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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 4, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos, we've got them "right this minute." after a carjacker in a cadillac is spotted by cops, she decides to -- >> get on the freeway and strap on the gas. >> see how an suv becomes one fiery roadblock. ♪ internet sleuth take a look at this video. >> because we got ourselves a mystery on our hands. >> why an apple store employee wants to find this guy. a pair of jet packers have the water to themselves until -- >> here comes the parir para gln
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the background. plus, a dog makes a mean green smoothie and a couple's confused when they gait children's book from their daughter. >> see what's behind the surprise. >> of course. >> of course. a carjacking, a police chase, and the fiery crash that ended that police chase all caught on video. this all happened in warren, michigan. two men approached the 38-year-old man at a gas station at gun point and takes his car. it. >> looks like it's a nice sports car. >> yeah. it's a cadillac cts, to be exact. >> wow. >> police spotted the car around 12:30 in the morning on monday. they called in the plate and, bingo, they had a match. they attempted to pull this car over. when they turned the lights on, you see that the driver decided
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to just get on the freeway and step on the gas, reaching speeds of up to 120 miles an hour. >> wow. >> this is a moment that you see the driver of the cadillac abruptly exit the freeway. the police officers follow. as they pull up to the scene, the car has already crashed. from a surveillance camera we do see what happens. pay attention to the top left corner of this video and you see the moment that the cadillac strikes a suburban. >> oh, no. >> wow. >> and then it ran into that pole there. >> the man driving the suburban did suffer some minor injuries but is expected to be okay. both of the men in the cadillac suffered severe injuries, but they are still facing a slew of charges. >> just because you get hurt doesn't mean that you're not in trouble. >> check out what the suburban looked like after the accident. it was a severe crash. >> oh, wow. >> that's what the cadillac
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looked like. >> doesn't even look like a car. >> karma caught up with these thieves, bad. sleuths of the world assemble because we've got ourselves a mystery on our hands. ♪ >> much less about the song and why this guy is not wearing a shirt and spider-man mask, but more because a guy named adam works at the apple store in san francisco. he found a usb drive on the ground and this video was on the drive. ♪ >> we uploaded this and said, okay, here's where i work. san francisco, apple store. so he's trying to get the drive back to the owner. >> like super cheap?
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>> this could be the only recording of this song. >> okay. >> lost recording of the next great artist out there. >> i bet you this entire thing was on purpose. like you said, usb drives, cheap. you record this video, you drop it at an apple store where you know people are tech logically savvy and you know they're going to upload it looking for this person. it becomes a viral video and then people are wondering, who is this person? and your rap skills get out there. i think this was intentional. >> he's obviously addressing his identity for a reason. he's got a pretty dark story. he doesn't want to be known. >> internet mystery people, figure this out for us. security cameras can catch stuff that's pretty awful, but also pretty awesome. first, the pretty awful. this is outside of a gas station in moscow, in russia. you've got a guy who just pulled up to fill up his tank and this guy on the right with the hat is a worker at that gas station. if you look really closely at the guy who was there to fill up
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his tank, he has a gun in his hand. according to reports, they started fighting with each other and police say it was all over the washing of the windshield. >> what? >> bizarre, right? but it gets pretty awful because t not only are they in a physical confrontation but the guy with the gun shoots the gas station worker in the foot. >> you're kidding me. all over a windshield wipe job? >> and watch this. the guy who gets shot turns around and punches the guy with the gun and he goes down. he looks a little bit disoriented. the gas station worker gets taken to the hospital. but police come to the scene and chase the guy with the gun down. >> nice. >> remember, i said a security camera caught a pretty awesome exchange, too. marionville, missouri. we are inside a convenience store. in walks a guy up to no good. watch this exchange.
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>> oh! >>h, my god. even his gun isgu and listen to this. the guy who came in that night to rob this store hit the wrong clerk. listen to this guy's resume, if you will. he has served four tours in iraq. he's a 30-year military man. a former prison guard. a private investigator. a professional extraditer. of federal prisoners and he does carry a handgun. police are now looking for this man hope that they find him. when police came to investigate they said you're a really lucky guy. he said i'm the lucky guy, that guy is the lucky guy. talk about a trial by fire. the guy on the left had to pull this airplane but then the engine started to sputter and eventually gave out. his instructor on the right took the controls, and you see there's the propeller. not spinning. just sitting there. they were about 1100 feet off the ground when the engine quit.
