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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> we heard a blast of a firearm close to the conference room. we looked up. there were, what appeared to be bullet holes in the wall of the conference room. >> reporter: the base and immediate area were locked down as a special team of federal agents moved in. video caught helicopters evacuating victims from the roof top. >> actions by the police officers without question helped to reduce the number of lives lost. our hearts go out to the families of all the victims. >> reporter: 13 people are dead, including one gunman. one police officer was shot. buses moved in to pick people up on the base and reunite them with their families at the national ballpark. california senator using this tragedy to bring the focus on gun. he said congress should do more to stop this endless loss of
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life. more details on the shooter. this is not the first violent act by aaron alexis. 34-year-old was arrested in 2004 in seattle for shooting up the tires of a man's car in an anger-fueled blackout. he was arrested in texas in 2010 for shooting a gun in city limits. charges were never filed. navy said aaron alexis received a general discharge from navy reserves in 2011 after a series of misconduct issues. after the arrest his father contacted police telling them aaron alexis had anger management problems associated with the ptsd. his son had been an active participant in rescue attempts in new york on september 11, 2001. president obama promised federal authorities would work closely with local police. >> as this investigation moves forward we'll do everything in our power to make sure whoever
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carried out this cowardly act is held responsible. >> the president's remarks came at the beginning of the speech on the financial situation facing our country. he delayed that speech an hour while monitoring the unfolding situation at the navy yard. people have been sending condolences on our facebook page. just look for ktvu channel 2. possibility of another bart strike. only 24 days remain before the court-mandated cooling off period expires. tonight bart and workers are getting to key issues. today is the first day bart and unions discussed benefits packages. tom baker is joining us from the oakland bart building. >> reporter: the negotiations ended half an hour ago. thomas hawk says while hope springs eternal for an agreement there is no agreement
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yet. it doesn't look like there is going to be one any time soon. the question is where are we? apparently nowhere. negotiations began 16 days ago. that's 24 weeks ago. now, after a strike and two cooling off periods we have over three weeks until strike two. >> it is unfortunate they waited 30 days to get to the table. we were ready at the start of the cooling off period. >> not even one question for the latest proposal. they have not had a question. they have not had a counter. that is what we are looking for today. >> reporter: if there is a strike bart is considering training 200 managers to run train service. which would be limited, at best. given they would have to drive trains and operate stations, do maintenance, inspect the tracks and refill ticket machines. california utility commission requires 16 week trainings for many jobs.
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>> if they want to wind this down, i feel they could be putting riders at risk. >> reporter: if they insist on full training and if a strike happens even limited manager- operated trains would not be rolling until mid february. >> if other options are available people will take them more. it will hurt credibility with the bart system and customers. >> when bart is not active or not moving it causes so much extra traffic and delays. >> reporter: coming at 6:00, what the governor has to say and what riders feel may be behind these endless negotiations. state senator from los angeles county introduced a bill to prohibit bart workers from going on strike. republican leader hoff sent a letter to governor brown asking him to call the legislator into special session before the cooling off period ends in october. senator huff wanted to give the governor a tool to use to stop
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another bart strike. in san francisco police chase two suspected car thieves this amp and arrested one. the other got away. the chase began in the 1700 block of lasalle avenue off of third street. officers say they saw a man and woman apparently stealing cars. when they tried to pull over the man he rammed the patrol car. the man then hit a house and ran from the car. police tracked him down and arrested him. the woman took off in another car. after a few minutes, police stopped chasing her in the interest of public safety. horrible discovery this morning. body of an elderly man was found inside and rv. at first the old man's death did not seem suspicious. now investigators say that has changed. >> reporter: we are in the neighborhood where it all took place. san jose police investigators are keeping a close eye on the case now that it changed from a
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death of natural causes to one now considered suspicious. nothing about the scene around this recreational vehicle parked in the san jose neighborhood around north 4th attracted much concern until police say a homeless woman walked by after 3:30 this morning and saw a key in the key hole of the rv. she opened the door and called police after seeing a dead person. adult male inside. one neighbor said he remembered seeing the unfamiliar rv during the past week. >> street people don't park around here. i noticed it had to be somebody homeless or something. >> reporter: when officers first arrived they found an elderly man dead inside with identification that showed he was 80 years old. officers also said the inside of the rv was very messy. conditions that indicated he might be homeless. at first the case was treated as a death by natural causes. coroner's investigator made another call. she had police take evidence
