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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 17, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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here in the bay area and around the nation, access to u.s. military facilities is getting a fresh look tonight following the mass shooting in washington, d.c. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. we're learning of an
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investigation that found flaws in the navy security. >> reporter: that inspection could extend to military facilities nationwide. they will inspect the navy facility in monterey. and today at the coast guard station here in alameda, they did sent out security reminders. >> reporter: security concerns are on the radar of all u.s. military installations right now. at coast guard island, officials send out a reminder about their active shooter response. >> contractors to have background checks depending on what level they are. >> reporter: the navy yard shooter used his i.d. card to attain access. >> it was good for ten years and it was at the secret level.
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the security clearance was valid when he left the navy in 2011. because he wasn't out of work so long the security clearance went with him. >> reporter: today they requested an investigation be conducted. the security clearance system was found flawed. >> it said in the inspection report that the people who worked there were at risk and sited 52 felons who were able to get through the system inappropriately. >> reporter: this evening a spokesman with the navy postgrad school in monterey sent me a copy of an e-mail that was sent out to all of the staff there at the base urging them to be on heightened alert. reporting live from alameda tonight, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news.
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today defense secretary chuck hagel and other top paid their respect to the dozen people who died in that shooting. the chairman of the chief joints of staff layed a wreath on pennsylvania avenue in washington. we also have new information about the mental health issues that had been haunting the navy gunman. we've learned the warning signs were there. 34-year-old aaron alexis had contacted police just last month and told them he was hearing voices. the fbi says alexis bought a shotgun just two days before the rampage. and the store ran a background check but he was cleared and the gun sale approved. heather holmes is here with the psychological issue that is could have raised red flags. >> reporter: we have learned of a very bizarre incident just weeks before alexis killed those 10 people. that's when he reported hearing those voices, a sign of his
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instability. >> reporter: while investigators have yet to unveil a motive, new details that alexis was troubled and losing touch with his mental health. that history includes a strange incident in new port rhode island last month. on august 7, alexis called police to tell them that seven people were sent to his room to rattle him and sent vibrations through his body. and that the voices came through the wall and ceiling. >> clearly that's an incident similar to sandy hook. >> reporter: and now investigators are questioning why he was able to buy a guns before the shooting. >> i think that opportunities for preventive actions ought to be the center piece of what we
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do going forward. >> reporter: on saturday, alexis went to a gun range about 15-miles from the navy yard. he rented a rifle, bought bullets and took target and ammunition. ught a it's not real. it's just not possible. >> reporter: today victim's families talked of their grief. >> to shoot at him for no reason. he loved his country, he loved the navy, he loved flags. he was just a happy person. >> gerald l. reed and michael verdell. >> the house will observe a moment of silence. >> reporter: and this evening that moment of silence was held there on the floor of the house of representatives for the lives cut short. three women and nine men civilians and contractors. >> so sad. what else are we learning about the weapons involved? >> reporter: as we talked about last night. the team of investigators were
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back at the scene. investigators reported they recovered two guns at the scene. the shotgun not clear if it was the one bought that the virginia store. as well as the handgun that they said he obtained sometime during the attack. alexis was not in position of an ar assault rifle that had been previously reported. >> heather, thank you. the gun battle between alexis and officers lasted four minutes before officers took him down. they were at the gate within two minutes of being dispatched. >> within seven minutes we had officers at the building entering the building to engage in active shooter and shots were actively being fired. >> reporter: chief lanier said her officers came upon many of the victims as they entered the building to find the gunman. california has a data base
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that cross references gun buyers and mental illness patients. >> you will also be in this computer system. >> reporter: senator leno said more than 20,000 californians own firearms who should not. mavis was going to talk about the pentagon's need to find alternatives to petroleum. on you will find continuous coverage of the shooting. in oakland tonight, a young child is recovering after being hit by some flying glass during a wild shooting late this afternoon. happened around 4:45. the child and his mother were in a car in the 1500 block of 27th avenue in the fruitvale neighborhood. police say bullets shattered a window and the boy was injured
