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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  September 17, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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cooler air. so, temperatures are coming down a few degrees from yesterday. patchy fog, it's not that big, but some areas get the fog and other areas are clear already. there's gusts over 25 miles per hour, with a good breeze. 52 in santa rosa, still 60s in antiyoke and livermore. it's a sign of things to come. each one of these systems get a be a little deeper and deeper. fog sun breezy and it will continue for the the usual amount. here's sal. >> good morning, we're off to a decent traffic. it has been a nice drive all over the place, it's nice and early. you can see westbound bay bridge does look good getting into san francisco. you can see that the traffic continues to look good. if you are driving on
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northbound on 280 in san jose there are no major problems on getting up on i17. the usual work we have on high street has been picked up or it's not there right now. traffic is light. let's go back to the desk. breaking news, be crews are battling a two-alarm fire. we're joined from the scene which is not far from 980. alex. >> reporter: good morning. the good news according to firefighters i talked to, everybody appears to have made it out safely from these two homes that caught fire an hour ago. you can see the scene behind me. it quite a few firefighters have been called in from the oakland fire department right now. they're trying to contain the fire at this point. they started and one house and they jumped from the house right next door. these are two-storey homes.
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let me show you some video that we shot when we arrived at home. flames and heavy smoke could be scene pouring from the roofs of both of these homes. this is just off of the market on 24th street. someone called this fire into 911 at around 3:30 this morning. it's unclear at this point how many people were living in these homes. everyone was able to escape the fire. this neighbor saw that this fire started and he was able to help one of those people in the homes. >> i heard explosions, it be sounded like gunshots to me, as soon as i heard that, i heard this lady screaming, help call 911. show said i'm locked inside, i can't do anything. while i'm on the phone with 911 i'm taking her door down.
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>> reporter: he took quite a bit of smoke trying to help that woman get out. he's recovering right now. this was a dangerous fight for the firefighters involved here. they were at a certain point up on the roof of one of those homes, but there was so much fire activity that they had to pull back and get all those firefighters off the roof they were worried about that roof collapsing. everyone has made it out of this home safely, but as you come back out here you can see firefighters are working hard to fully contain this fire and make sure that it does not continue to spread. two homes again caught fire early this morning. the cause of the fire remains unclear, but we're trying to talk right, now, with the chief on scene. these folks are gathering up all the information as we speak. we'll have an update for you later on the morning news. we're live this morning in oakland, alex savage ktvu news. also new this morning, all lanes have been reopened in san
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jose following a multicar crash in highway 880. what caused the highway to be shut down overnight. >> reporter: a tow truck came with the damaged cars that happened with the accident. we want to show you some video here of a jaguar and this is the car that they believe set off the chain reaction. it's badly damaged. also the driver of this car actually ran from the scene. they're looking for him. here's what we know about the crash. it happened about 2:15 this morning. the driver of that jaguar lost control of the car on 880 northbound near the bascom avenue exit. he caused four other cars to crash. one hit the barrier wall and neighbors could hear the screams and called 911. luckily it sounded worse than it actually was. all people received minor injuries, cuts, scrapes and bruises, they were taken to
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will have a valley and reasonable nal medical centers. one lane was pope for a hour and a half while the fire department and highway patrol cleared up the scene. backup was not too bad. officers are looking for that man who bought him. there are not license plates on the vehicle. we know that the authorities have his cell phones and they're interviewing crash victims on the hospital. there's only a matter of time before they catch him. 13 people including the gunman are dead after that mass shooting after a shooting at the washington navy yard. we have the latest information on the shooter and the investigation that continues this morning. >> reporter: the day in washington begins with treeing to learn what happened on monday. aaron alexis went into the washington navy yard and
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started shooting. the gunfire killed 12 people. none of them were military personnel, all civilians or contractors. alexis also died. he was a contractor who began at the navy yard last week. >> he had legitimate access to the navy yard as a result of his status as a contractor. >> reporter: he may have been frustrated about his pay but they never expect this. >> frustrated about life is one thing, but going and taking other people out is another thing. >> reporter: they said he was discharged following a pattern of misconduct. he was arrested in 2004 for shooting out the tires of a car and what alexis told detectives was an anger fueled blackout. he fired a gun through the apartment ceiling. he said he was cleaning a gun when it went off.
