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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 3, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> it's been open 24 hours now and the first reviews are in. commuting over the new bay bridge can be summed up by two words, slow going. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. there are several possible explanations, the leading theory is that drivers making their way across the bridge for the first time are getting familiar with the new lay out and want to look around at all
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those new surroundings. ken wayne is live, he joined the first commute across the bay bridge and is joining us live. >> reporter: it's still possible that it's a new the new commute an ugly back up. traffic now is worse than it was during the evening commute. this is was the scene in san francisco about 5:30 in the afternoon. as drivers were trying to get to the bridge. traffic backed up and tempers
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were starting too flair up. >> the truck up there is trying to jump over everybody. it's crazy. >> i -- four hours from sutter street. >> reporter: you're not even on the bridge. >> no. >> reporter: what's going on? the sign showed traffic crawling at less than 4 miles per hour. is it because all these drivers want to see the new bridge? >> curiosity factor played into it. back to school played into it. back to work after a long holiday played into it. >> reporter: the new bridge has the same number of lanes as the old one and the speed limit
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hasn't changed. something that has distracted the drivers is the new view. slowing traffic as they slow down. >> just take a deep breath and wait for traffic to resume. >> reporter: people headed in the east direction are getting a chance to check out the view because traffic is going very, very slowly right now. remarkably slow. slower than it was during the evening commute at about 30 miles per hour way under the speed limit here in the eastern span of the bay bridge. so it appears a lot of people just want to come out here and take a look and enjoy this new bay area landmark. live on yerba buena island, ken wayne. while the bridge opened last night, traffic and pedestrians did not get rolling until today.
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the bike path is dedicated to alexander zuckerman. he died in 2007 from injuries he had suffered years earlien on a bike accident on the bridge during a previous closure. today bicyclists gathered to pedal across the bridge. >> reporter: it was a little bit of a party on wheels. the end was a very long battle where the bicyclists obviously have won out. as the sun descended to the west, on the eastern side of the bay bridge you could hear the sounds of victory.
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wheels turning as bicyclists under went their first ride. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: the path now dead ends and is connected to yerba buena island. some road on bikes to mark history. >> i was the first bike on the bay bridge, so that made me feel special. >> reporter: many stopped to take in the scenery that you cannot see from a car. >> it's a little emotion because it took so much effort to people who aren't with us anymore. and we're all not going to be here forever either. we want to leave the bay area a better place than we found it. >> reporter: the chp bike patrols let the party going on later than they might have. they said the bay bridge this week and cometting on will be closing at dusk -- this week
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and coming on will be closed at dusk. >> once finished it's expected to be open 24 hours long. later on we speak to chp about an arrest that was made already. and ariel castro has died. he is accused of kidnapping three women. castro was found hung in his cell. he was taken to a medical center where he was pronounced dead. castro has been housed away from other prisoners for his
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own protection. prosecutors said castro had held them for years often in chains. he pled guilty and was sentenced to 930 years in prison. we now know the name of the man shot by police this weekend. authorities identified him as huerto ricofero. police gave ktvu news recordings that indicate some confusion about the man's weapons. >> there's someone firing a shotgun. please. >> it's a handgun, we just drove by. he almost hit us. >> reporter: police say he was screaming profanities and that officers tried to calm him down but when he pointed a gun directly at them, they say they fired. >> reporter: a federal juror today found a former contra
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costa sheriff's deputy guilty in connection with a dui scam. the court found that he took payment of a glock pistol from christopher butler. butler was accused of using women to go drinking with men who were in the middle of a divorce procedure. the city council voted to put more police officers on the street and increase their wages. the council's vote was 10-1 in favor of that over all plan. details still have to be worked out. mayor chuck reed and councilman licardo have proposed $1
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million. however the department is not buying it. >> the numbers that are in it do not add up. this is an attempt to show boat. >> i suspect that if i or the mayor would come up with a cure to cancer, the poa would oppose it. >> it calls for a pay rise of at least 10%. it's known informally as curb sitting and some say it's max of racial profiling. robert handa tonight on a police procedure that is called detention and how a course has led to controversy. >> reporter: ruben says he's
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been detained unnecessarily several times. >> yeah, they said it was late and it really wasn't. >> reporter: did they make you sit on the curb or handcuff you. >> they made me sit on the curb. >> they do have to consider everyone as possible a suspect in some kind of matter. >> reporter: the independent police auto auto -- auditor addresses concerns. >> mostly from people of color that they believed they were made to do stuff that whites were not made to do. mainly profiling. >> reporter: the collected data will allow a look at how much work each officer puts into each investigation. >> it will paint a picture of the kind of work officers are doing on a daily basis.
