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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 4, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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new information tonight about this afternoon's fatal accident involving a little boy. we've learned that his name was rafael, and we now know what happened to him. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. he was just 2 years old, going on 3. his mother sold fruit at a roadside stand. the boy was playing in a parking lot along the embarcadero near 8th. her son was run over by a pickup truck. we get the new information now from ktvu's amber lee. she spoke privately with the little boy's family, and shares
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with us what happened. >> reporter: julie many of his relatives gathered here for a prayer vigil just a short while ago. the accident took place in this parking lot. the perez family's produce truck is a long time fixture along the embarcadero. she brings her son, 2-year-old rafael with her. telling relatives, she doesn't trust his care to anyone else. around 4:15 this afternoon, the unthinkable happened when little rafael played in the parking lot. >> the child was struck by a vehicle and the child is currently deceased. he has succumb to his injuries. >> reporter: relatives say the driver of the pickup truck that struck the little boy, appears to be a customer who drove up to buy produce, but never saw the child. >> he is here, he is cooperating with the police. our investigators are speaking
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with him. >> reporter: distraught family members tell me rafael had just started talking, and loved giving hugs and kisses. he was a special addition to the family. they had been trying to have another child for a long time, and then rafael came along. now relatives say that blessing has been taken away, and they're looking for help burying a little boy. >> this appears to be just a tragic accident, where a young boy lost his life. >> reporter: relatives tell me the perez family has been operating the produce truck along the embarcadero for 10 years. the family says authorities won't be releasing rafael's body to his parents until tomorrow or friday, and that funeral arrangements are still pending. amber lie, ktvu, channel 2 news. another story out of oakland tonight involves an
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unexpected results for a trio of robbers. they attempted to hold up someone at 94th and cherry just before 9:00 this evening. that's when the script changed. someone turned the table and opened fire. two of them were shot. the two are in the hospital, authorities have not identified the person who shot them. drivers stuck in another slow crawl across the bridge. afternoon traffic started backing up earlier than usual, and has remained slow throughout the evening. take a look at our realtime ktvu traffic map. you see all of that red on the map. that shows the traffic is still crawling along. remember, it's now 10:03 at night. two days do not make a trend, and the highway patrol says drivers will need time to adjustment, but it appears commute times are increasing now that the new bay bridge is
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open to traffic. ken wayne is live at yerba buena island. >> reporter: right at 10:00, it lightened up. but right by the tower, traffic is bunched up. you can see the brake lights coming on as traffic goes around the curve. whether it's a love affair or infatuation, people seem to want to get close to this bridge. the traffic has been heavy almost all day long. day 2 of the stuck in traffic, because of the new bay bridge commute. this was the mess this evening at 9th and bryant in san francisco. >> it's the allure of the bridge. >> do you think that's what it is? >> that's it. everyone decided they wanted to drive across. they all got in their cars and went across the bridge. >> reporter: it took margo 30
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minutes to travel 6 blocks. >> how long do you think the going to take you to get home? >> probably an hour and a half. >> where is home? >> el sobrante. >> the novelty of a new bridge, seeing that big tower. seeing the open views, now that we don't have the closed sections anymore. seeing the bicyclists and the pedestrians on the path, that's probably throwing some people off too. >> reporter: getting through the traffic to even reach the lower deck was tough. then the blocked lanes. one vehicle stopped on the side. another in the middle, then another. all before even reaching the new span. we spotted another driver taking pictures out his window. exactly what the highway patrol is asking motorists not to do. >> they're slowing down, and looking around a little bit more. kind of just unfamiliarity with the new roadway. >> reporter: i asked how long he thinks the traffic problems will persist on the new span. he said it's pretty much
