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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 15, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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. three women are killed after a fire breaks out in pittsburgh. why they were unable to escape. tragic accident after a crash on 880, what we learned about the fatal accident and who is behind bars right now. >> a 9-year-old falls off his bike in front of a trance sit bus. >> what -- transit bus. and what we learned of his injuries. "mornings on 2" starts right
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now. >> >> good morning, welcome to "mornings on 2", it is sunday, september 15. i am claudine wong. here is rosemary. >> we are starting out with patchy cloudy skies. and santa rosa, visibility is about a mile. meanwhile for the afternoon. we will have more sunshine today and temperatures will remain within the ballpark of yesterday's though. >> brief warm up to shower with you. we will show you the extended forecast and we will have the numbers coming up. we begin with developing news from pittsburgh. the bodies of three people were found inside a house that went up in flames. alex savidge is live outside the home. alex? >> reporter: we don't know exactly whamo have caused this early morning house fire but we are getting a sense of why they
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were not able to escape. firefighters say there were no working smoke detectors found inside the home. the only thing they did find is a few of these smoke detectors with no batteries and they were not installed inside the home. they were not able to wake up in time. they were sleeping when the home filled with flames and smoke. it broke out around 12:30 this morning. it is on the 200 block of deimagine yo avenue in pittsburgh. >> believes they were trapped inside. they found the three women. they were all pulled outside. but all three of them died here at the scene. the contra costa county marshal told us they were battling the flames while desperately searching for victims. >> for any fire attack, it is
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always rescue. firefighters did engage in fire attack and rescue simultaneously inside the building. searching for potential victims once it was discovered that there were potential victims inside and that's where we did found the three occupants and we did bring them outside. >> one of the women was found in the bedroom, the others were found in the kitchen area. the women in the kitchen were trying to escape out of the back door but they couldn't make their way out the back door. the three victims have yet to be identified. one appears to be in her 60s. we don't know the ages of other women killed in the fire. they are out here sifting through the debris inside the home and trying to understand what may have started the fire. they will be out here for several more hours this morning. >> alex savidge, ktvu news. it was reported about an
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hour ago on 11th street. at last word, all visible flames have within put out. no injuries and firefighters are still trying to determine a cause. >> new this morning a motorcyclist is dead. a drunk driver is under arrest following a crash on 880 in oakland. a red truck collided with the motorcyclist just after 1:30 this morning. both vehicles caught on fire and the motorcyclist died at the scene. he is 35 year yield jose. alfred daly city corizel. >> the chp is trying to figure out who is at fault. the driver of the red truck was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. >> all lanes were closed for 90 minutes while the scene was cleared. we have more details on a story we first reported on mornings on two. >> it took the life of one teenager and hospitalized another.
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the car in which was a jaguar was involved in a street raws when it slammed into a tree friday night. 17-year-old lidel benjamin was a passenger and killed. >> he was a wonderful young man. he was an a-b student. he lovedded the lord. this is a tragic, tragic accident. >> benjamin's family and friends held a vigil and he is a life-long friends of benjamin. he lost a leg in the crash and it is serious condition at john mere hospital. >> the driver of a second car has come forward and cooperating with investigators. >> a 9-year-old boy is recovering after a transit bus ran over his arm in sausalito. it happened as the bus was pulling away from napa street. the boy was riding his bike when he fell in the path of the
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bus. his injuries are not life-threatening. >> in the labor dispute, in oakland, bart management remains divided over salary and healthcare costs. the unions could go on strike again. bart has raised its offer to a wage uncrease over four years. they are proposing a 21% increase. >> they represent 2100 work ares. i was out late yesterday afternoon and i heard the words i am freezing from several people. rosemary? >> it is not surprising. we are in the transition and it caught you all off guard. >> even though you warned us. >> we are in the final stretch of summer here. it feel like fall. some of us are slightly cooler today and may warm up just a tad. in fact, let me give you a view
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as we point towards the east. across the bay, you can see the sunshine. san francisco waking up with partly cloudy to sunny skies. it took a long time and we are waking up with a bit more sunshine over the bay. you can see this hold over san francisco and stretching in through parts of the bay and many of us are waking up gray once again. to the south bay. north bay. and in oakland yesterday. it took well into the afternoon from where we saw the sunshine. the onshore breeze is constitutional robust. 23 miles an hour. and the winds are kicking up just a bit more. has to do with the system that is moving closer to the coast. it is going to move right across the northern corner of california as we get into the afternoon. >> it will continue onshore. and into the bay area. and helping to disrupt the cloud deck a little bit. we are seeing a mix of sun and
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clouds this morning. we were mostly cloudy yesterday. if you know someone arriving at sfo, there is a delay there. and some arraying flights because of the low clouds to be aware. and right now in oakland. it is 55 in fairfield. and low 50s. right around santa rosa. and little bit of fog this morning. it is fairly calm with the fog. and meanwhile, fair field, the breeze is blowing. >> it is going to feel cool outside the door. if you are thinking of heading to the farmer's market and they are going to feel quite nice. a little below average. and in sonoma. >> and 78 for napa and into the east pay, temperatures will range around 60 for oakland and alameda. danville, livermore. low 80s. for brentwood. the inland areas may be the place to be. the day is going to be gorgeous.
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san jose 78. and low 70s for sunnyvale and 70 degrees for redwood city. 79 for san mateo and in san francisco. low 60s at the coast and the coast will get some sunshine. for the extended forecast, temperatures changes monday and tuesday and a bump up in wednesday. and thursday is the warmer day for the inland cities. >> 70s around the bay and upper 60s. along the coast. i will have a look at the lunchtime numbers for you coming up. now to the continuing coverage of the syrian conflict. 20 minutes ago, john kerry warned that the threat of force remains if syria does not comply with the deal to remove chemical weapons. >> these are new pictures of kerry arriving. this is after he met with russia. he will meet with the prime minister and meet with french,
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british and saudi leaders. fining and disposing of chemical weapons will be much harder than negotiated in the original agreement. it calls for the inspectors on the ground by november and the removal of chemical weapons by the by the middle of next year. >> work that would take five to six years to complete must be done in month. and all during the ongoing of the civil war. we went from doing a meekless strike which would have accomplished nothing and now doing a deal which is going to make assad stronger. because the chemical weapons are not worth keeping him in power. >> it is for iran. and hezbollah. >> it doesn't include the threat of force. and if they balk or misses deadlines, kerry thinks president assad will meet his obligations because the u.s. and the rest of the world will make sure he does.
