the probabilities, and break down down your warming trend and your weekend is always in view for day 6 and 7. and it was a disastrous accident when that 6.9 quake hit on october 17th, a 50-foot bridge collapsed into the lower
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deck. it was closed for a month of repairs. engineers at the time determined that the eastern span of the bridge needed to be replaced. traffic was bad for people heading north out of the san francisco this afternoon. this is what it looked like on 19th avenue about 4 p.m.. traffic was heavy heading toward the golden gate bridge. the toll system helped keep people move. >> and bart said it had the highest second ridership for a saturday on record. bart recorded almost 279,000 trips yesterday. that says is surpassed only by october 6th with 319,000 trips with the music festival, and america's cup, to san francisco, and as well as a cal game and justin bieber. >> ridership on the ferry jumped yesterday, from 8,900 trips
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yesterday, to about 2,700 more than last saturday. ferry systems have added trips and vessels during the closure. >> our coverage continues throughout this newscast. ahead of 10:30, the fate of that famous troll that has been guarding the old eastern span, plus we'll have a look at the new bike path set to open in the coming days. happening now, officers out in force, maximum enforcement is underway here in the state and throughout the area. authorities are on the roads looking to keep drunk and dangerous drivers from getting behind the wheel this holiday weekend. tonight's efforts come as dui enforcement hits the home stretch for the summer. we're live in san ra fellfell -- san raphel is underway. we're on bellam boulevard where
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they will screen about 1,000 drives tonight. have you had anything to drink tonight? >> it's a casual brush with the law, but the officer who is pear into these cars are looking into drivers. >> contrary to common belief does not guarantee a test. >> do you feel any effects of alcohol? >> none whatsoever. turns out the eyes don't lie. >> in one of the tests that we rely on is the gaze nastagmus and that's an involuntary twitch of the eyes. >> sometimes you smell it in the car, you notice their eyes or something like that. >> would you rather have a friend come or have me tow it? >> and also unlicensed drives who through his car into reverse. chase bikes wait in the wings for just that.
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drivers will often say they didn't want to get stuck in line. >> they're surprised to see you? >> yes, they are very surprised. >> in mar in, dui arrests are up from last year. >> everybody knows whose been in situations like. that he supports the efforts. >> i don't think what they're doing is in vein. it absolutely has an effect and whatever keeps people off the streets for whatever reason, they're off the street. better if you're drinking. >> reporter: we're back live now you can see a gentleman undergoing a field sobriety test here in san raphael. there have been two arrests tonight, both for outstanding warrants. one man wanted actually for
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assault with a deadly weapon. chp made 55 arrests overnight in the bay area, bringing their total to 114 for this labor day enforcement period with one more day to go. reporting line in san raphael, ktvu channel 2 news. in oakland, police are investigating a deadly shooting just before 11:00 on daisy street near buell street. the victim's identity has not been released. a long time friend of arrow day i don't man -- rodeo man said he doubts the man was capable of doing any wrong. the photo was given to us by a
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friend. he was found on california street near mariposa avenue. investigators are asking for anyone to give them a call with information. now to coverage with the rim fire in and around yosemite national park. this is new video showing the intensity of this massive fire. the fire has grown to about 225,000 acres, more than 350 square miles. at this point, the fire is 45% contained, about 80% of the fire is within park boundaries. >> and all that smoke is a accumulating inside the park, including yosemite valley. here's a shot from this afternoon. you can see the smoke is making the sky very he's. the burning smell is noticeable, and that's forced many park visitors to stay indoors. according to the contra costa times, about 2,500 miles away, it has reached. >> we're getting a new look at
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the rim wildfire. a viewer sent us this photo from a southwest airlines flight at an altitude of 32,000 feet. you can see the huge plumbs of smoke. can you see the orange in the clouds. the pilot received special permission just so passengers could take a look at those massive smoke plumbs. >> and the rim fire has been burning for two weeks and crews do not expect containment for a few more weeks. >> it broke out in october of 2003 in san diego county, more than 273,000 acres burned with more than 2,000 structures lost and 14 people killed. now last year's rush fire stretched across two states. it scope of -- scortchecortch
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many acres. it saw more than 240,000 acres charted and also construct ur structure destroyed. >> and then the 4th largest wildfire, of course we're talking about the rim fire. officials suspect that it was caused by an illegal marijuana grow. nearly 5,000 personnel are trying to tame the flames that have burned just under 225,000 acres. >> a group of hunters cause an unusual prize, a suspected arsonist, how their quick actions led to the arrest. >> and new evidence the proof it has from the obama administration saying syria used
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sarin on its people. and iphone suspected to lower its price upon the new release of the smart phone. too big. too small.