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>> reporter: to make officers more accountable, she is recommending that officers wear a video camera. a court decision today could mark the end of the line for marin county's embattled drake's bay oyster company. to not renew the company's lease. last year former interior secretary ken salazar decided to let the oyster farm's lease expire. he said it was time to return to the national seashore to a national state. concerned about criminals lurking in the dark. >> for someone who is an elder as i am, it takes once, if you're dangerous. what one bay area city is doing. in two minutes. >> slated park or homeless haven, why advocates to the
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homeless are taking their fight to an east bay city tonight. unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet.
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yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. new video tonight of an accident in the east bay that led to some wet roadways. it happened at 7:20 tonight. a driver lost control of a bmw and slammed into a water hydrant at the corner of 17th and castro street in oakland. east bay mud had to be called to turn off the water. no injuries were reported. dozens of protesters
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marched for a long time homeless community that is now being evicted. it's a peninsula of land in albany. both supporters and opponents are looking out tonight. cara. >> reporter: there's so many people on both sides of the issues that showed up at tonight's council meeting that many decided to show up at the council meeting on one side of this debate is witson who's called albany home for many years. >> i think they should be able to stay until we come up with some housing. >> reporter: she says she chooses this lifestyle. >> we're not homeless. we have homes. i've been at the same home for 6-1/2 years. the same piece of land. i wake up every morning and i
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hear birds, i go to sleep every night and i hear winds. >> reporter: residents and supporters marched to city hall to protest the city's efforts to enforce a no camping ordnance which could force them out. >> it is illegal and unconstitutional for albany to criminalize being in albany without a house. >> reporter: on the other side are folks who want the campers evicted and say they fought off developers for years to create and preserve this park and its breathtaking views. >> what we want to do is make sure that it is being used the way it's supposed to. that it is for all people. >> reporter: the citizens say not only are the residents violating a slew of laws and ordnances. >> for those people who are truly homeless not just the people who are you might say adventurers and campers. those people need to be reintegrated in society. not to be isolated away from
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everybody, away from services. >> reporter: dozens of citizens have been voicing their conditions tonight. more of them in support of the campers. now enforcement of the noncamping ordnance was to begin in september. right now we're waiting to see if the campers will make a decision on what the city's next step will be. a disturbing discovery near and el elementary school where authorities say a body was found in a car. police are not releasing many details as a matter of protocall, the homicide unit is investigating even though the case has not been ruled a homicide. a memorial service took place in san ramon today for a high school student who died last week. 17-year-old robert orlando was a passenger in a car that struck a tree in danville as three boys were returning from a fishing trip. it was the night before orlando
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was to start his senior year at san ramon valley high school. donations are now being made in his honor to the nonprofit kids day of fishing which takes place special needs and low income kids out to fish. oakland police have released a sketch of one of two men they say posed as a utility worker to burglar a home. he's described as latino between 45 and 48 years old and he has short dark hair. investigators say a man matching this description asked an elderly couple for access to the back of their property to check an easement while the homeowners were outside, another man went inside and stole jewelry and cash from the home. san francisco the promising progress as a basic function of city infrastructure keeping the street lights burning. ktvu's rob roth tells us how