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some protestors say it is the latest targeted by the white house. >> afghanistan, libya. somele mailia. >> -- somalia. >> handful of demonstrators marched all long the new span of the bridge. it read u.s., hands off syria. they held signs over the barrier so passing motorists can see their message. >> the u.s. government is threatening to bomb and attack a country that has done nothing to the united states. that is a war crime. highway patrol delayed the march on the bridge due to concerns the banners would distract drivers. >> time now is 7:11. death toll is rising in colorado. how much more is expected to fall and the rescue efforts still underway. >> pets pulled from an east bay
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home. the special equipment credited with saving their lives. we will take you outside for traffic this sunday morning. this is 880 near the oakland coliseum. it is a little gray out there constitutional. >> traffic is moving along in both directions. we had the accident earlier that we told you about. traffic is also expected to pick up as they head to the raider's game and the parking lot opens in just over an hour. >> this is "mornings on 2".
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. welcome back. we have mostly cloudy skies and mostly clear for the afternoon. well, there could be more did he have vast at that i guess for flood victims in colorado as the state braces
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for another 4 inches of rain in the afternoon. 200 people are unaccounted for. they washed out roads and made it hard are to get to some of the victims. colorado's gjohn hickenlooper said this tour turned into a rescue mission. >> reporter: every helicopter that leaves boulder municipal airport has one simple mission now. to bring someone back alive. >> what we have going on here in the last 24 hours is the greatest number of americans rescued by helicopters since hurricane katrina. >> reporter: so far people have been rescued and lifted out of like cautions that are inaccessible. >> they have lighters and pen lights on the end of the key chain. night vision goggleles can see that. >> every helicopter has a
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mission. >> reporter: including the one carrying governor hickenlooper. > >> congressman garner clearly has the best eyes. >> reporter: the tour turned into another rescue mission. >> corey was facing the front of the helicopter and i was looking this way. >> i said people are waving at us. he said no. no, they are waving at us. >> they packedded the blackhawks with seven people. >> two rescue operation that is we were on board with that were conducted. and one was wiped out on both sides. it is along estes park. >> they got on board and they realized this was not like every helicopter. >> where are we? >> who designed this skit. but i think they were glad to
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be out of there. >> authorities in colorado said it is a man and woman who were just 19 years old. their car got stuck in the fast-moving waters. and the woman got out of the car and tried to swim to safety. she got swept away and then the friends tried to save her and, too, was carried away with the flood. donations have been pouring into evacuation shelters. >> officials say it is too early to tell how best to help the flood ravaged areas. they are still in rescue mode. the best way to help right now is donating to the red cross or salvation army. for more information go to and there you will fine the latest details as well as pictures. look where it understand the images tab. >> chris christie is pledging
7:18 am
$15 million to help businesses destroyed by a massive boardwalk fewer. >> they toured the area yesterday. >> the iconic boardwalk in two towns went up in flames. they estimate 30 to 50 businesses were damaged or destroyed. >> they plan to moat wednesday to begin offering the initial aid. the only food thing about this is it trained me and the administration to be ready to respond to these things. not our first time at the rodeo unfortunately. >> it is believed it started in a frozen custard shop. they are warning not to jump to any conclusions. they consider the fire suspicious. >> it happenedded when many firefighters were away at an annual convention. now the fire on mount diablo is 75% contained. it said the state park is expected to reopen to the public tomorrow.
7:19 am
about 230 firefighters will remain on the scene for the next couple of days. watch for any flare ups. it burned five square miles. and cost four and a half million dollars. >> it was spiked by someone target shooting. they are credited with pulling the cat from a house fire. this was in cost tore valley. >> -- castor valley. >> they were using pet resuscitation masks and the fourth did not make it. the cause of the fire is under investigation. now, alameda county is not the only fire department with those masks. they say more animals are being saved thanks to the special oxygen masks that fit on to their. >> there a hope for oracle. it beat new zealand by 52
7:20 am
seconds as the wind gust almost tipped it over. that is a 72-foot catamaran. and going way high in the air and crashes down safely in the water. this puts the americans out of negative territory and in the race to win the cup. oracle still trails new zealand. >> second race had to be postponed because of the winds. >> there are two races scheduled for today. local bicyclists hope to see a long time benefit. >> san francisco set up extra wide like lane in addition to crowds checking out the yacht races. >> this is was of the congested area. >> it is now gathering signatures on line to make the temporary track and the barriers along the embarcadero permanent. >> you have a presence between you and the traffic.
7:21 am
it is great not riding next to cars. >> getting a door is always a possibly. >> restaurants are owe opposed to the idea. >> the pier 23 cafe points to the traffic congestion because one car lane is closed. >> time now is 7:20. can you believe it? halloween around the corner. how much more people are expected to spend this year. >> a marijuana flavored lollipop. >> and why some people are upset. unseasonably cool weather. stick around for the sunday afternoon. >> i expect better clearing for some. >> what you can expect coming up.
7:22 am
7:23 am
. welcome back. time now is 7:23. a family in florida is describing their fight against a snake that killed the family dog. >> the son heard the 4-year-old
7:24 am
husky barking and then crying. the rock python was wrapped around the dog. he trieded to hit it with a shovel and attack it with hedge clippers. >> it got the snake even more mad and it launched at him and everything. it never let go of the dog. the 90-pound dog was suffocated by the snake. it most likely came from the nearby bushes and say rock pythons are not native to the area. they have taken over a 6 mile radius in mile-dade county and people should report any that are seen. this packs a punch. a new york based company weed world candies has been driving around chicago peddling marijuana flavored lollipops. it is made with a california hemp and the company said it doesn't endorse the use of drugs but it comes in an
7:25 am
assortment of flavors. >> strawberry. and purple is awesome. this one is pina colada. >> these children are already influenced. all it does is give them a new way of getting high to kill each other. >> a single lollipop costs about $5. >> critics became angry when it parked in front of a building where recovering addicts live. halloween costumes and then capped did i showing up. >> i can't believe it is here already. >> people are planning on spending more on halloween this year. >> in fact, many people will spend $73 on average for candy and costumes. >> that is up when you compare it to last year. >> they will start shopping early next month. and halloween falls on a thursday this year. >> do you know what you are going to be for halloween. >> working. >> i am captain hook and working. >> may daughter he tee manneds
7:26 am
it. >> rosemary. >> the pressure. i don't know what i am going to be. we still have weeks. >> yes, we do. >> i will get back to you on that one. >> what is happening outside the doors it. and we were gray. and you get outdoors in san francisco looking at partly cloudy skies. i expect an earlier clearingful and as we get into the second half of the morning and how it begins to burn away. i am noticing this it along the shore loin. took awhile for this to clear. and fremont. and i think we are going to see bet are clearing for today. >> even along the coastline. >> notice, we have partly cloudy skies here. >> partly cloudy conditions for the coast. mostly clear. away from the coast. >> it will be slightly cooler. and sunshine will feel a lot like what we had on saturday. low 60s on the coast for
7:27 am
today. >> 60s. barely around the bay. and getting to 82 degrees at inland cities. >> monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we do have a warm up there. >> get back to thursday. before your sunday. if you are thinking of spending the day outdoors. >> this is a partly cloudy skies. >> and then partly cloudy sky assist expected for the second half of the day. and the sea breeze is picking up. back to the desk. two houses in walnut creek hit by bullets. >> what police are asking for this morning. >> two bodies found in a southern california hotel room. >> who sent police to look there. and the possible link it has to the bay area. unbelievable.
