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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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last week. plus concerns over the age of cal trains fleet. why it may take six more years to fix the problem. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. want to take you out to highway 101 this morning, a live picture there. looks like a nice start to the day. traffic moving along just final. a different story overnight. there was a big fire just alongside of the freeway. we're going to have a live report from the area in just a moment with what investigators are looking at and who they want to speak to. good morning. it's wednesday, september 18. i'm pam cook. good morning. i'm dave clark. can you ask steve for good weather? glism' trying. i'm bugging him -- i'm trying. i'm bugging him all week, no rain. >> she has a party saturday. no pressure there.
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a breeze in a couple of locations, antioch, bravado, santa rosa in the 60s. if you get a little breeze, we have upper 40s for some. it will be sunny, breezy and warmer for everybody. 66 antioch. okay, santa rosa's north wind looks like it's collapsing a little bit. 48 napa. 52 san rafael. 56 for san jose. some locations again much, much warmer if you get that breeze. we'll keep an eye on that. san francisco starting off 56. it will be sunny today. a high of 72 under clear skies and a little bit of a north breeze. that means even the coast. if there is any patchy fog, it won't last long. sunny, breezy and warmer for everybody. 50s giving way to 60s, 70s, and then also some low to mid-80s but the warnest temps i think -- warmest temps i think could be closer to the north bay. traffic is doing well along the bay area. if you are looking at the commute now on the bay bridge approach, i think you'll like what you see. getting into san francisco. we don't have any major
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problems reported by chp on that bridge. traffic is moving along pretty well on interstate 880 north and southbound as you drive over to the oakland coliseum. and this morning's commute is okay on the peninsula. the traffic is moving well now. one of the things i do want to say it appears there's another big rig stuck on the trerk island -- treasure island off ramp. we did a story yesterday how this happens every day. it's happening again now. we'll let you know what happens with that. 5:02. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. new this morning, right now, san mateo county firefighters are on the scene of an early morning fire in pacifica. it started shortly after 3:00 this morning on vega court near tara nova boulevard. still not clear how badly the home is damaged or if there are any injuries but we're going to get updates for this story throughout the morning. a fire that started along highway 101 in san francisco early this morning is now under
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investigation. you can see the size of the fire there. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty joins us right near the scene. you have exclusive information from the fire captain. >> reporter: well, we know that the arson investigator was called out to the scene here. we're right on the back side of the fire at a park where homeless people are known to frequent. all of this happened around 1:30 this morning on 101 southbound just before the cesar chavez off ramp. someone spotted flames and decided to call 911. two engines responded and crews were able to snuff out the flames within 15 minutes. we're very close to what's known as hospital curve, a dangerous bend in the roadway. chp has to shut down the freeway for a bit while firefighters got the flames under control. >> about 15 minutes. we had to use a little bit of foam to get some of the deep seeded fire and chainsaws as well to break up some of the wood and the ivy that was burning deep. >> reporter: does it ignite pretty quickly? >> it seemed to take off faster than i thought it would but we
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got it knocked down pretty quick. >> reporter: no one was hurt in this fire luckily. the chp was allowing traffic through by 2:30 this morning. the backup lasted just for a little while. the fire is under investigation and we're hearing reports that authorities detained someone on 25th and rhode island. that person was later released. police may be asking folks around this park here what they saw and heard around 1:30 this morning. live from san francisco, i'm tara more orty, ktvu channel 2 news. also new this morning, an elderly woman was transported to a hospital after a fire inside her san jose home. this is a picture from the fire department from the scene. this is on toki court. they tell us the curtains inside the home caught fire. the woman was awakened by a smoke alarm and had to be treated for smoke inhalation. the cause is still under investigation. time 5:04. new details about the navy yard shooting rampage this week. now we're hearing that a virginia state law blocked the gunman buying an assault rifle
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just two days before he carried out that attack. the gunman, aaron alexis, went to the sharp shooters gun store in northern virginia on saturday. "the new york times" says he test fired an ar-15 assault rifle but was blocked from buying it because virginia state law bans the sale of such weapons to out of state buyers. instead alexis bought a shotgun. that's what he used in that shooting rampage on monday. >> while he was in the navy, in uniform, none of those give you an indication he was capable of this sort of brutal, vicious violence. >> court records show alexis had been involved in several gun-related incidents and that he had mental health issues. that gun store by the way says alexis passed the required state and federal background checks to buy the shotgun. in just a few minutes, the parents of the children who were killed in the newtown, connecticut school massacre will appear just -- half a mile away from the navy yard.