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too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant . some deer hunters in sonoma county caught a suspected arsonist in the act. we explain what first caught the hunter's attention and what they did next. >> reporter: cal fire helicopters and ground crews
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were able to make quick work of the fires burning off pine flat road east of geyserville. we saw smoke and i passed my buddy. i said i didn't hear lightning. the hunters saw three small fires through binoculars. we saw a dog and a guy come down on the road and he grabbed a pile of brush, walked to the fire of the road and started another fire. we saw a guy lighting a 4th fire so we apprehended him. >> code bryant was the only huntory give us -- hunter to give us his name on camera. the hunter said he was doing a controlled burn. >> we told him we can't let you go. >> sheriff's deputies detained the man in this truck which was linked to two of three fires in the past 24 hours in the
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cloverdale and guys guyserville road. prime scene tape witnesses said flames were thrown into the brush. the hunters say they were lucky because the fires were set along roads that were on their only way out. >> it could have started that fire and trapped us in there and hurt other people. there's a lot of cabins out there. >> james novack was cloverdaily wasdale was arrested yesterday. more details now on this story. late this evening we received these two photos from the hunters. they say they showed small brush fires. officials say a mar in county fire department smokes
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man said it happened about 9:30 team time this morning off dylan beach. the man was dropping a crab pot when his leg became tangled into the line. the national fire service will investigate the incident. four high schoolers needed help at anadale park in santa rosa. officers found him in just a few minutes. >> yesterday, three high schoolers -- hikers were rescued yesterday. and on capitol hill the obama administration started the tough task to get lawmakers to support a strike against syria. officials flew in for a classified briefing on the intelligence reports from syria and on the president's proposal. secretary of state john kerry appeared on five talk shows today saying for the first time
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that blood and hair samples taken from victims in east damascus indicate that the nerve gas sarin was used in that attack. 426 children were killed and 1,400 total. lawmakers have skepticism about the necessarity of a strike. >> u.s. military force is justified only to protect the vital national security interest of the united states, and to date, the administration has not focused on those interests. >> president obama said he wants congress to authorize a limited strike against military targets to punish the regime. egyptian officials said the ousted president morsi will
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stand trial. muslim brotherhood loyalists and antimorsis protesters. he was ousted by the military in july. 14 other members of the brotherhood are facing charges. and davis frost has died, british broadcaster. he sat knew to knew with richard nixon, questioning him for nearly 29 hours. >> i let the american people down and i have to carry that burden with me for the rest of my life. >> nixon's staff picked frost thinking he would be soft and easy to out whit, but frost hired several journalists prepare and he did not let up on nixon. several years ago frost talked about that fame interview. >> the main surprise was that he did go as far as he went to his maricopa, which was fantastic. >> frost died last night of a heart attack on the queen
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elizabeth cruise ship where he was scheduled to make a ship. friends say he loved broadcasting and was looking forward to a host of projects,ip excluding interviewing the prime minister of britain next week. he was 74. nelson mandela is back at home in joe hannis burg tonight -- johannesburg tonight. an ambulance took the president home where he was in the hospital for months for a recurrent lung infection. he'll receive the same level of intensive care from the same people who treated him. closer to silicone valley, they say they will fight the fed's decision to shell the planned patent office in north carolina california. the feds have no choice but to strap the plan due to sequestration. the office was to be paid for by the $2.8 billion collected from
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inventors and companies. san jose is the top producing patent city with more than 7,000 last year. several stores are slashing iphone prices. best buy, radioshack and walmart all all eye 16 gigabyte iphones. we were expecting to reveal the latest version on september 10th. the field early government -- federal government is upset by a tie 30. >> and the new way advertisers will be able to pitch their product. >> since city under siege, as las vegas facing devastating flash floods. >> and clouds continue to move into the bay area and more changes into the way. we'll break down shower chances for your labor day and the
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timing of the next warming trend.