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anyone's guess, but he thinks it will take a few weeks for drivers to adjust to the new bridge. more denails now. the metropolitan transportation commission tells us 127,000 vehicles traveled westbound through the toll plaza yesterday, which was the first full day of service. that compared to 124,000 vehicles a year ago. the numbers show the traffic volume is down slightly during peak commute times, and up during off-peak time periods. the ntsc says it's too early to draw any conclusions. the need for speed on the bike path. how much a ticket will cost you. a judge today ruled against hundreds of students at millbrae saying their advanced placement tests are invalid. they tossed out the ap tests in may, saying the seats arrangement during the test taking did not comply with
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their standards. the san mateo union high school sued. but today, a federal judge sided with the college board. convicted killer joseph naso asked a marin county jail to spare his life as the penalty phase of his trial began. the jurors must now decide if naso should be executed, or spend the rest of his life behind bars. naso continues to represent himself in court in this phase of the case. only on 2, an oakland landlord beaten and robbed today. he tells us, a man pretended to be interested in one of his rental units. what the man did that led to the recovery of his property and the arrest of the suspect. >> reporter: the attack came
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out of nowhere. steven yu said he was knocked to the ground and hit in the head. police later arrested this man for the crime. they say he stole cash and a cell phone from yu. but it didn't end there. even though he was beaten and bloody, yu told me he got up, and chased after the man who had just robbed him, and took down the license plate on his car. >> i followed him all the way down there. they say he has a gun, so i keep a distance and write down his license plate number. >> reporter: that plate number led officers to this gold mercedes. the driver of the car refused to pull over, and led police on a short pursuit through city streets. police decided to use what is called a pit maneuver to end the chase.
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a squad car bumped the mercedes, causing it to spin out of control. >> we brought it to a quick resolution. >> reporter: this arrest was the result of a quick thinking victim and fast acting officer. >> they're great. i didn't expect they would catch the guy. >> reporter: police said the accused robber in this case didn't have a gun, but there was a knife found in his car. yu was grateful he wasn't seriously hurt in this attack. so far police have not identified the man they arrested, they do say that he will face several charges, including robbery. the victim told us his money and cell phone were recovered, and will be returned to him. san francisco police honored some of their own tonight, for going above and beyond the call of duty. the department handed out silver and yellow medals of honor. exceptional bravery in the line of duty.
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>> all the way from tackling armed bank robbers without firing a shot. neutralizing active shooters who left buildings on fire after murdering their mothers in a different county. >> the chief said in the face of danger, these officers ran toward it, and not away like most people would. would a simple switch make students smarter? >> the idea that could change your family's morning routine. >> bay area temperatures are on the rise. the warm up you can expect where you live tomorrow. >> first, an undercover operation ends when an officer opened fire. >> you don't expect it in little sunnyvale. >> witnesses talk about the chaotic, and deadly moments in a quiet south bay community.
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new developments in a police shooting in sunnyvale. we've learned the shooting happened right outside a popular restaurant and prompted a large police response. >> maureen naylor is live in sunnyvale, outside the hobby's restaurant. investigators are still trying to piece together what happened. >> reporter: julie, and frank, i received an update from investigators about two hours ago, when they informed me the suspect who was shot and wounded here has since died at a local hospital. they just took the crime tape down about 10, 15 minutes ago.
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several witnesses told us, they heard between 10 and 20 gunshots. as night fell, the scene remained active, with police in the parking lot of this restaurant. after 2:00 this afternoon, investigators say santa clara police and the county sheriff's office opened fire on a suspect in the parking lot, during an undercover drug operation. the man was injured, and later died at the hospital. >> that's frightening. it's frightening that stuff is mobile. it happens everywhere. you don't expect it in little sunnyvale. >> reporter: the sunnyvale department of public safety was not involved in the shooting, but is investigating. >> i don't know the details, as far as whether they got out of a car or not. >> reporter: police placed yellow evidence markers next to the white pickup truck, where the driver side window appeared to be shot out.