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. heavily involved in hoax -- smoke. they raced to put a fire out in pittsburd. >> i am brian flores in for mike mibach. firefighters remain at the scene of an early morning house fire. three women were found inside. >> they search for a cause of
7:31 am
the foyer and try to identify the victims. alex. >> well, good morning. they say it looks like the women weren't automobile to wake up in time. no working smoke alarms were found inside the home. there were several smoke alarms that were not installed and didn't have batter as inside. >> -- batteries inside. >> they were sleeping inside the home on the 200 block of dim imagine joe avenue -- d imagine yo. >> and -- dimaggio. >> there were possibly people trapped inside. and they searched the home and found these three women. they all died here at the scene. while the victims have not yet been identified they said they were a nice church-going family. >> feel terrible. >> not going to live right.
7:32 am
knowing they passed away. right next to our home. one of the women was found in a bed he room and two were in the kitchen area. they were trying to escape out the back door. they couldn't get there because of the heavy smoke inside the house. >> it appears to have started in the front family room and the exact cause is still under investigation and it could take some time to figure it out. >> you can see fire investigators are still out here. >> the home is blocked off by crime scene tape. this is a deadly fire for several more hours. >> alex savidge. a 42-year-old woman is facing murder charges after the bodies of her children were found in a south california hotel room. >> it was found in the hampton
7:33 am
inn and suites. >> an hour earlier, their mother crashed her car in a parking lot and told them about her children. the names of the women and children are not released until the father is notified. there are reports that the women is from san jose. they are investigating the death of a man found in the hall way of the phoenix lodge. the man who is not identifieded was found yesterday morning on the second floor. police say he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> the cause of death is under investigation. they are asking anyone with information to call them. >> joined by a common effort to bring the loughnered ones home. >> the families of the five missing men came together to support one another. >> the most important thing is to keep the word alive. >> his son disappeared in may and his last location was golden state park and
7:34 am
christopher disappeared in 2011. sean dickerson went missing two months after that. jackson went missing in may of 2010. the families say it helps to join together. >> in one sense we feel like we are not alone. it is comforting to exchange ideas and hopes with other families. organizers tell us that the city will designate a missing person's day to get word out about the cases. in walnut creek, they are being asked to call police. it happened on third street. two homes were hit by bullets. fortunately, no one was hurt. they feel the shots came from a white sedan similar to a toyota camry. the driver was middle aged with white hair. there does not appear to and specific target. this man could spend five years behind bars and then be
7:35 am
deported for running over two pedestrians. he is leaving court last september and sentenced to four years and eight for killing a schoolteacher and injurying her daughter-in-law. he said he never should have driven while high on an anti-anxiety drug. she is being sued for the 9/11 attacks the it shows three firefighters hoisting a flag at ground zero. it was taken on the same day as the attacks. the lawsuit filed by the new jersey publisher is accusing her of using the photo without permission. the image has since been removed. paula deen has made her first public appearance since the use of racial slurs. >> an emotional deen was greeted by a cooking show. >> in june, she he admit a
7:36 am
court deposition she admitted she used slurs in the past. she lost her job with the food network and she told her fans she learned a lot about her self. >> it was a unit to learn. i learned a lot about myself and certainly learned a lot about my business. >> some people paid as much as $400 to meet deen and get her autograph. they he hope she gets a second chance. the prince is going to lead the british team in the walking with the wounded south pole allied challenge. they are made up of veterans with physical or mental injuries sustained in the line of duty. >> it begins in node november and it will take four weeks. alexander skaarsgaard will lead
7:37 am
the team, it is cold in the south pole. >> no, i think we have enjoyable weather in the forecast. maybe cool for the season. that's okay. we have sunshine coming our way in places we didn't see it yesterday morning. that will balance out the numbers. look here at oakland. we have partly cloudy skies. we he were socked in good yesterday. for most of the morning and afternoon before we saw the blue skies. again, we are going to see earlier clearing. and there is evidence. it is a great day for a ballgame. this is the system that is sliding inland. helping to disrupt the low cloud deck we have over here in the bay area. >> in addition to that. >> it is keeping the it deep and blowing. >> 23 miles an hour wind. this is what we will have for the afternoon. >> there is a small craft advisory and all indications of a breezy afternoon.
7:38 am
and i am seeing it a little breezy. and in concord walnut creek t and partly to mostly cloudy skies. one shift here and we have foster city. cool start in menlo park and palo alto. for the second half of the day. midland to inside land cities and from the coast into the bay. 76 for novato. and of 75 for san rafael and upper 60s by the water in sauce. and upper 60s in alameda and for castro valley. and warmest locations. you have to drive over to brentwood to get 82. 72 in san jose. and 72 for santa clara and it is going to be a mild one. >> 79 for san mateo and 64 in san francisco, again with the afternoon sea breeze. along the coastline, still in the 50s to upper 60s.
7:39 am
cal day and more sunshine in the neighborhood t a look at the sunday forecast and notice not a lot of change going on. tuesday, more of the same. by mid week wednesday, temperatures begin to warm back in the upper 80s. and 76 around the bay and 79 expected along the coast. >> this is pointing for the possibility of rabe. >> it is a slight chance. and it will be for the north bay coming. we will be tracking that for you. >> i will have the sunday lunch time numbers coming up. the parking lot to the oakland coliseum will be open for thousands of raiders fans. they will take on the jacksonville jaguars for their season open today in front of a sold out crowd. kickoff is at 1:25. remember, tailgating is not allowed after kickoff. >> they say they will about thele the seahawks in seattle.
7:40 am
the 49ers and seahawks are ranged the favorites -- ranked the favorites. opposing quarterbacks colin kaepernick and russell wilson. both teams are going in with one win. kickoff is at 5:30. go raiders. go niners. we are having friendly competition with our station in seattle. help us show them who has the west fans. >> we need to share the badge. you can find at the at the top of the ktvu facebook page. >> it is a match up between texas a&m and alabama. >> it was tweeted by the 49ers and shows. johnny man zeal. and after throwing a first half touchdown pass. tr "mornings on 2" will
7:41 am
begin with the redskins and packers game. then 1:00. stay tuned for the ot. time is 7:40. nfl teams say it will be held february second in rutherford, new jersey. the city of hoboken has been organizing events for years. and hoping for millions in the economy. >> it hopes to have a tour zone. featuring an ice kateing rink. and a roman numeral sign -- ice skating rink. >> even if you are not a fan. it is just the excitement. >> new jersey officials could not have come at a better time. they are he trying to rebuild and recover from the boardwalking fire and from the last year's superstorm sandy. >> this really just started. but they it now say it is time
7:42 am
for it to get a lot bigger. >> two months after a woman felt to her death. a texas roller coaster has reopened. the changes they will now see on the ride. ñpepper jack cheese, mushrooms, jalapeños, bacon, tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu.