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they will meet with lawmakers on capitol hill to mark nine months since 20 first graders and six educators were gunned down at sandy hook elementary school last december, frustrated that congress has not passed tougher gun control laws, newtown families will hold a news conference at 9:00 this morning pacific time. their trip was planned before the navy yard massacre. if the navy yard gunman had been in california, he might not have been able to buy a gun. california has a database that cross-references firearms purchases and people with a his domestic violence. >> if you had interaction with law enforcement as a result of mental illness, you'll also be in this computer system. >> senator mark leno says the system also identifies people who are already gun owners but who then later become ineligible to own a gunning. he also -- own a gun. he also says there's a backlog
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in finding those people and taking away their guns. you'll find continuing comp of the navy yard -- coverage of the navy yard shooting, look for the home page under hot topic. a federal appeals court will debate whether a potential juror who is gay can get kicked off a jury deciding a multibillion dollar lawsuit over an aids drug. the supreme court forbids removing prospective jurors based on race and gender, but they've never ruled on sexual orientation. the defendant, a drug manufacturer, says it removed the juror not based on sexual orientation but because he knew about the drug, lost a friend to aids, and worked in the courts. a judge has ordered barry bonds to meet with the u.s. probation officer to talk about the term of his 30-day house arrest. the order came yesterday, several days after bonds' lost his appeal on his felony conviction for obstruction of justice. it's still not clear when barry bonds will start his 30 days of home confinement. his conviction two years ago is
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tied to the balco steroid scandal. his testimony to a grand jury in 2003 was evasive and misleading, according to the report. the oakland as aren't letting anything stop them from winning another american league -- stand by for captions ] several areas needed to be cleaned up. there is good news for a az fans. the team will -- as fans. the team will take off the tarp for the coliseum for the playoffs. they sold the playoff games in two hours. removing the tarp will raise seating capacity from 35,000 to
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more than 48,000. >> how about those as. >> great. >> time 5:08. here's something else. a financial crisis for california's unemployed. the reason almost 15,000 unemployment checks may arrive late this morning. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis. we run errands. we run to the grocery store. in fact, the average american drives fewer than 29 miles a day. the 100% electric nissan leaf goes two-and-a-half times that on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas. [ farrar ] so think about where you go in a day. do you really need gas to get there? [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time 5:11. an audit has uncovered a number of problems with muni's driving and training program. today's chronicle reports muni is short 100 drivers because the agency did not hire enough recruits. the audit also showing training classes are often canceled because of chronic activism among instructors. some of the instructors haven't driven a bus in years. in one case auditors discovered a trainer fell asleep with a rookie driver at the wheel. taxi dispatchers in san francisco must perform better or lose their permits. the city adopted new minimum
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standards yesterday. the dispatch service must affiliate with 50 permits or ma dallians and -- medallions and complete 250 requests a day. the san francisco examiner reports dispatchers who don't hit those numbers may have their permits revoked. >> time 5:12. according to a russian diplomat, syria has evidence that a chemical weapons attack was carried out by syrian rebels. a recent u.n. report confirmed the use of chemical weapons in syria's civil war but didn't say which side used them. this morning a russian deputy foreign minister says the evidence points to the rebels. russia hasn't made any final conclusions. that diplomat is expected to meet with syrian president assad later today. this morning a congressional hearing will take a look at contractor access to military installations in the u.s. after that deadly shooting rampage at a naval yard in washington, d.c. the house armed services hearing will talk about a department of defense inspector general