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from the scene. >> there was something suspicious about it. those will be in her findings. we are not going to share that until she comes out with the final determination. >> reporter: for some who live in the area a recent shooting as well as another death body found a month ago made today's discovery unnerving. >> all of a sudden now this happens and the shooting that occurred around the corner from here. i feel like -- i don't know if i want to stay here anymore or what. >> reporter: we just got off the phone with the medical examiner's office. police say they are still investigating the case as a potential homicide. students at east bay high school mourned the loss of a popular classmate who died in a traffic accident. teams of grief counselors and
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psychologist are coping with the sudden death of the 17-year- old. he was a passenger in a jaguar sedan when it crashed in a tree friday night. he was killed instantly. 19-year-old driver lost his leg. fellow students were left stunned. >> it just tells everybody else to stay safe. don't be wreckless and driving and speeding. it is not worth it. >> police say the jaguar and another car were speeding close to each other. a man is in critical condition after being found in an oakland neighborhood with a gunshot wounds to the head. residents found the man at 9:00 last night. no one reported hearing shots. the city shot spotter detected gunshots on international and fifth boulevard. investigators believe the incidents are linked. eight days after the fire
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that burned 3100 acres things are returning to normal. life pictures of the conditions tonight. a beautiful evening. it is a far cry from what it looked like last week. today the public is allowed back into the park. john fowler is live on the mountain tonight and tells us important repair work is underway. >> reporter: they are fixing what firefighters did to stop the flames, including that 40- foot fire break at the crest of the hill. opening the park today pleased lots of people. thinking of getting married on the mount, this couple said they had to come today. >> this is what brought us together. this place holds a very special place in our hearts. >> reporter: cyclist today grinning on the grueling ride to the summit. >> views are spectacular. it is a nice road. today there is hardly any
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traffic. >> reporter: despite 3100 charred acres, no champ grounds were damaged. just a few picnic areas. people being kept off the burn area and a water shortage prevents overnight camping. >> camping is on hold until thursday of this week. when the water system will be able to catch up again. >> reporter: firefighters plowed two miles of dozen lines to stop the flames. you can see how well it worked. scars create an erosion risk. >> as far as the burned area, there are some high intensity areas that i noticed. not a lot. there is certainly potential for erosion in there. >> reporter: crews expect to finish this work tomorrow. at 6:00 i'll explain the unusual method they are using. something that might be familiar to golfers. gruesome discovery at a popular bay area beach.
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>> it is mind-blowing. >> new at 5:30 mystery surrounding a severed foot that washed ashore. a new campaign to stop a growing problem. why one bay area organization says fake service dogs have dangerous. >> reporter: a controversial proposal in one bay area city to double the prices of parks meters. not a lot of fog out there. fog and clouds return. five-day forecast there is a chance for sprinkles and rain.
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walnut creek's plan to double the cost of parking in some areas. some people say they'll be priced out of their spots. other say the change won't have the desired effect.
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we are live with where the extra money will go. >> reporter: it is $1 an hour in downtown walnut creek. the city may double the price. parking can be difficult during peak periods such as weekend evenings. the city says it is considering the price hike to encourage people to park in garages. city staffers say the goal is to make sure there are a couple spaces available on each block during peak periods. it will be discussed this thursday at a transportation meeting includes increasing meetsers from $1 to $2 in downtown. it will change meter enforcement times. >> we reseparately completed a parking study that showed in prime locations parking occupancy was 100%. we feel a dollar an hour rate will help encourage folks to
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use off-street parking locations. >> reporter: of the drivers we talked to today some say a price hike would not make a difference. others said it would force them to look for other options to save money. the money generated would be reinvested into police and other services downtown. if the council votes for these changes this fall the new rates will go into effect next year. power to the tunnel caused a massive traffic backup during this morning's commute. it kept workers from changing the center board from eastbound to westbound. that left one bore open heading into oakland. as a result highway 24 backed up all the way to lafayette. electricity came back on at 7:00 a.m. a police chase to oakland last night lead to a crash and an arrest.