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by flying glass. no one was killed by the shooting. >> praying for the little children. scared for the little kids here getting shot. it's sad. >> reporter: we also saw a pickup that had bullets in the window. and tonight, new funding to put more police officers on the streets of oakland. where that money is coming from and the other departments that are now hiring. late this afternoon a jury in marin county recommended that joseph naso be put to death. ktvu's rob roth tonight on naso's odd reaction and the tearful response from the daughter of one of the victims. >> reporter: inside a marin county courtroom this afternoon, convicted serial killer joseph naso stared expressionless after the jury did what yesterday he asked them not to do. they recommended the death penalty. outside court the daughter of
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carmen colon said this sad ordeal is over, finally. >> i will never have her back but i'm just glad justice is served and we can put this to right now, after 35 years. >> reporter: naso's sentence came 28 hours after deliberation. they've linked him to at least six killings and countless rapes over a half century of sex crimes. >> although it's never an easy decision to return a death verdict it was the appropriate one in this case. >> reporter: naso released this rather perplexing message. >> i want to help others in prison, i am on a new threshold of my life and will make the best of it. >> reporter: naso has never pled guilty to the killings. the murder of the fourth victim happened when california did
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not have a death penalty. at 79 years old how likely is it naso will face execution? >> he is probably on the older side of any individual that is going to be on death row at this point. >> reporter: and naso will return next week to set a date for his death sentence. new at 10:00, dozens of workers gathered at city hall to demand that city leaders return to the bargaining table. the contract covers some 280 seiu workers and it expired back in april. then in late july, city officials declared an impasse in stop negotiations. hayward's assistant city manager has said the city needs the workers to forgo races for five years. but the workers say they've already given up more than $7 million over the past four years and enough is enough. >> we've always helped the
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city. we've always been there and we would hope that they would be here now for us. >> reporter: seiu represents a range of workers including library assistants, water sanitation, water treatment workers, maintenance and road crews and 911 operators. winds at sfo were a steady 32 miles per hour this afternoon with gusts up to 50 miles per hour. that forced the airport to make some adjustments. and fire crews were credited with doing away with a fast moving brush fire. the flames threatened one structure for a time but crews managed to save it. it took firefighters about an hour and a half to get those flames under control. mowed fields adjacent to the fire helped keep it from
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spreading. and the wind forced the cancellation of the america's cup races. the kiwi team needs just two more victorys to claim the title. how warm it will be where you live tomorrow. complaints have led one bay area city to try to regulate how the homeless are fed. but some are questioning the city's motive. and in 90 second -- >> it breaks my heart to even imagine that he was bleeding somehow on the freeway. and he couldn't be saved. >> why this widow is questioning what police say caused the six vehicle crash that killed her husband.
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the highway patrol is still investigating a strange series of events leading up to a crash on interstate 880 in oakland over the weekend that killed a man on his motorcycle. tonight ktvu's eric rasmussen spoke with the victim's widow and the friend who was with her husband when he died, eric. >> reporter: 35-year-old jose ka carillo was headed south. he was going home to his wife and daughter but never made it. carillo's wife is having a hard time coming to grips with what happened. this red baseball cap is all erica pacheco could bring home
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from the side of 880. that's where her husband jose carillo died in a crash involving five other vehicles. a friend of carillo delivered the news at their home in san lorenzo. >> he was crying and right away i knew hi was gone. >> reporter: there was no easy way to explain it to their 4- year-old daughter. >> she just kept telling me she misses him and she wants to hug him and i tell her that i do too. >> he was on the far left lane and i was on the lane with him. >> reporter: the chp says road rage or even racing might have been a factor but camino said they were not involved. he said two cars had already crashed in front of them when they approached the 98th avenue overpass. >> as we started to come up, the pickup truck starts to roll back ward on the freeway. >> reporter: camino was able to move out of the way, carillo didn't make it. >> he was a really safe rider because he wanted to come home. he wanted to be with his
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family. >> reporter: pacheco says her husband once dreamed of being in a bad accident on his bike but she never thought his family would have to endure the nightmare of losing him. the chp says it is still investigating exactly what happened. some fellow members of carillo's motorcycle club are now raising money to try to help his family pay for his funeral. we're live in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. the clock keeps ticking toward another possible b.a.r.t. strike. there are now just 23 days left until the 60 day court ordered cooling off period coming to an end. on the agenda was an officer from b.a.r.t.'s union they called it a major concession. but even so the two sides are still miles and millions of the dollars apart. >> just a matter of whether or not we can get it done without causing or having another strike occur. that's what we're trying to do, prevent a strike. >> reporter: so the union is willing to negotiate.