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he was arrested in georgia in 2008 for disorderly conduct. as the investigation continues people are pausing to remember the victims. flags fly at half-staff at national landmarks not far from the country's latest mass shooting. >> now, following the shootings in the white house, flags across the country are lowered to half-staff to honor the victims. this is a live picture from the nation's capitol this morning. yesterday president obama signed a proclamation that the flag remains at half-staff until sunset on friday. you can express your condolences to the shooting victims and their families on on facebook. >> look for the international and national section on the
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home page. an 18-year-old man sh in the hospital after being hit by a car on isabel avenue in livermore. a honda station wagon driven by a 44-year-old man from pleasant ton hit the 18-year-old as he was crossing the road. he was seriously injured and driven to the hospital. the person was at that point to the hospital and anyone who witnessed this accident is asked to call police. 23 days and the contract talks to head off another strike are set to resume at 9:00 this morning. bart is expected to respond to the offer by the unions. they have a comprehensive counterproposal. bart workers are willing to make marriage concessions in order to reach a deal and keep the trains rolling next month. >> they've made a counterproposal to the district that exceeds more than $10
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million in savings from our earlier previous proposal. the unions promised the public a game changing proposal. this is not a game changing proposal, not even significant movement. >> however, bart management says it will crunch the numbers and come back with a detailed response this morning. they're negotiating issues such as salary benefits and workers safety. a person is being a-- recovering after being attacked after a game. the man had a concussion tan needed stitches. fraternity members say this is the latest attack on greek row. another assault involving a gun was reported the same night and another fraternity member has a broken jaw after being attacked on friday. >> he didn't get attacked on a
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dark alley this was at the campus. >> they are not saying whether they are related but one person was arrested on a warrant. the deadly flooding in colorado where people are still being rescued, 3,000 families have registered with fema for help and that number is expected to rise. there are a lot of areas that need to be searched and the focus remains -- focus remains on the people unaccounted for. people are returning to neighborhoods to see what is left. >> we are going back to see what is left after being evacuated. we lost absolutely everything we own. >> nearly 18,000 homes in the state have been damaged. in boulder alone it is expect to cost $150 million to repair roads and bridges from the
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flooding. >> they are hoping to bring federal grants to the state. the details will be released of the grant and how they can bring more officers on the street of oakland. police statistics show gang related homicide dropped by 43% compared to last year. the number of aggravated assault is down 15% and robberies are down 39%. it's due to a summer crackdown on fangs. the convicted serial killer joseph naso wants life in prison and is pleading to have the death penalty. he's convicted last month of
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killing four women. more development for the richmond's historic fight. the controversial decision, oakland a's fans, the new security you'll face going to a game. >> this is a look at westbound 24 driving up to the tunnel. it does look good. >> wow, sherlock holmes would be browed -- proud of this. clouds drifting by, a little cool and a little warm. mçó4+y?i
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. time is 4:45, the capsized cruiseship costa concordia is upright. they're trying to prevent the ship from breaking apart to
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prevent the spoiled food and chemicals from going into the water. bodies are missing and they're hoping they can now be found. they have reunited to talk about gun control. california senator dianne feinstein who has pushed for a ban on assault weapons issued a statement saying when will enough be enough. the case for increased gun control has become increasingly difficult. they funded a recall of two senators who reported stricter gun laws. they are ordering a three- year delay, the state had until yesterday to reduce -- release a report on how to reduce the prison population. they will spend $300 million to
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house the inmates in private prisons and county jails instead. they will send 2500 inmates to county jails or community correctional facilities. they're going to ban smoking in most of downtown walnut creek. they delayed a hearing on the president mohamed morsi and -- proposal, but it's back on the tame -- table. it will be banned at public places. it can be banned at apartment balconies. the transportation commission will consider a proposal of increasing meter rates. they go up from $1 to $2 a hour. you would have to feed the meters from 8:00 at night until 6. >> it's a big issue and i would
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assume not to have to pay to park. the last parking rate increase was in 2007. city officials hope to encourage drivers to use parking garages which are less expensive. they could end their long fight over property taxes. the battle is over chevron's richmond's refinery. it was under assessed by $27 million. chevron challenged that and sought a $73 million tax refund. the latest proposal, if it is approved no money will change hand and there will be annual meetings to set the value of the refinery. holiday sales is expected to be up 2.7% and that's less than last year. it follows slow back to school