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heavy rain in southern nevada is sending heavy rain across the las vegas region. rain from thunderstorms filled re vaccine-veens with water. there are no reports of any injuries but a flash flood warn suggest in effect for some areas until -- warning is in effect until tomorrow morning for some areas. as san bruno marks the deadly pipeline explosion, officials plan to you update the ongoing recovery updates. the 2010 disaster killed 8, injured 60 and destroyed 38 homes. on tuesday, the mayor plans to talk about the rebuilding efforts from the neighborhood and he'll continue to push for reforms and how public utilities are regulated and managed. hundreds of breast cancer survivors filled the oakland colosseum as part of the oakland
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a's breast cancer awareness day. the survivors formed a symbolic pink ribbon, the emblum of the surviving breast cancer. they gave a $5,000 check a charity in memory of the ktvu reporter, faith fantcher. and online commercials could be the next big money maker for facebook. the social media giant is not commenting. there is plenty of talk facebook will launch video adds this fall -- ads this fall. it would feature name brands and the price is attractive, about two and a half million dollar per ad. skype is confirming reports about the development of a 3d environment for conference calls. today make it look like arrow
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meet caller was -- a remote caller was present. skype reportedly confirmed the project but said the 3d video probably years away from the market. a t-shirt that makes fun of the national security agency has prepared after a government order to stop selling it. you can buy the shirts at cafe but they may not last for long. the shirt has the nsa logo and the words peeping while you're sleeping in reference to the cell phone surveillance controversy. they first showed up on a web site called zazzle but were removed after a cease and desist ord. some believe it's protected the bay bridge for 25 years. what may happen to this famous troll. >> and how history was made at this weekend's pride history.
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. back now not new bay bridge. bore now less than 48 hours from the asked -- we're now less than 48 hours from the scheduled opening. we'll take a live look at the toll plaza, the focus of the majority of the work the past few days. the bridge is on schedule to open tuesday morning but there are scheduled events tomorrow to mark the occasion. a ceremony is set to begin around 3:00 in the afternoon, followed by a chain cutting ceremony and then aer is sepz across the new -- a precession across the new span. >> and no one ever granted permission for the steal figure to go up on the new span, but we asked if it will have a spot on the new span. >> the 18-inch high troll
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sculpted first made its home on the side of the eastern span of the lomapria earthquake. a super tissuous -- superstici supersticion set to ward off bad things. i think it's part of san francisco's only self and folklore people have learned about. >> and now with the old span set to become history, there's a lot of debate about what should happen to this piece of art that had been attached to its side. >> much as he magically appeared, he has magically disappeared. his whereabouts are unknown. we may have information soon as to when and where he will be
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preparing. >> and while transportation officials haven't announced what's next for the famous troll, some museum feel strongly it should be a part of the new eastern spa. >> to appease the supersticious people. >> it did its job. >> believers say the legendary troel has a stellar record -- troll has a stellar record protecting the old bay bridge for almost 25 years. now they're ready for an oncore. >> and more details about the oakland museum. as you heard about there, the museum has a display of photographs taken by the late peter stadpole. he chronicled the building of the original bridge taking stunning black and white photos
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of the bridge and the structure. they're scheduled to be on display at the oakland muse jim soon. >> and a pathway running along the southern edge and for the time being will stop near the bridge tour. it eventually will reach all the way to yerbubea island. by sick lists will be -- cyclists will be able to take the path just past the tour of the suspension bridge. >> the trail to get to the bike and pedestrian path starts at the south end of the ikea parking lot in emeryville. cal trans hopes to has it finish sometime in 2015. >> to find the latest bay bridge information go to and click on the bay bridge closure
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tab at the top of our homepage. oakland today showed its pride. an estimated 50,000 people turned out for the 4th annual pride festival and something happened today that has never happened before. same-sex marriages were performed today at the first ever wedding papavillion. there was definitely a new vibe following the new rulings on gay marriage. >> for the first time, a wedding pavillion where seven couples got married. the event chair woman gets emotional when she talks about the defense a year can make. this summer the supreme court's decision expanded recognition of gay marriages and legalized it in california. >> the number of lgbt families
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is the highest in the country and the festival reflects that. >> we've got marriage and really the next thing is our families. >> jody fedder and her partner are part of the growing community of initial families in the lgbt community. i think when we walk down the street, people assume we're a married straight couple and we're not. we're a clear, initial family. >> today is their chance to celebrate that choice. the turn out today was huge. they were given a chance to celebrate this year of change. patty lee, ktvu 2 news. never giving up, the milestone endurance swimmer diana nyad reached in her 5th attempt to swim from cuba to florida. >> and showers on your labor day holiday, our meteorologist is coming up next with a look at
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when a warm up and then also when those showers might be headed our way.