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we're going to get negotiating for the next 23 days we have left. >> reporter: the two sides finished their talks for today and are expected to meet again tomorrow morning. the last b.a.r.t. strike lasted 45 days and you might remember it caused major traffic problems for hundreds of thousands of commuters all over the area. county supervisors approved a deal where each side getting something. the taxable value of chevron's refinery is lower and chevron is willing to overgo a tax refund. it's hope that the agreement will lead to smoother relations between the two. it is what so many oakland residents have been asking for, more police officers. now a grant will allow the city to get 10 more.
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>> was taking out a large gun and putting on a bullet-proof vest. >> reporter: that call was one of many that officer angelica mendoza responded to today. >> for some reason after 11:00, the calls start to be really serious. >> in each round we've been the highest scoring city in california if not the nation. >> reporter: the city, county and nation announced a grant that will may for 10 extra officers. >> i've been through a lot of families who's pain is hard to describe. that's just not happening in america. >> reporter: opd has nearly 200 fewer than the city had just a few years ago. so although 10 more officers is good --
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>> we should be you know, granting here 300 officers. if not, bring in the u.s. marshals on a daily basis. >> reporter: you can see one problem at this crime scene. eight officers tied up working on a robbery where three suspects were apprehended. >> children aren't even safe at school. i feel this is complete chaos. >> reporter: officer mendoza says her officers are proactive as often as possible but they're usually just calling from call to call to call. john sasaki, ktvu news. more details now, alameda county will be able to pay for eight more police officers with it federal grant. east palo alto will receive two extra officers. the same goes for hayward which will add two extra officers. tonight the mother of a 14- year-old girl from oakland is asking for help to find her.
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elizabeth griffith was last seen last friday around 6:00 p.m. at st. joseph noter dame high school in alameda where she attends classes. her parents say she takes medication for depression but did not take her prescription with her. elizabeth griffith is described as latina about 5'2 inches tall with brown hair and brown eyes. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. pretty windy out on the bay. the wind gusts today up to 50 miles per hour. that was around 4:00 this afternoon. winds right now are sustained at 16 so the wind are dying down a little bit. it's going to be a warm day tomorrow. a little sunshine. 90s start to creep back into the area into the eastern bay communities. look for tomorrow for a lot of mid- and upper 80s. downtown san francisco tomorrow, san jose tomorrow starts off at 58 degrees. ends up at lunchtime at around
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72 degrees in downtown san jose. 80degrees for a daytime high tomorrow. so a warmer day tomorrow for the entire bay area. when i come back at 10:45, we'll come looking for the rain because there's showers in the five day forecast. we'll see you back here. one person killed and dozens of homes destroyed. was it the work of an arsonist? >> i would like to screen him up by his unmentionables. the evidence that could suggest this devastating fire was deliberately set. but first a policy change at southwest airlines that could cost you hundreds of dollars.