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susan with the local lions club had a meeting planned tonight at the restaurant. >> we contacted the gal in charge. she said no, they were closed. gave everybody the day off, and told them just stay home. stay put. nobody was hurt, so that's good news. >> reporter: the investigation slowed the evening commute along a major thoroughfare. >> it's a little weird coming back to your hotel, and seeing a mobile command center next door. >> reporter: in the last hour, we shot this new video of the white pickup truck being towed away. for the first time, we're able to see gunshot damage to the front windshield. police have yet to release if the suspect was armed with a weapon. reporting live tonight in sunnyvale. maureen naylor. they have identified the 34th homicide victim of the year. the body of reina figueroa was found in a minivan in east san jose yesterday. police are refusing to name the
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suspect, but say the two knew each other. two more suspects are behind bars tonight, accused of killing a 19-year-old san jose state student. police say kimberly chico was riding in a car on august 3 when she was caught in the crossfire of a gang related shooting. today police announced the arrest of 23-year-old jesse grant, and 22-year-old cara sward. some people living in the far northern part of the state say they've had it with the golden state. they voted to secede from california. the supervisors say they're concerned about water rights. if approved their state would be called jefferson. they say they hope southern oregon will join them. creation of a 51st state would require the approval of the state legislature and the u.s. congress. continues coverage of the
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huge fire in and around yosemite national park. today, the u.s. forest service set out to debunk reports that the fire was started by a marijuana grow. they ruled out illegal marijuana growers as responsible for the fire. it works out to 371 square miles, and containment has gone up to 80%. members of the california air national guard just got back from the rim fire. back at its base. they'll have a chance to rest now, and get back for their next assignment, whenever that happens. >> there wasn't as much flames like huge flames, but there was a lot of smoke involved and a lot of the shrubbery was getting burned. the sheer size of it was what
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impressed me the most. >> this is video of some of their 400 bucket drops, which amounted to 188,000 buckets of water. they had to remind themselves they were making progress, even though they couldn't really see it. lawmakers on capitol hill took their first vote on whether the u.s. should use military force in the response of syria's use of chemical weapons to kill its own civilians. a divided senate committee approved a draft resolution that is now expected to go before the full senate when congress reconvenes next week. >> is there a second? >> reporter: the resolution authorizing force in syria, passed 10-7 in the senate foreign relations committee after an amendment by john mccain was added, saying a goal of u.s. military intervention should be to bolster the free syrian army. >> support for the free syrian army, and now changing the
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battlefield equation, which now gives us a package which is a policy, which i think will send a message to bashar assad. >> reporter: it would limit military action to 60 days, with one 30 day extension possible. it would strictly prohibit american boots on the ground. top obama administration national security officials returned to capitol hill to make the case for the use of force in syria. even after closed door sessions, some lawmakers are still opposed. >> inserting the united states in a sectarian war could advance the interest of the al- qaeda terrorist. >> reporter: john kerry was taunted by protesters with symbolic blood on their hands. >> the world is wondering
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whether the united states of america is going to consent through silence. >> reporter: kerry, the secretary of defense and joint chiefs were greeted with skepticism. >> so it's a simple concept. you either trust or do not trust. and if you do not trust, we don't call these people our allies or support. >> mr. secretary, you said the world is watching what we are doing. but i've yet to hear some concrete things of what the world is doing. >> recent polls show the american public opposed to military action, prompting calls on capitol hill for the president to make the case from the oval office. on capitol hill, mike emmanuel, fox news. >> more details now. in a poll from the pew research center. 48% said they opposed u.s. air strikes against syria. 29% said they support military
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action. 51% say they think military strikes would lead to a long term u.s. commitment there. the survey was conducted at the end of last week. at 10:30 tonight, the range of opinions we encountered tonight when we asked including congresswoman nancy pelosi about military action in syria. currently, we've got numbers in the 60s out there. the winds are blowing. fairfield, winds of 22 miles per hour. those winds are going to continue to blow tonight. and as those winds step up, we're going to see temperatures tomorrow stay just about the same. take a look at what we've got here as we move through the bay area microclimates. 70s in the east bay hills. then you get over the east bay hills, you're going to find 80s. tomorrow, same deal. just like today. as we go down the road, it really warms up, and fire