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chase ended when the suspect slammed into a liquor store at 98th avenue. officers saw a man driving erratic and tried to pull him over. as officers started to get out of their car the man took off. investigators are not sure why. >> we are still investigating that part of it. he has some history and we are looking at those factors. >> before he slammed into the liquor store the man hit a pole and another car. the driver of that other car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. five people are suspected in vandalism attacks in livermore. police arrested two adults and three juveniles with early morning attacks and homes around east stanley boulevard. on september 2nd, 38 windows were broken with a pellet or b b gun. it led them to connect the dots and make an arrest. if you are head today the
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oakland game this weekend you'll want to know about a new policy. every fan will have to go through a metal detector and bag search. it will call the giants to see if it is the same at at&t park. we have not heard back. a's encourage fans to get to the ballpark early. crystal clear out there. what a beautiful way to start our work week. >> stung. temperatures mostly in the mid 80s. it is starting to feel like fall around here as temperatures have come out of the 90s. they are in the 80s. fall-like weather pattern stays with us this week. there is the fog. it is nestled in the golden gate bridge. if you are out in richmond you have fog up to golden gate
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park. that fog tonight will push back inland. marine layer will extend out and push fog into the inland bay valleys. this evening we are looking for temperatures on the mild side. along the coast like san francisco 67. airport 69. 80 livermore. mild, pleasant good air quality, mellow fire danger pattern now. tomorrow morning clouds and cooler. a trough of low pressure will come in off the coast. that will stretch out the marine layer. even if you don't see the fog it is moist, cooler air off the ocean. it stretches out tomorrow morning and will push in. concorde will have fog. santa rosa will have fog.
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afternoon temperatures warm up. yellows are 70s. greens are 60s. downtown oakland tomorrow morning 59 degrees. cloudy. 68 degrees at lunchtime. the day in oakland is 73 degrees. forecast high of 80. 78 napa. 81 brent wood. santa clara 75. cooler tomorrow. tomorrow, probably the coolest day this whole weekend. friday i have evening chance for showers. they are not a big deal. as the trough gets closer to us around 6:00 we'll bring in a slight chance of showers on friday. friday sets the tone for the rest of the weekend. clouds and a morning chance for showers on sunday. bay area completely in view you can see sunny and nicer. we start putting a chance of
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showers. this is a northerly storm. >> thank you. as if niners loss to seattle wasn't painful enough seahawk fans are claiming they set a world record during the game. according to the fan group called volume 12 seahawk fans cheered and screamed enough to win the title of loudest crowd in the world. it was set during a sack in the first quarter and broken after an interception in the third quarter. colin kaepernick had his worse game as a 49er. next sunday president obama is addressing a possible government shut down two weeks away. look at this picture. it flies like a plane.
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it doesn't always look like one. what brought this military aircraft to san francisco today. victim of a pit bull attack meets rescuers who saved his life. >> we go on these calls a lot. >> surprise that had this boy thanking firefighters for a second time. police in the south bay are switching focus. what it means for neighborhood safety. goodnight.
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marine corp brought australian aircraft to sfo today for a program set to take place next month. it takes off like a helicopter. propellors rotate so it can fly like a plane. it is part of a week-long program to train firefighters and paramedics about aircraft fire fighting and casualty evacuation. president obama today shifted his focus from the syrian crisis to a looming financial crisis in the u.s. >> i will not negotiate whether america keeps work and meets obligations. >> president obama said he does not want to see a replay of the 2011 debt ceiling fight that
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almost sent america into default. he noted it has been five years since mortgage giants collapsed. the president warned the recovery would be in jeopardy if congress fails to pass the budget. republicans are threatening to shut down the government if they are able to defund the president's health care law. >> . >> stop the threats and political postering and keep our government open. let's pay or bills on time. >> argument over affordable care act is all by moot. current funding resolution expires october 1st. that gives congress two weeks to avoid a government shut down. unusual federal announcement kick started stocks today on wall street. dow was up 118 points in part because treasury secretary
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announced he was withdrawing his name from consideration for the next fed chairman. investors were worried if he was selected he would pull back governor stimulus programs. nasdaq fell slightly. with source out of contention uc burkeley professor janet yellon is the front runner. she has the support of a third of senate democrats. if appointed and confirmed she will be the first woman to head the central bank. pandora plans to raise cash by issuing stock. they hope to triple the amount raised in 2011. current investors criticize the move. it will dilute existing stock. shares fell 3% after the bell. the company says it needs the money for investments under the new ceo. it is the last thing you
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expect to find during a stroll on the beach. >> reporter: it is a gruesome discovery. human remains washed ashore. other clue investigators found. why that might not be enough to get answers soon. continuing coverage on the devastating flooding in colorado. some residents get their first look at the damage. update on developing news. mass shooting at the navy yard in washington, d.c. we'll bring you the latest. [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university.