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. thanks for joining us on this sunday. burden's eye view over the hills of or linda outside your door -- orinda. they have victims rains triggered flash floods in new mexico and flooded many roads and homes. one man died when his car washed into a rravine. >> he was drive ago car with
7:45 am
california license plate. >> less rainfall predicted for today. many areas are under a flash flood warning. they are soaking mexico's pacific coast. the storm could trigger life-threatening flash floods and landslides. especially in the mountainous areas. they are bracing for hurricane i can grid which is expected to make landfall tomorrow. >> several people have been evacuated from homes. he is on leave after mistakenly wounding two female bystanders. >> the officers were trying to subdue an emotionally challenged man. >> they opened fire. two men were hut and including a 4-year-old whose bone in the calf was shattered. they arrested the subject after taking him down with a stun gun. this is the new orleans of
7:46 am
a ku klux klan burning that destroyed a charge in alabama. it represents the four girls involved in activities. they died when four men planted dynamite under the church steps back in 1963. a ceremony is being held. former secretary of state condoleezza rice is expected to raped. she grew up in alabama and new one of the victims. one of the children killed in the sandy hook shooting. this is part of the sandy ground where are angels play. it is building 26 play grounds for each victim of the shooting. it will showcase her it favorite colors. and love of horses. sakes flags roller coaster is back open after a woman fell to her death from the ride. they added new safety feet lures. >> new t bar and better
7:47 am
restraints. >> rosa esparza died. and there was nothing found wrong. the family is suing the park accusing them of negligence. this is the safety of bridges in chicago. >> they are structurally def tissue fence. san in need of a repair. >> chunks of loose concrete fell from the two bridges. >> engineer assist say the state did needs to put more money. towards the up grades. >> a lot of poem seem to be enjoying the path on the span of the bay bridge. highway patrol said 3,000 people use the path every day. and on the weekends. it sees about 5500. >> the chp said that is relatively normal on bike paths. bicycle advocates are pushing for an expansion of the
7:48 am
new bike sharing program. >> the city has 350. and makes it one of the smallest bike share program it is the city. >> they want to see buicks added to the other parts of the city. to make sure the program survives. hayward officials say they are dealing with homelessness in the city. they cleared a homeless encampment near industrial parkway. officials say they are aware of the needs of the homeless. and it was becoming unseine tier. >> neighbors also reported an increase in crime over the past year. >> today, jean quan will begin a series of walks. and it is at the restaurant. i mayor kwan said it is a good way to meet people in the city. and she has watched the toughest police beat.
7:49 am
they are looking for bids to build a fleet of new electric trains. they will be a part of california's high speed train system and it will link san francisco and los angeles. they will be making the purchase and partnership with amtrak. it. >> it would be for 20 trains. they can go up to 200 miles an hour. >> it is shutting down because of federal scrutiny over the advertising and pilling. >> the schooler store which filed for bank isn't sierra. >> will ease out. and 200 of the jobs are in texas with the rest spread out through the country. >> they used ads to convince them they needed scooters. >> that led to unnecessary it spending by medicare. >> dragon boat festival. >> tell turn out for the event. >> the sight of the colorful
7:50 am
wood ebb dragon boats. and free shuttles. to and from the fess kale. >> from fourth and mission t and the marquis hotel. >> also, from san francisco street. >> they are hosting a huge. family friendly block party. >> it is from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. it is on mission and third streets. >> there will be arts and craft it is. and rough music on three stages. they will get free admission to three surrounding museum thes. >> it is the children's creative museum. >> also in san francisco, this is the first ever aloha poly festival. it will learn about. and celebrate if traditions of the south pacific. >> it is being held at golden gate park. survey said it could be a big week for one bay area
7:51 am
family. as they make the television debut on a long-winning jackpot. >> no one scored earth winning numbers. >> it is not the only one in town. >> 20, one of my favorite numbers. it is a cool. it is a little breezy. we are seeing more sunshine. what we can expect for the afternoon coming up. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis. we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that
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. happening this week. facebook will have a selected feature. it is going to test a new mobile service that plays videos automatically. users can preview the includes without clicking on them or opening them. for now, it will kick in for a small grief of random users. but facebook hopes it will catch on and link them to
7:54 am
others. and other videos. it will scare away the rest of the competition at this weekend's box office. >> i am already scared. >> the hit is expected to make $40 million. and expected to be double with the feature with robert deniro. may weather facted $40 million and kept his up beaten record perfect. however, he is not completely happy. >> double through the gardin and right-handed. and it is the right upper cut by may weather. >> floyd, moneymaker weather. >> and for another pay day. and mayweather is miffed that it is not an unanimous decision by the judges. >> most thoughts he won handedly. a judge scored the fight even.
7:55 am
>> the record is 45-0. >> they continue the hot streak and didn't take long for him to get on the board also. >> they line the double to right. josh donaldson, he would score and that's all they would need. and they win with a final. they extends the first place lead over the rangers. >> it is a high storing game for the san francisco giants and taking on the dodgers this weekend. >> giants taking a 8-1 lead and buster posey gets it to the center. >> bases are loaded in the fifth. >> hunter fence already in the night makes it a seven. with the grand slam. giants go on to win. final of 19-3. >> where is the offense the rest of the season. >> pittsburgh family preparing
7:56 am
for the television debut this week. >> mess up names. and i will mess them up. >> junior and his father and brothers. and brother-in-law. they will appear. and they auditioned for the show in march. on april fool's day. they learned they did make it to the next rounds. >> they are making their friends and family ruin ttune in to see if they won or lost. >> the powerball jackpot got bigger. >> no one matched up a nulls. and it is now at an estimate td $400 million. >> it might convince me to guy a ticket now. >> it matched all five numbers minus the powerball. >> that was sold in pasadena. it. >> here is a look at the numbers. >> they are one, 17, 25, 37, 44 and that powerball 20. if power paul isn't working
7:57 am
for you. mega millions is worth 130 million dollars. >> they are changing the rule for the mega millions game. and the odds of winning any will improve to 1-15. and it is harder to win the jackpot. >> # 300 million was not enough to play. >> i thought about it after the drawing. >> wait. that was on my list. i never win any way. >> i saved myself two bucks. >> we are all losers. >> well, you have to be in it to win it. >> i have to set the timer and make sure i play next time around. we have a winning forecast. >> how about partly cloudy skies. and we are running below the sunday and we will see better clearing. >> and for it this afternoon. >> better cheering over san francisco. and parts of the bay.