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danger is going to elevate. when i come back at 10:45, we'll take a look at that, and i'll have a specific forecast for your bay area weekend. in just about 40 minutes, crews are scheduled to begin fogging in the south bay. areas in millepedes and northeast san jose are being targeted. the virus is transmitted from birds to humans by mosquitoes. so far this year, 54 dead birds with the virus have turned up in san clara county. and one person has tested positive. new evidence that american manufacturing is back. >> in two minutes, a texas high school becomes a crime scene, when a fight turns deadly. it's halloween time my frightful fiends,
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the u.s. auto industry is back. the car sales last month reached the highest level since the start of the recession. sales jumped 17% in august. 1.5million vehicles were sold. that's the most in six years since may of 2007, before the recession began. the average cost of a new car or truck at $31,000. auto sales helped drive the stock markets higher. a fight inside a high school near houston, texas, led to several stabbings today. a 17-year-old student ended up dying. several others were wounded. investigators in spring, texas arrested another 17-year-old, and says he has admitted to stabbing the others. many parents rushed to the school, upset that they had so
10:25 pm
little information. >> it's very scary. me and my wife, she texted me at work. i came over here and we don't know, you know. >> the injured students were treated and released. family members said the stabbing stemmed from an ongoing feud between different young man. the school has canceled classes for the rest of the week. the obama administration announced supposes of veterans in same-sex marriage will be allowed to collect federal benefits. the announcement follows the supreme court decision that struck down a key section of the defense of marriage act. the new policy effects veterans that live in the 13 states that recognize gay marriage and the district of columbia. lawyers representing an illegal immigrant went before the state supreme court today arguing it has the power to allow their client to adane the american dream. at issue? whether he can practice law in california. 36-year-old sergio garcia
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passed the bar exam on his first try. but the feds are opposing to him, saying it would prohibit a law. the feds contend the benefits are taxpayer funds for the state bar. garcia moved back and forth between mexico and the u.s.a. as a child, picking almonds. tonight marks the first night of rosh hashanah. the jewish new year. >> my living not just for myself, but for others. am i doing my part to repair the world? >> president obama was not the only world leader to use social media to send out a rosh hashanah greeting. notably, iran's new president tweeted out a message as well. > pra coast to coast light for
10:27 pm
hundreds of hens, and ringing the bell later. the push to allow students to sleep longer. >> what's going on in syria is a crime, and should be punished. >> in three minutes, bay area voices speaking out on whether to take action in syria. >> and a reminder, you can get ktvu news to go. just download the ktvu app, click the live icon, and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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continuing coverage on the debate over u.s. involvement in syria. nancy pelosi said she believes
10:30 pm
the evidence clearly shows that syria used chemical weapons against civilians, and says the u.s. needs to respond with force. >> this isn't about going to war. it's about not ignoring the use of chemical weapons with a strategic strike. >> senator barbara boxer says she also believes the u.s. needs to respond to syria. she says if the u.s. does not respond, it will give the assad regime a blank check. public support is mixed. jana katsuyama is live from san francisco's union square, which is a melting pot of people with equally diverse reactions. >> reporter: that's right, on any given day, you can find people from around the bay area, around the world even. tonight, people certainly didn't hold back, when we asked them for their opinion. ♪ [ music ]
10:31 pm
tonight, the band played and dancers swayed to salsa music in union square. people trying to judge when to step in, and when to step back. a delicate balance that faces the nation now as washington debates president obama's call for military intervention in syria's civil war. >> i say stay out of it, unfortunately. >> reporter: tonight, some people say the u.s. needs to step away. >> we should not get involved. we're always basically starting stuff with other people. >> let the united nations do it. that's their job. we have so much problems at home first. >> reporter: others say the u.s. must step in against the syrian government's suspected use of chemical weapons in a civil war that's already claimed 10s of thousands of lives. >> people who gas other people, or use chemical weapons against other people, i think we need to take a stand against that.
