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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 12, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. we've got great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." >> a worker survives a three-story fall but -- >> his leg looks a little crooked. >> something's wrong there. >> what happened that made this rescue a whole lot harder. an intrude are barges into a home but -- >> he's not after jewelry, not after electronics. >> see what he finally took by the spoonful. >> it's a new music video but whose that singing? >> it's not brad pitt.
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>> we'll reveal the familiar face behind the voice. >> and a pet squirrel has a hitchhiker. >> what's hitching a ride? >> what the owners found hiding in the fur. >> oh, wow! >> it's pretty miraculous this 67-year-old construction worker in china is still alive. this is at a railway station construction site. this man fell 29 feet down a railway platform. as can you see, his leg looks a little crooked. >> something's wrong there. >> his leg was impaled by one of the poles down there and these people are trying to get this man out. as you can see here, there are emergency crews. >> god, that's like a pit of spikes down there. >> i can't believe it was only his leg that got punctured by this thing. >> you can see the man who got emergency crews, eventually they cut the pole, it's still in his leg, they put him in a harness
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and lift him up out of there. you can see his face is bloodied but the pole is still in his leg. >> oh! >> yeah, you can see it's coming in one way and going out the other side. >> his leg was punctured through and through by this thing. as you can see, these people are lifting him out. he appears to be in pain but is relatively quiet. they said it was a nonlife threatening injury. >> that's probably how he's functioning. he is probably in shock and that's how he's managing the pane. >> i hope they let him save the piece of metal they got out of his leg. >> i don't think i'd ever want to see that thing again. >> if you're city thinking about
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maybe getting a rail syst-- sys after watching this. this is a man who is not after jewelry, money. look what he's after. he's after a bowl of cereal. he goes in to inspect, he even picks up the camera and starts buzzing around with it. >> any idea if this man maybe beforehand had a bit of the munchies. >> perhaps. he did stumble into the bathroom. the homeowner says he was actually very neat. once he's done, he goes back into the living room and sits down. but there was someone in the house. when that person woke up, they saw this person sitting in the living room, grabbed this
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snapshot, told the guy to get out, called the police. the police did find him later, 42-year-old steven hawkins. he was charged with burglary and illegal possession of xanax. >> xanax? >> okay. he could have done a lot worse. he just had a bowl of cereal, which is replaceable. he could have wrecked the place. >> and he was neat. >> a recently released video show as really close call for boise idaho firefighters. we're watching firefighters go in to fight a three-alarm, three-story house fire. >> do you know if there was anybody inside? >> fortunately nobody was inside. the house was being remodelled at the time the fire started. you feel the flames, see the ashes. keep watching because things are about to get really dangerous. >> ooh!
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>> that was the house collapsing. everyone got away. two firefighters were injured, just meaninor injuries because y were hit by debris. but you see firefighters get up and look around. you hear them call for each other. they make sure that everybody's accounted for. not too long ago, we had this video on our show. >> copy. all unitsto command backup from your position out of the se zon. back up. >> now i remember. we were all commenting how calm he was telling them to get the heck out of there. >> he was calm. this footage is the just released showcasing just how close it was. >> it shows us how communication is key amongst these guys. they really have to listen and pay attention. i don't know how they do it.
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>> after the house collapses, they make sure all the money are accounted for and then you see them go right back to fighting this fire. >> childhood dream come true for a couple of british guys. that's called the pac van. this comes from a popular child show in britain called postman pac. in its former life it was a cone operated toy. remember those things you used to get to ride in it? three guys bought this on ebay for about $400 and have turned it into a drag racing car. look at this thing go. >> what? this is the greatest thing ever. >> even when you were a kid, you put a quarter in that thing, this is what happened in your imagination. >> how stable is this thing? it kind of fish tails a little bit. >> it looks like a paddy wagon that just took off in a film. >> it's powered by a 500 tc powered motorcycle it recently
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got a world record for fastest coin-operated ride. had t has demolished supercars like the porsche and it's a box on wheel. you would think it like the least aerodynamic ever. >> it's got a ton of horse power and it's very light. basically it's a go-cart, pure grunt horse power. >> some dudes take a house fight to the street. >> it done end like you expect it to. >> how a bystander steps in and gets taken out. >>
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it's 2:30 in the morning, there's a fight on fraternity row. it ends up in the street but doesn't end like you'd expect it to. >> oh, oh, oh! >> you just saw somebody get hit by a jeep. >> wait. play that again. the people fighting got hit by a jeep? >> no, it wasn't the people who were fighting. you got two-on-one. two guys fighting, one guy in the middle of the street. people warned them don't fight in the middle of the street. the jeep rolled down the street
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going about 40 miles an hour when it hit. he said he was trying to stop the guys from fighting. the two guys at the bottom of the screen, they see the jeep is coming. the guy in the yellow shirt -- the guy who has the camera, he accidentally looked away and saw the jeep coming and reacted but he immediately put the phone back up. he said he saw colton go about seven feet in the air. the guy with the camera moves around to the side of the car and there you see colton lying in the road. >> he's attended to by a lot of people at the party. the jeep stopped and police say the driver, 32-year-old joshua gaddy was arrested for dui. >> a lot of bad decisions. >> was he seriously injured? >> colton is going to be okay.