7:58 am
it looks like richmond starting out with sunny skies. or at least partly cloudy. >> it is reporting visibility down to about a mile. >> notice temperature it is don't change a whole lot as we get into your business week. and upper 50s. at the coast and mid-60s. around the bay and for the lunch hour. and then for the second half. >> it is a tad cooler than yesterday. we have a warm upcoming. have a look at the afternoon highs and detailed view coming up. one week addition to the san francisco waterfront is going to be permanent. >> tell thank you why not everyone is on board. and how the plan could affect both businesses and drivers. >> they impact people in colorado. it is one of the biggest rescue efforts since hurricane katrina t and why the worse could still
7:59 am
be to come.
8:00 am
. early home fire in pittsburg leaves three dead. >> it shuts down and what hops before cars lost control and why one of the drivers is now
8:01 am
behind bars. >> big crowds expected at the coliseum in oakland today. we will have a preview of the season home opener and the rivalry that is about to heat up with the 49ers. >> it is all ahead. . good morning and welcome to "mornings on 2". it is sunday, september 15th. i am claudine wong. >> i am brian flores in for mike mibach. >> how about it. good morning to you. partly cloudy skies and out the doors this morning. patchy fog and just seeing it across the coastline. we will have bet are clearing. and seeing it in some cases this morning. like areas. such as san francisco are waking up with clearing sky it is. >> it will be slightly cool. and in other cases and as we
8:02 am
get into the extended forecast. >> warming back into the upper 80s. >> i will show you when and i will have your numbers for today coming up. we begin with developing news. the body of three women. engulfed in flames. this is alex savidge. and where he has been trucking about what happened. >> alex. >> good morning, the three women unable to escape the house fire. >> all three were killed. and the problem here. >> there were no working smoke detectors insiden their home. the only thing they found. >> several smoke detectors. including this one. not installed. and had no batteries. >> this broke out at 12:30. this is on dimaggio avenue. >> flames and heavy smoke were coming from the place. they learned there was possibly people inside and they searched the home. they found the three women.
8:03 am
and all three died here at the scene. they have not yet been invited by neighbors say they are a nice church-going family. >> the family there realized there was a fire. and they were able to get out. >> they were starving. and you calm outside and there is a fire. come outside your house. and i just rushed for my son. age i ranids the door. >> -- ran outside the door. >> the two others were found in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. >> they he were trying to escape o out the kitchen door and not able to do so. >> they believe the fire started somewhere in the front family room. and it is unclear. >> and we bring you to the live picture. >> this is still an active scene.
8:04 am
>> and they are continues to sift through all of this rubble here and debris. >> searching for evidence and what caused the early morning house fire that left three women dead. >> ktvu news. >> new this morning. a motorcyclist is dead. and under arrest. following a multi car. and it collided with a cyclist just after 1:30 this morning. >> they caught on fire and the motorcyclist died at the scene. he is identified as jose alfredo of san lorenzo. >> three other cars got involved in the accident. >> they are investigating and arrested the driver on suspicion of dwi. we have an updated story, updatedded to a story on -- updated to a story on
8:05 am
yesterday's "mornings on 2". investigators are looking into whether the car, which was a jaguar was involved in the street race when it slammed into a free. >> 17-year-old lidell of benjamin, who was a passenger was killed. >> lidell was a wonderful young man. >> he loved the lord. this is a tragic, tragic accidents. they held a vigil for him last night. >> this is a life-long friend of benjamin. >> it has been up graded to a serious condition. >> the driver has come forward and cooperating with investigate ares. >> now, to the continuing coverage. >> there could be more devastation. an as they place for another. of rain. >> they are trapped in remote
8:06 am
towns. >> it shows what they are up again against. >> look at that. right up to the win shield. >> linda vila was trapped inside her home with no phone service, no water. and little formula for her baby. >> i was in the horror mvee and things are and now, they are in shoulders. >> that death toll will likely rise. >> 500 others are still missing. they are washed out and this is being made by national guard helicopters. >> they have been air lifted which is accusing still by road. >> but anything else they can to get the attention of the peel lots. national guard officials say they are working around the clock to get as many people to safety as they can. >> reporter: what we have going
8:07 am
on here in the last 24 hour is the americans rescued since hurricane katrina. >> even a helicopter carrying governor hickenlooper yesterday. they were going on a tour and they spotted two groups of people responding. >> this is the red across volunteers. and donations have been pouring in through the shelters. >> it is still too early to know how to help the areas t. >> and everyone is still in rescue mode. >> best way to help is by phone doubting to the red i don't see. and more on the deadly it flooding in and you will also find pictures understand the images tab on the home page.
8:08 am
. in 10 minutes the parking lots at oakland will open. >> they are taking on jacksonville jaguars. >> they will take the fields in front of a sold out crowd. >> for all of you going to the game. tailgating is not allowedded after kickoff d. >> live look on 880 at the oakland coliseum. and traffic is moving shootly. we get closer to the game and they are going to be busy there in. and it is only going to get busier. >> they will not battle them in seattle. they are ranked among the favorites to reach the super bowl. >> they will get the jump on the division standings. >> they have the unconventional posing. for russell wilson. and collin cap kerr fick.
8:09 am
>> this is scheduled at 5:30. you are having a friendly competition. >> show them who has the best fan it is in the west. >> you can find it at the top of the ktvu facebook page. >> it will ends so we can bring you coverage. and it begins at 9:00 a.m. then at 10. we bring you the packers game. and stay kind. >> making it sure to share it. > >> and not could competitive or anything. ever time now is 8:09. we will head over to rosemary. >> we want to win. >> before you submit napa valley to the website. >> if you are going to be maybe seeing them play. >> it is partly cloudy skies for today. took us awhile to clear yesterday k and san lee abdomens doe.
