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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 9, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi,verybody. i'm beth troutman. s for great videos and stories behind them right this minute. four hikers find themselves literally holding on for life when a storm turns into a flash flood and they are deep into the bot testimony of this canyon. >> their incredible story of survival. >> did you guys feel like you were going to die down there? >> i was thinking if we stay in here any longer, we won't make it. >> a lion catches lunch but a pack of hyenas is out for the
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steal. >> in the jungle, only the strong survive. kill or be killed. >> the fight. plus, we are hitting the cat walk from from fashion week from a model's perspective. >> look at everybody looking at you. those are hundreds of eye eyeballs on you. >> experience the strut from start to finish why youtube prank stir vitaly may have taken his prank too far. >> he is pranking dealers. >> oh, my gosh. the four guys are out in this kenyan in zion national park in utah. eric campton is a photographer and joult door enthusiast. he is there with his brother, dave, their friend, eric and ben. they are repelling down into this canyon. before long, that rain turns into a flash flood and they are deep into the bottom of this canyon. at the bottom of a 300-foot
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waterfall. >> holy cow, holy cow, here can comes. >> after the first wave of rain starts coming down ther, they re two guys are still stuck at the top. >> one guy makes it down. another is left behind, 165 feet above. >> come down. >> they are afraid he is going to get swept away. soon, through the mist, they realize he has made it. they think they have made it out of this precarious situation. >> are they safe? >> they are not safe, because that was just first wave. >> this is absolutely safe. >> conditions worsen quickly. they found a large boulder to hunker down behind and try and take cover. >> you guys, keep it safe. i pray a hedge of protection around us. nothing will hit us. we will not drowned. we will not be swept away. we will be perfectly safe in jesus' name. >> the dangers is astronomical. >> despite this deadly
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situation, all four guys made it out of the canyon alive and two of them are here to tell us about their harrowing experience right this minute. we have eric hanson and eric retterbush. guys describe this situation. >> it was like a freak train of energy washing over you and completely engulfing you. it was cold. we couldn't communicate wechlt barely had any room. >> before you went out there, did you know these flash floods were possible? >> that's alls the potential. we didn't expect this big of a storm. that's not what the weather report was or what anybody else was thinking was going to happen. >> what moment made you think now is the time to pray? >> in my mind, i thought we would be safe where we were until i realized that we were completely stuck. i felt like we were in grave danger. my instinct was to pray to god. >> we will be perfectly safe in jesus name. >> did you guys feel like you were going to die down there? >> my brother was with me. i had this sick feeling in nigh
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stomach i was going to have to call my mom and let her know how close she was to losing her two sons. >> how did you finally manage to get out of there and when did you do he side to move? >> we were under that waterfall for over an hour. i was getting hypothermic. i was thinking, if we stay in here really any longer, we are all going to start getting hypothermic and we won't make it. we finally saw a crack of light. that's when we just have to risk it. >> if anything, this video is a bit of a reminder just enjoy every moment of life, because you pull up to an intersection and quite frankly, you just don't know what's going to happen next. this is in pine town in johannesburg, south africa. jan and karika van zil pull up to this red light at an interception in their company car. these are minitaxis that you see here as well as a volkswagen jetta over here on the right. they wait at the light. everything seems normal.
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i have to warn you, what happens in this video is somewhat tough to watch. they go through the light. >> oh, my god! >> that is an out-of-control truck that comes barreling through that intersection into the jetta, into the minibus taxis and really just demolishes everything in its path. >> it came out of nowhere. it just goes to show how fast it was going. >> investigators say the brakes went out in the truck and that's what led to this crazy accident. >> oh, my gosh. >> sad to report, unconfirmed numbers. 27 people killed in this accident along with a number of other injuries. you can imagine, serious. police in south africa do have the 23-year-old driver of the truck in custody. no word whether he'll face any charges. this is at a rally in russia in support of the politician that's been arrested. the man you see here in the
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middle of the screen is a very well-known, out spoken critic of vladimir putin. his name is boris nepsov. it looks like he is about to give an interview. look at the guy in the red sweater. he just tried to egg boris in the head. it looked like he had an egg. he didn't get to. look at how boris reacts. he punches back. >> boris saw it coming. >> you do see boris is looking down. it looks perhaps in the direction of the hands of the guy in red when the egg came up. he was like, heck no. >> he drove through hard too. >> the guy din the red is just citizen. he is not a fan. he sticks around and boris is able to smack him really good. >> where is security? >> there is nobody around to get a handle on this guy nd aget him out of there? >> they are right there. it seems one of those guys is security. >> finally, you do see someone that looks like an officer.