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report. it found flaws in the navy's security clearance system. there will also be a moment of silence at that hearing honoring the victims of the navy yard shooting. the internal revenue service collected less money from delinquent tax payers in 2012 for the second year in a row. an inspector general report says it's partly because ever budget cuts to the i.r.s. -- of budget cuts to the i.r.s. the i.r.s. has lost 8,000 jobs since 2010. chevron and contra costa county agreed to end their long tax battle. the county lowered the value of the refinery but chevron will not get a refund on taxes already paid. the two sides will also meet every year to avoid similar problems in the future. time now 5:14. roanoke parl -- rohnert park police have release add sketch in a sexual assault case. african-american, between 5'10" and 6 feet tall, a thin build
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and a tattoo of writing on his feng. -- on his neck. police say he grabbed a housekeeper at the double tree hotel. he's accused of putting a knife to her neck as she was cleaning a patio, tying her up up. ening with information is asked to call police. ed mother after 15-year-old girl from oakland is asking for help to find her daughter who has been missing for a week. this is a picture of elizabeth griffith. she was last seen on friday evening at st. joseph notre dame high school in alameda. her parents say she takes medication for depression but did not have it with her at the time. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. time is 5:15. safeway trying to prevent a hostile takeover. the supermarket chain is taking steps to stay independent after finding out one of its investors now owns more than 6% of the company. safeway has put into place what's called a poison pill
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plan. that will make it harder for someone to buy up enough shares to control the company but so far safeway is making no public comment. southwest airlines now enforcing its no show policy. if a passenger doesn't cancel or change a reservation at least ten minutes before the flight takes off, it can't get credit for the fare that was paid. that means southwest can't sell the empty seat to another traveler. southwest gives full credit for a future trip to passengers who cancel their flights, even on nonrefundable tickets and they still don't charge a fee to change flights. a new bike pathway in oakland is helping give cyclist as more pronounced presence on a busy road. the city's first green bicycle pathway is committee near the mcarthur bart station. it's a bike lane painted green on 40th street. the city is planning another green path on broadway between grand avenue and 25th street.
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i've seen some of those green bike paths. it is nice. it's clearly marked. sal, i think -- hopefully it's going to make things safer because you can see the designated lanes. >> we would hope so i've seen them too. i think they do a good job. good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at what we have now, bike or bart or car. you might be on the bridge if you're driving soon and right now the traffic looks good. as we look at the east span of the bridge getting toward treasure island on the other side eastbound traffic getting to oakland looks good. remember eastbound at the treasure island off ramp, there's a stuck truck. yesterday we were doing a story about how this happens all the time. westbound traffic is not affected by that. the traffic does look good at the toll plaza and no major problems reported. also this morning's commute on the peninsula looks good. i think my map is stuck because i wanted to move it to something else. there we go. it's moving now. you can see traffic on the east bay. 880 northbound and southbound
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near 92 industrial, this area does look good. 5:17. let's go to steve. thank you. a very good morning before we get started. nature showing signs afterren early, colder, wetter winter. i agree with him 100%. i do. we need it, pam. don't boo that. acorn has been following since august. we talked about that a couple of weeks ago. bears, big, furry, shiny coats. trout going crazy. everything is setting up. let's hope so. we've been dry since january so it would make sense. a little breezy today but it will be more of a north wind today. not a westerly wind which was just going nuts, crazy, over towards sfo yesterday. 40, 50 miles per hour but much calmer there today. 49 this morning in napa. in fact they may even be cooler than that. 70. a high of 85 because i do think they'll get the north wind but more so from novato, petaluma to santa rosa.