8:10 am
and beer mostly gray. i want to show you sunshine. >> they are still there. and hugging the coastline. low clouds. and fog. and patchy fog t and we have this hole that is create td plenty of sunshine. >> and richmond. >> and i want to show you the system. >> just a bit. >> this is moving on shore for today. >> continuing the object shore breeze. >> the thick marine layer. and helping to discorrupt the low clouds. >> this is where we stand. and peeking into san francisco. if you do know someone. >> delay it is reported there. with mostly cloudy skies. >> we are partly sunny and we have mostly cloudy skies. and i mentioned santa rosa with visibility down to a mile. >> i am seeing partly sunny
8:11 am
skies. and areas around oakland. >> looking at better clearing and even the coastline will get in on the sunshine for the second half. and it is expected for the coast. >> that will continue am a that's what we had 24 hours ago. >> temperatures are a lot like yesterday. >> 58 for can cord. and in fairfield t and these are a couple of degrees. than it where we started yesterday. >> and with the better clearing. and more sunshine. >> it is going to feel are like yesterday. >> and it would be mostly better. and 76 for novato. and off tot east bay. looking at 75 for castro valley and in your neighborhood. >> 77 in vanville and 78 for livermore. and still feel it is quite nice. >> 80 degrees for gill roy
8:12 am
ansu. and pal low -- gilroy and sunnyvale. the extended forecast here. we have settled into the pattern and it is not going to change. monday, tuesday, we do the turn around. >> upper 80s by thursday. mid- to upper 70s and upper 60s. along the coast. back to the desk. new crime trend could be targeting your children. the warning from police in alameda county and what you can do to keep them safe. >> it was a close call at the america's cup. what happened on the san francisco bay and flamesser of hope for the oracle. >> we will take you right outside to the beautiful shot of the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. traffic moving just fine into san francisco this morning. we are keeping an eye on the roads. there is a word of a big alert right now that we need to tell you about on treasure island. they just issued it literally seconds ago. we are looking into that.
8:13 am
the off ramp will be blocked one to two hours. more on that coming up. >> 81:00 on the clock. this is "mornings on 2". unbelievable.
8:14 am
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8:15 am
. good morning to you. giving you a look here at the mix of sun and clouds over memoryville and oakland this morning. partly cloudy skies for the afternoon and mild temperatures. time now is 8:15 in our continuing coverage of the situation in syria. secretary of state john kerry is making it clear this morning
8:16 am
that the u.s. could still launch a military strike if syria doesn't comply with the brokered deal to hands over the chemical weapons. this is a new video of kerry. this is a first stop after negotiating the agreement with russia. he is meeting with the israeli prime minister. and during a news conference an hour ago. the u.s. will keep an eye on the syrian regime as well as the country's civil war. >> our focus now must remain on ending the violence. ending the inches discriminate killing and more and -- indiscriminate killing of refugees. america's words will ring hollow. he will head to paris with french, british and saudi leaders about syria. they say finding and disposing the chemical weapons will be much harder than negotiating the original agreement. tentative agreement calls for
8:17 am
the united nations inspector on the ground. and removal by next year. work that would normally take five to six years to complete will now be done in month the and during the civil war. this is a meaningless strike to now doing a deal and it is going to make assad stronger because that is not keeping him in power. what is keeping in support is support from russia, iran and hezbollah. it doesn't include the threat of force. but kerry has said he thinks syrian president assad will meet his obligations because the rest of the world will make sure he does. syria is the latest country targeted by the white house. >> afghanistan, libya. somalia -- sam mallia.
8:18 am
they marched across the pedestrian pathway on the new span of the bridge. they did said hands off syria. >> passing motorists could see the message. >> dench monday straighters said they delayed the march on the bridge. >> they were distract drivers. >> it is surrounding a soldier from california killed in afghanistan. the arm must supplied this photo of staff sergeant robert thomas junior and said he died friday during a noncombat incident last april. further details were not released. >> the soldier was 24 years old and on his second deployment in afghanistan. nine year olds boy is recovering an after a trance sit bus ramp over his arm. >> the bus was pulling away. and he was riding his bike when he fell into the path of the
8:19 am
bus. he was rushed to the hospital and his injuries are not considered life-threatening. >> chris christie is saying there will be aid to help the boardwalk. five blocks of the iconic boardwalk in two towns went up in flames yesterday. >> 30 to 50 businesses were either damaged or destroyed. they he plan to meet thursday to begin offering the initial aid. >> there is a glimmer of home in its bid to retape the cup. >> this is by 52 seconds yesterday. and it capsized the boat. check that out. >> 72-foot catamaran almost tipping over and we say almost. because it comes crashing back down. >> this puts them out of negative territory. >> they started with a deficit. oracle does trail new zealand.
8:20 am
first team to make the wins and 6-1 rather, and second race was postponed because of the wins and they scheduled this afternoon. >> they hope to see a long time benefit. and they set up extra wide bike lane in anticipation of them changing. > en and driving to catch the action because of the area. >> the san francisco bike coalition will make the temporary track and barriers along the embarcadero permanent. >> it is good to know you have a physical presence between you and the traffic. >> not riding next to cars. because getting doored. is always a possibility. rest rantses oppose the idea t. >> and points to the traffic congestion. >> they are seen. because one car lane is closed. >> they are sending a washing to parents saying their kids
8:21 am
could be the target of an identity theft. >> they never think about t and they use mobile apps all the time and that is becoming more of a common way in which they can all of a sudden find their ways. and they have lost their identities. >> keith carson said the county is working with youth to prevent id thefts. >> they may not know their information is shared as they move from home to home. 8:21. put the ability to the test. >> what happened he when they took on the ohio state buckeyes. more sunshine on tap for today. >> what you can expect coming up.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
. in fact many people will spend $73 on average for candy and costumes. which is up about five bucks compared to last year. many people are expected to shop early and halloween falls on a thursday this year. >> i will be one of those people. >> i did get instraighted to a halloween party and i was toll that i have to dress up.
8:25 am
rosemary, i want to be a cool costume wearer. >> i am out of ideas. >> thanks for your help. >> no problem. any time. we have good weather in store for your sunday. but i am noticing more sunshine out there. and it has to do with the system that is raiding through northern california. the system here on shore is going to take this track. we get into the afternoon. and already this morning, it helps to disrupt the clouds. and it will continue the on shore breeze and will continue to drive the air and it will be below average. and seeing sunny skies in san francisco. partly cloudy over areas of oakland and starting out with more sunshine. fog in san rafael this morning and along the coastline and sfo
8:26 am
say there are delays for arriving flights. >> what you get today, a lot like what we will see as we get back to work on monday. >> at this hour. >> low 60s and into the lunch time. >> upper 50s and for the second half of the day. shaving off a degree, it is going to feel nice. temperatures do get back upwards. >> we have upward 80s. and around the bay. >> 60s at the coast. >> we will have a current look. it is for the cal bears. they took on one of the top teams. >> from contractual and the ohio state buckeyes. >> this is the first trip to buckley. >> and it is smith for 90 yards. they were up at that point. cal was able to put up offense
8:27 am
of their own. >> first quarterback posted one down the side line. then james grissom goes in for the score and leading 21-7. they one with a final of 52-34. they faced army. 1st quarter stanford counsel 6-0. kevin hogan has the past it tip it is and forces the arms of the td and 7-6 at that time at that point. hogan would go deep and stanford leading 14-6. they are able to hold this one with a win. with the final. 34-20. it is drawing attention from across the nation t we will tell you how many people have made the trip to see the new bike path on the eastern pan of the bay bridge. three women are dead this morning as a fire races through a home in in pittsburg and why
8:28 am
they were unable to get out alive. ñw?
