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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 5, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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right -- witness about what happened right before the accident. >> reporter: that's right. it is cool and breezy now but warm earlier today. you can see the clothing and the towel left by the viim right where she died. i want to show you video from news chopper 2 after witnesses say a park maintenance truck ran over a woman on the grass here. police say the driver left the scene but officers found him few blocks away and detained him. >> we received phone calls at 2:20 p.m. this afternoon of people reporting a pedestrian being struck by a truck in the park. they described the truck as a park maintenance truck. >> sun was shining from that way. she was getting a sun tan. they always do that when the sun rotate and move around. why would the truck be down
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there? >> reporter: witnesses tell me the trucks routinely drive here, not on the grass. the fire chief said a 8-month- old girl was with the woman. the toddler is okay. first on the scene two off duty nurses but the woman died at the hospital later. police say their investigation continuing and as of now that driver has not been arrested. reporting live in holly park, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. it is going to get worse before it gets better. that is the message from the man over seeing the oakland police department. call call obtained a report outlining the shortage of officers. christien kafton with what the department needs to do to turn things around. >> reporter: he says opd is
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losing officers faster than they could graduate them from the account and they need to turn that around quickly. >> reporter: monitors have been keeping an eye on oakland police. ktvu obtained the latest report from the director. it highlights a growing problem. the shrinking number of officers. just 5 years ago they maxed out with 800 officers. now that number has dwindled to fewer than 650. the report reads over the next several years may consume a substantial portion of the output of the academy. a more balanced program, must be quickly crafted and implemented. community leaders say crime on the street is reaching a
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critical level. >> we have a horrible reputation. really amazing when you live and work in it. people are afraid to come here. >> reporter: he learned first hand how short staffed oakland police are when his home was burglarized. >> when i called 911 they said i was 75th in line. no one ever came. >> reporter: he says the problem is bigger than that. they mark each homicide with a white cross in front of the church. he says more officers is only part of the solution. >> i think more police presence, but community policing, they know who the community is. >> reporter: in the last 25 minutes we heard from the city of oakland, a spokesman from the mayor's office said they
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budgeted to graduate two classes each year for the next two years. he hopes that move will boost staffing levels to 700 officers but that is still not enough. the city is working on the issues raised in the report. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up at 6:15 p.m. chp officers are getting new patrol cars but they are more than a flashy toy, the features officials say make the suvs a necessity. three weeks into the 60 day cooling off period in the bart negotiations with no discussions and no progress. ktvu's tom vacar joins us with not just what they are saying but with what the riders are saying. tom? >> reporter: when you think about it the broken bart battle is back to the top. bart's board chairman says so long as workers insist on a 7%
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a year wage increase and healthcare benefits -- >> we don't feel like that will get us there. >> the union president says bart acted in bad faith. >> everyone is exhausted with this game. >> reporter: no one is more exhausted than the riders. >> both sides. >> think about it. you know? think about what you are doing to everybody. not just about yourself. >> i don't think they should be able to strike. >> reporter: this time a strike would bite deep. >> not being the summer. it would be disaster. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> angry. >> i can't get to work. and they make more money than me. >> reporter: there is no longer rider patience. >> i think everybody is just fed up with it.