5:19 am
clear skies. there's 148 and nap take airport. santa rosa 59. if you get the breeze, it's on the mild to warm side. half moon bay 46 at the coast. that tells you it's clear over there as well. not much of a breeze for most. there's a northerly compoint. santa rose sarks also novato. if that stays, sticks and stays as we say, one of the warmest locations will be up there. very mild and warm towards antioch as well. sfo west at 6. after that hardly anything whatsoever. patchy fog towards monterey bay but that's all could i find for right now. 48 up in eureka. the skies are good today. tomorrow. then we'll focus this system right there coming in for late friday into saturday. i think it brings rain to the north bay but not much south. it will be a definite change in the pattern. warmer, sunny today. breezy for all. so some 80s for the interior. some locations will not warm up that much but others will. that north wind novato and santa rosa, i could easily see
5:20 am
88 in santa rosa if the north wind holds. looks great coast, bay, inland. sunny and warmer, mostly sunny into thursday. increasing clouds on friday. late friday, early saturday i think we get morning rain in the north bay. it will be a cooler, breezy pattern with highs in the 70s. >> thank you, steve. the term reserve wraps up two-day policy meeting later this morning. most expect bed bernanke to announce the central bank will scale down its economic stimulus plan. right now they're buying $85 billion of bond as month. -- million of bonds a month. there's word it will be cut to $75 million a month. it already sent most markets in the far east on a slight downward trend in their trading day. south korea, taiwan and hong kong all lost ground overnight but china and japan finished the trading day with slight gains. right now most european markets are trading higher. checking in on our numbers, futures also point to a slightly higher opening at this
5:21 am
point. by the way, the s&p 500 only gained 7 points but at 1704, it is just 5 points away from its all-time high set back on august 21. time 5:20. i don't know if you play tennis -- i meant chess. if you play chess, they're saying checkmate for a san francisco tradition. the criminal reason police are banning people from playing chess on market street. >> also, a pig problem in san ramon. a new development that may help curb the swine destruction. >> get the news to go. download the ktvu app. click the icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your smartphone so you can be connected any time anywhere.
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women come back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. remember the pig problem in san ramon? we have progress to report. those wild pigs were tearing up people's lawns last week. yesterday the henry ranch homeowners association said to pigs were actually caught in the traps. some homeowners reported seeing as many as 20 of the wild pigs rooting around for grubs in their yards during the overnight hours. medical marijuana shops are moving ahead in san leandro. on monday night the city council voted to allow up to two regulated dispensaries in the city. people seeking medical marijuana must go to oakland or
5:25 am
a nearby unincorporated area. the plan is now going to the city's planning commission. it could return to the city council for a final vote as early as november. time 5:24. the oakland police department is getting some help from the federal government in its battle against violent crime. the department of justice awarded the city of oakland $4.5 million so they could hire ten new police officers. the federal records show oakland has one of the nation's most understaffed police departments. oakland right now has 614 police officers. that's almost 200 fewer than the city had just a couple of years ago. and the federal money? it will put more police officers out on the street. >> the department of justice office, the city of oakland will receive what is the nation's largest single cops grant this year. >> federal dollars are also going to several other law enforcement agencies right here in the bay area. alameda county will be able to pay for eight more deputies with its federal grant. east palo alto will get
5:26 am
$250,000 to add two more officers. the same goes for hayward. it will also be able to add two extra police officers. and vallejo will be able to put four more police officers out on the streets with a million dollar grant. vacaville police chief richard werth has announced he will retire in november. he spent the past nine years as head of the vacaville police department. earlier he spent 20 years with the oakland police department where he also served as chief. the veteran says that he is stepping down to spend more time with his family. he also plans to continue his current role as a crime justice instructor at the university of phoenix. 5:26 is the time right now. police in san mateo are investigating a string of commercial burglaries. we'll see the pictures that officers hope will lead to an arrest. >> delays on caltrain. why do they keep happening?
5:27 am
the answers they're giving may not sit well with some commuters. >> good morning. if you're driving on interstate 680, that looks good heading south. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather. >> clear skies. some very cool readings or mild readings, especially if you get a north breeze. it will be warmer today and sunny. we'll focus on some of the changes for the weekend.
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welcome back. a live look at the new bay bridge. would you believe it's already busy? a lot of traffic out there already. sal is going to have the latest on traffic there and everywhere else around the bay area. welcome back. it is wednesday, september 18. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. time now is just about 5:30. steve paulson, already talking about an early winter. i'm not ready for that. i know. >> there are signs. >> call it like it is i guess. >> we're record dry since january. it would make sense. not today, though. today looks good. kind of a warm morning for some and a very cool morning for others. the wind will be out of the north today. but 59 santa rosa. 48 napa. therein lies what's going on. calm north breeze. 52 san rafael. 66 towards antioch. 56 san jose and on the coast pacifica, half moon bay are in the upper 40s under clear skies. napa will go 48. high at noon at 70.
