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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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and issued a statement that sounded like he was not condemned. >> i am pleased that the jury listened to my argument. i am on the threshold of my new life and will make the best of it. >> reporter: naso never admitted to any of the murdering but prosecutors have linked him to the killings of two other women and raping dozens others in what they say was a half century of sex crimes. naso will be back to court on friday to talk about the sentencing phase. we also spoke to one of the daughters of one of his victims and we will bring you that at 6:30. gasia, oakland needs help in the streets and today the city got a shot in the arm from the government. it was a violent day in
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oakland. eight officers searched for but did not find a stabbing suspect. >> they got a suspect call over here of a guy walking around with blood on his hands. it looked like he might be doa. it appears to be a bottle. >> reporter: a few blocks away at the stabbing scene, , mendoza says that it was a domestic violence case where a man used a broken bottle to stab his girlfriend. >> through the department of justices office, the city of oakland will receive what is the nation's largest single cops grant this year. >> reporter: this morning oakland police and city leaders stood alongside federal officials to unveil a federal grant that will pay for 10 new officers officers for the city. >> there's a lot of crime, and i've been through a lot of families who's pain is hard to describe. that should not happen in america in the most powerful country in the world. >> reporter: the oakland police
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department currently has 614 officers nearly 200 fewer than the city had just a few years ago. so although 10 more officer -- officer social security good. >> we should be granting 300 officers. they should not be having to bring federal officers on a daily basis. >> reporter: you will hear more about how those 10 officers will help on the street and you will hear about an accused criminal about making the streets safer. john sasaki. contract talking between b.a.r.t. and its workers. only 23 days remain before the cooling off period comes to an end. and as that clock continues to tick down, the two sides in the b.a.r.t. labor dispute seem no closer on the tough issues. b.a.r.t. and its unions are talking about pay. management is reviewing its latest counter proposal from
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its unions. union leaders say they have made concessions which would save b.a.r.t. $10 million. but b.a.r.t.'s chief negotiator says the two sides are still far apart. >> they're not interested in negotiating. they have made their officer and are sticking with the district's offer. so the union is willing to negotiate. >> the impact led to a strike in july and it could lead to another strike next month if there is no agreement. and this is a live picture from downtown san francisco. you see there a flag flying at half staff on the roof of one embarcadero. flags have been lowered to remember the victims. hagel place add wreath in washington followed by the playing of taps and a moment of silence. 13 people died including the gunman. eight others were injured.
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as those tributes were taking place, investigators with seeking to piece together the motive of the shooting. karen travers now with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the day after aaron alexis killed 12 people in a shooting at washington's navy yard the search for answers continues. >> we continue to conduct interviews, exploit digital media and run down every lead we can to piece together his recent movements. >> reporter: since the shooting, troubling details about the gunman have surfaced. the former navy reservist had previous run ins with police in seattle and fort worth texas. his father said he suffered of post-traumatic disorder after helping after 9/11. a source said adding he was having problems sleeping and hearing voices. officials are looking into how
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contractors like alexis are screened before they get security clearance. >> it really is hard to believe that someone with a record as checkered as this man could conceivably get clearance. >> reporter: around the nation's capital, somber tributes and calls to action. >> washington is recovering but washington needs a lot more answers. >> reporter: officials released the five remaining names of the victims tuesday all 12 were between the ages of 46 and 73. and all civilian employees. defense secretary chuck hagel and secretary of the navy ray nabis joined others at the memorial for a wreath laying. i'm shannon travis reporting from washington. we have more details on the weapons alexis used in the massacre. he bought the gun legally two days before the massacre.
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alexis rented the riffle, bought bullets and used the gun. a day later he bought a gun. and we're getting more information on the victims. one had two masters degrees, another was a professor at a local community college. people have been sending their condolences on our facebook page and you can do the same by sharing our facebook badge. >> in the wake of the navy yard tragedy, the white house demanded today that congress take up gun control measured that were first proposed after the school massacre in connecticut. authorities say those proposed measures would not have prevented the shooting on monday. but those who support gun
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control say something has to be done. senator casey admits we may not see gun control measures until next year. the shootings at the navy yard have triggered new debate over the security. coming up at 5:30, harsh criticism. officers were responding to a car theft when they found the chevy suburb -- suburban at the scene. police recovered several stolen items from the suv. they say as many as 10 vehicles were broken into. police in san jose are also looking for the driver of a jaguar involved in a multi vehicle hit-and-run accident.
