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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 17, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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learn so far? >> reporter: i just had a chance to talk to a lieutenant and it looks like this situation could have been a lot worse. a lieutenant tells me there was a mother and 5-year-old boy caught in the crosswalk. they were inside an acura integra the gold colored vehicle there. the windows, the back window clearly shot all of the way out. now, the police on scene tell us this shooting may have possibly come from two other vehicles that were long gone when officers arrived on scene. no sign of the suspects, but a 5-year-old as you said was hit by some of the flying glass. presumably from when the windows of his mother's car was shot out here. we understand the little boy was take ton the hospital just as a precaution. but we have confirmed with oakland police that nobody was hit by any of the bullets exchanged here on 27th avenue. talked to a neighbor just moments ago, she said she had
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just picked up her nephew from a school that is just across the street and heard a series of six or seven shots. she said the shots sounded so loud and were so close they hit the floor in the house right over here because they thought the shots were coming at them. a flurry of gunfire. there was a mother and her son in their car when this gunfire was exchanged and luckily they were not hit. officers are still investigating, they have taken down some of the crime tape but still a lot more to go. we hear this 5-year-old should be okay. we will continue to gather information, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. >> that breaking news story is just one example of why a federal grant is going to helping for more officers. we told you about the funding at five clock. now john sasaki explains what kind of difference just 10 officers can make. >> reporter: another day,
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another time when oakland police are scrambling. we drove with an officer who says she is relieved that more help is on the way. >> was taking out a large gun and putting on a bullet-proof vest. >> reporter: that call turned out to be nothing but one of the calls that officer angelica mendoza responded to today. >> reporter: there was several calls that you guys were not able to roll to. how common is that? >> it's common. >> we've been the highest count in the city if not the nation. >> reporter: the grant will go to pay for 10 officers for 10 years. >> law enforcement helps to look at ac transit, b.a.r.t., the protection of our airport, the protection of our port of
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oak l and -- oakland and the protection of our citizens. >> reporter: nearly 200 fewer than the city had just a few years ago. so although 10 more officer social security good. >> we should be you know granting here 300 officers. if not, bring in the u.s. marshals on a daily basis. >> reporter: you can see one problem at this crime scene. eight officers tied up working on robbery where three suspects were apprehended. >> children are not safe at school. i feel it's a complete chaos. >> reporter: one suspect told me this was a misunderstanding and that the streets need to be safer. >> i will try to do my part with the kids and schools and all that. i'm a stand up guy. >> reporter: mendoza says her officers are as active as possible but with so few officers on the street they are just running from call to call to call. convicted serial killer
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joseph naso deserves to die for his crime, says jurors. rob roth has the story. >> reporter: naso will receive the death penalty. also in court was the daughter of carmen colon one of five women naso was accused of murdering then dumping their bodies. >> he took something away from me that i will never have back. i will never have her back but i'm just glad justice is served and we can put this to rest after 35 years. >> reporter: naso was described by prosecutors as a sexual sadist. but naso is 79 years old and california has not had an execution since 2006 because the state found that death by
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lethal injection is not legal. >> he feels that he still can be -- he's been helping other inmates here at the marin county jail. >> reporter: naso acted as his own attorney. he has never admitted to the murders, only to mistakes he's made in the past. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. today we are learning new details about the man authorities say carried out yesterday's mass shooting at the navy yard in washington, d.c. the fbi says it has concluded that 34-year-old aaron alexis acted alone. but his motive is still a mystery. authorities say he was carrying a shotgun not an assault rifle and somehow got hold of a handgun once he got inside.