5:31 am
we'll go 85. got a north wind there as well. mainly santa rosa, petaluma, i think they get the northerly breeze. it will be sunshine aplenty as we like to say. sunny, breezy. it will be warmer, you, me, everybody. temperatures starting to warm up. even the coast looks pretty good with 70s for many even though they're starting off on the cool side, 70s and also low on. we do -- low 80s. we do have consume of problems out there but for the most part we're off to a decent start for this wednesday. let's take a look at what we have with the bay bridge and the traffic here does look pretty good as you drive through there. no major problems as you get up to the toll plaza. although you will see some slow traffic. 101 is looking g. we had earlier -- looking good. we had earlier problems much earlier in the morning but it's not affected by any of that now. you can drive through. i want to show you the bay bridge lower deck because there's a stuffed -- stuck truck again eastbound 80 making that tight turn. you know if you've taken off to
5:32 am
treasure island. it's a super tight turn. right here there is a big rig that's stuck. they're making some progress but chp has not given the all clear just yet. 5:31. let's go back to the desk. caltrain riders are bracing for possibly another day of breakdowns. there have been a lot of mechanical problems on caltrain this week. ktvu's jeanine de la vega is in san jose to tell us why riders will have to wait years before some of those problems get fixed permanently. jeanine? >> reporter: the main transportation hub here in san jose, commuters are often used to delays. some 5 minutes, others much longer. and camtrain officials say -- caltrain officials say the problem is they're operating old trains. caltrain told the san francisco examiner it has an aging fleet. 20 of the systems 29 diesel locomotives are over 25 years old so most are near the end of their service life. there's a plan in place to convert the fleet to be fully
5:33 am
electric but that won't happen till 2019. it doesn't make financial sense to upgrade the old trains now because of that. so commuters are forcedo deal with waiting. so far this week, the paper says numerous trains throughout the bay area have been delayed because of brake and speedometer problems and other mechanical issues. caltrain officials say going forward they will focus their efforts on maintaining the aging trains but won't be adding more staff or inspections. coming up at 6:30, we'll let you know if this has had any effect on ridership numbers. reporting live from san jose, jeanine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. police on the peninsula are investigating a string of commercial burglaries. six happened on the same night. ktvu's claudine wong joins us from san mateo with the pictures police hope will lead to an arrest. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. let me show you this neighborhood behind me because it's full of commercial
5:34 am
businesses along the street. and this is the area police say was hit, not once but six times in one night. and they believe the same person may be responsible. i want to show you a picture of the person while we tell you what's happened n. is surveillance video from one of the victims. what police are telling us is that there were six burglaries on the 100 block of west 25th, another area of west 25th and the 2500 block of el camino. in three of the attempted burglaries, entry was clearly attempted they say but nothing was taken. and then they saw similar things at the other businesses where they say cash and portable items, so things they could get out quickly were taken from those businesses. this all happened last wednesday on september 11. they think the same person or persons may be responsible for all of them. what they're doing right now is working with area businesses to try to give them better tips to make themselves less of a target for anyone who would be looking for them.
5:35 am
in the meantime, searching for the person responsible. live here in san mateo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. time 5:34. now we're hearing interest some of the dramatic -- on -- hearing more about some of the dramatic rescue in washington, d.c. one of the women had been shot in the shoulder. the helicopter loaded her into that basket and hoisted her up. >> we needed to get those people out of there. one by one we went back and picked each one up. >> the helicopter crew got all four people off the roof of the building safely while the shooter was still in the building below. the secretary of the navy has ordered a security review focusing on how well the navy protectsity bases and how it screens its workers. the gunman who killed 12 people at the navy yard was a contractor who had a valid irchlts d. that allowed -- i.d. that allowed him access to the
5:36 am
facility. here at coast guard island it already has measures in place to screen contractors. >> the contractors, they do have background checks depending who level they're at. >> the navy post grad school in monterey is included in the security review ordered by the secretary of the navy. on our website, you will find continuing coverage of the navy yard shooting. look for the link on our home page under hot topics. time 5:35. the clock keeps ticking towards another possible bart strike. look at the clock. their -- there are now 22 days left till the 60-day cooling off period begins. the labor dispute is set to resume 9:00 this morning with talks. no real sign of progress. and there's growing concern now the two sides will not reach a deal in time to avoid a new strike. governor brown says he will not intervene when the court ordered cooling off period ends on october 10.