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there were a total of five vehicle involved including the jaguar. the hit-and-run driver disappeared in another vehicle. but they did find a cell phone in the jaguar and they expect to charge the driver. new at 5:00, patti lee tell us it seemed to turn into battle fitting the supervisor against the mayor. >> reporter: this works into something completely different a debate between civil rights and public safety. around 1:30 this afternoon you can see an overflow crowd started lining up to witness the vote by san francisco supervisors. it was expected to be unanimous. the supervisors plan to pull the plug on a policy that required local law enforcement
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to comply with federal attempts for an additional 48 hours. the intent to identify undocumented immigrants committing violent crimes. but reports of civil rights violations cast doubts on the policy. but some say getting rid of it entirely may not work either. >> we ought to have public safety reflected in this ordnance and not just a total prohibition. >> that person puts in the vote and calling the police. and when one person is afraid to call the police it affects everyone else. >> reporter: the mayor and the chief of police want law enforcement to have some discretion when it comes to detaining violent undocumented immigrants. and that clause is being worked on right now. the work likely to be scheduled yet again for next tuesday. patti lee, ktvu news. parents trusted him to care for his children. the additional charge against the ymca worker accused of
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molesting several young girls. and his victims are getting younger and younger. the damage people return to after devastating floods. not all meats are the same. what you need to know about antibiotic resistance and your health. and coming up, temperatures are going to start warming up around here. i'll have the specifics on your forecast coming up next. [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university. and these are my roommates. this is one of my favorite professors. and so is this. this is my academic advisor. and also my cheerleader. and when i finish my degree in business... a new job, at a great company... that's the graduation present i want. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field
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two suspects are in custody tonight after a chase that injured a hayward police officer. it all started this morning. the suspects were in a stolen car that rammed a police cruiser after taking off after a traffic stop. one officer suffered minor
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injuries in a scuffle while making the arrest. the number of people who suffer from bacteria is staggering. and it all stems from antibiotics. >> reporter: 2 million fall ill and 200,000 die from antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. >> honestly i try to ignore the fact that there's antibiotics in the meat. i don't want the antibiotics in the meat that i eat because i don't want the resistance to the bacteria. >> reporter: these are the first hard numbers to a problem that health officials have long known about and it's adding ammunition for activists. >> we have challenged the food and drug administration over its failure to regulate livestock use of antibiotics. >> reporter: at most is
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unnecessary, farmers insist antibiotics keep food costs slow. human use of antibiotics is also a problem. antibiotics overuse creates dangerous super bugs. >> there's absolutely no reason why we need to be using that amount of antibiotics in the animal in america today. >> reporter: the santoneli brothers is a growing trend. >> we carry an all natural beef, veal, pork, chicken, everything. >> reporter: activists say consumer pressure is the best weapon. the nic won a lawsuit last year but the government is appealing. the best thing to do, protect yourself, always cook meat thoroughly. john fowler, ktvu news. mark zuckerberg celebrated the opening of a new charter
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school. for today's ribbon cutting ceremony, students wore t- shirts with 2017 on the back. one student says the school has tough rules but they're learning to be accountable. >> like if you forget your home work in your locker there's no way you can go get your home work. i have to stay after school for an hour, like an hour in the home work center and you have to do all your home work there. >> reporter: school officials say more than 85% of their students go on to college. a new development in a legal battle in the san mateo union school district. back in may, the education department threw out test scores. the district has withdrawn a lawsuit to reinstate the scores. this move clears the way for students and parents to pursue their own legal claims. new information tonight on that large fire in shasta
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county, investigators are looking at arson as the cause. we're still waiting to hear details on the investigation. over the weekend, crews fully contained the fire. authorities are also investigating the discovery of a man's burned body. we had our own fire concerns here in the area. let's go to bill martin with the clang that's coming. >> reporter: temperatures today cooled off. second change comes in that we have an increasing number tomorrow, temperatures are going to warm up the next couple of days. and we have the chance for perhaps some sprinkles. as you come in real close you can see that you have the winds that are blowing heaviest now. we have gusts now in napa they're blowing 20 miles per hour here. not gusts sustained wind. you can assure that there's gusts 28, 30 miles per hour. here's the real number. look at sfo right now, they're