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that only happened two minutes. >> his fist first lesson? >> yeah. the instructor -- >> he's the one who has to now figure out where to safely land this plane. >> he looks remarkably calm. actually they both do given what's happening right now. >> they do remain relatively calm. the instructor pulls a few seat cushions out from the back. gives them to the student, as like a crash pad. they find a place and they set this plane down without any serious incident. look at where they're threading this plane into. they just narrowly miss this little pump house here in the field. the student puts his head down, braces for impact. >> oh, wow. >> and they land. >> whoa! that was an incredibly smooth landing given the circumstance. >> and that's what aviation officials are also saying.
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they are commending these two young pilots with doing everything right, remaining calm and handling this situation like pros, essentially. no audio recorded on this video. i would love to know what they were saying in the cockpit. just incredible. as is this video, another successful aviation style landing. ♪ at first you think, they're going to show us what these two things look like separately but then they come together. jet pack. here comes the paragui glider i the background just coming across the smooth water. you've got to give him props for this move. >> oh. >> sort of a high five maneuver. fun, fun video.
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mark here believes that french is the language of love and wants to know if it helps him pick up girls. >> lost this translation? think again. and when it comes to billiards this kid is balling. this kid is awesome at only three. see him run the table, next.
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bon jour. >> does it make me sexy? does it make you fall in love? >> i was so glad. >> i thought it was going somewhere else. >> i'm really glad you said falling in love. >> let's just watch the tape. >> yeah. >> does it make me sexy? does it make you want to -- no, no, does it make you want to fall in love? >> absolutely. >> yes.
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yes. >> very sexy, troutman. >> whatever youtube channel. >> a lot of people say that french is the language of romance. >> carrying bread. >> hi. [ speaking french ] >> what? [ speaking french ] >> it works. she gives him the number. she can't even unwhderstand wha he's saying. it happens over and over again. >> he has no idea if he's getting real numbers. >> yeah. sure, here's my number. >> what are you saying? >> it's working. >> so you believe french is the langue love? fcooper, remember? when he started speaking french and suddenly girls are going crazy. >> i think bradley cooper works
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for bradley cooper. nick, what would you do when you were 3 years old? >> i couldn't really do much of anything. >> drool, cry? >> yeah, cry, maybe play with trucks. >> how about wayne wuka. check out a 3-year-old chinese snooker prodigy. snooker as in brill ya-- billias or pool. check him out. he's 3. >> kind of short circuiting. >> yeah, making shots across the table, all sorts of trick shots. >> poking it straight on. >> no, no, no. dad says that they got the snooker table when he was born, in the house, now he's been practicing five hours a day. and you can see it's paying off. the kid is awesome. bring him to like a pool bar. >> hustle. >> like a club, you know. i bet you my 3-year-old friend wayne here can beat you. then i'll make him playnd hustle
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everybody. it will be great. if you make it to the the states, we can make a lot of money, you and i. it is that time at this house. and -- >> bath time. >> here they are having a little bit of trouble with the wood stairs but eventually make it to the bathroom. >> one of them easy as pie jumping into the bathtub. the other one -- >> he's in trouble. he needs a little step ladder. >> he gets a little boost. >> there you go. >> oh. >> i have never seen dogs this excited for a bath. >> i know some parents who wish their kids were that excited, that's for sure. >> we jump from there to japan where i give you the cooking poodle. >> francis is also talented because he can give the instructions on how to make this move and whimper at the same time. >> today i will be making a green smoothie. >> frances is talented because
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majority of the time he's not looking at what his hand ispine greens. >> so vegan. >> and then francis will test this smoothie. >> licking. it's the special surprise to ma and pa. >> it just keeps oncoming. and when the number ones and twos keep oncoming -- what is it that is absorbing? what's the mystery ingredient that gets the job done.
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if couple is about to get a very special surprise. they're opening a gift that their daughter and son-in-law sent them, communicating via skype. she opens the first gift and it's a vase. and then she opens her second gift. now, she is in a librarian, so her daughter and son-in-law decided to send them a book. >> one of my favorites. >> yeah, but she's a librarian. doesn't she kind of know that one by heart. >> keep watching. >> no, wait, mom.