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chronic outages are a problem. >> reporter: no one likes darkened streets. >> for someone who's an elder like i am and takes walks, it feels dangerous. we're not comfortable. >> reporter: today they called for a hearing seeking a look at outages and how long it takes to put them out. about 6,000 burn out each year. that's 15% of all the city street lights. >> a lot of these street lights are decades old. they are not in the greatest of shape. >> reporter: the san francisco public utilities commission is responsible for 60% of the street lights. pg & e the other 40%. while the puc says it now
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repairs the lights in days. >> it's noticeable. i can talk a walk and one light is out, then the next day another is out. >> reporter: darkened streets and crime often go hand in hand. >> i came home and i noticed someone lurking in the dark street. so i just kind of watched from the window and sure enough they were breaking into cars. >> reporter: wiener says he expects to hold hearings with the puc in about a month. plans for new bike lanes on a small stretch of polk street are moving forward. the san francisco municipal transportation agency voted today to move ahead with a project that will add bike lanes along polk from city hall. the goal of the project is to make polk street safer for everyone. your high temperatures
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today a lot like yesterday. we had lots of mid-80s in the warmer spots and then everybody else in the 70s. i've got fog right along the coast. that fog starts to work its way inland. it's not going to be a ton of fog in the morning. but fog back in the forecast and right along the bay. temperatures tomorrow are going to warm just like they did today. what we had today, if you had 83, you're going to be right around there. the microclimates you're going to find temperatures in the warmest spots in the mid-80s. so temperatures tomorrow are much like today. it's going to get hot around here. fire danger is going to increase. i'll let you know when that's going to happen. apple's unveiling about a week away. >> and pictures of a brand new device we might see at apple stores. >> this is not a declaration to the world but to the value of
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the world. >> reporter: a new legislation that would limit america's role.
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the us relations committee is expected to vote tomorrow on action against syria. a key republican as well as a democratic leader have now signed on. >> reporter: the administration's top advisor pushed for a strike. >> he's asking for authorization to degrade and deter assad's capacity from using chemical weapons. >> reporter: it's part of the battle to take action against a
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report against assad using chemical weapons on his own people. >> this is not a declaration of war. it's a declaration against -- >> what after a meeting at the white house, the president appeared to be one step closer to his goal. >> i'm going to support the president's call for action. i believe my colleagues should support this call for action. >> i don't think that the congressional authorization is necessary. i do believe it's a good thing. >> reporter: other lawmakers aren't so sure after a closed door meeting. >> i keep hearing that the objective is well we have to do something. that's not good enough for me. >> reporter: more classified briefings are scheduled this
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week with a solution on the proposition by next monday. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. the dow industrial's closed 23 points higher, nasdaq added 22. the invitations are in the mail. apple is sending out invites for an event a week from today when it's expected to unveil its newest iphones. the invitation you see it there has polka dots in a variety of colors and the words this should brighten everyone's day. apple is expected to unveil a faster iphone and a new and cheaper version that comes in a variety of colors. here are photos of what the new iphone might look like. they appear to show iphones in plastic packages ready to be shipped and hit the stores. google is teaming up with candy
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maker hershey. the green robot mascot is now being colored chocolate brown and mimics the shape of a kit- kat bar. serious accusations against a south bay doctor and major progress in fighting the rim fire. but first bad behavior on the new bay bridge. what officers are seeing and who's getting ticketed. >> and click the live icon and watch all of our episodes live on your mobile device.
