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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  September 16, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and high pressure will be back wednesday and thursday sunny from the get go and the clouds a breeze. more of a westerly breeze for many locations, highs 60s and 70s. low to mid-80s. we're off to a decent start let's take a look at what we have. trying to get in and not a bad drive but move along. the morning commute and moving along nicely. and both directions. it is a nice drive. that looks good. now back to the desk. a man is facing charges after a chase through two
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cities that ended when he crashed into a liquor store. we're live with more on how this started. >> police tried to pull him over when he took off and led him on a chase through oakland. as soon as the officers got out of the car, the suspect sped off. at 98th he ended up slamming into a car with a woman inside. >> there is a standard that's been damaged and now leaning up against the building. police say there was a criminal history and that's why he drove off. police arrested him and oakland police are doing the investigation into the crash.
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the power was knocked out and traffic signals are not working now. how this was not the first time this is coming up at the store. there will be grief counselors following a crash on friday that killed a student. the 17 year old died after the car he was a passengerrer in hit a tree at sterling hill drive and hill crest. the 19 year old driver was flown to the hospital with serious injuries. it appears speed was a factor. there was a second car and the driver has been contacted and cooperating. the governor is sending a message to both sides in the bart labor dispute. >> keep going, time is running out. >> talks are scheduled to resume at 9:00 this morning but bart and the unions
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representing more than 2000 workers say the sides are far apart on wages, pensions and health care costs. if they do not come to an agreement they will walk off the job on october 10th. and they are teaching them to manage the trains. >> some of the bridges are here. an ap analysis found of the more than 600,000 bridges, many are at risk of collapsing. leaders say the states lack the cash. engineers say of the 24,000 bridges are functionally obsolete that it is unable to accommodate traffic due to assignment or structural evaluation. on the list is the san mateo, golden gate and bay.
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but the majority of the bridges in the category are safe. they perform inspections every two years to determine which are repaired or replaced. mount diablo will reopen after the wildfire t burned 3000 acres and contained over the weekend. some crews are on the scene to look for hot spots. there is a lot of work to do to repair areas and trails destroyed by the fire. investigators believe that the target shooters sparked the fire. we're learning about the women who died in a house fire. the fire started near the baltimore area. relatives say that the three women were all killed. they were overcome by smoke. they say three detectors were found throughout the house but
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they were not installed. >> the tragedy is that three smoke alarms for 15-dollars was the difference between life and threat. >> the house was a rental house they don't know why they were not installed. and one of the victims was involved in the church and community. there are reports about a deadly crash on 880 that killed a man on a motorcycle. this is a cause of road rage. and now the crash happened around 1 a.m. near the overpass. it involved several cars and a biker. the river died at the scene. he was a member of a club and had a wife and four children. >> he is someone's father someone ace husband, provider. >> police say that road rage was a factor to the crash but a
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friend says they were just trying to a i void a crash that happened earlier. they arrested two men for dui and the driver of the truck that hit him. the boy who was attacked by two pit bulls will met his rescuers. this is hunter killborn recovering. he will meet the firefighters on the scene after he was attacked. playing at house he was knocked down bay bit bull and billed by another. they are fighting to get them back. six people are dead but the number could go up. and we're live in longmont and people are waiting to be rescued. good morning. well the weather and helicopters were grounded and
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the rain slowed the search. officials are opening today is the day to get in and find those who are unaccounted for. >> in the biggest rescue operation since katrina, crews in colorado are trying to get to communities cut off by the flood waters. it has left six people dead, and clouds kept the helicopters grounded slowing the search for hundreds unaccounted for. officials say up to 1000 people are still waiting to be evacuated. >> many homes are dried. collapsed. we have not been in them yesterday. we are dealing with that how do we save saves first. >> many families say they woke up to the rivers rushing by the front doors. >> a river, we are in a lake of moving, i don't know foot deep water. >> officials say the floods