8:29 am
8:30 am
pittsburg,. a man in pittsburgh rushes out of his house and the fire claimed the lives of three women next door. >> welcome back. this is sunday, september 15th. i am claudine wong. >> i am brian flores, in for mike mibach. we have been following this in pittsburg. >> it is a single story home that was engulfed in flames. we are at the house where it remains blocked off at this hour. >> good morning. >> good morning to three women sleeping inside the home and
8:31 am
were unable to wake up and escape. >> they say the problem here. >> no smoke detectors. and inside the home. this is the only thing investigators have found so far. >> one of several smoke detectors that were not it installed. and sitting on counter tops inside the home. and they had no batters. >> want to show you cellphone pictures. >> there are huge flame it is shooting from the front of the window. it broke out at 12:30. and on the 200 block of dimaggio avenue in pittsburg. they learned there could have been people trapped inside the home. so they searched the place. one of the women was found in a bedroom and the other two in the kitchen. >> it appearers they were trying to escape out the back door. and doesn't get there. >> they all died at the scene.
8:32 am
>> next door did neighbor told me. it was upsetting to find out they didn't survive. >> i assume they had gotten out. and the flames, they kind of scorched the trees up in there. and it is really high. and they were nice. kept to them self assist and they created this for the folks in the neighborhood. >> this is once in awhile here. >> firefighters tell me there is a separate back unit where another family lives. they threatened to jump to the back unit. the family that lives there. they were able to get out in time and survived the fire. >> the fire in the front home here. it is believed to have started in the family room near the front of the home. it remains unclear at this point. they have been out here all morning long since the fire first broke out and they were trying to pinpoint the cause of
8:33 am
the deadly flyer -- fire. >> alex savidge. thank you. we are following breaking news on the bay bridge. >> you take a live look at the bay area. and -- bay bridge. >> we understand a semi struck both stuck while trying to get off the treasure island exit. it is on the way. and there are a couple of attempts to get it out of the way d and if you haven't found the right tow truck and another is on the way. >> it see expected to be closed for an hour. >> pet masks are credited for saving three marks. >> and it is reported on anita avenue in castro valley. >> two were saved using pet resuscitation masks. >> the third didn't need the attention. and fourth didn't make it. alameda county is not the only department with those
8:34 am
masks. >> they are used in marin and south florida counties. >> they say more animals are being saved after the special oxygen masks that fit on their spouts. >> it is now 100% contained. >> it also said mount diablo state park is ex thed to -- expected to reopen tomorrow. >> it will be a couple of days. >> it burned nearly five square miles and four and a half million dollars. >> it was parked by someone who is target shooting. >> state route. into yost so manity national park. and that one is just 80% contained. >> this one is expected by friday. >> burned. in and around the park. >> the campfire got out of control and sparked the massive
8:35 am
wildfire. now to the continuing coverage of the deadly flooding. >> they are working around the clock. >> and they are warning everyone to evacuate when they are asked to. and they may be trapped for weeks. >> now, to headache matters worse. >> there is another storm moving into the area. >> later than today. >> 500 others are still missing. >> . it also triggered flash floods. >> obama flooding many road and homes and at least one man died when his car washed into a ravine. >> state police say he was driving a car with california license plates. >> there is less rainfall predicted today. >> in mexico. tropical storm manuel is soaking thing pacific coast t. >> and especially in the
8:36 am
mountainous areas. >> meanwhile. they are bracing for hurricane ingrid. and expected to make landfall tomorrow time now is 8:35. a 42-year-old woman is facing murder charges after the bodies of her children were found. >> they were found at the hampton inn and suites. in santa anna. >> their mother deliberately crashed the cash and told her about the children. >> they have not been released until the father is notified. >> there are reports that the woman is from san jose. it. >> in hayward. they are investigating the death of a man found inside the hall way and the man who is not identifieded was found yesterday morning on the second floor. and pronounced dead at the hospital. it remains under investigation. >> they are asking anyone with information to call them. >> bring your loved ones home. the families of five missing
8:37 am
men came together to support one another. >> the most important thing, it to keep the word alive. s father of 19-year-old sean sidi, he disappeared in may. >> krishtian hughes also. and come ron remmer and dickerson went missing. >> jackson miller disappeared in 2010. , they say it helps. >> and it is some what comforting to exchange ideas and hopes. >> and they will tell you if they are willing to do that. >> witnesss to a drive-by shooting are being asked to call police. >> the shots were fired on third street. >> two homes were lit by the
8:38 am
bullets. >> no one was hurt. >> they have reported that the shots came from the window of a wheat sedan. > s similar to the toyota camry. police say there does not appear to be a specific target. >> walnut creek man could spend the next five years behind bars and then be deported for running over two residents. >> this is hussein leaving court and eight months in state prison. >> and injurying her daughter-in-law. >> he never should have driven while high on an anti-accusing sitety drug. >> they -- anti-anxiety drug. >> they have until october 10th to reach a deal and the unions could go on trike. and raised its offer to a withdrawal increase over four year it is.
8:39 am
>> they are proposing a 10 and a half in. >> 2300 workers. >> people seem to be enjoying the of bike. and highway patrol said 3,000 people ooze the path and it is a great view. >> now, there have been a couple of minor visions and they said it is really normal. >> bike add row kates are pulling for an expansion. >> and the city only will you has three radio bikes in the downtown area. >> it is one of the smallest. and they want to see buicks added to the other parts of the city. >> to mike sure program survives. >> we will go to rosemary. copying an eye on the sunday weather. >> slightly cooler and we will have more sunshine. the two will off set. and we will have a nice
8:40 am
afternoon for you. >> this is the clouds deering over san jose. >> started out mostly cloudy. and i see it moving inland. it is helping with the low cloud deck and just a little bit. it will continue. anal the marine level is quite thick. they are about 23 miles an hour and there is a small craft advisoriry. and for america's cup racing going on. >> the low cloud decks, we will get more sunshine. and seeing it here. >> and off to the east. and started off cloudy and seeing more sunshine. >> it will make it in the
8:41 am
afternoon. >> even along the coastline. >> 58 degrees right now. >> and 59 in hayward. and upper 50s t and # 0s. >> it is a little cool. >> breezy. >> mostly cloudy with mostly sunny skies with the average of the afternoon. >> we will look at san ramon. and pleasant tone. anodes tree valley. nice afternoon. as the fall festival continues for the neighborhood. >> and 76 in petaluma. and for richmond. >> fair field is looking at today. >> up upper 70s. and you have to get well inland. >> and upper 60s. san lee andre. >> and napa valley the south bay. >> got it. >> arts and crafts festival going on. >> it is just a beautiful day.