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it's been a perk for people at southwest airlines but no more. the company says it's now enforcing a no show policy. if you don't cancel your reservation at least 15 minutes before take off you will be
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charged your seat. passengers we spoke to tonight said they understood the change. >> i really don't have a problem with it because, in actuality it gives other fliers a chance to get on a last minute flight. >> southwest is keeping its no charge policy for changing a ticket provided they learn about that change before that 10 minute window. boeing's latest version of the 787 dream liner made it maiden flight today. the model is larger, can carry more passengers and can fly longer. you will recall the original dream liner got off to a rocky start last night when problems with its lithium batteries grounded the entire fleet for several months. praise is pouring in for
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the team that righted the huge cruise ship costa concodria. now the damage is visible. salvage crews said everything went almost exactly as planned. the operations had cost $800 million. if relatives of the two passenger -- the relatives of the two passengers who's family members were never recovered are hoping they now can be found. the fire on the jersey shore is now being blamed on superstorm sandy. investigators are saying that electrical wires had been compromised after the floods. other builds are now being advised to conduct inspections. the sheriff's office says
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investigators found at least two ignition points for the fire and they believe it may have been deliberately set. the fire destroyed 68 homes and scorched 12 square miles. one grandmother said if an arsonist is responsible she knows just what she would like to do toe him. >> , l ike to do to him. >> i would like to hang him by his unmentionables and let everyone who lost something take a whack at him. now more on the destructive wild pig that is have been tearing up lawns in san ramon. we first showed you the problem last week. now families said that two of the pigs were caught in trapless. wild pigs are seen rooting around for grub in a lawn last week. some residents report seeing as many as 20 of those wild pigs
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out together during the overnight hours. at 10:45 no smoking even in your own home. the bay area city debating that right now. plus -- >> i just really expected the woman to stop. i just really expected the woman to stop. >> a blind man who was hit with his seeing eye dog speaks out. >> and a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click on the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. unbelievable.
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new at 10:00, a hot meal for the homeless a simple gesture that can be a lifeline for those in need. tonight the city of hayward is
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considering restrictions on how who can offer that helping hand. >> amber lee here with new regulations that could limit those donations. >> reporter: it's a park where a number of groups come to offer free meals to the homeless. but police say these free give aways often lead to problems. >> reporter: pam says she was once homeless herself, now she feeds the homeless once a week. she counts herself lucky, a job and a roof over her head. >> we just decided to give back. we're just giving back. >> reporter: dozens of homeless gather here several times a week. they say the free food is a lifeline. >> if these people were not here, i don't know what i would do. >> keeps you alive? >> yes it's a matter of life or death. >> reporter: but the city is now considering a measure that would require any person or group who feeds the homeless outdoors to get a permit with the city. >> if you're going to provide food you should clean up. >> reporter: the assistant city manager tell us the measure was
10:31 pm
prompted by complaints from neighbors who say the homeless leave trash behind and sometimes display bad behavior. if approved the permits would be free only for the first years. >> we want people to be safe. we don't want people to get sick. >> reporter: pam does not understand why they need permits and don't think it's right. >> i don't think it's right for them to charge us to do something that is good. >> we want a centralized location where people can be productive. where people can use the skills they have. get the services they need. >> reporter: morris suspects the city is trying to get rid of the homeless. she tells me the food give away is an important step to getting her life back. >> we need to be treated just like everybody else so we can get back to where we were. eating is number one. one of the number one things, you know. >> reporter: the city council is scheduled to vote on the permit issue on october 1st.