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why would we give you that? >> they look puzzled because both of them have sort of settled on the idea that they're probably never going to have grandkids. but it finally do you know dawn >> of course. of course. >> you're having a baby. >> yes. they're having a baby! >> but there's one more pre. >> open the other gift. >> yeah. >> so she opens the third gift. and outcomes a little onesy that says -- >> oh, my gosh.
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>> it says one. >> if there's a one, there has to be a two. >> i think that grandma is happy. >> yeah. >> this is so much better than the phone call. you know? because if you're just hearing this on the phone, it's nowhere near as good. >> right. steven, it is pet time for people who want to be in the know. >> who doesn't? >> now people will know how diapers work. >> how do you clean up a that mess. >> we kind of know how that works. >> they know they absorb. they put the diaper to the test. >> the diaper contains cotton and a white powdery substance. >> they're going to pour a whole cup of water and cotton.
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whole cup of water into the cup with the white powdery substance substance. watch. cotton didn't absorb a thing. >> no. >> it came out like gel. >> it was like gel. >> like silicone. >> to tell us exactly why this powder is so absorbent we're going to bring our guy that's always in the know, zach. zach, what is it that makes this powder so absorbent. >> it's a very high absorbent -- what happens is it basically through osmosis that the polymer can soak it up. >> i love osmosis. >> now everybody can know how to control a helicopter. >> really cool. this is a personalized manicopter. the base of the copter is 3d printed.
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in the future it's easy for people to customize it or for the company to upgrade it. it has a stable skaiilization sn it so it's easy to pilot around. if it starts wobbling it will automatically adjust itself. >> it adjusts itself? >> yes. using technology, the hacker group out there, people who want to make it their own, can do that as well. it's a little boy's dream come true when they spot something. see how he gets behind the wheel.
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these dogs as you may see are a golden retriever group. you can get all your golden retrievers at and have some fun times together. they have one for their dogs. it happens on on the beautiful isle of malta. how gorgeous is that. this facebook group gets together. somebody brings a camera. as you can see. >> this is my favorite moment. the dog is like, i'm going to lay on this bush. >> nice scratcher, like a back scratcher. >> it is a scratcher. but then they jump in this pond they have near the water. i have to say it looks like a lot of fun. it's just the dogs. golden retrievers are such great jobs with such awesome personal it is. personalities really come out in this video. you really see them. >> i love when there's a toy in the water. when there's a toy and golden
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restevers, everybody is going to go for it. >> and just one. >> all of their faces. how can you not love this? it's a bummer when the vending machine eats your money and you don't get what you want. this dude says he put his $1.25 into the vending machine and it's not giving him pop. people say pop. people in certain plas around th country say i say pop so i like this guy saying poch. >> now this guy is going to figure out a way to to stick it to the man. >> or get what he paid for. he's t got his hand in there. modified coat hanger. watch this. first it looks like he's trying for this one here which looks took like d5. wraps around, almost gets that one. and somehow that one comes out. >> what? >> almost like the coat hanger springs off that one and bounces off to the other bottle. >> and it works. >> goes down.
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and he says -- that's when you get your pop out when you lose your $1.25. >> old school machine though. >> the kids out there, don't try this at school. you will get detention. but he got his pop. that's what i like about this guy. man, this is a perfect b boyhood dream and video captures this. the little guy is walking down the road and he spots something that could catch any little boy's eye. a shiny super car. a very rare jaguar produced in the early '90s. only 275 of these super cars were built. top speed around 220 miles an hour, hence the name. and he gets to drive it. >> this little boy? >> with today's modern technology, finds a ipad, presses start. >> he basically just hooves this thing around the farm.
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he noticed the license plate on the back of the car, ax the rich. we've seen these videos before where some mysterious person out there has access to a bunch of different super cars. it's going through the field of his farm. >> like a toyota truck he got in a junkyard and he's treating it like that. >> it's rare but it's a cool car. it can do all of these cool things. why not get your money's worth. who cares if it gets bent. that's our show, everybody. we'll see you on the next edition of "right this minute." time for "the
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wendy williams show." today from "the celebrity apprentice," mare lou henner. deep secrets she will reveal. plus, amanda's unusual behavior. wendy has the inside scoop. and another juicy edition of "guy candy." now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: hi.


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