10:32 pm
>> what's going on in syria is like a crime. it should be purchased. >> reporter: purchased -- punished. >> politically, we would be strengthening the regime. the strong system of nationalism that the syrians have, resentment to outside forces, particularly from the west. >> reporter: the looming question, what should the u.s. do, and can we all live with the repercussions? >> if we create a vacuum in the middle east, who or what is going to fill that vacuum? i think that's a significant concern. >> reporter: congress is expected to debate this next week, and then vote on whether to authorize military intervention. in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. vacaville police are asking for help to find a woman who
10:33 pm
used a stolen credit card. they say she spent $2,700 at retail stores. she is linked to a white, older model four door pontiac. police say anyone who knows her should call authorities. fremont police have a message for residents. there are three confirmed victims of a telephone scam. the victims received calls purportably from the irs. the victims were also threatened with arrest. police want to hear from any other victims. the city of fremont plans to name the police department headquarters after its former mayor, bob wasserman. he died two years ago. at the age of 77. a dedication ceremony is expected for a week from friday. it's an idea that has students cheering as the bay area heads back to school, and the days get shorter. ktvu's mike mibach with why some say a later start to the
10:34 pm
school day could add up to students being more awake, and more prepared. >> freshman, sophomores. juniors, seniors. this is the end of high school in el sobrante. >> i love the interaction with the students. >> reporter: and this is mrs. roy's honor class. >> if you started school an hour later, how many of you, raise your hands do you think would perform better in the classroom? >> that's almost everyone. >> because we'd have more energy if we sleep more. >> reporter: arne duncan competed common sense, let teens sleep more, start school later. students who arrive at school rested and ready to learn do better. he's asking school districts to consider ringing the first bell in their high schools a little
10:35 pm
later. >> if it started later, maybe more kids would be on time. well, what it did with more kids, is they decided to sleep later, and still come late. >> reporter: as a teacher for decades, paula says she's seen it firsthand. >> kids are tired when they come to school. >> reporter: the principal is confident, it could only benefit students. >> these kids travel to get to school. i'm sure many of them get here without any breakfast. so they're starting without any fuel in the morning. >> reporter: he's leaving the decision up to the superintendents as to when those first bells ring in the morning. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. new at 10:00, a mission of mercy tonight to save hundreds of hens from certain death. these crates are full of nearly 1200 hens on their way to new york. a california egg farmer gave them to animal place, a non- profit dedicated to saving farm
10:36 pm
animals. a private donor is splitting the bill to fly the birds back east, where they will go to homes as pets, as well as sanctuary. >> they're tiny hens. >> 2,000 more hens are being adopted out in california. however, they are just a tiny portion of the hens that have come to the end of their laying life at the egg farm. the farmer had some 50,000 hens. temperatures climbing into the upper 90s, i'll break down when and where this warm up could spark a fire weather watch. >> the heartbreaking plea one victim was making before she died. >> and considering bicyclists are already going way too fast on the bay area bridge. what we found when we tracked them with a speedometer.
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a herd of goats turned heads today, the animals spent the cay munching weeds. the tall grass was providing cover for large homeless encampments. crews cleared them out in july, and managers brought out the goats to get rid of all the weeds and tall grass so the
10:40 pm
camps don't spring up again. a fire killed two people today in san leandro. it started at a mobile home. neighbors rushed to help. one man broke a window, and opened a door, but says the flames were just too intense to see anyone inside. another neighbor said she could hear someone inside crying for help. >> are you okay? i don't know who she is? she says no i'm not! so my son came out, and neighbors came out, we were breaking the windows. >> firefighters say they found the bodies of the two victims trapped under debris inside the trailer. we checked with the coroner a short time ago. the victim's identities are being withheld, pending the notification of next of kin. known for his knitted cap with ear flaps.