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he has a broken tifibula. >> what he was doing was noble, he was going in trying to break this fight up. >> up close and personal with a penguin. ♪ ♪ >> i want this video. >> you guys ready for some extreme ack g it. >> when you see the video you think this isn't that extreme, they're only a few feet above the ground. i'll show you this extreme.
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this is tandem black lining. you have two guys on one line doing pretty good tricks and they're using each other's weight and momentum to get the tricks going. that's jan and felix. this is showcasing the video black line. >> you have to have a real connection with the person you're doing this with. if one of you goes down, you both go down. >> i never knew it was a team sport. >> come on, he did black lining and landed on his feet? >> is this a new olympic sport? >> instead of synchronized swimming, synchronized black lining. >> okay, ladies, all three of you close your eyes. don't peek. i'm going to play a bit of a song for you. tell me if you can figure out who this is. ♪ red light, stop light
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>> william shatner? >> no. >> it's brad pitt. >> is it chris pine? >> it's actually eddie murphy. >> he's sung before. >> yeah, he has. ♪ i want to party all the time, party all the time ♪ ♪ party all the time >> a reference to the 1985 hit "party all the time." this is eddie murphy's song o"rd light" featuring snoop lion. it's getting pretty good reviews. >> and it has socially conscious lions. >> here's snoop when he comes in. ♪ higher and higher and higher we go ♪ >> we'll put the entire video on our web site. or you can watch it on our mobile app. >> dude braves a rugby player's path to put his mouth piece to
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the test. >> it's going to hit your whole face! >> or it's going to miss his face completely. >> how this shot goes south. >> and how can you make sweet music with your pants. >> this
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like us on now back to the show. >> a thunderstorm in jackson, tennessee, was caught on this surveillance video. it's set up and you can hear the thunder. >> whoa. >> it's like a bomb. >> that was lightning. as can you see in the video, it hit that tree. it sent debris flying all over the place. >> can you imagine being the mailman walking by and that's happening? that would make you pee your pants. >> it did happen in the afternoon during business hours. no major damage was caused to this. just damage to the tree. sadly, there was a body of a little blue jay found on the ground below the tree.
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i think the lightning got it. >> poor thing. it might have had a little heart attack. >> i'm james murphy, co-founder of impact. >> james murphy is going to test one of his mouth pieces. he's going to stuff his mouth piece into his mouth and he's going to let this guy, ian madigan, a rugby player, who is known for having a pretty hefty pacifier that rugby ball right at his face. james knows it's going to hurt but it hurts a lot more than he's plan persian gulf. >> because the ball is bigger than that little piece of mouth. it's going to h his whole face. face completely. >> he did it on purpose. >> ian, a tough guy, just fires it right at murphy. >> kind of a crappy move. from one dude to another, he
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wasn't expecting that. >> i disagree. i think he did him a favor and now made a fine video and now people now about impact mouth guards. >> i don't know. >> i like it. >> it's nice to have a pet dog, a pet squirrel. it's got something hitching a ride. >> what's hitching a ride? >> a bot flutt fly. >> that's gross! >> the eggs travel on mosquitoes and when mosquitoes bite you, those eggs get implanted in the bite area and this can happen. >> that was huge for that poor
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squirrel. it must have been like a tumor in its neck. >> look at it moving and and stuff. >> it's still alive. >> oh, that is gross! >> that want the on one. watch what happens when she puts it in the old circular file. >> there was another one already. >> the other one appears to be doa but this one is still wiggling around at the bottom of the bowl. >> isn't that crazy? >> yeah, i don't like it one bit. >> that must have felt so good to that squirrel to have that taken out. >> you can barely see it before they yank that thing out of there. >> can you see his leg, how swollen that area is. >> it is swollen. it would be hard to ignore that on your pet. >> i have the heeby jeebys. >> a bird's eye view of the
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birdman fes
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you know that if you're the jet ski free style world champ, it's probably good. >> the world champ is the world champ. >> this is at a boat show in slovenia. and look at the moves this guy pulled off. >> how do you do that? he's like bouncing on the water. he's not even going fast. >> one loopy loop after another. >> how is he doing that? how is he getting the momentum? >> it's the thrust from the powerful jet ski he's riding and the rebound from the water, right? >> that's crazy. he does a few other moves that are really impressive. >> he took one hand off. >> this video is back in september of 2012. it's just now trending. >> when your name is rock, you're pretty much guaranteed to be something awesome. you're not going to be like,