10:32 pm
if approved it goes into effect mid-november. i checked with other cities, san francisco and berkeley have similar permit requirements. but san jose does not. reporting live, here in hayward, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. even as the economy is showing signs of recovery a record number of americans are living in poverty. 15% of the population which is the same rate as last year. the poverty threshold last year was defined as just over $23,000 a year for a family of four. over all 46-1/2 million americans were living in poverty last year. specifically 27% of african americans were living in poverty. 25% of latinos and 22% of children. wall street posted gains today as the federal reserve opened a two day meeting. the dow rose 32 points the nasdaq was up 27. many investors are hoping the feds will make only small reductions in its stimulus
10:33 pm
program. safeway stock rose 10% on word of a possible take over. an unknown investor has acquired more than half of safeway's stock. that allows existing shareholders to buy stock at a discounted rate to discourage the take over. renovations could be in store for the university of california's neglected presidential mansion. today a board of regents committee approved a plan to spend $26,000 to explore renovating blake house. part of that money will go into whether the house should still be used as the official resident of the uc president or be used for another reason. the reported price tag, $9,950 a month. the san mateo district have now withdrawn their lawsuit
10:34 pm
over ap test scores. the group filed suit against a testing service after the placement exams of 300 students were invalidated because of a seating discrepancy. it's still possible that individual parents and students may still pursue claims against the testing organizations. police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who struck a blind minister and his guide dog while they were out for an evening walk. it happened on myrtle street and sparrow court in east palo alto. the reverend says he just wants an apology. >> reporter: on a normal day you will see macland walking, either to the church where he's a pastor or to starbucks to get
10:35 pm
a coffee. >> i was waiting for her to see if she was coming toward me to see if i was okay. but once she got out to move the car she didn't come to me at all. i just really expected the woman to stop. >> reporter: now east palo alto police are looking for witnesses. they're going door to door hoping that someone saw something. they're determined to track this driver down. >> this just strikes to the core of human compassion. for a driver to collide into a blind man with a seeing dog, without stopping to see if he was okay or get him medical aid, it's just not okay. >> reporter: his dog seems to be fine, though police are interested in an arrest, all he wants is an apology. >> as a simple courtesy, the simple fact that you hit somebody. i didn't even have to be blind. just the simple fact that you hit somebody and you didn't stop to handle the matter as it
10:36 pm
should have been handled. >> reporter: mcland thinks that the driver may have been visiting someone here at east side court. anyone with information should contact police. ann rubin. a nonprofit organization to help at school students to stay in school is the winner of a college success grant. college track helps first generation university students grants. college track plans to use the money to expand advising and mentoring support for college students. excitement is building in oakland for an expected play off run for the oakland a's. the team started selling tickets and fanned lined up early at the coliseum. tickets went so fast the a's decided to take off the tarp. what's known as mount davis in
10:37 pm
center field will remain covered. getting even stricter with smokers, the east bay city considering an ordnance that could prevent some from smoking inside their own home. temperatures are getting a little bit warmer before taking another dip. when will we transition to a cooling trend in a day you can even expect some showers. in three minutes a former ymca child care worker accused of abusing two more children. >> devastating for everyone involved. >> the disturbing new charges he faces for allegedly victimizing a 3-year-old girl. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool,
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park police hope a new sketch of a sexual assault suspect will lead to an arrest. police release ed this sketch today. he has a thin build and a
10:40 pm
tattoo of writing on his neck. police say the suspect was armed with a knife when he attacked a female housekeeper at the double tree hotel last friday. anyone with information is asked to call the rhonert park police. robert handa roberts the alleged victims are as young -- robert handa reports the alleged victims were as young as three years old. merciney sat silent as two victims were added. >> many parents knew and liked nicholas very much. it's been very hard for people to believe and comprehend. >> reporter: as we learned, he