5:37 am
bart workers could possibly go on strike the very next day. this morning a child is recovering after being hit by flying glass during a shooting in oakland. it happened in broad daylight yesterday afternoon on 27th avenue in the the city's fruitvale neighborhood. a mother and her little boy were sitting in a car. stray bullets shattered the car windows. one neighbor who rushed to help the child has lived in oakland for the past 35 years. she said the violence in her neighborhood is bad and getting worse. >> it's getting out of hand. gun control is getting out of hand. >> the child believed to be 5 or 6 years old is now listed in stable condition. police are still searching for the suspects. time is 5:37. 50,000 californians who qualify still don't have their unemployment checks for the first half of this month. their jobless benefits are delayed because of problems
5:38 am
with a new computer system. the employment development department says it processed by hand about 15,000 of those checks overnight. they're working on getting the rest done before next monday. the potential final showdown and the 34th americas cup race has been scheduled for this afternoon. strong winds forced the postponement of two races yesterday. new zealand only needs two more wins to beat the defending champ oracle u.s.a. that could happen with the two races today and weather permitting. the first race set to begin at 1:15. the second one will start an hour later. 5:38 is the time right now. the oakland as trying foul but it may not be what you're thinking. in the next half-hour, the recurring problem at the coliseum. >> up next, a blind man and his seeing eye dog were victims of a hit and run. >> after she got in the car to move the car, she didn't come
5:39 am
back at all. i just really expected the woman to stop. >> what police are now doing in hopes of catching take driver now responsible. >> good morning. if you're driving on san francisco city streets, there's one major road closed because of sand and 237 traffic off to a good start. >> under clear skies. either it's very cool, upper 40s or near 60. it will be warmer today. we'll talk about the pending weekend changes.
5:40 am
5:41 am
time 5:4 is. police search -- 5:41. police searching for a hit-and- run driver who hit a blind church minister and his guide
5:42 am
drag. pastor macklin says someone backed into him and his dog. the woman stopped and asked if he was okay t then she took off. >> she was backing into a busy street. so i'm sure she wasn't going super fast but the simple fact she did hit me and didn't stop. >> reverend macklin and his dog were not seriously hurt. adding to the frustration, he says when he called the police, they didn't take a report because there were no other witnesses and he could not see what happened. a police captain did come to his home the next day and did take a report and apologized. reverend macklin's now petitioning to add speed bumps in that area. finally some relief for flood victims in colorado. the flood waters are starting to recede. for the first time since last week's historic flooding, people in the boulder area enjoyed a rain free day. there's a 20% chance of some rain today. the state estimates about 600 people are still stranded in
5:43 am
isolated areas. the only way to rescue them is by helicopter because the rain has forced the closure of many roads. they're washed out or collapsed. >> frightening when this happens. >> very frightening, yeah. never seen anything like that. >> most people who evacuated their homes have returned in a smalltown -- and a small town north of denver is clearing out. people from the bay area rushing to colorado to help with the relief efforts. nine local red cross volunteers will join more than 250 trained personnel across the country who are deployed to colorado last weekend. bay area volunteers are helping provide shelter, logistics and technology services. the red cross estimates that the flood damaged as many as 18,000 homes in boulder and neighboring counties. time 5:43. damage from superstorm sandy
5:44 am
may be at least part of the blame for last week's huge boardwalk fire on the jersey shore. that fire destroyed 68 businesses in two towns. investigators confirmed the fire started from a spark from an old electrical system damaged by sea wart from last year's big storm. now there's concern there could be other damaged wiring on other boardwalks in the area. authorities are warning business owners have their properties inspected. investigators back here are looking into the possibility that a deadly fire ins that take county may be deliberately set. at least two ignition points for the fire were found indicating may be arson. a 56-year-old man died in last week's fire. the flames also destroyed 68 homes and burned 12 square miles. a jury in marin county recommended convicted serial killer joseph naso be put to death. the former marin county photographer received three death sentences yesterday.