10:41 pm
this bank surveillance camera shows a robbery at the credit union about 9:30 this morning. the same man has robbed at least five other banks in marin this year. they say he appears to be in his 40s or 50s, wears glasses, black gloves, and has a mustache. a woman posing as an animal control officer in a ruse to burglarize homes. the woman is said to be about 5'2" with a medium to heavy build. an accomplice was burglarizing the homes inside. here is a second photo. investigators say they believe the woman is working with one or two men. police say the getaway car is a light colored suv. investigators identified 50-
10:42 pm
year-old gary shea who shot and killed a 48-year-old man last saturday night. shea is described as 5'6", about 160 pounds. they say shea had gotten into an argument with the shooting victim, corey prentice on daisy street. police are asking anyone with information on sheas whereabouts to call them. the tsa is rolling out its precheck screening program. it requires an $85 fee for a background check, and fingerprinting, but once approved, passengers can bypass the long security lines. pre-screened passengers can also avoid taking off their shoes. the program is now coming to oakland, and san jose, and is being expanded at sfo. a popular brand of yogurt is pulled from store shelfs. >> also, bill martin back in 5
10:43 pm
minutes. he'll tell us when temperatures will hit the mid-90-degree mark. too big.
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too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant.
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when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant the bike path is a real hit with bike riders. but some fear the bike riders are enjoying it a little more than they're supposed to. >> reporter: the speed limit is 15 miles an hour. but some bikers clearly go faster than that on the new bay bridge bike path. >> this is a big launching pad for going too fast. >> reporter: it made some pedestrians nervous this morning. >> the bicyclists are flying by. >> reporter: here we are, in the right lane, heading east, using our speedometer, we didn't see anyone obviously
10:46 pm
breaking the speed limit. on the path, we saw quite a few speeding bikers and tried to get some to slow down and talk. he was even riding in the pedestrian pathway. bikers who said they won't speed acknowledged some will. >> you've got this straight shot. if you're a kid you're going to do it. >> reporter: athletes track the miles and routes they run or ride with speed included. the question is, will this develop into a race where one cyclist challenges others to beat their path. >> you mean stupid people? no, they're no such thing. >> reporter: the chp is ready to ticket anyone making the path dangerous for others. >> they could go over in the water. i want people to reduce their speed. >> reporter: if speeding
10:47 pm
becomes a serious problem, a pedestrian made a suggestion, remember the rumble strips? add those to the bike path. >> we wanted to know the cost of a ticket for speeding on the bike path. an officer told us, those tickets start at $150, but they can go higher. it isn't an official recall, but yogurt maker chobani is pulling some greek yogurt off shelves. the problem may come from a common dairy mold, but claims it's not a health risk. the cups being called have the tote 16012 with expiration dates september 11 and october 7. safe way has agreed to pay $600,000 reduce green house gases at its stores. the chain reached an agreement with the environmental protection agency and democratic of justice over leaks of greenhouse gases. the government called it the largest ozone protection case under the clean air act.
10:48 pm
safeway plans to spend more than $4 million to reduce leaks. samsung crossed the finish line in the race to reveal the world's first smart watch. the screen is a little over an inch and a half with straps that come in several bright colors. the device pairs with your phone, so you can make calls and use apps without reaching for your phone. it also has a camera on the watch band. it is set to go on sale in october. a nice day again today. temperatures out there were mostly in the mid-80s, low 80s and mid-70s. temperatures today just like yesterday. along the coast, it was warm, or mild. 69 in pacifica. half moon bay was in the 60s as well. there's fog there now. there's going to be fog again in the morning, but it will burn off quickly. sunshine at the beaches. here's that low pressure system. isn't that interesting how it's just been sitting there?
10:49 pm
that's why the weather has been like it is. that's why the weekend cooled. it starts to move tomorrow. when it moves out of here, things start to warm up, when they warm up in september you get increased fire danger. it's blowing at 16 miles an hour at the airport. that's sustained wind. it's a mild, cool, evening in the inland bay valleys. the weather story here is the big warm up that's going to show up friday, saturday, sunday, and probably into monday as well. a heat wave, you know, hot inland. i don't know if it's heat wave for the intire area. tomorrow be just like today, because of that low pressure. that low pressure leaves, the high pressure comes in friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and creates a slight offshore flow. the air starts to sink, the fog gets minimized at the coast, if it even exists at the coast. the fire danger goes up, the air quality goes down, and we get more what we haven't seen much of this summer. that type of pattern.