10:41 pm
was already charged with two sexual vandalism against two girls. >> we're hoping we caught it before the acts become aggravated. >> we know he had access to children throughout the community. >> it's devastating for everyone involved. i think what's most alarming about this case is it reminds us all that a child molester if these charges are proven true can be anybody. >> reporter: his family was at the courthouse today but declined to comment. he remains in custody, no bail and will return to court october 29 where he could possibly enter a plea. in morgan hill, robert handa. a sex offender sweep led to
10:42 pm
the arrest of eight wanted suspects. they targeted suspects who were wanted for violent crimes and they conducted 70 compliance checks. an oakland woman told ktvu tonight she couldn't believe it today when president obama called her to tell her about new work protections for the nation's nearly 2 million home care workers. >> oh my goodness. >> how are you, good to see you. the president first met paulene beck six years ago during his first campaign. he spent time with her as she cared for a man in his home. new regulations are set to take effect on january 2015. a chance of showers on the way. in five minutes, chief meteorologist bill martin bill martin is back with his complete bay area forecast. and a bay area city
10:43 pm
considering a strict secondhand smoke ordnance. and it's not too soon to talk about the a's magic number for clenching a spot play offs. the a's just beat the angels in dramatic fashion. their magic number now down to six. our sports director mark ibanez is on deck with the highlights. [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university. and these are my roommates. this is one of my favorite professors. and so is this. this is my academic advisor. and also my cheerleader. and when i finish my degree in business... a new job, at a great company... that's the graduation present i want. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads
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actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at
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city leaders and residents are meeting at this hour to discuss a possible smoking crack down in walnut creek. new at 10:00, ktvu's cara liu is live to tell us where smoking could soon be banned. >> reporter: this area across from city hall near a cafe and business complex is popular for smoke breaks but now the city may be pushing to change that. the day the smoking outdoors in downtown walnut creek whether it's on a sidewalk or at an outdoor dining area could be numbered. the city is considering a secondhand smoke ordnance that
10:46 pm
would ban smoking in the downtown pedestrian retail area, it would also prohibit smoking in all apartment and condo complexing including inside a home or apartment balcony. >> i don't have any problem with it outside or in the area because i know i don't like being around smoke. >> for them to tell me what i can and cannot do where it's not harming anybody, it upsets me. >> the smell of smoke for the brief period of time that somebody might be walking past it is so negligable. >> reporter: now if the council is to approve the smoking ban in the fall the earliest it
10:47 pm
could go into effect would be early next year. cara liu, ktvu news. a heads up for drivers in contra costa county, caltrans is warning that overnight road work could cause delays. traffic is going to be detoured at the 242 split between midnight and 5:00 a.m. crews are working on a slab replacement project. work begins tonight and is expected to last through thursday. trash got the boot from bay area freeways today. it's all part of a joint litter removal program by caltrans and the california highway patrol. we found crews removing debris in oakland. caltrans says trash is not only unsightly it also caused the state millions of the dollars every year to clean up. the fate of a san francisco bookstore steeped in history could be decided tomorrow. the city's historic preservation committee is set to hear a case involving
10:48 pm
jimbo's bob city. it hosted greats like miles david. the preservation commission is set to decide if the buildings are historic sites. a bit cooler out there today. temperatures inland were in the 80s and upper 70s. definitely cool. these are the highs from today. 79 in concord, 73 in vallejo. temperatures tomorrow coming up. the weather system is out in the pacific. you can see them. this is a very active jet stream. a lot of moisture coming in, a lot of speed. as it drops down over the next 36 to 48 hours we'll start to see a few more clouds then perhaps a chance of sprinkles. the winds have died down as we have gone into the next few hours. it was very windy today, gusts up to 15 miles per hour. but fairfield right now sustained at 10 miles per hour. so the winds have backed way off. it's going to be a cooler day tomorrow.