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alexis had a valid pass to enter the naval yard. authorities have now identified all 12 people killed yesterday. among them was a navy ship designer who also thought sunday school. a maintenance yards supervisor who loved the washington redskins football team. an immigrant from india who joined the marines. eight other people were wounded in that rampage. the shooter died after a long gun battle with police. we also learned the navy yard shooting suspect had been treated at a va hospital for mental issues. the tie between mental disorders and mass shootings shootings has been talked about since the sandy hook shooting. >> reporter: to make it more difficult for the mentally disturbed to own firearms but california in recent months on
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this issue has already taken action. much is still being learned about aaron alexis. what has been reported is that in the past he sought mental health and had run ins with the law against guns. that may have been enough in california to put him on a list of people banned from owning guns and it's a long list. >> we know of over 20,000 californians in possession of 38,000 firearms including assault weapons who legally cannot be in possession of those firearms. >> reporter: senator mark leno offered a big to tackle that backlog. providing $28 million to special law enforcement teams. some on the list are felons, others are mentally ill. >> the federal department of justice is very interested in seeing if they can replicate this either in other states or everyone at the federal level. of course the question is where would the money come from. >> reporter: postsandy hook, california and a number of states have proposed laws relating to guns and mental health. >> six months is just not long
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enough. >> reporter: cody says the solution is writing good laws in conjunction with enforcement. >> you need to make sure that data is reported. >> reporter: jacob says it's too soon to draw conclusions from the shooting in washington but the postsandy hook momentum on mental health and gun laws continues. >> we found this is an area where we've been able to find common ground with even more progun groups in other issues. >> reporter: currently there is a bill on the governor's desk to ban someone from owning a gun for five years. if that person makes a specific threat against someone else and makes that threat while talking to a mental health professional. if that were to happen now, that ban would be just six months. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage continues on we have more information on the alleged gunman in the washington naval yard shooting
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and the latest on the investigation. just look under hot topics on our home page. arson is being looked into as a possible cause for starting the clover fire in shasta county. that fire started on september 9th and killed one person, burned 68 homes and burned more than 12-1/2 square miles. today the shasta county fire department confirms it may not have been started by accident. investigators say there were at least two ignition points for the fire. 56-year-old bryan henry died on that fire when he did not evacuate. a child care worker is facing new charges of lewd acts with children in his care. nicholas larmeney has already been charged of committing lewd acts with two girls. today the prosecutor added a 7- year-old and 3-year-old girl to the victims. >> i think what's the most
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alarming in this case is it remind us all that a child molester if these charges are proven true can be anybody. >> he was arrested in july. he remains in custody without bail and will return to court october 29th. voters in san francisco will decide this fall on a measure to fully fund the city's retirement health care program. proposition a estimates $4 million. the city currently pays $60 million a year in retirement health care costs, that amount is estimated to grow to over 500 million a year in the coming decade. under proposition a the city would be barred from raiding the health care fund for 30 years. >> we're simply requiring fiscal discipline in city hall without asking for contributions from our retirees our current work force and zero
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reduction in benefits. >> two years ago, lawmakers approved prop -- proposition c which raised the retirement age. for nearly a decade the two sides have disagreed on the values of chevron's richmond refinery. the county found the property's assessment to be too low. but chevron argued the facility was overvalued. the plan approved by the board of supervisors drops several lawsuits and calls for an annual meeting over the refinery's tax assessment. coming up, why thousands of the neediest californians were left without assistance and when aid will come. a blind man and guide dog victims of a hit-and-run. >> it just drove past me, sped up and kept going. >> reporter: what he desperately wants now from the man who hit him. warmer weather is in store, i'll pinpoint the hottest bay area spots. when it's time to talk business security,
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new at 6:00, a blind man stepped off the curb with his guide dog leading the way, that's when a car hit them and drove off. anne rubin is hoping witnesses can lead them to that driver. >> reporter: the neighborhood has surveillance cameras, but sadly they did not capture the accident or the car. on a typical day you will find albert mackland walking to the church where he's a pastor or to starbucks to get a coffee. accompanied by his guide dog is how he prefers to get around.
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mackland who is blind wasn't able to get away. pinning his dog under the trunk. >> i was waiting for her, thinking she would come toward me, to check me out and she was okay. but after she moved toward the car, she didn't come toward me. i really expected the woman to stop. >> reporter: macland could not believe it. >> i was really hoping she would stop. i was thinking she was going to stop. >> this just getting into the core of human compassion. i mean, for a driver to collide into a blind man with a seeing eye dog then leave the scene without making sure he's okay or getting medical aid. it's just not okay. >> reporter: macland says his left leg and hand are sore. his dog seems to be fine. all he wants is an apology. >> as a simple courtesy, the
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simple fact that you hit somebody. i didn't even have to be blind, just the simple fact that you hit somebody and you did not stop to take care of the matter the way it should have been handled. >> reporter: and police think the woman may have been visiting someone in the neighborhood. a lawsuit over ap test scores has been withdrawn. san mateo union high school district and a parent group withdrew the lawsuit yesterday. the college board invalidated may test scores after some students said they sat facing each other which is not allowed during testing. ap exams allow students to get college credit for introductory courses. today b.a.r.t. and its unions had more sharp words in public after they sat down behind closed doors to try to reach a deal. the union says it has made concessions that would save b.a.r.t. $10 million. but b.a.r.t.'s chief me