8:42 am
and mostly sunny skies. >> 64 in san francisco. low 60s. for the coast and partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. we will get into the back work monday, tuesday. then a butch in the numbers coming this way t and mid- to upper 80s t and wednesday. and thursday is the warmer day. around the because. low to mid-# 0s and expected 60s. expected for the coast. i will line up the lunchtime numbers. coming up. just how big the powerball jackpot has jumped from wednesday night's draw diagnose. >> the loudest fans. they say it is a bad idea. >> we will take you under for traffic on 880. rook at the right side of the screen. >> just to the side of the clock. >> you know who those people are. that's the silver and black
8:43 am
radar nation. >> and getting ready for today's game. >> kick off and they are ready to go now of the. >> 842 on on the clock. this is "mornings on 2". for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, and struggle to sleep comfortably together, now there's a solution. sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours.
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8:45 am
8:46 am
. live look there over san francisco and clouds hanging offer the coast line. 60s outside your door. time is 8:45. >> the powerball jock pat just got bigger. that means wednesday's jackpot is an estimate san diego $400 million. this ticket was sold in pasadena. if you missed, here is a look at the numbers. one, 17, 25, 37, 44 and the powerball is 20. powerball is not working for you. california's mega millions jackpot is worth $130 million. next drawing for tuesday night. lotto officials are changing the rules for later this fall. >> the odds of winning any kind of prize will be improved but harder to win the jackpot. we have a recall that involves thousands of suzuki
8:47 am
cars and suvs. >> 94,000 vehicles are affected. the recall affects 2,006 and 2,011 suv and 2,007 to 2,011 sx cars. it is going to notify customers starting next month. the texas based scooter store is shutting down over advertising and billing. it filed for bankruptcy earlier this year will furlough the # 70 remaining lows. 200 of the jobs are in texas with the fred spread out across the country. they were accused of saying people needed scooters when he they didn't. that led to unnecessary spending for medicare t. >> they will build a fleet of new electric train trains.
8:48 am
and it will link los angeles and san francisco. it is making a partnership with a.m. a track. >> these trains can go up to 200 miles an hour. jean quan will begin a series of neighborhood walks and in the fruit dale strict. it is a good way to hear about the problems they face. since becoming mayor, she walked some of the toughest police beats and participate a walk your child to school day. sarah palin is being used over the iconic photo. >> it shows the three firefighters hoisting an american flag. it was taken on the same of the attacks. it accuses the former vice-presidential candidate of using it on her website and without permission. >> the image has been been since removed. >> paula deen made an
8:49 am
appearance over the and this is after the use of racial slurs. > >> emotional deen was greeted. she admitted she used racial slur insist the past and then lost a bunch of endorsement deals. and yesterday, they told her fans she learned about herself in the past few months. well, they just got underway and officials are looking ahead to the super bowl. >> we have a look at what businesses in new jersey are doing to prepare for the big game. hoboken offers picture perfect views. >> for it could also be a picture. a roman numeral sign placed if along the river. >> we got aggressive. >> he is chairman of the
8:50 am
hoboken events said it is part of a proposal to draw did tourists. >> this is an iconic image and they want to bring their kids down. and by establishing that. we have the ability to bring them into town and keep them in town. >> it is for more than two years. >> hoping to cash in. and it is expected to be generated: they are looking to keep costs down for the city. and the potential has it to be a way up. >> if you are not a football fan. >> everyone is there to have a good time. >> free holder chairman anthony romano are using time to get it. and hopefully the weather will hold on. outdoors as well as indoors.
8:51 am
can come to fruition. >> this is where she is the manager. >> everyone suffered when your business was fudsally affected. you got the hit and all the residents, the same way. >> it will be gad for everybody. >> time now is 8:50 and plan to break the world record at the 49ers, seattle game is getting big reactions on line. >> when they talk the first possession, they will roar in an attempt to beat the world record for the loudest crowd. >> not everyone is for the idea. >> football fan it is have taken their comments to twitter and facebook. they are also reacting. having fans cheer too loud is a distrack. >> fans who go to the game are being told to buy ear plugs. >> well the countdown is on. >> how the oakland raiders is preparing. and it is in a few hours from
8:52 am
now. >> we will hang around. and more sunshine on tap for many of us. i will have a look at what you can expect in your area, coming up. [ ] in my family, we're big cereal lovers.
8:53 am
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. time now is 8:54. we have obtained photos showing bright flames from a house fire where three women died.
8:55 am
they are still looking for a cause and they say it started in the family room. there were know working smoke detectors in the home. two were in the kitchen apparently trying to get out of the burning house. a motorcyclist was killedded in oakland overnight. a truck collided with the motorcyclist near 90th avenue just after 1:30 this morning. >> the motorcyclist died at the design. the driver of the truck was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. tonight, the san francisco 49ers will battle the seahawks in seattle. they are ranked among the favorites and the winner of tonight's game gets a jump on the standing. kickoff is at 5:30. raiders fans are starting to arrive for the season opener. >> players will take the field in front of a sold out crowd. kickoff is 125. we still have baseball to talk about. >> they continue the hot streak
8:56 am
and didn't take long to get on the board. brandon moss lines the double to right: josh donaldson would score and it is all they would need. they go in and they extends the first place lead with five and a half gameover the rangers. >> high scoring game. and they are in southern california and they are already leading 8-1. and it is to the center. >> later in the fifth with the bases loaded. and hunter fence. with three rbis. he is going to make it seven. as you will see here in a moment. >> they go on to win this game. 19-#. boxing champion floyd my weather junior pocketed $4 million. and kept his unbeaten record safe. >> he is not entirely happy. >> it is the prime upper cut by
8:57 am
may weather. >> lloyd money may weather beat alvarez for another pay day. >> he didn't win by unanimous decision. >> some thought he won handily. >> one judge scored it evenly. we will go right over to rosemary for a check of the weather. >> rosemary? >> yes, the system continuing our cool down. and helping to o eat away the low clouds. this is a three hour time lapse from 6:00 a.m. until now. we are watching the clouds dissipate and we are lacking at partly cloudy skies. and this is by the afternoon. look at the timeline. >> and outside the doors at this hour. >> mostly sunny skies. and for your lunch hour. >> 60s. around the bay and low # 0s. for the inland cities. into the afternoon. >> seven # concord and 68 in
8:58 am
oakland. and redwood city. the sea breeze will be with us for the afternoon. and expect that. >> bring along a jacket if you are watching america's cup. little changes if we get back to work. and warm it up by mid week wednesday. >> warm it up on wednesday. >> looking good. >> we appreciate you making ktvu for news. >> we will follow the latest in developments. following the fire in pittsburg and we will have more. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. thanks again, everyone. go raiders, go niners. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance, because what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra coverage for more expensive items?
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you thought you'd seen it all, that nothing would surprise you. but as week one proved, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> peyton manning, seventh touchdown pass. he ties an nfl record. >> touchdown, andrew luck! >> that's right. the excitement. the determination of the nfl is back. and it's awesome. and this


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