5:45 am
the murder of a fourth victim occurred while california did not have capital punishment. naso acted as his own attorney throughout the case. he released a statement through his legal advisors. >> i want to help others in prison. i am ho the threshold -- i am on the threshold of a new life and will make the best of it. >> it's not known if naso will live long enough to face execution. he is 79 years old. california has not carried out annual execution since 2006. naso is due in court to discuss a formal sentencing date friday. time is now 5:45. it is checkmate for the people, the homeless people who play street chess in san francisco. police are telling the chronicle that illegal gambling or drug use are rampant along market between 5th and 6th streets so police have seized materials, including chess pieces, boards and chess tables. the homeless advocates say street chess gives those people down on their luck a chance to meet people and also raise
5:46 am
their spirits. changes are coming to san francisco's van nest avenue. the project was approved yesterday by the transportation agent. under the plan two lanes in both directions on van ness between mission and lombard streets will become dedicated bus lanes. it will also improve conditions for pedestrians. they'll be putting in new street lights and upgrading the landscape. all of this should be completed by the spring of 2018. it is now 5:46. want to go back over to sal and check in on the morning commute. sal? >> pam, dave, good morning. >> good morning. there's a stuck truck. i want to show it to you on the maps. we did a story about this yesterday. the officer said this happens all the time. this happens every day. well, it happened again. there's a very, very tie turn. it's very tight. i'm even having trouble drawing the line here. well, the truck is still stuck there and traffic is not really
5:47 am
affected unless you actually want to go to treasure island and then you'll be unable to do so. you'll have to go over to the other side of the bridge and then make it that way. let's talk about san francisco's great highway. it is shut down in both directions because of blowing sand. you either have to use la playa or you can go -- i suppose you can go and use sunset. just come down here and make it all the way down past si. wave to them. 5:47. let's go to some live pictures and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. this traffic here is backed up for about a five-minute delay. no problems, by the way, if you are driving along san jose along northbound 280. 5:47. let's go to steve. >> sal, good morning. >> good morning. clear skies, a breeze for some. rather cool for others of the warm and breezy today. sunshine -- that includes the coast today. tomorrow morning a r ool, sunny. -- cool, sunny.
5:48 am
some rain on saturday. still not a consensus on how much more or how far south. north bay after that i think we'll ease into it on friday. a system came by yesterday. had very gusty windy conditions. today it's more northerly instead of we were and things have calmed down considerably, especially around brisbane and also around sfo. they had gusts to 50 yesterday. sunny and breezy and warmer today. cool for some. napa already 48 degrees. 70 at noon. we'll go for a high today of 85. again that's all dependent on the north breeze but i think they will get it. santa rosa definitely, pet lumina and novato. clear skies. 30 up in tahoe, though. the mountains are getting colder. arena 47 degrees. didn't take long, didn't it? 50s for some. 46 half moon bay. 59 santa rosa. novato 61. there's napa 48. walnut creek has dipped 51. the reason being there's your north breeze. santa rosa, novato, north,
5:49 am
north west. after that calmer conditions. mt. diablo a gust to 46 but out of the north. overall sunny today, warmer. that includes the coast. then everybody will draw their attention to this system coming right out of the gulf of alaska which will be here with clouds, cooler conditions. today breezy conditions. more of a northerly breeze, not like yesterday when it was just crazy. 80s for sm. 70s for others. it looks really good coast bay inland. again i think if that north breeze holds, the warmest temps will be in the north bay. everybody will be pretty close today. temperatures above average. we'll continue that into thursday and clouding up on friday. looks like morning rain on saturday. it will be cooler. then a cool, breezy day on sunday. maybe rain again late tuesday, wednesday of next week. >> oh, boy. thank you, steve. 5:49 is the time. there's a report volkswagen will start selling electric cars. it tells "the new york times" it will enter the electric car market in 2015. it plans to start with a battery powered verse of its gulf. they plan to add other models
5:50 am
if demand increases. the latest addition to the dreamliner family made its first test flight over washington state. the flight of the 787-9 last the five hours. one company official called it close to flawless. the new dreamliner is 20 feet longer, can carry 40 more passengers than the original 787 and has a longer range than the original. air new zealand is expected to take delivery of the first one next june. starbucks is reacting to its new pop harassment with gun rights advocates. tomorrow starbucks will take out full page ads in several newspapers asking customers to leave their guns at home. starbucks says more people have been bringing the weapons into the stores creating confusion and fear for workers. until now starbucks had gone along with whatever the local communities gun laws were, including those where people are allowed to openly carry guns. time is 5:50. here's a question. can a juror be excused for being gay? the big decision happening
5:51 am
today in san francisco and why billions of dollars hang in the balance. >> how efforts to get food to the bay area's homeless and hungry could possibly get harder. the legal hurdles creating stumbling blocks. >> you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the morning's top stories developing while you were sleeping sent straight to your cell phone. every weekday morning 6:00 a.m. get your ktvu morning wake-up call by texting the word "wake up" to 70123. [ ] in my family, we're big cereal lovers.