10:50 pm
especially in the inland bay valleys. the increased fire danger, and in the inland bay valleys, maybe even low 100's. that lasts through the bay area weekend. the forecast highs tomorrow, 84 in vacaville. 82 in clear lake. so the heat is not here yet. 84 in fairfield. 74 in richmond. a nice day tomorrow for your thursday. 84 in livermore. the santa clara valley, 85 in morgan hill. tomorrow, like today, which was like yesterday. then things kind of change around. comes up a few degrees tomorrow. we'll get an 87 somewhere tomorrow. closing in on 90. saturday, sunday, and monday, temperatures get up there, and we start worrying about fire danger, air quality, and things like that. so it's been very, very nice the last few days. enjoy tomorrow, because the heat will be on be in the inland valleys. the bay and the coast will
10:51 pm
still be in the 70s and 80s. some local artists are paying tribute to a british sailer who was killed during a practice run during the america's cup competition. 18 students from the academy of art in san francisco have dedicated a mural to andrew bart simpson, a member of sweden's team. simpson died when the boat capsized in may. the students painted the mural on the side of a university owned building at have and polk street. mark is here now with sports. the giants are out of it, but man, the a's and texas, this is exciting stuff. >> nothing but home runs to show you tonight. it is a two horse race and down the stretch they come. the a's did not look interested in any kind of a photo finish this afternoon. but plenty of distance between them in the game. yu darvish, first, they set the
10:52 pm
to be with a man on. brandon moss. his 26th of the year. in the 6th, the a's were only up 3-2. barton trying to make a contribution or two. the two run jack. so much more a close game. with yu darvish on the mound, you didn't see this coming. josh donaldson. with the bullpen having trouble for the rangers too. jared parker, solid 6th for the win. the a's and rangers tied for first with 23 games left a piece. the last time pablo hit three homers in a single game, the giants about ready to lay broom service on the detroit tigers in the world series last year. much has happened since then. now only helping avoid last place for the giants. spirit of giving and hugging
10:53 pm
and pablo. hasn't hit a home run that mattered in a while. 5th inning, didn't hit his first one in this game until then. two runs, big fly, and just getting started. 8th inning. the giants up 8-5. sandoval, the solo flight the opposite way. his 13th of the year. disappointing season for the most part, but he's picking it up. then in the 9th, with two men on hits it to right. 3 runs. 6 rbi's on the game. and by the way, tim lincecum pitched pretty well. his 9th win of the season, and the giants are tied with the padres. last place, but trying to pull out of it. the raiders kind of sort of let everyone know who their starting quarterback will be. and the niners, a bit concerned about their quarterback safety. sports part 2 next. unbelievable.
10:54 pm
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well, as if the match up alone, packers and niners didn't fuel enough, green bay hit it. no doubt still stinging from
10:57 pm
the playoff loss. ins mated they'll take liberties before he does leave the pocket. >> hearing a lot of tough talk right now. hearing some intimidating type of talk. you definitely start to tell you, a man will usually tell you his bad intentions. you know what's being said publicly isn't what's being said privately. i hope their intent is going to be anything that's not within the rules. just the way they like to do things, the raiders like to keep you guessing. you've got to go with terrell pryor as the starting quarterback. he shows he has enough to get it done, and the coaching staff is prepared to live with the mistakes and the inevitability youth does bring. >> guys that have got to grow.
10:58 pm
that's where we're at. i'm looking for continued growth from him as we continue to go throughout the season. opening day sunday. everybody looking forward to it. ready for some football. >> thank you. >> thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. >> good night.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
elaine: "difficult"? elaine, you shouldn't be reading that. now tell me about this, uh, rash of yours. um, well, it's--it's... you know, i noticed that someone wrote in my chart that i was difficult in january of '92, and i have to tell you, i remember that appointment exactly. you see, this nurse had asked me to put a gown on, but there was a mole on my shoulder, and, actually, i'd specifically worn a tank top


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