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this shoe washed up at ocean beach. what was inside opened up a mystery that has people guessing tonight. that photo came from someone who made a gruesome discovery. running shoe on the beach with part of a foot inside. >> reporter: there are a lot of possibilities considering these remains came from the ocean. national park service says someone just walking along the beach found the shoe, size 11.5 along the water and flagged
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down beach patrol. investigators say solving this mystery will not be easy. it is not your average debris washing up in san francisco. >> it is mind blowing. >> it is unusual to find a body part. >> reporter: retired firefighter worked this section of ocean beach for years. he is surprised to hear a beachgoer found a shoe with a foot inside wednesday morning. a user posted this photo of a black and green running shoe. someone alerted beach patrol who closed off the area to look for other clues. >> they found a bone that they believe is associated. that is for the medical examiner to confirm. >> reporter: medical examiner's office says human remains and shoe may have been in the water quite some time. investigators won't speculate where it came from. >> homeless, perhaps overcome
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by hypethermia. occasional we have had instances here where there have been suicides. >> it is sad when you have a case like this. you have something that goes unanswered. i know there are a lot of people without closure and questions about things. i don't believe any of us have answers. >> reporter: talking to people who live out here, some say there have been extreme high and low tides lately. certainly strong currents mean these remains could have come inside the bay, along the coast or in the pacific ocean. in san francisco the medical examiner says a dead body retrieved from the waters of the bay this morning has been identified. the call came in at 8:10 there was a person in the water. when we checked with the coroner an hour ago the person has been identified but the person's family has not been notified.
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fate of convicted serial killer joseph naso is in the hands of the jury. closing arguments wrapped up this afternoon. it is up to jurors to decide whether or not to recommend a death sentence. rob was in court today as the jury heard the closing arguments. >> reporter: it was a riveting, chilling day in court today. joseph naso argued to the jury he did not deserve the death penalty while the prosecution argued that he did. inside this marine county courtroom the prosecution called convicted serial killer a sexual sadist who deserves the death penalty. during the closing arguments of the trial the district attorney set a timer for two minutes. amount of time experts say it generally takes to die from strangelation. for those long two minutes the courtroom was stone silent. >> i wanted two minutes for
5:34 pm
them to experience what the victims experience as they were dying. that is part of the consideration they need to go through when they determine the appropriate penalty. >> reporter: the only ones deserve your sympathy are the women he raped and killed. he didn't care about that. he only cared about himself. he didn't attack her. she says while she believes he is guiltity his life should be spared. >> i have compassion to him because he is the most sick person i have seen. >> reporter: he addressed the jury in a rambling disjointed statement he expressed remorse not just for victims but all people deceased. as for the women he killed he said i didn't date any of the four victims. the jury is expected to begin
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deliberations tomorrow. jurors must be unanimous on the death penalty. otherwise he'll receive a life sentence. private security companies tell us they are seeing a boom in business in oakland. people and businesses are worried about police not being able to fond to shootings, burglaries and home invasions. >> i don't think this is a good trend. i don't feel good about the trend. i think everyone is hoping this is a temporary situation. certainly police have been stretched quite some time. >> typically neighbor or businesses pull their money to pay for private security. oakland people living near moor park are angry about a pile of trash in their community. they say police tell them they don't have the manpower to issue illegal dumping
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citations. back to developing news in washington, d.c. the shooting happened this morning at the washington navy yard. 13 people were killed. 12 victims plus the gunman. three more people were critically wounded. the gunman was aaron alexis. he was a full-time reservist from 2007 to 2011. tonight it is report had the authorities think that he acted alone. coming up at 6:00 we'll have a live report from washington with the latest on the investigation. pet owners might think it is harmless. some say it is a problem. new campaign against fake service dogs. dealing with damage. colorado residents return home after the devastating storm. bay area beauty makes it far in the miss america pageant. the winner is sparking controversy. ññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññ
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this is new nighttime video from italy where salvage crews are working to upright the
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contra costa cruise ship. italian leaders say the operation is going slowly. teams have successfully detached the ship from the reef. no additional bodies have been found. united nations released a report saying this is clear and convincing evidence that chemical weapons were used in syria. u.n. report calls the evidence indisputable but does not say it was the government or syrian rebels. united states and western supporters say it was the regime and it recently admitted having such weapons. syrian government and russia claim it was the rebels. for the 20th year in a row forbes magazine is listing bill gates as the richest person in the united states. his net worth is $72 billion. warren buffet is number two. larry allison came in number three. it lists 400 richest people in
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the nation with combined worth of $2 trillion. employment gap between america's highest and lowest income families stretched to highest levels in two years. they have unemployment level of 3%. unemployment level for low income family households are 21%. miss america contestant from the bay area came up just short of winning this year's crown. >> miss new york! >> instead it went to someone from the other coast. miss new york became the first person of indian-american decent to win the crown. 22-year-old miss california, crystal lee was runner up. the pageant's outcome triggered racist comments on social media
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about the winner's ethnicity. >> reporter: ordinary run-of- the-mill dogs has which raided as service dogs.