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the new bay bridge is getting a will the of attention tonight and some of it is
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coming -- getting a lot of attention tonight and some of it is coming from the wrong crowd. >> reporter: the wheel in one hand and a cell phone shooting video in the other. we spotted this driver on the new bay bridge at the height of the evening commute. and he wasn't alone. >> stop the filming. >> reporter: we heard from plenty of people looking to make a memory. >> reporter: you're driving safe right? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's no laughing matter for the chp. we set up two cameras in lou williams' cruiser. he is one of the officers deployed to patrol the new bay bridge. >> we've made a couple of
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stops. >> reporter: just a look at us was enough to get this driver to put his camera away. they even sited a man who found his way into the old bay bridge to take pictures. >> get back in your car sir. i'll figure it out. get back in your van. >> reporter: this collision involved an rv and two cars but no one was seriously hurt. there have been relatively few problems so far. however drivers should expect to see a few extra officers out here for at least the next couple of weeks. at the bay bridge toll plaza, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. some drivers may have noticed like we did there's no access to emergency call boxes on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. call boxes are stationed along the bike and pedestrian walk way. the problem is pedestrians can't get to them from the roadway. they didn't have time to install call boxes in time for the opening. he said they do plan to install
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them but he wouldn't say exactly when. the bridge opening was also a thrill for people who work on the span such as the toll takers. >> oh yeah, i think this is the happiest moment in my life. for tonight. before i don't think people appreciate it but last night i see people appreciating for toll takers. they said thank you, you guys opened early and i said thank you. >> reporter: kevin chang says several drivers took his picture and one person even asked for his auto graph. and coming up, one family's journey. they were the first to cross and why it holds a special meaning. and the santa clara county district attorney's office has charged 45-year-old doctor tremin -- tri minh do.
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he is accused of taking money that was -- the america's cup races are expected to begin this saturday on san francisco bay. and ocacle team usa is scheduled to face races used in previous world series races. it means oracle will need to win 11 races instead of nine
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and keep the cup. the jury also found oracle team usa $50,000. team usa revealed the starting line up today, the 11 member crew includes members from america, australia, italy and new zealand. jimmy spithill the youngest skipper will lead the team to the america's cup. now to mexico city where some 30 police forces went on a stampede down the street. take a look. this video was taken by a driver. the horses were frightened by a noise. city officials said they would pay for damages to 11 cars. some of the horses were hurt but they are expected to recover. and in london, this is remarkable, the reflection of sunlight off a new skyscraper is so intense that it's nearly starting fires. that was a welcome mat at a barber shop across the street.
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plaint on buildings is blistered. and a man who parked a jaguar on the glare says that parts of his car are ruined. if you live with a convicted felon then you must lock up your weapons. that's a mandate of the new bill moving through the state legislature. the legislation requires anyone woo lives with someone who fits into certain categories to keep their guns in a locked container or faces a fine or jail time. those categories include anyone convicted of a felony or violent misdemeanor and those determined mentally unstable. or who have domestic violence restraining orders against them. new at 10:00, the san francisco symphony celebrated their 150th season tonight. tonight's festivities benefit
10:35 pm
the youth music program and include afterparties in a pavilion located on grove and franklin streets. the cast for the upcoming season of american idol is now all set. jennifer lopez, harry conic jr. will be the judges. former judge randy jackson will also return to the show as a consultant. obviously you can see it right here on ktvu. lining up for a historic drive. >> one local family's mission to be one of the first to cross the new span. >> an end to the pattern of mild weather when temperatures will reach into the upper 90s. >> in three minutes, bringing one of the largest wildfires in california history under control. and how some homeowners are showing their outrage about a
10:36 pm
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two power plants that supply electricity to san francisco are back up and running tonight after being damaged by the rim fire. the kirkwood and home fire houses were taken offline at the height of the fire fight. meanwhile, they report that the water remains safe. at this time the rim fire is 80% contained. now attention is turning to the cause of that blaze. >> reporter: things are certainly looking up here in tualomie county, the schools have reopened, the air is clear. some firefighters have been
10:39 pm
sent home. including some deputies. there's still an investigation under way on the cause of the fire. we know it's human caused, there was no lightning in the area. but we don't know the exact cause what it was. it's highly suspected there may be some sort of elicit grow. marijuana grow type thing. as soon as the air that originated was safe they started sending investigators in to look for the cause but the forest service won't say what those investigators believe sparked this blaze just yet. former fire investigators say despite the size of this blaze if it was a marijuana growing operation, there would still be evidence left behind. in tualomie county, kevinoliver. the coroner's office has now identified a man killed. it happened at 10:10 last night on 19th and evans. police say the shooter may have left on a bicycle.