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i think that people are just wanting them to come to an agreement and figure it out. it effects the whole society. >> compromise has to come. >> reporter: if it doesn't come a strike could lead to major changes in who runs bart and what the unions can and cannot do in the future. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we will continue to track the negotiations. follow us on twitter. we will tweet out developments as soon as we hear about them. >> reporter: students are grieving the loss of a school yard monitor and now her family is planning a funeral with little to go on with what killed her. family and friends filled reina figueroa's life and now they are mourning her loss. ktvu's robert handa has more. robert? >> reporter: detectives here have been putting a lot of time into this case. police say the body was found
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with no trauma and few clues and the families have been waiting for more information. a suspect is now in custody and that left those families grieving and struggling to cope. >> reporter: the family of reina figueroa went to the mexican consulate to make arrangements for a funeral in mexico. she disappeared on sunday, then found dead inside her van several blocks away on tuesday. a suspect is in custody but the family hasn't been told much else. >> we are trying to be strong but it is still -- like, it is -- you know, she lived with us. everywhere we go and we start thinking about it, it is just -- it tears us apart and we feel down. >> reporter: reina figueroa worked for 12 years at a elementary school as a school yard monitor. today with the help of grief
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counselors students drew up posters displaying their love. >> they want to show they miss her and thank her for all her work here. they are having a hard time understanding why she is gone. >> i have my bad days and she helped me out. it is that person who you could trust. >> reporter: her son wants to fulfill her desire to be layed to rest with her father in mexico. >> my grandpa passed away. i know she loved him so much and i think it would be right for her to be next to her dad. >> reporter: the family says it plans to have a service here in the south bay as well. we will have more information on the suspect tonight at 10:00 p.m. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. an alert has been issued to residents about a new scam involving fake claims of unpaid utility bills. they sent out a warning after a
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business owner reported the fraud. they get a phone call saying there is an over due or unpaid utility bill. the caller says unless paid over the phone the power will be shut out immediately. residents should never give credit card information over the phone. john muir health system is celling their lab business. 540 jobs will be lost. but lab corps says it will take 150 employees. the labs labs -- these labs are not part of the deal. applications for benefits adropped 9,000 to -- dropped
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92000 to 2,300,000. the jobs report scheduled to be released tomorrow will show the in a moment rate holding steady at 7.4%. the first two races of the america's cup are set for saturday and today the team met with the media in san francisco. it came two days after an jury docked oracle two races, putting them in a position where they have to win 11 races instead of 9 to keep the cup. the skippers from both teams sounded confident and oracle skipper said this week's penalties are serving as extra motivation. >> i think we have got the team to do it. we have a fantastic boat. that is what we will do saturday. we will get out there and give it everything we can. we don't give up -- and it will fight the whole way. >> a lot of support here in san francisco. huge amount at home.
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and it is all motivation for us. we have an amazing amount of support. >> america's cup racing is set to begin at 1:15 p.m. saturday afternoon right there along the san francisco water front. warming up but the heat is still to come. where temperatures could sore into the upper 90s and when the fire danger reaches its peak. >> only on 2. >> a new look for the. [ cheers and applause ] and the only place -- new look for the chp. and the only place you could see it. and the vote supporters say could give victims more power to seek justice in the courts. ♪ five
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statute of limititations for some sex abuse victims heads to the senate. the measure opens a one year window for some victims of sex abuse to sue organizations that employ their abusers. >> people will have a chance to prove their case they were molested and then have a ruling of how much money they should receive by the courts. >> victims would have to prove culpability by the groups. they say that unfairly targets private organizations and not public institutions. only on 2 the chp is getting a new fleet of vehicles and tonight we go inside the new suvs that just hit the freeways. a new look for the chp. looks like an suv. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live
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now where he got a ride in one of the new vehicles and asked the california highway patrol why it is making the switch. >> the chp says half of the cruisers have more than 100,000 miles so a lot are going out of service and this office here in the bay area is the first to put the new vehicles in service and on the street. >> reporter: not an suv, just a utility vehicle is what they are calling this new ride that will be standard issue at the california highway patrol. >> this is our office. it is our office. >> reporter: he has been driving the new suv a week. he and others are the first in the bay area to make the switch. he says they are catching drivers off guard. >> i have seen double takes. >> reporter: ford stop making these in 2011.
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>> when you exceed 100,000 miles on a patrol vehicle it is no longer covered for repairs. that falls apart the department. >> reporter: he says this vehicle is all wheel drive, sic sillders and a lower center of gravity. the chp has been authorized to purchase. the upgrade is a necessity and you will see more of these rolling out soon. >> reporter: chp says it has no time table for replacing old cruisers. some of these will goo eother areas in -- go to other areas in the bay area. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. it may save the state money on
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fuel. it gets 16 miles a gallon and 22 on the highways. the car gets 14 on streets and 21 on the highway. pg&e is facing a $250,000 fine for shoddy record keeping that played a role in the san bruno pipeline explosion. a hearing is set for tomorrow with the public utilities commission. they admitted to poor record keeping and the iraqly assumed they were operating safely. officials claim the paper work problem hasn't been fixed and they want them to set up a independent monitor to ensure plans are in place. a hunter's illegal fire being blamed for starting the rim fire. they made the announcement today. no arrests have been made and the name is being with held.
