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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 5, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you're looking for the best videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." a cyclist thinks it's funny when a giraffe goes after his friend, but then -- >> the giraffe starts coming after him. >> see his run from the tower of terror. a tornado hits a hospital, while a guy with a camera -- >> opens the window to get a better shot. >> the risky move as everybody else ran. a job interview can be nerve
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wracking, but for these people, what happened that sent them over the edge. and he may look like a jacked up 2-year-old but that is -- >> a happy monkey who is well treated. >> why he's also well dressed and well fed. >> holy molly. well, he eats with a spoon. a pair of mountain bikers riding in south africa have a very tall tale to tell and they have a video to back it up. they came up over a hill and immediately saw the giraffe. first the giraffe wasn't aggressive and then the giraffe started coming after them after they started taking pictures. now you see the guy running around a bush trying to keep some space between the giraffe and himself because the giraffe had already trampled his mountain bike and pretty much wrecked it. he's lucky the bushes are there because they can be quick and they have a long stride.
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they kicked up their front legs. so you will see this guy walk around. that is rex. lays his mountain back down. the giraffe still walking up, still tracking this guy. he has no way of getting out except running. and the giraffe will catch up. what do you do? >> they have to wait. here you see him pick up his bike. you see that part of the axle is bent. you see some soft spoof the spo sticking out. he had to carry the bike back to the car. fortunately they're relatively close to the road and where they had parked. at this point the giraffe is keeping an eye on what's going on. rex gets away from this giraffe and carries his bike down the trail. his buddy is left behind to deal with this thing. and the giraffe starts coming after him. >> i'm sure it was terrifying for the cyclist, i'm excited to see this giraffe so close up. >> it's beautiful. they were in a nature reserve in
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south africa so it's not surprising to see the giraffe in this park. they both get away without any injuries. usually it's the cops to the rescue, in this instance a cop had to be rescued by residents. police say that this officer veered off the road, plowed into a ditch and his patrol car caught fire. but the good thing is there were nearby residents to come to the rescue. >> you got to get him out. >> the woman shooting the video >> i was getting out and thought what in the world is going on. there's flames under the car. >> oh, boy. >> it's going to blow. get him back. get him back. >> there was a gentleman trying to kick the window out, trying to get him out. that didn't work. they actually grabbed the door. >> terry joyner was also part of the rescue attempt. >> the door all of the open, that's when we drug him out. >> it's scary to pull somebody out of a car after an accident
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because you know you're not supposed to move somebody. they could have spinal injuries, neck injuries. in that situation you have to, right? >> yeah. >> when they do you can see the officer identified as ashleigh. >> i asked him, do you know your name? he said no. can you count one, two, three. no. are you hurt anywhere? can you tell us? he just really could not talk or respond. >> he was shaken but he had no injuries. and they're still trying to figure out what caused the accident. >> very blessed that people in the community were there. they were proactive and god placed them in the right place at the right time. >> i'm just hope the gentleman is okay. we all said prayers for him. you're looking at footage of a tornado that blew through eastern japan on september 4th. this video is being shot from inside a nursing school. it's actually in a hospital. you can hear how terrified the people inside are.
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>> you can see that tornado outside the window. >> you would think some of the debris was going through the window where all of these people are at. >> that tornado did shatter some windows in the hospital. some of the debris landed on cars, damaging cars. injuries were reported as a result of this tornado. this person behind the camera is quite brave. as you see halfway through the video he opens the window to get a better shot. >> might lose your phone. >> here's more footage, also in japan, but this was two days earlier. not the same tornado. this is, in fact, near tokyo. at first you look off in the distance and you see a blue sky. keep watching. you will watch this entire thing become a funnel cloud. it just gets darker and darker. you see more and more debris. picking stuff up quickly, too. >> this tornado laeftusands in tokyo without power. injuries were reported as a result of the tornado, as well.