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investigators say they are reviewing b.a.r.t. surveillance footage to see if they can identify a suspect. at least four east bay churches have been the targets of criminal activity and it appears those criminals are growing boulder. at st. ignacious church, thieves have stolen security cameras twice they've also taken cooper wire. and the church has had to secure their air conditioners behind bars. >> you would think going to church is some where where people don't have to worry about that happening. it's a shame. >> reporter: computers, speakers and flat screen tv were stolen from yet another church. st.ignacious has installed a iron perimeter fence to combat the robberies. the taliban tried to shoot and kill pakistani teenager
10:41 pm
malani for her support of girl's education. >> even one child and one teacher can change the world, thank you so much. the new library is in birmingham england where the teenager was taken to be treated for a shot in her head. now she is a more determined advocate for education for all. malaha says pens and books can defeat terrorism. a warm up in the works. chief meteorologist bill martin is back in five minutes with your complete bay area forecast. >> it was so beautiful like there's nothing like that. a memorable trip all captured on video. only on 2, one father and mother lip's mission to witness history on the new bay bridge. ♪
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the first vehicles to cross the new bay bridge. we showed it to you live last night right after the bridge opened to traffic. tonight we're hearing from one family among the first to cross. that new bridge has been packed with cars all day long. many of the drivers are regular commuters but some just want to be part of history. only on 2 tonight, amber lee live in fremont to tell us why a simple trip across the bay holds special significance for one family, amber. >> reporter: frank i first met the shaw family last night after they made their memorable trip to san francisco. shaw drove while his wife documented the trip. their four children sang a tribute to the new bridge. >> let's go bay bridge, let's go. >> reporter: chopper 2 captured the shaw's bridge as they were the first vehicle escorted across the bay bridge shortly
10:45 pm
after 10:00 last night. >> we're the first ones on the bay bridge. >> reporter: the shaw family had been shopping when they heard they were opening the bay bridge. >> i'm very enthusiastic. i like to go to these kind of events. they spent the next half hour looking for the shortest line to witness history. >> the most historic times in life you do it with your family. i love to have my family around me. >> reporter: he says he feels safer with the bay bridge and is grateful it's finally completed after so many years. wife serene says she was in awe as she video taped their trip. >> it was so beautiful. there's nothing like that. it took them so much effort to make a bridge for us so we should appreciate it. >> reporter: the couple said they video taped the trip to preserve their memory for their
10:46 pm
children to share. >> this is something that will always be with their children and their grandchildren and they'll say, my grandfather was one of the very first people to cross the bay bridge when it opened to the public. >> thank you. >> reporter: shaw says he hopes others share his enthusiasm for the new bridge. he says it's a connection between cities that is important to so many people including himself. live in fremont, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. we invite you to tell us about your first trip across the bridge. join our conversation and share your experience. the california legislature passed two bills today that give fuel efficient cars unlimited access to car pool lanes. the green and white stickers allow drivers of hybrid cars and electric cars to access
10:47 pm
multiple occupancy cars even when there's only one person in the car. the legislation was introduced after an 87-year-old woman died after a bakersfield retirement home back in february. in that case a nurse told a 911 operator her company policy prevented her from performing cpr. lawmakers say the bill would prevent employees from having to choose between saving a colleague's life and being fired for breaking a corporate policy. there's been a distribution of million of dozes of
10:48 pm
vaccines. the vaccine can reduce illness by 60%. they are rewriting their operation manuals to make it clear that inmates are now allowed to be married in same- sex weddings. prisoners are not allowed to marry prisoners. therefor marriages can only take place if one partner is incarcerated and the other is not in prison. today a lot like yesterday with highs in the mid- and low 80s. tomorrow a lot like today. but there's a warming trend coming. here's the system that has kept us cool. cooled us off during the holiday weekend. it brought showers to the tahoe area. we had a few sprinkles around here. fog along the coast there it is. it's showing up at ocean beach. it's showing up in pacifica. it's working its way into stinson and across the bay. we have fog showing up in the