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they have access to restaurants, airplane and apartments where regular dogs are not allowed. special dogs have special access which lead people to lie and claim their pet was trained. there is a new campaign to curb phony service dogs. >> reporter: we are at rocky mountain memorial park where people are spending time with their dogs. some people want to take them into restaurants or cabins of planes or apartments that don't allow them. forsome people all it takes is a vest that says service dog. to call these average dogs may be unfair. many owners think their dogs are special. service dogs are uniquely
5:46 pm
trained. elvis would not make the cut. >> elvis is too skittish to be a service dog. he is sweet but weary of people. >> reporter: casper the black lab fits the bill. he picks up his owner's cell phone. that's the start. >> my dog pulls my wheel chair and opens doors. >> reporter: her service dog makes her independent. she takes him to restaurants. sometimes she is wrongfully denied. >> i said this is a service dog. it helps my disability. they'll say the last dog we had in here wasn't well behaved. >> reporter: the growing problem is people passing their pets as service animals to gain access to restaurants. all it takes is an online search. >> people put down $250 and get a vest that says service dog.
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>> reporter: ceo of canine companions puts dogs through intensive training. he said dogs not trained can attack real service dogs endangering their owners. he wants to make it difficult to buy service dog vests online. >> it is the same people who violate plaques in regard to handicap parking. >> reporter: one problem is that it is difficult to prove that a service dog is fake. the state is expected to move today with a pr campaign to launch next year that would shame people who abuse the service dog name. police want you to take a close look at this picture. this woman used a stolen credit card back on august 19th to buy $1300 worth of items at khols. the card was stolen from the mail in san jose a few days
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before. if you know who this woman is call police. google is adding another smart phone app maker. the company bought bump which is a startup based in mountain view. the deal is valued at $60 million. it is known for technology by allowing people to exchange content by bumping their smart phones. the university of california's plan to turn property in richmond into a laboratory complex could be in jeopardy. after officials at berkley lab learned they did not win a federal contract to build a new super x-ray microscope. without the funds uc won't have the money to build the expansion in richmond. we are in our last week of summer. it is beginning to feel like fall. let's go to bill martin. we never had a hot summer to begin with. >> didn't seem like it to me around the coast and the bay. we had hot days but not record
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heat days. as we head outside these are the numbers recorded today. hot spot antioch 87. 83 santa rosa. 90 morgan hill. look around the bay. 70. very mild. temperatures tomorrow are cooler. this system will drop down in the next few days towards the end of the week. that brings us a wintry looking weather system. it will visit seattle and portland. the fog off shore is what you expect to see in the fall. fog bank gets diminished. it is not as extensive. these are the days at half-moon bay along the coast and nicest weather of the year for the coastal residents.