10:49 pm
partly cloudy tonight and mild. mostly sunny and warmer tomorrow. that's the headline for tomorrow. warmer. then the weekend a chance of wet weather as we go into friday night, saturday and that wet weather would be north bay. santa rosa north kind of thing. we'll watch it. 8degrees warmer today as this high pressure dominates the landscape. 63degrees at lunchtime. not bad. plenty of sunshine, no wind. the computer model shows the rain setting up or the showers setting up offshore. main dynamics are northerly around concord. we're going to get wet, watch what happens as we progress, 7:00 friday. there's the tail end of this thing. it could drive showers, drizzle perhaps and a little bit of wet weather into the north bay. as we go into friday night, saturday morning. a little bit more activity moving through the north bay in northern california as we go
10:50 pm
into next week. forecast highs tomorrow, 84 in sonoma and 87 in livermore. nice looking day tomorrow. thursday looks very similar to this. 68degrees in daily city tomorrow. so the forecast, wednesday, thursday warmer. friday temperatures dip down quite a bit that's because this system that's coming closer to us is going to increase the cloud cover. by late in the day on friday brings a slight chance of a sprinkle. temperatures will be cooler as well. we'll be tracking that for you. it'll be nice to get some rain but if it comes it's not going to be a whole lot. five day forecast, with your weekend in view, looks like a pretty mild pattern for fires. >> looks like nice weather. thank you bill. and three finalists have submitted redevelopment ideas to the precidio trust. george lucas is proposing a
10:51 pm
state of the arm interactive museum that would bring together art and science. the national parks conservancy would like to see a cultural center featuring film festivals to hack-a-thons. the public is invited to learn more at a community meeting set for next monday. the bike share program that was recently launched at san francisco already could be expanding. that is if supervisor scott weiner gets his way. the supervisor is pushing to expand the pilot program to the entire city by the end of next year. the program was launched on august 29th with 350 bikes at 35 stations throughout downtown san francisco. bike share also operating in redwood city, mountain view, palo alto and san jose. >> all right, mark is here now. the a's are keeping things exciting. what a thriller tonight. >> no doubt about that. just wish more people were out there to see it but the stars align and it did take a while for the numbers to get magical
10:52 pm
for the a's tonight. but they do. in the bottom of the 9th inning. knowing all evening that texas had already won their ball game. the athletics finally walk it off in the bottom of the ninth like we saw so many times last year. a festive some what small crowd tonight. mike trout hit a homer at the top of the first. brandon moss almost duplicates. he goes for an rbi double that placed coco. to make sure it stays, 1-1. meet josh redick taking extra bases away from mike trumble. beautiful catch there. a's pitching on the wall all evening. josh donaldson comes through again a liner to right center and the a's yeah it's pie time. 2-1 the magic number now at six even with the rangers victory. they used to say sinefeld was a show about nothing.
10:53 pm
then you can make a pretty good case tonight that the giants and mets were really playing for nothing. so perfect guy to join the mets broadcast booth for the night, yeah, you got it. >> welcome in again jerry sinefeld. >> thank you, thank you. gary, keith and run this is one of the most exciting moments of my life. >> what's the deal with angel pagan? how did they miss this guy all year. that hamstring, yeah glad he's back. top of the line up. solo center. 5-4 giants pagan again and he has been like this most of the summer. this triple is a double shy of the cycle. rbi, 8-5. giants win it and pe -- pettitte is now 4-0. he's the newest of the san francisco 49ers. we'll get you introduced to the
10:54 pm
former stanford man now a niner. we're coming right back.
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10:56 pm
well after surveying the damage after the sea hawk debacle, i'm sure 49er fans would like to see the team fanagle a deal. but they do sign a player that
10:57 pm
fits the harbaugh mote. owen marisse. played both ways under harbaugh at stanford. looking to make an immediate contribution. >> quickly needs to catch up. but will definitely help. i need some time to completely perfect everything. >> more of the collateral damage, williams going to miss the rest of the season after he suffered a broken ankle. put on the injured reserve list which means he cannot return this season. >> quakes were 3-0 winners. keeping their hopes alive. that's a sporting life for a tuesday night. it was ugly over all in hawaii. >> a lot of injuries. and thank you for joining us.
10:58 pm
we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the morning team will be following the b.a.r.t. bargaining talks. our coverage begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> good night.
10:59 pm
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they have this clock now where you punch in your age and all your risk factors, and it actually counts down how much time you have left to live. so what's the great moment? you're on your deathbed, they're pounding on your chest, and you're going, "10, 9, 8-- i told you this thing was good." i can't believe this is our first date. i know. how about dessert? i suppose i have to get a piece of cake. why? today's my birthday. what? today? really? yep. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday, dear lisa ♪ captioning made possible by columbia tristar domestic television so she went out with you on a first date, and it was her birthday?


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