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32 miles per hour. the national weather service issued a weather warning for them and they changed the way they take off some of the planes because winds are gusting nearly 50 miles per hour. so it is windy. as you know it's just the kind of windy situation. winds die down tomorrow, temperatures warm up. these are the current numbers, 79 in fairfield, 77 in napa. today's temperatures came down a few degrees. yesterday we were in the 80s, today we're in the upper 70s. tomorrow we're back into the mid- and upper 80s. as you go into the overnight hours, we're looking at a chance of a sprinkle or shower you see it in the five day forecast shows up friday night into saturday morning perhaps. high pressure tomorrow though, temperatures come up about 8 degrees in the inland bay valleys. 5degrees at the bay, less wind
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too. you are going to start noticing the red. those are 80s. basically the entire bay area was in yellow, 70s. san francisco forecast tomorrow as you go downtown, temperatures are going to be in the mid-50s at lunchtime. 72degrees in downtown san francisco tomorrow. 88 in fairfield, brentwood 88 degrees warmer. 78 in oakland so a nice looking day. santa clara valley, san jose 80 degrees. 78 in mountain view. five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view sets up with the next couple of days slightly warmer. temperatures trend down as the system to the north starts to work its way in our direction. what that means is we're going to see friday start to transition. i mentioned a chance of a sprinkle or wet weather as we head into friday evening. 8:00 a slight chance for a shower. that would happen mainly in the north bay. i can't imagine we would see anything much further south than san francisco. right now it's a pretty good chance that's going to happen. especially santa rosa north. so we'll watch it closely.
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there's your bay area weekend in view. your five day forecast. there's a chance of a little wet weather. it'll be mainly north of san francisco. >> got it. thanks bill. a san francisco supervisor is putting out a call today for the expansion of the new bike share program. the bay area bike share pilot program was launched back in 2009. there are 250 bikes at stations in downtown san francisco. supervisor weiner plans to expand that program. programs also operating in redwood city, mountain view, palo alto and santa fe. the america's cup is not over yet. plus the new report confirming the use of chemical weapons in syria. this as the violence spills into a neighboring country. now to julie haener in our newsroom for what we're working
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on for 6:00. >> a hit-and-run driver strikes a blind man who is out for a walk with his guide dog. >> it was shocking, kind of caught me off guard. >> the one thing the injured man desperately wants now from the driver who hit him, plus -- getting guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. after the navy yard shooting the specifics on california's plan and how it can serve as a national model. these stories and much more are coming up new at 6:00. unbelievable.
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today the violence ramped up in the civil war going on in syria spilling once again into neighboring turkey. a syrian helicopter reportedly was shot down by turkish forces. syria say it is chopper went into turkey's air space by accident. a car bomb exploded injurying several people. now all of this comes as united nations inspectors today released their latest report confirming the deadly use of chemical weapons in syria. the report does not say who used the weapons but u.s. officials said once again it was the syrian government. >> all of these details are extraordinarily significant in pointing out that it really was the assad regime that commit third-degree attack and this attack happened in the way that
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we described. >> secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. will keep the use of force as an option. meanwhile thousands of syrians continue to flee their country. this refugee camp has grown so large that it has schools, hospitals and markets. >> it's hardly a camp anymore it's starting to look like a city. there's more than 100,000 people living there. >> some 2 million refugees have crossed the syrian border into neighboring countries since is start of the civil war. the u.n. security council began talking about an international plan to gain control of syrian's chemical weapons. oracle team usa were scheduled to two races but both were cancelled because of gusty
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winds. at this point new zealand only needs two more victories and could take the title from defending champ. new allegations against the south bay child worker accused of molesting young girls. >> reporter: those new allegations are aimed at nicholas larmaney because there are two new victims. we'll show you how he reacted in court today to the new charges. >> only on 2, an exclusive look at a bay area program helping victims. >> and shedding light on a big problem at military bases, the new report just released that criticizes base security.