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people who are trying to help the homeless may soon need a permit. many individuals and groups have informally started handing out meals at portuguese park but the city says it's had complaints from neighbors and is worried about food safety. one woman who benefits from the free food believes the city just wants the homeless to leave. >> we need to be treated like everybody else so we can get back to where we were. eating is number one. the number one thing. >> the city council will vote next month on requiring permits to hand out food for the first few years the licenses would be free but the city admits that could change. a record number of americans are living in
5:55 am
poverty, even as the economy continues to recover. the poverty freshhold last year was defined -- threshold last year was defined slightly more than $23,000 a year for a family of four. 46 million americans lived below the poverty line. that includes 25% of latinos, 28% of african-american. a former child care worker already accused of molestation is now accused of molesting two more young children in the south bay. the 20-year-old was charged yesterday with lewd behavior against a 7-year-old girl and a 3-year-old girl. the former ymca child care worker and youth sports coach was already charged with committing lewd acts with three other underage girls. >> many parents knew and liked nicklaus very much and it's been very hard for people to believe. >> prosecutors say he fondled the two latest victims with
5:56 am
sexual intent. police fear he may have molested even more children through soccer leagues. he has not entered a plea yet. he's being held without bail. his next court date is in six weeks. first laid michele owe bam a -- first lady michele owe bam that is pushing for a change in the way food is marketed to children. she wants more time spent promoting healthier options. the first lady is hosting a summit on the issue in washington, d.c. today. representatives from the food and media industries as well as parents and researchers are invited to attend. the groundbreaking for california's high speed rail project is being pushed back at least another few months. construction on the first section of the $69 billion rail line was supposed to get under way in the central valley this summer. but state officials now say there is still a lot more prep work to be done, including hiring workers and buying equipment. and there are two pending lawsuits against the project which could cause even more
5:57 am
delays. time is 5:56. palo alto's plan for super high speed internet through the city is ramping up again. the city council's technology committee approved developing a new master plan and also requesting proposals. city officials now say the economy has improved and the city thinks there will be a greater demand for building a network in palo alto. they hope to have a master plan in place before next summer. coming up next in our 6:00 hour, the navy yard shooting brought back terrible reminders of the newtown, connecticut shooting. why in three hours from now, parents who lost their children in that school attack will gather just a half a mile from the navy yard shooting. also, a pretty scary sight right there for early morning drivers on highway 101 in san francisco. the big question tied to this freeway fire. good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well in most areas as we look at a live picture of 237 crossing the valley. you can see it's still at the speed limit. >> it will be sunny, even on
5:58 am
the coast. it will be warmer but a north breeze might make it warmer for some. plus changes still looming for the weekend. ing ]
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it didn't happen just once but six different times in a block and a half area in san mateo. the burglaries police are now investigating. the surveillance photos they're using and what they're telling businesses about what they should do next. new information about the gunman in washington, d.c. and the law that stopped him from buying a gun just last week. concern over the age of caltrain's fleet. why it may take six more years to fix the problem. ktvu channel 2 news continues. good morning. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. a live look at the new span of the bay bridge. traffic looking pretty good at this time, but on


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