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negotiators say they have still too far apart. >> they are not negotiating. they have made an offer and sticking with the the district's office. >> we're talking about $6 million difference over two years, that's a lot of money. >> despite the differences, they hope to avoid a strike. there's only two days left in the cooling off period. when that cooling off period is over, b.a. r.t. workers could step on the picket line again. the delays were caused by -- the edd began switching over to the new system over the labor day weekend. it is not known how many people are still being affected by that glitch. and officials today did not give specific numbers. >> they need to get their benefit payment as long as they're available and we're
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working to get those processed as quickly as possible. >> officials hope to have all delayed checks sent out to californians this week. the software upgrade also distorted the number of jobless claims. california reported a decrease of claims to the department of labor for the week after labor day. temperatures cooled today. it's windy out there. temperatures warm tomorrow. so these are the numbers the weather service came up with today. in areas where we had antioch we had upper 80s and low 90s yesterday in the inland bay valleys we're down a good 10 degrees. 64 in pacifica, the winds blowing along the coast. we mentioned that airport wind warning. mainly has to do with strong winds at the airport and changes the way they take off the planes down there. there's no delays because of it. it's just windy. we have gusts in the san francisco area of 45 and 50 miles per hour. it's real windy along the coast and along the peninsula. 22 sustained at the san francisco airport. that means gusts are going 20
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to 35-miles-an-hour. we're looking for partly cloudy and school conditions. mostly sunny and warmer tomorrow. and then we've got that rain chance to talk about friday night into saturday morning. so tomorrow temperatures come up a good five to 8 degrees around the bay, high pressure builds in. san francisco downtown tomorrow. you can look for temperatures back into the 60s with a daytime high of 72 degrees. there'll be patchy fog but it should be sunny as well. here's the system we're tracking, thursday at 6:00, watch what it does. it kind of shreds apart. you're going to have this thing dragging into the north bay. maybe even a few sprinkles. as far south as san francisco doesn't look like it right now but north of san francisco yeah. could get some sprinkles. again early next week, another system kind of rushes by. so fall starts officially the equinox is sunday and it will start to act like it as the jet
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system drops down. 87 in antioch, 88 in brentwood. you're in the low 80s and then along the coast. good nice looking day. next day looks good too. it's going to be warmer the next few days so then temperatures will start to warm up as we warm up the next few days and start to cool down as the system moves closer to us. with your bay area weekend in view tonight at 10:00, we'll certainly update the pore cast. as - - certainly update the forecast. >> you're going to keep watching it for us. >> yeah. >> thank you, bill. and coming up on bay area news at 7:00. it was supposed to be a unanimous vote but that's not what happened. we'll tell you how the issue turned into a political hot potato. why a unique new school is getting support from facebook's own mark zuckerberg. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. things are looking good for
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america's cup races were scrapped for the day. here's a look live at the bay
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where winds were gusting up to 28 knots for some time today. races 11 and 12 were postponed until tomorrow. close to 1,000 became u.s. citizens today at a naturalization ceremony at the state's capital. u.s. labor secretary thomas perez was the keynote speaker at the ceremony in sacramento. this new group of citizens represents a total of 88 countries. many say they come here to chase the american dream. >> as soon as i stepped into the this building i cried. i am very emotional, naturally. but today especially. >> again more than 18,000 people will become new citizens during ceremonies across the united states this week. helping to mark constitution day and citizenship day. it looks like oakland a's fans were ready for the play
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offs. hundreds of people lined up this morning at the coliseum for the chance to bring tickets to the american league divisional play offs. the a's are in first place in the american league west. the a's magic number to clench their division is seven. and mark is here now with sports, a's playing later on tonight. they seem to be peaking at the right time. >> the texans ahead in their game but if the a's win they will reduce it to six. the giants just hoping to avoid last place. they've been playing better ball of late had a nice weekend in l. a. now in new york, that's zac wheeler once a prized prospect of the organization. pagan with one of the singles. now it's 3-2. matt demdecker for the met that is tied it but watch what happens as wilmer florez finds himself in a run down between third and home. decker is out between first and
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second but there is floyd scoring the run that put the mets ahead. and that's where they are in the 7th inning now 4-4 giants and mets. the end of the, this is the picnic plate for the sanford cardinals is over man. it is in tough from here on out as they will face asu until two less than convincing victories. asu looking pretty good. cardinal coach david shaw says he feels good. but not great about his team so far. >> there are no breaks, and in order to have a chance to win this conference you have to understand that. you never know what's going to happen. you have to find a way to scratch and claw and score one more point. >> we want to be on top of our conference. hopefully we're ready for it. there's going to be more emotion. >> stanford 2-0 but you know less than convincing but it's
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going to get tough from here on out. >> thanks, mark. >> thank you. a sweeping new smoking ban is up for a vote tonight in one east bay city. the restrictions it could put over a large part of the downtown area and limit where residents can light up at home. and we are always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks so much for joining us. have a good evening everyone. >> good night. television
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