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more possible victims of a former ymca child care worker from san rafael. already facing several life sentences for molesting little girls. he is facing new charges for allegedly molesting more victims, one as young as 3
5:29 pm
years old. let's go to robert handa for what happened in the courtroom just hours ago. >> reporter: it was another emotional wrenching day for people in the community and for those inside the santa clara county courthouse as the list of victims and charges gets longer. 20-year-old nicholas larmeney was grim face as he sat in the morgan hill courthouse as the prosecutor added a 7-year-old girl and 3-year-old girl to the list of victims that the former ymca coach is accused of sexually assaulting while under his supervision. >> parents knew and liked nicholas very much. and it's been very hard for people to believe and to comprehend. >> reporter: as we reported, larmeney was already accused of lewd and lascivious conduct with two other girls as well as a pornography charge connected with a woman. lermaney fondled the two victims with what he called sexual intent. >> we're hoping we caught it
5:30 pm
before the acts got aggravated. >> reporter: the connections have grown beyond the ymca. >> we believe he had reach with multiple youth throughout the community. >> reporter: the ymca says they have added new security measures. >> it's devastating. what is the most alarming about this case is it remind us all that a child molester if these charges are proven true can be anybody. >> reporter: larmeney's family declined to comment. he remains in custody, no bail and will return to court october 29th when he could enter a plea. live in morgan hill, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a registered sex offender from san jose hoping for leniency is now incriminated in three more cases. christopher miller is accused
5:31 pm
of groping himself in front of two young girls at a wal-mart. he is likely the same man seen at a barnes and noble in san mateo where a young girl says a male attacked her. another occurred at a burger king. all three of those incidents happened while miller was on bail for exposing himself to two young children at a renaissance fair last year. >> time where he should be on his very best behavior, when he wants to impress the judge instead of leniency, he goes out and commits three acts in close proximity involving small children. >> authorities say he has prior convictions for exposure going back 50 years. a dozen people are being forced to find some where new to sleep after a fire ripped through two victorian homes in oakland. the 911 calls started coming in at 2:30 this morning. as smoke and flames rose near
5:32 pm
market in west oakland. the flames broke out inside a first floor laundry room then quickly spread to both houses. the fire also caused minor damages to a fourth home where a young man was sleeping. >> my bed was on fire. after my bed was on fire. the side of the wall inside was on fire. and the flames just went up in flames up there. destroyed my ceiling and most of my clothes. >> reporter: investigators say a problem with electric wiring may have sparked the fire. no one was hurt. there's new hope this evening that investigators may find the killer of an 8-year- old girl in oakland. police tell us a newly recently released sketch has generated new tips in the case. some information has been extremely helpful. we are continuing to move the case forward in identification and also location of where this suspect is. we're also looking at is there anyone else involved. >> alicia carelyn was attending
5:33 pm
a sleep over another a friend's house. someone knocked on the door of the apartment, and when she opened it, someone fired two shots. based on witness descriptions police released this sketch of a possible suspect last week. now to our continuing coverage of the washington navy yard shootings. tonight we're learning more about the gunman 34-year-old aaron alexis. the new york time is quoting law enforcement officials who say alexis test fired a weapon but was stopped from buying it. alexis did buy a shotgun and ammunition at the store two days after the shooting after passing a criminal background check. the shooting has sparked debate on security. they will assess all situations at bases worldwide. a new report released today is