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in terms of losing the july, august fog this is when it happens. it will come back tonight. there will be fog in the morning hours. it will burn off quickly. tomorrow 60s around the bay. mid 60s. forget 90s. we have 60s, 70s. hot spots are upper 70s and low 80s. freemont clouds. start off at 56. end up at 74. mission peak a beautiful day with great air quality. starting off mild. fog and low clouds. it burns off to a mostly sunny day. low pressure center bumps up to the coast tomorrow. tomorrow, instead of mid 80s we saw today we are looking at
5:51 pm
upper 70s. 80 clear lake. 78 napa. along the coast patchy fog and mid 60s. five-day forecast with the bay area in view. this evening chance of showers shows up heading into your friday. that is the story here as the system drops in friday in the late afternoon overnight friday and saturday we have a chance for wet weather. right now it looks like a minor event. real event is in far northern california in portland and seattle. five-day forecast. bay area weekend in view. looks like firefighters don't have to leave the door of their car opened. they'll have doors shut this week. >> comfortable. thank you. continuing coverage on the flooding in colorado. residents are left to deal with all the damage. governor brown is encouraging teenagers in the east bay to play video games.
5:52 pm
the new program he says will help them in the future. a sweet reunion. >> give me a hug. you look good. remember us? we sure remember you. >> what this young survivor of a pit bull attack had to say today to rescuers. we update you on the bart negotiations. governor is weighing in on the on-going labor dispute.
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continuing coverage on the devastating floods in colorado. today some residents were allowed back into neighborhoods. hundreds remain unaccounted for. death toll has risen to seven. the weather did improve today giving many their first glimpse of the destruction of the floods. >> reporter: if the weather improved monday in colorado this was the view from the sky. bridges and vehicles no match for mother nature. >> some areas experienced 100 year flood, meaning the flood event that would happen every hundred years. others experienced a 1,000 year
5:56 pm
flood. >> reporter: the waters so powerful some first responders were stranded. some residents returned home to see what was left. >> it is ruined. basement is gone. it stinks so bad in there you can barely stand it. >> reporter: colorado officials promise a strong partnership with federal relief agencies for the a swift recovery. >> we have a strong opportunity here to, with fema, come out of this whole situation with a stronger infrastructure. >> reporter: despite conditions the past few days, crews have been able to rescue thousands from the floods. one national guard official says this could be the largest air evacuation effort since hurricane katrina. to put this into perspective police don't want us to go any further on the bridge. they are worried about the structural integrity. we are told 50 bridges have been damaged or destroyed.
5:57 pm
same is true for 100-miles of roadway. on a normal day we are told this is more like a creek. it would not be difficult to walk across it. that is not the case today. a group of high school students is back home in sacramento tonight after they were stranded by the flooding in colorado. that was the scene yesterday as parents and children reunited. today 18-year-old said she is grateful to be home. she and 31 other students were on a field trip to a teenager ranch in colorado. the school is on high ground but was surrounded by closed roads. during a break in the weather student and advisors packed up and drove two hours to the denver airport. >> national guard, when we were driving through were pointing us directions. they had all the dangerous
5:58 pm
roads blocked off. i felt happy and thankful for everything they did. >> one advisor said if they had not moved so quickly they might have been stuck several more days. governor brown was in oakland today for the launch of a video game design program for low income teenagers. >> this gaming industry is part of california. when i hear jobs are $100,000 a piece i think wow! let's get oakland youth on a pathway to get into this industry. >> the two year program is called project a game. it was unvailed at the oakland school of arts. it will provide studio space and classes such as computer programming, digital design, illustration, animation, visual story telling and project management. california endowment and entertainment software association are providing money for the program. bart talks get serious. two see issues both sides are trying to hammer out tonight. they were first to arrive
5:59 pm
when a pit bull attacked a 10- year-old boy. >> you look good. bravery firefighters say this little boy showed that day. good evening. this is the man the pentagon says opened fire today hitting 12 people at the washington navy yard. the question tonight is why. shannon travis is live in washington where new details are emerging. >> reporter: good evening. we expect officials to brief the press once again in an hour. we certainly hope to learn more about what happened and why. into the evening still a fluent situation in the nation's capitol. many questions remain about the mass shooting at washington's navy yard and a motive.
6:00 pm
>> this is an active investigation. we have a lot of law enforcement activity in the area. ly had been discharged from the navy following disconduct. >> i would never believe this until it happened. it would never crossed my mind he would be capable of that. >> reporter: 8:20 a.m. a typical monday morning at the office changed very quickly. situation unfolded a few miles from the


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