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have dried 1500 homes. and the a favor said what he has seen has restored his hope. >> how can we recover from this? i know inch by inch mile by mile community by community they are taking it back. they're doing it, people are getting those things done out there. >> reporter: before that happens, the teams must find those who are stranded and there are hundreds left unaccounted for. back to you. >> thank you for that. two volunteers from the area are in colorado and more could be on the way. they are waiting to find out what help is needed before more volunteers are sent. they are there are tom busk in
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charge of setting up shelters and virginia hart who is a public affairs officer. for nor information go to look for under the images tab. and the mayor will address the board of supervisors involving undocumented immigrants. they are asking the board to honor them and a program requires it to hold immigrants for 48 hours until they can be picked up for deportation. and this could prevent crimes but critics say it violates their due process. people across the bay area will celebrate mexican independence day. san francisco and san jose will host events. and the mayor will be on mission street and in san jose at 6:00 this evening, officials
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will raise the mexican flag at city hall. it was this day in 1810 that mexico declared its independence from spain. a contestant came short of winning this year's crown but it went to someone from the other coast. >> miss new york! >> the first contestant of indian heritage and second from new york to win. the 22 year old crystal lee grew up in san francisco and attended the college of marin. now we have a slide show of the pageant posted on our web site. >> every girl has practiced winning miss america. >> my 3 year old has. >> 4:40 a running shoe washes up on a beach. what was found inside that is programming an investigation. one thing after another for
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the 49ers. we have the highlights. what two players have planned. and right now traffic is doing well. up and out of the house a little fog. >> temperatures are a roller coaster but the end of the week that may be interesting. mçó4+y?i
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mexico's gulf and pacific coast are hit by a storm and hurricane at the same time. 21 people have been killed in the storms and thousands of others have been forced to leave their homes. and ingrid is expected to make landfall. and meantime manuel has brought rains to the pacific coast.
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efforts to raise the cruise ship are underway in italy. crews have detached the ship from the reef. so far they have not found any bodies. the operation takes a partially sunken ship and rotates it on to a platform below the water. the accident killed 32 people. the un is scheduled to release its report on the use of cell weapons in syria. and today the secretary of state is in paris where he will brief the allies to end the cell weapons program. the agreement calls for syria to provide a list of weapons within a week and allow inspectors into the country by november and remove or destroy all chemical weapons by the end of next year. >> for the first time at the is acknowledging it has chemical weapons. >> the russians saying they
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will push syria to get and the distance the they traveled over the couple of weeks is remarkable. the team spent two weeks of the use. the secretary-general will share the results of the investigation. the time is 4:45. the president will try to move the attention back to the economy. and he will mark the collapse of the lehman brothers. and in remarks this morning he will discuss the progress the administration has made to grow the economy. the president will warn republicans of the economic impact of their refusals to compromise on budget issues and threats to shut down the government. two weeks to approve bills and conservative house republicans want to tie funding to a measure to delay the new
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health care law. democrats will not support that. the last time there was a shutdown was in 1995 and lasted for 28 days. >> woman with ties to the area is the front runner to take over tore the chair of the reserve. she is currently the vice chair. yesterday the former treasury secretary pulled his name from consideration. she caught economic and president of the reserve bank of san francisco. if appointed she would be the first woman to head the central bank. time now 4:47 a lot of people are recovering from that game. we'll talk about that. but are you okay. >> and not bad. >> we have something to hang our head on. there is nothing going on.
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and on 80 all the way to berkeley. as you drive out to the maze. westbound bridge traffic is looking good. there are no problems getting into the economy. a nice looking drive. roadwork near if you look at the commute here on 880 a nice drive. a system is keeping things on the cool side. cooler next couple of days and warmer and end of the 5 days out though. san francisco and 61 in tahoe. and 50s and 60s on the cool
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side. and half moon bay not much of a breeze. and west at 15 and west at 5 and the sea breeze, the fog is mostly gone. and it is solid. rain up to the pacific northwest. kind of a quiet pattern for us today. the morning fog. temperatures will rebound. 60s, 70s and 80s. into tuesday. a north wind will kick in wednesday and thursday. that will be warmer -- warmer and back to friday fog and sun, morning clouds. breeze. more of a sea breeze. interior and around the bay.