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they are able to pull the guy away but not before boris gets in a little slapping around. >> i think boris wins this. >> yep. >> it's the beginning of a rys which kid is going to be a handful. i found one in china. they had to call in the firefighters because an eight-year-old boy got his head stuck somewhere. >> oh, my gosh, no. >> you are right. he got it stuck in a triangle ruler. as you can see, he is trying elephant tears. >> a ruler? >> why is there a ruler that big? >> is that ruler for a giant? >> that is a tri angled ruler. >> this is hysterical. i am pretty sure chinese kids are doing research into how many places you can get stuck in op on. >> i love how they had to get the bolt clipper toss get this little kid out of that. >> why did he get in there in the first place? >> was he looking at it and then
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you are like, well, let me try this. >> he wore it as a hat. >> he is an eight-year-old boy. it is a giant ruler. the temptation must have been too hard to resist. >> 100% chance if i was eight, i would have tried to put that on my head too. >> that's what boys do. we do dumb things. >> that's true. >> teaching your kids the nuances of soccer is not easy. >> teach him how to play. >> the key that helped this boy score a goal on his dad. >> a 71-year-old woman gets stuck in her car in a flooded wash. >> at one point, cart turned on its side and then it was swept
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♪ having the title of king of the jungle doesn't always mean you get your way. in the northern sar an getty, tanzania, just caught some lunch, a juicy war hog.
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he is about to lose it to this pack of high enas. they act in numbers, because they know the lion is more powerful. at one point, you see a hyena come up and smack that lion in the butt. he turns around while the others grab the lunch out from under him. >> hyenas will get you every time. >> it is not enough for all of them. it is just a little meal. it would have been just perfect for the lion. >> only the strong survive. kill or be killed. this is what the hyenas have to do. >> a lot of times this all takes place in the cover of darkness. you feel bad for the lion but it's fascinating to watch it play out in broad daylight. >> he has to walk away like, i stalked that meal, i waited patiently and these doggone hyenas stole my lunch. >> in the jungle. can you imagine how ner
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nerve-racking it must be for models as they are walking in new york fashion week. all eyes are on them. what does that look like? >> this is at the fashion show during the mercedes fashion week in new york. the model is wearing what's called epiphany eyewear with a camera in them so you can see her journey down the cat walk. >> the cat walk looks really narrow. >> they usually are, because they fit so many people in. >> but models are usually really narrow too. >> they don't need that much space, models. look at everybody looking at you. those are hundreds of eyeballs on you. >> you do notice people with their cell phones taking videos or photos, taking notes. >> that's not even a video, is it? i like this perspective, taller than i will ever be. these models are always super tall and they have six-inch heels on. >> when she turns around to walk back into the dressing room, you
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capture a little bit of her shadow. you see, she really is walking with confidence. >> thank god this guy is standing here to tell her which way to go. she is going to turn right and walk into a wall. >> it has happened. >> they are showing you the behind the scenes as well, because i have heard it is organized chaos. >> the cool thing about this is the technology its self. the fact that there are these glasses with the camera that was able to record this video giving us an insane perspective. >> and not interfere with her look. >> i have to say, guys, i had a real chuckle the first time i watched this. i think you will too. he is teaching his son, jose luis, about soccer. >> i am going to teach you how to play. is that all you know? there is a lot more to soccer than kicking it. >> just kick it. >> that's what you think. there is a t more to it. i have to teach him the skills. >> what's the name of your
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soccer team? are you sure about it? >> what's the name of your socce soccer team? >> the penguins. >> why do you try to act all innocent around mommy? >> then, arturo gives him a lesson on why you need to wear shin guards? >> you have to wear ship guards when you play soccer. do you know why? >> i'll show you. >> this is why you need shin guards, okay? that's why you have got to wear shin guards, buddy. >> oh, my god. >> before anybody gets confused, he really didn't kick his son. that was creative editing. the best part is, i think when he tries to explain to little jose goaltender. >> the goalie has the most important role on the team. he is the gait keeper. nobody gets the ball past him.
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he obliterates him. >> you have to get your key to unlock the gate. >> you are taking the metaphor a little too far. >> i am goingo get my key. >> okay? >> okay. >> unlock. >> who knew it was that ease y?y >> those two are so good tath. cheer to the world. real or fame, the team, beers. can you pop a cap off with a potato or how about a frisbee? something here doesn't quite add up right.
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we've got ourselves a bit of a theme for this week's real or fake with the ebaum. beers. let's bring in a beer expert and internet detective, mack drado, always with us on monday for e b baum's world. >> i am going to open the beer potato gun style. >> i don't see why that would be fake. did they have a potato in there or was it just air pressure that popped open lid? >> i don't know if the air pressure would do it. i feel libke a potato would do it.