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. throughout the day today, probably notice a big bunch of high clouds, pushing through the region. they're still out there now. we're looking toward the old and the new of the bay bridge there? san francisco in the distance. some dense fog showing up coast side and pushing locally into san francisco into the bay, as well. also tracking this, some light shower activity, a lot of this not reaching the ground. this is live tracker 2. it's up in the forth bay. you can't pick out more cloud
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cover, and here's a live doppler sweep. we could be tracking a few somehow as we head showers as we head into labor day. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. fairfield, 72, san francisco into the lower 60s at 61. talk about the cloud cover, this was right about 3:00 out toward san francisco. >> you can see the high clouds pushing into the region, kind of the talk of the town today with the moisture moving in from the south. we're holding on for the least the first half of your labor day. shaping up like this, more cloud cover, labor day, some morning clouds. it will be mild once again and muggy. and then a warming trend, maybe into the 90s for the weekend. >> lower 50s and 60s for san jose, livermore and antioch.
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>> we have high pressure out to the south and east and the combination basically generating the southerly flow. for tonight, more cloud cover. there is a chance of cloud cover and into monday morning for labor day. there's a slight chance of shower with partly to mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow morning at 8, 9, 10:00, some cloud cover. a potential light showers activity stretching from fairfield to concord, possibly a few drops on the bay bridge. it quickly moves out. the possibility of a light shower tomorrow morning and decreasing clouds and the forecast model tries to generate a few more sprinkles by late tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night. it will feel humid and temperatures come down a few degrees. >> santa rosa, 81 degrees, oakland 73, danville, 84, and san jose, some high clouds throughout the day, forecast high of 80. the bulk of the cloud cover will
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be focused in the southern half of the bay area. don't be surprised if you see a light shower on labor day, but probably more dry than wet. clearing skies on wednesday tuesday, wednesday. warming trend tuesday into the upcoming weekend for saturday and sunday. it won't be completely hot and humid. summer not over just yet. endurance swimmer crew says she has swam nearly 80 miles from cuba to florida on her 50th attempt. this is video of the 64-yard swimming this afternoon. he -- 64-year-old this afternoon. the jelly fishing more likely to sting. she did not put on her full face mask. she lath erred on sting stopper. you'll probably notice etic is not on the set with me
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tonight. he's in sparks nevada working as a judge in the best of the in the west nugget rib cook off. 2 dozen barb about queue cooks are kicking off -- barbquears are fighting tonight for the title. i got sauce all over me. looks fantastic. and we hear from the a's as they pull off a friendly sweep. and something you have to see from the giants game. sports wrap is next.
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. good evening. welcome to this sunday night edition of sports wrap. baseball is officially in the stretch run. breast cancer awareness day at the colosseum against the tampa bay rays, and here's our cocoa crisp making his first start since 2007, gives us his 6th in the last 11 games. oakland hanging on to a 2-1 lead in the 7th. and yespedes to donaldson received a vote. can you him tag meyers twice. he added some insurance in the bottom. he goes deep for the 3rd time
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since becoming part of the big league roster. griffin gets his 12th win of the year and likes where the team is headed. >> we can beat anyone any given day and we're excited to get to the ballpark every day and we're in a good groove right now looking to keep that going. >> we're playing well. i know in the beginning of this season we start off with nine wins or something like that. i don't know if this stretch is better than that one. hopefully it continues. >> so to the top of the al west we go, minnesota's josh willingham with a back up the middle. moreland


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