5:34 pm
highly -- >> one congressman tells me it clearly shows naval facilities are at risk. we've discovered federal investigators have been analyzing security issues at navy bases for the past year. hours after the massive shooting on monday, congress got their first look at the government audit. >> and these are such obvious failures. >> reporter: members of congress tell me navy facilities are cutting corners on security. i've learned the pentagon security general did not properly vet the workers. ohio congressman turner spoke with us just after a private meeting with auditors. >> i think this report is very
5:35 pm
lax on vetting those that are on base. these security measures are very important, when you cut them you place people at peril. >> reporter: if budget cuts were to blame for the navy yard shooting, this was said. >> it's about sequestration. about the federal government being spent that we somehow skimp on what would be available for a project like this. then we put people at risk. >> reporter: it doesn't appear that the report would have stopped massacre, the suspect gained military clearance. they will investigation if there was any system failures. jaquelin fell, washington. in about two hours from
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now, city leaders in walnut creek will be discussing a law to expand a ban on smoking in the downtown area. the new ordnance would outlaw smoking in all commercial areas at public events and in city owned parks. it would also extend to condominium complexes and apartment complexes. in june the city council delayed a hearing. if the new law is approved it would go into effect next month. hundreds of people stranded or missing. at 5:45 continuing coverage on the flooding in colorado. as rescuers try to keep hope alive. and later the california man who was just one number away from the mega millions jackpot and how much he still ended up winning. and more than one year after a cruise ship disaster the costa concordia is up right again. what crews had to do to make it happen.
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the costa concordia cruise ship is up right again. what you're looking at here is video of what crews did to get the ship up right overnight. they wanted to stay in one piece to tow it away. this type of operation has never been attempted on a ship this large. to find out more go to
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and go to the section tabbed, hot topics. the census bureau issued a report that says the nation's poverty level appears to be stuck at 15%. this is the second consecutive year that number has seen no movement. child poverty in the u.s. is now at almost 22%. the city of richmond's ground breaking plan to save under water homes is being allowed to move forward after a federal judge dismissed a measure. says the city has not yet acted to rescue homeowners through its use of imminent donation. richmond is the first city to allow homes to be refinanced at lower rates. stocks pushed higher amidst
5:41 pm
hopes that stocks will increase. investors want the fed to keep interest rates near zero. the nasdaq gained almost 28 today. >> the bay area company that owns penthouse magazine filed for bankruptcy protection. sunny vale based friend finder network owns several magazines including penthouse. the company owes 500 million and only has $10 million in assets. it says it's trying to work out a deal that would reduce its debt to $5 million. operations will continue as normal during the bankruptcy process. still to come, dealing with all the damage. >> i feel like it's worse than i thought it would be. >> reporter: residents return to their home in flood ravaged colorado as rescuers continue to look for hundreds of people still missing. >> and cleaning up the community, the major effort that's under way right now around some bay area freeways. >> right after the break, i've got the latest computer model. we're going to take a look at showers and it could have an
5:42 pm
impact on this bay area weekend.