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so let's say you got somebody on your property. you don't want that person there. here's one way to get that person gone. you do see them get out of the car. let's take the forklift over, scoop that thing up and, here's your exit. this is a suburb of perth, austral australia. what the youtube uploader and the comments are saying, the car belongs to the shires town which is like the homeowners association. now, they say it's illegal for them to come on to your property. it's illegal for them to be there so the guy with the forklift says, if you're not going to leave, we'll show you the door. >> we'll take you out ourselves. >> here you see the two guys who were in the silver car, like what are they going to do at this point? >> stop, please? please stop. can we have our car back. >> kind of chase after the
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forklift, but the huge forklift going down a road here. that's where the video sort of ends. the guys are slowly walking after their car that's now being whisked away. see you later. bye. as the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. >> she walks around to gets to the driver's side but that's when she gets intercepted by that man. >> how a couple of guys swoop in for a stealthy steal. plus, bif brodie smith a bris frida frisbee. >> this time he's tackling dubai, all of dubai. >> s
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unfortunately it seems these days you can't help someone out and give them directions without worrying that you're going to get robbed. this is in the uk. check out this guy right here, hanging out right next to that
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car. that victim unfortunately is an elderly woman. you can see she unlocks her car, puts her purse on the passenger side. she walks around to get into the intercepted by that man when who starts asking her for directions. so he distracts her. while he's doing that, someone else bets ingets into the passe side, going through her purse, grabs her cash, grabs her cards. he walks away very casually as if nothing happens. meanwhile this ladies has no idea that she's just been robbed. >> that's so coordinated. i wouldn't know when i got robbed. i wouldn't know -- i would go looking for my stuff, what? >> you could call every store you were just at, having no idea that someone actually did this to you. >> that's so sad. at least they didn't hurt her physically. >> how cruel to take advantage of someone's kindness.
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>> this is not the only time they've done this. police believe they're responsible for at least 50 other similar robberies. >> i would have fallen for this. totally. >> police obviously are still looking for them. when it comes to frisbee trick shots there is nobody better than our man brodie smith. this time he's tackling dubai. i mean, all of dubai. here he is in front of the world's tallest building on the soccer field with a frisbee trick shot. >> oh! >> whoa! >> hitting three in a row, three different hoops from the exact same spot off the water. >> at the end of a sky dive. never seen that before. comes down. just as he's about to weigh in,s toes a frisbee to his buddy. michael jordan of frisbee. >> the fact that he turned the frisbee tossing into a career,
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that's got the world to think. >> from a camel, we got to say my favorite part of this video from dubai -- >> if i make this shot, i'm buying this camel. >> apparently now brodie smith also owns a camel. >> if you want to see all of these trick shots from brodie, go to our website or check it out on our mobile app. disney's toon town is an online gaming community you can go for interactive games. and a lot of people, grown-ups and kids, participated in it. this man is shuttering toon town september how could they? >> toon town? >> that's exactly how charlie feels, nick. >> toon town is going to close. >> as you can see here, charlie is not happy about toon town going away so his dad chris set the camera to rolling and told charlie to make his appeal to disney. >> it's really fun.
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>> toon town has been around for ten years. >> why in the world would they close it? so many people enjoy toon town. >> the number of people using toon town is diminishing but the number of people using club penguin, another interactive site, is 200 million. >> they shouldn't have created competition for himself. >> 20 years ago if a kid lost his favorite toy or game he would be upset, but you could say that was your fault, you should have kept it an eye on it. this time his favorite toy or game is getting yanked from him. >> it's not just kids upset. this guy uploaded some of his video from his toon town play. >> i don't know what to say. you guys have made this game so fun to play. >> you have grown-ups and kids signing an online petition encouraging bob iger and some other big executives at disney to keep toon town around. and so far nearly 15,000 people
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have signed this petition. >> making so many people sad because you're closing toon town. she's making fashion news by going second-hand all year. >> this is perfect, and i love it. >> see her story, next "right this minute." and still to come, the couple that space jumps together stays together. like this pair. >> oh, my gosh. that is a ballsy couple. that is crazy. >> see how they fall for each other over and over. plus, the predators are getting their groove on. >> the dancing like they're in unison. choreographed dance. >> why these moves are a big hit. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance,
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it's been stead that the couple who swings themselves off of tall buildings and high places tends to stay together. >> what? that is a very common thing. >> this is sam and carly. they call themselves los banditos on youtube. sam and carly are cruising through france and jumping off some of the best exit points through the country. off of this beautiful proximity. getting real nice. the rocks along the edge there. that's awesome. but their tour continues throughout france. sam and carly are traveling and jumping with a couple of other people here.
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the climb over the railing of this tall bridge, climb up to the edge there and takes another leap. >> oh, my gosh. that is a ballsy couple. i have to say that is crazy. >> i bet you this does strengthen their relationship, if you think about it. death-defying moments together. >> can you imagine -- >> the adrenaline rush, that is hot. >> what is it like afterwards sm? >> exactly. what does that lead to? >> like to get a coffee? me, neither. i bet this is what you were speaking of. nothing but the parachute in this leap. >> that's foreplay. this is from last february. that is eye van, the monkey. he's a monkey! >> come on. >> that's cruel, man. >> it's not cruel. this monkey is not used to snow so they've got him a little coat on and he's just running around
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playing. >> this is like the primate christian story scene where the kid can't move in all the bulky winter clothes. >> i know you worry about this stuff, nick s, but this monkey s never been in a cage in his life. ivan is owned by her and she has a youtube channel full of exploits. this is one of my favorites because i like pea soup, so d ivan. >> holy molly. y'all, he eats with a spoon. >> i give you ivan back in the snow. he's going sledding. >> oh, my gosh. >> you want one. i can see it on your face. >> i wanted a monkey by mri whole life. my parents gave me a stupid stuffed monkey with a diaper on. this one has real clothes. >> i'm going to start crying. this is the greatest monkey ever. >> this is a russian version of facebook. this is his owner. she's holding a chimpanzee in the photo but there are quite a few photos of her and ivan.