10:49 pm
oakland area. in alameda and berkeley as well. the winds where they are blowing, sustained at 23 miles per hour. it's an offshore wind. no tomorrow, wednesday just like today. thursday warmer than today. more winds as we head to san jose. 7-mile an hour winds. the airport has calmed down. they were blowing pretty stiff. they're now 16 miles per hour. tomorrow like today so here's todays numbers. you can push those right through tomorrow. because i think that's how it's going to go. there's the low pressure system that i telestrated for you. it's going to stay there for tomorrow. so tomorrow much like today. high pressure builds in and we start to build up. as we go into the bay area thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday as well. so the forcast tomorrow morning. there's some fog across the coast. fog tomorrow like today. so lots of oranges, 80s. the reds are 90s. so they'll be out there in the
10:50 pm
sta -- in the sacramento valley. good air quality. 85 in clear lake. that's not that warm for those guys. 78 in vallejo, 65 at steinson beach and 83 in kenfield. in the east bay you got to mid- 80s, low 80s. 73 in san leandro. and good air quality you're in the upper 70s so a nice looking day tomorrow. warmer thursday, warmer friday. warmer saturday. 65 in pacifica, 68 in daly city. the five day forecast pops up and it's going to show that warming trend. tomorrow we're not going to be talking ant bad air quality or fire danger. by friday, saturday and sunday i suspect those are things that are going to be coming up because those temperatures, inland bay valleys. those inland bay valleys are going to be popping upper 90s. in the meantime tomorrow, heck of a nice day just like today.
10:51 pm
which was a lot like yesterday. >> by bow it is going to -- but boy it is going to increase. >> you will notice it. >> thank you, bill. former basketball player dennis rodman is back in north korea. he says he returned to see his good friend there. rodman plans to visit korean leader. rodman says he has no plans to win release of an american prisoner. it's going to go down to the end of the month. first place again at stake tonight at the oakland coliseum. after tonight's game it's the a's looking up at the texas rangers. a's got bartolo colon in the
10:52 pm
first. the rangers pulled mitch mooreland all over colon's pitch. it falls in no mans land. oakland's one highlight of the night came on this foul pop up. heads toward the tarp and the stands like there's nothing over there that can hurt him. angels win, the rangers 5-1 and move back to within one game in game of the oakland. it's a subtle battle between the giants and padres. a giant the battles have lost in the last month. san francisco fell 2-0 in the fifth. and rallied in the fifth. and drove in buster posey with the tieing run. that status went to jake dunning then chris denorfia hit this single off lopez.
10:53 pm
the giants can't get it done despite 11 hits. san diego a game in front of the giants. it was a good day for the top seeds at the u.s. open tennis champs as they continue toward the man top seeded djokovich. into the quarter fines for him as is andy murray. we'll tell you how the top seeded women did when we come back.
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10:56 pm
it was a bad news, good news stories for the cal bears. the loss of sebastian for wáerp. he was hurt just before halftime in saturday night's game. sebastian had a scare when he suffered a concussion in the team's first scrimmage in summer. chris mccain has a problem of being saved by way of technicality. trevor semian was judged to have violated a targeting rule designed to protect players safety. the ejection would have meant mccain had to sit out the first half of this week's game against portland state. but this morning the pac12 said the suspension is supposed to be a review of the officials
10:57 pm
since that didn't happen mccain has been reinstated. the biggest names advance for the u.s. men's today and the u.s. open. same for the women's at flashy meadows. the women barely work up a sweat. serena needed 52 minutes to wipe the court in straight sets of 6-6, 6-6. thank you for coming and happy 25th birthday. williams was into the semi finals as was victoria asarenca. >> just incredible. >> she was completely dominant today. >> that guy with the cigarette. that was priceless. >> he was cool. in the stands tonight. >> thanks joe. and thank you for watching ktvu channel 2 news. >> we will be watching the
10:58 pm
commute. we're always here for you on on twitter and on your mobile device. good night. >> good night. ision
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