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continuing coverage now of the devastating flooding in colorado. the clean up is now under way as many people return to their flood damaged homes. state officials have confirmed six deaths with another two people missing and presumed dead. more than 3,000 people have been evacuated by air and by ground since the flooding started last week. but the search for more stranded victims continues tonight. in fact, more than 600 people
5:45 pm
are still unaccounted for in the flooded regions. today helicopter teams flew over colorado searching for the missing. and we have a report on what those rescuers found. >> reporter: in the air and on the ground rescue crews have resumed their search for those stranded and unaccounted for in colorado's devastating flood. officials blame at least eight deaths on the weather. >> we're just praying for the best. we're just heartbroken. >> reporter: kay rich like many in colorado are getting their first look at their homes. more than 1,500 homes have been damaged. >> nervous because i don't know what i'm facing. if only i knew. but until you get there you don't know. >> reporter: many have no home to return to. in the town of lions, rushing water moved entire homes. >> today is our first day up here since we've been evacuated and i feel like it's worse than
5:46 pm
i thought it would be. we lost absolutely everything we owned. >> reporter: others like olga salazar remain hopeful. >> if i survived a stroke and breast cancer this is not going to hold me down. we're going to fight, we're going to come back. >> miller reporting. the bay area red cross is sending a team of 10 volunteers to help rescuers there. they will join trained red cross volunteers sent last weekend. they will help with technology services and emotional support. the massive fire that destroyed part of the boardwalk along the jersey shore is being blamed on hurricane sandy. the fire destroyed more than 50 businesses last week in the side by side towns of seaside park and seaside heights. today investigators say that fire was triggered by electrical wiring that had been damaged by salt water and send
5:47 pm
after hurricane sandy hit. officials are urging homeowners and business owners to repair any wiring damaged by the storm. caltrans and the chp teamed up to remove litter. it's part of their don't trash california campaign. the trash not only looks bad but costs a lot of money to remove. >> the money that we spend removing litter could be spent on filling potholes or maintaining our infrastructure, instead we have to spend quite a bit of it on picking up all this trash. >> reporter: in fact, caltrans says last year it spent about $50 million cleaning up litter around california. our bay area weather was very cool at the beginning of the week and let's see where things are headed by going over to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> things are cooling down. temperatures tomorrow warming back up into the upper 80s. active pacific jet stream from
5:48 pm
the north there. you can see it. i can point out different features, but what union can see is lots of clouds. a very rapidly moving jet stream. that marks a change in our weather pattern that brings, this jet stream is going to drop down as we head into your bay area weekend. friday specifically into saturday morning and could bring us a very good shower. the wind has been so aggressive coast side. it was there this morning, it's gone now. sustained winds at 32 miles per hour. so you're getting gusts into the 40-mile an hour range. it's very windy in this area along the coast. south about mountain view, it's windy and breezy. but the real wind seems to be right along ocean beach and san francisco ocean city, the wind, san francisco airport. tomorrow's forecast highs as you go through the microclimates you're looking at lots of 80s now where there were 70s. but as you go into tomorrow you're going to find mid- and upper 80s in these inland bay
5:49 pm
valleys. so warmer day and warm still as we head into your bay area wednesday and thursday. tomorrow's forecast for downtown san jose, it's 80 degrees for daytime high in downtown san jose. so a warmer day as you go into wednesday. this is a computer model, look at that, right. that's a pretty nice looking deal. that's the long range model. a couple of days out, check it out. that's a nice looking weather system. what happens is it moves forward. that's why we're calling for a chance of rain saturday morning because as it glides north it will not be far for areas to get some drizzle. some wet weather. some light rain and maybe areas as far south as golden gate bridge. we'll be tracking that for you. watch this at the end of the run, this is an aggressive looking pattern as well. you can tell the seasons are changing right there. the equinox is sunday but you can feel things changing, and see things changing. the computer model starting to look more like winter.
5:50 pm
these are the computer models around. 87 in livermore. a nice looking day as we go into your area. then along the coast 60s and less wind. it is windy. if you're out at richmond, that sand gets blown around down there. it is messy and that's what we're dealing with tonight. that's typically how it goes. five day forecast. bay area weekend in view. what i'm tracking here then is your friday because that's the transition. that's when that system drops down and some where in the late afternoon and evening we got a chance for a slight chance for a shower friday night into saturday morning. and you can see it right here. so that could have an impact on your bay area weekend plans. here's what i know, after dealing with that mount diablo fire, that forecast will not very helpful to fires starting in the bay area. >> so if we do get some rain, just a little bit. >> yeah it would be a little
5:51 pm
bit at best. but as we get the change in weather it starts to change things around. and the 29-year-old spent last night in a giant freezer. the temperature around 31 degrees. the prince and a group of wounded service members are preparing for a 16 day, 200- mile journey to the south pole. it will raise money for the walking with the wounded charity. up next here, a story you will see only on 2. >> they're pals, pier pals, how they are helping each -- peer pals, how they're helping each other with their mental illness. and we're going to julie haener with the stories we're working on for 6:00. >> a blind man and his service dog are victims of a hit-and- run. >> plus why thousands of californians were left without state assistance and when aid will come. these stories and much more
5:52 pm
coming up in less than nine minutes at 6:00. woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. a weekend theft in modesto has devastated an elementary school program that helps children struggling with disabilities. someone stole 11 specialized bikes and tricycles that were used by a special ed class.