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it began on august 17 and it is still burning. the rim fire is now the 4th largest fire in california history and has burned nearly 371 square miles and right now it is still 80% contained. the warming trend topping the bay area weather headlines today. comfortable out there. fog this morning. clearing out to partly sunny. upper 60s in pacifica. 70s around the bay. temperatures inland 85 to 86 degrees. on the satellite we have clockwise out there. you can see the active weather to the south and east of the bay area. patchy fog is trying to regroup, especially closer to the coast line. patchy fog for the coast. santa rosa 85 degrees.
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hayward 69. san jose partly sunny and 74. tonight, mostly clear skies. patchy fog late. tomorrow warmer. bay area wide -- and the weekend sunshine, warm to hot. inland on track to reach the upper 90s. could be 100 degrees by sunday. over night lows tomorrow morning will be in the 50s. few spots around 60 towards antioch. most of the bay area chilly in santa rosa, lower 50s. concord, sunny skies, warming up tomorrow. 7:00, 12:00 already 80 degrees. 3:00 p.m. lower 90s. the bay area, everybody up 5 to 10 degrees for tomorrow all because of high pressure rebuilding off shore. this moves in. this traens port the air -- transports the air back to the coast, friday, saturday and sunday and possibly a good bet
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into monday. here is our forecast model. tomorrow morning, patchy fog. winds pushing the fog to the south throughout the day today. sunny skies across most of the bay area. temperatures tomorrow, everybody warms up. santa rosa 92 degrees. rim of the bay, 80s here. 90s towards antioch, brentwood, livermore. san jose upper 80s. san francisco, downtown upper 70s, 79. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, there is our warming trend. sunday the hottest day. monday another hot day and we cool off tuesday and wednesday next week, also few extra clouds. time of year with we talk about the hot temperatures coming up on schedule. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 a new pilot program in contra costa county
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to help firefighters better respond to those who need them and -- >> if the guys are caught and i breathe air to see it it would feel relieved. >> a dying father make as plea for justice. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. paypal, the new way they are competing with google.
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san jose based pay pall is making -- paypal is making it easier to pay with the help of a new app. it is an effort to expand to transactions made at brick and mortar stores. the app is available today, including feature called shop that helps users finds stores and restaurants that take pay pall. everybody is -- paypal. everybody is waiting for nfl. >> the ravens delayed against denver. they had thunder and lightning warnings. 45 minute delay. highlights tonight at 10:00 p.m. locally we care about the
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raiders and the 49ers and the 49ers will be happy to have that guy back. patrick willis, the defensive captain, all pro linebacker missed the pre-season and much of the practice as well with a hand issue. you know him, he is chopping at the bit to get on the field with his mates. >> i am a competitor. each time they are practicing and playing in the games, i wanted to be there with them. i want to sweat when they sweat. i want to be hit when they hit. it motivates me more to when i have the opportunity to step out on the field to be that much better because you never know when something is going to happen. >> 9ers and packers mean time. raiders, everybody realistic, a challenging season for the raiders and they get in tough from week one and they have to deal with that man. andrew luck. great rookie season.
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23 touchdown passes, 18 picks however as he led the colts into the playoffs. 11-5 record and the raiders are prepared for what this guy brings, including tracy porter. >> i mean, wasn't drafted first over all for nothing. led them to the playoffs. good team. smart guy. can read defenses. can move the pocket. we have to be sound and do a great job with our front 7 and provide pressure. >> mean time the voting is in for our annual and weekly event, the high school game of the week, oakland tech at pinole valley. both looking for their first win. fred inglis will give you full coverage tomorrow and every week the high school voting, good game every friday night. and baseball, giants and a's both playing tonight. highlights at 10:00 p.m.
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>> thank you. you can -- you can show your football team pride. don't worry if you are a raiders fan we are creating a badge for you. "like" ktvu and share it with your friends. tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news, breaking down the numbers to see how success the bike program has been. >> thank you for joining us. good night. ly, i'm fine.
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