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and warm they are and 84 and 82 and on the extended jute look -- outlook and the first of the season from the north on saturday. a world record was set during the 49ers game in seattle. >> and fans were the loudest crowd in the world. and it would keep coming for the 9ers. later in the first lightning would delay it for an hour. later in the 4th. trying to lead a come back and picked off.
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and vernon davis and joe staley will be at candlestick park to give a lesson a program that use as video game and curriculum to teach kids about responsibility. and it starts at 10 this morning. the raiders start out the season at home on a high note. they took on the jags. people got to watch it at home in the first quarter. and spinning through the line and diving for the end zone. raiders up in the fourth. and loss of 7. not enough time for the win 19-9. the owner of the raiders and a special guest at the opener. and mark davis met with one of the victims of the boston marathon bombing. the 12 year old was on the field to take pictures before the game. if you call the turkey hotline this year you may hear
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something new. for the first time it is looking for help from men for the turkey hotline. it has set up an application for men on the facebook page. >> they are looking for people with backgrounds in food or nutrition. 4:51 now. new problem for drivers on the bay bridge. how it is connected to work on the old eastern span. we'll give you a look at the progress on the tunnel. good morning now traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving on westbound 24 and a nice drive there. unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep.
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and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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a group of students back home after being stranded in the floods in colt col. they reunited with their parents but they were at a ran inform colorado for a field trip and then they were stranded for two days when the roads were washed out. the highway reopened for another round of storms and staff members took a chance, drove them out of the ranch and to the airport to fly home.
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a man is in critical condition after being shot in oakland. police say some residents found them sunday night. they say no one reported hearing gunshots but the detected gunfire on fifth avenue and international boulevard around the same time. they could be related. signs have been posted warning drivers about the off ramp. rigs have been getting stuck every day for two weeks. and the signs say loads longer than 65 feet will not make the turn. chp says the problem is that they are used to move more construction material to the island. >> but for the people who have to take that exit and go continue east and turn around all the what i to the other end of the bridge. >> chp is now working with cal trans to solve the problem. better communication between
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cal trans and crews is key to controlling the issue. we're getting a look at the fourth tunnel. and the project is scheduled to reopen to traffic. but they have to put safety measures into place. there are a number of fire suppression systems and gas detectors that need to be involved. they come after a fiery crash in the next tunnel. >> we're installing in the tunnel is state of the art systems, suppression and notification in the event of a serious incident in the tunnel. >> it will feature 7 passage ways and message signs and an office system that would broadcast instructions to the car and radio regardless of what station you are tuned into. the kiwis are within two points of winning the america's
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cup. each team won a race leaving new zealand with the lead. the first team with 9 points wins. and the first two victories of oracle did because of a penalty. and racers have the day off. coming up at 5:00, pushing for private security. what is fueling a push for keeping the neighborhoods safe. and the jackpot fueling lotto fever. good morning right now we're off to a decent start. all your computes and the bridge heading west. some fog out there but it is clearing on parts of the coast so that will continue? we'll talk about that and end of the week. maybe the first rain.
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good morning, an innocent bystander hurt after a fleeing car plows through an intersection and a local store. who the car was fleeing from and what police are telling us about the driver. and more and more oakland neighborhoods are relying on private security to keep an eye on their well being. we'll tell you what's behind
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this growing trend. far apart with just about three weeks to go the biggest issues holding up todays bart labor talks. more than a thousand people stranded in colorado polses disaster and the extreme crews are going to to rescue those flood victims all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. want to take you live to the oakland estuary this morning. looks very nice, pretty, calm but it sounds like we won't have a calm forecast just listening to steve, so be prepared. it could be a little surprising and changing throughout the week. it's


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