5:55 pm
kerry pierson says it took 17 years for her to accumulate that collection of three wheel bicycles many of which she and her husband bought herself. >> these bikes actually allow our kids to be socially integrated in their own neighborhoods. it will allow them to get out in their community. >> i was shocked, i thought who would think that they needed 11 handicapped bicycles more than our handicap students. it was very disappointed. >> reporter: the tricycles cost about $400 each but the bikes cost $2,500 each and they estimate it will cost more than $8,000 to replace them. today we're taking a look at a bay area program that is helping people with mental illness. john fowler discovered it's an effective lesson of self-help. >> reporter: once a week, cindy and hope go to lunch at the park, to a museum or a movie.
5:56 pm
cindy white is overcoming a childhood brain injury. hope paulen is her mentor. >> she has thought me to get out more. meet new people. >> reporter: faith herself was troubled. >> i was homeless, had previous mental illness. >> i'm going to help you with your card so you can get a discount card. >> reporter: faith and cindy are part of a program called peer pals. >> so anybody else have any suggestions about outings. >> reporter: started by david detata who overcame mental challenges of herself, after an accounting career, detata now leads the program. peer pals connects people on the path to recovery with people who are succeeding. >> support and the connection
5:57 pm
that that brings, it's just incredible the difference that it makes. >> reporter: christine bacas heads the chapter of the national alliance on mental illness. she says it's a game changer. just to be with someone who's like you. who's conquering the same challenges you are facing. >> that's what hope looks like. >> i not only help a friend, but i understand where he's coming from. where the isolation and the stigma and the shame is so severe. >> comradery, community, having people to bounce your ideas off of. and making friendships. >> reporter: and friendship hope tells me is therapy. >> it helps me to help somebody else period. i get more than i could ever give i think. >> it's all right that i'm mentally ill and to show i can do something for somebody else like he did for me.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: most clients graduate to be mentors. the program supported solely by donations is free. john fowler, ktvu news. the woman who sold a mega millions ticket to a man from bakers field will be getting a nice tip from him. max coronado says he plans to spend $10,000 of his winnings to send sue park on a vacation to her native south korea. he matched five numbers in a drawing last week and won $1.5 million. >> i had a three instead of a one. two numbers away or else it would have been the full jackpot. >> every tuesday and wednesday, friday, saturday he plays a lot. >> reporter: coronado has been buying lottery tickets since he moved to the area in 1986. he says he also plans to pay off his house. now at 6:00, oakland gets the biggest check in the country to hire more police
5:59 pm
officers but is it enough? we break down the real need on the streets of oakland. >> new at 6:00, he stepped off the curb where his guide dog leading the way. that's when he was hit by a car and the driver sped away. >> a whole lot of stuff was going on in my head i probably shouldn't say being a pastor. >> now this pastor is hoping the public helps mind find that driver. as new details comes out on the suspected gunman, we take a look at what california is doing to keep guns out of the hands of those battling mental illness. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. breaking news at this hour from oakland. a child was grazed by glass when shots were fired just about an hour ago in the fruitvale neighborhood. eric rasmussen just arrived on the scene. eric what have you been able to
6:00 pm
learn so far? >> reporter: i just had a chance to talk to a lieutenant and it looks like this situation could have been a lot worse. a lieutenant tells me there was a mother and 5-year-old boy caught in the crosswalk. they were inside an acura integra the gold colored vehicle there. the windows, the back window clearly shot all of the way out. now, the police on scene tell us this shooting may have possibly come from two other vehicles that were long gone when officers arrived on scene. no sign of the suspects, but a 5-year-old as you said was hit by some of the flying glass. presumably from when the windows of his mother's car was shot out here. we understand the little boy was take ton the hospital just as a precaution. but we have confirmed with oakland police that nobody was hit by any of the bullets exchanged here on 27th avenue. talked to a neighbor just


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