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sales. shopper track say people are likely to visit stores and research their holiday buying online and will lead to less impulse buying. i can't believe we're talking about christmas sales. >> i know t sal, how is traffic so far. >> it's doing well. i don't think we have a lot to complain about on this tuesday as we go out and take a look at interstate 880. it's a nice looking drive. it still looks good as you drive through all the way up to downtown oakland. this morning's commute looks good at the toll plaza. on the bay area traffic scene, i look at all the road sensors, we don't have a lot going on which is good. this is 580, pleasant ton to castro valley, it looks good. 880 traffic is moving well from hayward as you head south also
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across the peninsula, 881 is doing nicely. a little system is going north. it's cooler today. 60s, 70s and 80s, patchy low clouds coming up. 58, there might be a few low clouds around. we'll go for a high of 76 today. temperatures near average, 60 in sacramento with 80s in las vegas and palm springs at 826. the city 58, san jose is right in there and a decent breeze for some, but oakland west of 15 and fairfield 22, sfo is kicking up a little bit. it's a sign of al little bit of that system coming up. each one of these systems is getting a little stronger and deeper. there's a little fog there and
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it will get chewed up again. there might be a few showers up near the oregon border. once the system goes by the next one will be stronger, that will allow high pressure build in just a wee bit. there's a breeze but it will be stronger this afternoon. so, 60s, 70s and # 0s, pretty close here. a little north wind might kick in for the sonoma county, and temperatures are close all over the maze. we'll see warmer weather on thursday and wednesday and increasing clouds on friday and rain moves in on saturday. it will clear up, but temperatures will be cooling down especially inland. the oakland fans will have to go through extra security. starting thursday night fans will have to go through metal detectors. their bags will be searched and answer their pockets. there's no league rule for this
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security effort. the warriors use security detectors at the oracle arena. the golden state warriors are setting records for the upcoming season. it sold more than 14,000 season tickets. that he is a franchise record folks, during last year's season during the second round playoffs. they sold out 38 consecutive games. it's a sell out streak since 19988. >> they could college the -- clinch the can you cup. it's against the oracle champ usa is set 1:15 this afternoon. the second is later. both races could be delayed or cancelled due to today's expected behind winds on the san francisco bay. we'll check in with steve in a little bit. rain over the next few days could cause more problems for
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the state park following last week's massive wildfire. the proposal that could make it more available. goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪
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. >> a 10-year-old boy was attacked by a pit bull.
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the fire station 82 were on the scene when hunter was attacked by a pit bull. he was bitten in his face, head and both of his hands. it's unlikely he'll need further surgery. >> a motorcycle officer is in the hospital this morning after he was struck by another driver. it happened on westbound 580. the chp said the crash involved two other vehicles. one was a motorcycle officer and the officer was thrown from the motorcycle, but he's expected to be okay. with rain in the forecast in the next couple of days there are concerns about land slides and erosion in mount diablo. a wildfire burned 3100 acres and dozens of people had to evacuate. they're using a variety of
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methods to prepare for the possibility of land slides. visitors are being asked to stay away from burn areas to allow vegetation to regrow. berkeley city council is talking about the availability of medical marijuana. it would bring the total to 6, one advocate says it's better for patients so they don't have to go to oakland or richmond. the board of regions will consider a proposal to spend $6 million to renovate a rundown manages to house uc residents. the blake house has been vacant for 5 years. they say until the long run, it will be less expensive and continue to use it for residents.
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facebook mark sucker burk will be a guest at the new charter school in san francisco today. it will have a ribbon cutting ceremony school. the kip charter schools prepare students of all backgrounds for college. new details emerging about the deadly shooting rampage, what we're learning about the gunman who killed 12 people at a washington shooting. >> the latest on a continue firefighter. >> we're looking at the commute and the golden gate bridge. southbound traffic looks good. >> a weak system is moving into the north. it will be a cooler forecast, i'll have the forecast and talk about the weekend rain. unbelievable.
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. new details emerging about the gunman behind america's latest mass shooting. the legitimate way he gained
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access to the washington naval base. the chp is looking for a man who crashed his car, set off a train reaction and then ran off. we'll tell chu freeway was impacted -- you which freeway was impacted. a suspect caught on camera. that all ahead on channel 2 morning news. a fire in oakland this morning. you can see a huge response, two homes on fire. many people affected this morning. alex savage is out there as well talking to investigators to find out how all this happened. we'll be there in just a moment. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, september 17. >> we'll check weather and traffic. steve is right over there. >> thank you.


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