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rock and i'm an accountant. no offense toa accountants out there. >> this is for gloria estefan fans. because the beat is going to get you. this, my friend is zip hop. >> first of all, i am amazed at how many different kind of dips they have. >> 12! they are using slices of pizza hut pizza to dip into dipping sauce and it's making an awesome -- >> delicious sounding beat. >> that's so awesome. doesn't that make you want pizza? >> yeah. >> we're going to bring in our owo u make dip into a musical instrument? >> you can think of it as a controller you can hook up to
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almost anything. i hook it up to my nipple and then if you touch them, they would make sounds. beep, beep, bop, bop. >> apparently pizza and dipping sauce will work as conductors. you connect it to yourself, you connect it to the sauces and when you touch the two together, they form a surface and make a sound. >> what the heck are drum pants? >> are sensors all down your pants and into your shoes and they connect as a sound module that can act as a drum kit or connect via blue tooth with your phone or computer so can you make some pretty high-tech music. >> you literally can walk around to your own drum. >> can you put the sensors on your butt? >> you can put keyboard on your nipples and drums on your butt? >> can you have a drum shirt. can you have what you want. can you have a drum butt. >> this is the weirdest one yet. ♪
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>> kitten can't control its feet. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> there's always lots to see at the annual burning manifest val in the black rock desert of nevada. but when you can see it from the air, it's a whole new perspective. this is put out by our friends at dlsr pros in is phantom camera. it's like an ant hill, all these people at this art and community ve festival. the night shots are spectacular, the different artists bringing their whacky creations.
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the pyramid looks like the center of the festival this year. >> this would be so great if you actually went to this festival. when you're in it, immersed in it, you don't see how huge it actually is. >> look at this incredible festival here. a giant wire mesh sculpture of a woman. it's really cool to see. i can imagine from the ground and everyone around it, spectacular shots. these guys claim to leave no trace behind. once they're done with the festival, everything is packed up. >> that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." now at 5:00 p.m. developing news, s.w.a.t.
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and police arrest several suspects. but there is still one more on the loose. >> big news for the little blue bird, the move twitter is making and how they shared it. >> and one man take as stand, why -- takes a stand, why she targeting -- he is targeting people. >> ktvu channel 2 news starts right now with breaking news. >> breaking news. we are getting word in that confirms what neighbors told us the morgan fire was sparked by someone who was target shooting. ktvu's julie haener is here with the new information. >> the investigation is still going on. within the past 30 minutes we confirmed the new information. target shooters on mount diablo sparked the blaze last sunday. the fire erupted at 1:15 p.m. sunday afternoon. the dry vegetation and hot
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weather made for a disastrous combination. hundreds of firefighters were fighting the blaze from the ground and the air. there was speculation the fire may have been human caused. that has now been confirmed. cal fire announced the morgan fire was cogged by target shooters -- caused by target shooter. this should serve as a reminder to be extra cautious with any activity that could cause a spark. because the fire is still under investigation they won't comment on charges against the target shooter. ktvu's john fowler will have a live report on the morgan fire and the after math coming up. julie haener, back to you in the studio. following breaking news, firefighters are working to put out a grass fire. a live look at the scene from news chopper 2 at memorial
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park. the fire burned a half acre. it started at 4:10 p.m. today. it is burning in a grove on a hillside. no structures are threatened. developing news out of san jose. a s.w.a.t. team swarmed a neighborhood an an attempted home invasion today prompting a shelter in place and school lock downs. ktvu's robert handa tells us about evidence police officers recovered. robert? >> reporter: we are on story road, an hour ago deputies began letting residents back in because they checked every home here. but the search is still going on right now. and they found one of the guns used in the home invasion. they believe the suspect is armed and dangerous. >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team and deputies went house


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