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she is a member of monkeys unite. apparently in russia there are lots of people who own monkeys like this. they make the videos that we see and the pictures. it seems to me this is a happy monkey well treated and not left out in the cold. you guys want to be blown away by just pure awesomeness? that's the predator. >> this is also because when you were a kid playing with action figures you imagine them coming to life. not dancing but heating things up. >> this is what is going on in your head. >> this is a video called predator dances, appropriately. and guess who did it? our good friend mr. oz. mr. oz is a huge rtm fan. this proedator dance is set to song called "predator's dance." mostly claymation, they are
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action figures. this is spot motion. mr. oz did it in 12 days. it was entirely self produced. he actually entered this video into the national entertainment collectibles association predators trophy wall, contest. get this, because it was so good, he not only got the grand prize, they also gave him all of the runner-up prizes, too. >> wow. >> it's that good. >> what? >> i like the deejay. like the jacket. it's crazy. dancing like here in unison. choreographed dance. each one of those figurines had to be lined up exactly perfect. >> that is didn't know predato had moves. this volvo is packing heat. >> in most circumstances that sports bike
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nick, this guy is on a slack line. definitely not a slacker because watch what he can do. oh, back flips on the slack line. this is in sweden. this dude is a younger brother of ugo. >> they claim that's the first back flip on a slack line in sweden. all right. couple of qualifiers there. >> sure. >> even if that's not true, you
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can't deny, impressive skills on the slack line. >> mind blowing. >> and he not only hits the back flip but also gets back on the line and then does a bunch of other tricks. >> have you ever stood on a slack line? >> no. >> i couldn't even stand on this thing without my feet shaking. that's just hard to imagine. the core strength, dedexterity, good for him. >> if he did a back flip on the line, might as well do a back flip to get off. he's got some serious skills. as a job interviews weren't nevrve-racking around, for thes people, it was. you see these interviewees get to this office, very professional. beautiful view in the background. suddenly the room starts shaking a little bit. and then look what's happening outside the window.
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>> oh, gosh. >> someua into the city and there's stuff that comes out. the room is dark. are you kidding me? it looks like they're getting covered in rubble. >> they're in this back room. >> oh, my gosh. >> why doesn't anybody get out? >> suddenly the light comes back on. they realize this whole thing really was a prank. >> oh, my gosh. for tv! >> and then you see that this whole thing is actually a promotion for an lg television. they did set up this room. they cut out the window and put the television in instead of a glass, obviously. >> i thought we were really looking at a window. >> it's effective because i want one of those tvs now. >> 84 inches. >> you believe you're looking out a window in real life.
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volvos, not necessarily known for their speed. most people get a volvo they think safety. >> right. >> well, this video is going to change your mind. this is a volvo racing a very high. powered sports bike. in most circumstances sports bike would walk away from this volvo. in everyday life, that volvo, a c-70, has about 200 something horsepower. 230, let's call it. >> this thing have a nitrous kit on it or something? >> it's rated at about 670 horsepower. what you could call a sleeper. it just looks like an everyday kind of boring volvo. but the thing has got lead. look at it run away from this sports bike. it disappears. good-bye volvo. it's got loss of mod ts of modi. nowhere near stock. some of the graphic on the video claims it travels in excess of
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300 plus kilometers per hour which is approaching the 200-mile-per-hour mark. >> on a public road. >> in a volvo. let's not forget, it's a volvo. >> the motorcyclist didn't get a shot of vin diesel behind the wheel? >> no, it wasn't van de n'n't v driving. >> i think, yeah, take it to the street race. you know, everybody is going to want to race you. i'll race the guy in the volvo. >> it's true. it does not look like the typical race car. you can just smoke whoever you want. that's it for rtm, everybody. we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want the best videos from the web, we've got them, "right this minute." a storm watcher is about to get a big surprise. >> all of a sudden the camera goes crazy. >> meet the guy who recorded his own lightning strike. >> they were just like, oh, my gosh, he's on the phone. a pro mountain biker hits the jump -- >> didn't know it was straight down. >> the crazy injury that definitely knocked him out of the race. a gunman starts shooting at people. >> standing


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