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>> i think it's real. >> real. >> real. >> i think you guys caught me with one little small thing to pick up on. the safety goggle. no one is going to fake a video with the safety goggles on. >> video number two. >> here is our cast on a large beer from the small beer. it is $1.25 more than the other beer. hold it. the small beer that's now a large beer that cost an extra $1.25 more. >> that's so clever, from the stadium people. >> it's a rip-off. >> i think this happens all over the place. i think it happened to me last week. i'm pretty sure i paid extra for a large beer at a baseball game. i'm wondering now. >> can't they be sued for this? >> they should be. >> kristi wants a lawsuit. >> all real. >> very real. >> i agree.
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>> two reels. >> moving on to number three. >> i don't know. i think it's possible. can we count the bottle that has a cap on it? >> or did they place the cap on lightly? >> i'm going fake. >> i'm going fake too because there is no way that plastic frisbee could open a beer cap. >> i think it is fake. >> i think it is probably fake. >> three unanimous decisions. >> these aussies claim it is real. >> they could have done more to prove it is real. they could have shown one shot, take the bottle out, show it is not -- >> they can do it again with the shots that nick is talking about, then we will believe it. >> if we could all drink on the job, mack, we can all get socia. >> we can all get social with it. >> cheers, cheers. >> one thing they tell you in arizona is if a wash is flooded, don't drive through it. that's what a 71-year-old woman
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did in williamson valley. leah detwiler took this video footage on her property that said, do not cross when flooded about you for some reason, a 71-year-old woman drove into the wash and her car got swept up in it. >> she probably didn't think or see the sign. >> according to leah. at one point, the car turned on its side and then it was swept away. she then called 911 and said, you know what, you are probably going to have to do a body recovery, even though rescue crews found the car about a mile away. the woman was found uninjured. she wasn't transported to the hospital. she was found outside of the car. they said it took them a while to find her. they even launched a helicopter to look for the car but rescuers found her before the helicopter did. who knows where she could have been swept away. they found her. she was okay. >> she is really lucky, this lady we go from the scary to the down right silly. >> this trash can is being swept away by rainwater and these kids think it is hilarious.
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>> looks like it is escaping to go find a better life. i am tired of carrying your dirty garage all the time. i'm getting out of here. >> if you are driving the car, what do you think when you see the trash can, not rolling but floating by. >> clearly, it has the right-of-way. so you stop and you let it go. >> it's a sketchy scene when a prankster pulls a fake 5-0. >> i'm slack-jawed here. i cannot believe they went this far. >> how the real 5-0 gets involved next. ♪
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you two look like the kind of people who have always wanted to know, how can we make some really big bubbles? >> this is a bit of a tutorial on how to make bubbles this big. what you need? you need 24 ounces of a dish washing liquid and one tablespoon of j-lube. google it. and three gallons of water and lime to create these giant bubbles. this guy has some ropes rigged up to fishing poles. he rigs them up and let's the air go through it. what i thought was really cool. >> that is cool. >> then, you get this cool. a fest with the bubbles.
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how much would kids love this? >> they would go crazy. this ginormous bubble. you have a whole prism of colors there. that is a horned puffin and at the monterrey bay aquarium in california. this woman was there with her daughter and she noticed this guy wanted to race. >> he is trying to figure out, if i go under water the whole time or if i go on the surface the whole time? >> i think it is faster if he goes under the water. it looks like he struggles too much with his wings and little flipers. >> he is like a torpedo. a couple of views on how he can get around. i love that he is like, come on, let's go back this way, let's go. i'll race you. i'll race you. >> stop and say good-bye. >> watch and see what happens as she goes by. >> he is watching for her to go by. >> he is keeping up with her too. >> you have to make your own fun somehow stuck in that box. >> he is doing his laps, his exercise.
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i'm going to see about this video is the tally be crazy, crazy. you won't believe his latest prank. he walks up to a guy in a yellow shirt and asks him for green. >> you got any green? >> he is tain green beans? >> he is talking about some green stuff he can possibly smoke. the guy in the yellow is possibly a dealer. >> i know church's chicken isn't happy he is wearing their shirt. >> so he starts placing an order of what hethen, he takes it to different level. >> some green, maybe some rock. >> you serious? >> yeah. >> 10-4, 5-0. >> we've got that. >> oh, my gosh. this time around. yeah. it is dangerous. >> i couldn't even get the word out. it is dangerous.
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>> the guy takes off running but then vitali chases after him. >> does he get shot? >> maybe. let's find out. also with him is dennis rody and watch this lady in the white when they start asking for stuff? >> we got to go. you got to go. >> the lady in the white starts getting really mad the guy in the brown shirt is getting very confrontational like he is waiting to kick some booty. >> one of them starts saying, we need backup, we need backup. >> i am slack-jawed. i cannot believe they went this far. i am afraid for them. >> i don't want them to do this ever again. >> these guys have no fear. >> vitali is crazy. >> that's it for "right this minute."
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it's time for "the wendy williams show." today, superstar actress and recording star brandy. she'll perform her new hit. plus, plea outspoken panelists join wendy for "hot topics." and while some are telling pattinson not to take kristen back. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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